“You Got Knocked the F–k Out!” Classic Movie Lines We Love To Quote

September 10, 2013 ‐ By Meg Butler

Movie Lines We Love To Quote

Some movies are so good, you never really stop talking about them. We’ve gathered a list of the classic movies we all love to quote. Add your favorite lines in the comments below!

MadameNoire Video

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  • MsLadyE

    “Claudine” was one of the best movies known to mankind! Too bad it didn’t make the list. My favorite line was “Charles, do you think you OWN that bathroom?”

    And “That was yo granddaaaaaaaddy” from “Meet the Browns”. It wasn’t in the movie, but was on the extra scenes on the DVD. My cousins always had me on the floor laughing every time they said it.

  • Ladybug94

    “Yo puto, why you fleeensh (flinch)”? Peoples Hernandez (character in Shaft).

  • applesauce585

    One of my favorite movies from the 70’s “Uptown Saturday Night’ ( w/ Sidney Potier and Bill Cosby). The wife of councilman after they’re robbed at the after hour club/gambling joint; “Dem nucca’s interrupted the best roll I ever had”, lol.
    The Color Purple, Celie says to Mister “Did I ever ask you for anything, I aint never asked you for nothing, not even your sorry AZZ hand in marriage!! (my absolute favorite “movie line of all time). LOL

  • dez

    yoooo anglea played that part to death!!!!this is a really good post yall got…i still can’t stand danny “mister” golver to this day for that role…

  • dez

    #dead..”only thing i’m stealing out here today is yo face..pop!” vera know she real lol

  • dez

    #dead..”only thing i’m stealing out here today is yo face..pop!” vera know she real lol

  • Nevets Nonnac

    We can’t just get a list? I’m over these click-throughs to run-up page clicks.

    F*ck that!

  • tenisha charmin

    love love love black movies….great list too

  • thepreshest

    That whole entire segment from The Temptations tho…LMBO. Don’t forget Training Day’s “King Kong ain’t got nothin’ on me!”

    • Ladybug94

      Lol. also “This ain’t checkers, this is chess”. Good movie.

  • mdoubs

    What about “I have it with these motherloving snakes on this motherloving plane!” ??? Classic Samuel L. Jackson!!

  • nolimit_soldier

    “This ain’t no funeral home! It ain’t the Terror Dome, neither! Welcome to Hell, muthafuggassss! ” -Mr. Simms Tales From the Hood (the most unexpected ending ever in a horror movie in my opinion)

  • BadAzz Bee

    What ? No “say hello to my little friend “, “you gone eat yo cornbread”, “15, 30, 37, 38, badooo do do do dooo 45, 47”, “too many muthaf?$& snakes on the mutha?!& plane” lol I could do this all day lol

    • ranee

      LOL! I still say “you gon eat your cornbread” to people! 😀

      • BadAzz Bee

        Yesssssss that’s my line lol

  • FromUR2UB

    Is that Color Purple quote part of the “Allll my life, I had ta fight!” speech? I haven’t seen it in a while, but I thought that’s the part people like to say, or the other one, “You sho is ugly!”

    “Eat the cake, Anna Mae!” “Dis cake real good. (smack, smack )”.

    • dez

      or I’s married now!!! lol

    • MsLadyE

      Yes it is. Sophia said “You told Harpo to beat me” before the “All my life I had ta fight” part. And when she says “When I seed you, Miss Celie, I knew there was a God”, that ALWAYS makes me cry!

  • Kenedy

    So I watched Boomerang with Eddie Murphy when I was really young, but for some reason, I remember the line when Eartha Kitt was like “Marrrrrcus darling…..I don’t have any panties on” Lol, don’t ask me why

    • dez

      hahaha one of the funniest parts of the movie lol

    • Ladybug94

      “Welcooooome to Lavender Hill” Lady Eloise.

  • sabrina

    “You ain’t gotsta lie, Craig!”

    Am I the only one that still hear people saying that?

    • Trisha_B

      I hear people say that all the time. & “Bye Felicia” when they are just over someone lol

      • sabrina

        Def will start using that one too haha

      • Ladybug94

        Haha, I’ve heard that too.

    • dez

      no..cuz i still say it lol

  • Eric22

    These were some great movie memories but I have to add a few. Also from Lean On Me, “You know what he’s saying (fire chief) black bastard can’t throw me out, you know where he’s saying it, OUT in the Parking Lot!! “They used to call me crazy Joe, now they call me Batman(with baseball bat in tow) Original Friday line by pops Witherspoon, “Don’t nobody go in the bathroom for bout 35-45 mins! Love it, good black movies in the 90’s, where did they all go???

  • L-Boogie

    LOL! I still Woosah!

  • Meep

    Haha! I loved the fun-fact on Samuel L. Johnson. Nice list.

    • mdoubs

      “jonhson” lol!