Why You’re Attracted To Older Men

November 23, 2011 ‐ By Kschlicher

"anna nicole and old husband"
1. You crave financial stability

Older men are generally more financially stable tan younger men as they have had a longer time for education and experience in the work world.  It also means your life, as a woman, could be more secure and comfortable.  Let’s got forget the future either, he probably has some serious pension/social security money coming to him down the line too!

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  • Barbara Codner

    Any man who is truly “mature” isn’t dating a much younger woman. Sorry ladies! An older man will treat you better because he thinks you can do better than him or you have something that he wants/needs (baby/sex). They don’t realize that your options are limited in the dating pool. When these so-called mature men get hip to the game, they will start to show their a$$es!! The confidence of pulling younger women will get to their heads & it will be a wrap. I’m starting to see it already. SMDH!

  • Joey

    The excuse, “I like older men because men my age aren’t mature enough” is an excuse for girls who have daddy issues or girls constantly attracted to assholes of any age. The older assholes are just better at hiding it

  • But this is not true for all! Younger girls will generally HIDE their interest from older men for fear of being judged, even though it’s something they’d secretly like to try.

  • Gabby

    What about a 18 year old women is attracted to a 33 year old men? I’ve known him for almost a year and a half and we’ve always had mutual respect for each other.

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  • Interesting. Having sex with someone who is in my dad’s age range is sort of creepy. I am 21. I’ve never actively gone after much older men but I wouldn’t be too closed. I can say that not all young men are inexperienced. Maybe I’ve gotten lucky. I have been with one man (I was 19!) who was…40? He was not bad. I have a very high sex drive so that would hurt if the older man was not interested in sex regularly. Although, as a 21 year old, I met this 19 year old guy. We had deep talks blah and he ended up revealing that he really enjoys giving oral to girls. I have never gotten good oral from any guy (never finished) so I figured this young, 19 year old wouldn’t know what to do.

    I was wrong. Ever since being with that 19 year old I know I can not say that all younger men are inexperienced in the sack. Plus he had good moves. 

    I’m not very big on chivalry, but when a guy does those things, it’s nice. Financial stability? Eh, well that’s why I am going to college (I know, how dumb is this). I just feel like I could fall in love with an older man, but to actually have sex would scare me. I dunno why. Maybe it’s due to my history and childhood of “bad” events with men, but I guess for now I’ll stick with 35 and under. 

  • Love_Sexy

    No disrepect but I was never interested in older men they never appeal to me….Maybe I did not come across one that was interesting….IDK….but to each their own when it come to dating and glad to see others having success stories.

  • Nia

    I like older men. I don’t know why but my relationships with younger men never work out. I’m 26 now and dating a guy who is 39. We have been together almost a year.

  • Is It 5:00 Yet?

    I prefer men that are older than me, but not too old. If you were already a grown man when I was born….not gonna work.

     I’m 19, so I wouldn’t go past 10 years.

  • brownsugababe

    My husband is 42 and I’m 28. I met him while I was taking courses at a community college and working. I was 26 and he was 40. He asked me out for coffee and we really clicked……fast forward 3 years, we are still happily married, I am 7 months pregnant and we have plans for 2 more…the sex is GREAT, he’s my rock and truly a man’s man. Ladies…Older men are the way to go! 🙂

  • L-Boogie

    Interesting article.  It seems the men my age are more interested in making babies versus being committed to making a lasting foundation.  Nevertheless, that is just my opinion. 

  • Nicolesandraperk

    I’m 32 and have always liked older men. I’m talking to a 45yr old man right now. We really like each other and I hope things work out. I don’t have daddy issues whatsoever, I just want a more mature man in my life for myself and my kids.

  • Candy222

    Please learn how to use correct grammar and spelling.  This article is horrible. 

  • Busy V

    I love older men because I find I have nothing really in common with men my age if that’s what you would call them I wouldn’t lol I’m just more advanced then they are I prefer someone at least ten years older then I am and I’m 23.

    • Thank you! I thought i was alone. Though i usually cut the age gap off at 15 years. 23 year old men are just….grr! Not dealing with them, give me a man in his 30’s.

  • IllyPhilly

    Mature? There’s still 40yr old corner boys and let’s not forget all the old a$$ rappers acting like their 19. I like older men because I thought they were younger men!

  • Tj

     I like older men because men my age usually aren’t mature enough.

  • ScoutF

    I believe I read somewhere that women mature faster…………..therefore……………….