For the Proactive Woman: 7 Ways to Capture His Heart

November 24, 2011  |  
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Plenty of women agree that a husband-to-be should find you, instead of the other way around. Those ladies are happy to sit back and let a man assume control of her romantic destiny. Totally fine, but also just one way of going about things. A “laissez-faire” approach, if you will. If this is you, stop now. You won’t enjoy what you’re about to read. Because of that, you won’t learn anything. You’re just wasting your time. And you really shouldn’t. Time is too valuable. You’ve been warned.

If you’re not totally sold on the laissez-faire approach, you’re likely a proactive woman., so keep reading. These tips are for ladies ready to take their  romantic destinies to the next level.

A “true 22” lady is one of proaction. She wastes not and wants for little. Time is precious, and with cunning, voracity and charms, she claims all she needs. Wrapping the Right man around her finger is just a matter of time for this intelligent and ambitious woman. She takes risks and learns quickly from her own mistakes, but preferably those of others.

The next few tips are just accessories in her oversized shoulder bag. Like any accessory, they are details that empower her decision making. After all, it will be her choice to have a man, or not. Depending on her personality, she play the necessary fawn to lure a man to her forever embrace. But the first move is always hers to claim, and when presented with the right opportunity, she takes it.

Use the Siren’s Gaze

As a true 22 lady is used to setting her sights on the object of her desire. Whether it’s a pair of Jimmy Choo or the man of her dreams, she looks the goods over to determine a good fit. She doesn’t settle down, she selects up by picking a man as she would “to-die-for” shoes.

When you’re in a public setting, all it takes is a clear, alluring gaze from you for a man to know that he’s got a shot at being the one. He’ll either rise to the occasion, or fail miserably. And it’s on to the next potential suitor.

Be Nice to His Dog

It’s weird, but common to acknowledge a person’s pet in public before you acknowledge the person. If you’re pet-friendly, single men with dogs are ideal. He already show strong signs of maturity and responsibility as a pet owner. If you spot one to your liking, break the ice by coveting his four-legged best friend.

Drop a Corny Line

It’s trite when men use lines that sound like they’re from a 20-year-old pickup artist book.  But when a lady uses the same line, it’s becomes an absurdist moment–on one hand you’ve turned the tables unpredictably by making the first move but on the other, you execute it in a completely predictable way.

It’s breaks the ice nicely with a good laugh and he’ll admire your clever initiative and be forced to step his game up.

Use Minimum Sports Bar Competency

Some women like sports, others don’t. Either way, there’s no excuse for being ignorant about the rules. Everything you need to know can be found in a productive afternoon at the office, right before you head to a sports bar, where eligible men are plentiful.

Set your sights on a man you want, size him up. Men are very simple. He either wants a challenge, like a true 22 who looks him square in the eye and says, “So, who do you want to win?” or prefers the lass who asks good questions–this makes him feel in control and masculine.

Either way, he becomes ensnared in your net, becoming susceptible to your whims.

Play Damsel in Distress

Lots of women are annoyed by all the men lining up to solve her problems. A true 22 lady accepts men as they are and uses that behavior to her benefit. She knows it’s very likely that a man looking to solve her problems is the man hoping to be her husband.

With cunning, pick your moments to play the damsel in distress. When the man of your liking responds, observe his response time, effort and strategy and determine if he’s worthy, or at the very least, competent. You’ll naturally be appreciative and charming, which inspires him to do even more. If you inspire a man, his heart is yours.

Be a Believer

True 22 women are not wishy washy, flakes or without conviction. She can’t afford to be when looking to make a man hers. She knows that men define themselves by one code or system of beliefs or another. Winning his undying devotion requires that she believe as well.

Think about Michele Obama. Do you think there was a second that woman didn’t believe her man could be the first black President? It’s her job to believe it if no one else did.

The nice thing is, you can believe in anything you want, religion, OWS, alien abductions. Find a man who believes the same things, reveal how lucky he is to have “found” you and he’s yours.

Upgrade Him

Any woman will rightly raise an eyebrow at this man-nabbing tactic because it has a high chance of backfiring. Nothing’s worse than watching a man walk out on you with shoes you bought him, aka helped him make the money to buy. But take heart, most often, this is a result of a woman who chose the wrong man to save.

This “move” is actually a series of coordinated efforts. It’s an advanced tactic, so you shouldn’t think that you’ll get it right the first time out. It starts with selecting a man of integrity and loyalty. You need to use a fine mix of intuition and careful circumspection to determine someone worthy of upgrading. Look at his commitments, responsibilities and relationships (family, friends, colleagues). If he has collected a life of loyalties, he may be a good investment.


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  • Moony

    We all know it is hard to be a proactive woman anyway. It’s like being a man. You take a chance and get shut down even if you are stunning or hot so it’s really a choice. Some women aren’t up to the challenge of picking and choosing in that way.

  • Moony

    Being a tease can be alluring, but sometimes it’s about being honest and working with a man who wants to work with you. After having the experience of being manipulated and trying to get others to do things my way, I realize no one like that -ish. No one likes to feel like they are being used or controlled. It’s simple. If I let him know I like him and he doesn’t want to get on board, I can’t force him. It’s best to just find someone who wants to be there for you instead of all these Jedi Mind Tricks.

  • paris

    rihanas awesome belair pad was trashed before she dumped it. it looks like she used it for a crack den. nobody does that much damage to a house unless some serious illegal partying was going on. shes a skan/. maybe her music is ok, but her? a walking virus

  • paris

    how in the name of everything sane did adam levine get named sexiest man ALIVE?????? for me, is is so unattractive, short, got a hot pocket on his face runs with ho*es, and is a ho* himself. jeeze, the standards have dropped to rock bottom

  • Shea

    Being corny?! Really? That’s the best you could do?


    *smuts and their tricks*



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  • Lis

    what the hell is a 22 lady

    • Jknewman09

      umm.. a ballerina?  (Get it?  TuTu….22?)  I agree.  This insults the men, too.  You really want to send your readers out to manipulate us?  I thought we were supposed to be straightforward and straight up.  I’d like to think that I get to date women because they are interested in building something, not because they are practicing their prey-capture technique.

  • Sugar_Spice

    Um maybe I am just off tonight but where did  the term “true 22” come from?

    • guest

      Right I thought I was the only one thinking that.

  • Goddess_sunshine33

    These are pick up tips NOT ways to be proactive in getting a man to love you. Take some time off to think about what you’re gonna write and stop insulting our intelligence

  • Redbonelicious

    These articles are terrible just stop it

  • L-Boogie

    One week it is proactive and then the next week it is desperate.  Really?