What Do You Do, Again? 8 Female Celebs Who Should Not Be Famous!

October 29, 2012  |  
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Acting, singing, doing something for a good cause…these are all some perfectly good reasons to become famous. Unfortunately, these don’t apply to the people on this list! It seems like sex tapes, being related to a famous person or hanging out with famous people were the way to go for these women. Somehow, they’ve managed to stay in the spotlight despite having no real skill or talent, unless you consider looking pretty a talent. If you don’t, then these women should not be famous!



Amber Rose

There was a time when everyone used to just call Amber Rose Kanye West’s girlfriend…why? Because that’s all she was known for! Then she was known as the women with a blonde buzz cut who was still dating Kanye West. Then she was known as Kanye West’s girlfriend, the one who wears freaky outfits. Notice a trend here? To make matters worse, just when you thought she was falling off the map…then BAM, here comes Mrs. Wiz Khalifa, with a baby to boot!



Yes Cassie was just featured Nicki Minaj’s new single…after 6 years of nothing! In the words of Janet, “What have you done for me lately?” should have been this girl’s anthem for the last 6 years. Well, we all know Diddy had no problem with it, since she was doing a lot for him!


Kim Kardashian

Kim was on “Dancing with the Stars,” and now we know she can’t dance. She recorded her own song, and we realized she couldn’t sing. So what else is she good for? Ask Ray J, he should know…The amount of fame she’s gotten for the sex tape is ridiculous. It actually makes Ray J look like he got the shaft, and we’re not referring to the same kind of shaft she got.

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Bristol Palin

Being famous for being the daughter of the worst vice-presidential candidate in history is already pretty shameful, but she’s also famous for being the pregnant teenaged daughter of the worst vice-presidential candidate in history! That’s even worse!


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Angela Simmons

If the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Angela Simmons is Reverend Run, then clearly she’s still not known for being anything else except Reverend Run’s daughter. Oh yeah, we forgot, she actually is known for something else…flaunting her body in tiny bikinis!

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Vanessa Simmons

Once again, try to think of anything else other than Reverend Run when you think of Vanessa Simmons…and her sister Angela doesn’t count!

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Toya Carter

Sorry, but being famous for being someone’s baby mama doesn’t cut it. It’s not like she was at least famous while she was actually with Lil Wayne. She became famous WAY after…barely anyone even saw them in the same room together! You can’t be famous for dating someone and no even sees you dating him or her!


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Malika Haqq

Sorry, but anyone who is famous for being a part of the Kardashian clan deserves to be on the list. Yes she did some acting and a little modeling with her twin sister, but now it looks like she’s permanently chosen to rely on the Kardashians for fame.

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