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You’ve Got To Watch AJ Johnson & Tisha Campbell Recreate Their Iconic ‘House Party’ Dance Scene

October 15th, 2016 - By Ashley Monaé
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It’s been nearly three decades that AJ Johnson and Tisha Campbell danced the night away in iconic film House Party, and now, the two are back and still working those same moves with ease.

In celebration of Tisha’s birthday, AJ shared a special message and a video on Instagram that included a montage of their throwback dance scene and a new and flawless reenaction that happened during a summer cookout.

“From 1990 to 2016…God connected us 26 yrs ago and that was just our beginning!! I pray that today- on YOUR day-you feel loved appreciated and the special you are!,” AJ captioned the video.

“Happiest personal new year T, and I hope you know that just like in #HouseParty… now in life…no matter what they call us- A &T, Sidney & Sharane-Im forever right by your side- unconditionally- thru the highs the lows… thru it ALL..I promise God and you, that Im here to figure it all out together,” she continued. “Happy birthday T!!! I love you”

Shout out to these ladies, their dance moves are still popping!

I Was Ganged Up On At A Party For Not Drinking Alcohol

April 1st, 2016 - By Nneka Samuel
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Thanks to the wonderful invention of camera phones and the popularity of hidden-camera television shows, I sometimes assume that I’m being filmed without my knowledge or consent.  This paranoia typically occurs when I’m in a situation that I can’t quite fathom logically.  Like, this is too weird/funny/fill-in-the-blank not to be recorded.  I’d like to blame this on our film everything, cell phone attached to the hip at all times culture, but I’m sure the highly imaginative writer in me has something to do with this thinking as well.

Case in point, I attended a house party recently.  It was a birthday celebration.  Pretty small, pretty chill.  I went solo; only about 20 or so folks were in attendance.  There was great food, good music and plenty of alcohol.  But I’m not much of a drinker, so I politely declined any alcoholic beverages when they were offered to me.  Besides not caring much for the taste, I have a very low tolerance for alcohol.  A few sips and my stomach is in knots.  It’s not the best feeling in the world, so I figure why even go there?  Save them precious drops for someone who actually wants them.

But I couldn’t have guessed that my lack of drinking would stir up such heated emotions in the other partygoers.  Everyone there was drinking, getting tipsy and having a good time.  Myself included, minus the alcohol.  But strangely, one person after another commented on the cup of water in my hand.  Some straight up found the H20 offensive.  And a few couldn’t believe that I was getting by at this party completely sober.  Others still equated my lack of alcohol consumption as a clear and obvious indication that I wasn’t having fun.  How dare I refuse to have a good time at a party…

That’s when the writer in me kicked in.  Was I being punked?  Suddenly, I felt like I was unknowingly shooting a PSA with a bunch of paid actors who could pass for teenagers in the same way that 20-something actors did in the ‘90s on shows like Saved By The Bell and My So-Called Life.  And clearly this PSA, in which I was the unsuspecting star, was meant to showcase the ills of peer pressure in a “This is your brain on drugs” kind of way.  At any second, the party was going to turn from awkward and uncomfortable to “Why didn’t I get out of there sooner?”  But the more I looked around, the more I realized that there were no cameras, hidden or otherwise.

In that moment, I felt like an ancient relic.  More like the unfortunate subject of a freak show.  I never in my life received so much attention for the contents of my red plastic cup.  These perfect strangers ganged up on me for not having fun in a way that matched their standards. Sure, I can blame their obnoxious behavior on the liquor, but the bigger picture to me, the most important eye-opener is the fact that not only do I have a low tolerance for alcohol, the older I get, the less tolerance I have for BS – alcohol induced or not.

The old me would have internalized the taunting of a tipsy few and allowed that petty foolishness to feed my own insecurities.  I would have stayed at that house party out of obligation to prove a bunch of strangers wrong.  And for what?  Eff that.  I wasn’t having the time of my life but I was certainly enjoying the food, the music, and the company. But the fun sure did stop once people kept accusing me of being a party pooper because I didn’t join them in a drink or two.  I didn’t take their words to heart, but the incessant and unnecessary attention put a serious damper on what was formerly a chill, relaxed mood.  So instead of hanging around and being privy to more bs, I stood up for myself and reminded anyone who asked that it’s perfectly possible to attend a party, not drink at said party and live to tell the tale.  And then I said goodbye to the host and took my sober butt home.

Now, at the end of the day, was the party that serious or that big of a deal?  Not at all.  It was simply an odd experience that I couldn’t resist sharing.  An experience that unexpectedly showed me how much I’ve grown.

Have you had a similar experience?

10 Reasons Why We Wish We Were Invited To Alicia Keys’ ‘House Party’ Themed Birthday Bash

January 26th, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys must really love each other. Because every year each one of them goes all out to make their partner’s birthday celebration one to remember. Just a few months ago, Alicia surprised Swizz with a Coming to America themed birthday party.

And this past weekend, Swizz outdid himself with a House Party themed pajama party. But what made this extravaganza so special was the fact that the entire primary cast reunited to be there for the evening. Kid ‘n’ Play performed, along with Full Force. And, in what had to be one of the best moments of the night, Tisha Campbell and AJ Johnson, who played Sidney and Sharane respectively, took the dance floor and brought back their choreographed moves from the movie.

Check out the clip from their dance scene in the video below.

Yaaasss! I watched this video with the biggest grin on my face. And afterward, I only had one question, what happened to my invite?

Check out a few other moments from the evening on the following pages.

Teen Movies We Were All Pretty Obsessed With Back In The Day

August 21st, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Teen movies aren’t what they used to be. While today’s young’ns can’t get enough of vampires and wizards making love connections, all movies needed back in the day were cool fashion, some nice dance moves and some memorable catchphrashes. Here are 15 “teen” movies that we were pretty obsessed with back in the day when we were carrying around trapper keepers and getting our Seventeen magazine subscriptions in the mail…

Paramount Pictures

Paramount Pictures


Cher Horowitz might have been the best dressed high school student ever. But as for the movie as a whole, Clueless was the perfect coming-of-age story with its timeless catchphrases (“As if!”), humor and important life lessons. Because really, you don’t want to be the virgin who can’t drive…

13 Life Lessons We Learned From “Martin”

March 31st, 2014 - By Raven Carter
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Martin show promo


From BlackVoices 

Sometimes what you see on the screen is real life.

Sure we watched “Martin” because it was funny and honest, but we also watched it — and still watch it — because behind all the how-to jokes of throwing shade and spitting game were lessons of love, lust, friendship, loyalty, and how to pick yourself up and dust yourself off with a smile on your face.

So thank you to Martin and the gang. Life is a tricky game, but five fun-filled seasons of this quintessential 90’s sitcom taught us how to play it, and play it well.

1. MLK Day is a holiday… end of story.

Check out the other 12 life lessons from “Martin” on 

Where Are They Now? Our Favorite Faces From “House Party” And “Class Act”

February 28th, 2013 - By Clarke Gail Baines
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So they weren’t classic films, but I don’t know anybody who doesn’t get excited and drop what they’re doing to watch House Party (the original) and Class Act. The dancing is amazing, the storylines are easy to follow and you can’t say you aren’t fully entertained. These two movies dropped more than 20 years ago and it’s been a while since we’ve seen all the stars that made them must-see films in black homes years ago. Some, well, you know what they’re up to because they’re still doing big things, while others have stayed under the radar. Shall we be nosey and find out their whereabouts? Be prepared to click!

AJ Johnson

Adrienne-Joi Johnson captured everybody’s attention with her yellow spandex jumpsuit and killer dance moves in House Party. Playing Sharane, the cool chick from the hood (no for real, her neighborhood was mad sketch), both Kid and Play battled for her affections for most of the movie, but her finger wave and curl-wearing behind played coy with both fellas cause she had it like that. So where is she nowadays? Out here flexing on folks as a fitness and wellness coach. Check the abs for proof of how that’s working out. After her role in Baby Boy, Johnson did a few TV roles here and there (including hosting the show Flab to Fab), but she’s been more about weight loss and overall health over the past few years, even being a spokeswoman for the American Cancer Society.


‘Cuz Everybody Loves A Bit Of Ratchetness From Time To Time: 15 Of Our Fave Hood Classic Movies

December 21st, 2012 - By Meg Butler
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Flo Rida

Photo Credit: Flo Rida/Twitter

When it’s time to spend some time at home with friends and fam, these are the movies you play over and over again until you know half the words. We have 15 of our favorite hood classics here. If we missed your favorite, let us know in the comments section.

Old School Things I Miss: When Men Used To Know How To Dance, And Not Just Grind On Folks All The Time

October 4th, 2012 - By Clarke Gail Baines
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From time to time, even a sophisticated lady such as myself likes to step out for more than drinks and small talk. Sometimes I like to go to lounges, or non-ratchet nightclubs to get my two-step on and maybe even drop what my mother gave me a long time ago. Yes, I’m the person in the spot who you can hear screaming Oooooooooooooo! over “P.Y.T.” when it drops. And while I have had a blast dancing with my girlfriends and a boyfriend, or the occasional fella from time to time, I’ve noticed more and more these days that there’s consistently a darkness hovering over me on the dance floor. It drips of sweat, smells of alcohol and brings an unnecessary amount of body heat onto my back. Oh yeah, it’s the modern-day dude who wants to grind on my a**. So we meet again…

And of course, this same dude will expect me to do AAAAAALL the work while he leans back, trying to pull my backside closer and closer to his junk. And if that’s not bad enough, he’ll hold onto me for more than the allotted dancing time (uh, one song limit,son) as I look in sorrow at my friends having a ball in front of me, like a kid being dragged away from a playground. Because of such non-enjoyable experiences (after college, this type of dancing becomes irksome), I’ve opted out of grinding, booty dancing, juking, or whatever you’d like to call it, with anyone who’s not my mate. You’ll get the, “Thanks, but I’m just gonna dance with my friends.”

It might just be me, but as someone who grew up watching Kid & Play dance for their lives in House Party and Wesley Snipes and Allen Payne bust a move in New Jack City, or hell, just lived through the ’90s, where everybody from Public Announcement to Usher, Ginuwine and the likes were breaking it down on the dance floor, it just disappoints me that these days, the most you can get from a guy is a harsh pelvic thrust *shudders at the thought* I mean damn, even R. Kelly stepped in the name of love from time to time. Try to dance with a guy face-to-face and he’ll be off you midway into the song (probably because he doesn’t know what to do with his feet), tell him no thanks when he asks to dance with his penis and not via verbal communication, and he scoffs at you like you told him you were a lesbian. Hey, sometimes I want to dance, but I’d prefer to keep my a** to myself thank you very much. And can we talk about the people who can’t even find a two-step for a song, but would rather grind to a track that’s highly inappropriate for such movement? Like dropping it like it’s hot to “Power” by Kanye West, or 2Pac’s “I Ain’t Mad at Cha”? Uncouth much?

I think the whole thought about the lack of rhythm men have, or rather, care to share with most women, came back into my mind from a hilarious video I saw on the website, I don’t know if you guys have watched their videos, but they are E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. I often watch them wishing that I went to school with such creative gentlemen, but instead, my male classmates were all trying to be party promoters and the like. Well, anywho, they posted a video a few Sundays back entitled, “Invisible Dancing Girl.” In it, they show you how odd it looks for men to dance when there’s no girl around, and of course, the dancing consists now of just a few pelvic jerk motions at different height levels and levels of comfort. While I laughed, or better yet, howled, at the hilarity of it all, I couldn’t help but realize that this is the the only form of dancing men do nowadays, and we’ve accepted it as the norm. That’s why, without a woman to dance with in the video, the brothas only knew how to shake their hips as if there was a booty in front of them.

And I think I really realized how bad things were getting when I went to my niece’s Sweet 16 birthday party a year ago, walked into the room thinking I was going to catch a scene out of “Family Matters” (you know, “Everyboooooody, do the Urkel dance!”) and found the room with the lights dim. These teenagers were popping on one another like they were in a Luke video, and anytime somebody would cut the lights on, they would scatter away from each others laps like roaches. What made it worse was that my brother and sister-in-law were in the room, and were allowing the jukefest to happen. Really? It wasn’t until another mother who came to help chaperone put folks in check that people stopped all the jubilating gyrating. But when you took that away from them, they all stood around looking at their phones or talking. If they weren’t grinding on one another, aka, dry-humping, they weren’t trying to bust a move.

Of course, this change in the dancing habits of people isn’t a serious issue whatsoever, but it’s something I’ve found to be irritating. You’re being used for your hind parts in the club whether you know it or not, like cats wrap themselves around scratching posts for relief. And while it’s all fun and games for a song or two, is that all men and women can do in the club? It’s annoying when that’s the only type of way men expect you to move and groove to a jam (I’m saying, sometimes they don’t even know what you LOOK like at all, they’re just going to town on your butt), and that’s kind of sad. Well, I guess I’ll just have to settle for my old school House Party VHS tapes and dance with Kid in my mind…for now…


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Why Is This Happening? 5th House Party Reportedly In The Works

August 31st, 2012 - By Brande Victorian
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The original “House Party” was classic. “House Party” 2, 3, and 4? Not so much. You know how you can never top the experience of that one epic party you attended in high school or college? The same is true when creating party movies. After the first, it’s never the same, Unfortunately, some people don’t see it that way and for whatever reason they are still trying to make this film happen — 11 years after the last one.

Though Shadow and Act says this is a direct-to-video situation, the sequel still begs one enormous question: why. Reportedly, Doug McHenry, who produced the second “House Party” and executive produced the third, will take the reigns on this one along with veteran director Darin Scott (“The Brothers,” “Menace to Society”) and writer Don D. Scott (“Barbershop 1 & 2”) which is at least a little promising. Still, the originators of “House Party,” the Hudlin Brothers, are reported to not be involved with this project at all.

The fifth flick will be titled “House Party: Tonight’s The Night,” and shooting is slated to begin September 24. Oddly, no details on the cast have been revealed, but Full Force was said to be in talks earlier this year. As for Kid N’ Play, I wouldn’t be surprised if they made some sort of cameo though they’re reportedly not involved with the project either. When the fourth “House Party” came out, R&B group Immature took the lead roles but we don’t have boy bands like that today so unless Mindless Behavior isn’t doing anything, casting should be quite interesting — unlike the fifth installment of the film, I suspect.

Thoughts on this?

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Bet You Didn’t Know: Secrets Behind the Making of “House Party”

August 13th, 2012 - By Veronica Wells
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*Smiles Profusely* I don’t know about you but just the mention of House Party is guaranteed to put a huge grin on my face. At a time when movies like The Breakfast Club and Ferris Bueller‘s Day Off were making a killing at the movie theaters, the black community was waiting for that same type of good-natured flick. You know, the type of movie where we could see young black kids having fun, where the only real threat to their lives was catching a butt whooping instead of a bullet. That’s what House Party did for us. It showed us the fun side and honestly made us feel lucky to be young and black.  We needed this movie and we needed it to be well done. Luckily, with the combination of a talented cast, hilarious one liners, great music and a little bit of romance, we got just that.

The music gets you hype, you still do the dance with your homegirl and the DVD is on the shelf right now, but you probably don’t know these the behind the scene secrets. Check them out.