Famous Women Who Put Up With Too Much In Their Relationships

June 23, 2014 ‐ By Whitney Larkins
women who put up with too much


It is no secret that relationships can be challenging, especially for celebrity couples! Living under the bright lights and intense pressure of Hollywood could easily ruin even the strongest relationship. But despite all of the public drama and difficulties that come with fame, some Hollywood wives and girlfriends lingered (and still linger) in tumultuous relationships for far too long. Despite the alleged disrespect, affairs and humiliation, some of the following women have left many scratching their heads wondering why they have put up with the madness, while others finally saw the light and left. Here are 14 ladies who put up with a quite a bit in their very public relationships.

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  • liteboid

    wow how you could you have a list without dwayne johnson and lara hashian.

  • az

    it must be the money

  • Sara

    You can take Kirk and Rasheeda off this list cuz that entire story line is fake.

  • Name

    I think you forgot Beyonce

  • more

    WOW the things woman do to keep a man!

  • Power2DaSheeples.

    Ok, where’s the famous women they’re referring to.

    • Shawndrea Rachelle

      -_- don’t act like you don’t know most of the women on this list. And if not you aren’t a routine Madame Noire visitor I guess

  • Tamara Jones

    Oh wow! I guess y’all went there with this list. It’s just one problem…half of these women were home wreckers to begin with. So…if these dudes are taking them through something, oh well…it’s called Karma! Even ones like Paula & Ray Rices wife…I have no sympathy. When you bring other women into your bed how can you be mad when he cheats? Or when you let a dude “knock you the f*** out” and then marry him…that’s on you Hun. “You teach people how to treat you.”

    • jasmine

      Neither Paula nor robin ever said they had an open relationship. I don’t know why that rumor persists. Also, it’s not cool to blame abuse victims for their abuser’s behavior. However it’s unfortunate that Palmer not only continued the relationship, but married him. I hope she stays safe.

      • Tamara Jones

        It’s also not fair for a woman to ruin another woman’s marriage and then want sympathy when that same man “does her wrong!” In Paula’s case, my mom always says “everybody is not gonna say the same thing about you if it isn’t true.” I believe that there is truth to it. As far as blaming the abuse victim…that can’t be the first time Ray hit her? If I have learned anything in my 32 years of life & growing up seeing abuse…it never stops! Somebody has to leave the situation or someone is gonna end up dead. So, he’s gonna hit her again…hell, he probably already has!

  • Aaliyah Noelle

    I know he fvcked up a lot.. But I think now he realizes that he NEEDS Paula. So why are ppl clowning him for trying to correct his mistakes?
    I think we’ve all fvcked up before & have went all out to get our spouses back. But I’ve nvr been married yet so maybe it’s different

    • Live_in_LDN

      Meh. I respectfully disagree. I don’t think he needs her as much as he misses being to have his cake and eat it too. Just because you miss something in your life, it doesn’t mean its the right thing to go back to that situation. Also, I don’t think what he did can be simply labelled as ‘mistakes’. Mistakes are accidentially forgetting her mother’s birthday, not being photographed groping various women, knowing damn well that as a famous man, they will get back to his wife in a flash. The same tactics of using publicity to publish various photos/stories of himself with various women to the public to stroke his ego, he is using by broadcasting his marriage to the public in order to guilt Paula in reconciliation.

      • divinnalafeme

        You make great points!

      • OSHH