Can We Say T.M.I.? The Top Things People Overshare On Social Media

July 8, 2013  |  
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You are guilty as charged! Baby pics with wide, toothless Gerber smiles, throw-back Thursday snapshots with high top fades, and candids in your old school bubble prom dresses – raise your hand if you’ve ever posted one or more of these things on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Chronicling your life on social media is the “it” thing nowadays. Folk post stuff like, “enjoying a night out with the hubs, feeling so loved right now.” But the question is…do you really? How can you be when you’re too busy posting memories on Facebook rather than creating them with your boo? Social media may be making us less social, but we are certainly sharing more than ever — including a few not-so-innocent things no one really needs or wants to know.


Boss Bashing

Ranting and raving about how horrible your boss is for increasing your workload and shift hours could get you fired. If you are running your mouth about how much you hate him or her and the job too, you just may find yourself without a paycheck.


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Pics of your uterus should be shown to loved ones and close friends — not your entire social media network. The black and white ultrasound needs to be off limits, as well as the updated 3-D versions. It’s too much.


Angry outbursts

Keep your expletives to yourself or call a friend and blow off some steam. Cursing out someone on Twitter or Facebook doesn’t accomplish much, especially when you don’t name names, yet always mention “You know who you are!” Do they?



Can’t lose those extra pounds or figure out why your child is crying? Don’t unleash your frustrations on Facebook and Twitter. Take those bitter thoughts to a friend who can offer sound advice and not an empathizing emoticon. You still be just as frustrated after whining for attention online.

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Bodily Functions

We don’t need a blow by blow account of how many poopy diapers you’ve had to change or how you had to clean up projectile vomit from the floor and your hair. Suffering a migraine due to a severe hangover is definitely T.M.I.  We don’t want those visuals. Honestly!



Baby Mama/Daddy Drama

If you are mad at the hubs/boyfriend/father of your child for something he didn’t do with your son or daughter, don’t vent on social media. If your baby daddy didn’t pay child support, try not to disclose that info on social media. And if your baby mama is telling your baby bad things about you, take it up with her. Don’t unleash your fury on Facebook or Twitter. Work the issue out like two civil adults.

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Baby Photo Gallery Overload

Boy do I have the most adorable baby in the world. At least I think so. And so do millions of other parents like me, who probably take several pics of them each day. But what I don’t do is post them all to Facebook. Your child should not grow up in the digital world. You don’t want a Facebook baby and Instababy on your hands. They didn’t sign up for that.

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Don’t be hypocritical and cast that first stone. There’s no doubt you live in a glass house too. Just because you do something one way, doesn’t mean that’s how it has always been done. Don’t beat folk up on social media for not seeing things your way — or not being at church Sunday morning.


Pity Parties

We won’t attend. Don’t even send a Facebook invite Quit being negative and making ridiculously mean and callous comments about yourself so you can get some likes or a concerned, “What’s wrong?” from a friend. Anyone who really thinks they’re an ugly, fat loser isn’t going to tell the world.



Sure, you got a promotion and that’s something to celebrate. But don’t slide in there how much money you have and how you’re gonna make it rain now. It’s a sign of arrogance and it grates peoples’ nerves.


Soapbox grandstanding

Even if you feel like your opinion is the only and right one, get off your soapbox and high horse. Yes, it’s your page, but it’s read by many. You don’t want to come across as someone who thinks they are an always-right, know-it-all.



Practice some self control and ease up on the selfie pics, which  annoy people to no end. No one wants to be flooded with several pics of you in slightly different positions – not on Facebook nor on Instagram.


Sharing Your Whereabouts

Why let everyone know you’re not home? Sure, you go out on the town all the time and want the world to see the upscale restaurants you dine in or the lavish vacay you’re on, but we don’t need to know where you are all the time.


Taking Awkward Photos

Pictures of your feet or of shots of you while on the toilet trying to be cute are unacceptable. There’s absolutely no reason that would ever be necessary. Beyond not posting these pics, you probably shouldn’t be taking them to being with.


#Overuse of Hashtags

#itmakethings#hardtoread#whenyoucould#justtype#acompletesentence#withouthashtags. Don’t inundate photos with unnecessary hashtags. It’s a downright annoying distraction that takes away from the photos.

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  • Jennifer

    Also, to add to my earlier comment and respond to some of the other comments, we all have the ability to unfriend, unfollow, hide or ignore posts and people that share things we don’t want to see. Even if you don’t agree with a point of view, aren’t happy to see the one millionth baby picture or don’t find someone else’s food shot appetizing, isn’t that your issue, not their’s? Wouldn’t you simply ignore the post, hide it in your newsfeed or disconnect from that person? Or should your intolerance cause you to reflect on what is really bothering you about the post? Clearly negative posts or inappropriate content can be a turn off. But if you can’t rejoice at a baby picture or admire someone’s selfie, provided it’s not the one millionth picture, could that be a sign that you have an issue with that person or are unhappy with yourself? IJS

  • Jennifer

    I agree some of these types of posts–bosh bashing, judgement, drama–can be toxic and can do more harm than good. But if you’re also saying don’t brag, post baby photos or selfies or vent about your frustrations, it seems that social media isn’t a place where people can be themselves or share any of the things going on in their lives. I think individuals need to consider how their posts reflect on them and make sure they’re respecting themselves and others. Beyond that, too many restrictions can take all of the fun out of social media. Of course professionals need to be especially mindful of what they post, but the list above makes me wonder what, if anything, is okay.

  • Guest

    i used 2 over share all the time,thats why i only have twitter cause u cant really over share in 140 characters…

  • Miss D

    Thank goodness for the ability to block people in my news feed. Yes it’s social media, so you’re supposed to share things about your life…but people expect praise and reactions for doing everyday ish. You ate a sandwich and took a shower, CONGRATS!!!!

    And what’s with people referring to their friends as “facebook family”? So weird.

  • Kenedy

    I am proud to say I do NOT own a facebook or twitter account! lol

  • 4ThWardGA

    It’s going to be a lot of lonely people in they’re 40s and 50s cause according to Facebook once these children leave all these people will have no life my mother is 54 single and calls me everyday I wish a man would sweep her off my lap please lol 🙂

  • scandalous7

    so what do you post then?

  • NJ2

    I have a fb “friend” that will post atleast 15 new pictures of herself every couple of days. Initially it was just her posing but I think someone said something because now she throws in a couple of pictures of her kids (but guaranteed she will always be in the other 5 that day). FB makes it easy for narcissists to get the attention they crave. Maybe that is a public good??

  • Computer Guy

    OK..i thought I was the only one that got annoyed by baby pictures. I feel like a monster but I just get tired of seeing baby pictures with captions like “my little diva” or “2 months going on 21″…or even worse where they’re typing as the baby describing what they’re doing..ugh. EVERY…SINGLE..DAY.

  • MzFitt

    If I see one more “happy” couple sitting at dinner on their phones taking pics of themselves and throwing up deuces, I’m going to (((((SCREAM)))). They’re so into their phones and not each other! SMDH. Also, Instagram has people feeling themselves way too much; it’s like they have become narcissistic.

  • moemiel

    Sounds like ppl shouldnt hv social media acct. If i cannot express my opinion on my wall where exactly can I do so…and sometimes u gotta see who is tagged for baby pics…

  • Realityh03$Anonymous….ohwait

    i recently went back 2 twitter, i share info about where i am but not too much… the babies pictures and in the womb can be rather annoying like okay, u have a kid… stop showing me already.

  • The Dyv

    Let’s not forget the annoying food pics!

    • Alexis Morris

      Yes girl! Its even worse when the food gross

      • The Dyv

        Right! LOL

  • empresstala

    i dont share anything on fb or any social site. i dont know half the ppl that friend me and i dont feel the need to update my status every 2secs or tell ppl personal things that could come back and bite me in the a** later

    • hollyw

      You don’t know half the ppl that friend you..? OR send you a friend request lol? Slight difference.

      • empresstala


        • hollyw

          …I was asking if you meant one or the other.

          • empresstala


            • hollyw

              Lmbo smdh girl, BYE.

              • empresstala


  • Alexis Morris

    I have a friend on fb with a baby with stomach problems and she is always telling us in details of his vomit and details, well the other day she posted a pic of him eating jalepeno dip! Maybe not the best choice