Thank God You Got Rid Of Those Cornrows! Celebrities Who Look Better Without The Braids

December 6, 2012 ‐ By Meghan Williams
"R. Kelly PF"


R. Kelly

R. Kelly has had three main looks throughout the entirety of his music career: standard caesar cut, bald, and cornrows. His cornrow look first appeared around 2000 with the release of his fifth album, and wasn’t disposed of until many years later. Of all his looks, the caesar is by far our favorite.

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  • MAN WITH A lucid DREAM

    Cornrows are an ANCIENT African cultural hairstyle. It existed eons before stupid “thug life” and like the swastika and nazism does not deserve to be associated with that. It’s a unisex hairstyle that deserves respect and should not be considered masculine, or associated with ‘ratchedness’, lol, poorness, criminality, like you and, sadly too much of particularly conservative white America do. IMO any person that has enough hair to cornrow it looks good to me with them. I’ve even seen Asians (often trying to look tough, but sometimes just girls doing it for a fashion look) and older people with them, well, black ones, never seen an old white person with ’em. I like Justin’s braids, they have a nice shine. Also R. Kelly was at his musical best when he had his braids. For me though cornrows are a lot of work for upkeep, plus spending hours at the salon…

  • You shoulda put “Uncle Charlie”, Charlie Wilson on here… IJS

  • JessieMae

    Why isn’t Stevie Wonder on here???

    • Stevie has locs, not corn rows.. But I see where you were goin w/ it. LOL
      If it’s for religious purposes, He’s not gonna cut them…

  • chanela

    i find it ironic how black women are encouraged to rock their natural hair and embrace afrocentric hairstyles, yet when men do it then they get shunned.

    i mean i’ve never liked braids anyway because i don’t like men with long hair, but i have noticed that the women that are super gung ho for natural hair also dislike braids on a man.

    also how are dreads any different than braids? locks are permanent

    • So…

      EXACTLY! and these same women would be MAD if someone was telling them how to wear their natural hair. Some men think women look like little girls rocking braided and twisted styles…just as women may judge men with cornrows. And yes, I’m a black woman but the hypocrisy on these sites is appalling.

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  • Black

    I LOVE a man with long hair, because that is how it’s suppose to be. A black man is NOT suppose to cut his hair. Read the bible. Samson (black man) was tricked in to cutting his hair by (Delila), to lose his strength. Sorry, but men with short hair, are weak! SORRY, don’t care if you disagree!

    • chanela

      of course they’re stronger! they have extra protein hanging from their body. it’s sure to add weight to the scale compared to a man with short hair. aha

  • Dani Elle

    Hurricane Chris needs to be on here.

  • JustSaying

    I personally loved Lloyd’s braids, and was very hurt when he cut them off. Lol

  • Justin Timberlake looked rediculous, along with Christina Aguilera. I never seen them in braids and I hope it was very short lived.

  • KarenZ

    What…no Jaheim?? He should be on the list.

  • Kaori

    Omarion – Omari cut his hair in 2008, so it has been four years, not a couple. And, he is 28, not 27.

    Alicia Keys – I think Alicia looked great with her braids. She still would today is she wore them. Her braids were always nicely done.

    Jim Jones – There appears to be some major photoshopping going on with his picture. He never looks that clean.

    I agree with the rest of the list.

  • HoneyDipp

    I might be in the minority, but i actually think lloyd looked better with braids. And yes, luda should’ve def made the list… I immediately thought of him and Trey Songz when i saw the title.

  • Sheesh

    Venus and Serena look like a jacked up Milli Vanilli with those beads. Thank god, they found a stylist!!

  • Kiara

    I disagree about Alicia Keys. She wore pretty nice and feminine cornrows styles around the time she released her second album. And the style she wore in the “Empire State of mind” video was just fabolous. I loved her style and originality during her “Songs in A minor” days. That album was her best one.

    • chanela

      i don’t like how on alicia key’s side they said that she finally found her feminine and glamorous side. really!? so braids aren’t glamorous or feminine now? funny how on the red carpet TONS of celebrities get praise for wearing braids or some type of braid in their hair. smh

      • lateshia

        I agree. I think Alicia Keys look beautiful with her braids. I didn’t click through the whole list I wouldn’t be suprised if Brandy was on that list. I think Brandy look much better with braids. I understand people outgrow braids on guys I can understand I think men look much better with a regular haircut…..unless you Bone Thugs & Harmony then its ok…lol. Anyways, Eve didn’t look to bad with her braids and Da Brat I’m glad she still keep her braids that is her image and she look beautiful still.

  • what about ja rule he rocked cornrows at one point!

  • very surprised Ludacris didnt make this list!… even though i kinda liked him with his cornrows he does look way better with them!

  • Bo lo

    I secretly chuckle at any guy over 16 with braids. Especially Trey songz in his earlier videos LOL!!!!

    • Nikki

      Trey Songz looks SO much better without the braids. I saw him on Wendy this morning, I could’ve kissed the TV.

  • littleoleme

    No Luda?