I’ll Take Your Man! 10 Ways to Tell She’s Trying to Steal Your Boo

April 28, 2013  |  


We all know this woman well. She’s your man’s co-worker, a neighbor, one of his “homegirls” or even one of your girlfriends. She appears friendly and genuine at first, but most of us can see her for what she really is – a woman plotting on your man. She’s biding her time, waiting for you to mess up or for your man to display a moment of weakness before she makes her move. She watches him, studies him and tries to formulate a plan to get close to your man.

I know what you’re thinking – she can’t steal a man unless he allows himself to be stolen. This is true. Men can make their own decisions and if they fall victim to a woman who is looking to get at them, good riddance – you don’t want that man anyway. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t guard your relationship against the women out there who are looking to destroy your relationship based on their own selfish needs. These women are not who they appear to be on the outside, and your man be even be oblivious to her wicked ways and think that her “interest” is simply platonic. Not sure if this woman is trying to steal your man? Watch out for these keys signs that she just might be a buzzard circling her prey.

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  • Women get sought after by men like this 24/7. They don’t care if you are married, dating, engaged, 9 months pregnant they do not care! Yet by the large somehow women can keep the relationship appropriate. I wonder why that is?

  • IfThereAintNoRingItsJustAFling

    Dear MN,
    Will you please help out the sistahs…………and QUIT giving trivial tips for a refakeonship that won’t have an ankle bone of a leg’s foot to stand on in a courthouse? If ‘he’ ain’t put a ring on it….what’s to ‘protect’? An illusion of a committed relationship? Petty ego? I read this article in hopes that some ‘real’ indicators would be provided for those in a ‘real’ relationship. My bad.

  • PrettyNotPetty

    Ladies being paranoid and insecure isn’t cute.

    • BeinPettyAINTPretty

      and makes it waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay easier FOR ‘the other woman’ to slide right on in. Who wants to be accused of $#!t everyday? It creates the ‘I may as well!’ defense for the cheaters.

  • Nope

    Women attract more women. The stock price of any man in a relationship or “relationship” automatically goes up. Hell, a wedding band is a bigger chick magnet than a luxury or sports car. And there’s enough women that pride themselves in the ability or perceived ability to “take” someone’s man if they wanted too, but are salty if the table are turned.

  • really

    i really hate these kinds of articles. worry about your man, the one who is responsible for being committed, faithful and respectful of his relationship with you. Don’t worry about the billions of other women on this planet who MIGHT be trying to get with your man. They can’t get in unless your man opens the door so focus on him.

  • Morgan

    Why do we have to click through every article?! Smh

    • Annoyed

      I agree all that clicking is annoying!

  • Pivyque

    “I know what you’re thinking – she can’t steal a man unless he allows himself to be stolen. This is true. Men can make their own decisions and if they fall victim to a woman who is looking to get at them, good riddance – you don’t want that man anyway” — That should have been the end of the article lol

  • ChiTown Princess

    You know you have a good man when he has self-control and knows how to tell the thirsty birds “NO! I have a wife/girlfriend, I’m not trying to ruin a good thing that I already have for you, go find your own man, you’re pretty enough”. Shoot, 2 years ago, while shopping at Burlington Coat Factory for a dress for our daughter’s preschool graduation, this woman tried to holla at my husband right in front of me and he got her told “woman, I’m married, this is my beautiful wife, the mother of our 4 beautiful kids, I’m happy where I’m at and there’s not enough women in this world for me to ruin what I have, so goodbye!”.

    • Bumbling Black Man

      Well said, I’m trying to figure out why the hell your comment got 2 dislikes… lol

      • ChiTown Princess

        Because the 2 people are dumb and they’re probably sidechicks themselves.

        • Trollolol

          they probably call BS.

  • Akiko

    One cannot ‘take’ someone’s ‘man’.

  • DeepThinker

    Oh boy just another article to play on the insecurities and mistrust amongst women. Just keep your eyes on your man and have open communication. If he is a real man with self-control he will know how to establish and maintain appropriate boundaries with other women.

    • LaylaAjmine

      I have a cousin like this and my husband put her in her place and told me about it.

    • CrossWinds

      Proverbs 23:27-28……….

      27 For a harlot is a deep pit,
      And a seductress is a narrow well.
      28 She also lies in wait as for a victim,
      And increases the unfaithful among men.