Plastic Surgery And Skin Bleaching: Celebrities Who Took It Too Far

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These notorious celebrities are known for taking things way to far when it comes to cosmetics. They undergo plastic surgery or they bleach their skin to appear lighter for reasons mostly unknown to us. We understand that they want to enhance their, ahem, natural beauty but when you start to look like an entirely different person, you’ve gone way too far.


Michael Jackson

The King Of Pop must of hated himself as a child because the Michael Jackson we once knew in The Jackson 5 was not the solo artist we saw as an adult. Michael’s skin kept getting lighter and lighter to mask his battle with vitiligo, but that doesn’t explain the chronic cosmetic surgery. From his nose to his chin — even his hair looked like an extension. Eventually, the dance moves were the only clue Michael was who he said he was.

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Lil Kim

Lil Kim was a cute black girl when she hit the scene in the ’90s but now she looks like a 30-something Chinese woman. Her cheeks are overly super sized, her skin appears lighter with each public appearance, and her lips and nose have gotten noticeably dainty — while her hips and butt keep spreading and her waist continues to become more svelte.


Vybz Kartel

Well known Reggae artist Vybz Kartel went way overboard, thinking no one would  know the difference. Vybz, who first stepped on the scene as a dark-skinned man, is now five shades lighter, at least. Unfortunately for him (and those who have to look at him), that lighter skin is hardly natural looking. Vybz’ complexion has become ashy and almost dead looking as opposed to the smooth brown skin he was born with.


Sammy Sosa

Former baseball player Sammy Sosa fell into the trap as well and everyone took notice when he made a public appearance with skin much lighter than usual. We don’t know how he thinks that ghastly complexion on the right is better than the caramel skin tone he was born with.

Latoya Jackson

Latoya Jackson, who isn’t one of the most famous Jackson siblings, fell under Hollywood’s surgical spell early. Latoya, who was actually a pretty girl when she was younger, underwent surgery for no reason at all and the end result is this petite nose, somewhat expressionless face, and lighter skin too match.

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Cher is also trying  not to let her age get the best of her. The singer who’s known for her long black hair and eccentric appearance actually hasn’t changed in years — perhaps because she went overboard so long ago. The cheek and breast implants have kept Cher static for decades, but that’s odd when you know 20-some years have passed and your face shows no sign of it, in a weird way.

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Carrot Top

We don’t know what’s going on with Carrot Top. He’s super muscular for no explicable reason and it looks like he’s surprised all the time, with his eyebrows pointing way to the sky. Why he chooses to look this way is far beyond us.


Vivica A. Fox

Our girl Viv fell victim to being a poster girl for surgery, unfortunately not all of them have gone well. Her breast implants were a major fail, as you could see a dent in one of her boobs for a while, and her face just doesn’t look like the youthful Vivica we saw in “Booty Call.” They say “black don’t crack” so we’re unsure why she even played around with this. It just made her look crazy.

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Nicki Minaj

If you compare pre-Barz Nicki Minaj with who we see on the TV now, we know makeup isn’t the only explanation for the thin nose, wide hips, and extra big booty. It may be the culprit for her skin, though, which also appears to be getting lighter by the years.

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Lisa Rinna

Lisa Rinna is actually quite beautiful, but that can be hard to see behind the botoxed lips, which she actually doesn’t need. Aging is not such a bad thing, but when you try to look 20 at 50 that’s a problem. Jay-Z lied, you can’t be young forever.


Janice Dickinson

Janice Dickson talks so much smack about other people, but clearly doesn’t look in the mirror. All those surgeries she’s had don’t do her beauty justice one bit. As the world’s first supermodel she needs to undergo one more surgery to undo what she did.

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Madoona is another celebrity who never wants to get old. We will admit, for her age, she sure knows how to get down and most times she looks good while at it. However, we’re starting to notice the Lil Kim-esque face– puffy cheeks and squinty eyes — those are all effects of surgery gone too far.

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Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson is simply beautiful. However, we all know she bleached her skin, removed her ribs, had a nose job and whatever else. The Jackson family loves going under the knife. Let’s hope Janet doesn’t go any further than she already has.

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Dwight Eubanks

In an episode of RHOA, NeNe says, “Dwight can hardly breathe out his nose”. As hilarious as that statement was, it was probably equally true. Look at those nostrils, if you can find them!

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  • Dolce Dills

    Agreed, MadameNoire – people have went overboard with the nipping and tucking, bleaching and tanning puffing and sucking. We live in such an image-based society its hard not to fall into the “trap”. I had nose surgery years ago and my only regret was I didnt have it sooner so I wouldnt have suffered many years of feeling ugly and self conscious. If it makes you feel good and you have the money, I think surgery can be a great thing that can greatly increase ones self-esteem. In some cases, the best doctor to seek help from is from a psychologist as NOBODY IS PERFECT……and most important BEAUTY IS IN THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER

  • Briana

    I don’t think Latoya bleaches her skin. She has always been very fair skinned. I think sometimes her foundation is too light.

  • Briana

    Why isn’t kim kardashian on here????

  • noyaya

    Janice Dickinson “Just Blame It On The Alcohol!!!” She is absolutely and alcoholic!

  • noyaya

    Michael was just CRAZY!!!!!

  • noyaya

    Along with Lil Kim, Latoya Jackson looks like she is ready for the graveyard!

  • noyaya

    Sammy Sosa looks like a freak out of a vampire movie!!

  • noyaya

    Lil Kim looks like DEATH!!! Just throw her in a casket and cover it with dirt!

  • Calvin375

    What does this have to do with skin bleaching?! Vivica Fox still looks the same. So she never had plastic surgery in her face! It’s called aging gracefully. She is still a beautiful women and this is way off topic. Do you even remember what your topic is about?!?!

  • jrgatl

    If I had the money, I would get some work done. But for the better. Most of these people look like freaks!!! Guess that’s what happens when you have too much money!!!

  • melle

    only an idiot thinks ribs can be removed…what kind of fool are you? janet’s skin looks as it always has…lets be judgmental and bash everyone…good thing no one can see you!

  • Will

    If you are not black as coal there is no reason to bleach your skin, god made you that way for a reason.

    • Hot Medusa

      And if you are “black as coal”, there still is no reason to bleach your skin! You’ve just made an antithetical and counterproductive point. :/

  • Royyce


  • bsbfankaren

    The worst part for Madonna is that the surgical nips/tucks/sucks actually make her look her age!

  • TC

    “Must’ve,” as in a contraction of “must have.” NOT “must of.” That is a meaningless phrase, and makes you look uneducated.

    If you’re going to write a blog, at least learn English grammar.

    • Bunnie

      I don’t know what’s worse: the fact that the mistake was made in the first place or the fact that it is still here almost two years later.

  • Kathleen

    Who writes this ? Michael Jackson must HAVE hated, not must of hated.

  • I Know What You Are Thinking

    Hhhhmmm, a two year article resurfacing. Nothing else to report MN? As far as Sammy Sosa, he looks like a vampire with no color and those light contacts.

  • sailor12

    Lil Kim is one ugly chick now.

    • Dolce Dills

      “30 yr old Asian woman” LMFAO!

  • Michelle Teller

    I can certainly understand not wanting to look Black if you can help it. That’s why so many Blacks are calling themselves “Latino”, and I don’t blame them. You shouldn’t judge.

  • KristenSuzanneM

    And by the way Madame….Lisa Rinna ‘debotoxed’ her lips a few years ago….I saw a commentary on it ….please try to get facts and keep up with the current soap opera….

  • Baby Geee

    imma need more before and after pics in this article

  • ch

    Kartel is one of the top dancehall artists and he has mad talent and street cred so he’s very popular with young people.So the bleaching has no effect on that and nobody cares.He sang about that and his tattoos, himself and it’s not serious to him.
    We can all understand the issues of body image but sometimes people just do whatever because they can.

  • Mikia

    I dont know what’s wrong with Vybz Kartel. That’s still my man though. Ya zeem!

  • He’s legend will not go

    Also maybe you need to do research of what happened to maybe get them one or 2 surgery first to know why they got it!

  • He’s legend will not go

    now this just pissed me off when i saw my idol you cant help that you have vitliligo ( how ever you spell it ) and want to even your skin ans not go walking around with patches of different skin color. THAT DISEASE MAKE YOU INSECURE OF YOURSELF! and it especially hard when your really famous and have people all in your business questioning and stuff.

    • disqus_ZsmDHbsJLs

      I agree. MJ had a skin disorder and that was PROVEN even after his death. HE told the TRUTH.

  • Ash

    He is a dancehall artiste not reggae! there is a big difference!!!!

  • Cher looks like the woman from the Adams Family on this picture.

  • Just wondering what that wet mess is on Sammy’s head? He needs to try to wipe that off. Lol!

  • @tsairox

    How can you say Janet Jackson bleached her skin when there are pics of her all over the internet in the sun? In fact there are pics of her sunbathing. During the “Control” and “Rythm Nation” eras, she wore exaggerated makeup and was fully covered from head to toe until the Love will Never Do video. When “Janet” came out, she showcased more her beautiful honey brown skin which has yellow undertones. It has remained that way ever since. You can’t bleach your skin and sun bathe! This part of the article brings into question your research.

    • disqus_ZsmDHbsJLs

      I agree. FOlks can to remember that picture are brighten due to lighting. Also,folks can NOT compare how a person look in their teens to being and adult. People take better care of their skin by having facial treatments and staying out of the sun.

  • Gotcha


  • guest

    I would look terrible with lighter skin…I think God knew what he was doing when he made every last one of us. Notice how all your feature just mesh so well together. God is a genius.

    • ToniA5555 .

      I have not found that to be the case, at all. Most of the people I personally find unattractive have features that do NOT go together. And don’t even speak of the hair that does not go with their facial features. Yuck!

  • Bee Queen

    – Nicki Looks Good Thou .

    • mlw1924


  • Jacquiline Perkins

    come on Beyonce looks like a white girl ”PLEASE”

    • Lexi Love

      thats beyonce natural skin color. go to google and type in ‘beyonce as a child’ and click on the google images

  • pow

    Horrible article! You cannot do a before and after article without before and after photos!!

  • FromUR2UB

    If someone were just bleaching the elbows – because some of us need that – I could understand. But bleaching their entire face or body makes people look ashen like they have leprosy. It also sounds like something that might ultimately cause cancer, and since cancer seems so rampant these days, I don’t think people need to buy tickets for that lottery. However, I want to comment on the duality of comdemning people for some perceived desire to be white, where dating whites or other races has been regularly promoted. I don’ t see the names of those folks who are always pushing or defending the swirl, on this post. So, I guess they are two separate sets of people. Otherwise, I’d suspect they have some serious love-hate issues: love whites for being white, but hate blacks for “being” white. If people are hanging around folks who are always celebrating whiteness, I can see how the weaker-minded among them might be influenced to bleach themselves…until they feel good enough. A leprotic influence.

    • disqus_ZsmDHbsJLs

      Good point. I rest for someone to have nose job and still love their people and marry their people than someone who never had surgery but comes across as if they do not want to date or marry black or deal with blacks (Charles Barkley).

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  • Realityh03$Anonymous….ohwait

    most of these celebs didnt bleach, they just had too much plastic surgery…

  • Alecia

    So nobody not going to say nothing about Sammy Sosa bleached skin, gel down hair or the fact he’s wearing contact lens he must don’t like the way he was born. I love my skin it’s beautiful brown . People bleaching their skin to the max look like they are zombies like they need blood to look alive look at Vybz. smh. Everybody embrace you please.

  • TK

    If you are going to do a article like this wouldn’t it be a good idea to do before and after pictures for those you are highlighting….

  • jjac401

    I really do not think that Janet Jackson has bleached her skin or taken a rib out. But she did do a bit too much on the nose.

    And poor Latoya used to be so pretty.. Now she just looks terrible.

    • Alecia

      What is the point of taking out a rib what is it suppose to do? Somebody please tell me.

      • anonymouse

        gives u a smaller waist, i think

        • Alecia

          Thank you because I sure didn’t know the purpose for that.

    • naturaluv85 .

      No, Janet didn’t. Look at Janet’s nose. It looks fine and she got it done as a teen. It doesn’t look much different than her original nose. Janet never had a big nose initially anyway. Latoya and Michael did.

      • disqus_ZsmDHbsJLs

        Janet’s nose was the same size and Latoya and Michael and the rest of the family. Personally, I think all of their noses were find and was not really big in my book. Now Pattie Labelle and Stephanie Mills. They had big noses and there is nothing wrong with having a full nose. WHo to say what size of nose is better?

        • naturaluv85 .

          um, no it wasn’t!!! Janet never got her nose narrowed and the nostrils, only the bridge! Like I said Michael and Latoya were the ones with the wide noses!!

          • Briana

            OMG!!! You can’t be serious. Janet’s nose has been done more than once,the whole nose, not just the bridge!! Have you seen her on Good Times? Have you seen pictures of her as a child. She had her nose done as a teenager, so you can’t look at pics of her as a teen and say that she never got her nose narrowed. ( even though her nostrils have clearly been altered since then) You have to go back further to see her original nose. The whole family had wide noses and everyone of them has had nose jobs!

            • naturaluv85 .

              Um yes! I’m serious! her nose was never big!

              • Briana

                I never said her nose was big or small. I said she has had more than one nose job, and that she had her WHOLE nose done. Not just the bridge. Her nose isn’t hardly as wide now as it was when she was a child. The pics are all over the internet.

  • Envy

    What about Tamar?

    • Alecia

      Now she has a reason vitilgo however you spell it that disease that make your skin light in certain spots so she bleached to get an even tone. She showed pictures of how it was starting.

  • *side eye*

    I have never heard of Vybz Kartel before this article so I googled him. While I don’t understand the fascination to bleach your skin. Judging by the pictures there were definitely places he could have stopped before he turned gray. His skin is just unnatural looking. Why would you want to look like you should be leading the zombie apocalypse? How does one maintain that color? Does he not go out in the sun?

    • he stated he bleached because he wanted his tattoos to show since they weren’t showing on his dark skin

      • ToniA5555 .

        He must have known they weren’t going to show before he got the tattoos.

    • BlackHippy

      he’s trying to look like wiz khalifa

      • Pater Tempus

        Why would ANYBODY want to do that?

  • Strawberries&Cream

    I guess nobody wants to be black anymore.

    • libra21202

      Sad but true

    • Azaria :)

      I love being black 🙂

  • ted mikeal

    Don’t just blame this women for what they did to themselves, blame and fight this youth and looks obsessed, euro-centric, white supremacist, consumer oriented materialistic culture and society we live in. This celebrities are just happen to be weaker and susceptible to the culture they live in; just as much as many of us are, whether we admitted or not! Don’t just blame the individual for society’s ills and the outcome of the psychological pressure they were put in too because it is Victim blaming.

    In the past, brave black men and women manage to break the bondage they were put in too by slavery and Jim crow laws. It is now up us; this generation of Blacks in the 21st Century who need to emancipate ourselves from the mental slavery of racism and consumerism. Identifying with white people is the foundation for our mental illness.

    • SAM


      There are many people of the ‘Black’ race, across the world, who are striving to help our peoples but there isn’t enough of us who are participating in this very important cause for the future of our experience in this ‘White-owned’ world.

    • disqus_ZsmDHbsJLs

      ANd many black men are degrading black women in order to make white women look like they will treat a black man better (which we know is a lie when the fall out comes). SO what is worst, blacks who have this mental mind thinking or the ones who get surgery?

  • Laila

    I never understood bleaching your whole body. I grew up seeing skin bleach use for burns, scars, elbows and knees. When people bleach themselves, how do they explain their darker complexion in childhood pictures to their kids? Love the skin you are in. People need to stop with the unnecessary alterations to their body.

  • Speaking of bad plastic surgery, the newest edition of Upscale magazine has Fantasia of the cover with a terrible nose job. She should have gone to the same doctor NeNe did.

    • Realityh03$Anonymous….ohwait

      hahahahhaha u bogus!

  • Ms. Kameria

    I don’t get it. Why would anybody want to “bleach” their skin to look light skinned, or want to look pale? Maybe it really is a mentality thing.

    • Dee

      Happens ALL the time, especially in west indian and african communities. to them “white is right” and they will do whatever it takes to get that way. Personally, I don’t see the point in bleaching because the person ALWAYS looks like they bleached, it never looks natural

      • SAM

        A small portion of ‘Blacks’ belonging to ‘African-American’ ethnicity think the same way and may do the same thing though…

        Your opinion must be a very ‘subjective’ one I presume because there is absolutely no way your comment speaks for the entire Black ‘African’ & ‘West-Indian’ diaspora.

        There are over 54 countries within the continent of Africa and the peoples there come in two dominant skin complexions; light and dark, therefore resulting in a wide-range of skin-tones and shades in between and, phenotypically speaking, they do not all share the same physical features, whether facial or bodily, not to mention that the continent comprises of hundreds upon thousands of creeds, tribes, cultures, ETHNICITIES and languages.

        This is also a similar case in relation to the West-Indians in the Caribbean islands. Yes, they are also descendants of African slaves, but due to European colonialization, there is a large ‘mixed-race’ minority.

        The ‘Africans’ and ‘West-Indians’ (as I am one myself) are extremely proud to be of the ‘Black’ race and those who believe in the ‘light is right’ concept are very little.

        Please think before you type because your comment came across as very arrogant and lacking in understanding of what you, yourself, meant.

        • drea

          I’m mad you wrote a essay

          • sw33t P3@


        • linda m.

          thank you sam. i am African and proud to be an African. i am also light skin naturally, not bleached (fruit of a mariage between an Egyptian grandmother an Cameroonian (Cameroon- country in west Africa) father. ignorant people should stop talking about things they do not know.

          • yeah yeah

            What does your “light skin” have to do with?

          • Pat Taylor

            The subject was about skin lighteners, not your light kin.

        • young afrique

          I appreciate the attempt to be informative ,this is unnecessary…and you diverted from a proper response to the previous comment.What the comment stated is a fact and your attempt once again to educate us FAILED! Many of Africans,Asians and west Indians do bleach extensively ,that skin lightening industry was recently claimed to have boomed widely.These products are been sold in almost every African ,Asian or Caribbean corner store in town,its everywhere, peopl do bleach and for reasons individual to them.You damn know well lots of women in Africa bleach…I saw ppl in Jamaica on a visit with plastic bags on their faces to avoid the sun ,because they were bleaching that’s a fact jack!

          • linda m.

            Well, thank God most of the people we have seen here are not Africans. We can always point fingers at others but the reality remains the same. Not every light skin African is bleaching and most of those doing so are decendants of slaves (African-american and caribbean) who grew up in a society where they are constantly reminded that white is superior. So, consciously or unconsciously, they try to become like their masters (white); so that they too can be considered superior. And to justify that, they start looking for affiliations…… Today, you can see people who are claiming they have ancestors from Europe, latin american, etc. A good example is Beyonce. You can hate me for telling the truth but I don’t care. Even Jesus was crucified. So, who am I?

            • YoungAfrique

              100% Ghanaian .born and raised in Ghana

          • cvxxx

            Asia is famous for not wanting to be dark(farmer,low status).

          • disqus_ZsmDHbsJLs

            True, This also going on in Asia, India, and other countries with people of color. What is going on? And whites are not putting things in their butts and making thier lips big.

          • Pat Taylor

            You’re absolutely correct, I see it in of the Asian, African, and Caribbean stores. Latino stores don’t carry it. It’s a horrible unnatural look.

        • TallGyal7

          Thank you for writing this response. I am of Caribbean descent as well (born and raised) and I did not see many people bleaching their skin or trying to become lighter in any way. it is a poor generalization that is not true.

        • OB


        • cvxxx

          And Irish slaves + Chinese!

      • Pat Taylor

        You’re right.

    • Marine Scout Sniper

      I think it is pretty damn simple why they bleach their skin. They want to look “Whiter” Becauuuuse it looks better. Really?!?!?!? Then why in the hell do they make themselves appear White??? It DOES NOT help.Their wide nose, fat lips, small ears, low brow, reddish and pinkish eyes, that should be White, bumpy facial and neck surface, very wide nostrils, and Velcro textured “hair” are very prevalent. Even fat-ass o.winfry bleached her skin. Really??!!??!!?? Then view her “talk show” the 1st year it aired. She was black as TAR ! ! ! She also had facial reconstruction. As racist as she is against the White Race she STILL tries to pass her self off with having White Skin. It DID NOT help. She will always look like a nygerSow.

      God, Country, The Corps.
      3 Purple Hearts OooRah!
      Semper Fi. Tet Offensive

  • Sociable Hermit

    Make up your mind, MadameNoire. (Not regarding nose jobs and skin bleaching), but a few months ago you dogged out women for looking too old, now you dog them out for getting plastic surgery to look young. How about we stop the shallow commentary concerning people’s appearances altogether?