Friends Don’t Let Friends Go To Walmart Like This

April 16, 2014  |  
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Good friends don’t let friends…

For part 2 of the hilarious people of Walmart, click here.

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Buy the Wrong Size

Those shorts are 17 sizes too small.

Image Source:

Swing Low

That bra can’t support this and we can’t either.

Image Source:

Wear Red Socks With Pink Shorts

Those don’t match.

Image Source:

Slip Down

“Excuse me ma’am, but your back breasts are out.”

Image Source:

Crack Up

Even if her house doesn’t have any mirrors, we know she can feel that breeze.

Image Source:

Endanger Their Spines

That has got to be heavy.

Image Source:

Hang Low

Why waste money on shirts when you can just tuck ’em into your skirt?

Image Source:

Get Naked

No shoes, no clothes, no service.

Image Source:

Super Size

Jeans too small? Just make some room.

Image Source:

Shrink Their Shirts In The Wash

Cold water, gentle cycle.

Image Source:

Rock Panty Lines

Maybe he’s shopping for a thong…

Image Source:

Leave the Pool Without a Cover Up

That’s a good way to catch a cold.

Image Source:

Rock Cottage Cheese

That’s what Spanx are for.

Image Source:

Forget Their Pants At Home

Apparently they’re easy to miss.

Image Source:

Rock Their Underwear on the Outside

Where they do that at?

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  • Claire Poulton

    EWWWWWWWW. What is that suspicious looking brown stain on the pink bikini panties?

  • dave

    Having looked at these people shopping at Walmart, I must ask, do they have any idea how offensive they look, barely dressed, and with body’s that are so ugly they need covering up, at what point did they think they looked acceptable, I’m sorry, but if I came across anyone in a store where I shopped looking like those people, I couldn’t contain myself, beyond looking a complete and utter mess, it is also a hygiene issue, I wouldn’t want any of those freaks handling food that others may buy, many of them looked like they needed a good wash, what is wrong with them, it was like a human zoo.

  • Orlando Chan


  • speechless

    My hot water heater went out and I’m stressed but now that I seen these pics my issue is a piece of cake.LOL

  • sid md

    What is the point of this “article”? To educate and enlighten or embarrass, shame, and humiliate?

    Did Meg Butler run out of creative ideas or is it just easier to take the low road?

  • Private_Eyescream

    I’d say the back boobs were horrifying enough…
    Now imagine her standing up and spinning around like an ice skater with everything flapping outward in the wind. Now you know why they sell industrial brand eye-bleach.

  • Jessica S.

    I do think it is mean people do this to other people without them knowing but I will admit the stuff people wear to a store?!

  • Gloria

    I would like to poke my eyes out!


    sigh, i love black women. They don’t seem to give a F*CK! Lol! I have so many God awful Walmart folks that at this point it can’t be real lmfao!

  • Bud

    Hell” you don’t have to go to WalMart to see people dress up like this !!!!!!

  • karren

    I can’t understand how some of these people get those outfits on their bodies ? Do they call a friend for help or what?? lmbo

  • Abinadi

    Oh cover it up.

  • fran

    apparently the people who wrote this aren’t much above those photographed; the grammar is way off! How, how, how do they get and maintain their jobs??

  • Haleene

    You would think by now WalMart would have cops at the door to stop this kind of foot traffic.

  • freshet

    I don’t find it amusing to take photos of people and shaming them publicly. What is wrong with you people at Madamenoire, nothing intelligent to report?

  • PeaceCorps1

    I do not like to see us post such pics as these of our own people.

  • Corine Thorbourne

    OMG… were these women actually raised by someone?? WHO??

  • Kanna-Chan

    Eww, the woman with the back boobs. I’m not usually one for fat-shaming but goodness, have the decency to wear clothes that fit.

  • Ricialove

    Them shorts are desperately try’na hold on. LOL

  • Ifuaskme2

    Yeah boyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh!

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  • Robert Kiyoshk

    you can blame mental illness if you are crazy.

  • I love crazy people; they are preferable to the “normies” any day–but some of these people are suffering from delusions of grandeur or something because they seriously think they look good. Ha! Google people of Walmart and you’ll find a site dedicated to the fashion of Walmart culture. You’d be surprised how many people shop with sh_t stains.

  • annonymox

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  • lilinda

    Who would let these fools in the store

  • mitch

    Now I know what kind of business or items to sell .XXXXXXXlarge sizes or pink thongs for men… dang, I just realize.. these people likes xxxxxxxxxxSMALL sizes .. Oh well.. try again , I guess….LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLl

  • mitch

    dang.. underwear outside the pants, must have come from dressing room and forgot it… LOL

  • Linda Wrigley

    “17 sizes too small”. That definitely made me laugh out loud!

  • commenter

    These aren’t funny, they’re sad. It’s effective clickbait tho, so congrats.

  • tshalk

    Saw a dude take a dump in the middle of the the clothing section at a canadian walmart

  • Carmelbrnskin

    Why are all the pictures of over weight black women with tattoos?!!! OMG! I’m disgusted!

  • Ben Enjerry

    All these people have their destiny sealed, and are sure to need some type of medical care soon. This is what Obamacare planned for; taking care of all those too destitute or ignorant to care for themselves. BTW – On the taxpayers’ dime too.

  • FlyOverstate

    It really bothers me that “Meg” the author, used photos of almost all African-Americans and obese people. I’m sure that there are thousands of photos of people dressed and acting ridiculous at Wal-Mart. While I agree that these people are not dressed for a walk to their mailbox let alone to a store of any kind, the photos and comment are supporting a stereotype. In fact, at least one of these photo’s were not taken at a Wal-Mart store. It looks exactly like an “Ace Hardware”. The one with an older white male in a speedo.

  • thatsallshewrote

    I’m from Philly & actually live on the border of Bucks Cty, also less than 5 min from a Walmart & I’ve NEVER, EVER seen anyone look HALF as bad or ridiculous as the people depicted in these typical “Look what I saw at Walmart” articles! (nor have I seen any at the more “inner city” stores look or dress like these idiots!) So, the “Up North” theory is as stupid as those who dress like them! After all, it is a bit colder up here than say “Down South” (makes more sense)

  • weim-girl

    Am I the only person who finds it funny that she’s looking at a poster of women in bikinis?

  • avirx8 .

    For goodness sake don’t these people have any shame or have any consideration for other people? Good grief.

  • pizza.princess

    I have never seen this stuff at Walmart. I don’t go there often, though.

  • Kyzer Soze

    These People Should Be Put To Sleep!

  • LaMpre

    During this Historic election year 2015, all that is left is ” A-Nigger and A-Day.”

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  • ron nixon

    When people get so fat they can’t walk on their own, they shouldn’t go out until their legs can support them

  • Um, okay

    Looked @ picture 13 and had to disagree: Spanx can’t help all that. And even if she’s worn Spanx, she still would have needed a skirt or pants for that shirt she’s wearing as a dress.

  • mesaman

    If we could send 40000 like this across the Atlantic, we could drop obesity statistics by 50 percent.

  • blu

    Those arent people they’re animals . Hence the fact you couldn’t get me to step inside lnside a friggin Walmart

  • Ken Sucharski

    They mostly come out at night, mostly.

  • justme55

    I have been in our Wal-Mart late at night and encountered people in pajamas and bath robes and thought it was bad. But after seeing this, I no longer think so. Oh, my, I can’t believe there are people that think going out like this is okay.

  • orlandojon

    Black folks at 12% of the population seem over represented here

  • Cranky Steven

    Those hips… so very full and enticing…. mmmmmmm! It’s off to Walmart with me!


    These pictures aren’t funny, they are mean spirited. Lowers the class of Fox News.

  • bouledoux

    A majority of these Walmart People aren’t ‘funny’ at all, they are obscene and sick. Walmart would be doing us all a service if they would turn back to be re-dressed customers who defile the store and offend other decent customers. Bad enough, Walmart parking lots have turned into purse snatcher’s heaven without the inside being a circus show.

  • Sandy LaRouche

    I always worry when I open a set of these photographs, that I will see my own fat bottom looking back at me so I just don’t shop at Walmart.

  • OlDad55

    I’ve spent a lot of time in Wal-Mart..Wife works there. Never seen any this extreme but do not doubt it for a minute! They should have named this “Desperate Parade of Pathetic Losers! Now I’ll NEVER get to sleep!

  • Grunt

    These are really some ugly critters.

  • Erika

    That one picture was taken at Home Depot it looks like.

  • John

    Just think about this carefully…:
    These creatures may Reproduce… They may even Vote !!!

    • HWarrior13

      Well yeah….how the Hell did you think obama got elected? These are his useful idiots.

  • TheDudeAbides

    My ultimate wish…is to ban all Walmart stores…

  • Leah


  • freerock

    I’d like to see all of their voter’s registrations!

  • Kirk Lazarus

    The overweight people on here are not funny, it’s sad. They are carrying around their own personal prison; I wouldn’t wish it on anyone and don’t see why anyone would think it is “hilarious.”

  • meddbluetopaz

    for this guy in the little shirt from the thrifty store it was 1/2 off silly not 1/2 off your body exposed you JACK!!!

  • meddbluetopaz

    SHe looks like the lost mermaid very lost mermaid and her belly button looks like the Grand Canyon no please don’t show big belly buttons the are supposed to be cute like little bottons

  • meddbluetopaz

    I do not think she should have wear that, because is exposing her body and is not good to do that with her size being very big, but I do believe that she has a nice shape but is too big she needs to lose weight but her body is in the right place for example notice her top is small and her bottom is big, well if she loses at least 150 lbs it will be very nice because it will keep the same shape but smaller, so it will have the small top and big hips and butt, but not the size that it is now, I believe she might be a 24 or larger, the appropriate size for her to walk around able to show what she wants to show is size 14 or smaller and that is because she is tall.

  • doeboy

    Got to love them Obama supporters.

  • Connie

    I think it is very sad when people think it’s funny to laugh at people because of the way they dress, look physically or any other difference that are what they deem correct. I am appauled at the photos in the section: Friends don’t let friends go to Walmart like this. It should be taken off this site and an apology should go out to all.

  • law-abiding-citizen

    #1: No, that A$$ is 17 sizes TOO BIG!!!

  • cajunhart

    On #7 that poor child is so desperately looking for someone to kidnap her, to get her away from what could inevitably become her fate if she stays with these people

  • cajunhart

    SO MUCH FOR WALMART BEING AND CALLING ITSELF A FAMILY STORE, it has become a place of perversion, disgust, afraid to continue and have some sort of moral standards for a family atmosphere. maybe not this at the Walmart that I go to but too bad, my money is going to Kmart from now on!!!

  • Paul Gadoury

    NO MORE WALL MART FOR ME! I go to wallmart once in a while if I am up at 2am. just to avoid these freak shows.

  • nought

    I always thought the state of Vermont was way overboard when they banned the Walmart stores in the state, but I did not realize it was a CRUSADE AGAINST VISUAL POLUTION.
    I’m with you Vermont.
    signed: ‘Yorker
    Now if Michelle would use these picture on her School Lunch Overhauls, she might be successful.

  • Gary M

    The guy with the split jeans made the onions cry !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gary M

    The shorts are not too small…………..her butt is 17 sizes too big !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pamela Swartz

    First, I shop walmart and never see this, where are these stores located? Next, I am an obese woman and never will you see me walking out of the house with my stuff hanging out or spilling over. Finally, for real, where is self respect seen in any of these pictures. SMH

  • ann

    i think I counted 3 white people and the rest were black… hmm I think people need to learn how to dress.

  • DocReality

    Wal-Mart shoppers = Obama voters. This country is a tragedy.

  • jaz

    Well I have seen them too in Florida at 1am in Wall Mart! Hilarious!

  • Kenzie58

    Some of these have got to be photoshop.

  • freightman

    Sure are some big fat and ugly butts in Walmart

  • mickey esham

    typical ni–ers! no class animals!

    • Bill Fitzpatrick

      Your comment and these photo’s are a product of poor education.

  • Shantella Sherman

    So long as they are happy, what concern is it of mine? Be careful how you point cameras and upload, you may see your own body on display for someone else’s amusement.

  • Wolfman

    most of them are black people ?

  • 6PUNK7

    while at walmarts ,,, BUY a mirror ,, trust me your life will change ,,, possible you wont go out anymore

  • 6PUNK7

    pure example NO self respect

  • the most hilarious people of all are the huge assess who put together reports like this. My grandma use to say, “Son, it is better to have a fat butt than to be a fat heads. These people who put together this are the fattest heads of all. We should do a report on them.

  • BubbaLama

    Eat shrooms and hit Wally’s at 3;00am.

  • crustyone

    That’s some mop.

  • crustyone

    It appears that she has the talent to do the same thing actress Jodie Foster did.

  • Pistol_Pablo

    Picture #4…she might be the only person in existence with 4 t its.

  • sktuc

    After going on Michelle’s School Lunch Program I’m happy to say I can wear the Shorts that were my favorites before I gained all that weight !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Laoshir


  • bobusoroh

    look like Russians and north koreans!

  • Facts_Only

    Unfortunately, I’ll bet these people are allowed to VOTE TOO!

  • 6PUNK7

    just think somebody makes love to these people

    • Marti Bowker

      …quote “the power of booties … yum yum give me some ,,i could handle it” …………….lmbo, if thats what does it for you…have at it.

      • 6PUNK7


        • Marti Bowker

          hahahaaa…you posted it … don’t remember your own comment?

  • 6PUNK7


  • Sheileagh

    What the – – – – people just can NOT be that asinine! Do these idiots not possess any common sense, or own any mirrors, or do they just like to look like fools? Unbelievable!

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  • josetoyou

    They are usually black…

  • Cindee Lee

    OMG!!!! I KNOW THAT WOMAN in photo #7!!!! Her name is June and she lives in Washington State. I lived in the same town that she does. But I no longer live there. She used to own the local tavern but doesn’t any more. I KNEW that they’d get her in one of these Wal-Mart photo albums some day!!! Too, too hilarious!!!

  • annio

    OMG, I just saw this. I haven’t laughed this hard in forever! I only wish that I was as comfortable in my own skin as these people are.

  • Truth Hurts

    Do you see the types of people that are disgusting? They don’t care! I say charge them for indecent exposure. There are kids there. Are we not concern what kids see theses days. I don’t think so, I mean look at two mens kissing in stores. That is just plain Stupid and have no Class to be in our society. Banned them. Our children are more important than people that don’t care for themselves or in public eyes. There are going to continue because people are too freaking scare to say anything and to label a racist when they only prove us right that need to be monitor and parented by another adult. Good Golly what a shame. 20 yrs ago would not allowed this. That all I have to say on this matter, I’m ashamed to see this.

  • Bobby Wms

    Abe had it wrong. Adolf had it right.

  • Wow_Who_Would_Think

    This is the biggest collection of photo’s of people with zero class that I have ever seen.

  • Na_na99

    Maybe this is the reason larger cities tend to allow Target in-town, but fight Walmart moving in-town?

  • Monchan

    All Democrats, I’m sure.

  • CatHammer

    Democrat voter base.

  • Charles Edwards

    God help us all. What is seen cannot be unseen.

  • cp

    ..Ive seen some ouch you cant believe the way people dress there ….. its rude people think it’s cute to take pics of strangers and post them for amusement purposes… hopefully it gets to be illegal someday to take those pic …what happen to the no shirt no service policy see it need modification to include clothes to cover up in

    • Matthew Slyfield

      “.what happen to the no shirt no service policy”

      They forgot no pants.

  • BleedinCubbyBlue

    Nauseating. What the heII is wrong with some people?

  • Holly Justice-Metcalf

    Did these pics come from WalMart employees? I can’t imagine them letting people go around their stores taking pics of other shoppers.

  • Jo

    Oh no, I wish I hadn’t looked!

  • PAUL


  • asdlkfjlnsdlfjg

    This is really racist and classist. I’m sorry I even clicked on the link.

  • jumpdog82

    I cannot believe the last pic … she crapped her pants.

  • Shannon Johnson

    What’s with all the black fat-asses?!?

  • David in MA

    There you have it, the representtives of the black community, and they wonder why they are looked down on….. AND I BET ALL THEM FAT FK’S ARE ON WELFARE!

    • Cindee Lee

      And YOU are a freakin’ racist with absolutely NO CLASS yourself, bubba. Get a clue.

      • David in MA

        and your really a blonde.

  • dutchboy

    As a sales vendor who has serviced Wal Mart stores for many years, it is too bad it is not possible to capture customer’s “smell”. FYI, each checkout at Wal Mart keeps a can of air freshner handy, after B.O. customers leave the store.

  • Dave James

    Friends don’t let friends go to Walmart like this? Maybe that’s the problem…..they have no friends!

  • Paul Revere

    Ain’t liberalism grand. Anything goes. Just breed like rabbits. Someone will always pick up the tab. Nothing to be embarrassed about. Everyone is a special flower. LOL

  • numberonejason

    The pink shorts and red socks aren’t half the problem…. the real problem is…..oh hell the whole things smacks of childhood trauma!! IS THERE A THERAPIST IN THE HOUSE?!

  • bikerbob

    And this is what inbreeding does.

  • lukey331

    We have a Walmart in our town . It clothes each night at 12:00 and opens at 9:00. I have never seen anything even close to this bad. I would be interested to know which location each of these was taken from. People need to have some pride in what they look like when they go out.

    • lukey331

      I would get arrested if I were to go out looking like this where I live.

  • John


  • John

    Blame it on GMO’S.

  • Joyce

    Where were these pics taken, in San Francisco?


    This is why more people need to have some standards. Do you want a world full of these people?!

  • overit

    This really should be named “making fun of fat people”

    • callitasyouseeit

      Well, if the shoe fits…uh scratch that

  • Leena

    These folks are just plain pathetic.. who let the idiots out of the village asylum..

  • briefercurmudgeon

    Number 8 is not naked. Although he is a bit under dressed for my taste. If he was in better shape and younger he wouldn’t be under dressed as far as I am concerned.

  • briefercurmudgeon

    Hay, I have a mop just like number 6! don’t be rude.

  • briefercurmudgeon

    number 3 will match as soon as he washes the short and socks together with bleach again.

  • briefercurmudgeon

    Number 5 can still fit into her high school shorts.

  • briefercurmudgeon

    The lady in the white shorts can still fit into her high school clothes.

  • briefercurmudgeon

    The red socks will be pink to match the shorts as soon as he washes them in bleach the same way he washed the shorts. All you have to do is wait.

  • Kimberly Grant

    One time in Mall-Wart I saw a man who had this HUGE beer gut. And his belly button was an “outie.” Gawd, it looked like he had a golf ball under there…! Maybe he was just a very inept shoplifter………

  • bumpkin

    OMGsh! that is my ex-husband! OMGsh! GROSS!

  • John Strother

    every day at Walmart you will see people just like this. It shows their IQ levels and they are in single digits. Walmart sells junk that third world countries won’ allow to be sold. Let the buyer be aware.

  • Lori Zinger

    Beauty is only skin deep, but stupid is through and through.

  • GumboGodess

    Atl ho.

  • Robbocop

    I have to imagine that at least a few of these folks looked into the mirror before they left the house and thought, “damn, I look good.”

  • Paul

    #15 – did somebody have an accident?

  • Paul

    #12 – ugh!

  • Zanesgir63l

    The illegitimate love child of Dee Snyder and Cousin It from the Addams Family!!!!!

  • Linda Creech

    race of animals

  • Adrien Chandler

    Image #4… ummm… Ma’am? Your boobs are on backwards.

  • Joyce Laverne Sullens

    Try not to laugh at these people. PRAY FOR THEM. They need our help.

  • Cassandra InDetroit

    So, I’m wondering how they’ve obtained these pics in the first place …Walmart’s Security Cameras? If that’s the case, these folks should sue the heck-out-of ’em

    • opie

      Nah, other shoppers take them and submit them.

    • CatHammer

      They’re in public; have nothing to sue over.

  • tamar

    It looks to me as if they trying to cash in aka (Law Suit). Hoping the store would say something ..

  • For Rizzeal

    There must be a psych ward connected to Wal Mart!

  • Anderson Clark

    My wish is for people to look at these people and see the damage that has been done to them most likely in childhood. Psychological, emotional, physical, and sexual abuses create a major need for attention, good or bad, if not treated. These people are not laughing stocks, they are people in need of therapy. May God help them all.

    • John Strother

      and if you are wrong and they prefer to be this way , what is your comment then? You fake.

  • Ken

    Looks like the FOOD STAMP crowd that you see all too often in public!

  • Stan Heck

    I am not looking at these photos because “Nobody” wants to be laughed at. What if these were people you loved? Now I am not “holier then thou” but I am old enough to know that this is bullying! Posting these photos and people making snide remarks is a form of “BULLING”. If we want to live in a nicer world then it has to start with our “OWN KEYBOARDS”. .

    • John Strother

      being way over weight is sickening to most people. I’ll bet most of these tubs of lard could eat 2 buckets of fried chicken by them selves and look for seconds.

  • tom cook

    Good news is those monstrous baboons will die early–just not early enough!

  • marmo43

    self perception is a hard thing to come by apparently.

  • flhiker

    Why do fat people think they look good in tight cloths?

  • Rain

    I don’t think it’s OK to post pictures of people online, whether we know them or not, with the intention of making fun of them.

  • me

    was that moochele on that scooter?

  • Aveenah.

    Wow, The Mother Goddess is alive and well at Walmart. Who would have thunk it. Almost as good as Burning Man. I love that these women flaunt their voluptuous curves and dare to be comfortable in their skin and not the bland/homogenous/fake version offered to us by cut and slash Hollywood. Be your unique self and celebrate real life not the airbrushed, sanitized version put forth by the media intent on wanting people to hate themselves and think they are not good enough and that they must buy some chemical junk to make them “look better’ and fit into the safe, shame-based/fear based culture of self-hate.

  • jacalder

    Funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time. No wonder Wal-mart’s profits are nosediving. Their customers cannot afford pants.

  • andy

    what the hell is wrong with people now a days???

  • Deb S.

    Every single one of you that laughed at this “montage” of photos should be ashamed of yourselves! And your, Madame Noire, should be as well. Just how funny would these be if we were poking fun of people because of their skin color or their sexual preference of their physical disabilities? Not so funny then, huh? At what point did it become OK to take pictures of someone without their permission, and then post it for the whole world to see and make fun of? The people that take these pictures are bullies as are sites like this one that post them, and you all are the bullies’ mindless minions that stand around and laugh.

    • Paul

      I see no faces shown to identify these people.

    • John Strother

      Being Fat isn’t where it at. Being fat isn’t a good thing. Being fat, I bet they can out eat most anyone and are banned from all you can eat places.

    • callitayouseeit

      I see the point you are TRYING to make, however, skin color, sexual preference, disabilities are NOT a choice – whereas what you were and how you style or not style yourself is. Just like obscene tattoos, green hair.. These people obviously want ot look like that, and are open for others opinion.

  • Linda McDonald

    What the hell is the matter with these people?!! Obviously extreme low self esteem. Wal Mart needs to install DRESS CODES and ENFORCE THEM!!! I dont wanna see this in public!

  • Imelda Ibarra

    what bliss to be so comfortable with your body. some things can never be unseen.

  • Barry

    Thats why I don’t shop a Walmart. LMAO

  • Earych

    Any one else feeling ill?

  • Latehours

    Sincerely hope all you people who laugh at this find yourselves victims of terrible, life altering accidents. End up with mental issues and physical disfigurement so that you can go out in public and have your picture snapped, then posted to the web where anonymous people can all make themselves feel awesome by slamming you without knowing a single thing about your life situation.
    And whoever “wrote” this “story” needs a real job. Even my old highschool newsletter would consider this trash “reporting” in every way.

    • John Strother

      That is BS, they choose to be fat, it makes them feel empowered. It is a sin to be fat, don’t you know. It is call gluttony.

  • PeakOilAdvocate

    What did we do to deserve this story?
    I see the solution to Peak Oil:
    Unlimited energy ….

  • jaxtom

    Another reason not to visit WalMart….

  • Barrustio

    Was that a “brown spot” on the back of those panties

  • crustyone

    Quick, I need a barf bag at customer service ASAP.

  • crustyone

    Yuck! Outside undies with a nice stain.

  • crustyone

    Shouldn’t she be riding on one of the trolleys used for moving case goods within the store?

  • Eil

    Why is this even on the the internet? What is the purpose? We spend time as a society telling school children not to bully and make fun of others, but here we are, making fun of people. This serves no purpose but to make fun of others. Pathetic and shameful. If you don’t like how someone looks, then don’t look at them.

    • John Strother

      because their over eating is a sin, that is why. I’ll bet most of these people eat more than your whole family does in a week at just one meal.

  • doremi

    sorry I was misinformed. Meg is a cute black chick. Here is how she likes to describe herself: “Meg Butler is a Stay-At-Home professional based in Houston, TX. She runs an organic garden, home brews and tackles home improvement projects.”

    Well la-di-da Meg. Aren’t you urban cool. Stick to making fun of celebrities, will you? Or yuppies like you. There’s something offensive about your pics and commentaries about ordinary strangers who you find objectionable.

  • doremi

    So is the writer, Meg Butler, a cute white chick? You really think this is representative of Wal Mart shoppers Meg? You are a major league jerk.

  • Big Ed

    She has sheet herself!

  • mary

    while people might think its funny that these morbidly obese people think its attractive to let it all hang out … I feel sorry for them.. they have no clue what damage they are doing to their bodies

  • bernice hill

    A lot of people will do anything to be seen or heard. Attention getters they are called. The thing is you make them feel important. They will even kill themselves in a odd way for your attention in order to say (I did it) Thank you.

  • MeBeMe

    Only in America. Nowhere else in the world would you sights see this

  • Mike

    The sad part of this is these pictures were taken of US citizens in the USA. There has to be more hippos in the US than there are in Africa. These pictures are proof, that America has loonies running loose in the streets.

  • don3345

    Why do black people dress so trashy? Even when they put on expensive clothes, it is the wrong color, like a lavender suit.

    • Big Ed

      And what do they eat that makes them so frigging FAT? Butter and lard sandwiches?

      • John Strother

        can you say bacon? Ham hocks? Hog fat dripping off fried foods?

  • ron nixon

    These are all the nice people we are likely supporting.

  • Commisha Conley

    #4 has bigger tits on her back than I have on my front!

  • Glenn H

    If you’ll notice most people riding those handicap shopping carts are simply to fat to walk, and we’re buying all that food for them!


    What’s sad is these creatures are allowed to vote !

  • Jennifer Holland

    I doubt there are many beauty pageant winners and GQ models among the comment authors so live and let live

    • realclearconservative

      Which photo was you?

  • badgercorner

    Merely a case of deluded people with no hang-ups….they ‘think’ they look good…unfortunately.

  • Finkster

    Now we can see the results of the Great Society. Looks like the Progressive Democrat Nazi have found another way to enslave people. And all the while the people don’t even know it.

  • Steph


  • Debra Clifford Gifford

    How sad it is that adults make fun of other people. In my 55 years, I have never poked fun at any individual for any reason. Its likely that this person, due to the obesity, becomes easily overheated. Yes, even with air conditioning! People, I wish you’d get a dose of Gods love. If more people loved God and all he stands for, this world would be a lovely place. Do any of you ever feel empathy for others? The only reason I even came to read this was so I could read what people were saying and to comment. God Bless this man!

  • Roger Bence

    nothing funny about any of these just plain disgusting should never be allowed out in public

  • Dan Murphy

    Being overweight but not Obese like these people, I Don’t understand why they cannot cover themselves up? I believe too that these people are suffering from Mental illness, because NO Sane Person would leave the house looking like this!

  • dirtflyer

    More Ham for your 2 Eggs, ….,why am I going Blind. ……

  • NealKaye

    Gallery of Obama voters.

  • Rob Billeaud

    OK, the pink shorts with red socks is the least wrong thing with that photo. When I see that I’m not thinking oh my God his shorts and socks don’t match.

  • karinmurphy

    This is so mean-spirited for a society that likes to boast of its compassion. MadameNoire, you should be ashamed for posting this and debasing these individuals, without their consent I might add.

  • sma

    if nothing else blacks are always good for a laugh…

    • Big Ed

      Too bad they are allowed to vote though…they just vote themselves more handouts

  • Steve Stallone

    Hire her for the making of Exercist II !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The woman with 4 boobs!

  • suebr5254

    Why do big butt women think their cottage cheese asses look good?

  • annierwise

    S­­­­­­­­­t­­­­­­­­­a­­­­­­­­­r­­­­­­­­­t­­­­­­­­­ w­­­­­­­­­o­­­­­­­­­rk­­­­­­­­­in­­­­­­­­­g a­­­­­­­­­t­­­­­­­­­ ho­­­­­­­­­m­­­­­­­­­e w­­­­­­­­­it­­­­­­­­­h G­­­­­­­­­oo­­­­­­­­­gl­­­­­­­­­e! It­­­­­­­­­’s by-­­­­­­­­­far­­­­­­­­­ the­­­­­­­­­ best­­­­­­­­­ j­­­­­­­­­ob­­­­­­­­­ I’v­­­­­­­­­e ha­­­­­­­­­d­­­­­­­­­. ­­­­­­­­­Last­­­­­­­­­ Thurs­­­­­­­­­day­­­­­­­­­ I­­­­­­­­­ go­­­­­­­­­t ­­­­­­­­­a ­­­­­­­­­bran­­­­­­­­­d­­­­­­­­­ n­­­­­­­­­ew ­­­­­­­­­BM­­­­­­­­­W since­­­­­­­­­ ­­­­­­­­­getti­­­­­­­­­ng­­­­­­­­­ a­­­­­­­­­ che­­­­­­­­­ck­­­­­­­­­ for­­­­­­­­­ ­­­­­­­­­$­­­­­­­­­6­­­­­­­­­474­­­­­­­­­ thi­­­­­­­­­s­­­­­­­­­ – ­­­­­­­­­4­­­­­­­­­ wee­­­­­­­­­ks p­­­­­­­­­ast­­­­­­­­­. I­­­­­­­­­ began­­­­­­­­­ this­­­­­­­­­ 8-months­­­­­­­­­ ago­­­­­­­­­ and­­­­­­­­­ immediately­­­­­­­­­ was­­­­­­­­ ­bringing­­­­­­­­­ home­­­­­­­­­ at­­­­­­­­­ least­­­­­­­­­ ­­­­­­­­­$­­­­­­­­­7­­­­­­­­­7­­­­­­­­­ pe­­­­­­­­­r ho­­­­­­­­­ur­­­­­­­­­. I­­­­­­­­­ work­­­­­­­­­ through­­­­­­­­­ this­­­­­­ ­­ link­­­­­­­­­, g­­­­­­­­­o? t­­­­­­­­­o tech­­­­­­­­­ tab­­­­­­­­­ for­­­­­­­­­ work­­­­­­­­­ detail,,,,,,,

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    ================================== ……

  • Arcadian

    I long ago stopped actually going into a Walmart store. Online is the only way to go to avoid two large marges blocking an aisle, all the while looking at you and knowing you want to proceed, yet they refuse to move. When given the opportunity in the past, I’ve actually taken my cart and pushed theirs out of my way to get through the hog jam…

  • JohnWilkesBooth

    How come most of these ‘winners’ are……… Granted, there are some pretty darned ugly Whites or whatever they are, but most are black. Sorry, but it’s true. I have often wondered if there are really human beings, that do this……….and yes, I’ve actually seen puke like this in a Wal-Mart… it’s only too true! Our country is in a sorry mess, with mess like this actually walking the streets!

    • Arcadian

      And, they breed…

      • JohnWilkesBooth

        And THAT, is the real scary part!!!

  • anon123456821

    I shouldn’t have looked at this before going to bed.

  • Chica Caliente

    Not sure where those photos come from, but I’ve never seen ANYTHING even close to anything like that in any of the Wal-Marts I’ve ever been to. In fact, at the Wal-Mart near my home now, it looks more like people get dressed up to go there! Although it is in a small, mostly-rural town about 30 miles outside Dallas, it still amazes me that there are so many women there wearing dresses! And that the men are wearing starched and pressed jeans and shirts! And both men and omen dressing like that even on 100-degree plus days!Sometimes I’ll catch myself wearing “weekend clothes” and actually make myself change before I head to Wal-Mart! LOL Otherwise, I’d probably end up on THEIR funny photo list!


    Amazing how the majority of the disgusting pictures are of disgusting Blacks. It is true, since Wal mart caters to blacks, you can see some of the most obnoxiously dressed individuals there in certain Las Vegas super center stores.

  • Bonione

    #4 is the winner!!!!!!! lol

  • TexizzBoy

    Walmart, land of tattoos and butt cracks!

  •’s an Attention thing “LOOK AT ME!”

  • …maybe he’s more likely shopping for Vasiline

  • blowme

    the liberal do gooders try to tell us that 1 in 5 is hungry in america. what a load of crap. we have the fatest poor people in the world.

  • Kimberley Davis

    Really? A guy in a speedo at Wal-Mart? This is photoshopped..

  • karebear

    concerning the picture of shopper at walmart—–why is it so funny when a thicke madam wears something in public like that–but, thin women wear something the same no one blinks. it’s equally offenseive but it’s not for me to judge.—–think about it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Holy Joe

    They do it for the publicity shots, two seconds of National Fame .

  • pandainc

    Fifteen reasons to never go to Walmart …

  • Mary Smith

    I can’t believe that most of these people DON’T have mental illness (bipolar, schizophrenia) or mental retardation.

  • Serena Morris

    God, don’t people have mirrors in their houses

  • Dan

    Obama voters.

    • caren

      It must really bother you to have a President that is for more than just people like you. Everything in the world isn’t about Obama.):

      • Big Ed

        It must REALLY bother you that he is the WORST President EVER… amirite?

  • govsurveillance

    morons . . . each and every one . . . it’s hard to be optimistic that civilization is not doomed.

    • scootpeep

      “Civilization” is DOOMED…on this planet. I think I am more of a visiting alien than an Earth being.

  • me

    these people think the fatter and grosser the butt is sexier. how does she wipe her butt after she takes a dump?

    • caren

      Good question?

    • Arcadian

      Not very well, I would guess. Peeyooh!

  • me

    that picture from behind of a gross behind…was moochele mingling with the common folk again?

  • Jerry Colon

    yupm that is walmart

  • shetaz71

    this is what happens on the 1st and 15th of every month…. don’t venture out to ghetto-mart on those days!

    • caren

      Now you are just down right ignorant. I’m sure your check is posted to your EBT card so you can feel better than the other people who are in your situation.

  • Kathleen Karp

    why do stores even allow people to enter the store dressed like this? It’s basically indecent exposure.

    • caren


    • scootpeep

      Walmart doesn’t care as long as they drop their money there and …no WHERE ELSE.

  • tony

    this isnt funny crack heads

  • Jim

    the lady in the motorized cart is able to turn her head around 180 degrees. Probably looks better than what’s on the other side. What the hell is wrong with people?

  • Jim

    why black her eyes out? no one looking up there anyways. My eyes burn.

  • rrjane011749

    Do these people (?) realize how ridiculous they look? Do they not have mirrors at home? This is horrible! This is pitiful! Definitely LMAO!

    • scootpeep

      They ain’t got no stinking mirrors at home. As long as their head to toe reflection off their plates after they lick them after meals looks good to them, why have mirrors or “Shiny objects”?

  • Tatiana Covington

    #3: Now I shall need my retinas repaired.

    • scootpeep

      I need a new pair of glasses and my eyes’ lenses replaced…in that order.

  • eyes wide shut

    It seems to me the African American women could care less what others think………good …….bad or disgusting., and yes most were African American

    • caren

      I’m white and I inspect wal-marts and see whites and Spanish people looking just as ridiculous. The person choose to focus on the African Americans because that is what was funny or disgusting to him or her taking the picture. Don’t make this about race. That’s what is wrong with the world everything has to be about race, religion or money. I know you yourself have seen some disgusting white folks, don’t act like you haven’t because I know I have.

  • CC

    Only in the US – shameful

    • scootpeep

      And that is why they are called “The Ugly American(s)”, and it is the title of a book, not kidding.

  • cphillips2

    It is really sad to see these people who are so overweight. I feel sorry for them. I know they are not happy with themselves, but I can’t figure out why they would go out in public.

    • scootpeep

      It’s not like they have a choice to stay in.

  • Mel Bias

    man i haven’t laughed this hard in ages.

  • bayareacougar

    Walmart shoppers are from an entirely different alien planet.

    • scootpeep


      • Arcadian

        I believe they are from Halfrica…

  • Terri

    Actually, do ANY of you have a clue how hard it is for large men and women to even find clothes in their size? Do any of you have a clue how difficult life is for large people in a world geared to the very thin? It’s funny to laugh at people behind their backs, isn’t it? Why don’t you all go find a mirror and look at your own short-comings and flaws and a post a pic or two.

    • caren


    • Arcadian

      Start out by putting the fork down. Drink a large glass of water, but by all means, put the fork down. Then stay far, far away from the chips and snacks aisle…

  • Steve

    There are some caveats that you should be aware of when taking a photograph or video:
    You can photograph or take video anywhere that a person does not have an expectation of privacy – such as a washroom or dressing room. This included federal and state government buildings.
    If you are on private property, you must abide by their rules and permission must be granted to film or you could be arrested for trespassing.
    In most cases, police cannot demand to see your video, confiscate your camera or phone without a warrant. They cannot delete your footage. If you captured a crime in progress, there are situations where the police may obtain your video as evidence, although they may still need a warrant.
    A police officer may order you to leave the area and stop filming if it legitimately interferes with police activities or if it endangers you or others.
    Don’t pull your camera or phone out of your pocket in front of the police or point it at them. They may believe you are going for a weapon and this could give them reason to use force or draw their weapons. You could end up dead.
    Many photos of people in strange and at times humiliating situations occur every day, I took photos of people digging in their nose, scratching areas of the body they should not, fixing their undergarments, even unintentional flashing or wearing items that revel to much. A publication wrote a narrative around them referring to the strange habits of people! Many were upset and in one case we went to court. The other side complained i had stolen their privacy, degraded their social status, caused them mental harm, ruined their position or status in life.. And at the end of the whole thing the Judge said very simply “If you want to do the things i have seen in these pictures, then go home where it is private, close the doors and windows and do it there! don’t do it in PUBLIC, as today you never know who has a camera pointed at you!” He added a bit latter , The public is just that! you have no privacy! it is called Public for a reason!

    • caren

      Yeah all that may be true but you better hope and pray no one catches you with a camera doing or looking silly. That old saying, “what goes around, comes around.”

      • scootpeep

        Called the karma boomerang effect.

  • Kimberly Washington

    Lmao @ the bra cant support this and neither we. Lol’d the whole time.

  • ube55

    PROPRIETY is taboo in this place!!!! The mentality – America is a free country!!! bow!

  • sarasefree

    is this for real??? i can’t believe anyone would leave their house looking so messed up…..i won’t even wear some of these at home….lol

    • scootpeep

      I don’t go to Walmart that much but to go grab a bite from McD’s but it’s been said the homeless French, Italian, European look better and are dressed even if they are poor, but this is bad much less tactful dress in comparison.

  • jake

    I was going to comment,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,but i just can’t find the words,,,like, what can you say?

    • scootpeep


  • Thomas

    She got down but she never got tight

    She’s gonna make it through the night

    Manfred Mann – Blinded By The Light Lyrics | MetroLyrics



    thomas 🙂

    • Arcadian

      But, momma, that’s where the sun is….

  • Rumple Stiltskin

    Dude in the pink shorts and red socks looks quite a bit like John Goodman. Even looks like something he would do!!

    • Amelia

      That was clearly a Halloween pic. There was even a sign that said “Happy Halloween” in the picture. Some of the others look staged. There are a lot of ignorant, racist, and mean comments.

      • Silly Boy Me

        Thank you Amelia, you’re correct about that. My first thought was that the guy lost a bet.

  • ValhallaVixen

    You shouldn’t make fun of people with the way they dress. Maybe this is all they can afford. This is viral bulling.

    • caren

      Some of the comments are just mean and sad, I agree and feel bad that I even looked at the pictures now that I’ve read some of the mean spirited comments.

  • Jenny Griffin

    They’re comfortable, so what the f@#k has it got to do with anybody else what they are wearing — certainly not harming anybody. Get a life, and leave others to get on with theirs. This is just plain mean, and in my opinion the lowest of low journalism, if you can even call it that.

    • Seriously

      No, these people have no self respect. Has nothing to do with comfortable. Seriously.

      • caren

        Per your standard, they respect themselves and are alright with who they are and how they look. The problem seems to lie with those who have a problem with the pictures.

    • caren

      Well said

  • James Longwood

    Photoshopped? If not, when going to Wal Mart, be afraid, be very afraid.

    • scootpeep


    • Arcadian

      And, no matter what, never, and I mean do not ever use the motorized carts!!! They are crawling with creepy critters from every ethnic background. Ooooh….Ugh.

  • FLC180

    I thought this article was supposed to criticize 15 badly dressed shoppers, not criticize a mix of badly dressed shoppers and people with physical deformities :/ Poor taste, Butler, poor taste.

  • These are absolutely hilarious. I am laughing so hard at a few of these that I have tears streaming down my face. I have got to take a camera with me to Walmart more often.

  • Kathleen

    I would really like to know where (what state) these pictures were taken. I’ve never seen anything even close to this at a Walmart.

    • caren

      I’ve seen people in several Wal-marts dressed like this. I just try not to stare and accept their taste in dress. I inspect Wal-marts and see it a lot in Northern California and in the Southern states.

      • scootpeep

        Unless you are in the 2 regions Caren mentioned, I live in NorCal, and the WM in my town have most of the shoppers there who are African American from the South( I can tell from the accent and some are from Texas to GA other than the other Southern states) CA ,being the most populous state has the most WMs so there will be visitors from the South who do stay in CA who only shop at WM plus the mild to hot weather(and getting hotter) and the ruralness of NorCal is reminds one of the native South plus if you get the military personnel from the South who only will shop at WM off base. As a long time CA native who lived in Va and GA, I don’t shop at Walmart, but i do see those from out of state(mostly from the South) who will only shop at the nearest Arkansas based WM traveling through in their RV from the main highway just to get the basic necessities and other mostly MADE IN CHINA items.

  • Stan

    It’s rude to take someone’s picture without their permission.

    • scootpeep

      With almost everyone having the standard camera on their I/smart phone, it’s hard not to take a picture. I may have had my photo taken from another table next to me since the person was taking the pic of his pal with me in the background unless while i was at a McD’s in a Walmart.

  • Ms. Fashionista

    These getups MUST be a ploy to get on “people of walmart” photo essays. Right? Please? Surely no real human would choose to look like this if not for that reason.

    • scootpeep

      Let us hope not.

  • tunatofu

    Uh really? The SOCKS? THAT was what was wrong with his outfit? Wow – missed the forest for the too short tied in a knot trees!!

  • cetj98168

    Aren’t all these pics what Walmart is all about? They should run a contest!

  • Vera Evans

    Should a person feel guilty for laughing at, and judging these people? Maybe.

    • scootpeep

      Vera, and I have an advisor who shares your name, in today’s world society, people will judge you by your dress, mannerism, and vocabulary in order to gauge your education. These people will never leave the US to visit another country because some of those who are greatly obese will take up 2 seats on a plane and most people outside the US who hate Americans will see this and knowing the obesity epidemic we have in this country and tons of food we have to eat and waste will see the USA as sick ugly country if not already.

  • scocope

    Go to peopleofwalmartdotcom to see much more.

  • Zoe

    Very distasteful for photographers and then viewers on the Internet to bully these people with ridicule.

    • Ron Stone

      When you walk around looking like a clown, most people will assume you expect to be laughed at.

    • scootpeep

      Then these people need to SUE Walmart then.

    • Arcadian

      They put themselves in the public spotlight, so I have zero empathy for them. There are a multitude of different types of clothing one can choose to wear, so this is apparently an obvious attempt to get attention on their parts. There are many ways to make plus size people look comfortable and classy at the same time. Don’t give me that crying liberal BS, because it’s nothing but a crock.

    • Arcadian

      And, why are you here?

  • TubifexWorm

    These pictures are as close as I’ve ever gotten to a Walmart. Thank you for validating my reluctance to go there. The people and the store seem like a match made in heaven: a tacky store for tacky people. What’s not to like about that?

    • caren

      Why are they tacky because they don’t live up to your simple standards. Your mean):

      • Arcadian

        There is nothing so hilarious as someone calling you a name by saying “your a whatever.” It’s you’re…as in you are. LMAO!!… pathetic.

  • wayne wright

    The happy countries aren’t carrying a whole segment of their population as 6th generation welfare recipients so they don’t have that burden. If the elephant in the room was removed as a consideration, a lot more Americans would be happy. Whole sections of major cities are basically a write off as far as productivity goes. Schools can’t be maintained because gangs rule the neighborhoods and weekend killing raids are the norm. Also, other countries aren’t shipping all their jobs off to the lowest foreign bidder because it’s better to collect all the social services and freebies than to work for minimum wage… or work at all. When having children from your early teens is a money making proposition there is no incentive to do anything. We can’t fix our problems because it is against the law to name and address them.

    • scootpeep

      So TRUE.

  • wayne wright

    This way beyond poor body image.

  • Cletus Snow

    It’s too bad that some have nothing better to do than make fun of the crazies. We have a neighbor who takes a walk every once in a while naked with just a baseball cap or a cowboy hat. No one takes his picture or makes fun of him, in fact someone usually walks him home. Even the cops just take him home.

  • gypsy269

    this isnt funny its sad,,,im large but i would NEVER GO ANYPLACE even home dressed like ths,,where is their sence of pride,,

    • scootpeep

      Thy pride has gone out the window forever gone.

  • Ron Stone

    Some people evolved from some really ugly monkeys.

    • TubifexWorm

      No people evolved from monkeys. You, I, they and modern day monkeys evolved from the same common primate ancestors. These people are a display of what happens when poor humans, without education, make a life-time of bad choices. If you don’t already look like them, it is because you have had advantages that they did not have and have made choices that they did not make. Besides, the monkeys that I have seen are better looking than these Walmart humans because the monkeys have had better lives.

      • Ron Stone

        It was a dig at the fundamentalists who frequent Walmart and indignantly proclaim that they “aren’t descended from monkeys”. An article such as this wouldn’t, as a rule, be the basis for a substantive discussion of those with less-than-zero self-image, except perhaps on the inherent cruelty of humor.

      • caren

        Wow the monkey discussion, are you people serious. It’s just pictures of people who dressed differently than us and are not at a weight which others find acceptable. Lighten up Ron, TubifecWorm…it is not that major. That’s it for me the comments that some of you all posted has burned me out. A lot of mean spirited people and the photographer should be ashamed of himself for snapping pictures of people minding their own business. You all better hope and pray a camera isn’t on you during a time you would hate for the world to see. The world seems to judge harshly.

        • scootpeep

          Unfortunately in this HYPOCRITICAL 21st century world, Caren, people will judge and I catch myself doing it and admitting not to be fair in my evaluation of people. My half serious joke is NOBODY’S PERFECT. If you are an inspector for Walmart, isn’t there a policy not to be having pics much less a video camera to be used in operation on store premises? And you can’t stop pics from people with their I/smartphones’ cameras. One’s sense of personal privacy is GONE FOREVER. Welcome to the 1984 George Orwellian ALL EYES are on YOU New World Order Agenda 21 society.

  • helm20558

    I thought we had public decensacy laws, apparentley not. If I were a cop i would arrest every single one of these people for being indecent in public. This is the stuff of nightmares.

  • helm20558

    The headline reads, Friends don’t let friends go to walmart looking like that. My thought is, WHAT FRIENDS? I don’t believe they have friends. If someone I knew and I do, wanted to go into public looking like that I would have to say cover that up. It is unbecoming and I refuse to be seen with You. I do have a very large friend with a short dress that she loves but it showes her butt and her cottage cheese and I tell her that I will not be seen with her if she wears it. It makes her mad but I will not let her get away with it. I’m not her yes Friend.

  • zemel

    Are these Walmart’s in the south, I’ve been to Walmart’s here in Maryland and thank God I have never seen anybody dressed like that. I’ve seen some women in leggings that shouldn’t be in them. I don’t think they should sell them beyond size 16. Once you get past that size bad things happen to peoples eyes that have to see these women that have the leggings on.

    • caren

      LOL, I am a legging wearer and will keep in mind if I get past size 16 I should choose another pant choice.

  • cros99

    I checked out “MadameNoire ” today and the major Flow of ads do nothing but slow down the loading and ruin the visit by the video’s and audio jumping in your face. This is one potential user that won’t be back.

  • John in Rockville

    And the good news is Americans no longer need to pay for admittance to the freak show.

  • I love that one of liberals favorite pastimes is making fun of poor people.

    • TubifexWorm

      1. Liberals are not fans of keeping people poor.
      2. Good Will or Salvation Army cast-offs would look better than the attire that these poor people are wearing. These Walmartees aren’t dressed badly because they are poor but rather because they have poor taste. These people think they look good and they are flaunting it.
      3. For nearly all of them, what makes them most unattractive is their over-weight condition. Eating less does not cost more. It costs nothing to jog around the hood where they live. Less food and more exercise wouldn’t make them rich, but would improve the quality and length of their lives. But it is a choice that we can’t force on them.
      4. People have the right to be fat and tacky. It is wonderful that they have Walmart, where they can show it off to other people who like it. And it is entertaining to those of us who do not like it. And we don’t have to shop there.

      • “Liberals are not fans of keeping people poor”?? Really? Seems like giving people just enough to get by, lust a little more than they would make with a minimum wage job, pretty much guarantees they will stay poor.

        You don’t get out of poverty by the state paying you stay home and vegetate, you get out of poverty by working hard.

        I do love that you are defending making fun of poor, uneducated people. Shows how tolerant and inclusive you really are.

        • TubifexWorm

          It might be difficult to do when the wealthy CEO’s transfer jobs, on a tax-advantaged basis, to foreign countries. And many hard-working people, even with college degrees, have difficulty finding work that takes advantage of their education and talents. Stop assuming that liberals want to see people on food stamps, welfare or unemployment insurance. Stop assuming that the people on these programs prefer the dole to meaningful work. Instead, conservatives should join with liberals and everyone in between to do something about these problems. I see what poor people do (and should not do) that makes it difficult for them to improve their lot. You need to see what our legal system and big business do to keep poor people poor. Put all the facts on the table and we might be able to make things better.

        • BoldChapeau

          It’s not about being poor necessarily. It’s about being outrageously tacky. You, apparently, don’t acknowledge the difference because to do so would be to deny yourself the basis of your unrelated political diatribe.

    • BoldChapeau

      Let’s not turn this into an entirely unrelated political rant. Where’s your sense of humor, Ipse? Lighten up already!

    • Arcadian

      Soooo, what drew you to this episode of “The People of Walmart?” Never mind…closet peeper.

      • I came to make fun of the self-righteous people spewing hate and bigotry in the name of liberal tolerance and open mindedness in the comment section.

  • Dede

    I thought this was made up until I ACTUALLY SAW one of these misguided folks in a Walmart!! Could not believe it! Some of these could almost be called child abuse or sexual abuse!! These are horrendous…. Don’t they have friends/ family looking out for them??

  • bazooka j

    sadly, i’ve seen them all!

  • Brian Lehrer

    The writer of this post, along with all of you laughing at it should be ashamed of yourselves. You are being mean spirited, judgmental, and just plain rude. A lot of these people do probably have mental issues, a lot are likely in poverty, and a lot of them just don’t give a damn about your elitist bullying. Everyone has a right to dress as they please and not be tormented for it. This is not their problem, it’s your problem.

    • bazooka j

      i am offended by their uglyiness

    • esuoh1

      So uh, which is your picture?

      • manndan

        Shame on me. I laughed at your comment.

  • Pamela K. Cahoon Laub

    #15 not only has the red underwear on the outside, but it has a dark spot on the rear. Don’t they have mirrors or do they have distorted body images and think they look good?

  • u pick-a-me I pick-a-u

    Another South Boston Walmart photo shoot!

  • IM From Louisiana

    #15 is after a parade. We get these really cheap panties that they throw out from the floats with beads. Some people wear them on their heads and the others wear them like that.

  • Milliken Steeler

    I knew cousin IT shopped at Walmart. I just knew it!

    • Arcadian

      Thanks for the absolutely funniest comment I’ve seen yet on this episode of “The People of Walmart!!”

  • carlos

    You go to Wal-Mart looking for fashion? Just who is playing the fool here?

  • Candy Flynt Bearor

    these people have no friends

    • bazooka j

      or lives

  • misterdawg

    These people vote! And guess who they will vote for?

  • Josie

    Sad part of this is, most all of these are black people!!! Tell me they’re really not that stupid…..please???

  • SilverGuardian

    WTH … why is she wearing a BRA? She’s … conservative?

  • FedUpLibBS

    That WOULD EXPLAIN why those little carts NEVER WORK when I get there.

    • scootpeep

      If you FIND ANY CARTS, the main complaint of the Walmart in my town is their carts area ALL OVER TOWN.

  • Harry Widdifield

    Friday, May 16th is WorldWide People-of-WalMart Day. Make sure to share this and tell all of your friends to stop by WalMart in their most AUDACIOUS costumes. Representatives from Walmart will be randomly selecting shoppers in costume for $1,000 store gift certificates. Tell your friends!

    • Olive Greenz

      You are hilarious!

    • scootpeep


  • Kelly Johnson

    Is it just me or do some of these Wal-Mart pictures seem staged. It seriously looks like people are dressing (or not dressing) just to see if they get on one of these sites. Does anyone else get that impression?

    • scootpeep

      I’m hoping I get that impression but am not feeling it.

  • MamaJ

    I can’t unsee the backbreasts. Can’t. Unsee.

    • Arcadian

      Oh Lord, I feel your pain! That’s the one…

  • BarbL

    These are so sad/bad I cannot bring myself to post them. It would just be too mean. I used to post them but I just can’t do it anymore.

  • Joliee

    Eww but for real we have got to start taking care of our bodies, obesity is dangerous and not a cultural statement like we have been led to believe.

  • Mariette Sc

    OMG! She forgot to dress up 🙁 . But, at Walmart you can find anything you are looking for :-(. Maybe!

  • John Doe

    It’s like a freak show…..

  • Eve_Iveneg

    This is about common decency, self respect and respect for others! I would be mortified to be caught like this.

  • G.W. G.

    This is why Sterling didn’t want her to bring them to the games!

  • Kissing Midnight

    LOL, this is why I don’t go to Walmart.

  • HoodooUthinkUR

    Welfare recipients are NOT easy on the eyes.

  • sam atk

    Like this one the best

  • KiraUSA



    Where they do that at?—— AND WITH SHYT STAINS?!?!?!?!!?

  • onecopsgirl

    WTF???? How does that happen????

  • Rebecca

    To this day I wonder what the hell are they thinking. Every summer the freak’s come out. Pity it’s not at night so you can’t see them YUCK!

  • Binner

    First >>Where, what state were these people in?

    #2…. Mesh? Really? Unless you’re a model or TOTALLY fit, never wear mesh anything.
    #7… Please tell me that poor little girl isn’t her daughter. She’s going to be scarred for life.
    #8… WTF? Is that a speedo or thong underwear?
    #10.. I’m confused. Is that a male or female in a 1/2 top?
    #11.. The guy seems to be in great shape. Why the skin tight, ugly, see-through eveything?
    #14… WHO leaves the house AND GOES SHOPPING without pants/shorts on? EVER?
    #15… There’s a reason they’re called Underwear. They go UNDER what you WEAR. When has this Ever been in style?

    It amazes me that people will actually go out in public dressed like this. The fact that these people are heavy is beside the point. This is disgusting and offensive. They deserve any and all ridicule and laughter they get.

    • Arcadian

      What amazes me, is that the bleeding hearts want to make everyone here feel guilty for laughing or commenting, yet they’re here, too. Why is that? Only to preach to us from high atop of their perfection pedestals???? Or, do you think they may be in one of those pics? LMAO!! Hypocrites…

  • Binner

    #5 How did she get them up even that far?

  • Harold

    My best friend, now deceased, on seeing a 300+ pounder in Wal-Mart on one of those “scooters” being followed by a passel of kids, once said; “I could never be that drunk!”

    Me neither, but “some” like it????

  • Number 6 looks like “Cousin It” from the “Adams Family” on a little pair of stilts.

  • Poorfat chick

    Why must people make fun of those that do not look like barbie or do not dress as others thing they should . Just another form of bulling . What of these peoples feeling do you think you have done no harm to them ? Well think again you have hurt them, , embarrassed, and them humiliated them in front of millions I hope you are all very proud of yourself. This is not funny .. Shame on you all

    • Eurosunshine

      Decent clothing is simply respect to the surrounding people. They do big harm to society that lost any sense of culture and looking like human being. Really, there is no need to eat an elephant a day. Plus to me they all looked like hookers (even the male) and dress so intentionally.

    • Binner

      P.Chick —- You’re kidding right? I happen to know A LOT of very heavy, full-figured women and NOT ONE of them would be caught DEAD looking like this in public!! These people are dressed disgustingly and offensively. They deserve all the ridicule and back-stabbing laughter they get.

    • Arcadian

      Hope you aren’t looking for pity from me or many others. No one, and I mean no human being, is completely unable to acquire adequate clothing to dress in if they’re able to go out shopping in public. There is simply no excuse. There are thrift stores with tons of items to choose from, and those who prefer to dress like sleazy skanks should take a look at the classier side of being low income or poor. It’s more than likely the offerings are much less expensive than some of these outrageous outfits I’ve seen. Thankfully, I’m not quite what would be considered poor or destitute, but I’m proud to say I’ve shopped at the thrift stores many, many times. I’ve found some unbelievable deals, and I feel absolutely no shame in doing so, either.

  • crabbyoldlady

    I wonder if people wander into Walmart looking outrageous just so they can show up in these photos…..

  • Mary Ann

    I just can’t understand how these people believe they look good…..have you ever looked at the items in their baskets? No fresh fruits, veggies or meat. It is expensive to eat good and fresh foods but there is no reason to “dress” or not dress like these people.

  • john britt

    WoW! What can I say? This must be in the good ole’ south (maybe not). I grew up in Oakland and now live in The City. I have been known to not comb my hair and run to the store every now and then. However, black sure enough is beautiful in it’s many colors but some folk really need someone to tell them when they out of pocket….. like in these pictures. Who knows? Maybe they was in a hurry.

  • civilwarvet

    OMG! I can’t believe people “dress” this way. What an embarrassment to the human race. It’s like the circus is in town!

  • ko

    These are photos of real people, without their consent, and folks are usually posting harsh comments on forums like this. Please be respectful of the fact that they have the right to dress as they like regardless of your perception of their body size, clothing choices, etc. If you do not like what you see, you may respectfully look at something else. Most folks would not say these comments to peoples’ faces, so please do not post snarky comments online. It can be just as hurtful. We have free speech, but we also have great responsibility with that…

    • ellent

      I agree. These are people who seem to have had hard lives of poverty that have marked them physically and self-esteem-wise. They probably feel that they are amid strangers anyway, so they ran into the store on a very hot day without dressing properly. Shaming and mocking them is taking a cheap shot. This isn’t just a matter of tasteful apparel — their very bodies are also held up for ridicule. They may have been ill and bedridden for a long time; if you don’t know their stories, then afford them the respect that any human being deserves. Lambasting them only reveals poverty of compassion on the part of the lambasters..

      • Arcadian

        Oh, woe is me…another pity party. What brought you to this freak show anyway? Your oration of holier than thou is hollow.

  • Robert Campbell

    love #15…not just the undies as outies look…but a nice big ol sh*t stain dead center on em

  • Ricemanstm

    Sigh…and most of the people are black. It’s sad when the “stereotype” is becoming the “norm.”…

  • martahillgrove

    Pics shot where?? In-bred Mississippi?

  • sothankful1955

    Lady I think you are missing your back bra. Oh my goodness, cover up that up please!

  • Sarah Waters


    • Arcadian

      Shameless, because we owes them…halfricans.

  • Sarah Waters


  • Sarah Waters


  • Sarah Waters


  • Sarah Waters

    DuDe that is just wrong !!!! Wake up your white ? RIGHT !

  • Sarah Waters

    wow she ust belong to the plumbers union !!! LOL

  • Sarah Waters

    I think her head is just on backwards ! LOL

  • Janet

    i don’t mind the ones where people dressed strangely, but i don’t like the ones where people are being made fun of because they’re fat or odd shaped. We don’t need to use others to laugh at.

    • Eurosunshine

      Please, it is elementary respect to cover up. Nobody wants to see so much ugliness. I personally feel disgust. Plus these people always smell awful.

  • Alice Crosby Reed

    these are just plain awfulness!!!! why? why? why? did you come out like that?

  • Alice Crosby Reed

    they said 17 sizes too small,,, no no no,,,, 17 sizes to wrong,,, what the what!!!!

  • Clay Fitzgerald

    Long lost Cousin It has been found!

  • Richard Smith

    these people found at Walmart are known as Walmarsians ,,,,all Walmarts have them all the time ,,,,, go to Walmart , you will see them , if not , maybe its you ……….

  • Dennis W Griepentrog

    Hey, disco rules …man.

  • Mister305Dale

    Thank GOD these are real! Please.keep.them.coming!!

  • Allsaints Macauley

    I never knew there could be so much fun in America, where people wear whatever they want to wear.

  • Allsaints Macauley

    There will never be a doll day in America.

  • Allsaints Macauley


  • imrodger

    I remember reading about a woman who said, “I like going to the dollar store because you don’t have to dress up like you do when you go to Walmart.”

  • iamthetruther8

    These are made up.


    This definitely is sad. Obviously some of these people are starved for attention, have mental health and physical issues, or possibly homeless, and these are the only clothes they could find. I saw NOTHING funny about these pictures. May God help them. In our Christ, Jesus’ name. Amen

  • Organ_Donor

    you can smell it!

  • glynis inney

    which one, i don’t see anything….

  • Song Lyon

    Why do people feel it is funny and appropriate to rag on overweight people? It proves your ignorance,

    • Ana

      I don’t think they are making fun of their weight. They are just pointing out how ridiculous they look when they dress like fools. And not all of them are overweight. But they are all fashion victims.

    • Eurosunshine

      You and your likes are the killers of culture. The world is laughing at Americans because of the way they look. People are what they look like. There are kids with cancer that one has to feel sorry for and not these awfulness. I bet none of them work but they eat all day.
      Plus, you are criticizing people for criticizing their cloths, Who gave you the permission. It hurts our feelings too.

  • aunt bb

    these people need to be arrested for indecent exposer!!!

  • John Weber

    Why spend big money on taking the kids to the circus when you can pack up the family and head out to Walmart for the day. There is no other freak show as good anywhere.

  • mschmidt48

    A man dressed in a thong and not wearing shoes? There’s not any possibility that most of these haven’t been staged. Being barefoot in a store would be reason enough for security to insist that you leave.

  • YaValioCacaWates

    Why pick on the black race? Most of these pictures are of blacks.

  • Nunuvyer Biziniz

    OMG – MY EYES!!!!

  • Nunuvyer Biziniz

    AND, these disgusting obese hogs are on welfare. They are considered ‘disabled.’ SO, these animals steal my money and just sit around eating.

  • Nunuvyer Biziniz

    I thought homosexuals were supposed to be fashion conscious?

  • Padra Graves

    Hey if Kim Kardasshian wants to shop at Walmart, she should expect to have her picture taken.



  • Countrylivin

    Hard not to notice that the majority offenders are of color and morbidly obese!

  • Lee

    Wow…Meg Butler. Is this your life’s dream, to make fun of strangers? What a noble, worthwhile pursuit. Maybe you should spend some time looking inside yourself instead of the outside of others.

  • Cliven

    its all colered people!! ha ha ha!

  • G

    Some young people think dressing this way is “cute” but I Don’t Get It !

  • #1 looks the backside of the Mooch. Dead ringer.

  • Stew Meat

    Yes I’m laughing, but I do question that I found this link on my local news website.

  • Mark

    I have been to Wally World many times and have never seen anything close to this kind of thing…..are these set up pictures, or do they advertise and tell people that if they want 15 minutes of fame to come and dressed in the poorest taste possible??????

  • Soraia Taha

    They have no friends. lol

  • ayami

    this is funny but why would any1 even let these people in. where im from a lady was kicked out for wearing a bikini top into the store xd

  • JonB

    This is just mean. People talk about how bad bullying has become with social media, but this is no different: a bunch of people making fun of others on a website just to make themselves feel better. Imagine if you stumbled upon this website and that was you in the picture. Or your mother, or sister, or girlfriend, or wife. How would you feel? Because you wear the right clothes or have the right body type doesn’t make you any better. Because you make fun of people who don’t, makes you worse.

  • nosrednakal

    This is shameful. I’ve been off the Wal-Mart dope since December for so many reasons. Not being associated with much of their senseless clientele is one of them.

  • CMX

    Our tax…burb….dollars at work.

  • Steven

    My eyes, My eyes!

  • AHA! I SAID IT!!

    I am soooo scared right now!

  • Gail Jordan

    I know it’s not right to judge people, but my god don’t these people have mirrors in their homes?

  • Yo Kern

    must be fake….has to be fake….will believe it to fake…to keep my sanity, my truth is that it is fake….

    • scootpeep

      YOU are only HOPING it’s fake.

  • botzi

    I would suggest full length mirrors at the entrance of Walmarts across the country. I can’t believe these people think they look ok!!!

  • Donna Amundsen

    This is normal in their neighborhoods!

  • Audra

    u sure thats not #deesnider? hehe

  • Camjacked

    #4- That poor, poor Scooter
    #6- That’s Cousin it from the Adams Family
    #7- Proof that aliens live amongst us
    #8- I hope he doesn’t sit in that Chair
    #9- I knew these wern’t my jeans
    #10- Bubba or Bubette
    #11 He’s bad, bad Leroy Brown
    #12 Good Grief! what else do you say? Just good grief.
    #13- That’s it, i quit, can’t go on, gonna lose my Lunch.

    • Arcadian

      The auto-mods are after me, so I’m outta here, too! Was fun while it lasted though!!

  • Camjacked

    Omar the Tent maker was booked up. I wonder if #1 comes with a back-up alarm installed.


    #3 is a Halloween costume. There is a Happy Halloween sign right in front of him…

  • 18235

    liberal racist laughs.

  • JoAnna M72

    Depressing beyond words, REGARDLESS of the reason – mental illness, just don’t care, no standards for personal behavior, lack of boundaries. disregard for others. Hopefully, what’s pictured here is a fluke, a very narrow and small representation.

    Hmmmmm, then there’s Kim K (and a few others). Her clothes, makeup and hair say lots of money, but I can’t help thinking she often looks……………… Maybe she’s the role model for some of these women.

    • 18235

      the photos are funny mostly to racists?

      • JoAnna M72

        Anyone who finds these photos “funny” has personality issues. I think most people find them disturbing and don’t know how to react except to say – they are funny. Hope that’s the case. But then again, as a society we’ve become very mean spirited with no boundaries around how far we will to toward hurting others. You see it in advertising, TV, everywhere. Bullying in schools – Yeah, always been some of that, but it’s gone to a whole new level.

  • Brad Ames

    look at #2 again. Am i the only one that thinks that her entire area from shoulders to waist (contained under that fish net top) looks like a chubby baby wearing colorfullly flamboyant sunglasses

  • BroadwayBaby

    I agree that these people should put some clothes on and change what they are wearing but really guys? That’s their problem. Not yours. Its fine when you are laughing at the choices they made but my heart ached when I looked at the comments. Calling these people garbage? Think about if you went and told them that. Saying it behind their back is just as bed as telling that to their face. As pointed out, they may have mental problems and its sad that they think they have to look this way to be accepted. Some of those people may be one of the most caring people on the Earth and you called them the scum of America? Overused I know, but, don’t judge a book by its cover. That’s all I’m saying.

    • 18235

      liberal racists who get laughs at people who arent like them = acceptable mental illness and acceptable racism.

      • Christie Hall Rogers

        people who ASSume that all the pics were of people of other nationalities and color=dumbass=18235

        • 18235

          wow, are YOU hateful, period.

          I make general, impersonal, statements—YOU make personal attacks.

  • citizenUSA

    Friends, shouldn’t friends go ANYWHERE like this. Likely they don’t have any friends.

    • 18235

      elitist racist love to bad mouth people who go to walmart and look different from upperclass whites.

      • citizenUSA


        • 18235

          anorexics are funny….crack hos are funny….anorexic crack ho Lindsey lohen is funny.

  • jorgy porgy

    why does only the white people get their faces shown.

  • jorgy porgy

    sad. I hope they dont vote.

    • 18235

      and rich whites are hoping they dont breed?

      • Christie Hall Rogers

        I’m not rich, but I hope none of the 15 breed. or vote…because yeah, I guess NONE of the 15 were white, dumb^!!!

  • cruizerdave

    No so much hilarious as horrifying.

    • snowdogg

      Agree… and pathetic

    • 18235

      white millionaires will agree with you.

      • Christie Hall Rogers

        Yeah, b/c THEY shop at Wal-Mart….you so dumb…are you even educated??

        • 18235

          did your parents ever teach you any manners, or is being hateful and making personal attacks on the internet come natural for you?

  • marc

    Well, look at what our food stamps are buying the breeders.

  • Michael

    Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! My eyes! That can not unseen! Please get me the Brain Bleach!

  • Kit23

    I am happy to say that on my trips to Walmart after work, i have never seen anyone dressed (or undressed) like this. The worse I ever saw was a woman with toe nails like talons. I did not take a picture, but unfortunately, I did stare. The nails came over her sandals and almost touched the floor.

  • Mos Def

    This be some racist sh**…dam!

    • 18235

      yeah, rich whites are laughing the most.

  • Rosie Q

    What is wrong with Black society is what is wrong with this article. No compassion, no respect-they not for themselves,YOU-not for other BLACK people. In the Same issue, a naked black girl with hands where panties should be, and a buxom white girl captioned-‘put some clothes on that girl’. YOUR TOTAL MESSAGE IS SO MIXED AND SO MESSED UP. A fat white woman in my town rides a bike in a bikini on hot summer days, pursued on foot by a skinny black male ready to help her up if she falls. I’ve heard him tell folks how much he admires her courage for ‘trying’. She was not less fat than those black girls. I have never seen a picture in the local white press making fun of her. Who knows,Miss Darkie,maybe it’s something these black women ate at Walmart that makes them a bit heftier than usual. Some meats have worms and parasites that get in the liver and drive fat metabolism way out of control.

    • Christie Hall Rogers

      And what is the reason for the other pics in the article of ‘whitie’??

  • psadie

    These photos are just a sample of people who simply DON’T CARE.

    • 18235

      no—its rich white people who dont care about african americans who shop at walmart.

  • AFMomXs2

    if the snap on that chicks shorts goes someone is gonna lose an eye!

  • AFMomXs2

    not so concerned about that guys socks as much as I am his tying his shirt like he is expecting a pair of tits to appear

    • Arcadian

      Mary Ann-not~!

  • The New Mayor Of Medinah

    I just threw up

  • Waldoor

    Ridiculing unfortunate looking people is something I was taught not to do as a young child. Too bad your repugnant site is not interested in dignifying and informing your readership with articles of relevance instead of this putrid click bait.

    • 18235

      blonde haired, blue eyed, upper class suburbian hipsters are having the biggest laughs over the photos of blacks at walmart.

      • Waldoor

        Wrong, this wretched publication is having the biggest laugh as the garbage they pass off as “journalism” brings clicks and bucks to the pigs who profiteer off others’ misery.

      • Christie Hall Rogers

        Oh, wow…I guess half of those pics that WERE of whites were just a figment of my imagination.? You are just a RACIST!!

      • TruthTeller63

        Po’ o dountrodd’n black folk. Dey sho do has it ruff! Lawd have murcy!!

  • I just can’t…these people have to be mentally ill to leave the house and think they look okay…

    • 18235

      yes—-upper class whites say the same.

      and upper class whites certainly dont want any of the blacks in these photos moving next door to them.

      • Rich Persoff

        Would you?

        • 18235

          i have whites who look and dress the same in my neighborhood.

          • Christie Hall Rogers

            You are ALWAYS the ones to pull the race card…so very ignorant when 1/2 these people in the pics were white and looked just as bad. I wouldn’t want YOU as my neighbor, just because of your ‘dumbassness’

            • 18235

              race card can also be used against ignorant hillbillies with two last name who post selfies and who don’t realize how funny they look.

              • Arcadian

                I suppose by your reply that you’ve never been involved with anything regarding the legal field. Almost all female attorneys who were practicing prior to marriage use their maiden names hyphenated with their married last names. You are so very quick to judge others, but you have no leg to stand on, nor anything of intelligence to offer. Don’t you think you should volunteer your precious judgmental time to a homeless shelter serving lunch or better yet, cleaning up the mess afterward. Mental midget.

              • TruthTeller63

                There are no “ignorant hillbillies” — anyone who claims there are is a liar. Be sure to remember your racist, bigoted remarks the next time you take offense at something a white person says.

  • joker

    There are some really crazy photos here! A laugh riot! I’ve been to Walmart a few times and I can attest that I’ve seen similarly atrocious outfitted people. The worst are these 400 lb, women who are so fat they have to ride around in one of those wheelchair-scooters. I see these disgusting blobs riding around on those “power scooter” wheelchairs, while munching on Twinkies or donuts and the pathetic thing is they think that being that fat somehow counts as a disability!! Being fat, overweight, obese, morbidly obese, etc. is NOT a disability, It IS possible to lose weight. I did it myself – took off over 100 lbs. back in 1989 or so and kept most of it off – I gained back a little bit, but that was from drinking a lot for a few years. When I cut back on the fattening alcohol the weight came back off and I stayed in the range from between 160-180 for about 20 years. I am still not all the way back to where I was, I’ve gained some weight but I am older now, when metabolisms slow down, etc. All one needs to do to lose weight is EXERCISE and EAT LESS!! It’s that easy!

  • Jimbo

    Yuck – the 1st pic in this series is just disgusting – really fat women should NEVER wear tight clothing and especially short shorts like in this photo -the shorts she’s wearing look like they were made for someone about 1/2 her size!

  • Paul

    That fourth picture looks backwards!

  • I was just thinking

    When I was a girl several of these people would have been arrested [as well they should be]. And aren’t there indecent-exposure laws anymore? Especially the woman with her pants down and the man in the trunks the size of a rubber band.

    • 18235

      the people in these photos should be arrested by whites just for being black? is that what YOU are saying?

      • Christie Hall Rogers

        And ALL of these people in the pics were African American or am I just blind?? I believe t was more like 50/50 18235. You MUST be the blind one, and the ignorant one!!

        • 18235

          your parents must be hateful as you; its sad.

          • Arcadian

            At least she speaks what she sees and thinks. You, on the other hand, are a meek, pathetic, spineless wet noodle.

  • 1uncle

    Haven’t evolved. Shouldn’t vote.

  • WrathofYah

    Now I understand why certain cultures see America’s as a disease!

  • Dan Meyers

    I’d totally tap “Crack up” lady.

  • Éireann Simpson

    She needs to be looking for shorts that actually fit,not a poster!

  • Deana Maclean-Roberts

    It is sad to see that people for whatever reason come into a public place with such attire. Some have challenges, such as mental illness, others may be depressed, or have economic challenges. But, my father and mother stressed to me that there should be a respect of self and others when we go into public. I do not think we should ridicule people who are attired liked this, but it is sad and startling. If they need help, I hope they can get it, and the others need to understand it is offensive, first to themselves and then to others.

  • thehellisthis

    Look at the bottom of each picture, the sources of the pics are said to be from Tumblr. I’m pretty sure these pictures are fake.

    • scootpeep

      One can only hope.

  • Echo

    How is this even possible

  • Terry Vanderpuke

    mental people shop only at walmart, with their food stamps

  • guest

    The WalMart greeters at the door should refuse to allow these people in. We do have laws about indecent exposure ffs. Talk about needing to refuse service!

  • Gq

    I have been in high class, hoity toity stores where people walk around with their noses in the air & think their sh…t does not stink! I find that just as disgusting as these individuals at WalMart

    • Chanda

      Some of them go to Walmart too, looking down at people of course. Everybody needs toilet paper.

  • DashingDiva

    I don’t believe they manufacture spanx in size Elephant, though I’ve never looked.

  • interestedinjustice

    These have to be in florida.

  • Sunburst

    Feel like poking my eyes out now … ô¿ô

  • Trish Chasity

    Is this enough of a reason to go on a diet and hire a stylist?

    • Christie Hall Rogers

      Make up your mind…in some comments, you are talking smack about them, yet in others you are siding with the people who are taking up for them and the AFFECT that it has on them.???? Hmmmm…cant sit on the fence Trish…jump down on one side, thanks..!!

  • hanndy2

    Black people in most of these pictures, what’s up with them? Seem to have a lot of problem with their diet and fashion sense! lmfao!!!

  • Penny Jackson

    What is up with Walmart? That is bizzare.

  • OMG Cousin It goes to Wal-Mart LOL

  • grumpy

    What is sad is that most of these exhibitionists have drug addictions! and many of them are meth heads… follow them home, confiscate their drugs, and put them in jail and save their poor innocent children.

  • SeaAngel1991

    This is
    one obscene result of the changes among Americans in the ole USA which is now
    also being imitated in much part of the globe. In such cases and where there is
    lack of knowledge or awareness about the body’s ugliness, the wearing of a
    burka might solve a problem – at least while in a shopping mall.

  • rick

    DENIAL is much more than just a river in Egypt!

  • bill smith

    what a bunch of fat people and they think they are cool.

  • Sherell

    You guys r rude how would it feel if u were in her shoes

  • CathrynTherese

    Meg Butler the author of this fiasco is making fun of people- this is not funny and reporters like the Butler’s of the world are a major part of what is wrong with the media of our society. I am going to boycott your articles and write CNN. It’s not right to publically make fun of people no matter how weird or odd they look or dress. Your article is socially inappropriate and morally wrong.

  • Amy Unfried

    Go to walmart the beginning of the month


    ITS OFFICIAL…I AM BLIND…at least i now wish i was

  • LadiNai90

    Walmart needs a dress code ASAP

  • DoughBelly

    picture #2 looks like a face with sunglasses on her breasts and the mouth is where her large belly button whole is! IJS!!!

  • utopia71449

    True and live examples of, “If the style doesn’t take me; I will take the style!”

  • jim stretch

    i just love despising the hoi polloi. They exist to humor we elites. Signed: GB Shaw, HL Mencken, HG Wells, Croly, Bourne, A Huxley, John Kerry, etc.

  • Sitara12006

    I know you should feel good about your body at any age and size, but please use some common sense. I would be embarrassed to wear things like that and I know they would not look good. Style is about what looks good on you not just the latest fashion trend

  • Katie

    Why make fun of people in this situation? Perhaps she was warm and needed cool attire to reduce her body heat. How would you feel if you didn’t have the super star body and someone made, nationally, fun of you? Shame on all of you for making fun of this woman; and all the others. I hope my children do not endeavor in such callous behaviors.

    • Trish Chasity

      It could be a tumor and you might have a point

    • Arcadian

      Which one?

  • johnnypants

    I’ve been to Walmart…Once.

    • johnnypants

      Much better to observe from a safe place, like my laptop…

  • wmdude

    She’s making a satirical statement about the objectification of women for those that don’t understand because you think you’re better than everyone else.

    • Trish Chasity

      what are you saying and mean by the way?

    • verafish

      Wrong. There are People of Wal-Mart slideshows all OVER the internet. Two years ago there was even a site dedicated to them, requesting submissions from others. There were hundreds of photos from WalMarts across the country. (Here’s something else: if this was about objectification of women, why are several men included?)

      • Chanda

        Like Willie the Pimp. I think he’s from Florida.

  • Niagara Falls NY

    People. Pathetic.

  • Phonzy

    She looks like a half empty toothpaste roll

  • Micol rindone

    Is that Cyndi Lauper ?
    Looks like her.

    • Trish Chasity

      Unfortunately it is not

  • Renee MsCaramel Edwards

    why is she wearing her 5 yr old’s summer clothes? SMDH

    • Neecee

      When I saw this picture, I was truly amazed. I got me to remembering when my Mother (and I’m sure most of our Mothers) told us “if you cant say something nice, don’t say anything at all”. So, in that vein, I will say, that this sister, has a lot of self esteem to have put on that outfit, looked in the mirror, and was still able to say to herself…..”Damn, I look good!” Now, that’s confidence.

      • Trish Chasity

        Yes it is!

        • JoAnna M72

          Confidence severely misplaced, like applying for a position as a brain surgeon with an 8th grade education, aka ludicrous, delusional!

          • Trish Chasity

            who are we to judge though

            • JoAnna M72

              You am I to judge, seriously? What are you doing when you call it a show of confidence?

              • JoAnna M72

                FYI, confidence about how you look would be about feeling comfortable with your body as it is. However, that Confidence would not be demonstrated by going out in clothing that is 10 sizes too small and thinking you look good – that’s about a distorted body image.

            • JoAnna M72

              Who are we to judge? Scary question for someone to ask. We live a civilized society – accent on civilized. If we want to keep what we have and make it better, people better be willing to “judge.” Civilized Societies survive with with rules, norms, standards and laws that everyone accepts. Some things are written in stone others are more broadly defined, or fluid and changeable. People willing to take stands and judge keeps it all together – think about that.
              Pictures in the article aren’t funny, most people, if they thought about it, would call them disturbing – the words people are using in their responses are saying – not the norm, not the standard in the broadest interpretation. I hope we never stop making judgements about how we want to live and what behaviors are acceptable and which are not. Hopefully, you are never called for jury duty.

              • Trish Chasity


                • JoAnna M72

                  When people step over, attempt to change or violate the standards and the norms, it affects me as a member of a society. Done

                  • Trish Chasity

                    What norm are they breaking if they dress like that? How does this effect you in any way? People always try to change others in the wolrd before they even try to change themselves. smh Sounds like control to me

                    • Christie Hall Rogers

                      The ‘norm’ they are breaking is the class factor. These people have NONE. And the ‘norm’ that you are breaking is using the wrong form of affect/effect. Take a lesson from JoAnna M72. She has it correct.

  • Jayde da Blade

    wally, i got a wally, i got a wally world head ache looking at that mess!!

  • silver

    LOL……I love the one outside the Vision Center. I can see someone picking up their new eyeglasses……..”No, you must have put the wrong prescription into these lenses.” 🙂

  • Gman Dothan

    Another reason to encourage myself to do better at my job and earn more, so I dont have to shop at a store like that with such low class human garbage!

    • Trish Chasity

      Hey at least they have the confidence to walk out there and bear all when some of us can not because of are own beliefs!

      • Arcadian

        Are you bi-polar? You certainly appear to be. Just an observation…

        • Trish Chasity

          We always try to put down others for their choices when we are ourselves refuse to do it at all. That is why they have the confidence to do it. What real social norm are they breaking? If they want to do it let them do it!
          People get tattoos all the time which to me it makes people look really ugly and dirty. Though it is of my place to tell them as a child you can’t do that it is blasphemy!
          We laugh but what skeletons in our own closets are we refusing to let people see out there?
          Make up and cosmetic/plastic surgery used to cover up flaws to present ourselves when really we are fake and phony at the same time underneath?

  • Trish Chasity

    I wonder if the lady with the boobs in her back will need a bra or be able to clap them?

    • Mom_of_IV

      I was looking at the picture thinking ‘where’s her face?’ …..and now it’s like …’can she fly with those wings?’

      • Trish Chasity

        Maybe it’s a tumor she is not aware of.

  • guest

    you can’t tell those chicks in #12 nothing.

  • Melody Carroll

    these people look terrible they must be crazy to come out like these wow awful

  • Moonbaby

    LMFAO……and the thing about it is….u can’t tell her sh!t, ’cause she know she’s fly.

    • Trish Chasity

      Isn’t that the thing though?? The confidence to wear that or practically nothing with no shame in their game? Denial is the first thing……

  • Two cents

    WTF?!! Lol, well I applaud the DGAF in all these people.. Do you boo boo smh

  • smh

    Even somebodys grandma would know better than to dress like these people!

  • lol

    Im usually for my black people but this here is all the way wrong… didnt this woman look in the mirror?

    • Trish Chasity

      Maybe the lights went out during the dress rehearsal.

    • Whatthe2

      Actually, these black people don’t shock anymore! Low class and have zero respect for themselves! When you don’t have to work for a living this is the result!

  • leeleebaby

    But them breast tucked in those pants tho! They need someone at the door watching for this foolishness.

    • Trish Chasity

      Fashion forward

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  • LOL!

    People of walmart has tons of pictures on their site, too.


    where does all of this be happening at?…must be the south

  • njoyabl

    Is that a doo doo stain on the last pick!!!!

    • Trish Chasity

      Are you for real?? LOL

    • FromUR2UB

      Hahaha! I decided to let someone else point that out!

    • Whatthe2

      YEPPPERS!!!! LOL!

    • Mom_of_IV

      I think it’s a period stain. It’s bad enough she’s wearing her underwear OUTSIDE her clothes, but damn, a period stain as well! OMG!

  • donna

    What you say, 17 sizes too small LMAO! Thats just wrong on all levels of levels!

  • Christan-Joy Demeritt

    Target: Where people pay a little more to avoid going to Walmart.

    • Chanda

      And where taking a shower first is required.

  • Terri Berri

    OMG these pics have to be fake! Lol! I cannot fathom why ANY of these people walked out the house like this? Why? I mean…that one lady had breasts made out of back-meat. Why oh why on earth did she walk out the house like that? An that “crack up” photo? I…..I…..*throws hands up* Done!!!!

    • donna

      Its not fake. People walk around like all the time. Dont make it right? But, they do!

      • Terri Berri

        Lol! That is why I am just non such disbelief! Good Lord! What on earth was going through their heads when tht big toe touched the public concrete? My goodness. This goes beyond not g-a-f! Lol! For real! This is just….sad! Lol!

    • donna

      No, Ive seen people walk aroud just like that! Ive gone to bar b ques, picnics, yeah Welcome to Sunny CA

      • Terri Berri

        Lol! Sadly, this rachetness is also here in good ole ATL. All u can do is….*sigh*

  • lady_mystikal

    Lol. STOP the FOOLISHNESS!! Im from the UK and luckily have never witnessed such ratchetness over here. SMDH

    • Whatthe2

      REALLY? The UK is where this kind of thing originated!! LOL!
      Is your avatar a pic of you? Very cute!

      • lady_mystikal

        Lol. I don’t know which part of the uk you’ve seen this! Yes the pic is of me

        • Whatthe2

          Actually, to totally honest with you I have never been to the UK but would like to someday. From what I have seen especially in the London area it looks as if anything goes, kind of like WalMart here in the US. I tell ya it can be an experience going there sometimes, it can be aggravating and amusing all at the same time. I’m in Melbourne Florida and have seen some examples of this no self respect behavior, the shock value is gone. You are a beautiful woman and wish you all the best from life, if you are ever in Florida look me up!!
          “ratchetness” LOL! I have never heard that term before.


    Twerkin by the soda

  • biggavelli

    yo she doing her damn thing! I ain’t mad at ya baby I’d hit def.. cause am like dat lmao

  • icebull

    Who the hell made those shorts. Could make some drapes out of that material.

  • FromUR2UB

    WTH is wrong with people?? When you have a body like an Oompa-Loompa or somebody’s grandma, don’t throw on a pair of short shorts, tube, halter or midriff top! When your cellulite is the size of tangerines, don’t draw attention to it as if it’s your best feature! And I never, ever in my life saw a man with “panty” lines! Reminds me of an episode of ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’, in which a young woman with an inner tube wore a midriff top while working in Larry’s office. When Larry spoke to her and told her the attire was inappropriate for the office, she said, “It’s because I’m a woman, isn’t it? I just lost 60 pounds and I’m going to FLAUNT what I’ve got!”

  • wanderlust

    The clothing is questionable, but some of the comments here are telling. We ought to be caring more about the fact that these people, these black people are, once again, the focus of degradation, shame, and humiliation because of their black bodies. We don’t know their situations; why not support one another instead of engaging in misogynoir? I guess we don’t need to worry about white supremacy when we’re more than happy to take up the tools of the master to use against each other.

    • QB

      Ignoring the fact that there are white people in here, you miss the point that the people featured are destined to be ridiculed regardless of their skin color. Black, white, yellow, red … if you act, dress or talk like trash, expect to be treated like trash.

    • httbggrs

      Here we go…..

    • CallItLikeISeeIt

      You need to look at them AGAIN – not all were black – and not all were female. All of them were HOWEVER poorly dressed for going out in public.
      Some people appear to think that they have a RIGHT to a lot of things – including how they choose to dress themselves – and this is all well and good.
      What a lot of people don’t seem to realise is that an individuals right to anything is limited to NOT infringe on another persons rights.
      So…. yes you have a right to wear clothes that are 14 sizes too small, but I also have a reasonable right to expect to be able to go to a public place and NOT be blinded by a** cracks or crotch shots of anyone.

    • Arcadian

      Hey, preacher! No one’s suggested they take their clothes off or anything! Stop with the racism BS. I’ve seen it all, it knows no colors and it is generally intentional behavior. Just as anorexics feel overweight, the overweight feel like they look fantastic. Another thing, if you find all of this so appalling, WTH are you doing here? Hypocrite!

  • Bemccfel Gabdesbra

    Oh my, I can’t stop laughing. This for real, I have seen some that should have been on this list.

  • Guest

    Seriously what’s wrong with the people? Don’t they know what they actually look like walking around like this!!! Delusional at the least and outright disgusting!!!

  • kaa

    Well, I guess I’ll take my a$$ to bed.

  • Icare

    Werk, werk, werk it Momma ain’t nothing want a bone but a dawg; go head on wid yo bad self I went to the store in my gown last night for some ice cream LOL

    • Christie Hall Rogers

      Noone wants a bone but a dog, but no one wants a slab of fatness but a big hungry bear…that aint curves son, or whoever….you go on and contact one for a date…oh…I just realized the gown part, but hell…since you takin up for these peeps, you could be a man n womens clothing, who knows??? And people wanna say calling these people out is bullying, yet calling a skinny girl “bony” aint? That’s why Beyoncé, Angelina Jolie, Jessica Simpson, Kim K. are all tryna get back to their post baby weight, right…and though these women were/are curvy…THATTTT in those pics IS NOT curvy or bootyliscious AT ALL…

  • This pics is old af. Step your game up

  • YoNess

    You ever get the feeling that there is a whole sub-culture that we don’t know exists until they go to Walmart???? Thank you Targe’t for the solace!

  • umnumnumnumnum

    I thought she was sitting backwards in the medichair.

  • Trish Chasity

    Wow! Just Wow!

  • Suga Bear

    I know her inner thighs hurt from rubbing together. I’m always amazed the people who are comfortable enough to wear shorts when their legs are big and chunky.

  • Tiassopinkmommy

    OMG Is this for real?……………….people actually walked out the door like this. LoL. That lady who was spilling out of that cart though

    • Trish Chasity

      I said the said the thing. Hey this is the truth of America. Maybe this why the economy is so bad and people can’t find jobs and afford to but good clothes with the right state of mind before leaving their house ……. LOL

  • bigdawgman

    These have GOT to be from Florida! Too much skin showing, gotta be a warm climate. Can we build a giant trench at the GA border and let the ocean fill it in??

  • A.H.

    Oh c’mon people!!! This is getting ridiculous.

  • fujoshifanatic

    Yet another reason why I don’t shop at Walmart. Seems like once some people start to patronize that store, they have just given up on life, and it’s reflected in their appearance

  • Guestest

    Please tell that these pictures are photoshopped, please !

  • killer_queen

    Stop. Please just stop.

  • Jayda Brown

    One question: WHYYYYYYYYYY???!!!!

  • igotthenews

    This is what happens when we pretend that being severely overweight looks good . Too many women believe they look good although they have sagging body parts and cottage cheese. Worst, we call it having curves. It doesnt look good at all. It’s not only the clothes that make these people look a mess. Wow.

    • Imani
      This is what happens when 1) You leave your house and you don’t ask no’body what you look like. 2) Apparently do not own a mirror or the funds with which to get one, and 3) Live under a rock and do not know what does and does not work with yours or (as clearly is evident by these photos) anyone’s body type.

    • Yvette

      Thank You! I thought I was alone on this issue. I can not stand when folks refer to severly overweight women with excess skin hanging and such as curves knowing full well its rolls.

      • Trish Chasity

        LOL No answer

      • Kristen

        Exactly. Just because you’re bigger doesn’t mean you have curves!

      • Kristen

        Exactly. Just because you’re bigger doesn’t mean you have curves!

    • Trish Chasity

      There are some people out there who are extremely over weight and know better and still are able to carry themselves off with class when they wear clothes. This is just crazy!

      • igotthenews

        I agree. I didnt say ALL severely overweight people are classless.

  • alex

    what is it about Walmart that make ppl wanna dress like, they have no type of sense…

    • Kristen

      Good question..someone needs to interview these people! Not me though lol!

    • Kristen

      Good question..someone needs to interview these people! Not me though lol!

  • empresstala

    i refuse to believe people go out like this. there is no way, no way in hell these are real lol

    • igotthenews

      Really. You havent seen people dressed like this?

      • empresstala

        not in person, i have never been in any store where people were dressed like this. i think this is country bumpkin type behavior LoL

        • igotthenews

          I live in atl..
          All day long.

          • Scoops

            In Atl, people dress up to go to the mall!

          • DCR1

            Not just the ATL, this is America, and not just Walmart either! People come up with some wild stuff., even some of the television personalities, etc.. There are no words!

        • BabyBlue

          Lol at country bumpkin

          • TruthTeller63

            Too bad that it’s a lie.

        • TruthTeller63

          No, it’s not. People from the country usually dress up when they “go to town.” Only city trash dresses this way.

  • Rebecca Akrofie

    As for Miss ‘cottage cheese’- Spanx could not assist her.

    As for this item as a whole- it belongs on Bossip. Or the Huffington Post- which is basically an international Daily Mail.

  • Chanda

    All loss for humanity in Walmart. Same thing with McDonald’s. Put these people in any other store and they’d feel out of place.

  • Angie


  • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

    Thats why I save a little bit more money to go shop at Kroger

  • NeaJ

    Some of these have to be photoshopped because there is no possible way that these ppl left their houses looking like that. Lol. The white daisy dukes with the butt crack out?! I can’t!

    • Wuluwulu

      No Photoshopping at all! Check out peopleofwalmart dot com. There is an entire site dedicated to this tragedy.

    • lol

      i thought the first few i saw was just awful until i clicked on 4 5 7 and 8 OMG,, that butt brack one the back b o o b ed one and that man with the thong have got to go.. i would have called the cops on all those idiots.. no clothes service..i am just too done with this mess!

    • Betty Eberle

      Oh yes there is, I have seen some of them. I am a large woman, but no one would ever, ever, ever catch me in something like that. I don’t think they check the mirror, or don’t have a mirror.

      • Kontum

        For even worse, go to peopleofcostco.

  • Kylie

    Precisely why I don’t like shopping at Walmart.

    • NeaJ

      Yes! Target all day. Lol

      • Suburban Princess Dior

        Yes until they had that credit card scam

        • Kristen

          I still shop at Target…but with CASH!!

      • DCR1

        This is not just a Walmart thing, these people and others who present themselves in this mode of dress or lack there of do not just shop at Walmart and stay home shopping no place else ever., people have actually convinced themselves that this is okay and others should mind their business, as they don’t know them would be their answer. They are oblivious to the fact that eyes are everywhere and they may show up on a website. My question is when a couple of them are alerted to this fact which one will try to sue Walmart thinking it was this corporation that posted their pictures! My other comment is they need to lock the Good Will bins so people will stop stealing random clothing and wearing them or half of them as outfits! Just trying to lighten the mood a little, no need for people to go after each other on this, they are not all mental, this is America, and the motto is anything goes or so some think!

    • Kristen

      My mom drives to Walmarts in the suburbs to get away from these Walmartians lol

  • BabyBlue

    Only at Walmart smh. This is horrible

    • donna

      Youd be surprised at what actually walks into WALLY WORLD!

      • BabyBlue

        I’ve been a witness. Every time I walk in there it looks like the zoo

  • Yolanda Harris

    Must be an age thing…I find it more shocking that these photos are included on Madame Noire than the actual photos themselves.
    But I’m old, so what’s funny to someone else won’t necesarily be funny to me.

    • anonymouse

      It’s telling that some people think it’s cute to take pics of strangers and post them for amusement purposes.

      • Yolanda Harris

        Very telling. SMH

        • suzette

          I am only 15 and this isn’t very funny its just shocking 0.o

          • Sarah Waters

            yes the way these people go out in public ! It is shocking ! I agree . Oh my eyes ! Oh my eyes !

            • Patrick Jackson

              What has been seen cannot be unseen.

              • rosered

                This picture is one of the leading causes of nausea, vomiting and diarrhea in the world today. Shorts 17 sizes too small?? Forget the shorts!!! It should be wearing an extra large tent!!!

            • dave

              Sarah Waters,
              What is even more surprising is that the security let them in, I live in the UK, and believe me, if anyone turned up at a supermarket like any of those people they would be turned away, it is indecency, and unhygienic, do they have no pride in themselves, or even a bar of soap.

      • Brad

        Well? Cause it is!!

      • SmootMahooty

        Not cute, hilarious. What’s wrong fatty, are these your relatives? Now put that sandwich down and type a response.

        • anonymouse

          no, b!tch they’re not. This is where’ bullying’ comes from and it doesn’t matter how someone looks, it’s not a justification for you to make fun of them. When your kids are accused of bullying someone else’s remember it came from you.

          • SmootMahooty

            Ha ha right; You dress like trash and go in to public; that’s your choice. Try dressing respectfully and pictures won’t be taken. If you can’t see that, well keep on dressin’ the way you do, gutter trash.

            • anonymouse

              it’s none of your d@mn business how anyone dresses, a$$hole. That’s what you need to understand. Since it’s all justified, go tell those people that instead of hiding and taking their pics anonymously? We’ll see how that works out for you.

              • SmootMahooty

                I’m surprised you can type with a sandwich in each hand. I don’t waste time taking pictures of garbage like you f@tbiscuit, I just look and laugh because it is so pathetically (sorry for the big word) funny. Can’t believe how someone would PROVE that they have NO CLASS by going in to public wearing this stuff. It is so repulsive it’s funny. Bet you wear your jammies while supersizing at McDonalds or picking up your government cheese.

                • anonymouse

                  Like I said, tell them THAT and watch what happens. I’m done with you, troll.

                  • Barrustio

                    Truth be told, you could tell then anything and walk off at a fast pace without any fear of them catching you

                    • anonymouse

                      ok, try it and let me know how it goes.

                    • Barrustio

                      Actually there was once a woman who held me and about four other cars looking for parking space, a shopper who was headed for her car, opened her trunk, put several bags in it, took her time getting in her car, buckle up, backed up and left after which this slob finally got into the parking space she wanted just to avoid going ONE more space down in order to be that much closer to the store. By the time she was getting out of her car I had already parked at the farther space, got out and making my way in the store at which point I said “That was inconsiderate to have all those people behind you wait five minutes just so you could save a few steps, It’s not like the excercise would have hurt you any”. She hollered off a couple of comments but made no attempt to follow me….not that she could have. 🙂

                    • Jessica Bettis

                      I notice people will drive around for a good ten minutes before finding the “best” parking space. I love walking, so I park at the farthest end. I saw a lady that did this, and by the time I was in the store, she had found her space she so desperately needed. Good grief.

                    • Barrustio

                      Imagine all the gas she could have saved not to mention, time and calories burned.

                    • anonymouse

                      nice story. too bad it didn’t happen.

                    • Barrustio

                      You’d like to think it couldn’t happen but it did. Houston Texas Northwest Mall. Judging by your disbelief it seems you wish it hadn’t happened. It wouldn’t be because there is something in this story you can relate to is it.

                    • anonymouse

                      The only thing that I relate to is I make it a point to park as close as possible to the store and if people get inconvenienced by it, too bad.

                      I notice that you had no words for the other woman that contributed to holding up the line. I guess her physique gave her a pass for rude behavior.

                    • Barrustio

                      This was the only person holding up the line ….it is normal to expect that it will take “the other woman” a while when you see somebody just arriving at their car, that it will take quite a while for them to get their trunk open, put their packages in the trunk, put the cart back where it’s out of the way, go back to your car , get in it, buckle up , start it, back out, then take off. Actually she looked no better, but the one holding the line had to only go ONE MORE SPACE. Just how lazy assed can anybody get.
                      “If people get inconveniencedby it, too bad”….now share with me your true feelings when yYOU are the one behind the person holding up the line. I’ll bet 10 to 1 you start honking in hopes they’ll move so YOU can get that space. Lack of consideration is lack of class, but you knew that right?

                    • anonymouse

                      No,I just look for another parking space…….the way that a normal person would instead of letting it get to the point where there are 5 or 6 cars behind just waiting.

                      You can’t go around honking at people and getting all worked up because you think your time is so precious that you can’t stand to wait a minute.

                    • Barrustio

                      I would have been glad to have taken the space beyond this idiiot if I could get by because a “normal person” doesn’t back up on a one way when there were already cars behind you looking for spaces when she stopped. Surely you have seen this type of inconsiderate fool. If the idiot in front of me were considerate the other five people behind me wouldn’t be all worked up, I’m sure their time is precious also….not just me.

                • Mos Def

                  Big word? WT?

              • me

                Anyone can video or take pictures in a public place. HINT HINT, the word PUBLIC is the big issue here. If you go out in public with no clothes on you are fair game.

                • anonymouse

                  ok…..keep on with that.

                • Glenda Ward

                  It is “ILLEGAL” for someone to take videos or pics of Anyone (without there Knowledge) & post it on the internet. ” IF” you get CAUGHT, you can be fined & Sued!

                  • William Haglund Sr

                    An where did you read that?

                    • AnotherFlyon the Wall

                      The internet….

                  • Ricemanstm

                    Not if it’s in a public place Glenda.

                  • George Spalding

                    Public Domain. Perfectly LEGAL.

                  • Jack Shittz


                  • Worship Dancer

                    sorry but you might want to check the law again. you have NO right to expect privacy when in public. and trust me these people EXPECT, probably DEMAND to be noticed.

                  • Pamela K. Cahoon Laub

                    That is true in Germany. Can you cite the specific American law to support your statement?

                    • bdrew

                      I think it may be illegal to post pics or videos of children under a certain age, but i think it is legal if in certain public locations. i am not sure if stores or certain places fall under public domain.

                    • Carmen

                      For 50 years it was illegal to photograph someone gambling in a casino. Security would confiscate the film. That was to prevent lawsuits by the people being photographed. Politicians and married gentlemen out with a girlfriend is a case in point. Many voters, especially in the Bible belt, don’t take kindly to their politicians gambling. Once a high ranking official in his state told the voters that what he did in his spare time was none of their business. They seem to have eased up the last time I was there but one lawsuit could make them enforce their ban on photographing customers.

                    • OneAmericanAmongMany

                      There is some truth to the statement – basically, the person posting can be sued for use of an image without providing compensation – it’s a civil thing, not a criminal thing. The idea is that if your photo is taken and used for commercial purposes without your permission or consent, then the person using your picture is being rewarded financially and you aren’t getting your fair share of the money. In this case, the website owner MAY be getting some compensation via advertising revenues, so these fine ladies in the photos MIGHT have cases.

                    • hillrunner

                      It is a civil offence if the person in the picture can prove “wrong doing”. It’s not so much the commercialization of the photo or profit, but more on the lines on character degradation or public humiliation…..but again….the burden of proof rests upon the person who files the claim.

                  • Steve

                    You can take a photo of anyone in any situation as long as it will fit into a certain area. ! is it news worthy? as it could be published showing it along with a short article depicting a type of news!!! of if the photo was taken in a public place. You loose your rights to privacy when you go into the public, Because you you enter the public with the knowledge that people will see you and could take photos either intentional or not intentional! If you want to stay private, you will find most or all courts will say Don’t go into the public with an expectation of privacy! stay in the privacy of your home and it’s concealing walls… If it was Illegal to take pictures in the public, then the paparazi would be out of business 🙂

                  • Barrustio

                    Public places are public domain

                  • Hamburger Helper

                    You mean “their” knowledge?

                  • Jessica Bettis

                    Nobody ever enforces it. Oh well.

                  • jumpdog82

                    No, if one goes out in public, the courts have ruled there is no reasonable expectation of privacy. Check it with Miley Cyrus – sunbathing ‘au natural’ in her fenced in backyard. the paparazzi got a helicopter and flew over took her pic, she sued, they won. She was outside in view of the flyover. She does not own the airspace. I do not like it, but it is the way it is. You are wrong. (And the spelling is their not there.)

                  • Joey Lyricalmindstate Reichard

                    who cares just goes to show that americas diet is fucked up and some people dont know how to change that if all fatty foods was illegal how many people would be skinny

                  • mindbender1946

                    the supreme court ruled that in public, you have no expectation of privacy. Take all the photos you wish.

                  • mickey esham

                    what law school did you attend? the university of DUMB?

                  • OlDad55

                    Actually..when someone is in a public place..there is no reasonable expectation of privacy. Strangely, that was recently ruled about some pervert using a mirror to see up girls dresses or taping a cell camera to his foot or something. It’s a brave new world….

                  • Kristian Colasacco

                    Nope, no it’s not. Try to become informed.

          • AFMomXs2

            Hey if the backwards tit woman doesn’t want a photo taken she shouldn’t walk around that way and that goes for the rest of them too. They dress like fat sluts bordering on obscene and expect people NOT to react?? I say if you don’t want it on the WWW then DON’T go out in public like that. And get off the Electric cart and Walk !!!

            • anonymouse

              It doesn’t matter…it’s none of your business.

            • Christie Hall Rogers

              And BTW, she wasn’t walking…she was too fat and lazy so she took up a scooter thing, that some disabled person could have needed cuz she was too lazy to do walk around the store…and if you go out like that, you beggin for someone to look at you!! Noone wants to see that nastiness…Amen

            • Weazel

              It’s the 15 minutes of fame thing…

            • SpitFire

              I thought it was her head that was on backwards. My mistake.

            • smdh

              It seems you’re equally offended that they’re fat. I’m not fat, but I can’t help but wonder, if they had hot bodies would it matter at all?

              Probably not. It’s probably say “Wal-Mart Hotties.”

          • Charles F. Bolden, Jr. got out of the ghetto…they can too!

          • me

            Yes but there is such a thing a “public decency”. In other words, I DON’T WANT TO SEE THAT. Nobody does, so tell your friends to put their clothes on next time they are out in public. If I had children I would want to cover their eyes just to go to Walmart!!

            • anonymouse

              I must be the only person in the world who just goes to walmart to get what I need and leave? The point that I was trying to make is- the same justification that you use to make fun of these people is the same one that your children will use to make fun of someone that they deem to be socially unacceptable.

              • Michael

                I’d take you to Walmart or anyplace you wanna go, but off course that would require me meeting you, and that would first require me talking to you, and that would be only be possible with an email address. So email please lol 🙂

                • anonymouse

                  LET IT GO. I’m not interested in talking with you anymore.

              • JohnWilkesBooth

                My friend……….these ‘people’ ARE, socially unacceptable!! They’re most certainly NOT deemed to be!! And I’m certainly not afraid to point out to my grand kids, some of the dregs of the earth, of which they are! NOW, they know what NOT to be like!

                • anonymouse

                  No, that would be you. Mind your business,

                  • JohnWilkesBooth

                    LOL, LOL, LOL, Sorry Slim, I didn’t realize that your photo was in this bunch. Yep, and after looking at these losers, do I ever feel good about me!!

                    • anonymouse

                      no, I’m not in any of those photos. I just question the mindset of grown a$$ people who enjoy making themselves feel better by putting other people down.

                      That’s why kids today are so effed up……..the adults in their lives are setting forth this type of behavior.

                    • JohnWilkesBooth

                      All you have to do is…..LOOK, slick! I mean, you just call’em like you see’em. Hey, yep, you bet I’m putting them down, and if you looked like one of them, I’d put you down too. Like I said, what kind of human being can actually look like this, and worse yet…….do it in………PUBLIC!!! It’s funny, and yet disgusting!! And something too……most are………black!!! Wow, some news headlines there!

                    • anonymouse

                      As I stated 4 months ago, I just go into a store to get what I need and leave…….I have better things to do than to analyze why some random people wear what they do in a walmart.

                      You and people like you are just brave from afar……….go up to these people that you deem so socially acceptable and tell them that to their faces. See how well that works out for ya.

                      Don’t know if you notices, but this is a Black site, of course most of the pics would be from Black people and you could never put me down because your opinion is irrelevant.

                    • SpitFire

                      If his opinion is so irrelevant why are you getting so upset?

                    • anonymouse

                      Someone chimes in on a conversation I had 4 months ago and I sound upset?

                      Not even, just wondering why adult people feel the need………….that’s it.

                    • JohnWilkesBooth

                      Well slick…….let me put it to you this way…………I’m sure as Hell as ‘relevant’ as you are, and judging from your stupid answer, probably a whole lot more. Buddy, you’re just plain lying when you say you don’t notice………you would have to be blind not to notice something as stupid looking and so disgraceful, as these poor slobs are. Ever hear of ‘pride in yourself’? One thing in plainly evident, they sure don’t! Perhaps you’re black, which is one reason why you didn’t notice. Wake up pal, and feast your eyes on what real disgrace is!!

                    • anonymouse

                      I have a few minutes and since you still wanna talk about this……..let’s do this.

                      What is so stupid about my answer?? Of course I see people, but what I don’t do is, go on and on about it. I’m not interested in what other people are doing, so I don’t care about what they have on. I don’t know why that is so hard for you to understand.

                      This is a Black site whose audience is Black women……….I’m Black and maybe you can explain why my Blackness makes me not want to dwell on what strangers are wearing?

                    • JohnWilkesBooth

                      Putting other ‘people’ down??? Nope, I’m just telling you how absolutely, incredibly stupid looking, these ‘people’ actually are. You can call it what you will, but all you have to do is LOOK at those photos and tell me, ‘Are these ‘people’ sane???? I mean, are they for real????? I knew some people were really very stupid, but to actually show it in public? Well, herein lies the proof!

                    • anonymouse

                      Who freakin’ cares?? Why does it matter to you?? Are they going home with you?? No

          • Mz. Mayah

            sheesh, some people are too old to be bullied. At some point anything said is constructive criticism.. Are you in one of these pics? None of these people look to be in elementary, middle or high school so noone is “bullying them”> See that is why we have 40yr old women talking about being bullied, when? 20yrs ago? PLEASE stop the madness and grow up America!

            • jgirl33062

              What does age matter? Bullying is bullying.

            • anonymouse

              if a grown a$$ person sees nothing wrong with making of other people……then that says a lot about you.

              • Jason Darrah

                So you’re alright with the middle aged man in the thong? Don’t see anything wrong with that? Respect is earned.

                • anonymouse

                  it’s not my business or yours. i don’t see why that’s so hard to understand

                  • Jason Darrah

                    So where do we draw the line for public decency? The problem with your philosophy of “live and let live” is that our world is full of messed up people who left to their own devices are going to do messed up things. Do you hold that philosophy in every aspect of your life, or just personal appearance?

                    • anonymouse

                      I’m not talking about public decency. I’m talking about snapping pics of people and putting them online for amusement purposes.The line of thinking that it’s ok because of how they’re dressed is the line of thinking that leads your children to do that to other children. Unlike adults, children don’t have the maturity to just brush it off. That was the only point I was trying to make.

                    • Pamela K. Cahoon Laub

                      If you always dress appropriately you don’t have to be concerned about candid shots. Most of these people shouldn’t go in their back yard to wash a car or a dog looking as they do.

                • Christie Hall Rogers

                  And to think…what if that chair was just there on display and sat his nastiness all in it and then your 2 year old went and climbed in it….ugh!!!! He deserves NO respect to go anywhere…not even to a pool like that, much less Wal-Mart…no shoes/shirt and def no pants….BOO on him and these trolls on here defending these perverts…

            • Nancy Silcox

              If these people are not ashamed to go out in public dressed (or undressed) like this, they should not be ashamed to have their pictures posted on the internet

            • Laura

              You’re never too old to be bullied. Words will always hurt. Words can always make you cry and words can always cut you like a knife.

      • Christie Hall Rogers

        If ‘said’ people a go out in public looking like trash/ass/clowns/etc…thay are BEGGING for attention, so what harm is it to give it to them and snap a pic?? They get put on “The People of Wal-Mart” site cuz that’s where they belong….and I really doubt the woman with the back boobs had a disability other than fatness and laziness…that is the crap that irks the *bleep* out of me when I see some elderly person trying to get their groceries cuz all the scooter thing are taken up by fat, lazy people…they are just asking for it….I mean cover yourself and act like u a lil decent and you wont draw attention?!!?? Seriously

        • anonymouse

          Why don’t you just go to the store and get what you came for instead of being so concerned about what somebody else chooses to wear?? Better yet, why don’t you ask to take their pic to post on that site?? You won’t and we know why.

      • Barrustio

        Yes but equally telling is first to allow yourself to get into such pitiful shape and then excacerbate it by dressing in such a fashion

        • anonymouse

          What does it tell and why do you care? Sorry, I can’t relate to being bothered by a stranger’s attire to the point of mulling over it.

          • Barrustio

            What does it tell?…it tells they don’t care much about their health. Why do I care? I care because in the long run my taxes wind up going to pay for the healthcare of people who don’t care about using my money. As for the attire …..well….some things are just obscene….surely these people should know their attire is not flattering

            • anonymouse


              • Barrustio

                So???/What do you mean so? So I’m tired of paying out with my taxes. First I have to pay for their welfare check and food stamps, then I have to pay for the fork lift that will be needed to get them out of the house and into a two ton truck to haul them to the hospital because they are to fat to ride anything else, then I have to pay for them to get their health care. That’s what’s “so”. Oh and they are a detriment to the aesthetics of the landscape.

                • anonymouse

                  Oh, the old ‘my precious taxes’ speech. Do you have any idea how much the budget for those programs is? For last yr, it was over 80 billion dollars(and that’s only for food stamps) and you think that your taxes are making even a dent into that? Bill Gates himself couldn’t fund it, but you really believe that you’re funding everyone’s food stamps and healthcare? lol! You overestimate yourself. you could never pay another nickel of your precious taxes and your contribution would NOT be missed at all.

                  Most fat people are not on welfare/food stamps anyways……so you shouldn’t assume. And if that’s your pic, you should be the last to complain about ruining the ‘aesthetics of the landscape’.

                  • Barrustio

                    Oh no, not the liberal spin on “your taxes mean nothing”.The cumulative power of tax payers like me are the ones who make up those 80 billion for the parasites but people on the dole never see it that way. Google Alexandria Pelosi’s “welfare recipients in NewYork” or “The parasites are devouring the host culture” or Youtubes Judge Judy “Our taxes at work” and look at all the ABLE_BODIED leeches on the dole and then tell me the fats ones are actually working. “I realize I might have struck a nerve but hey someone has to speak the truth. Yeh….that’s my pic and at 66 I’d say that’s pretty damn good by comparison.

                    • anonymouse

                      No nerve struck here since I’m not on any public assistance. The fact of the matter is that most people on food stamps do work and since we’re tallking about walmart, they would collapse without ‘welfare’. But you don’t care about the corporate welfare that they receive for hiring these individuals (who never have any hope of moving up in the company) as long as you get your everyday low prices, right?

                      You and people like you love to act as if the pittance that you pay in taxes individually funds everybody and I have to tell you it doesn’t. I don’t care about liberal or conservative views………as I stated, you can refuse to pay whatever and these people will still receive their average of 120 a month for food. What kind of a person is jealous of that lifestyle? You sound like those guys who promise women are procreating for child support when the average amount awarded(not received) is $400 a month. I suppose the type of person that is so nosy that they want to chide people about their attire at walmart.

                      Youtube as a source= fail. And while you’re on google, you’ll see that I’m correct that most people on food stamps work…welfare reform bill anybody?? And from that pic, you look like you could stand to lose a few pounds yourself…………while you were waiting for that ‘obese’ woman you could’ve been doing some jumping jacks or something 🙂

                    • Barrustio

                      Last first, anybody who knows anything about photos would have been able to discern that this one of those computer failures where you come out looking 100 lbs heavier….as you can see, my face is longer sideways than top to bottom but even if I was 100 lbs over, I would still be in 100% better shape than those folks.

                      I don’t chide people for their attire, I merely say that if they look at themselves in the mirror they must have reasonable expectations that there will be people who do not view them as aesthetically pleasing as they obviously/misguidedly think they are and WILL find it funny. Again it’s the cumulative result of our taxes that feed this obesity problem. I’m from Houston….the fattest city in America…..I have not seen it as much of a problem in the Asian community as much as others. I’ve always wonder if it is their work ethic or their strong will at the table.

                      I don’t shop at Walmart. Anyone who does only contributes to strenghtening China and other foreign countries rather than that which can produce jobs for Americans. People should start getting jobs where they actually exert some energy, and burn more calories than they consume, otherwise they should stop complaining about foreigners stealing American jobs. I want to see Americans in 110 degree heat picking grapes, potatoes, beans and all the other produce you see at the store. Fixing the roads and hiways, housing and high rise construction is filled with foreign workers because Americans are just like those leeches you saw in New York are too damned lazy to work.

                      At the age of 5 I was picking cotton in the fields around San Antonio, at 10 I was shining shoes and caddying at the golf courses. But I decided to better myself.Because of my work ethic I spent my spare time developing my talent at music and at 12 years of age I played my first “professional” gig as a bass player. I made 6 dollars the first night and 8 dollars the following night. This was almost half of my Dad’s weekly salary which I had earned in just eight hours of work.

                      Anybody can accomplish what I did if they get off their asses.

                    • anonymouse

                      Fat people always claim that…’s ok, though. Pics don’t lie.

                      So, you make your own toiletries…soap…etc??

                      You’re very predictable…….how did I know you were coming back with a ‘pull yourself by your bootstraps’ story’? You do realize that things are different from 60 and 50 yrs ago? And you want people to break into farming? lol
                      I think you would feel better if you just simply minded your business and kept your nose out of what other people are doing or not doing.

                    • Barrustio

                      May I say, heheh. There’s many things besides farming that people can do to get off their fat asses, farming is just one of the ones that is still done by hand and which most lazy assed Americans think that they’re above. You bet your petooty I’m going to bring up the “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” story….I did….but then I’m not one to throw a pity party for myself.

                      I still want to know what the difference is in the Asian community and others, that they have so few fat asses. Are they so poor they can’t eat?

                    • anonymouse

                      Very predictable.

                      Asians also have a very troubling suicide rate………..I don’t wonder or ponder about that either,

                      This train of thought seems to be coming more popular……….doesn’t matter how they get that way……… long are you’re not fat, you’re accepted and deserve to be treated better than someone who is. Even if you have to starve yourself and become unhealthy in the process, as long as you’re thin……….you’re a good person. I don’t subscribe to that.

                    • Barrustio

                      So what are you saying, that Asians are committing suicide at a higher rate because they are thinner than most Americans? You really should not lump all Asians together, I’m sure you meant to say that the incidence of suicide is higher among the Japanese….not all Asians. But then the incidence of suicide among veterans in America is 22 a day which by far supercedes any suicide rate in the world but I doubt that has anything to do with whether they are thin or fat.
                      I also do not subscribe to the idea that you should be treated as less a human being for being “robust” than if you were “healthy looking”, thin or bulemic. However, I have witnessed heavier women being very quick to talk about that “skinny-assed girl”. There is a difference between being “buxom” or “robust” and “unhealthy lifestyles” which DO need to be pointed out for the benefit of all including the taxpayers.

                    • anonymouse

                      No, that’s not what I was saying………….I was pointing out how other dysfunctions in one’s society are ignored as long as they’re thin. that’s because being thin is preferable and when you’re the preferred, you can’t take issue when the ‘undesirables’ are not as impressed.

                      There are a lot of things that people do that are unhealthy that uses the precious tax money. Questionable s3xual practices, partying(drug use),not minding one’s business…………..are you gonna go after them or just after fat people because you can see that more?

                    • Barrustio

                      I don’t think society ignores “anorexic or bulemic looking” people even thoug they are thin. But it seems what you are saying is that because others use precious taxpayer money with promiscuity that result in taxpayer funded abortion or drug use (I don’t know that not minding one’s own business costs taxpayers) that we should ignore those and not point them out, that we should be happy to fund the folly of others with our tax dollars because others are doing it. With that rationale one would be tempted to ask, “If everybody else jumped of a cliff, would you want to do it also”?

                    • anonymouse

                      Well, you’re wrong because society really is that way. I remember being on this actress’ message board and she wasn’t even overweight but on her show’s next season, she was noticeably thinner. Turned out that she had cancer and people who didn’t know that she had passed were like, ‘oh, I didn’t know she was sick..but she looked really hot’. That’s what’s ingrained in society.

                      I never mentioned abortions, but risky s3xual practices leads to diseases and children that tax dollars take care of, not minding your business leads to trials that tax dollars pay for, drug use is the same…….all that I’m saying is be equal opportunity.

                    • Barrustio

                      Me and my two buddies were coming home from a gig once at about 3 AM (I’m a musician), when a woman ran out into the street crying for help and saying “help me,help me, my husband is trying to kill me”. My buddies kept telling me to get the hell out of there. About that time her son came running across the road hollering “Mama, mama”. The whole time my buddies kept telling me to get the hell out. My instincts told me different so I pulled the boy into the van and told the woman to get in on the other side, about this time the man was coming across the road. We took off and put a lot of distance between us…..or so I thought, then I see some headlights barreling behind us. Her husband was driving the cab of an 18 wheeler, because of the load of all the instruments in the van and two additional passengers the van would not repond to my need to accelerate. He caught up with us and began trying to run us off the road. I ran through a red light when I saw a sheriff’s deputy’s car on late patrol and started blinking my lights at him and he wouldn’t stop, I drove past him and almost cut him off and pulled into a gas station were he pulled a gun and told me to exit with my hands up. I explained the situation. Long story short, the deputy wouldn’t arrest the guy for what I considered assault with a deadly weapon (the truck) he did arrest him for spousal battery as the swelling on the woman was enough to arrest him. So why am I telling you this? Well one could say that me “not minding my own business might have cost some money in a trail”. Some would even say well I hope you learned something and mind your own business next time. Would you agree with them, in view of the fact that it could have cost me ly life?

                      While sexual practices do lead to spending of tax dollars, when it comes diseases, most are relatively cheap to cure unless of course you have HIV/AIDS. When it comes to children, here again we come to RESPONSIBILITY for one’s own situation, with all the “free” contraception out there one should not have to ask ANYONE to help feed or clothe a child for which they and they alone are responsible and again it comes to people getting off their asses and WORK to provide for those children. If one can’t deal with the consequences of their actions prehaps mandatory sterilization is in order. But what is unconcionable is to ask anyone to pay for abortions, which are not cheap, especially when those contributing with their tax dollars have a moral conflict which intrudes into their religious tenets.

                    • anonymouse

                      You were invited into the situation…that’s different from someone interfering into a situation that doesn’t concern them.

                      Those things are nor free. The taxpayers come into the equation at some point, but you have no problem with the money being used yo treating preventable STDs…. accidents from drug use/overdoses..etc?

                      And again, the majority of people on assistance are working.

                    • Barrustio

                      I have a problem subsidizing anybody’s irresponsible behavior but I especially abhor the notion of being forced to be complicit in what my religion considers murder.The fact that the majority of people on assistance are working does not excuse the millions on the dole

                      Perhaps I should decline the invitation and mind my own business next time I witness a woman being pummeled. That sounds like a good solution to me, what do you think? Or let’s say I’m not even “invited” ….I should just ignore a woman getting beaten because it’s none of my business, right?

                    • anonymouse

                      Like most people with nothing left to say, you’re being purposely obtuse. As I explained earlier, you could never pay another cent in taxes and your contributions won’t be missed at all. This is the way it works in American and if you don’t like it, the don’t pay taxes or renounce your citizenship and go elsewhere.

                      Again, you HAVE to work to get public assistance and the jobs that are available to them are not what’s called ‘good jobs’. Discount retailers like Walmart and others get corporate welfare to hire these people in positions that have no hope of moving forward in those organizations. And there’s a time limit to get that assistance but for some reason, you seem to have this idea of people driving around in 2015 mercedes….eating steak and lobster while you toil to pay for it.

                      Again, you’re being purposely obtuse…… know perfectly well what I mean. There’s a difference between human decency and interfering.

                    • dutchboy

                      I think everyone here would be glad if you two would shut up.

                    • Barrustio

                      What are you some kind of pinko communist that you get to think for EVERYBODY in here…think/speak for YOURSELF girlie.

                    • anonymouse

                      You’re posting in a 5 month old thread…….maybe YOU should shut up?

      • cmjay

        Who told them to dress that way . if they have no self respect , why should other people care.

        • anonymouse

          exactly my point…why do you care about what others have on?

      • Paul Gadoury

        They are out in PUBLIC, and therefore fair game. COVER UP GIGANTIC ASSED WOMEN EVERYWHERE!

        • anonymouse

          wrong and there’s nothing you can do about it. get over it.

      • OlDad55

        I think it is pretty obvious that 1-These people WANT attention…and 2- They do NOT CARE what they look like to others except for the ‘shock value’ they generate. They are pathetic and those taking the picture are feeding their frenzy,

        • anonymouse


    • Phil J.

      it has nothing to do with age and everything to do with preference

    • donna

      You know what? It is not funny, it is sad. Sad that this woman would walk around like that thinking she looks good. Sad that nobody told her not to leave the house like that. Sad that she probably was told & didnt listen. It is also sad that she is a laughing stock. Thats what sad! But what is funny is how FABULOUS she really believes she looks & would kill the first person who told her she didnt look good, Now thats funny!

    • donna

      Also, it isnt an age thing. I am older than salt & pepper & I dont find this funny, I think its sad!

      • Yolanda Harris

        @ Donna – These photos are sad. Very sad. Mocking people without
        knowing if they have mental health issues and without knowing their home life (or
        HOMELESS life) accomplishes nothing.

        • weinerfaces

          Concerned about the people of Walmart online…. woman we’re a country almost $8bill in debt, get on that wichya anger

          • Yolanda Harris

            Reply to me when you’re able to type coherent, grammatically
            correct thoughts. I can’t respond to gibberish.

            • donna

              Also, the other day about 3 days ago, I was gonna go to Wallyworld. I got almost to the door, something inside me said: “DO NOT GO IN THERE!” So I turned around and left. Then later on that day, I saw this posted! GOD I AM SOO GLAD I DID NOT GO IN!

            • Katie

              Your grammar is incorrect. Think twice before commenting on another’s grammar. Go back to school.

              • Yolanda Harris

                Everything that’s wrong with our community is illustrated in
                these comments. SMH

                • Katie

                  I believe you may
                  misunderstand my comment. My belief is that it is wrong to make fun of people;
                  no matter how ‘funny’ it may appear. However, your grammar was incorrect.

                  • Jason

                    Starting a sentence with the word “however” is incorrect, too.

                    • MS and BA in English/Education

                      It’s perfectly acceptable to user the transition “however” at the beginning of a sentence.

                    • English Teacher

                      It’s called a subordinating conjunction, but, uh, okay.

                • gpf323

                  Right, if I would go to the park and pull my pants down and moon everyone, kids included, that’s. OK? Would the lady that called the police on me be WRONG. Don’t know what community your from, but your why our country and youth have no morals. Be real. Self confidence is great, and so is modesty.

                • anonymouse

                  They don’t get it…I guess it makes them feel better about themselves to make fun of people that they don’t know.

                  • SpitFire

                    No one is making fun of anyone. They are simply pointing out the obvious.

                    • anonymouse

                      what obvious?

                • Sarah Waters

                  No its in these pictures glutons skanky no pride ! Free loadeing on the bridge cards at fast food joints

                • Jason Darrah

                  Everything that is wrong with our community is shown in pictures above.

            • gpf323

              Defensive. Are you feelin alittle guilty there?

            • Jen

              Hello. You said that Ms. Harris’s grammar was incorrect. It was not.

            • Mos Def

              Dam straight yo!

          • ELGIN


        • donna

          These people most are not mental some are, some are not! They actually with all honesty believe they look good. If you call them.out on it, the first thing that FLIES OUT THEIR MOUTH IS “HATER, YOU ARE A HATER!” The only thing Im “hating” is that you actually believe you look good!

          • Darlene Taylor

            I think its awful to sit in judgement of these people or anyone else seems a lot of people need to get down off of their high horses and ask themselves what gives me the right to dictate what these people wear or what lifestlyes the live the to the ones that leave bullying and negative comments are you that upset because maybe your pics are on here hmm just curious ?

            • DeezNuts Muh Fuggah

              It’s not bullying. Society has certain standards of dress in a civilized society. There would be chaos if everyone just did what they wanted and how they wanted. It’s because of a LOOK AT ME, PAY ATTENTION TO ME selfish society, that we need to stand up against. Walk around your own house butt naked with polka dots on you if you want, but don’t go in public like that. You seriously don’t see the humor in a man standing barefoot in line in a micro thong? Or a woman using her skirt as a bra? And if you don’t think it’s funny, then get a sense of humor.

        • gpf323

          Maybe, but some of these border on obscenity. They should have been arrested. Jesus.

        • me

          Yes I’m sure these “well fed” homeless people are unable to discern between almost naked and fully clothed.

        • sherry8260

          Yolanda, I agree with you to a point…but the guy almost naked save for a pair of very tight, too small swimsuit? If he’s so poor that he has to be literally 99% naked, why can’t he go to Goodwill? The social services? He can find clothing by snatching a bag at a Goodwill drop off bin. There’s no excuse for that. And the lady bending over the counter wearing nothing but a shirt? Expensive handbag and tattoo’s…if she can afford those, she can afford pants. Some people are just plain lazy or think they look ‘hot’…but she has a friend, at least in the photo, who should be friend enough to tell her she looks ridiculous…

          • Christie Hall Rogers

            I’m glad to see someone on these posts with some common sense. You may be about the only one because it is not bullying. If they are so ‘broke and disabled’ as some have put it, exactly like you said, how do they have jewelry, tats, buying lawn care supplies rather than food…and so on and on….?? Some people just don’t get the point of ‘People of Wal-Mart’…but that’s why I would pay a little extra to shop at Target 🙂

            • Jenny Griffin


        • Linda J

          I agree with you, a lot of people who suffer from mental illness some are homeless, or live in a group home and please believe me when I say some times their care givers just don’t care what they wear, and their over charged for their care. I know as I went through this with my son, as I thought he was really being cared for. I found out the hard way and I have my son back at home where he needs to be, and some improvements have been made, but he still has along way to go. I only hope and pray they will be safe as no one will tell them how to make better choices. And a lot of people just plain can’t afford much at all. May these people all be Blessed with God’s Love.

          • Christie Hall Rogers

            Are you really serious?? May ALL people be Blessed with Gods Love…but don’t think for one second…just explain how you KNOW these people are from a ‘HOME’? Was that in the BIO of this page…?? Get out here with that mess!! They just want attention!! And glad your son is back home with you…who put him there in the first place..?? Lil guilt shining through??

        • SamWhite8888

          Without knowing if they have mental health issues? How much evidence do you need? AFU is as AFU does.

      • SpitFire

        I think it’s sad that they dress like that & go out in public also.

      • workinfool

        I am older also i find this sad…it is lack of pride in ones self.
        There is no code of decency any more!

    • Jmar0073

      Nope. Right there with you.

    • doremi

      You are right Yolanda. The posting of the photos is offensive. What is the point other than to humiliate these people and others who may look like them? Mostly the author trying to show her superiority to those low life Walmarters, Guess what, Meg chicky. You are not superior.

    • Barrustio

      Yoli….may I call you Yoli..if that’s you in the picture, you’re not old….you’re finer than frog hair. But you are correct, there’s nothing funny about these pictures

  • candytate

    Where do you even begin to describe this…

  • guest

    This is just wrong on so many levels.

    • boysenberry

      Don’t they look in a mirror before they go out?
      And where is common sense?
      This has nothing to do with bullying, people. Just, please have some decency!

      • Psychosomatic

        They can’t help if that they’re Americans.

        • squarenose

          No, you can’t even blame this on them being american, america is all about plastic surgery and judging others! This is clearly a bunch of idiots who are clearly either too confident in their looks or convinced it holloween and are determined to scare us to death.

      • disqus_tL0Tse39Wd

        I’m sure she tells everyone she’s a size 4

      • Mitsukiba

        There is no such things as mirrors in… The Twilight Zone.

  • Cleveland Cutie

    STOP THE MADNESS!! LMAO This can’t be for real!!

    • xxdiscoxxheaven

      Mental Illness is real!

      • …..

        You can’t blame mental illness on everything.

        • 1bestdog

          You can if it’s real.

          • meribast

            I think its the other way around: If its not real, blame it on mental illness, because then you THINK its real, when its not – or it could just be an illusion rather than a delusion.

          • Ashley Danielle

            Mental illness? This is not mental illness…This is pure laziness, and having zero class. Maybe (MAYBE) 1-3 of these people may not have all the screws tightened upstairs, but sorry the majority of these know exactly how they look and they don’t care..

            • Mattie

              they didnt literally mean that they think these people are mentally challenged. It was a joke….kinda like…welll idk what like or how to explain it BUT! yeah chill, don’t be a stiffler.

        • ItWasAboutTime

          Obviously these folks have an inability to discern…….their reality isn’t quite up to snuff.

          • Sam

            Or no mirrors in the house! I know they had to walk by at least one mirror before they left the house… cause’ DAMN!!

        • meribast

          “You can’t blame everything on mental illness”

        • Sarah Waters

          AMEN !

        • HCHARRY

          Sorry but I will in this case. No SANE person would go into a store, much less outside looking like that!

          • Texas001

            Evidently you have not been in WalMart lately in Altanta, Georgia.

            • Guest

              Mental illness? This is not mental illness…This is pure laziness, and having zero class. Maybe (MAYBE) 1-3 of these people may not have all the screws tightened upstairs, but sorry the majority of these know exactly how they look and they don’t care.

          • whatanightmare

            Most “mentally ill” wouldn’t either. JS

        • 6PUNK7

          its not mental illness ,, its lack of self respect ,,

        • bouledoux

          If they own a mirror, it doesn’t show when they present themselves at the store. Instead of a greeter, they need guards to repel and turn back these people with no regard for themselves or others.

      • ItWasAboutTime

        If ever in doubt….this confirms it.

      • whatanightmare

        Yeah…b/c DRUGS never have anything to do w/ i d i o c y right?

    • Mujo67

      Oh, they can be real. I wouldn’t be surprised if every one of these photos was taken in Florida.

      • Dorothy Davidson

        More probably Washington D.C.

      • Barrustio

        Could be Houston

      • cmjay

        They are from up north – trying to make summer last longer. Floridians have more class and they look better in a Bikini.

        • Mujo67

          I’ve lived in Pinellas County, FL (St. Pete) for 4 years and I’m still amused by the large numbers of “eccentrics” I see here. I’ve lived in half a dozen states; west, east, north and south, and never seen the so many strange ducks. The photos in this gallery could have all been taken in a single Saturday afternoon at the Walmart on U.S. 19 in Pinellas Park.

          • KB

            Hillsborough is the same so this covers a lot of Florida not just one county. I refuse to go to Wal Mart any more. Just wrong in so many ways.

            • Paul Gadoury

              Me too. I don’t care how cheap their junk is, I just can not take looking and listening to these people anymore. Don’t tell them about Target. Opps. I just did. Hopefully none of them can afford Target.

            • justme55

              I don’t care that much for Wal-Mart either, but they have what I want and I don’t have the money to shop at a more expensive place.

            • Melissa Hamari

              Yes, saving money SUCKS…

        • BleedinCubbyBlue

          Ever been to northern Florida? Plenty of hillbillies and trash

          • paulinpittsburgh

            No need to go that far, I can take pictures just like these and of much worse on the streets of most of the city neighborhoods I’ve ever lived near or visited including Pittsburgh where I’m at now.

            Indeed, if not for the fact that the City of Pittsburgh has prevented any Walmarts from opening I’d have guessed several of the people in these photos were residents of neighborhoods I drive through everday.

            • Allan Richardson

              I’ve never been to Pennsylvania, but I heard James Carville’s political definition of the state: Pittsburgh at one end, Philadelphia at the other, and Alabama in between. Except that Alabama doesn’t have many Amish; but Florida does, in Sarasota. Of course, most Amish vote like rednecks.

              • justme55

                So Pennsylvania is bad and because the Amish have traditional values, they are trash??? You’ve never been to Pennsylvania, so you have no cause to judge it. It is a BEAUTIFUL state with wonderful people…except some of those who go to Wal-Mart…

                • Kristian Colasacco

                  And apparently Eagles games because they’ve got some of the trashiest fans in the country.

        • Melissa Hamari

          Ah, yes, because there’s no OLD or FAT Floridians. Mostly Old, but ..old old old old. And no, granny does NOT look better in a bikini.

        • NeCe1899

          Not up north for sure!

      • Getaclue

        And your reason for assuming this is….? There are the same atrocities in Ohio as there is any part of the U.S. or world for that matter!

      • 6PUNK7


    • peanut9244

      Try going to the Walmart on Brookpark Road. Dont forget to take your camera.

    • 6PUNK7