8 Reasons To Date An African Man

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Chances are, you’ve already made an assumption about the nature of this post. Let me clear some things up now. This is not a post telling you to date an African man over an African-American man. No indeed. It is about giving our motherland brothers a chance. For some, the idea of dating an African man conjures up a lot of myths and fears like the image of the over-controlling man.  There’s good and bad aspects to any person out there but here to make light of the topic and just offer up some of the good stuff about dating an African man. Of course, you understand by now that this is a very subjective, yet fun, list. Let us know what your experiences have been in the comments!

They Are Chivalrous 

It’s that simple. They have good manners and a strong sense of chivalry – something that is quickly eroding amongst all our home-grown American men. Hey, they come from societies that are not as progressive when it comes to women’s rights but women are more cared for in their countries at the same time. So don’t worry, he’ll for sure be a gentleman and pay for your first date, second date, etc. We know that sounds like common courtesy but these days, it’s no guarantee.

They are the cream of the crop

A big argument many make for immigration is that immigrants are generally adding to American society in a great way. In a sense, the ones who make it here are the ones who are willing to make big sacrifices to gain a chance at prosperity. So if you’re dating someone from Africa, most likely he went through a lot to make it here and that’s a testament to his work ethic and his sense of commitment for paving a better future for himself and his family.  Hardworking? Check!

They have a more balanced perspective

Even if you’re dating a Nigerian Prince (we’ve all come across those, haven’t we? ), he, like most other Africans, knows just how precious stability and comfort are. Poverty and civil wars plague many countries in Africa, giving many a more balanced perspective on life than most Americans who are used to a certain, comfortable standard of living. A man who doesn’t take life for granted is someone who has his principles in order.

You’d get to travel
Chances are your potential African boo not only has family and friends back in his homeland but also has folks all over the world like Dubai, London, Australia and Germany. Africans are all over the place and they generally go where there’s opportunity, which makes for an interesting sprouting of communities. Ghanains, for example,  generally go to London and the U.S and Eritreans are concentrated in places like Sweden and Germany.

They know how to cook

Since many African men need to survive on their own when they migrate out of their homelands, many of them know how to keep themselves fed. They might have been spoiled by their moms growing up, but they sure paid close attention to her recipes growing up.  So go ahead, enjoy his egusi, chicken yassa or pilau.

They’re neat

Okay, so I’m going off personal experience here but a lot of the men I know who were raised in Africa are super neat. Maybe that ties into the principle of not taking anything for granted, being resourceful,  and being grateful for the things that hard-earned money can buy.

Your children will get to learn a second language and be exposed to another culture

Your future half-African children will get to be exposed to another culture and maybe also a new language by practicing with their father and spending summers with their paternal grandparents. And did we mention, they’ll get to taste real, fresh meat that is not injected with hormones while they’re visiting? Yes, a minor thing but important!

You’ll inherit a big fun family 
Africans have a gang of siblings. That’s because most of continent is not filled with many high-powered opportunities for women, leaving them with the time and energy to nurture dem babies. It may be expensive to hold down a large family but lord knows big families are a lot of fun. Not only will you have a lot of in-laws to entertain over the holidays and many social functions to attend but your children will get to visit cousins all over the world.

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  • Nika

    I dated an West African guy from Gambia for 2 years only to be told that he plans on marrying someone from his country and as for a future together, “it is not a possibility”
    his mom and family, so he says, wants him to marry a female from his country. I am a black american woman who had fallen in love with him only to be heartbroken, didn’t see it coming!


    I dated a Nigerian and as I read this article the first 2-3 things were absolutely true. However, after having a child with this man (and he wanted it), things began to surface and I soon learned that he was unfaithful, very secretive and a lot more. We have a son and he has no interest on teaching my son his culture or ever allowing us to meet his family. He is a good father but nothing like I expected. I have given up completely because I do feel that he has a family back home. Ladies, be careful dating African men….from what I’ve learned a lot of them do have these 8 qualities. …but maybe I should do one that states 8 reasons not to date an African…..

  • Street Mic

    Great Article. I am an African Man(A Nigerian Prince. lol) and you got us so right! Thanks. I feel elated.

  • Rohami

    This is the DUMBEST thing I have read in a loooong time. First of all, what exactly are “AFRICAN” men? Africa is a continent and to attribute a list of so-called traits to men from different African cultures (different histories, different religions, different upbringings, etc.) is STEREOTYPING par excellence!!!
    And for the record, there are also men non-“African” (what ever “African” might be…) men who grew up in poverty and strife.
    I´m sure this is meant to be a nice “big up” to the “African” men out there, but it infuriated me.
    Attributes like “good cook” and “known hard ship”, etc. dont only apply to “African” men.
    Sorry, but this is just BS

  • Nicholas I

    “8 Proofs of How Desperate American Negresses Are”

  • Nicholas I

    I realize the article is comparing African Negroes to American Negroes, so the bar is set extremely low.

  • Guest

    It’s a good way for masochists to get raped and get ebola.

  • Ongoiba

    “giving our motherland brothers a “CHANCE” ????” loo, maybe for green card

    about giving our motherland brothers a chance
    about giving our motherland brothers a chance

  • Myeika

    I havnt been dating my african man that long but im loving eveery minute i have spent with him…..african men could defintiely teach american men a thing or 2



  • jackie

    From my experience, all eight points are pretty accurate. I’ve been dating my African man for a little over a year now. He’s supportive, hard working, multi-lingual, educated, loving, strong, and ALL man 🙂 As African-Americans, I believe we should get to know the individual’s mind and heart before making judgments based off of negative stereotypes. There are good and bad men everywhere.

  • africanlady

    im african. this post is completely ignorant and stereotypical. pls stop generalizing and get to know individuals. african men aren’t neat because they didn’t have the opportunity to take things for granted. there are plenty of rich africans who are neat and plenty who moved abroad without struggle and with money. we don’t all have large, “fun” families. while the article points out positive things, all of these things are generalizations that need to apply to individuals, not a whole continent of men. ridiculous

  • kiswahiligirl

    I can give 8 reasons NOT to date an African man- I dated a few of them, and then married and divorced one after a year and a half. 1) You can’t verify if he has a wife in his home country (some of these marriages are traditional and undocumented), 2) Many of them are opportunists (and seek someone to sponsor them for citizenship, help them get an education or a job, and/or financially support their extended family back home), 3) He may have children in his native country that you won’t find out about, 4) Culturally, there are significant differences- he may expect you to cook, clean and do everything around the house by yourself, 5) He may not respect your African American heritage and mock black people, 6) You won’t understand the conversations he has in his native language/dialect, especially when he’s talking about you, 7) He may practice religious customs that you find confusing at best, and 8) He may pressure you to help bring his family members over to America.

  • Tracie

    Before I married my husband, I dated many African brothas from the Motherland such as Nigeria, Senegal, Ghana just to name a few. And I do agree with this article. These men can cook the butts off, they are refined, know how to treat their ladies, are worldly, and the list goes on. Not for nothing, but how many men do you know that will throw a party, cook for the party- food is SLAMMIN, and get dressed up!

  • guest

    men can be violent in every culture

  • Brie

    My partner is originally from East Africa (Somalia) and I am African American. Dating him has definitely had its issues due to cultural differences,but we continue to communicate thoroughly through it all. Our families were against the idea of dating outside of our respective cultures at first,but have come to respect our decision and love. We now have a beautiful daughter and plans to dedicate our love before God.

  • lilmoma

    @Nomalango any comment HELP

  • lilmoma

    Im n love w/man from ghana meeting 1st time every im a lil scared how will i b treated when i get there any help plz..

  • SomeBraveApollo

    I’m AfAm. This…article, is demonically ignorant.

  • mika

    My sons father is ibibio and I’m African American but my child would be more than half African because I myself am 82% African myself.

  • disqustedude

    Hmmmm. I’ve watched many series on Al Jazeera English that differ in extraordinary ways from what I have read here. Those programs tell of African men not taking care of their women, the mother of their children, nor their children. The women and children are left to fend for themselves. HIV is very prevalent in many African countries, especially among men. Alcoholism is rampant. Africa has got to be the worst continent on the face of the earth for many reasons, based upon what I have seen and heard, African men are the main culprit.

  • young afrique

    Why do African American’s have such animosity towards Africans…Im Ghanaian and I date Aka ta( African american..that’s wa we call em>>Lol) men as well.But men in general are frankly similar,this list is quite accurate but the same can be said in any other race.cheers to good loving!

  • Jackie and John can talk

    What rubbish! This article assumes all Africans are coming from war torn countries or poverty. A lot of us abroad can afford to attend your private schools and universities through hard earned and believe it or not honestly made cash. We are not either dictators kids or poor! We have our own socities to go back to once our job is done and pick of our men and women at home. Please dont include us in your western statistics on dating options and ratios of black to white, chinese hispanic dating! Most of us gained our independence with the end of colonialisation thanks and are not asking for a rerun

  • Rossie

    Im currently married to a African man and he loves me and 3 children to pieces we have been married 5 years and still growing strong I love him more every day. He’s from west Africa. Togo I wish I I met him sooner

  • MsBridget

    This was the stupidest stereotypical, not well thoughtout “article” I ever GLANCED through

  • mamasande

    African men are much better than Black Americans. They have culture, respect, language, and history which seperates them from the American thugs. They excel in the U.S unlike some other men I know. I am happily married to an African doctor!!

  • megan

    I agree, whoever wrote this should be very ashamed of themselves. I’m American and I was very offended by this article. I think this person should do more research on Africa and the people there. Africa is the motherland and I have great respect for the country but just as people have children there they also do here. I have a lot of aunts uncles and cousins. What I love about African men is that they have the most upright respect for women. This person need to get their facts right.

  • Name

    It is disappointing to see such a stereotypical, homogenous, and ignorant portrayal of African men. Especially when these men come from a continent with various countries, tribes languages and cultures that are diverse.

  • Ella

    lol, i call rubbish, a completely biased viewpoint. It varies from person to person, yet i myself have noticed on many an occasion for African men to be violent, aggressive and controlling. And for the most part unable to cook, they can also be very VERY lazy. Expecting the woman to wash their clothes and dishes, whilst also tidying up after them. lol, i wont be dating an african man ever again. i think i’ll stick to asians, whites and others. being mixed black. In my last relationship my african ex was very racist and had extreme black supremacy viewpoints. I also forgot to mention their tendency to lie and manipulate, the list goes on and on.

  • A Nigerian man has stolen my heart. I’ve never heard or written such beautiful poetry. All 8 things you say plus a million more are true. Wish me luck 🙂

  • Areusmarterthana5thgrader

    I came across this post while doing research on dating. I am an African-American woman and I’ve dated several African men over the years. These men have originated from Ghana, Sierra Leone, Kenya, Senegal, and Gambia. It may not be popular to say, but I think African-American women need to be careful about dating African men. Many of the African men I’ve dated have had alterior motives and secret lives and families. Of which are difficult to trace because they are overseas. Of the 7 African men that I’ve dated over the years only 1 has been entirely truthful about their background and their intentions. The rest have lied from start to finish about everything from their phone numbers, being married, having children and whether or not they would permanently stay in my area. Am I saying that all African men exhibit such behaviors? Of course not. I am saying that American women should be careful about considering African men as an alternative to African-American men considering the potential to be duped with little or no recourse available to you if you become pregnant, are raped, contract a disease or are otherwise harmed. I am not a woman who sleeps around, dresses provacatively, or has a grudge against African men. I don’t have children and haven’t been raped or contracted a disease.I simply think that American women need to be cautious, aware, and guarded in order to keep themselves safe from difficult situations. I post this only in hopes that it helps someone.

    • Darkman

      On one hand, you said 1 over 7 was truthful and you warn about diseases you didn’t get from them. On the other hand, you said nothing about why you kept dating liars and potential diseases vectors…
      I guess you are just frustrated they were not better than the ordinary black US guys…
      Your next boyfriend will be african because they have something ypu can’t find here…

  • YAY

    I’m a caribbean female and I like African men (minus nigerians).

    they tend to be very gentlemanly, they have respect for women, they know how to cook, they’re into education and working hard… all the good things…


    some of them are TOO PERSISTENT when they’re chatting you up and that is SO annoying!!!!

    reason why I said minus nigerians is because even though they tend to be gentlemanly etc they very cunning. Not all BUT A LOT!

  • Lacy

    Generalizations, however my ghanaian ex boyfriend is very hardworking. He goes to school and works a good job at the same time. He gets praise from his work. He cooks his traditional food for him and his two african roommates and ive had his food several times. He sends money home. He helps out his fellow ghanaians. We did not work out due to communication issues and he was afraid of commitment, well maybe afraid of committing to me? I find ghanaians to be warm and generous but lacking in how to have a relationship with a western woman. I never thought that i would say this but i’m a white woman and he has lots of good qualities that would make an african woman very happy. Nowhere near the controlling domineering stereotype, very sweet and gentle. He did grown up poor.

  • the former mrs elate

    So far from the truth. I married an African man and it was hell. Nothing that you have said is true. This man left his family in Afri ca and lied his way into the U.S. His family would call asking for him to help them and ask for money, he would ignore their calls. He would use his charm(basically beg for want he wanted). His greatest asset was his pen*s that he gave to any woman that would take it. He has no shame or remorse for all the bs he put my family through. I divorced his a** and yet he still is trying to stick around, just in case. Walter Elate, is his name, stay far away from him if not you will be sorry.

  • Fereaux

     Tootsi. You know, you’re actually not a very smart person for posting such nonsense. Spousal abuse is a vice that is, unfortunately, present in every culture. I know an Indian man that always beats the crap out of his wife. My roommate in college, a non-African, punched his girlfriend one time. NewNaturalSista (below) explained it so well.

  • CoyLondon

    I’m African American born n raised. Ethiopian descent. 
    I’ve dated Ghana man, Kenya man. I love African men. They ard very accommodating unlike SOME of the different AA men lack respect, PROPER love, want to go Dutch and want their cake and ice cream. What I’ve found in A men, they truly value their family. Alot of that has been lost in AA homes due to us being more receptive to having “baby mommas”   . So in America it’s ok to drop the baby and leave money “child support” conquers all therefore lack of love is ok. Being that I live in north Florida, I have yet to find my AFRICAN King! 

  • BejuiceyLove

     I dated one who had none of the above characteristics…but he was also a womanizer. But so are many African American men.African men are not as great as this list makes them out to be. Somebody is wearing rose colored lenses.Most African men have never falling in love with anyone.Everything is arranged for them women and wife’s too.Hell are there any dam good men out there.African,or African American.form here or there,a good black man are you out there.

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  • Hjlkgdf

    sisemi kitu! mapenzi na matombezi tu!
    Ukipata moja TIA bidii kitandani usije ukatuhaibisha

  • Rpg

    ohhh i just realised this is a pro-black people site

  • Katy

    Ok I have been dating a Nigerian man for nearly 2months. He’s lovely, respectable and funny and I chose to look at him as an individual not the colour of his skin or his culture. I believe it doesn’t matter about cultural differences if your both prepared to meet each other half way. However my family and friends are outraged and worried sick about me dating this man because of statistics and what’s said about Nigerians. They are not racist but know the facts and now I am a complete mess and an emotional reck as I have negativity from all angles and all I’ve done is fallen for someone. I really care about him and all his friends are so respectful and welcoming is anyone else in this situation. I am white British and my partner is here on a student visa doing a masters degree.

  • Isabelle_hunt

    The good non-africans and non-african americans are not womanizers

  • Anndclark2

    If u need to interview someone I am ready! I love my babe

  • Anndclark2

    Just started datiing a African man…and I can say we have hit a couple of hiccups,but that’s fine becos we have to rememberr we r worlds apart.

    I love my king Ehis……cheers

  • Linda145

    This  is   the stupidest post. Most African guys  I know even in college never date  outside  their races  and ethnicity.  Most  I know stick  to  their own.   A white girl at work wanted to date an African guy who is an engineer  “CIS Department” after nearly six months she gave up, the guy would not even chat with her.

  • Jayce

    This is absolute rubbish.
    Of course there are always exceptions and the like and of course
    typing people never covers 100% of them but here are my experiences:
    I am male, born in Zimbabwe and lived in the UK for the last 25 years.
    I have met many people and have a lot of friends in the UK, naturally as I grew up there.
    I have known several women who have fallen in love with African men,
    married and in turn treated like absolute crap. If I was to generalise
    what I have seen then I would have to say African men are;
    1. Dishonest

    2. Disloyal

    3. Treat their wives like slaves

    4. Don’t care about their children

    5. Happy to drink and whore around as long as the wife pays the bills
    I could go on. I have been absolutely amazed and disgusted at how
    these men come to europe, find their “token white wife” and treat them
    as a source of income, NOTHING MORE. It is shameful and disgusting.
    But then I am generalising, like you are, 2 different sides of the same coin.

  • Msfallonmarie

    Love my man, he loves and cares for his mom and sister and he gets a kick out of being with me being african american after one year of dating we got married. he’s a great provider hard worker and omg the loving is great. Im sprung on my african man and if it dont work I will galdly find another.

  • BlaqBeautii

    Love d Motherland… I could’ve found more acquired natural foods… My husband always spoils me when we are in Nigeria and South Africa… Love my Nigerian husband, his is an intelligent, wise, humble, loving, caring, understanding, always considerate man who has his Career in the forefront, along with his family first at all times… Love My Hubby!

  • BlaqBeautii

    My husband is Nigerian and I love him unconditionally… We are truly happy!

  • Tkayla2012

    I love my Ghanaian boyfriend. He is very sweet, strong, hard working, has good morals, is a gentleman, and loves kids and family. Dating him has been such a wonderful experience and I can’t wait til we marry. I love african food and culture!!!

  • African Lady :)

    Well… unfortunately African men are terrified of African-American women. They like their own… so tone it down, quit the finger-snapping, learn how to cook… or else, for the very reasons in this article, good luck finding one who doesn’t need a green card.

  • NigerianGirl

    Overall, this was a good read, but I strongly disagree with number 8. To say that African women have limited opportunities and nothing else to do but have babies is a bit ignorant. There are plenty of African women who work, are in high-powered positions, or own their own business. I suggest the author does a bit of research before making generalizations like that.

  • Thermophyllus

    I have read all the comments and made a few counters but i want to summerize my views as such:

    Africa is a very big continent with about 50 different countries and “cultures”, so it maybe a little difficult to generalize. But let me quickly add that regardless of where one comes from in Africa, an average African man shares essentially the same “underlying culture”.

    By and large, they all share some fundamental cultures. 1) women cook while hubby go fetch means for the food. so an African man essentially will expect his wife to do the cooking ALL the time and do dishwashing. 2) Home cleaning is essentially also the work of the woman. so dont be surprised if he expects you to do laundry etc. 3) Child care is also the womans work. 4) she must never say no to his sex advances. 4) He should provide for her every need. He should clothe her, ensure she has some money and take her places. 5) He can have many wives. this is one aspect that is fast fading away but still leaves the scar the womanizing scar in his genes. if caught, the society doesnt crucify him for it but if the wife cheats, its a straight up divorce/ostracize case. 6) he has the superior say in all things, she may contribute but he takes the final decisions. the list is endless. 

    With progressive civilisation most of the above cultures are fading off. Today alot of men now see it as very romantic to cook for their wives, job calls even makes this moreso. Most men cook beautifully now. Men dont want extra wives again but may still womanize … if a married guy is dating you, he most likely will never marry you. African men ds days consult their wives extensively and take joint decisions. African men have even started emphasizing small nuclear family orientation ds days. The truth is that civilization has changed and is still changing a whole lot of general orientation.

    How chauvanistic, domineering or unbalanced a particular man turns out to be will depend on his personal experience or family upbringing

     i have read and travelled a lot. i have come to understand that the geopolitical zones of Africa automatically carves our man-woman relationships too. There is a zone where men struggle hard but drink so much they become social “….”. wives come to drag them out of gutters. wife battery  and rape is frequently reported here. Another zone, have more  strong hardworking socially focused men but who are less caring to women. They find it a little difficult to give their women things and they are a little too masculine in thinking. another zone houses these set of “woman-oriented” men. they work hard, study a lot and travel alot. their culture necessitate that they should do everything for a woman. Their culture ties it to their destiny and where they are lacking the society crash on them. so it has become innate for them. the last zone is the north africa zone, they are predominantly muslims and so you know the rest.

  • MuthalandA

    Wow! U guys mean it took you this long to notice how loving, caring, and intelligent we are? What u got bored of the jungle stereotype the media fed y’all with?! hehe , while u ve been sleeping, ask those that have been tasting…


    the character of a man, is noit about his rrace, but about the kind of man you choose. love is regardless of race, if you want to be very sincere to yor heart. remember, the line between love and lust is very thin. please, dont mistake love for lust, you out there. it could be very dreadful.

  • Eeweave

    the majority of big african family also means spending your last dime sending hard earnt money home to all the tons of relative…good luck to those who want to buy that fantasy…by the way i am from Afrika myself…

  • Guest

    I’m married to a Yoruba Nigerian man, and I’d have to say this is dead on accurate.  Exactly how I would describe him and his group of friends.  Absolute gentlemen!





    • Adaeze1

      sorry for you sista, you obviously have never dated a good nigerian man,I am a Nigerian and i can say that I am currently dating a Naija man and he has all these qualities and more…if you push away all african man I guarantee you will regret it

    • Fereaux

      JENNYSTAR1J, like attracts like! You’re probably very razz and uncultured, so you’re attracting the uncultured ones. You need to step up your game.

  • Awura Mulley

    im an african woman married to an african man and i must say that this article is full of stereotypes and mistakes.
    most africans donot come from war torn countries, my country ghana has no history of civil war
    my husband does not cook, so does my brother and alot of men i know
    i have only one sibling and the largest group of sibling i know of in my generation are 5
    not all africans live abroad because of poverty, some are there because of education or preference to live elsewhere or because its the ‘in’ thing. some are actually from super rich families

       men are men no matter where you find them,i think too much focus on women’s rights etc stifles western men. my husband is caring, respectful,generous etc.
     and please let me inform you that african men are not intimidating and control freaks. they are just men

  • Browneyedbrainybrunette

    I must say, the content of this article was exactly what the author of it wanted it to be “fun”.  I laughed all the way through it.  Thanks for a good laugh. 

  • EXP

    This person is dreaming…call me and I will break it down for you…are you kidding me????  Aieee!!!

  • Oriyomi

    Though novel, this article is doing everyone a disservice. African American men may equally have these qualities as well as men who are not Black at all. Saying that you can reap all these benefits from dating a type of man is misleading. I think we should celebrate different varieties of people, but as far as relationships are concerned, traveling, big families, and language proficiency are secondary. Look for a friend, partner, and confidant…after that, if you notice that he happens to be from Africa, that is fine too.

  • Salone

    Thank God not all African men are wife beaters, the last time I checked other races have people who beat their wives too!!! Be careful when making Primordial arguments…

  • Beauty

    I L♥√ my man !!!

  • Ama

    This article is a lie, and is full of crap. Your assumptions about African women, especially are false. You are ignorant.

  • Professor

    First of all can we please stop using the term “African” as a nationality. American is a nationality, NOT  North American! Africa is the second largest and second most populous continent with about 50 plus countries all with their own VERY DISTINCT cultures, languages (not dialects) and practices which largely affect the upbringing and way in which men act and react in social circles. Can we start by saying the name of the country the man is from. If he is Nigerian then say that, if he is Kenyan, say that! Although there may be a percentage of these men, which any race or nationality will have any of these general qualities, let us please look to this as just a type and not a benchmark for others to measure up to. I know some men in the African diaspora that are like this and many that are not, so let’s please be careful not to already substantiate a broad false stereotype that reduces the individuality of men all over the world. Thank you.

  • Melbourne86

    I agree with most of the things said in the article, however i think that when it comes to dating some african men, women need to be careful! (especially west africans). I am from East africa and i honestly think that Nigerian men are the ones who make all the other african men look bad. Ladies, if you met an ADEYEMI or a BABATUNDE, it doesn’t mean that all the black men out there are as bad as him!!!

    • Kikou2040

      Especially West africans??? I am from Cameroon next to Nigeria.You are painting the whole west as bad my dear so be careful.Eventhough you might have gotten your experiences with some nigerians, don’t say those things and think you can get away with it.They are some good and some bad guys. It just happened you picked the wrong guys. 😀

  • Zombabox2

    Tell him I said Mulibwanji? Lol

  • mwpolitico

    My husband is from Nigeria, he is Igbo, I agree with everything in the article accept the cooking part.  I must say that compared to my friends who are married to other African Americans, my husband puts all of theirs to shame.  My girlfriends often tell me how bless I am to have the husband I have.  


    I am an African woman. And i think african-american are either ignorant or reject where they originally come from. I am tired of stereotypes and all this BS. Africans who come to the Us to study abroad (legally) pay twice for a living than African-american. As an international student, i pay twice the college. Plus, we are not allowed to work while we study so you can imagine how much my parents pay. Africans have poverty, but a lot of them are rich. They treat women with respect and are not scared of commitment if they do like you. I am dating white, mexicans , african-americans but i will end up with my brothers because that’s how i do. 

  • Sensible Sista

    this is one of the dumbest articles… these things can be sid about any race…. where there is the good & the bad.. KNOCK IT OFF !!!

  • lushie

    As for the nitwit who said google and read about any African country, how about visiting instead to enable you come to a more educated conclusion. the western media go outta their way to make Africa look bad. Dunno why they do this probably to make their countries look better in comparison. There are tons of white folk in my country for instance who have probably better lives than where they came from and have adopted a number of less privileged kids and are giving them a better chance at life. Know a number of white American women who are married to Nigerian men and have not left the country in decades. Guess this is why white folk are generally considered superior to black folk. They are well traveled, knowledgeable and seek ways to impact their world instead of sitting on their ignorant and stagnant black asses and judging the world from their microscopic lenses. Lemme ask any of y’all to name 20 US states of the top of ur head right now and I know 99% will fail. So consider urselves under-qualified on international matters. Bye 😉

    • JJ truth

      The western media goes out of its way to make African nations look bad to keep American blacks feeling disconnected and powerless. Those who control such things don’t want black Americans feeling empowered. Its to prevent bonding with African nations thereby preventing any black consciousness. Its to prevent the realization that blacks aren’t powerless. Knowing this they’d begin bringing political & economic pressure to bear opposing the unfair oppressive anti-African policies that rob these nations of their wealth. They fear black Americans might demand trade development or create it themselves. Its done to keep American blacks brainwashed so whites in the west can keep exploiting and getting rich off our brains, creativity, energies and intelligence.

  • Truth

    Blacks need to stay with blacks, anything else is demonic.

    There is no such thing as an African-American man. Can't find Africa-America on any map. Idiots, grow up and quit being so damn racists.

    There are only Americans. Period. If you don't agree with that and prefer to refer to yourselves via a hyphen then you don't deserve to live in America and should get the hell out of here!!!

  • lushie

    What an ignorant article! And rather condescending too. Pls get an in-house person to talk to before penning down such garbage. Generalizing an entire race of people is just wrong. I was born, bred and still very much live in Nigeria and a pretty good life I live too. We are not all hungry starving refugees waiting to board the next ship to the US. As an African I can’t speak for a Ugandan, Angolan or Moroccan; We have vast and diverse cultures and how much less an outsider trying to sell our men. Nice try but do better research next time

  • Durazac

    Where are the 8 reasons for a black girl to date a white man? I'm sure this is good and all, but it is nearly impossible as a white guy to get a second look from or any kind of conversation going with a black woman. I'm a kind, good looking, successful business man, but never, even as a musician in my younger days, could I get any attention from a black woman. I know the cultural divide can be big – but man, it's a chasm.

    • Color Me Natural

      You can’t generalize dating an African as better than dating an African American or White person, Asian, Indian, Polynesian, European, Indian, etc. person. Dating is hard for everyone right now and you @Durazac are no exception. I commend you for even attempting to get into dating let alone in the interracial spectrum. If you are as amazing as you seem on this post, then the right woman, whether black or blue or purple, will come along. Best of luck to you because this chasm is getting harder to build over.

    • Darkman

      BW are used to white men having a brief  jungle fever. If you want to date a black woman, just because of her color, she’ll feel it a mile away and run as fast as an antelope… But if you approach her for herself, show appreciation of her look, show some cultural background deeper than Michael Jackson, MLK or Malcom X she’ll slowly open to you her heart. Don’t forget that your past  doesn’t help…

  • could have added more facts myself…

  • Really?!

    It's funny b/c most African men are more than willing to date African-American women, but I know African women who will only date African men. For example, my roommate in college was Nigerian and she told me that she would NEVER date a African American man. She made it sound as though her family would disgrace her. I know her & some of her friends got angry when they saw African American women with "their" men. Kinda funny to me. I never wanted one b/c I heard they were abusive and controlling.

    • Reneadba

      u heard but dont know a dime abt them…  be oblective and rational in ur comments

    • Darkman

      The reason why your friend doesn’t want to date an AA is because they have a reputation of being very superficial, not well mannered, not education oriented and not reliable. If you add the drug problem (which partially true), the gap between African American and African is as wide as the Atlantic Ocean… The risk is basically the same with a woman. You’ll find African dating or marrying AA, generally because those AA ar college educated

    • Kikou2040

      Some african women or men tend to get married between each other because by the time they want to establish back home,it is easier than when you get married to any other black around the world.There is also the cultural differences and that’s a lot.But you need to see for yourself before judging b/c not all of them are abusive nto even the majority.

  • bee

    ok, really.??!! this article is mostly just super ignorant and based on strereotypes, take it from me.. im an african woman. and on that note… mscheeeew!!

  • Guest

    98% of Africans end up mistreating their respective spouses or significant others.

    I dated one and I'm sure that probably because he was dealing with multiple personality disorder, that he probably didn't realize what was going on one night when we were having a simple conversation. Out of no where he attacked me physically. Those people are full of the devil and ish! I kicked that dark spook to the curb and never looked back. He is a menace in every society.

    • I am dying with laughter, tears are in my eyes as I type!

  • laarpo

    For my sisters afro american : for u an african guys to respect u and trust u no matter what never let them to make love in a first week try much longer u can its our own to determine women if she can be our wife or not

  • laarpo

    My reaction a lot of this article are true, I am African and married a sweet african american wife and i really like her also she is a muslim like me,
    She is dedicated n like African culture like her parents, who went to a lot of afrcans countries n like it a lot, they are planning to move africa
    my only problem my coworkers know i am married but they dont stop giving me attention n i dnt wana hurt there feeling,
    The only thing u have to be careful with africans guys its in a beginning to tell what u like n dislike but some afro american want to much its why a lot of african date n married white girl just example with all my friends married to white girls i am the only with african american because no matter what i like to stay with my race

  • binti wa mombasa

    ma akata ni wajinga kweli kweli. Wahenga hawakukosea waliposema nyani haoni kundule.

    • Bulysh

      Na wengi wao ni Nyani.

  • binti wa mombasa

    hahaha to funny

  • altaego

    "Go to black planet"???? Really… LoL
    This is what happens when U look for guys on blackplanet 🙂
    Well I guess U are what U attract. To your credit you did use the words "most" and "majority". Cheers

  • RMD

    ..,.thanks for generalizing an ENTIRE CONTINENT as though it were one state or region. very open minded of you to perpetuate the us vs. them paradigm

    • altaego

      Well said

  • francis mulubwa

    Personally, i think it depends on an individual's uprising and values regardless of ones race or skin colour.

  • Tina

    They are neat? Honey, the ones I met dont even use deodorant. SMH.

    • Thermophyllus

      Those just got out of war zones. lol.

  • Tina

    Your joking, right? African men hard workers? I have yet to meet one who does.

    • altaego

      Really??? Well I guess like they say, birds of a feather…

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  • Mo Greene

    Take yourself back to that dreadful continent won't you? Why come here? Please, go back and take your cab driver witg you.

    • Wale

      Mo Green…That was funny

  • Mo Greene

    If African men are so great and intelligent and hardworking, why is most of the continent screwed up? I bet none of you spoiled American women want to go there, either. Gimme a break, these guys are full of it. They just talk a good game. Go online and pick a country in Africa and read about it. With the exception of a few, you will not be impressed. NOBODY wants to go to or back to Africa. Since African men rule the continent, see for yourself how great they are. Whomever wrote this article is an idiot.

    • altaego

      And idiot… Just like U. And go back and read why these countries are "unimpressive". You've over-simplified a complex topic. Just like the author of this article. Keep you ignorant utterances to yourself sir.

      • altaego

        An*** 🙂

    • Ada

      You may want to review high school world history Mo. Your ignorance and prejudice is not helping the African American guys look so great.

    • Darkman

      Instead of reading, you better go there. View from overseas, even from Europe, USA doesn’t look that good, and African American are seen at the bottom of the society…
      I met an AA who went to Nigeria and thought he was tough. He came back, because he met tougher people than him. Now he got respect for African people, because he couldn’t survive neither compete with them.
      Ruling the continent has nothing to do with being good to date. Otherwise, how about AA who doesn’t rule NOTHING? Undatable!!! 

    • Kikou2040

      It is easy for you to say this trash.Have you ever,for second, thought that some african-american guys have no respect for african men as you’re doing now? You showed your insecurity towards them and you’re still doing it here.
      At least we african can rule our continent does any african-american man has ever ruled the US? Obama is half-African and not african-american.
      Let me give you an advice.Look at the definition of the word ”Neocolonialism” and reconsider your statement about Africa being screwed up because it’s your country that corrupts our government most of the time for our ressources.tsiups
      If african-american girls look for something else you then should question yourself and not insult people that try to live their lives.

    • Fereaux

       Mo Greene, you know you’re retarded. Right? The intelligent and hardworking African men leave Africa for better opportunities. Your argument is so stupid. The continent is so screwed up because they have bad leaders, and what does having bad leaders have to do with being intelligent and hardworking to the common man?

    • Efua

      The only idiot is you. Kwasia.

    • Guest

      Google African cities or check out YouTube videos of African nations and cities. You will be surprised. Its not all poverty.

  • Mo Greene

    Wow! I see Willie Lynch is alive and well. As an African American man, I'm greatly perturbed by this nonsense to say the least. First, my experiences with African men, generally, have not been good. I've had many candid conversations, and more often than not, they had delusions of grandeur believing that they were somehow superior to black Americans for various reasons. Now, I'm educated, professional, and will soon have a doctorate, but none of this ever mattered. To a man, all of them were condescending to where I almost regressed to let them know that I'm "bout it" in other ways if pushed. Therefore, when sisters leave us for white boys or Africans, it says to the world that we're worthless. I know many of my brothers have dropped the ball, and we have to do A LOT BETTER, but sisters, please don't do us dirty like this. We cannot survive w/o your love and CONTINUED support. Real rap!

    • Thermophyllus

      Look an average AA brother is quite handsome and rugged: great elixirs to hook any woman. BUT he tends to be too rough in words and actions. he doesnt “care”. he lives by the day. he gets very aggressive. And lately many dont even want to work. AA sisters are wooed by the opposite of these traits that other “races” exhibit. AA guys are the very ones throwing away what they have with their own hands “attitudes”!!!

    • Efua

      African men are your brothers so why should you be so upset at the prospect of your sisters dating them?
      I’m all for the idea of AA’s, Afro Caribbeans and Continental Africans dating each other and showing each other love.
      We shouldn’t see each other as being different we are kin after all.

  • Brodie

    Jamaicans, Haitians, Trinis, Bajans, etc make the cultural distinctions. Seems we're (African Americans) the only group who feels black is the equalizer, it's not.

  • My man's parents are from Nigeria and he was born here in America and his family are very religious and traditional. Plus he's the most romantic guy I've been with, even take me out to dinner and we go places.

    • Mo Greene

      He even takes you out and you go places? Damn, that's nothing special.

  • Brodie

    Too late….LOL

  • sasha

    where do you meet them????

    • Skiena

      Universities of course. Most international students are Africans. 

    • shellyTheGreat

      you can meet them at the gym too! lol, I know i’m four years late with the discussion, but still!

  • altaego


  • Ms. Lady

    I think this is spot on!! I am an African American woman and I have dated men from a variety of countries (Jamaica, Hatti, Nigeria, Puerto Rico) just to name a few. I loves me some African men!! And my FAV by far is men from Nigeria! They love me and I love them right back! In fact I'm dating a Nigerian now and I LOVE IT!! Plus his SHOE SIZE doesn't lie!! A HUGE plus!!!

    • altaego

      ROTFL… U had me rolling. Once U go Naija…

      • Ms. Lady

        I'm trying to tell you!! These ladies on here dissing the African men…they just don't know what they missing!!

        • altaego

          You don't have to educate anyone. You can't talk people who refuse to see Africans as different from the hunter-gatherers shown on TV. Just live your life and stay happy. I haven't been offended by any of the comments I've read on here

        • Isabelle_hunt

          Oh i think i know exactly what i’m missing.

  • Ndaseka ini!

    I am just shaking my head at this article and its wide generalisations. AFRICA IS NOT A COUNTRY!!!! There are different cultures across the continent so don't just lump errbody in one basket. Yes there may be a *few* good 'African' men out there but there's still liars, cheaters(even worse coz its accepted), scroungers,etc. you find are no different to any another cultural group. Ndaseka ini! Muri kuvawanepi maAfrican men enyu aya isu tichishaya? Ndimi muri kutibirira the few good men we have!

    • altaego

      I'm a well- educated 28 year old West African man (moved here 12 years ago to go to college) and I can't knock you cor your comment. I thought my generation was going to change the unspoken acceptance of infidelity but I see people I know doing the same thing our fathers did. Obviously not every African man is a cheat, it's just the way we tend to accept/expect it that baffles me. Good luck

    • Isabelle_hunt

      I agree wit u 100% about african men being liars. Hell i think they lie more than african american men.

  • ga1

    This article is not accurate. Chivalry? More like domestic abuse. Inherit a big family? How about that mother in law calling you every five mins to make sure you are cooking for your man right. Don't get me started on the men who think their wives belong in the kitchen. IDK where you are getting your examples from but they are way off base.

  • gval

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  • BlipDoll

    Generalizations, still men different culture. I’ve dated some that were nice and others not so much, I can tell you that I’ve been told by numerous African men that they don’t seek to marry American women. Our view on marriage is very different.

  • Ali

    Hell no! I would never date an African man. WTF?!
    I know how they treat their women back in their countries, so eff that!

    • Koku


    • Kikou2040

      I don’t think you have ever been to Africa.really.Please at least, spare us your ignorance tsuips!!!

    • Isabella_hunt

      Yep. African men are the worst

  • Nhle

    Are ‘AFRICAN american’ men not african? When did they stop being african??
    Some parts of this article are a bit offensive.

    • Chinezeks

      They are not. Being African applies more by culture than by skin tone or foreign ancestry 

    • Isabelle_hunt

      When their ancesters started breeding with other races

      • Fereaux

         Isabelle_hunt, you’re all over the place. Are you some sort of internet troll? Don’t you have anything better to do with your time?

  • ChevyChick

    Everyone here, (almost) bring valid points, I’ve dated Africans, nothing too serious, only as friends. Out of those men, I can say only one was…i’ll say, insane. But the others were very nice men, I was treated like a queen, friends say its cuz we were only friends, and if I would’ve gotten into a relationship, then my tune would change. Hey, I say, that can apply to any man, white, brown, American, Australian, Jamaican, MARTIAN, whomever, if an African man is for you, then go for it, if that’s not what your into, don’t do it.

    Anyhow, great post, gotta go, y’all have a blessed day!

  • Malaika

    There are African men with standards stipulated in this article, just not all African men(be especially aware of "the God fearing" ones). I am African, currently dating an African from a different country. Culture clash eminent, but as time goes on and you get to know more of each other(just like every relationship) relating becomes much easier and fun. But if you truly love each other all the disadvantages of such relationships can be overcome

  • gina

    All of my female friends of other races, the various color women my brothers dated or married or females of races that I had conversations with said that they date and/or married African american men because theirs were so horrible. African men I dated one once it was not a good experience and so glad it never got physical. He was generous paid for every date, but his azz was broke and driving rented ..not leased cars! I found out he had a wife in another city, another female banged on his door one evening when he showed me his junky cluttered apartment…humm. I stopped see him. Several months later he asked to stop by and return some books. He acted like he was trying to hug me then tried to squeeze my body really hard and tried to twist my arm. I moved away asked him what are you doing! He said shut up big mouth woman. I kinda laughed said get out of my house, I know what your doing, testing to see if I accept abuse. He gave me a deep stare and I reached for the phone….he ran to the door! SOME Men behave badly…..DONT ACCEPT IT FROM ANY! Recently my african female coworker told us…..dont date them and gave specific reasons.

  • nala

    Am an african woman in africa,n I can tell u, MOST african men have lost their moral campus. Most of em r indeed womanizers n because african women r brought up 2 believe “everything ur husband does is ryt” african men do get away with a lot!madam noire pliz get ur facts ryt africa is not a country, it has 50 countries in it n all have totally different cultures! and ur “fresh meat” comment?? sounds 2 me lyk u think we still live in the bush n hunt 4 lunch lol seriously u shuda spent at least a month in southern,western,eastern,central n north africa b4 u wrote this article

    • Kayla

      but what man in general isnt a womanizer. so ur point makes no sense

      • Isabelle_hunt

        The good non-africans. That’s who

      • Fuzzy Frisson

        I can think of plenty of men who aren’t womanisers.

        Unfortunately, while personally subjective morality and human affinity should be the compasses of one’s behaviour, the cultural background of the person does play a huge part in shaping that.  Since there are areas of Africa that are still patriarchally orientated and where polygamy is accepted, naturally the men are cultivated with that belief that the woman is a ‘responsibility’ and it’s permissible to be in simultaneous relationships with some.  This isn’t to say all men fit into that bracket but the societal mores allow such propensity.  Likewise, in ‘Western’ places such as UK and US where attitudes to relationships – particularly sexual ones – are more relaxed and ubiquitous, it is commonplace for relationships generally to be ephemeral and changeable, thus giving way to potential polygyny and polyandry.

        Again, there’s no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ about such practices because it boils down to culture and what is seen as the ‘norm’ for it: all nationally and locationally subjective.

  • billy

    i Just love madamenoire!!! i have a feeling one of the writers is Nigerian or knows about nigeria alot..Egusi sure taste good!

  • Don

    I read the article and most of the comments and I’m shaking my head.From my experience which were with Nigerians(2)it was not good.I dated one for a few months and he was a respectful to a degree and hard working but also a liar who acted like I was not important because I was a woman.I’m African American and I don’t tolerate stupidity he wanted me to act like a Nigerian woman.News flash if you want a Nigerian woman…go get one.You have to be in harmony for any relationship to work but when he is superior to you and treat you as such it can’t work.The author needs to do more research for such a sensitive topic.Black is always beautiful.

  • melisb

    im an african who is american born and i can say that african men are better because they honest if they feel something they will tell you , there respectful to your family and you, appreciate education and many more things some black ppl take for granted honestly speaking though if you get into that much bad relationships with african men maybe its not them its you. Another thing it depends on where their from too. Yes some of them are stuck up but after you get to know them its an different story. I personally perfer dating African men ,they show an appreciation for things that black americans take for granted. And they make their women better not bring them down. If a person has bad experiences all the time with them its usually because that girl has things messed up with her.THEY LOVE AND RESPECT REAL WOMEN not immature girls that believe they deserve things without putting in work. Jus saying. To all the women who date them congrats n continue blessed relationships. You are ladies foreign men love women with respect for themselves and others. I cant say that about some black AND african girls JUST TELLING THE TRUTH. 🙂

    • Mei

      I love your comment and totally agree with you my Nigerian bf he is an angel that all I can say he is a loving, caring and gentle soul.

  • nothanx

    I can give you 1001 reasons not to date them.

    • Z_obioma

      yeah? why don’t you?

  • 1. what do u have to say about those men that did not come from poverty and are spoilt brats, yet do travel, but do not come from a big family and are neat, whether poor or rich, because they are neat and not because of some romanticized notion of gratitude? Also, what about an African that has family in other parts of the continent like perhaps being excited about visiting Tanzania since you as a Cameroonian girl have a bf from there (hypothetics here ppl)?!

    all of this is not only presumptuous, but it oozes some things that just confuse me. What is meant by the "half'African" children?! Was this written for non-African ladies to chide them to actively pursue African men. If so perhaps it would have been nice for some Latvian woman to be excited at the prospect of visiting her man's country instead of the kolomenta thing of the only travel considered worldly is to Europe and anywhere where ppl don't look like you?

    Anywhooo…there are plenty reasons to date an African man as I personally have only dated them. Not intentionally, but more circumstantially. I think this post not only generalizes and indeed puts them in a good light, but it also leaves out the others who are not these somewhat unrealistic ideals, but are in their own right amazing men.

    That's my 15 cents.

    • Wale

      Sister, calm down… You sound like you are mad at something!

  • luvmesomehim

    I’m an African American woman who has dated an equal number of African American and African men. Because of my zero tolerance for BS, I can honestly say that every man I’ve dated for an extended period of time has been very good to me. HOWEVER, I do prefer brothas from the motherland because they are very direct, know what they want and aren’t afraid to communicate it to the woman they love. I’ve been happily married to my Malian husband for several years. Wish every black woman could have an african prince like mine. Give it a try ladies!!!

    • Isabelle_hunt

      Naw. I’m gonna stick to white and latino men. They are better and have nicer hair and nicer feautures.

  • daneegurl

    I have worked with Africans from different regions and what I find is that they are hard working and have a strong sense of self and culture which is cool.However they tend to look down on other blacks and think that we are worthless or that they are beneath them . This sista is not having it.guess that is why I tend to clash with the ..

    • Kayla

      so true. but not all of them are like that. they seem to turn up their nose to African Americans.

    • Kikou2040

      Africans are looked down by other blacks especially african-americans most of the time…so stop complaining

    • Thermophyllus

      African guys dont hate other blacks …. African Americans were the first to undergrade African brothers. They look at the later almost the same way whites look at blacks and treat them in subjugated manner. If you lived in The States in the early 80s you will understand. they’d beat/cheat you and tell you to go home. they saw you as crude and would readily laugh at you. some were actually very warm tho. But what do you do to someone who sees you as a thing? Africans began reacting to them … its that simple. Aside that the African American brother has lost nearly every sense of virtue of an African, he is so aggressive and doesnt want to do much and so doesnt gain the admiration of his African brother. An average African lady mostly sees marrying an African American brother as “walking into lifetime stress”.Im not generalizing pls.

    • Godfred SG

      In a typical African society, the whole society looks down on everyone who is either uneducated, lazy or doesn’t seem to be going anywhere with their lives. That is how we are raised to conform to our society’s standard. So, if an African looks down on an AA, it’s probably because that AA fits the description of a social misfit by African standards (i.e. drug addict, laziness, unemployed etc). If you fit this criteria, an African will look down on you no matter your race because those are the things we were raised to detest. There is a lot of classicism in Africa so generally, people with good moral and/or financial standing are well respected in the society whereas no one wants to be associated with a social misfit.

  • couny

    How can a positive article get such a negative response? i am also african born and raised and i can spot a bitter women from her writing – it is ok to seek therapy, even as an african, if not remember the african say : it takes a village to raise a child…meaning a lot of people sure care about you, so go ahead and seek the advice of an elder, in this case in regards to the possible self-hatred that you have deep inside, please let go of the anger.

    • Tryphosa Mitoko

      lol, am sorry, there's really nothing i can do but laugh. anyway, its your opinion, and your entitled to it, regardless of how ignorant and closed minded it is. i was just pointing out that they are some pretty big downfalls to dating an african, and if you disagree, cool then. 🙂

  • Native Gear

    And while you're at it, google the white man from wisconsin who chopped up his wife's body to pieces and tried to hide the evidence by "grilling" it on a grill. Or the asian man who drove his 4 kids and himself over a cliff because he was angry with his recent divorce. LOL girl everything you said can basically be applied to anyone here in the States or elsewhere. I see your point, but generalizing isn't good 🙂

  • L-Boogie

    Handsome and intelligent men!

  • Deeone

    I"ve been married to a Nigerian for 20 years. He is very thing the author of this articale described. I am looking forward to 20 more years.

  • Kayla

    i agree with this article because my husband is from Nigeria. only downside is they are very culture oriented. meaning his parents didn't want him bringing home anyone who wasn't Nigerian.

  • Dr.Manzini

    Im African! Let me just add a point. I luv the accent!

  • Cici

    This is the dumbest crap I ever read! I am Nigerian and I would never date nor marry a Nigerian or Ghanian. Most of them are arrogant and ugly at the same time. They are also womanizers. Their idea of a first date is a female cooking for them. They have no idea what courtship is and they are stingy as hell!

    • afro

      Same thing applies to your ugly ass, no one want you idiot

    • Prince

      A Nigerian who thinks other Nigerians are ugly? You my friend are a lost cause. Just because one Nigerian dumped you does not mean you should take your anger out here and rant rubbish.

      As Nigerian man, my first date has nothing to do with you cooking for me because i don't even know you yet to let you touch my food. I do know what courtship is and sure ain't stingy.

      So date a white man who only sees you as a sex toy or an African American who thinks you're ugly because remember Nigerians are ugly, or better yet date an Asian or Indian . LOL

      • Isabelle_hunt

        What a ignorant booty scratcher u r. Not every white man who dates black women only sees them as a sex toy. There are white men who are actually married to a black woman and have kids by that black woman u idiot. Think about the American actress Whoopi Goldberg who is married to a white man and had her daughter by that white man. I honestly would never date/marry a dirty african man like yourself. The majority of u africans are filthy apes that is infected with hiv/aids anyway.

        • JJ truth

          Judging by Whoopie Goldberg’s former relationship with actor Ted Danson that doesn’t say much. Whoppie isn’t the best example. But you tried to expel the generalizations. Also not all African Americans see Nigerians as ugly beauty is beauty no matter the nationality. What a crock!

      • Guest

        African Americans don’t think all Nigerians are ugly. What a generalization.

    • Akuaba Jonah

      ooooh yu are pathetic, im sure you are one of those africans who want to marry a white african american man, well good luck. no african man will let you cook on a first date when he doesnt even know you. there are bad elements in every race and your character probably draws you to the type you meet. soory ooooooooo!

    • Thermophyllus

      My dear, it is either you are lying or you are lost somewhere somehow. I wish i can see you and profile you properly. Somethg is wrong. Look Nigerian men have a cultural phobia for new ladies cooking for them for many reasons. They pay for every engagement/date. an average Nigerian man sees it as his innate responsibility to shoulder a womans responsibilities (he will clothe you, pay your bills  even your family’s bill etc). Dont you know it is a taboo in Nigeria for a wife to go to work everyday while the hubby sleeps at home doing nothing! he wont even be man enough to spend your money cos it means he has swopped his manly place and people (family) will say the lady has messed up with his virtue/destiny. True Nigerian men are the very opposite of all you expressed. even sef modern day nigerian guys will cook for you and share all house chores with you. If you say he is a womaniser, i will agree. Yet its really not his fault, its in his genes, his whole ancestors were polygamists. But quite funny too the modern Nigerian guy MAY womanise BUT will never agree to have another wife. If a married Nigerian man is dating you, he will never marry you.

      Nigerian guy UGLY?!!! you definitely wrong. He is generally agreed to be very handsome, ultra intelligent and with great modern dressense. Ghanaians too. I conclude you must be wearing metal-welding-goggles permanently and you have a very bad attitude and personality that make African brothers detest your person/relationship. they do whatever they do to you just to get you out of the way fast. Afoju, onishino, ode jakujaku …

  • Beverly Kane

    This post is complete trash. A compilation of gross generalizations that have no fact base. All i got from this is 8 reasons to stop visiting Madame Noire! and please note pilau is not an African dish…get your facts straight. smdh. Come on, do better. I'm not by any means dissing African men. I've been in a relationship with an African man for over 5 years and love him to death…but this post…I can't say it enough…is absolute trash.

    • KIRI

      I'm sorry but pilau IS an African dish and has been for the last couple hundred years. Africa's culture is not stagnant and their people have assimilated other cultures in their cooking just like everywhere else in the world. Pilau is very much an African dish; specifically East Africa.

      • Rose

        Na pilau is no more african than shawarma is. Period.

  • Bj

    I Absolutely love my Somali fiancé! He represents everything the list states . Being with him has been a bit of a culture shock to say the least,but gave me a new found appreciation for life in general .

    • Brodie

      Some of the Somali men I've seen in Columbus are pretty freakin hot. Congrats on your engagement.

  • nadj

    this is one of the most ignorant things i've ever read. there are over 800 million people in africa. and this whole 'they appreciate things so much because they suffer back there' dialogue is idiotic. did a grown person actually write this?

    btw, i was born in africa, all my siblings and i are african, so this is not coming for a stranger to African culture.

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  • Mei

    My BF is a Nigerian I'm half Thai-Norwegian never expected to date African,but I truely love my bf..

  • the truth

    To each it's own, but the ones I know (and dated one) was liars, money hungry, cons and cheaters. Also, I know of a few of them who very violent towards women… I'm quite for sure their are some good 1's out their but they are like a diamond in the ruff (no pun intended)!!!!

    • Mei

      you date the wrong guy

    • altaego

      Well from your command of the English language, U probably attracted the wannabe hood African. I'm a 2nd yr resident and I have a lot of black (I choose not to differentiate) friends who aren't money hungry or cons.
      I wonder what they wanted from you cos U don't sound like U earn a lot of money anyway. Cheers
      #proper English next time please

      • Wale

        That is sad! You are not supposed to justify someone's intelligent with his wallet size. You are so wrong. Your own mentality need to change.

  • Imaniknows

    Thanks for the great response.

  • homie

    Not attracted to africans, and the ones I've come in contact with
    don't show respect. All people aren't bad but I'd rather a regular
    black man who appreciates me.

    • afro

      What an idiot you are. You said "I'd rather a regular black man" FYI, African men are regular black men too. How ignorant can you be? Plus they don't respect you because you probably have a condescending attitude towards them. Anyway, I don't know why you feel so special, African men don't want you either.

      • altaego

        "regular"… Sorry being African makes me irregular. U are hilarious homie. Enjoy your regular black men luv,

        • the one

          Dummy could take the time to educate us on what man a human being irregular…you even more ignorant that the original poster. Oh please enjoy your jail bird thug…honey

  • MsB

    I agree. I would tell Sistas to give the African brothers a chance. I have dated all nationalities and prefer black men and wound up married to a Ghanain. African men have culture that us African Americans have lost. It is refreshing to learn first hand about our people. They value education are hard working, driven and family focused. There are good and bad types in all nationalities, just be open and give the brother with an accent a chance. If you meet one that's not right, keep in moving and try again.

    • MsB

      oops! I meant Ghanaian.

    • JJ truth

      I love the accent though.

  • neutrality=wisdom

    this is such a romantic view. no consideration of culture. no consideration of values.
    i question the age, maturity and life experience of the author, especially in relationships. i've read many articles from this site. most are informative. however, articles on relationships, i sense the author is still finding her way.
    my main concern…someone who is young, inexperienced, immature and/or insecure and bitter from past relationships will read this article with shallow expectations thinking an african man is the answer to her dreams without investigating his values, his culture and his heart.
    whatever continent; whatever race; or whatever culture your potential mate is from, he is A REFLECTION OF YOU.

    • Noah-Lynn

      Awesome post.  Seems we have found a winner with common sense and a balanced view.   I make the statement in your last sentence all the time to clients and friends.  Just as I educate and coach on the use of words such as b*tch, b*stard, etc.,.  If you call the person these names and you picked them as a mate, what does that make you?

  • Freddy

    this list is dead on for the most part. that's why i love my man who is from nigeria. love u boo <3

  • kevin gantt

    I like what you said about the African men the African women that i see in the U.S here wont marry a African America man and some of them are Muslim so im I so whats your opinion now from what i see they live in Afircan american neighborhood they do not like us

    • Son of Babylon

      Who likes y'all? Indians? White people? Hispanics? Arabs? Asians? Jews?

      If we Africans don't like our fellow brothers and sistas then please tell me which group does?

      • altaego

        @ Son of Babylon, I'm West African born and bred. And I have several African and African American friends from college and prof school. I'm closer to many of them than many friends I grew up with. Chill out on the aggression. There are a lot of really great "akata" folks out there.

        • Prawlins1

          How are nigerians

        • Prawlins1

          How are nigerians

        • MrsSawadogo

          @ Altaego – Akata is a very offensive word to use to describe African Americans.  Check yourself.  smh.

    • JJ truth

      My brother is married to a Ghanaian woman who is my sister-in-law. So its not good to generalize. Not all African nations are Islamic–some are actually Christian.

  • holdupwaitaminute

    btw im tired of madamenoire telling us who to date and why. this only adds to the stigma that we need help finding a man. i can pick for myself thankyou!

    • heavenlybliss25

      Your right and this article are ridiculous. african men are usually muslim (especially west africans) which means they often have misogynist attitudes. they are patriarchal and so spoiled by their mothers many of them don’t even work. on the other hand , african woman are hard workers and many once they get out of africa don’t go near african man because they are lazy and users. the main reason why 70% of africa is in the state that it is because of african men who are either warlords raping their own women and children or just unemployed and living off of their wives and girlfriends. this is why the middle easterners and asian don't allow their children to date or marry african men. look at sade. african father abandon her and kimora lee simons it taking care of a bisexual nigerian and hedi klum takes care of seal.

      • altaego

        LoL…. I'm Nigerian (born and bred) and your comment had me rolling. We are also smelly booty scratchers. Right??

        • guest


    • kushite

      the author specifically said at the beginning of the article that she’s not telling anyone who to date, just saying it’s worth considering the African option. CAn u just calm down? smh

  • One- maybe two things, maybe true here but the rest are just a bunch of offensive stereotypes!!! I am an "African" married to an African American, btw. There are so many countries (50+) in "Africa" with different cultures and people so anyone who tries to write and generalize about "Africans" is probably ignorant. That being said, it's always a good idea to consider other cultures to broaden your dating pool 🙂

    • fadzayi

      You mean Africa isnt a country?! LOL Americans SMH!

      • KiZeu

        Africa isnt a country. smh.

    • lilmoma

      Im a American im n love w/ghana man in november we met for 1st time im scared a lil im going dwn there i saved alot any advise do i pay for hotel or stay at parent house w/them hw will i be treated me & him only talk english on phone @ Nomalango

    • JJ truth

      White Americans write articles generalizing saying “European men & women or Asian men & women. They don’t specify every specific nation in on these continents.

  • I only need one reason! My Aji is the best.

  • YMM

    This article is so stereotypical! "Africans have a gang of siblings" SMH!

    • Freddy

      actually in africa where polygamy is permitted. their fathers would have more than one wife, which leads to multiple step-bros and sis. all african families i knew had 3 or more kids. unlike the US where having too many kids is looked down upon, there is the exact opposite

      • YMM

        I am african (Senegalese more specifically), polygamy is permitted out here,i only have one sibling (And that's the case for most of people my age i know), and having too many kids is looked upon too.The africa you are describing died centuries ago…

        • Melbourne86

          well said!

      • Happo

        Dont say in africa where polygamy is permitted, it is not permitted everywhere in africa.

        • guest

          Its not permitted In Ghana so don’t think its permitted everywhere in Africa 

          • kushite

            Please stop making things up. I’m from Ghana. Our law specifically recognizes any and all unions a person can have. u can have a wife in the church, someone u marry traditionally, and s’one u marry through the courts. all are accepted to protect women and any children from polygamous unions

      • Kikou2040

        You have to know that having so much siblings for africans is not always based on polygamy but rather on a large family ===> We do not only consider our father, mother brother/sisters but the entire family (oncles,aunts, grandfathers/mothers from other cousins and cousins up to the 4th generation)

        • Tay

          This is also the way I grew up in Louisiana. I’m told that Louisiana still have so much of their African culture. Some of our food is just a variation of African food, jambalaya is a spruced of version of jolloff rice…lol

      • Frades Jr

        There ara many countrie that polligamy is permitted and not only in africa, so in fact in africa is commonlly frequent, so, am african from Mozambique, and am looking for white woman for dating and marriage, if am all discribed in the article, only she can and will discuver it..

  • mwanawevhu

    mazoshata maAmericans ,tinorwisa mavheti iyezvinezvi nemiwo vakadzi vekuamerica. hatifare nazvo izvi manje munotayaya lol

    • huh? muzim

      iwe what r doing here lol?

      • minka


    • fadzayi

      Hahahahaha Chokwadi! Hanzi vakadzi vemu Africa vari single… tiri single nokuti mavheti nema American nema British varikutitorera varume vedu!

    • marightsangu

      loool iyi inoita manje

    • mainini vepaChitown

      taura hako mwanawevhu!!! maAmerican vakuda kuti torerawo??!! aahh ma1., but wandanga ndinaye wekuZimbabwe benzi zvaro ameno kuti akawana visa sei!! haiwa pamberi nema Naija nemaGhanaian kikiki

    • Melbourne86


    • Phatmich05

      wandipedzA mumwe wangu. taura iwe

  • MsknowItall

    As someone who was raised in Africa but born in the U.S., i have to say i agree with all of this. Obviously not every African man will have these qualities but the good ones certainly do. I'm currently dating an African American( southern man) with these qualities, but if it's not successful i'm confident that i can always find me a good African man.

  • ana

    This can be said about ALL Races… but black men are my weakness. :]

    • JJ truth

      Gee, the last time I checked African men were black. Some African men have more to offer by way of education, drive and determination. Black American males can be too defeatist at times.

  • kaya

    @illyphilly if you read the first post there is your disclaimer for her justification of using the word “they”. She already acknowledge evvvverything you have taken your time to type and post in the first page so take a look again and enjoy the post if its too your likings.

  • NewNaturalSista

    Why so negative?? Any man of any race, culture, and creed who has never had a male role model in their life can go home every night and beat their wife or girlfriend. With me working with different people I see a lot of that from any race. This is just a positive thread to show black women that their are good black men out there and dont believe the hype of the statistics.

  • This article is an improvement over those marry outside your ethnicity BS articles. Lades, we can see this as strengthening the gene pool and not weakening our gene pool.

    • Brodie

      gene pool? Oh dear God.

      • Deee


  • I've been there

    african men are not as great as this list makes them out to be. Somebody is wearing rose colored lenses

    • Sam Black

      According to some of you, no man is worth your time.

    • kayelee54

      You are so right…

    • JJ truth

      If you haven’t dated African men you aren’t qualified to make such a statement. So

  • IllyPhilly

    I'd prefer if the writer said some or most, not they as in all. Because in that case this could be titled for any culture, race, nationality. I'm sure you'll find a man in every culture who embodies some or all of these characteristics just like you can find a man in every culture who's an a$$hole.

  • Tori

    I dated one who had all of the above characteristics…but he was also a womanizer. But so are many African American men.

    • Ha! I know of one like that. This guy (Nigerian, who coincidentally has a name that fits a bad guy from a video game) was engaged to my friend and then had the nerve to hit on me and the former friend after his ex-fiance went home (convinced her to go home because she was not here working legally — we are teachers in SoKo and didn't know till I told her).

      Another note, I can't marry into a culture where I dislike the food.

      • chica

        u dont like the food?!!!! sorry for your loss!

        • JEssy

          She doesn’t like the food!! LOL

      • Susan Omondi

        Our food is amazing! organic!

        • Ed

          Piss is organic. Yummy!

    • guest

      african ! not african american!

  • Kia

    AMEN!! I've been with my African man for over a year and I LOVE IT!! 🙂