Did You Know They Dated? 11 Even MORE Surprising Celeb Relationships You Might Have Forgotten About!

January 22, 2013 ‐ By Clarke Gail Baines

MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! It never ends, right? Well, we can’t help ourselves when every other day we find out some new little tidbit about somebody dating somebody else when they thought no one was looking. From rebound boos and co-stars whose working relationships sparked actual relationships, these celebrities have dated some very interesting people over the years. Some on the list you might have never known about, others you might be getting a refresher course on, but either way, I’m sure you’ll walk away and be able to shock the hell out of a few friends with this info (as I was able to do with my co-workers). Enjoy! And be ready to click…

Lark Voorhies and Mark-Paul Gosselar

Lark Voorhies and Mark-Paul Gosselar

While it’s known by most that these kids got it in with each other (probably not Screech though) on the regular and tried their hands at relationships with one another that probably weren’t anything but short little innocent flings, Lark (who played Lisa) and Mark (who of course played Zach) actually dated the longest. They were an item for three years, all while working on the show together. Hmmm, a sad breakup might explain why we didn’t get to see Lisa Turtle in Saved By The Bell: The College Years…? What a fly couple they would have been had they made it out of “high school” and the ’90s. Ahhhh well! Mark is now married and on the show Franklin and Bash, and Lark is…uh, she’s doing all right.

MadameNoire Video

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  • Nunaybzns

    Ok Tia could not Hosea because it is rumored and pretty certain that he is Gay. — live in ATL and know ppl and find things out.-ijs (rumors-truth behind every rumor)

  • Toria

    Translation: Tami was a hoe. At least that’s what the article seems to suggest.

  • whatever

    Zack Morris dated Lisa turtle? aaaaa haaaaaaa! He just wanted that coochie and it messed her mind up. these whiteboys always go back to their women after the black coochie experience.

  • MrsMommy

    SLY STONE dated Doris Day—-and she toured with him, singing that silly song she is known for: Ca Sera Sera

  • MrsMommy

    VERY beautiful photograph of Anderson Cooper’s mother and Gordon Parks. Just lovely. I think that their age adds to the beauty of the photo.

  • just sayn

    Pam Grier and Freddie Prince. Let’s be correct on something, Robert Deniro is not just fond of Black women, He Loves him some BLACK women!

  • JTerry

    Had no idea about Da Brat and A.I., and Tamera and Hosea. Interesting.

  • dddooonnnttt

    Omg, Da Brat and Allen Iverson. Thats hood love right there lol.

  • Me2

    I used to wonder back in the day if that was Iverson in the DaBrat’s “That’s What I’m Looking For” video, but I doubt it now.

  • sista2sista

    da brat and a.i. may have shared the same braider but bed i doubt

    • Deedee_404

      she is a switch hitter

  • KarmasABeyotch

    If you went to Howards homecoming I think in 1998 they were boo’d up at Puffy’s party in SW…I sat right next to them and it was a lot to take in even then!

  • KarmasABeyotch

    If you went to Howards homecoming I think in 1998 they were boo’d up at Puffy’s party in SW…I sat right next to them and it was a lot to take in even then!

  • IllyPhilly

    Zach kissed every girl co-star on Save By the Bell.

  • CB3

    1. Robert de Niro is a G!! 2. Warren Beatty was a fox back in the day. 3. Prince! what women could resist on top of the fact that Kim Bassinger has one of the most gorg faces EVER and 4. I LOVE MICHAEL FASSBENDER!! and he loves some black. He could cream my coffee 😉

  • scandalous7

    Fassbender is too effin fine man.

  • NeaJ

    Hosea & Tamera were actually a cute & happy looking couple

    • Maggie

      Yeah but it would look weird for Melanie to be with Malik not Derwin – in my Game mind lol

  • Maile00

    Da Brat, Diana Ross, Tamera, and Gloria Vanderbilt were the shockers for me. Wow Warren Beaty was gettin it IN!!! LOL

  • Roni

    LOL I knew all about Kim and Prince. I mean, come on…SCANDALOUS! That’s her moaning and giggling in the song. And don’t even get with that “Scandalous Sex Suite”…honeychiiiild.

  • Ms. Kameria

    Any “relationship” with Tami Roman shouldn’t be taken “serious”. Naomi Campbell almost always date foreign men or white men….no surprise there. Zoe Kravitz looks like a 13 year old. DaBrat surprised the hell out of me with Allen Iverson, but I can sort of see the connection….and Chanel Iman dodged a bullet. She could have potentially become a baby mama. Glad she was smarter than than.

    • Ms. Kameria


    • IllyPhilly

      Zoe damn sure does look way too young. Dead at Chanel dodged a bullet.

  • Keisha Samoht

    Magneto dated Angel!!!! … Sorry had a major comic book movie fan nerd moment…. >_<