Pick Up Lines That Nobody Likes

August 1, 2014  |  
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You hear them when you’re walking at the mall, having a drink at the club or when you’re just trying to buy groceries. Sometimes they’re pick up lines, sometimes they’re just pick up sounds. What we want to know is why can’t he just come up and say “hello”?

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Men think this is a great way to get your attention on he low. But it’s hard to ignore the fact that this is the same way you call a dog or a cat.

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Say Lil Mama

I am a grown woman with a job and bills and no time for you because you’re over here playin’.

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The Arm Grab

A tap on the shoulder is cool, but some guys actually reach out and pinch. What’s up with that?

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We don’t know when this became guys’ go-to line. What we want to know is why they haven’t figured out that we’re not smiling because we’re in the mood to be left alone.

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The Blow Up

No matter what line he uses, there’s always the chance that he’s going to get so mad when you walk away that he’ll hurl a bunch of curse words your way.

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Can I Walk You Home?

There is just no way to deliver this line without sounding like the reason women need someone to walk them home.

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Hey Big Girl

It’s never a good idea to call a woman out by her size. “Lil bit,” “girl with the thick thighs” — you wouldn’t have to make up descriptions if you’d just come and ask me my name.

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Girl With the Big Booty

The only thing worse than being called out by your size? Being reduced to just a body part. We’re trying to imagine something more disrespectful but we’re having trouble.

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The Lyrics to Any Song

It’s not the worst offense on this list, but you have to be a little more original than that. Now we’re wondering how many women you plagiarized to today.

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The Grab

This is just hot straight-from-the-streets mess and a clear sign that it’s time for me to cross the street.

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The Lick Lip

This isn’t much better than “The Grab” and sometimes those two go together. He clearly only has one thing on offer and we’d like to politely decline.

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Hey Light Skin/Red Bone

All of his ex-girlfriends and the women in his phone all have one thing in common — the color of their skin. And that’s really all he’s looking for in a woman: a little eye candy tha’s just the right shade.

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Anything With the B-Word In It

We wouldn’t have believed that any man thought this was a good idea if we hadn’t heard it ourselves. SMH.

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Something about this just sounds a little bit aggressive. We wonder how men would react if we ran around yelling at them.

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You Got A Man?

This one sounds like it’s trying to be respectful. But when you say “yes,” it’s always followed by “could you use a friend?” No thank you.

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