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En Vogue Sued For Millions By Former Record Label

February 12th, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Splash news

Splash news

So, En Vogue has yet another legal battle on their hands. According to TMZ, the troubled girl group is being sued for more than $100 million. Yes, you read correctly.

The lawsuit has been filed by Rufftown Records founder Rene Moore, who argues that he kicked out nearly $200,000 in 2010 to fund a major En Vogue comeback, which consisted of a new album and tour. The deal included original members Cindy Heron, Terry Ellis and Maxine Jones. There was even footage of the trio announcing that they were working on the album, which surfaced in 2011.

Unfortunately, Moore claims that not only did the ladies abandon the project, they turned around and signed with another label, Pyramid Records, in 2014. According to his suit, he believes that En Vogue’s failure to see the album and tour to completion caused him to lose out on some pretty serious cash. As a result, he’s suing both En Vogue and Pyramid Records for more than $100 Million.


So far, the group has yet to publicly respond to the lawsuit. But as we have witnessed, the group has undergone another facelift. Maxine Jones is no longer an active member, as we’ve previously reported. This group has experienced more than it’s share of drama over the years and this certainly isn’t their first legal battle. Just last year, ex-member Dawn Robinson threatened to sue Lifetime over their made-for-TV film, En Vogue Christmas. I suppose we’ll have to stay tuned to see how this all unfolds…

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“I’m Sad For Them:” Dawn Robinson Slams Lifetime’s “En Vogue Christmas” Movie Before It Even Airs

November 21st, 2014 - By Brande Victorian
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Source: Lifetime

Source: Lifetime

En Vogue hasn’t been En Vogue since around 1997 when Dawn Richardson left the group, but somehow drama still seems to follow the original quartet members. Dawn currently has her panties in a bunch over Lifetime’s upcoming movie, “En Vogue Christmas,” which will star two of the group’s original ladies, Terry Ellis and Cindy Herron. According to a press release, this is the premise of the story:

Over the years, the funky divas of En Vogue have gone their separate ways. Now they are asked to perform a benefit concert to save the club that made them stars. They put aside their hesitations to reunite for the special night, but first, they must overcome their challenging history with Marty (David Alan Grier), their former manager and the man responsible for breaking them up. In the spirit of the holidays, the ladies find forgiveness and come together for an epic En Vogue Christmas concert to keep the club from closing its doors forever.

So why is Dawn mad? Well, according to TMZ, she’s threatening to sue if Lifetime airs the movie without her character , which happens to be the current plan, as Rhona Bennett, who joined En Vogue in 2003, is the only other member of the group who’ll be in the flick. Unfortunately for Dawn, she gave up all rights to En Vogue when she left the group in the ’90s, which is why boycotting, which she plans to do, is about her only option. She told TMZ:

“I have no interest in watching it. It looks horrible. I’m sad for them. After seeing the Aaliyah biopic, I’m extremely worried that this is going to be a trainwreck.”

Dawn’s probably not the only one worried. What do you think about her threatening to sue though?

Former En Vogue Singer, Maxine Jones Files For Bankruptcy

September 20th, 2014 - By Courtney Whitaker
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According to TMZ, former En Vogue singer Maxine Jones is in financial trouble. Jones has filed for bankruptcy, citing she has over $100K worth of debt.

The singer is no longer with En Vogue after a number of disputes and legal battles. In 2013, a judge ordered Maxine and Dawn Robinson to stop using the En Vogue name for profit. Therefore it has been difficult for Maxine to get work and she blames her debt on this decision.

Jones has listed her $212K home, $22K in CA taxes, $17K in lawyer fees and $539 at Victoria’s Secret as part of her debt. Jones is claiming that the $3,473 she brings in a month is nowhere near enough to cover her bills.

Now, with that being said, Jones is heading back to court to file an appeal against the judge’s previous decision. She would like to use En Vogue’s name again. If approved, this would hopefully help her land gigs and make some money. Maxine has previously filed an appeal against the judge’s decision.  What do you guys think, should the judge grant an appeal?

It’ll Never Be The Same: Music Groups That Tried To Go On Without Some Of Their Members

October 9th, 2013 - By Iva Anthony
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Although they may have started out as a cohesive group, fame, fortune and/or conflict drove a wedge within these musical acts and they were forced to carry on the torch after losing a member.

Music Groups That Tried To Go On Without Members


Boys II Men

Four young men in matching sweater vests and striped ties from the city of brotherly love emerged on the music scene bringing back that old Motown sound of acapella harmonies and emotional ballads in the ’90s. Co-signed by New Edition’s Michael Bivins, Boyz II Men dominated the R&B airwaves with their hits “I’ll make Love To You,” “Water Runs Dry” and “End of The Road,” which stayed at the number one spot on the Billboard charts for 13 straight weeks, breaking the record previously held by Elvis Presley. Nathan Morris, Shawn Stockton, Wanya Morris and Michael McCary would record six albums together until McCary left the group in 2003 due to his battle with scoliosis. After a brief hiatus, the three remaining members re-emerged on an independent label and continued to release more music but never reached their previous height of success. McCary tried to rejoin the group in 2011 for their 20th anniversary but negotiations broke down. Boyz II Men went on the road with boy bands New Kids On The Block and 98 Degrees as part of The Package Tour in 2013.

Come Back, Please: Music Groups We Sorely Miss

July 12th, 2013 - By M A
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Chris Connor / WENN

Chris Connor / WENN

Do you long for the days of “No Diggity” and “Independent Women”? So do we. While we love the sweet sounds of today’s best R&B, there is definitely a part of us that longs for our favorites ’80s, ’90s and 2000s jams. In the spirit of nostalgia, we’re taking a look at the 14 musical groups that we wish would make a surge back into relevance in 2013 … or the not so distant future.

Kelly Rowland Tells Andy Cohen What’s Most Annoying About Beyonce

June 24th, 2013 - By Clarke Gail Baines
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If you hadn’t realized it by now, Andy Cohen and What What Happens Live just brings out the messy in all of the guests that appear on the show. Luckily for Kelly Rowland, aka, Kelendria as Cohen pointed out, she doesn’t have many negative things to say about folks (aside from Keyshia Cole), especially not her former Destiny’s Child crew. Though she does say that when it comes to cleanliness, Beyoncé has just never been about that life. Here are the hot-seat questions Cohen tried to throw at her while playing “Plead The Fifth” (and you can literally plead the fifth and not answer any question…but you’ll look like a square), and here are the responses Kelly had to all of them:

Cohen: “Tell me one thing that is annoying about Beyoncé.”

Rowland: “She would tell you this. She’s a slob. Yeah, If you walk in — maybe she’s gotten better since becoming a mother — but she’s got a lot on her brain. You can tell she’s got a lot going on.”

Cohen: “I hope she doesn’t pass that on to Blue Ivy.

What other group gave you and Michelle and B the most attitude when you were just starting out as Destiny’s Child?”

Rowland: “None of ’em. They were all nice, absolutely. SWV, Xscape, En Vogue–everybody was so supportive.”

Cohen: “You didn’t mention TLC…”

Rowland: “No, no, no. Definitely Left Eye came in the room and welcomed us, she was so sweet. Absolutely, we got nothing but support.”

Cohen: “Kelly Rowland, tell us the real reason LaTavia and LeToya left the original line-up of Destiny’s Child.”

Rowland: “I don’t know, you got to talk to them!”

Cohen: “Do you agree with what their published stories have been?”

Rowland: “I plead the fifth [laughs].”

Well, she handled that well. And I do think I heard Bey say that she’s not the most tidy person in the world. Check out video of Kelly playing the game on the next page and let us know what you think of her responses!

Case Closed: Judge Rules In Favor Of Cindy Herron And Terry Ellis In En Vogue Name Rights Dispute

April 1st, 2013 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

Do you remember that scene from the bio flick about Motown musical act The Temptations where there were like three sets of “Temptations” touring at one time? Well, that won’t be happening with En Vogue anymore.

Last summer the ladies had a falling out, which resulted in Maxine Jones chucking the deuces to Cindy Herron and Terry Ellis, joining former group member Dawn Robinson in another version of the singing ensemble bearing the same name. Not long after, Maxine took to her Twitter page, calling Cindy and Terry “evil” and dropping the bomb that the ladies were suing her.

“Yup Terry n Cindy r evil! They took over the LLC n bank acct, forced me out, gave my gigs 2 that chick LOL, and SUING #ME!” Maxine tweeted.

“Real arrogant b*tc*es drunk with power lol! My lawyer and I look forward 2 court! We’re gonna catch it on our reality show 2 lol,” she continued.

Dawn also chimed in, assuring her girl that “justice” would be served. Screen shot 2013-04-01 at 4.08.43 PMIt seems that Dawn and Maxine didn’t get the outcome that they may have been hoping for though. A judge recently ruled that Dawn and Maxine can no longer perform or book gigs under the name En Vogue, granting use of the name exclusively to Cindy and Terry, reports TMZ.

Cindy and Terry also sued Dawn and Maxine for $1million for touring under the En Vogue name. This, however, was not honored, as the ladies could not prove that any harm was done to their LLC as a result of Dawn and Maxine’s use.

There’s a chance we’ll get to see some of the legal action, as Dawn is still in the process of filming R&B Divas: LA.


Just Gimme The Light: 9 Popular Boy Band Or Girl Group Members We Thought Were Going To Be The Big Solo Stars

March 19th, 2013 - By Clarke Gail Baines
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I can’t imagine being in anybody’s group. Too many egos, too much money to be spread out, too much time spent with too many people. But the people on this list all have been in some of our favorite groups over the years, and they played their part. Smiling and waving and then eventually finding themselves going from being in the group to being out (sometimes after messy quarrels). In the end, we thought all these people should have or would have been the ones shining the most from their respective groups after parting from their band mates because of their talents, but eh…not so much. Most have still had enough success to be happy about, while others are still trying to be taken seriously as they go it alone.

What Had Happened Was…Rap And R&B Groups That Didn’t Last Through The Fame

February 13th, 2013 - By Iva Anthony
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Making it in the music industry as a solo artist is hard enough but when there are two or more people in a group, tensions are bound to arise because mo’ money plus mo’ people equal mo’ problems. Although they made beautiful music together, these 15 popular rap and R&B groups just couldn’t set aside their differences in the long run.

"Arrested Development album"

Arrested Development

Afrocentric alternative hip-hop group Arrested Development became very popular in the early 90’s. Founded by Speech and his former best friend, DJ Headliner, along with Dionne Farris and spiritual leader Baba Oje, they are best known for their song “Everyday People.” In 1993 the group won Grammys for Best New Artist and Best Rap Performance. They were also tapped by Spike Lee to record a song for his “Malcolm X” biopic that same year. However, Arrested Development never eclipsed the success they had with their debut album. Their sophomore album was panned by critics and shortly after that the group broke up due to “creative differences.” The band patched things up four years later but things were never the same as they struggled to reclaim their popularity in the U.S. Today, the group continues to tour internationally and released their 10th album in 2012.

Dawn and Maxine Have A Message For Terry And Cindi: “You’re Not En Vogue!”

October 1st, 2012 - By Brande Victorian
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We learned, via Twitter of course, that En Vogue has been going through some thangs lately, with the popular ’90s group splitting into two parts: Dawn and Maxine on one side and Terry and Cindi on the other. It was sort of clear from the tweets what part of the issue was — Maxine being kicked out/replaced and suing the remaining group members— but she and Dawn still sat down with Access Hollywood to give them the full story — from their point of view at least.

Though Maxine just left En Vogue this year, Dawn peaced out on the group several years ago due to issues with the member’s contracts. She claims they were only receiving 2 cents per album sale and couldn’t even buy a house, despite being multi-platinum artists. When it came time to sign a new deal for the next album she thought it was insane that their pay didn’t increase with their success and they weren’t able to negotiate the contract, though she claims Terry was dating one of the producers which is why she and Cindi were down to sign the deal. Maxine says she only stayed because music was her livelihood but once she was replaced she had no choice but to leave. Now the pair has started a new group, or duo I should say, known as the Heirs and Maxine had this message for her old girls.

“You’re not the whole group. You’re not En Vogue, You’re half of us. We’re the other half and I feel like we’re the strongest.”

Well, OK then. Check out the short interview in the clips below. Do you think they need to let this go?


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