“I Thought I Looked Cute:” Erica Campbell Responds To Wardrobe Backlash

December 17, 2013 ‐ By

Erica Campbell Responds To Wardrobe Backlash

The same day Meagan Good is clearing up her suspect wardrobe choices, another Christian icon is addressing the controversy that’s followed one of her recent clothing articles. Last week we told you how one half of the gospel duo Mary Mary was catching a lot of flack for the promo photos for her new solo project. While plenty of us saw the picture of Erica Campbell and thought the singer looked absolutely stunning in the all white fitted ensemble, others thought the dress, which hugs her in all the right places, wasn’t too becoming of a woman of God.

Essence.com recently had the opportunity to chat with Erica about the whole ordeal and when they asked her what she thought about the wardrobe backlash, she told them:

“I’m taking it in stride and I’m keeping it moving. When we took the picture I felt beautiful, I felt confident, I felt sexy and I felt strong. I thought I looked cute, but it obviously offended some people, which was never my intention.”

Erica also made a point to note both her husband and her sister support her photo choice, and further noted that it’s okay for christian women to be physically appealing, adding that it’s far better for young women to learn that lesson by observing a woman of God as opposed to the ladies who we normally get this message from.

“This is about confidence and realizing that God made you and that you are beautiful just the way you are. I think that young girls shouldn’t only get s*xy images from people who are not proclaiming Jesus. But I am. And I’m cute too.”

She told y’all. What do you think of Erica’s response to her dress controversy?

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  • Nikkita Michelle

    This sister has had a grip of kids and has worked hard to regain her figure. She’s standing on her own as a solo gospel artist for the first time and she looks great. There’s no cleavage, the dress isn’t short, church folks need to sit down. Christians will pray for you, but church folk will talk about you. Do your thing Erica.

    • Gert

      I don’t like the “how can you be a christian and not find something wrong with this dress”…as if there is a level of “savedness”. I find my moral beliefs to be very conservative compared to today’s norm and I was not offended at all by her dress. Believe I don’t take nonsensee lightly and there was nothing “nonsense” about this dress. I have to support Erica on this one. The church has so many battles that need to be fought, and this dress is far from one of them.

  • nani


  • MsLadyE

    Erica’s beautiful. She looks classy and tasteful, and carries herself like a lady. I don’t believe you have to dress like a nun or an old maid just because you’re a Christian. You can dress modestly and still look elegant and stylish. That outfit is FIERCE!!

  • OjiMcGillicutty

    I agree! #TeamErica

  • amir bey

    sick of all the make up, excess hair and tight clothing. definitely not of God no matter how one tries to spin it!

  • Queen B

    Stunning Erica…KEEP IT MOVING…haters will always be no matter who you are and what u believe…

  • Felesia Diane Ledet


  • Kay

    I think she handled that question with style and class. I have watched her show and she has always presented herself as a woman of God.

  • Stacy D. Smith

    I’ve found the conversation over this issue to be a bit dishonest. I wasn’t put off by the dress, but I can certainly understand why it might give someone, identifying themselves as Christian, reason for pause. It’s a form-fitting dress that pronounces her curves. Image is central to how artists, irrespective of genre, are received. She happens to be a Gospel act who, by association, has a level of responsibility for her image that other artists may not. Should she be flogged and assailed for the dress? No, but let’s not pretend there aren’t areligious contexts where the same dress might’ve been controversial.

    Let us say for a moment that she was primary school teacher doing a promotional photo shoot for her employer. The dress might also be questionable in that scenario. Or in the standard office. I could totally see her being sent home over it.

    I don’t think she should be ashamed of her figure. I don’t think Christian women necessarily need to suppress their sexuality, but this is more about the appropriate time for the appropriate attire. You’re promoting an album that carries the Gospel of Christ. That dress might not be best conductor for the passage of that message.

    I’m fine with people who have an opinion that differs from my own. Not everyone ascribes to Christianity. Not everyone thinks women should adorn themselves modestly. If you ARE Christian though, I’m baffled that you’d be completely oblivious to why this dress might be a point of contention. Just my two.

    • Gert

      I don’t think that people are suprised as much as they do not agree. There is a difference between doctrine and scripture. I also believe that I were in her position I probably choose to wear something different, but that is my disciption. I think people in the ministry like to use every opportunity they to speak of what they do not like or agree with and not enough of drawing people in to be saved. Her soul does not rest on the hands of this dress. I think the tone of the backlash was a judgement and not of concern. Now this is a photo shoot not a school not even in church. She is completely covered and she is not posing in a way that you would find offensive. I have been saved for a very long time, since the age of 21. I have gone through stages were I didn’t even wear jeans. In no way does this outfit take away from the word of God. This woman has always tried to lead be example, and I think that yes we are all intitle to our opinions, but she is been made an example of and the comments have been extremely harsh and un Christian like. And to me that is not fair. What are we teaching those that have not found Jesus and are not saved?

    • Gert

      Sorry for all the typos and grammar… auto spell gets on my nerves, my phone has a mind of it’s own…I meant conviction.

  • Guest

    She looks great in that outfit and loved the shoes, probably the ones who are hating on her are out of shape, bitter, jealous women. I’m a Christan woman as well and there are women who go to church wearing dresses like this and no one judges them and they look classy wearing it, not looking like they’re about to go to the club after the service. Haters gonna hate.

  • Lexi Wynn

    love the dress. Those shoes tho…nah.

  • zeke

    Nobody can judge her but Christ Jesus on that day. however it is a Christian’s woman’s charge to dress in a modest fashion see 1 Timothy 2: 9-10.. It is not about confidence it’s about her selling her album. As a Christian women or man for that matter you are not supposed to or wear things that will take people’s focus off of GOD and put it on you. She should ask herself will she wear this outfit to church?

  • Gert

    Well said and there is nothing more to add to it. She put the nail in the coffen.

  • okthatsenuf

    She looks fabulous and is doing nothing wrong. Embrace your curves that God gave her. I sware some of the most judgmental and critical people are those who bible thump!

  • http://www.growitgirl.com/ Grow It Girl

    I thought she looked gorgeous and I totally agree with her. Good for her!

  • Shenna Ebony Forest

    I don’t c anything wrong wit what’s she’s wearing don’t they realize that god blessed her wit those curves & there’s nothing wrong slowing what god gave u she’s beautiful so is her sister who is also blessed in the curve section lol I love everything they wear & they looked damn good in it those aren’t nothing but other hating save woman who wasn’t so lucky to b so shapely & trying to bring other woman down cuz their mad!! KEEP UP THE GOOD LOOKS LADIES MAY GOD CONTINUE TO BLESSED U & YO SISTER❤️

  • Too Much Troof

    I’m not shocked at anything Mary Mary does. Their whole image is about promoting butt, thighs, and “thang”.

  • jas

    She looks great. That is all. There shouldn’t be an anyone offend unless they are hating. There is nothing hanging out(boob,butt, or thighs). Every woman, Christian figure or not should be allowed to embraced their body. The picture is flawless hater get over yourself.

  • chilid856

    People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. The some ones that are talking about her dress that is not revealing at all, have so many skeletons in their closet. that it’s about burst open from being stuffed.

  • M.L.

    I think she looks beautiful and not overtly sexual. People are overreacting.

  • Susie Dean

    I think she’s absolutely stunning! I wish I
    Had her shape,confidence an boldness. Walk on sister head up!

  • Gigi

    Amen Sister Campbell!!

  • Paula

    Girl You cant please everyone. You look fabulous & classy .

  • sarah

    She looks gorgeous!!!!She hasn’t done anything wrong. She just has a beautiful shape and the LORD blessed her with that!!!

  • Love

    She looks great….I really dislike Christians who judge. Only God can do that. She is classy, and looks great… We all wished we looked that great… That white works on her.

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  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    & u looked good too mama…don’t let the bitter church bitteys bring u down

  • moniqhar

    She killing that outfit.. I believe in Jesus and don’t see anything wrong with it. Those long loose fitting dresses come up also….

  • MImi

    Child please!!!! The people who were offended by that dress either wish they looked like that or their mate looked like that. God gave her that shape and I feel like she wore the dress very tastefully. Nothing was hanging out and it wasn’t short. She looked elegant!!!

    • Taryn Bryant

      I think the reason some people were saying that is because she is so curvy too. She did look elegant. She needs to give me those shoes though.

  • SXQN

    Classy all the way

  • Jazzy

    Loooooooove it ane looooooove her……. church folk need to stop smh

  • Christian_and_NOT_uptight

    I suppose the jealous “Christians” couldn’t handle you looking absolutely STUNNING!…folks need to stop being soooo up tight.

  • kiki j

    Omg why do you always hide my comments. Make me want to stop commenting on this site I said nothing wrong!

    • clwa0303

      That’s how they do girl, pick and choose. If you’re speaking against what they agree with then you go in moderation but have no problem with the comments that are hateful and disrespectful

      • kiki j

        Exactly and cyber bullying is allowed as well on this site smh

  • MzJCBJ

    Just because she’s a christian doesn’t mean she can’t wear what she want!!! Really? She look beautiful

  • Kelli Schultz

    I”m 56 and i thought u looks absolutely beautiful. Wear your clothes with pride.

  • Tee Elyse

    Folks just always wanna find something to be up in arms about! She looked fine! The church people attacking her need to be mindful of the things THEY put out into the universe! They could potentially turn folks away from the church who have the mind to join, but don’t want to because they think that all Christian’s are judgmental like that!

    • lola

      And Also I know those so called Christians ain’t judging somebody I thought the only one to judge us was God hmmmm.

  • cryssi

    Girl you looked better than cute!!! Don’t let the shade phase you.

  • thetruth

    She looks darn good! I’m a christian girl and I look up to you and your sister so much! Both of you are classy, beautiful, successful, married and is a great example of what a woman should be! This is coming from a 25 yr old college student! I wanna be just like you ladies…

  • Snow

    I thoughts Tina’s last name was Campbell…smh…

    • Me2

      Coincidentally, both sisters’ married names are Campbell.

  • Leah Robinson

    She looks absolutely gorgeous! Why can’t women of God look good too? Everyone seems to forget she is in the entertainment industry, where looks sell.

    • Lisa

      She is actually completely covered up. She just has a body on her. They wouldn’t have said anything if she had no t and a.

    • Taryn Bryant

      Hon, it’s the Christian women who should sparkle the most. We represent the King. He’s wearing robes of splendor. What should we look like. We should be representing.

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