What Do You Do, Again? 8 Female Celebs Who Should Not Be Famous!

October 29, 2012  |  
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Acting, singing, doing something for a good cause…these are all some perfectly good reasons to become famous. Unfortunately, these don’t apply to the people on this list! It seems like sex tapes, being related to a famous person or hanging out with famous people were the way to go for these women. Somehow, they’ve managed to stay in the spotlight despite having no real skill or talent, unless you consider looking pretty a talent. If you don’t, then these women should not be famous!



Amber Rose

There was a time when everyone used to just call Amber Rose Kanye West’s girlfriend…why? Because that’s all she was known for! Then she was known as the women with a blonde buzz cut who was still dating Kanye West. Then she was known as Kanye West’s girlfriend, the one who wears freaky outfits. Notice a trend here? To make matters worse, just when you thought she was falling off the map…then BAM, here comes Mrs. Wiz Khalifa, with a baby to boot!



Yes Cassie was just featured Nicki Minaj’s new single…after 6 years of nothing! In the words of Janet, “What have you done for me lately?” should have been this girl’s anthem for the last 6 years. Well, we all know Diddy had no problem with it, since she was doing a lot for him!


Kim Kardashian

Kim was on “Dancing with the Stars,” and now we know she can’t dance. She recorded her own song, and we realized she couldn’t sing. So what else is she good for? Ask Ray J, he should know…The amount of fame she’s gotten for the sex tape is ridiculous. It actually makes Ray J look like he got the shaft, and we’re not referring to the same kind of shaft she got.

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Bristol Palin

Being famous for being the daughter of the worst vice-presidential candidate in history is already pretty shameful, but she’s also famous for being the pregnant teenaged daughter of the worst vice-presidential candidate in history! That’s even worse!


Stefan Jeremiah/WENN.com

Angela Simmons

If the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Angela Simmons is Reverend Run, then clearly she’s still not known for being anything else except Reverend Run’s daughter. Oh yeah, we forgot, she actually is known for something else…flaunting her body in tiny bikinis!

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Vanessa Simmons

Once again, try to think of anything else other than Reverend Run when you think of Vanessa Simmons…and her sister Angela doesn’t count!

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Toya Carter

Sorry, but being famous for being someone’s baby mama doesn’t cut it. It’s not like she was at least famous while she was actually with Lil Wayne. She became famous WAY after…barely anyone even saw them in the same room together! You can’t be famous for dating someone and no even sees you dating him or her!


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Malika Haqq

Sorry, but anyone who is famous for being a part of the Kardashian clan deserves to be on the list. Yes she did some acting and a little modeling with her twin sister, but now it looks like she’s permanently chosen to rely on the Kardashians for fame.

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  • Tawanna

    I was in agreement until I saw the simmons sisters…excuuuse but have you never heard of pastry? On top of them being models before pastry even came out. Im sorry but when it comes to Kim K. no she is not my fav person but girly knows how to capitalize! She turned a mole hill into a million dollar corp.

  • Me&MyOpinion

    I’m not feeling don’t the fact that your article was not fact based. It is more opinionated than anything. Cassie, while she can’t sing, had a top 10 hit and models for numerous ads. The Simmons Sisters did get their opportunity from Dad Rev. Run, but they worked hard and made a profitable company, Pastry, creating shoes for young girls. Vanessa acts on daytime soaps as well. And yes, Toya was married to Lil’ Wayne long before he saw real fame. She left once he started achieving fame and repeatedly cheated on her. So lets be happy she left and didn’t stick around for the numerous baby mamas. And the twin is an actress. You even said yourself she acts so why would you fault her because she has famous friends? Don’t hate, congratulate =) Amber Rose, Bristol Palin and Kim Kardashian are probably the ones that belong on the list, of course you left a few off, but we won’t call anymore people out today. 😉

  • Please get the information correct. Angela Simmons is an actress…has anyone seen For Colored Girls? Also, Mrs. Toya Carter was MARRIED to Lil Wayne. She doesnt need to be famous.

  • FullTimeStudent

    its plenty of women out here with envious bodies, amber rose is irrelevent at the end of the day, soon her and wiz will break up, whether its a year from now or 8….then she’ll have another kid by somebody else or start dating someone else, she’s honestly a nobody

  • cris1582

    Why isn’t Teyana Taylor on this list????

  • nursej

    Vanessa Simmons has done her thing acting on soap operas. Leave her alone, though she and her sister hav their shoes. I agree with the others on the list tho.

  • LOL

    Please stop calling Antonia “Toya” a baby mama. whether or not she had a child before she was married to Wayne means nothing. once you get legally married you have a title called “Wife.” You then take on your HUSBANDS last name which was” Carter.” (i said was because she is current REMARRIED to another man) I dont where people come up with this assbackwards logic. Some of your mothers might have had you before she was legally married to your fathers, do you call your mom a baby mama? No you dont. Lauren L, Nivea and that asian girl are baby mama’s. They were never given the respect and called a wife.

  • shame on you

    ”that also applys to…JOLO…? RIA RIA….I KNOW what they do…i don’t get the hype or why and
    NIKI she sounds like minnie mouse………she a unfunny joke

  • Rather than “what do you do?” I think the question here is “WHO do you do?” cause that’s how half of these women became famous….

  • I only recognized 2 of the people on the list (Kardashian and Palin), and even those two I’ve only heard of. I wouldn’t recognize either of them if I saw them on the street wearing a name tag…

  • ijs

    side note: Britol’s glasses are cuuuutte!!!! back to the story….they are nobodies lol

  • Reesie

    ummm the Kardashians are business moguls and so are the Simmon’s girls with Pastry. Everybody else on that list belongs there though.

    • Suchalady

      Stop. None of these young ladies built themselves from the ground up. They had rich daddies and are more famous for being photographed than anything else.

  • MsTruBlvr

    Take the Simmons and Kardashian off this list. They are NOW marketing and merchandising moguls. All three are millionaires on their own. Update your records and hate, Madem..

  • NoHateration

    You can’t make yourself famous without the general public and media. The general public and media are the REAL cause of fame. Don’t be fooled into thinking that fame is something that should be earned or considered a reward for good deeds. Fame is man made and a reflection on what the public choose to fill their heads with. This article right here, only adds to these 8 celebs fame.

  • mac

    Britney can dance..or at least put on a hell of a live show. Those actresses you speak of, they are halfway decent enough to make believe people they are actresses.

    Which leads me to these folk in the article. Not halfway decent enough at anything to at least justify their fame.

  • dbatt001

    yup spot on

  • The point is not that they are not valuable to the world around them (at least that’s not the point with me). The point is they became “famous” for being a wife, girlfriend, or child of someone famous.

    Many woman are successful, but they aren’t known world wide.

    • Suchalady

      ^Ding Ding!

  • A new “not famous” face seen on many an urban blog is Karruche (sp?), Chris Browns ex.

  • Ai

    I can agree with the first few, it’s not about talent and what you do, it’s who you screw for them. But the Simmons sisters? They didn’t need to be on this wack list.

  • Maldrie

    Angela & Vanessa have a clothing line out so they earned their fame and they do a little acting so get it right. Malika is an actress as well, so why is she even on the list? She earned her way. As for all the rest of them, I am still asking myself that now: why are they on tv every time I turn it on?

    • Maldrie

      Baby momma applies because she got pregnant before they got married.

  • Zanne924

    I agree. It’s called marketing! It is the American way! Fake it ’til u make it

  • Zanne924

    Everyone has a right to get their hustle on. If our society didn’t have this pathway in place to make a living they wouldn’t be able to. The way you make $ is by getting your name in public. That’s business. Be glad they are out there trying. Remember this is the same society who has followed Suri Cruise her entire little life. She probably thinks cameras are SUPPOSED to follow all kids around.
    And last I knew, when you marry the father of your child you are not a “baby momma” and you can choose to keep your last name the same as your child. Why don’t we have name for the men with kids all over?

  • Ding-a-ling, a dummy for a mother, a rich daddy, a rich baby daddy, and leaching off of someone else fame is what made girls famous!!!!!

  • Whatev

    The Simmons girls are entrepreneurs. They became famous building their brand, not sporting bikinis.

  • I don’t know why you added the Simmons girls? Does anyone remember they did create a tennis shoe line that was successful?

  • Dear Madame Noire, being married is just a little more than dating. Get your facts straight please. I hate bad reporting

  • BillyBob

    Whoever wrote this is a hater and fails to realize that some of these women have accomplished some things. By writing this article you’re giving them relevance.

  • Candacey Doris

    I didn’t know half of these people existed. And I don’t really know why Kim K. got famous for that sex tape. I watched it and it looked like Ray J did all the work so, why?

    • tmw

      LMAO he sure. She was lazy as hell. lol

      • tmw


  • editorn

    Um, Amber might have become more famous for dating Kanye, but she’s a legit model, always has been. Her Louis Vuitton prints are fantastic and she’s walked at New York Fashion Week a few times.

    • lisa1022

      but she garnered fame from being Kanye West’s girlfriend. No one new who she was before then.

    • mac

      without the help of Kanye, she doesn’t get those jobs. She is not proportioned like a fashion model. And that’s not shade, that’s just a matter of fact.

      • Moomoopage

        She’s sooo not runway size!!!

  • Why does MN hate so much?

    Cassie is signed with Wilhemina Models and One Model management. She also does modeling for Carol’s Daughter. She may not have made music in the past few years, but it’s not like she hasn’t been doing anything.

  • britchick91

    The irony is that sites like this keep them famous lol

  • Zettai

    Remember folks, the way to keep these parasites out of your face is to NOT watch their shows, buy their stupid songs or products, or do anything else that shows them money and attention.

    Of course… by reading this article and making this post I’ve just done the opposite. I can’t win! -_- If it makes anyone feel any better, I had no idea who those last two were.

  • ANTMilf

    I have to disagree with the Simmons sisters, they’re entrepreneurs in their own right (Pastry Shoe Line).

  • What I Eat Won’t Make You Sh!t

    Smh @ this article… just because we the public don’t know everything that these folks are doing doesn’t mean they’re not hustling, nor does it mean that they are trying to maintain relevance by going out and enjoying themselves. Though they may not (or in this case, should not) be famous, these women are all apart of that world, and know what goes on behind the scenes in the industry. I think a lot of these blogs are too hard on a lot of these women, and then want to turn around and scream about women’s rights, bullying, hate, etc. when other races, or better yet, men, do it!

    • Zanne924

      We are very hard on our sisters. If we spent as much time giving support instead of trying to make others irrelevant, imaging how much more forward we would be. You certainly don’t see men doing this to each other.

      • Jeanette

        I agree, finally some love and standing up for what’s positive. These are our fellow women and human beings. Shoot, give people a break sometimes…why are we on hear tearing people down!!!

    • mac

      boo hoo.

  • Jaye37

    My comment was blocked becasue it explained a positive aspect of these ladies being famous

  • Adrian Khan (The Soca Warrior)

    Only 8?I know 6 that shouldn’t be famous and they all have the same mother.

  • Na Na

    I disagree with vanessa and Angela, Pastry Shoe Line and Clothing, Spokes women for the Girl Scouts of America, there own reality show and models.

    • BTT

      Angela also has the weave line

    • …….

      Right, but the question wasn’t “What did they do when they got famous?”

      The only reason anybody started paying them any attention was because they did Run’s house. How many people knew all his? kid’s namesbefore that show happened? Better yet, who caeed what they were doing.

      I won’t take it away from them thaat they’ve done very well for themselves as a result of that, but it’s definitely not what put them on the map.

      • Renzo

        Umm but isn’t that the whole point of it all? It referring to reality T.V., you use that as a platform to do other things, that’s what you’re suppose to do if you’re going to to do it. Considering the positive things they’ve done since the show, they should be famous..

  • Lola

    These females are “famous” simply because media outlets such as MN constantly harp on about them. If all of you in the media would collectively stop paying undue attention to these creatures, they will slink back into oblivion where they belong.

  • Ann

    It is amazing to me that talent comes down to: Kardashians, Amber Rose ( I was wondering what type of work she does) but now I see, famous for being with Kayne West. Women that are famous for having babies by famous guys, being married to a famous person or athlete. Wow, it amazing for these people who don’t have not an ounce of talent, they get endorsement deals. Unbelieveable that comes in second place to women who cuss and fight on reality tv for a living. It is sad it comes down to this.

  • sammi_lu

    Ok agreed Toya Carter should be on the list but she wasn’t just dating she was the Mrs., hence the last name Carter. There is a difference between ex-wife and being someone’s baby mama.

    • guest

      The baby came before the two years of marriage, I actually couldn’t understand why she was holding on to his last name …

  • AJ389

    Ok what about Teyanna Taylor

    • Terminator

      TeyannaTaylor has done a lot- being signed to labels, modelling and releasing music independently. Oh yeah, plus the few movies she’s in. Hater!

      • AJ389

        I don’t remember saying I hate her. The question was, what does she do,I was about to appreciate your reply until you let your low class ignorance show by calling me a hater. My mind isn’t weak enough to hate on anyone especially ppl I don’t know, but I guess yours is.

      • Nenah

        Sorry, Teyana Taylor is famous for nothing.

  • She Speaks

    lol…i dont consider MOST of these people “famous”…nice way to get riled up about nothing. Why do people use the term “baby momma” for Toya? Wasn’t she married to Wayne? Pretty sure that makes her his ex wife.

    • Merriegirl

      They call her a baby mama because she was unknown while she was his wife. Also because he has like 4 baby mamas. If she was the only one, they’d prolly call her an ex-wife.

    • guest

      Toya is a baby mama. She had her baby WAY before Wayne married her and then they only stayed married for two years …

      • NONEYA

        And, when they were married he wasnt at the height of his career….ppl act like they were married last yr!

      • nope sorry……once you get the title of wife…what you were before then doesn’t count.

        • NONEYA

          HELLO…she is somebody elses wife now…its time to move on!!

    • NONEYA

      The article is correct Toya didnt become famous until years after being married to Wayne and we never seen them together, when they were married!!

    • SHE WAS HIS WIFE…..not his baby mama like Lauren London, Nivea or the chick from West Chester, OH….

    • I mean, Cassie was singing. Although I’m not a fan (because I don’t think that she can sing), she isn’t famous for nothing. Angela and Vanessa had their shoe business, so I don’t get why they a re on this list.

  • Ok Madame Noire, it appears you forgot that Simmons sister are entrepreneurs known for there Pastry shoe line. So clearly that makes them relevant.

    • Denise Baldwin

      I said the exact same thing

    • Merriegirl

      They may have a shoe line but that’s not why their famous.

    • Candacey Doris

      Never heard of it.

    • Nenah

      And Vanessa is low key. Angela is the one you see everywhere.

    • Ambitious12

      And they haven’t released any more shoes since then and Angela’s weave line doesn’t count either

    • They wouldn’t have a shoe line if it wasn’t for their daddy. So um.. still irrelevant.

  • Peaches

    Does Karrueche Tran count? Or does the fact that she was a “stylist” and “model” before count here out of there running for this post?

    • Tamz

      Chile, get out of my head!! Lol

    • Mel

      media has been working oVERTIME to make this young woman relevant. Not since Amber Rose have I seen a campaign like this….but at least Amber had a unique look and an envious body. With K…I really don’t get it. She’s dating a felon, lots of people have done that. She doesn’t have a job-hey half the country can say that they’ve experienced those difficulties in this economy.

      What else is it about her that is noteworthy? Not a daggone thing.

      One thing about the Rev Runs girls-every time I see a close up I think Vanessa is so much prettier. Yet Angela seems to steal the spotlight when they stand together in full length shot. This leads me to conclude V should get a look that brings her features into focus much more boldly. Maybe a bob…

    • Suchalady

      Seriously! When will the posts about her end because she’s just a lazy, leeching ex-gf.

    • To be quite honest, I think it’s moreso the media and blog sites that have tried to make her famous.