9 Reasons Beyoncé Will No Longer Rock With BET

August 27, 2014  |  
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BET done messed up now. Watching their award show every year, it’s a bit clear that the big named stars are starting to show up increasingly less as they cross over and make it with the mainstream. It’s quite sad, actually. And while we might not have understood their absence before, these days Beyoncé has every reason not to show up…like ever again. Here’s why.

Jokes About Blue Ivy’s Hair

Really, we could stop the list right here. But what fun would that be? Though it may be hard for us to see Beyoncé as a real person,– she is just that. And though I don’t know her personally, I’d imagine that her number one priority these days is ensuring that her daughter Blue Ivy is raised as safely and normally as possible. And having a not even three year old child’s hair being discussed on a national cable network is just not cool, no matter how you slice it. Rather vile actually.

They sat her next to Kim Kardashian 

And if that very major reason weren’t enough to deter Beyoncé from leaving BET alone FOR-E-VER in my Smalls from Sandlot voice, then there was this time that the powers that be thought it would be a good idea to put Queen Bey next to—or close to Kim Kardashian at the 2012 BET Awards. There’s been no confirmation that these two don’t get along, but I mean missing homegirl’s wedding was pretty telling right?

That off color Lauryn Hill joke

BET earned another strike that very same year when they, similar to the situation with Karrueche, solicited the boy band Mindless Behavior to deliver a crass joke about Lauryn Hill and her tax issues. When they made the joke the audience moaned in agitation. And Beyoncé had to step in a let folks know, politely, that if it weren’t for Lauryn Hill she wouldn’t be here. In other words cut the crap.

A.J. Tried to Get Cute

Though A.J. was no longer working for BET at this point, it’s far from a secret that the man will forever be associated with “106 & Park” and their glory days. A.J. must have assumed since he and Bey went way back that it would be cool to discuss her personal life, mostly her new marriage to Jay Z. And while A.J. should have picked up on her body language and snide comments, he didn’t. And instead of getting tea, he got one of the most awkward interviews in history.

Rocsi Tried To Get all in her Business

Then there was that interview, right after Beyoncé got married and released the “Single Ladies” track, where Rocsi was trying to get some tea about her marriage. Bey shut her down completely avoiding the question and then admitted just minutes later that she gets irritated when people ask her personal questions. Welp…

The VMAs Does It Better

Let’s be fair, Beyoncé has had some great, iconic performances on the BET awards, but she was able to do some show-stopping things at the VMAs…

VMAs will Always Hold a Special Place in her Heart

Like this moment here when she shut down the internet announcing her pregnancy with the child we would later come to know as Blue Ivy.

Bow Wow

You’d be hard pressed to find a woman in the entertainment industry who doesn’t have a gripe about Bow Wow. Hell, I’m far removed and dude still gets on my nerves. Not only will Bey probably never show up at the BET Awards anymore, you can bet good money that she won’t swing through “106 & Park” ever again. Not only because it was this show’s writer(s)/producers that insulted her daughter; but also because its current host, Bow Wow–excuse me Shad Moss– allegedly once dated her younger sister Solange. Crazy, right? But not only that, when Solange cut her hair (and it looked absolutely gorgeous) Bow Wow had something to say about it…though he never mentioned her by name.

He wrote:

as artist aint we pose 2 stand out from 1 anotha and be creative? so y err female rnb singer falln behind the next wit dis bald shit? F*** wrong wit all deez chix cuttn they hair wantn to be boyz n shit! yall gotta CUT that out! dnt wanna look at u and u lookn like me gnr

In case you need a translation:

“As artists aren’t we supposed to stand out from another and be creative? So why is every female R&B singer following behind the next woman with this bald isht? What is wrong with all of these women cutting their hair wanting to be boys and stuff? You all have to cut that out. I don’t want to look at you and you look like me…”


This creepy performance

While this 2005 “Cater 2 U” performance will go down as one of Destiny’s Child’s most memorable, looking back on it now, it was actually a bit awkward. And no I’m not talking about Beyoncé. It was awkward Terrence Howard put his O face on display on national television. And it was particularly odd to hear him talk about it years later, in 2013, on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live” with Andy Cohen.

In case you missed it, Terrence waxed on about how Bey’s lap dance gave him a strong boner. He talked about how it was a revenge dance because they locked eyes and had a connection at some point but he tried to talk to her friend, so she was showing him what he was missing. I wish I was making this stuff up. Check out the full performance and then Terrence’s subsequent interview in the videos below.

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  • Indigo

    LOL at the Terrance Howard thing. Really?

  • iglious

    Those has got to be some of the dumbest reason not to rock with bet are yall serious. I talk about blue Ivy hair too I feel your child should always look better then you and that not the case when it comes to Blue Ivy do her hair it just that simple. Then how do you make song about your relationship and then don’t want people to ask you about your relationship in interviews. I really thought BET had did something so horrible and they didn’t she just starting to let fame get to her head. Come down to earth Beyonce your no better then the next famous person.

  • Zaza

    i know i’m not even on any radar, let alone Bey’s radar, but I too am done with BET, at least the international version. It literally has the worst programmes! I was so excited to see entertainment for black people just to see how much we could create. I literally felt like I was on some channel for B-grade entertainment. I mean, you’re definitely in trouble when two of your best shows are Wendy Williams and The Real, which are so vapid it’s actually scary. I’m not even looking only for positive depictions of black people; I’m looking for good, solid stories. If it weren’t for Being Mary Jane, I would never click on it anymore. Frankly, she would be better off

  • alasia min

    bow wow is an ignorant sob. He must be pretty disconnected from the black/mixed (white and black)American community if he has to ask why women are cutting their hair. Cutting hair off does not automatically make a girl look like a man.

  • alasia min

    Racist people getting on Blue Ivy’s hair are mostly if not all, self hating people with partial or full black African ancestry

  • Riot5000

    BET is so Ghetto. Queen B needs her class please. H-town Girl

    • Lee

      Didn’t the black man that started BET sell out to a white corporation?

  • Felicia

    Beyonce has donated her lace fronts to women who have lost their hair to cancer treatments. She has donated books to inner city schools who couldn’t afford to purchase new books for their schools. She has has given her checks to help people who are homeless and recovering drug addicts from the movies she starred in. There are alot of things Beyonce has done but you never hear about it because people just want to tear her down. Mainly black and white people. I don’t think she should be worshipped like a god, but why do people attack her and her family so much?

  • blaster

    Oooweee she was pissed… lol!!

  • So dam adorable that Blu Ivy rocking out to her moms music.

  • pru

    I wanted to read this, but clicking through ten pages is ridiculous.

    • Lee

      With all the ads on MN it makes it frustrating too – waiting for it to reload – damn!

  • louise_1

    I’m sure bet is not crying. She is way too much maintainence and probably wanted them to do an entire show on her. She’s not the only artist on earth likes she thinks she is. Her 20 min of fame has long been over. She is just blind to the fact.

  • kaidence

    Who gives a damn if they show up for bet events or not not as if the show wont go on without them. Idk why ppl act like they are gods or something. The media talks about everyone, I seen the public and media talking about Angelina Jolie African baby hair but the world didnt stop for that nor did anyone apologize to her. They only show up when they know chances are great for them to receive awards. It’s these overzealous fans that are putting them on high horses. As for bet they need to go revamp the whole essence behind the brand. The network barely shows anything worth watching, they have little to no line up of current shows that appeal greatly to an audience. The only thing that saved them was The game and it has even started to dwindle. The only decent show they had was 106 & park and it is garbage since Rocsi and Terrance and is geared toward the youth but they have become disinterested in it as well. They need new show ideas and more organization.

  • Sunni

    BET has not been good since Donnie Simpson and Sherry! Their programming is destructive to the black youth. They promote very little in the lines of black pride and are also pushing this gay agenda on our impressionable children. Or showing Baby Boy; Juice and some other mess that shows our men in a negative light. I’m glad I stopped tuning in ions ago.

  • Ifuaskme2

    actually I was wondering where Kelly’s bra went

  • Nicole

    It wasn’t BET who attacked Blue Ivy it was the producer of 106 and park and he got suspended. In which he should because it’s ridiculous when grown people attack a little child. I have to disagree on the vote that BET degrades black people that award should go to VH1 with Hollywood Exes, Love and Hip Hop( New York, Atlanta, and Hollywood even before it comes out), Basketball Wives, and Atlanta Exes.
    BET itself holds history. The origin of it is historical. The network itself isn’t hurting of harming anyone, it’s the people behind the network who are telling these people “hey say this”. The one who needs to change is the employees. Get people who are going to keep the core value of that channel.
    And as for 106 and Park. Man, I grew up on that show when it was Bet’s Top Ten Live. Used to be on from 6-7 and it used to show the whole music video. That show actually went down after AJ and Free left to me. They made that show fun and kept it teenage rated. That show had went down.

  • Sheila Sterling McFarland

    While this article borderlines on the pathetic and I am not a beyonce stan. Let’s be clear..Martin Luther King would shake his hand in shame at our black culture today and how we still have not progressed but rather regressed. We still think the white man owes us something! Sites like this hurt us more than help us.

    • Ray

      MLK would also shake his head at some of these steppin fetchits okaying a black child with natural hair being made fun of. It’s pathetic. Instead of supporting our artists, people are quick to criticize with reason. And take it out on a kid.

      • iglious

        To me it is funny to say that when you don’t do your hair it going natural gfoh. Even chick in tribe in Africa do there hair how do expect society to accept us and respect us with our hair looking like who done it and why I don’t use perm or weave and consider myself being natural and my hair don’t look like who done it why. I do my hair every time I step out in public. If she gonna have natural hair it can still be in a cute way and not looking like she just woke up. Get it together people and stop making excuses for her not doing her child hair.

  • Christan-Joy Demeritt

    Um that Cater to You performance was epic…

  • Starr King

    Well, she paid his behind back good! LOL

  • KingKing

    Most of this argument is a REACH. Majority of the things listed here I highly doubt would have any real impact on Beyonce’s future endeavors with the BET network. The only thing listed here is the disrespectful remark the writers of 106 & Park had poor Karrueche make about Blue Ivy’s hair. Nothing else here really matters. Bow Wow, Terrence Howard, the Lauryn Hill statement, etc…? Gotta do better than this Madame Noire.

  • doll12

    Regarding sitting her next to Kim K., it was two COUPLES sitting together. Remember Jay Z and Kanye performed together. Why wouldn’t the men sit together and their wives/girlfriend at the time be next to them? Oh and the sister too. Matthew said the elevator fight was staged.

  • Alicia

    I stopped watching BET years ago. That network is a joke. It is sad and pathetic when you have so called adults making negative remarks about someone’s child. There is nothing funny about this. Everyone does not have long straight hair. When are people of color going to stop with this ridiculous criticism about hair? I mean seriously, really!!! It is bad enough we still have problems of racism from other races, but when people of color are so focused on something so trivial as hair, no wonder other cultures are having a good hearty laugh at our expense.

  • IllyPhilly

    MN, why ya’ll holding back my comment? BET own you?

  • whoreallycares

    Does it matter if she shows up to BET or MTV? They both are owned by the same company Viacom.

    • Lee

      Thanks. I asked in an earlier comment whether BET was sold to a white corporation. That explains why they do what they do. It’s no longer Black Entertainment Television now its a hybrid or something. I haven’t watched in years either – since Donnie Simpson was on actually.

  • NewYorkBunny

    Uh, the only legitimate faux pas is the Blue Ivy incident. The others are between Beyoncé or Solange and an individual on the BET Network or a BET employee but BET can’t be held accountable for people’s (Aj’s) creepiness or people’s (BowWow) b@*%ha$sness. Finally, the remaining incidents (Kim K seating, etc) are only seen as faux pas because people put Beyoncé on a pedestal. Any other artist, it would’ve been different. Case and point; August Alsina. People wanted to jump on August about the way he shut Chante down, talking about, “she’s just doing her job”. Where was that same logic with Rosci? Oh, I’m sorry. Rosci shoulda risked her paycheck in honor of queen B.

  • Just saying!!

    Lmfaooo @ the Bow wow translation!!!!

  • therealnumber1

    This is stupid…a show going off the air because something was said about blue’s hair. Beyonce is not god and people need stop acting like this woman is invincible…blue has beautiful hair but it wouldn’t hurt to put a comb to it. I mean my goodness it’s haircare 101 for crying out loud…in order for hair to stay beautiful and healthy you have to take care of it and Beyonce being the daughter of a one time salon owner should know that better than anybody. There is nothing wrong with saying comb your child’s hair…I haven’t seen anybody say Blue’s hair was ugly…I’ve just seen people say something needs to be done to it and thats the truth…comb, gel, headband, a flower, juices and berries something! Bey aint exempt from keeping up her child’s head just because she is BEYONCE…take care of Blue’s beautiful hair so that it can remain beautiful. Bey used to be very private person but now she got Blue all over the internet so yes people are going to have something to say, if she don’t like it she needs to just go back to being private, or pull an MJ and put a blanket over Blue’s head. 106 has run its course but if it goes off the air because of this then that is just stupid, all of these threats against karrechue (cna’t spell her name) …I mean geez this is a woman not Jesus Christ…I swear if the dollar bill ever changes to one nation under beyonce I am moving to Japan!

  • speaksthetruth

    Did they forget to tell Michelle when rehearsal was? She was all over the place. Always two steps behind.

    • DAMN!! Can’t any of y’all give Michelle a break? WTF has she done to ANYONE?

  • char

    When was the last time she was present at a BET function. I’m guessing she has been outgrown them!!!!!!

  • Ash

    I agree that the joke was in bad taste, I also agree that BET could air more positive television, however to me BET awards will always be better than MTV awards. Regardless of everything else, I look forward to the BET awards, and on the BET Awards they do showcase and honor a lot of people. While BET could truly improve, lets please not put MTV on pedestal because haven’t done anymore for us than BET. I don’t think I’ve watched a MTV awards show in full since the BET Awards started.

  • ashley79

    Could it be because she already got all the “major award” from BET so why put up with their mess? The only reason that she went to the MTV awards was to promote her albulm and because they gave her the Icon award. The VMAs were mostly her singing her albulm.

  • Luvn_it

    Why is it that the stories about beyonce doing good get the least comments? But, when its something with some drama behind it, it gets 4× as many comments.

  • Audrey

    BET was wrong fro that comment, but Beyonce is a Sell out anyway. She goes all out for other networks, but gives BET tape recordings of her videos.

  • Chicago

    I don’t even watch BET anymore way before this. It’s garbage no entertainment whatsoever.

  • blackrose

    When I was a kid in the 80s vh1 just showed rock and roll so did mtv. Bet was the only channel you could find black artists. The quality has declined but to act like you are above it when you blow up is simply forgetting where you came from. Some of the content is good. Same thing with soul train. Towards the end they couldnt get big artist to perform and Soul train was helping promote black artist for generations. We cant ignore our past and networks that helped us get where we are.
    If she doesnt want to participate in network activities thats her choice. I dont think the network will fail because of that.

  • alex

    Haven’t heard a thing from mindless behavior ever since the joke though…. Lol

  • Sasha

    Im surprise terrence howard get turned on by a black woman….. just saying old foolish arse!

    • ladybug

      Lmfaooooooo!!!!!!!! Too funny! Yet sadly true lol

  • nana

    Honestly its REALLY time for Beyonce to take a vacation, im getting a little tired of her omnipotent behaviors. The world does not revolve around her and her baby! Girl bye to Beyonce for a while, SIt it down! Give someone else a chance boo

    • KB

      Honestly, I don’t see any “omnipotent behaviors” coming from her. I haven’t seen anything where she’s actually addressed BET or karreuche tran about BlueGate. Did I miss it? She could’ve made an angry phone call, but outside appearances make it seem like BET apologized on their own. They were foul for that joke but I think the internet is blowing it up a bit too much.

  • letsgetit

    Uhhh Im pretty sure BET does not care as there are literally thousands of other artists trying to break into entertainment. She is NOT the only artist on this earth. Bet was here before her and they will be here after her presence. Chomp on the behive..

  • Zia Paul

    Please, she barely rocks with BET as it is, so what difference would if makes if she cut the cord? lol. She’s been dissing them for years (aka not showing up to their awards, but always at the VMA’s). That’s probably what BET is bitter about, but that doesn’t excuse their actions.

    • Chanda

      Aw, BET’s jealous. But at one time Bey was at the BET Awards EVERY year since they first aired in 2001. She just moved on I guess.

      • Trisha_B

        Whenever any black celeb blows up, they stop attending the BET awards. The only award show/network that actually recognized them in the beginning of their career. It is shady.

        • Shea2shy

          I wish i could like ur comment a million times…they forget who was supporting them at the start now their acting brand new and that’s how i see bey..i waited that entire BET award to see a tape fr. They needa remember beef or not its the fans who watch these shows waiting to see them.

          • Trisha_B

            Exactly! & someone pointed out how Destiny Child’s has never performed at the VMA’s. The BET awards is the only place where all 3 girls get to shine on stage. But Bey feels she’s too good to be there, but can’t even bring her girls up w/ her smh. She only attends award shows if the focus is on her. Like last yr BET award show where they were just throwing awards at her.

            If any of those celebs career took a nose dive, they will go running back to BET looking for air time

            • Ray

              What are you talking about? Beyonce and Jay were on tour this year. What were they supposed to do? BET should be glad they got even a tape out of them. People will shade the awards show but when it airs, certain people are not there like Bey, Lupita, Rihanna or others than they act like it’s the best network in the world. Mind you the same award show that allowed a poor Lauryn Hill joke a couple years ago and had Bieber at one of their events this year…after he made racial jokes. So, sorry no sympathy for EBT. Especially for allowing someone to make fun of a child’s natural hair.

          • Lee

            I agree. Now these “stars” go global and might feel they don’t need the platforms that gave them their start. What they all should remember is . . what goes up – comes down – at some point.

        • char

          Right on!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • IllyPhilly

          I said something like this, but MN blocked it. I agree!

        • ladybug

          Thank you!

      • char

        “Never forget where you get your start”.

      • Zia Paul

        Moved on from what?

        I think BET has a right to be upset because it’s clear that Beyonce is dissing them. When one of the industry’s biggest stars keeps refusing to show up to your event, but stay showing up to the others, what does that say? For a long time, they were very supportive of Beyonce. She doesn’t owe them anything, but I can understand their resentment.

    • ladybug


  • anonymouse

    Does it really matter? The BET Awards always brings in great ratings………..better than the VMAs.

    • hollyw

      …..what stats you reading lmbo??

      • anonymouse

        Bet awards did nearly 8 million and increased from 2013….VMAs did 8.3…….18% decrease from 2013.

  • JuJu

    y’all need to proof read before posting stuff….switch that ever and every…get it together

    • Jay

      I know… I strongly believe they don’t even do their research either. Very professional lol

  • Chanda

    It’s their loss. Bey’s not missing anything special. Btw, that was the 2012 BET Awards where she sat next to Kim ’cause Kim didn’t have her baby yet.

  • live01

    BET SUCKS! They wrote that terrible joke about Blue Ivy, and had Chris Brown’s so-called girlfriend read it, then suspend her. Beyonce should never step foot on that show, or near that network. SMH!

  • EvyE

    BET is now owned by white folks……It was worse when owned by blacks. It’s time that BET goes away. They do not represent the best that Black people have to offer and what we stand for PERIOD! It’s a shuck and jive coonery to the modern day black society.

    • Sunf1ower_Jones

      It wasn’t worse when owned by Robert Johnson. BET had great shows like Teen Summit, Video Soul and BET News. You must be bugging. You think because White folks took it over, it’s better.

      The fact that they don’t offer the best that Black people have to offer, etc. and it’s owned by Whites tells me it’s not better than it was.

      • SMH

        BET was better back in the day, actually TV was better…TV is trash now..nothing but FAKE reality shows..That’s why I read more now..and that’s they only thing I can thank Trash TV for…But thinking back..although “Real World” on MTV was technically the 1st reality show…we can thank Jerry Springer, Maury, Ricki Lake, Jenny Jones,etc, etc…the stuff they showed was so juicy, just seeing into other people’s weird lives, but the public wanted to see it 24/7 and this is what really birthed the Reality TV takeover.

    • Chanda

      Are you kidding?! Back in the day BET kicked azz and you know it. BET News, Teen Summit and videos throughout the day and they would show those rare artists that you’d only see on BET. BET f**ked up.

      • PREACH!! We also had shows like Caribbean Rhythms, Video Soul, Planet Groove, Rap City, Midnight Love!!! Back when you had REAL VJS like Donnie Simpson, Sherry Carter, Lisa Johnson, Big Tigger, & Rachel Stuart as BET personalities!!

        • Lost Soul

          Remember Video LP?

          • Vaguely, lol! I was about 6 or 7

        • Dee

          Yessss, BET was the ish back in the day!

    • Lee


  • Jayne

    Does this site spell check/grammar check all their articles or nah?

  • Isatu

    I’m sorry but if Beyonce leaves BET so what? It’s true that the network went out of line, but that is no reason to think that the show is gonna go off air because Beyonce is upset. I will never understand why people think Beyonce is some type of god or something and people are just supposed to cower before her. She should know by now that wrong or right, people are gonna say mean things about her and her parenting. The best thing she can do is ignore the criticism or turn a negative into a positive.

    • ITA!! However, the expiration date has LONG BEEN OVERDUE for 106 & Park! If anything, “Bluegate” might be a reason for them to FINALLY give the deuces to 106 & Park (Hell, bring back Planet Groove if it’s all that, lol)!!

      • Trisha_B

        106 & park are for the teens. Let them have it. That’s their target audience. The Basement, Citas world & others were more for the older crowd. So they should bring back them shows. But I don’t think 106 & park should be off the air

        • If that’s the case keep “Just KeKe,” & bring back Teen Summit!! BTW, Cita’s world was garnered towards the teens & early 20s crowd (that show was HILARIOUS to watch during my high school days).

          • Trisha_B

            I forgot about Just Keke lol. The show hasn’t been picked up yet. That was just a pilot/trial run to see how the viewers were….they can bring back all them shows. They don’t have to knock one show off.

          • IllyPhilly

            Cita’s world was the ish! Who did her voice?

            • I think it was the girl from “Let’s Talk About Pep,” Pep’s friend Kittie.

      • Dee

        LOL Bluegate! But I agree, this is the nail in the coffin.

    • PolkaDots

      “The best thing she can do is ignore the criticism or turn a negative into a positive.” –> I totally agree.

    • Ray

      That’s not the point. It goes beyond Bey. They made fun of a child and that is wrong in itself. No matter who it is. That is not okay. And what message does that send about natural hair. Put aside the dislike for Beyonce. It’s common sense. If someone made fun of your kid, it’s okay because parenting skills are prone to criticism? BET has a habit of doing this. I don’t know what network some people are watching but what support are they giving? They’re taking away slowly gospel programming, 106th and Park has nothing but junk and the award show is overrated minus the tributes. It’s not the AJ and Free era or Cita’s World. At the rate they’re going, no one is going to show up.

      • Jon Johnson

        What planet are you living on? I hear all the time making fun of black children that aren’t their. And, you know that behavior is prevalent in the black community.

  • First off, I think BET was shading Beyonce since it’s been 2 years since she’s been at the BET awards (nowadays, she doesn’t perform on BET she just shows up if she needs to promote an album or win an award)!! Nobody should talk about anyone’s child, ESPECIALLY Beyonce’s daughter!! It was bad enough when Don Imus called the Rutger’s women’s basketball team “Nappy Headed H#es” years ago. Now, we have a Black network trashing Black parents on not combing their Black child’s hair!! Yes, we have all made little jokes here & there (I know I’ve even made comments about Jay & Bey investing in “Blue Magic” or “Sulfur 8”), BUT BET has a massive platform for MILLIONS of celebrities, so they should know better & encourage the negativity!! BTW, after Rocsi & Terrence J left 106 & park, that should have been the END of 106 & Park!! 106 & Park use to be on 2hrs (3 hrs if there was something special going on), BUT NOW, the show is barely on for 1hr!! They had 4 hosts after Rocsi & Terrence J, then they fired 3 of them, Bow Wow was co-hosting with Angela Simmons, then they hired Keshia Chante (who’s a pretty cool host), but at the end of the day, 106 & Park has RAN IT’S COURSE, & it’s time to say GOODBYE!

    • Laura

      Nappy headed jigger boos is what he called them but I understand where you’re coming from.

    • Ray

      Well the way some people think, it’s okay for BET to act a fool and clown a kid because she’s Beyonce’s. And since they have disdain for her as an artist, let’s take it out on the kid. That’s the messed up mindset of some people.

      When they tried to clown Lauryn Hill with that IRS joke, that was the beginning of the foolery. I bet she’s not going to show up to their awards either.
      People need to stop and think. BET is a shell of itself and stopped supporting us a long time ago.

    • Jon Johnson

      Well, he was “spot on” when he made the observation that they had “nappy hair”! The real issue is that you should be addressing why black women are so ashamed of their God given hair…which just happens to be nappy! Now, it’s all about “hair hats” in which black women look stupid!

  • MrsMommy

    I’m outside of this circle: I could care less about BET or Beyonce. I wish they would both go away. This includes Chris Brown, Kanye & HeauxDashian, and Camel.

    • cake211

      …but your profile pic is a pic of beyonce…

      • MrsMommy

        Have you looked closely at that picture of Beyonce?

        • cake211

          …yes…i’m not exactly sure what you’re getting at. are you implying that there’s something wrong with her in the picture? that she’s “ugly without makeup”? either way, I don’t know if you’ve heard this before, but the opposite of love isn’t hate, it’s indifference. So if you’re decision to make her your profile pic is supposed to suggest your aversion to her, it’s not very effective.

          • MrsMommy

            Dear Princess: Um, that’s how Beyonce looks when she thinks no paps are around. I had nothing to do with her birth or who her parents are. I understand that you are hurt and confused, because you believed that she was born with all of that chit on her face, was actually bronze tone, and had cosmetic lights following her around all by themselves. But you have to accept one day, that she is human and aging like all other humans. Dry your tears, now honey, if her family and her husband can accept how she truly looks, so can you.

            • cake211

              So that’s why she’s your profile pic? So you can show off the fact that she is a regular human being? I’m confused as to why you think I’m hurt about that cuz there is nothing in any of my comments that said anything about me not understanding or accepting that anyone, even Beyonce, doesn’t always look beat to the gawds.
              At the end of the day, i’m not even tryna defend beyonce, i’m just tryna understand how someone who could not care less about her is so pressed to put her on display. I know you’re really just trolling, but it’s my day off and I have a little time to entertain stupidity.

              • MrsMommy

                Honey, you don’t need to continually write books questioning somebody’s choice of avatar. This is the way she looks without makeup, honey. It’s alright. You’ve survived with the truth so far.

              • MrsMommy

                What kind of person are you, to get upset when the true person is revealed? I’m sure you aren’t all that yourself. You ain’t doing chit for Beyonce, except making her rich from afar. How dare you get upset with her for taking the grease paint off.

                • Sasha

                  You need help !

                  • MrsMommy

                    No, you need help when you can only accept a person based on the amount of cosmetics and fabulous get ups they wear. All of that chit has to come off eventually, and the real person emerges. When you get out of junior high, you will realize that these people actually piss and chit just like you do.

                    • Sasha

                      Lol you too invested in a woman who dont even know your crazy arse exist….

        • MizzReyRey .

          ooh honey you are clearly obsessed with her. lmao! you seem the type to stalk her then try to kill her. SOMEONE GET THIS PERSON A STRAIT JACKET

    • djohn18

      i think you mean you couldn’t care less? but anyone you clearly care a lot about beyonce lol, what would you have to do anymore if she went away?

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  • But?

    Yes BET was wrong for what they said but don’t forget MTV didn’t even want to play black videos!!!!!! Michael Jackson was the first black video they ever played and that was in the 80’s!!!! So at the end of the day BET is still for the culture. Btw whitney Houston was the first black woman to ever win a award at the vmas in the early 90’s!!!! Don’t forget where you come from and I love beyonce music btw.

    • guest

      Mtv started in the 80s, 1981 to be exact. You are absolutely right they played only white videos until thriller came out which I believe was 1983.

    • Guest

      BET has done more to showcase the worst of our culture than most networks.

      • Trisha_B

        No, VH1 gets that title.

        • C

          As well as BET. They’ve taken a complete nosedive since they sold the network to a bunch of white executives. Its no wonder big stars dont bother to show up anymore. It’s trashy network now. Doesnt stand for anything lesst of all sometging postive for black people. Not saying MTV isnt trashy too but they have a smidge more credibility than BET and are legions ahead of VH1 as far as getting celebs to participate in the network is concerned.

          • Trisha_B

            But they don’t show black people in such a bad light like Vh1 or any other network. I do think they need to show more powerful black people outside of celebrities. But the shows they have aren’t vulgar like the reality shows on other networks, they don’t even have reality shows anymore. They show reruns of major black shows (The Parker’s, Family Matters, Moesha, etc). Only network that still plays music videos, they play movies w/ black cast. They have that news segment.
            I do believe BET should do more. But they aren’t that bad of a network compared to others where you won’t see someone w/ your skin tone, & when they do they are degraded or made a mockery of

          • The Truth 76

            Viacom owns MTV, VH1 and BET. Credibility wise, I believe that they are all the same. In addition they also own (Centric, Nicklelodeon, CMT, LOGO, Spike Comedy Central, Epix, Palladia, TV Land and Spike)

            • Jay

              Viacom is the KING of channel drift. Forget MTV not showing music videos, even TV Land has less been focusing on rerunning classic TV shows and more focusing on reality shows and original stuff (I do like the reboot of Candid Camera though, but what happened to showing I Love Lucy and I Dream of Jeanie too?). So most of what they do isn’t credible, makes you turn into those types that hate big companies.

          • Ifuaskme2

            As if Oprah made her first billion on Black TV

          • edward

            I’m sorry I disagree..I was just commenting how I can FINALLY tolerate some of the programing on BET..I wasn’t aware that white executives ran the network. This is a little discerning that tthe reason the awrd shows are somewhat less Gheto is because WE are no longer running it.

            • Edward

              Correction.. I wasn’t aware that white executives ran the network. This is a little
              discerning that the reason the award shows are somewhat less Ghetto is
              because WE are no longer running it.

        • Luvn_it

          They are both own by viacom. That might explain a little.

        • Nah….BRAVO takes the lead now!

      • CAliQueen

        Which is why it’s nick name is now the EBT Awards.

        • Ifuaskme2

          lol. good one

    • Live_in_LDN

      Why does it have to be one or the other though?

    • Sunshine Love

      One fact about MTV that you didn’t know was that when BET started they were against rap because they wanted to be seen as a serious network and thought rap was not presentable But MTV was the first network to not only show rap videos but have a rap show that helped alot of early rappers careers

      • Chanda

        Most of America was against rap in it early stages. Just a bunch of MCs talking in rhythm over someone else’s record. Rap was uncertain in the earlier 80’s and thought of it as a passing phase and of course Don Cornelius/Soul Train didn’t care for it either at first but played it because that’s what the kids were into. I could understand BET being against rap/hip hop at first.

    • Si Fa

      VH1 used to say they’d never ever play rap back in the ’90’s. Now all they got is hip hop. It doesn’t matter who Bey performs for, because all the money fall under one big corporate umbrella which is Viacom-the parent company of BET, MTV and VH1

  • Kiki

    Well they won’t be getting any more pre recorded performances lol

    • D96

      Thats for damned sure. They aint getting table scraps from her from now on.

  • starapple

    Must be a slow day in entertainment news.

    • PolkaDots

      I gotta agree with ya.

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