Clear Out Your Desk: 10 Signs You’re About to Get The Pink Slip

May 28, 2013 ‐ By Toya Sharee


It’s May and what that means for me and others in the non-profit struggle, is that the fiscal year end is quickly approaching. Management will review budgets and see who’s worth keeping and who’s just costing them money.  I work in a small office so when someone is let go it doesn’t go unnoticed.  Once I became familiar with the signs, they were easy to see; like “neon construction sign” easy to see.  Co-workers who were let go had seemed unhappy with their jobs and communicated with management less and less.  The little conversation they did have wasn’t exactly personal and more and more there was major shade thrown over minor things like who didn’t change the toner.  And we can’t forget the  team meetings to address problems that everyone knew were actually meant for that one person with a pink slip headed their way.

Sometimes it really is nothing personal and with budget cuts there is nothing you can do to stop the inevitable.  But other times you have to be honest with yourself and question if you’ve truly been performing to your full potential and if you’re even happy in the position anymore.  It’s understandable that any job is better than no job in an unpredictable job market, but no employer wants someone who is simply showing up and you shouldn’t have to spend 40+ hours a week simply going through the motions.

You’re job may be in rough waters, but you don’t have to be left without a paddle.  Here are 10 signs that you may want to refresh that résumé:

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  • BobbyBrownsUnhingedLowerJaw

    but on the other hand…most of these could also be symptoms of being, the boss’, owner, judges, etc. child or relative….whatevs.

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  • Rashida

    I would take this in stride. The list is general and doesn’t speak for every situation.

  • bigdede

    The only thing I agree with is the budget slashing otherwise this doesn’t make sense. A position was created for me at my last job because I did my job so well. I also was given a raise. I also trained others to do my position. The only reason I am not there anymore is because I transferred to another hospital in the system. If I had read this list before they created that position for me, I would have freaked out instead of being happy.

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  • This list is ridiculous. You could be training someone bc you’re getting promoted, you could be given other duties added to yours bc they don’t wanna hire someone else, you could have to sit out on meetings because it doesn’t apply to you, And doing you’re job too well? Seriously!?! Smh so many people will read this and go to work in fear. How about if you think you may get fired it’s probably because you been messing up not working too hard.

    • ToyaSharee

      Wasn’t trying to have anyone working in fear, but just trying to point out some subtle signs that could be a forewarning. It doesn’t necessarily apply to each and everyone. Do you realize how many times I’ve witnessed someone train their replacement? I’m not saying you need to blow the dust off your resume whenever you get a trainee, but this does happen and happen often. Consider yourself blessed if you’ve never been placed in that position. As far as the meetings, keep in mind I was referring to meetings about company events or issues you should be involved in (note the Beyonce’ reference). Just speaking from experience; these are all things I’ve seen unfold prior to people getting fired, but I hope your optimism rings true in most people’s situations.

      • Wasn’t trying to offend your work but most of what you said could go so many ways very general. Just seems like the blogs on this site here lately are very negative.