Sit Down, Boo Boo: 7 Types of Arrogant Men

November 16, 2011 ‐ By Grace N. Edwards

"arrogant man"

There is nothing sexier than a man with confidence. Who doesn’t like a little swagger? However, sometimes that charming confidence can morph into annoying arrogance. You know, when brotherman thinks that you should jump through hoops and thank the baby Jesus that you’re with him.  This dude shouldn’t be dating ANY woman. He is already in the perfect relationship–with himself.  Here are seven types of arrogant men that need to eat some humble pie.

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  • Catherine

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  • Harry Mann

    I think she makes a fine point. I can see myself in just about all of these guys, or maybe that is just another part about being arrogant? Ha-ha-ha. But it also plays into the theme of people coming together who share the same values and interests. If a guy deprives himself of junk food and works out to stay really fit, then he probably wouldn’t appreciate a woman who thinks nothing of packing on the pounds while vegetating in front of the TV. I mean, that guy is going to have slender women looking at him and wondering who he is, while much heavier women will be scowling and wondering who does he think he is. Ha-ha-ha.

  • frank Ross

    is arrogance a male trait

  • justaboutfedup

    WRONG! i’m a beautiful black woman (brown skin) and I don’t wear weave, (got beautiful natural hair and people love it), a white man married me and wouldn’t give up til I did (proposed before we had sex) and I got three marriage proposals from black guys at the same time (who are my friends today). I married the white guy cause he was a better guy, PERIOD. I love a good man, whether black or white. R Wilson, you need to go back to your racist world and put a sock in it, cause you didn’t read the article.

  • Ivy

    lol @ the title of this article

  • hey

    Me and my sister met mr i don’t date black women one time he had the nerve to say that firt and ask if he could take her out she was like boy bye

  • Cross

    Weak article.

  • so basically you have covered all types of men then? what an idot.

  • I just cant get with the third one *throws hands up* when your having a conversation with someone your interested in, there is no need to bring up the fact that you dont usually date inside your race.. what is that supposed to prove? lol 

  • Wow, the woman that wrote this article seems angry and bitter – and misandristic.

    But what’s remarkable is that this article seems to be a form of black woman projection – because I always see these same traits in not just black women, but it can be applied to women of other races as well:

    Page 2 – Like the “independent woman” who thinks all men are “intimidated” by her (page 2).

    Page 3 – I admit that this tends to apply more to *some* black men than it does to *some* black women. That being said, I have heard of black women that say that they do not date black guys.

    Page 4 -Secondly, who has never met the “artist” bohemian woman that considers herself “earthy” and “evolved” . But I find it interesting that she tells the him “don’t judge” – WHILE JUDGING HIM! And it’s interesting because first she attacks a man for being too educated & professional (page 2), and then for being too artistic.

    Page 5 – easily applies to female “minor celebs.” Egotistical behavior among those that are “famous” knows no gender lines.

    Page 6 – The “Pretty Boy” is noticed because most men aren’t like this – always looking in the mirror and fancying himself. However, most women are like this, and always looking in the mirror, which is why we don’t pick on it when women do it. The “Pretty Boy” is simply a man with the same level of self-absorption as the average woman.

    Page 7 – Easily no different than the yoga fitness guru pilates woman who shops at Whole Foods every day and chastises her boyfriend eating hamburgers.

    Page 8 – Wow! This is the most hypocritical of then all. Given the fact that most women today still expect men to pay for everything, the fact is we have to jump through hoops to not disappoint her with some low-class restaurant. Men ALWAYS have to deal with unsatisfied bourgeois women who think the guy is “cheap” because he isn’t spending $100 on a meal for two people every night.

    As I said before, this article seems to be a grand-scale projection of women’s “arrogance” regarding the dating scene. Because not only will most men attest to experiencing one or more of these traits from women they’ve dated, but I would also make the argument that these “stereotypes” are more associated with women moreso than men. It’s usually guys that want to save money and eat at Denny’s, rather than the woman wanting him to take her to “La Fleur Francais Au Restaurant” in which they serve things he’s never seen or heard of before.

    And I hope these are stock photos this woman is using – many of these men in these photos may be nothing like who is she libeling & smearing in her rants.

    • Guest

      You are right-many women as well have these same traits. They can be considered to be arrogant as well.

      However, I think this blog is targeted towards black women, and it deals specifically with dating black men. This post is specifically talking about dating arrogant men. Your making this topic too controversial. This blog isn’t about black men in general. Plus, I see other comments(not specifically yours) saying that black women are too picky, and should be happy that a guy likes them. Arrogance does not look good on anyone, and I wouldn’t wish it on anybody.

      Yes there are men out there that are successful, educated, interested in fine dining, etc-however, some of them are arrogant. Honestly, when I meet men who are arrogant, they tend to act like these characters she has listed above. That was the point of this post to me.

      I guess you feel like we are bashing black men, but the reality is-Black women tend to date black men. So if there is a comment (good or bad) about men, in general (especially regarding dating) its going to be about black men.

    • Harry Mann

      True. Your average guy would rather have a nice meal at home, preferably cooked by a loving woman who appreciates him for who he is. He does not want to “romance” the woman by taking her out to an expensive restaurant, where she can feel her ego worth going up in proportion to the Benjamin’s being spent. No. The article is clearly negative. If the guy spends a little money, he is cheap. If he drops a bundle, he is arrogant. If he keeps himself up and eats well, he should not judge a woman who is smashing the scale. If he isn’t concerned about himself and what he eats, then it’s because men are simple. Think about it this way, imagine that there is an older man who is well off and he likes a woman who is much younger. The woman can remind him from time to time that he isn’t a spring chicken. And that same woman could be seeing a younger man at the same time, only she might be reminding him from time to time that he is lacking in money. Another way of putting it is that men shouldn’t permit women, or anybody else for that matter, push their buttons and act like they are puppeteers.

    • Harry Mann

      I dated a woman like this very briefly. Everything she didn´t like about someone or other, she´d deliberately Project on to me. Problem with her uncle? She´d Project his faults on to me. Problem with her dad? She´d Project his flaws on to me. Took her out on mother´s day, knowing that she didn´t get along with her mom. The Young woman was a miserable companion over lunch. She embarrassed everyone in the restaurant by putting the place down when I would not buy a bottle of champagne. I thought she was depressed and angry. I bent over backwards, almost literally, on her account: the NUT was sitting on top of my shoulders, when she slipped her forearm under my chin and threw all of her body weight backwards, as if she were trying to throw me to the ground. She then giggled that she had lost her (psychological) balance. If I were younger, I would have used her pelvis as a girdle for my head, and slammed her against the concrete sidewalk with all of my might, instead of being gente about it.

  • Krush

    The irony of the whole thing is that women help to create these men.  When women used to complain that there were no good men, everyone was listening, including men.  Alot of women complain that there are no quality men and they have a list of undesirable traits that they claim that most men have.  For example, women say all men are either broke, gay, uneducated, in jail or have a bunch of kids by different women and I know for a fact that there are millions of men who are like this  but when a man who does not not fall into any of these categories looks at himself, he feels a sense of elevated worth.  This type of man feels that he is a rarity because he has heard many times that a man like himself is “hard to find” and therefore he is able to be more demanding and selective with the women whom he chooses to be with. Many women say, ” I refuse to settle”, well these guys seem to be thinking the same thing.

    • I was thinking the same thing when reading this bitter woman’s article.

      I’m like, “since when is being a successful, educated, confident, and accomplished man a bad thing?” It’s almost like this woman is jealous of successful men and wants to compete with them or something.

      So women are always complaining about men being broke, uneducated, and in jail.

      But when a man is wealthy, highly educated, with no criminal record – he’s still a loser for not falling in to whatever mold or standard you want him to fall in to.

      • MsT

        There is absolutely nothing wrong with a man being “successful, educated, confident, and accomplished”, but when he allows those things to go to his head and to start believing that he alone is God’s gift to women, he is deserving of a sit down, boo boo.  Nothing is sexier than a financially stable, intelligent, creative, good looking, physically fit yet *humble* man.  The writer is in no way being bitter; she is simply stating how someone with desireable traits can render himself undesireable to the opposite sex by being an arrogant jerk.

        • Harry Mann

          Notice that few people outside of fundamentalist Christians would suggest that women should be humble inside of the home?

          • AFundamentalistChristian

            Men should be humble as well or did you miss those verses?

            • Harry Mann

              Funny, but if you are humble in this world, people will try to step all over you with more than a hint of malicious glee sparkling in their eyes.


    this is so hilarious!!! I know 7 guys who fit in each category!!! and I laugh at them every time 

  • Bourgie guys get no love from me! Reminds me of a guy I went out with twice. I let him choose the spot the first time. The second time I was supposed to choose but then he ultimately decided on some swanky spot. The third time I chose a very nice restaurant in the city that was black owned. He had the nerve to ask me if it was ghetto. That did it for me. We never made it on that third date. I refuse to date someone who thinks they are better than others.

  • Nene

    Sighhhh, I’ve dated them all. smh


  • Kingcent

    Loved the article.  She left off the pious Christian double sex standard type.  The dude who thinks his ‘ish’ don’t stank and wants a woman as pure as the driven snow. The ones who ask’ How many men have you slept with?’ To which the woman replies…’none.

  • Msmykimoto2U

     LOL wooow. Ive actually dated a combination of these men. My ex fiance was a mix of the fitness nazi, pretty boy, minor-league celeb, and the artist tied in with a “Mr. Knowitall”, and a “Im a hard down Christian every other week” Crazy combo. He was well known in my town , which is very small, as a fairly decent singer in a band. For some reason he always tried to compete with me and put me down. Especially when I started singing with his band. Almost like he felt threatened. He thought he knew everything and I was just his arm candy who just needed to smile, sing back up, and stroke his ego for him while he flirted with the women who threw themselves at him like he was some big time celebrity. Eventually, I got bored and let the other women stroke his ego and this pissed him off but honestly he is just a joke and a jerk and still is to this day

  • Jason D

    Articles like this is what plants the seed in black womens minds that create the persona that make black men run to woman of other races. Yall better stop being picky before u wake up one day and ur 35, single and stuck with 3 kids. Be happy someone wants to be with u, if they don’t treat u right then move on. It’s that simple

    • Sdennis334

      What’s picky about wanting someone humble?

    • so you must be one of those type of men in the article. 

    • Chyeah

      And your statement is why more black women are looking for non-black men as perspective mates.

      You think that holding this proverbial carrot over a black woman’s nose will make her become more subservient to arrogant black males, however black women are not holding their breath to get with you anymore.See how that works?

      • Anonymous

        Exactly..for some reason BM think they are our only choice but more and more BW are dating out and saying they find other races of Men attractive  and I couldn’t be happier!

        • So you complain about Black Men dating out, but approve of Black Women dating out. Interesting double-standard.

    • “Be happy someone wants to be with u”   You have lost your mind with that one!!!

    • Anonymous

      But what happens when you run to Women of other races? You should have checked the divorce rate for BM/WW before you made this dumb statement…matter of fact check the divorce rate for BM period! The truth is that you may run to these Women but eventually your BM ego and traits show up and the marriage is soon over.BW on the other hand usually marry WM and stay married to them.. Also I would check the numbers on how many of you are single because you’re not that far behind BW …you silly delusional BM come on here and make these dumb comments like all females desire you when nbw will barely look in your direction and the stats prove it! No one …not even BW is going to put up with you anymore…there are other Men out there that not only look better than BM but have good personalities and no baby mama drama so you can go sit your self down because ain’t nobody checkin for ya’ll!

  • TheBahamian

    R Wilson you can’t even spell correctly. Did u finish highschool? U type like a caveman. This article is about arrogance. I’m a black woman & I love myself what type if black women do u hang around for u to make such an ignorant assumption? Cause there’s a saying for assuming the wrong thing. Don’t get big & bad behind that cheap keyboard of yours. Learn to stfu is the number one thing your mother forgot to mention to you.

  • Connie you always find the best articles…LOOOOOVE this, SIT DOWN BOO BOO!

  • Jaytee

    One of the best articles ever written on this website…and a welcome departure from all those “how to get a man” articles. 

  • LotusLeader

    Arrogance is arrogance, men or women.  Humility makes you accessible and easier to like.  Adults who are arrogant are insecure and easily threatened  These folks have real issues, be careful when dealing with the arrogant.   

  • Girliusmaximus

    Firstly I’d like to thank the writer for that picture of Mr. Howard. Damn good eye candy.

    This list can go either way I know both women and men like this. Superficiality at it’s best. Folks with these qualities do NOT bother me at all usually because all the posturing and putting on airs is just to hide some sort of insecurity. They have to make you look bad in order to make themselves look better. And that one about Mr. Bourgeois? I find that some are usually the ones pretending to be so sophisticated and refined because…. They’re broke as hell living paycheck to paycheck behind on the rent and stunt all their money on keeping up appearances. Complete joke.

    • Vee

      You are right when people try to hard to be so much better than others they trying to overcompensate for something else.

    • Harry Mann

      “People can either be millionaires or they can look like they are millionaires, but few can do both.” I’m paraphrasing, “The Millionaire Next Door.” Oftentimes, the people who skimp and save and who we might regard as being cheap have money left over to invest and get rich; while a fair amount of people who maintain an elite image by spending all they have got and borrowing money to maintain that image don’t have the funds required to grow their investments.

  • seek2027

    this was so good and tru that i had to read it twice

  • R Wilson

    Damn Black women hate black men badly

    • Janel

      Funny I thought that was the other way around.

      • R Wilson

        since slavery black women been on white men penis. i know my father is white , that’s why  black men leave you.its easy for white men to get a black women because black women hate them selves that’s why you where women mouth  love white penis

        • Mackenzie

          Oh yeah, we were all up on that white penis…it’s called rape. Another reason why most black women today (consciously or subconsciously) will NOT date white men. It’s just a post-reaction. If you were a real, strong black man you’d know that.

      • paxmilitia

        you have won the award for ”idiot of the year”….what foolishness!

      • Christina

        Hmmm….I’m thinking you’re a troll. Either you’re a bitter black man or a bitter white woman. Get over yourself!

      • Anonymous

        Your mama’s right at the head of the line!

      • Wow! He’s going in………

      • Nene

        Sounds like you have mother issues. Maybe a little counseling is in order.

      • Cockrillokima

        Maybe we wear weave for fashion and thats stupid to say. I love myself and my Black Men so men who wear dreads hate themselves and Black women. And at the end of the day God created us all and wants us to be happy.

    • What on earth led you to this conclusion?

      • HARDMIKE

        An incredible amount of stupidity.

    • Sue

      Oh no sir, this list is the truth!!! It’s not just black men with these ego’s, the list is mainly about ego. Maybe she used black men because this is a black web site…

    • Cora

      not true

    • It’s usually the other way around. Usually.