Seven Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Get a Tattoo

June 12, 2011  |  
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If I could turn back the time I would ask myself a few important questions before deciding to ink three tattoos on my body. Specifically regarding the most embarrassing one plastered on my right arm of my name. Like seriously, do I not know what and how to spell my own name? So to save you from experiencing a horrible tattoo tale I’ve complied 7 questions to ask yourself before getting one:

Can I effortlessly cover it when necessary?

Even though tattoos can be Hot in the summer when you’re showing some skin and all of the hard work you put in the gym during those winter months, they are not always appropriate. When attending events such as a black-tie and/or professional work event exposing your tattoo can appear tacky and unprofessional. There is nothing worst than seeing a woman with a beautiful dress on and tattoos all over her body. If you really want a tattoo think about its location. Ask yourself can I hide/conceal this tattoo when necessary without buying a shawl or cover up make-up

What’s love got to do with it?

Historically, people would get tattoos of their loved ones name surrounded by a heart or some sort of symbol of affection to show the world how much they love her/him.  While it may show how deep and strong your love is for that person, please ask yourself is it absolutely necessary? If you’ve said I love you and showed your love in various ways without a tattoo, would getting one really make a difference?

If I have kids will I look ridiculous?

This question is for women who hope and plan to become pregnant and be a mother someday. A tattoo may look really Hot on your flat abs and perky chest now but what happens during and post pregnancy when none of those body parts look quiet the same anymore? If you really want a tattoo I would suggest choosing a place you, gravity and your future child would not be ashamed of.

Can I speak the language?

If you’re thinking of getting a “text tattoo” in any other language than English, I would suggest you speak that language fluently and/or have visited its respective country. I’ve always been amazed how so many folks would get tattoos in Chinese, Arabic, etc. just because their alphabets looked cooler than our English ABC’s. My advice is if the language of choice is not your first or second language, please don’t bother.

What career/occupation do I plan to have?

The decision to get a tattoo is just as important as any other decision that effects how you live. Its permanent nature demands thoughtful consideration of what it represents and how you will be perceived, especially in the work world. Before getting that Hello Kitty or Tribal sign on your arms or leg think about the career you have or aspire to obtain. If your line of work leans on the more conservative side, ask yourself do I really need a tattoo?

Can I commit?

If you are indecisive about most things and have a hard time committing to something, whether it’s a relationship or a gym membership getting a tattoo may not be the best form of art to express your self with. For the most part, tattoos are PERMANENT – which means they will still be there when you change your mind and don’t want them anymore.  Unless you don’t mind wasting a few thousand dollars and possible scarring to remove it, I would strongly advise you to err on the side of no tattoo.

Can I stand the pain?

Like the old saying goes, “No pain, No gain” and getting a tattoo is no different. Without dealing with the pain of a hot needle drill etching its way through your skin, you can not have the luxury of showing off a tattoo. Of course, the tolerance level for pain varies from person to person, but it’s guaranteed to hurt so ask your self can I stand the pain?

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