Older Men Who Could Get it Back in the Day

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Smokey Robinson
The green-eyed wonder, also known as the “King of Motown,” Smokey Robinson is as known for the songs he wrote as the ones he sang with The Miracles. With his light and ever-mellow voice and kind-hearted smile, Smokey Robinson was and still is considered a cutie. And a man that has a way with words is always going to succeed in getting someone’s draws. To this day, Smokey still gets swoons (seriously), walking the streets with those icy-green peepers, but trading in the tightly crafted bouffant of his early Motown days for some well-oiled and very dope twists. The man hasn’t aged! Thank great genes or an amazing surgeon, either way, we’re not mad at him…

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  • Meme O

    No Harry Belafonte?

  • ebabii

    Calvin Lockhart –yay!!
    –almost slipped my mind, but hes always fine

    Fred Williamson—double yay!!!
    I’d time travel back to let him have it

    But what about Superfly, Ron O’neal??!!!
    Fine. Period.
    Sidney Poitier —nah too delicate

  • AuntieKia

    Ooooh yeah, ROLLO from Sanford & Son could get it – ALL OF IT! … and Melvin Van Peebles could/can get it too!!!

  • LL Morgan

    Harry Belafonte and Sam Cooke definitely could've gotten it from me.

  • Steelcitychick

    I agree with Ruby….the rest are just..ewwww! But where is Mailman Malone, or Big Daddy Kane, or are they not old enough?

  • Linda

    Gil Scott Heron all day

    • Prissy

      He was a CRACK head.

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  • Seka

    I will admit “Rollo” from Sanford & Son was fine and cool to me, Agree with Calvin Lockhart and Harry Belafonte

  • R.C.

    What about Quincy Jones?

    • Prissy

      He does NOT like Black women in the least.. He makes my skin crawl. The things he says about us is GROSS.

    • denise

      quincy jones doesn't like black women so he's not included

  • Woooh Child!!

    Yes Hunnie!!! I Definitely Agree w. Jackie Jackson. He Is Fine. I’m Only 17 & Thought That. I Thought I Was Alone. Good To Know I’m Not

  • Simone

    Where is Harry Belafonte???? He was gorgeous!!!!!

    • Star

      I was thinking the same thing!

  • Wuzza

    This nerd girl still loves Greg Morris, Barney from "Mission Impossible". He's no longer with us but he still solders my circuits!

  • Melissa

    Yes I agree Lawrence was fine, the only person I agree with on the list here is Clifton Davis. I never got the fuss over Billy Dee I guess he's alright but nahhhh for my tastes

  • justanote

    There are so many left off the list. What about MAX JULIEN ~ THE MAX? Bernie Casey, and the original Shaft Richard Roundtree?

    • denise

      isaac hayes was not fine he looked like an alien

  • koko

    Calvin Lockhart was my first and only guess for this list. Mr. Biggie Smalls himself. There was nothing prettier than Mr. Lockhart.

  • Rasbin

    billy d…could get it..
    …I swear I wouldn't visit this site as much no more if I wasn't making money with every comment I make..smh…if u tired of JUST reading it..do this too http://goo.gl/cMCpm

  • yesmaam

    y'all forgot about Jim Brown. He was fine as ALL hell back in his day!

    • Ruby

      That's right but he did push that girlfriend out of a window in the 1970s. After that, he ceased being fine to me.

  • Jess

    Where is Harry Belafonte???? That is the only 80 year old man that could still get it. LOL

  • eshowoman

    Even though he has passed Calvin Lockheart (Cotton Comes to Harlem) was gorgeous to the end.

    • lee

      You read my mind.

    • that was my first thought! Mr. Lockheart cud get it all day ev day! Excellent taste eshowoman!

    • Ruby

      Yes. He was super fine.

  • Prissy

    Billy Dee Williams and buddy from "That's My Mama' & "Amen" could have def got it! But HELL no to Muhammed Ali who was an avid known adulterer and had many kids outside of his marriage and another HELL no to Sidney Poitier who left his Black wife for his current white wife. I'm straight on them.