“No Ma’am You Are Singing The Gospel Of Jesus Christ”: Erica Campbell Of Mary Mary Criticized For Tight Dress

December 11, 2013  |  

When I saw this picture of Erica Campbell of Mary Mary floating around on a few sites after she shared it on Twitter and Instagram, all I could think was ‘Good Lord! She looks great!’ While she’s always been a very beautiful woman, I don’t think very many people have seen Campbell quite like this. But still, there was nothing about the dress that screamed out risque or scandalous to me. Hell, the dress is literally a turtleneck that goes down below her knees. But as always, some people took issue with her figure-hugging look, saying that the gospel singer was doing a little too much with this dress, which she wore for a photo shoot as to promote her upcoming solo project. As pointed out by a site called America’s Preachers, one actual pastor took to Facebook to say:

“THIS IS NOT OKAY. Yes, you are a beautiful, curvy woman…but NO MA’AM YOU ARE SINGING THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST. Saints…smh COME ON.”

I don’t get it. I guess a burlap sack would have been the preferred way to go for the prudish folks? I can maybe understand the side-eye Meagan Good received after the BET Awards for that plunging velvet gown (I mean really, that was a bit much), but I thought Campbell looked pretty classy. Both Erica and Tina are curvaceous women, and they manage to stay pretty covered up a majority of the time. Why can’t they switch it up on us from time to time? Just because one sings “It’s The God In Me” doesn’t mean that you have to dress like Jesus. I’m just saying. All I know is that I hope I look this good after three kids. You better work!

What do you make of the look and the criticism?

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  • Rhonda

    For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him shall not PERISH, but have EVERLASTING LIFE. John 3:16

  • KRIZ

    Its nothing wrong with the dress she has on I think she looks classy. I could see if she had all her goods out but she kept it classy. SO ALL YOU FAKE CHRISTIANS CRITICIZING THIS WOMAN MOVE AROUND.

  • Thomasina Harley

    She looks beautiful!! God gave her that body!

  • Sogo Oglesby

    We need to make sure we don’t take any glory from God. We should all humble ourselves. The question here is she being humble ? Yes she looks beautiful, but let God’s light shine, not your hips. We have to set ourselves apart from the world. Blessings to you Erica, give God all the glory.

  • Sogo Oglesby

    Is she singing or selling ? We need to not be as the world, nor mimic their ways. Love you sister, but the focus is on you as you see. Remove yourself and give God all the glory.

  • Rik Sulaimaan

    Here’s the deal: Fat, overweight gospel singer in tight clothing-That’s ok. Lose weight ,look good, STILL wears tight clothing- NOT Ok. So sing for the Lord, just don’t be attractive with it. You too Yolanda Adams.

  • Paula

    I love the dress! and…Where can I find one??? Stop hating people!


    It’s interesting how quickly people are to judge — yet they claim to be christian. SMH! Who ever has ANYTHING negative to say about this sister is just mad as heck (I’m being nice since he’s s gospel singer) they don’t look like this. She looks amazing, classy, dignified and elegant. I swear – PEOPLE! Don’t change for people. You will never make folks happy so just keep on doing what you know in your heart is right for you. Now I need to get into the gym or something so my 50+ butt can look like this in white!

  • Jamie Brewer Sr RE

    Most Gospel singers are not ‘about’ God. They are in it for their own personal gratification. Just because you can sing doesn’t make you any ‘faithful’ than anyone else. Many of the Gospel singers dress and act the way that they are supposed to be condemning. They dress more and more like Hip Hop _____s everyday.

  • christian

    Ericka is displaying a satanic sign in the form of a triangle identifying herself as a member of the illuminati lots of symbolism in her new pictures

  • applesauce585

    Damn “Pharisees” always got something to say! lol

  • Haute

    It’s just a dress and she is human, not a saint or Jesus Christ. If we are going to complain about a dress, we would have to complain about her weave, her shoes and makeup because it’s not Christ-like. I personally think she looks great. It’s quite likely that the unphotoshop pictures look quite different.

  • Lexi

    Let her live!!! She looks great!!! I love it!

  • askme

    would you really listen to her singing the Gospel or would your eyes be to glued to her all white dress…REAL SAINTS…HOLYGHOST FILLED…knows that a CHURCH MOTHER wouldn’t dare approve of this…yes Sis. Cambell..I don’t know if you are part of the WORLD or trying to be ‘counted in that number

  • dreameagle

    um, there is a DIFFERENCE between form-fitting and form-GRIPPING, and this most definitely is the latter!

    that might be fine for the club on saturday night–although that’s debatable, in that any man would know a woman objectifying herself this much for attention can’t /won’t ever get enough of it–but definitely inappropriate for anything that has to do with sunday morning;

    this has nothing to do with “hating on” her–remember, she’d be exactly the same beautiful in anything with the largest size on the outside;

    it’s the effect of objectifying women that garners their distaste, and frankly, mine, too–Marilyn Monroe and JFK are both history…let their time and its objectifying misogynism RIP as well;

    • dreameagle

      perhaps so, but the rule of self-respect, decency, and common sense remains unchanged, and this streetwalker outfit shows she has none of the three, and will soon find herself being treated like one…

  • eagletail

    What Christians call the virtue of “chastity”, must not be confused with the social rule of “modesty” while the rule of chastity is the same for all Christians at all times, the rule of propriety changes.

    • dreameagle

      maybe so, but the rule of self-respect, decency and common sense will forever remain constant, and this streetwalker outfit proves she has none of the three, and so will soon find herself treated like one…

  • pat

    She use to be a big gurl, now that she has shed all that weight WOMEN are hating on her…it’s just an dress ladies!!! I think she looks great and I applaud her for getting her body back into shape…judge not Hippocrates Christians….tis,tis,tis…

    • dreameagle

      a dress best worn for her husband, and only where he can see it…

      shedding weight is no excuse for shedding shame along with it–she’d be every bit so beautiful in a dress more appropriate to her new size and shape…and she would get the respect her beauty deserves when she shows proper respect for herself, other women and her man;

  • LadeeTea

    hm, showing too much what? Shape.. don’t hate appreciate, she looks lovely

  • Jayda Brown

    She looks great, what is she supposed to dress like an old friggn’ maid? Some people just need to move on and keep it pushing.

    • dreameagle

      not an old maid, but not a new prostitute, either;

  • Alino

    A lovely creature of god, why being upset of her looks. Goddecided she was going to be like she is.

  • She is stunning that has nothing to do with anything. The problem is young girls will want to emulate this as well. When boys have raging hormones and we are trying to teach the youth to be pure? Just something to think about.

    I’m a singer and personally I would be very uncomfortable worshipping in this dress. I always check my backside LOL and if you can see everything I change or put a wrap on.

    As women of God we can still be beautiful, trendy, and modest. Modest doesn’t mean ugly it just means we don’t show the world what was meant for our husband.

  • Me

    The problem is, her dress distracts people from her message, this discussion being a prime example. I hate seeing women walk in church with their a** and boobs out like they are in the club. This form fitting dress may be long, but it’s not covering anything. You can see the outline of her boobs and everything. She could leave church and walk right into a club and no one would blink.

    Christians are supposed to set themselves apart. She is conforming to this world and showing her a** while she’s at it. I think it’s inappropriate. Ain’t nobody thinking about God with an album cover like that. I could understand if she was going out to dinner or to a party, but for a Christian album cover…?

    • Me

      Furthermore, if she has a husband, why do WE need to see all that? What is she trying to accomplish? Who is she trying to impress? She’s causing men and probably women to lust after her on and album cover that is supposed to be spreading the gospel. I have a great body and I’m not a minister. The only way I’d wear something like that is if I’m trying to catch, period.

  • Tonyoardee

    Make her wear a hijab why dont you?

    • dreameagle

      as opposed to a bath towel?

  • Jackir

    I have seen church folks, preachers be clothed in what is considered ‘church attire’ and yet the behavior does not match the clothes. I think she looks fabulous and when I get my weight off, on the Sunday, I am going to be up and moving and folks going to wonder why Rev won’t sit down. Please folks look inside out and cast no stone because those same stones can come your way and being hit with stones can be painful and dangerous to your soul.

  • Dee

    This pic doesn’t read “sexual” to me at all. Some people need to get a grip

  • Somethings Amiss


  • Ms. Independent

    She looks gorgeous. Some church folk will find anything and everything as an opportunity to judge or condemn another person. Both things the Word expressly says we should not do.

  • ComeLetsTalk

    his attitude is exactly why so many people find issues with so called Christians. Christians for find issues with everything and behind closed doors they are the ones are the biggest hypocrites. This is such petty B.S.and superficial nonsense. Those woman have always carried themselves with class and dignity but that’s not enough. But I suppose if they dress the part according to his standards that will make them more Christ like right??? Your clothing choices clearly is what will get you into heaven and not how you treat your fellow man. Pathetic.

  • sammi_lu

    Yolanda Adams been wearing form fitting dresses for years, in fact on her ‘Believe’ album cover she is rocking a tight blue dress. Erica’s curves are just a bit more poppin’ but definitely not inappropriate to me.

    • dreameagle

      two wrongs don’t make a right…

  • t.brown

    So I guess preachers of L.A. is tasteful. Nothing is wrong with this dress.

  • Meek

    I’m a Christian and I will say unless you are a Christian one simply will not understand the critique, with the exception of those whose religion has the same “standard” modesty isn’t just about being covered up it’s about keeping those access to oneself and their husband. It’s also about helping men who are very visual creatures, not to have the temptation of focusing on your body. Not all men are lustful animals for doing so it’s natural for them to be attracted to that which God created them to be attracted to.

    With that said, this may be the fashionalbe and not Christian side of me:) But I do feel this looks tasteful and even with how form fitting it is doesn’t say to me she’s trying to put it out there it fits her very well. Is it modest no and that’s what the Christian has to answer to how God views it not the opinion of man.

  • Myailias

    The dress is very nice. It all depends where she’s wearing it that makes it “appropriate”. If she’s doing a photoshoot, going on a date, or an all white party it’s perfectly fine. However if she’s a going to teach a class full of kids then maybe not so much.

  • Tammy

    It really doesn’t matter what people think b/c the church has lost its standard to be holy, righteous and set apart. Standards are dated and boring and the new thing is do whatever you want b/c we all have sinned and no one is to judge and God is understanding of our foolishness because we are all human. As long as we’re making folks pockets thick, and they’re receiving fame for their own vanity, you can pretty much do anything. You know it’s bad when pastors are comparing their lifestyle to that of a rapper. Just because you have a curvy body doesn’t mean you have to put your curves on display. I absolutely adore Cee Cee Winans b/c she is a beautiful woman and yet carries herself like a true lady. In all of the years that she has been in the music industry I have never seen her dressed inappropriately. I agree that Erica looks beautiful but she and her management team had to know that the focus of this picture would be her body and one must ask is this what she wants to sell her records???

    • Pastor Calvin McCoy

      WOW. Tammy, point well taken! Just shared on the radio show!

    • Wanda Simpson

      Check! Check!

  • piaangelafinley

    I agree with you pastor I am a preacher as well and we as members of the body of Christ have to stand for righteousness and holiliness. Im 5 foot 10 and shapely I am convicted when I wear something that is showing too much I love to look nice and I’m young spirited I don’t dress like a old lady but as a preacher I wear my clothes nice but when I wear something that is not tasteful spiritually wise the Holy Spirit convicts me. My cousin is her stylist I love him I love the work he does but the outfit that she wore because of who she stands for is the questionable part. Just because she’s not a preacher she is still preaching the gospel thru song she talks about Jesus she lives for Jesus her sister as well. You can be young and dress nice but don’t show everything God gave you. We don’t want anybody to lust We cannot compromise with the world so whatever the world thinks it really doesn’t matter. In the world its ok for two men or two women to be married but is it alright in God’s eyes? SOME people don’t understand that the Bible says that if you do anything to cause a person to stumble then we’re accountable for that.

    • Pastor Calvin McCoy

      Awesome! Just shared your comment on the radio

  • therealnumber1

    Erica looks amazing!!!! any “church folk” out there hating is the reason why we Christians have a bad rep…leave the woman alone, she is covered and looks angelic, NOTHING wrong with this at all! Do yo thang Erica!

  • Jan

    my line sister made that skirt….woo hoo ..ok im done but tina looks good

  • eyeconic1

    She looks wonderful. People really need to get their life instead of worrying about others. GEESH! When did we become a world of hypocrites and constantly throwing stones. Somebody will always find something wrong with you. Long as you love you and are comfortable in your skin. Who cares.

  • Pastor Calvin McCoy

    all agree she looks great, gorgeous, fly, and beautiful. But as a
    Pastor. I would not want her to walk in my church with this on. I got
    babes in Christ at my church. My guys could not see that and not be
    distracted. I feel her message of Jesus Christ is not first and foremost. She looks stunning, and I do not feel it is tasteless. I would buy my wife this outfit for my wife for a private occasion. But to market her as a Gospel Artist this way, I feel is a bit much. I feel it could sets a bad image for young women in Christ on
    how women should dress in church. Yes I know it is a photo shoot for her
    album cover, however someone else may not understand and find this
    attire appropriate for the church. Yes she is hot, but its not for
    singing Jesus can work it out, she could possibly bust out if she get to shouting. People want to see you
    live by the image you put out there.
    Yes it is a beautiful dress, she looks great wearing it, but I would not find this
    appropriate Marketing for a Gospel Artist. It could cause others to stumble. I showed it to a few of the men at my church, and the comments I heard was “WAIT A MINUTE! Let me see that again”, “Who is that, she got it all, Glory!”, when I said it was a Gospel Artist, one of the teens said Nicki Minaj got an outfit very similar. I love Erica, I love her song, And now that I think about it she prepared us with her song “I Need a Little More Jesus!” But she looks good, when I get a wife, I’m buying that dress!! I Love a Women that can wear a Pencil Skirt below the knees and some bad heels. But away from the church. #Patientlywaitingtofindmywife.

    • guest

      The dress is not a wrong choice because of the men’s reactions. THEY, and they alone, are responsible for their behavior and acting like decent, civilized human beings. The dress is the wrong choice because her message should focus on the Lord, not her own attributes.

      • Pastor Calvin McCoy

        I apologize, maybe my point was missed. My point was that Her dress takes away from the Message of Jesus Christ, because it is a distraction. I posted the mens response to show how her image was being received by some men. Young,Old and Teens. Sorry if it was not clear..

        • sha

          I am not a Christian but do know better than this. Pastor, like I keep saying, everybody better hope God got the remix of his Word. The ladies defending her are negating what her message is supposed to be because she looks great. Thats not the point. In my opinion they have always pushed the envelope with their outfits as well as other gospel singers. Point plant if you are bringing more attention than your message then you have failed as the messenger and do you really want to dispoint your Boss in this instance?

          • Pastor Calvin McCoy


    • piaangelafinley

      with you pastor we have a body of Christ have to stand for righteousness and holiness we cannot compromise with the world so whatever the world thinks it really doesn’t matter it’s ok in the world for two men into women to be married what is it alright in God’s eyes so people don’t understand that the Bible says that it is if you do anything to cause a person to stumble then we’re killable for that

      • Pastor Calvin McCoy


      • Not Surprised

        You also have to refrain from passing judgement and imposing your thoughts and ideals onto others. The relationship with God is a personal one and I highly doubt that He appointed any one of you to say who is right or wrong. If you can stand at the Pearly Gates with me on Judgement day and guarantee me a place in Heaven by your faith ALONE then I will accept what you say as fact and GOD’S truth.

    • Not Surprised

      I highly doubt she’ll walk into church with this on. It was for the cover of her CD SMH How does she get blamed for the gutter thoughts of the men in the church.

      • guest

        “I highly doubt she’ll walk into church with this on.”
        Well, if she wouldn’t wear it to church, why wear it on the cover of a GOSPEL CD??

        • Not Surprised

          Ummm because it’s on the cover of a Gospel CD….duh! If you don’t like it don’t buy it simple as that. Remember just as she has to answer to God for everything she does, you have to answer to God for judging her. Marinate on that!!!

          • guest

            Some free advice for you: Don’t respond to blog posts when you’re angry (as you clearly are). Take a moment, calm down, THINK about what is actually being asked, and then respond with a logical, sensible reply that actually ANSWERS the question.
            Again, if the dress is inappropriate to wear to church, how is it all of a sudden appropriate to wear on the cover of a *GOSPEL* cd?? Isn’t her message/purpose the same whether at church or in a recording studio??

            • Not Surprised

              Some free advice for you: NEVER give advice unsolicited, and never assume someone is angry when you have no clue whether they are or not. I’ve taken several moments to think and comprehend the question and I stand by my response. When you place more emphasis on what others are (or are not) doing you are in essence judging them and if you are a Christian then you know that judgement is reserved for God and worrying about what another person is doing means you are missing out on what God has for you. AGAIN, she has been wearing form fitting attire since they came out, it’s only now that she has lost weight that everyone wants to say how inappropriate her dress for her album cover is. Her message apparently is the same no matter what she has on. Now you take a moment, push away from your computer, turn it off and go get a life.

  • Kimistry Hawkins

    OMG! Normally those persons that have issues with other people,have them because of the issues within themselves. That preacher couldn’t accept her beauty because he was so busy look at her curves. .. I HATE those churchy Tightwads that criticize others because of the lust and sin they harbor in their own hearts. Get over it, she looks Gorgeous! And classy when did clothes ever Save someone’s soul! Get real gees!

  • Gert

    Yolanda Adams has worn very similar style dresses and she has never received this much slack, why because she is not a curvacious. She is completely covered and in my eyes tasteful. This is a photo suit, she is not on stage shaken her but. Nor it she showing her butt for the camera. She is a curvy woman with hips unless you come wearing a slack you are going to see curves. We need to get away from docturine and start concentrating on the scripture. This woman has spent her whole life lifting up the name of Jesus. She is not a Pastors wife she is an entertainer in the ministry. Chruch folk need to leave people alone and start concentrating on their own short comings.
    I come from old school apostolic/penicostal upbringing and I don’t even see anything wring with it.

    • Guest

      Yolanda Adams may not have received as much slack but please know that some people view her as pushing the envelope as well. As a curvy woman myself, you CAN dress with class. I have a large behind and yes it is noticeable but I will not wear a cat suit or a bodycon dress b/c I know good and well my behind will be draw unwanted attention. Every woman knows her body and she knows the attention that certain clothes brings to her body. You don’t have to wear a sheet to hide your frame but you also don’t have to wear extra tight clothes either.

    • Dee

      I completely agree. Even her POSE is modest. Her butt isnt pointing to the camera, she isn’t bent over. She isn’t performing or in church like you say. Heck, she’s not even wearing a provocative COLOR. smh

    • dreameagle

      got news for you..in something that ridiculously tight, her butt shakes every time she moves and her breasts bounce every time she breathes;

      but that must be exactly what she wants, because the only thing s dress like that says, screams, is, “look at me! only me!”

      looking only at her soon becomes staring, uncomfortably close to ogling, which is what the dress demands, but when it happens, she’ all be upset because she’ll feel objectified!

      now what else could possibly come of walking around in Saran Wrap, whether it’s in the church or out?

      look at me, look at me, only me, but not too much?

      • TruthBeTold

        lol why you mad tho?

        • Gert

          I was thinking the same thing, dreameagle just went down the line striking everybodies comment that was not in agreement with her opinion. I don’t know what her “good news for you” was to reference. But what she needs to do is convict her attitude and adjust it and not convict someone who she does not know of their attire.
          I will stick by my opinion, because it is just that mines.

  • Terrance SetepenRa Wilson

    I see the God in her!!!!!!!

    • dreameagle

      how could you not? the dress leaves NOTHING to mystery!

  • re

    right because the curves of a woman are the DEVIL… that pastor need to go sit down..if you have lustful thoughts after seeing this picture then you seriously need to consider counseling

    • Neco84

      Hahaha! Thank you! Its so contradictory to on one hand, Praise god and be thankful and proud of your body and temple. Then on the other hand be like, I know god gave you that body but you need to be ashamed of it. Which one is it, ya know?

      • dreameagle

        first of all,learn to stop stuttering–here’s a clue..if you can take the “be likes” out of the sentence and it still makes sense but reads quicker, maybe it’s time to stop emulating Pharrel and Combs…

        second, there’s a time and place for everything–& the only time and place for a dress that ridiculously too small and tight is 3am on a street corner outside a bar or crack house;

        • Deana Mitchel

          Says the person who is guaranteed to not ever have been able to wear a dress like that or ever will. Several seats. . . .

  • Keyshia

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with her dress. But I remember a comment Donnie McClurkin made to a contestant on Sunday’s best and he simply told her to be careful with what she wore because when you are singing the gospel of Jesus that’s what you want people to focus on. If you’re wearing a tight white dress that shows your curves who’s thinking about God looking at you. So while I think she looks great, as a gospel artist you want to be careful not to lose the audience. What separates Erica who sings the praises of God and Nikki Manaji who well you get my point.

  • SXQN

    What does what she’s wearing have to do with her singing gospel? She’s covered properly, AS ANY CLASSY LADY would/should be. I often wonder why “christians” are the first ones who jump at the chance to criticize and judge people who don’t think and act like THEM in these situations..*JMO*

  • Zephyrok

    Stupid Americans. And I was born in America

  • Vanessa Henry

    i think that pastor’s comment was a reflection of things he was guilty about feeling. like a sexual attraction or whatever. she looks gorgeous and she was covered up…so what?

  • Sharon Jennette-Ayoub

    What planet has these critics been on for the last 10 years. Mary Mary has been rocking nice form fitting outfits for years. Erica is looking fabulous and tasteful as always.

    • Not Surprised

      They didn’t mind when she was overweight, it didn’t draw attention to themselves. Now that she has lost weight, it’s a problem.

  • kala

    simply ravishing

  • Donna

    Kudos to Erica Campbell for being a grown, professional gospel entertainer secure in her womanhood, body and sexuality.

  • Angela R. Ingram

    I agree, I see nothing wrong with the dress and her pose is very tasteful. If she was posing like Kim K, trying to make herself look sexual, then I would be able to understand the fuss, but to me it’s tasteful. I didn’t even think about how form fitting it was until someone said something about it.

  • ShazzNem

    I understand the Pastor’s point and very subtly made too. There is no question, many eyes won’t be lip reading or minds translating to worship state. However, she looks damn fine tho!

  • LaughtRiot88

    Come on ladies, don’t you know we’re supposed to wear a potato sack at all times? We’re focusing so much on the dress, look at the shoes! Those are cuuuute. I have hips and they are visible in all my church dresses. Not intentionally. I have several different styles of dresses and you still can’t miss them. I think the fact that she has that hourglass figure just throws church people for a loop. I’m lucky enough to go to a church where the traditional dress code isn’t followed. We can wear jeans, etc. We are there to focus on the word, not each others’ outfits. And for that reason, I honestly don’t notice what others are wearing.

  • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

    So she has to wear loose frumpy fitting clothes to be a gospel singer? Smh…

  • Tony Carr

    so what do these sanctified eediots wants her to wear,,,,a rice bag???,,kmft,,,,,,,leave de woman alone n remember its god who gave her that body ,,,,,,,,y’all jus hateful n spiteful

  • Tricia West

    She looks awsome they need to have several seats

  • Guest11

    There’s nothing wrong with the dress. It just happens to be too small for her but a nice dress anyway!!!

  • Angelicbeauty

    this just shows the hypocrisy in Christianity.

  • Momma Dee Tha Q.U.E.E.N

    Shoot!! Erica is wearing the life out that dress! She betta WURK!

  • Jojo

    There would be a whole lot less divorce if wife’s dressed like this more often 🙂
    She looks GREAT !!!!

  • Tee

    And you wonder why more people don’t go to church… God gave her those curves so why should she be ashamed? Ugh – I hate to say it – but a lot of women in the church are just bitter, miserable and plain ol’ haters…Evolve church ladies, put the prayer cloths and post church platters down and talk a real walk with Jesus – because hate and jealousy is not Christ like…You should be looking through loving eyes and celebrate her beauty and support her ministry…Go girl! Make a joyful noise and look FAB while you do it’
    HA-LAY-LU-YUR 🙂 lol

    • piaangelafinley

      They don’t go to church because of the people in the church they don’t go to church because they have not been drawn to God yet. when you get drawn by God it doesn’t matter about what’s going on in the church because it’s not about the people first of all its about God

      • Neco84

        Thank you! If youre sitting up in church starring at other peoples outfits then you already have a poor relationship with God.

      • Not Surprised

        No actually they don’t go to Church because it’s about big business and hypocrites. Church is not for saints it’s for sinners and somewhere it got lost on flashy preachers wearing 1000 dollar suits, demanding 10% of nothing (for some families) I was lead to God, not the church and it’s hypocrites.

  • randomcommenter

    What is she showing…..twwwww

  • YoNess

    Sometimes we focus on the wrong thing. She has the Holy Spirit to convict her if it is too much, but to the world we should pointing to Jesus. Too much time is spent on the trivial which distracts from the message of love. Heck, she has a shape and that’s fine!

  • misspriss843

    I really feel this was not bad or lacked taste. She is a woman of God and married. And its 2013! She is beautiful stop hating please!!!!! And she is a thick chick sorry she has embrace herself the way God made her…she is completely covered…what are you guys so afraid plus their music reflects their lifestyle..we went through with yolanda…focus on the music please…save souls…erica you rock! God bless

  • writingmomma46

    God is not looking at her outward appearance, he is looking at her heart! She gives HIM the glory and she is respectful to her husband. Too bad I can’t say that about those “church folk” with the bad attitudes when you sit in “their” seat. Smdh

    • provokethought

      However someone else may be looking at her outward appearance even though she is focused on Christ. Then perhaps the message she is trying to convey gets lost. In general, I think one then has to ask him/herself, “Will my appearance, behavior, conversations, etc take the focus off of Christ?” Just a thought…..On another note, she looks great.

      • writingmomma46

        Have you ever heard the fraize “his mind is in the gutter?” Well, she could have had on a sweat suit that was 3x her size and if someone’s mind is in the gutter, they wouldn’t care what she had on. Because a person that doesn’t have their mind on Christ isn’t trying to hear what she is conveying in song anyway. She is a woman that has on a nice dress. No, she isn’t a size 2 and the dress is form fitting. But, I think she looks great too. Too many are judging her outward appearance and not listening to the message that she conveys through her music and life. Yes, I have watched her show on many occasions. She does not send a message of being “worldly”, as mother so and so would say. Lmbo!

        • Neco84

          Like I said above, if all it takes is a well dressed woman to “distract”you from lord God. … then we have bigger issues.

      • Neco84

        If ALL it takes for a person to lose focus on god is was dressed woman….. then they need to recheck their relationship with the lord.

      • Not Surprised

        And that’s her fault because????

      • Me


  • Ms. Nykee

    I think she looks amazing. There is s many other things to be concerned with in the world. When I hear and see Erica sing I am convinced that she lives of what she sings. I Love her…keep doing you Erica

  • guest

    if erica and tina are saved I got some swampland to sell y’all. i guess it’s telling how you all dress at church. hmmm

    • Rev Fab-u-lous

      I guess you are God hiding behind guest.

    • SXQN

      Soooo…you have to dress in sackcloth to prove you’re saved?

      • Ajavee

        SXQN, some peple do have a perception that you have to

        dress in sack clothing to prove you love God and we both know
        that is far from the truth.

        The inside is what is important and some
        people have hateful and mean spirits inside and then in the same breath
        how much they love God. Those people make me laugh. I am glad they
        are not the God we love.

        • April Lambert

          Amen to that.

      • Not Surprised

        LOL No you just have to judge what others wear and call yourself a Christian! 🙂

    • Not Surprised

      I guess I must have missed the dress code portion of the Bible, can you direct me to it????

  • candy cane

    When a woman can have 3 or 4 children and have a figure like Erica, then
    then they can have something to say; I’M getting MY raggedy self to the GYM. Let the hater’s hate; at least Erica’s dress isn’t up to her chin like most folk.

  • Neco84

    Lets take our reality medicine and truth serum…. 9 times outta ten. If a person is COMPLETLY covered up and you still find it inappropriate. Its because you have a guilty concious for still thinking of them in a sexual way and need someone to blame other than youself…… TRUTH!

    • sha

      Everyone agrees with you but you personally bear a responsibility for purposely wearing something sexually enticing if your are supposed to be a vessel of God’s word. Now that is the TRUTH! She looks gorgeous but like a said before, I hope God got the the re-mix of his word.

      • olivia

        I love how the church places the responsibility of preventing “lustful thoughts” squarely on the women.
        How dare women embrace their femininity and s3xuality? What is the world coming to?

        • Neco84

          Agreed. Why is up to us as women to prevent other peoples sexual thoughts about us??? Makes zerso sense holding others unaccountable for their actions. Would it be ok for me to say that men in church shouldn’t wear suits?? Cuz I’ll tell you one thing…. a well dresses man gets me a little ;-). Or would me saying THAT be inappropriate?? And just about as absurd as saying that about a well dressed woman. Double standards.

          • olivia

            The church is built on double standards, shaming and guilt especially as it pertains to women.

            • Ajavee

              I agree. The church is too much into double standards.

      • Dee

        But anything can be seen as “sexually enticing”. What if a person has a fetish for baggy clothes? Or turtle necks? It’s in the eye of the beholder.

        • Not Surprised

          So true!

      • DehliaLopez

        Excuse me! The woman is marrief, lives God the father, and is a performer. If God was not blessing her she snf her sister would not be successful. Sexually eenticing? Hardly, its a white longer dress below het kneed, not a mini skirt.

        The peanut gallery is jealous and envious of successful people, especially this woman. Also, yes it is sad when Christians have to sue others, but who said Mitchell is a Christian? His relationship with the sisters fell a part quickly over his loosing his place as their manager. They were giving him time to make an effort, but the constant nagging and bickering over his loosing his role as manager, caused his end prematurely. So sorry Mitch.

  • Neco84

    Gorrrrrgeous! Shes literally wearing an outfit past her knees! If you’re still viewing her in a sexual way. Then YOU have the problem not her.

    • Ajavee

      So agree…those who view her outfit are looking at her in a sexual way.

  • Caramel Empress

    People just hating because they wished they looked that stunning without having to show unnecessary flesh! Why should she have to be ashamed or have to apologize for having curves? Make no apologies beautiful sistah….rock them curves and sing for the lord with pride!

    • a

      She even has stockings on so she is covered from head to toe. She is beautiful.

      • Caramel Empress

        EXACTLY! people are mad at her for what? Looking like what she IS….A WOMAN! folk need to get a grip and concern themselves with something relevant!

  • Shawnna Ramsey

    When you have a figure like hers, anything could be form fitting.

    • Aliy Mc

      Thank you!!!

    • guest

      Not when you buy it in a larger size . . .

    • piaangelafinley

      that’s not true I’m shaped like her but you have to wear certain things.

      • Don’tBDelusional

        Sorry, no you are not.

      • Nicole


    • Rik Sulaimaan

      I have friends so curvy,you couldn’t hide it in a burka.

  • toya

    I think she looks fabulous nothing is showing people need to stop!

  • Stefanie

    she looks wonderful!!! if she was a stick figure women it would not be a problem. But she is like the average women. We have CURVES. Now, OON…I’m just glad she doesn’t have that two-toned hair!

  • Karen

    Looks beautiful. Do wish she had smiled though.

  • Steph

    Ok but it’s ok for preachers to wear $1000 suits while your members are stuck paying u a love offering? People be worried about the wrong thing. We suppose to be a great nation but we have all these poor people on the streets and million dollar preachers on tv not giving out a dime.

    • outoforder

      You just made spit out my food from laughing about the love offering! Girl, I saw someone throw their watch at the Pastor’s feet during a love offering. I believe in a salary for the Pastor but you just made me laugh!

  • MIMI

    Warryn aint complaining! Did they want her to wear a habit as well people need to stop with all the holier than thou attitude she looks very classy

  • Trisha_B

    See Megan Good, you can be s3xy but still be covered !

  • Paula Wright

    She looks very Classy and appropriate……what is the big deal????



  • Trina

    I didn’t know it was wrong if u didn’t wear baggy clothes all the time. Come on people, she’s completely covered and looks gorgeous. Gospel singers can look femine too

  • Adrienne Ferron

    there nothing wrong with her dress…I guess they want her to dress like a nunn….chillllllllllllllllllllle please..she looks awesome..

    • Rik Sulaimaan

      They have been dressing in tight clothes for years, but now, since she has lost weight, it’s unacceptable. Overweight & tight: That’s Ok.

  • She looks beautiful to me. Nothing tasteless about it in my opinion.

    • eagletail

      Chasity is a forgotten virtue, if you got flaunt it, no matter where you are at.

      Sometimes when women dress, They find themselves in the “advertising business”, but the key to advertising is to be mindful of who you want your “viewing audience” to be. It’s not logical to place your body on display and wonder why the men you meet want to know what’s between your thighs versus getting to know your mind. Whatever you place on display will attract the MOST attention.

      • Deana Mitchell

        I think we are all forgetting the Erica is a married woman. My goodness let the woman live. She can wear what she likes. If you don’t like it. Don’t buy her music. End of story. All this extra dialogue surrounding her intent and her morals is outlandish. It’s one photo of many she has and will take. Erica represents the modern day Woman of God who accepts who she is, loves and follows the word and is still living her life in a way that pleases herself. Her dress has nothing to do with her life’s work or her ministry.

  • Yvette

    I agree with the author in that all she has on is a turtle neck that goes to her knees. She is completely covered up. Yes the dress is form fitting but I see nothing wrong with that. She gets two thumbs up from me!

    • candy cane

      Agree, and can you see her husband letting he wear anything that wasn’t tasteful?

    • isiah

      Folks get so caught up in the surface part of religion if people spend more time with the inner self part of religion we wouldn’t have this conversation that black woman looks amazing.That y it’s more devils n gossiping n the church them the streets n this is y the youth is declining n the church worrying about foolishness

    • datdudemike

      So “christians” are mad because she got curves so that makes her less christian……

      • guest

        I think the criticism might be that, as a gospel singer, you are supposed to edify the Lord, with none of the attention on yourself. I think she looks great, too. But I can see the point of those who say the Lord’s message should be front and center, not the singer’s curves and beauty.
        Just food for thought . . .
        How would you feel if this were the way your child’s teacher was dressed as she taught her lessons??

        • sha

          Execellent and exact. She is doing to much with the dress. It is hugging her figure because the point of the dress is to show off her figure which is not in line with her singing the gospel of God. Not a judgement just a fact. People better hope God got the re-mix of the Word. And no I am in no way a Christian or attend church regularly but do know and believe that its not something you play around with it because if your about be that or

          • Somethings Amiss

            Not a judgement just a fact…….

            Yeah right…it amuses me when people say that crap…..it is judgement

            • eagletail

              What do you have against judgement. Thats one reason why people take showers.

          • Caydence James

            Excuse me but were you standing to next to her when she bought this dress? Were you leaning over her shoulder when she was writing in her journal this morning? If not then why are you making such a huge ASSumption that it was her point to “show off her curves” instead of it simply being about her liking the dress and looking good (which she still has the right to do, right?). I’m willing to bet that you are NOT a curvy woman because curvy women know that they can put on the same dress as a skinny chick and it will still look completely different on her – much like how it looks on Erica – whether they want it to or not.
            You people kill me! If she was church lady fat or skinny as a rail with absolutely no curves we wouldn’t even be having this discussion right now! You know what that’s called? It’s called a double standard and it’s bad enough that we allow men to do this to us but for a woman to be the first people to jump on another woman who’s fully clothed? Well, that’s just proves that men don’t even need to try to control us – why should they go through the effort when there’s so many judgmental brainwashed heifers out there doing the work for them? Stop bring a pawn. Look at her again and you will notice that this isn’t a Megan Good situation where she’s falling out of her dress! In case you haven’t seen this before – this is a woman who is curvy and classy. That.Is.All.

          • Sahran

            wow, even those who can say they are not Christians can see this attire is too much, but those who claim to know the Lord smh. THis is a club outfit. It is skin tight. For those who say its down to her knees…so are catsuits. Christians choose..the world or God., She is screaming with this outfit…I want to fit in…wit the world. If you want to do R&b just do it and drop the façade of chrisitanity because its see through.

        • a

          It doesn’t matter how the teacher is dressed they still find a way to screw young girls and boys. Haven’t you been watching the news these teachers are having threesomes with 14 year olds. The robes that these preachers and priest wear haven’t stopped them from molesting little boys and girls. I think she looks great her music still comes across as gospel and that’s all that counts.

          • sha

            Actually what counts is what is said in the Bible.

            • Not Surprised

              Where in the Bible is there a dress code?????

              • lisa

                I Timothy 2:9 KJV

          • guest

            “It doesn’t matter how the teacher is dressed…”
            Did you really just type that?? I don’t know ANYbody on this board, but I’d be willing to bet that those who are parents would not want to see their children’s teachers dressed in a way that puts the focus on the teacher’s bodies and takes it away from their lessons.
            And THAT is the point here. When you are the messenger (whether you’re delivering God’s word or just a simple classroom lesson), YOU should not be the focus. Your message should be.

        • faceman68

          And that is the point that, I tried to make with some folks on Facebook. I think that people think that church folks may be jealous of Erica, but I think that people, might be looking at the way she is dressed. You have to realize that some folks may have grown up in church environments that may be conservative in theology.

        • Caydence James

          My daughter’s teacher is not in the entertainment industry. So, yeah in that case, I’d probably be a little upset.

      • faceman68

        I do not think that it is really that. I think that there are some folks that may have a problem with the dress that Erica is wearing.

    • Komo

      Yes I agree. God wants to see her heart only than her appearance or clothes. Ppl needs stopping to criticize her.