Well, You Don’t Say: 9 Celebrities, Ballers, Authors And Vixens You Might Not Have Known Were Virgin Islanders

October 10, 2012 ‐ By Clarke Gail Baines

Bump what you saw on “College Hill 4: Virgin Islands.” Not all U.S. Virgin Islanders are as crazy as the folks on that show, and in fact, many of ’em are some the most talented and successful black (and white) people out there! They’re NBA Championship winning basketball stars, acclaimed authors, actors, singers and more. Don’t believe me? Just check out these nine individuals who rep VI.

MadameNoire Video

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  • VI

    Should note that Kelsey Grammer’s father was gun downed in his front yard in St Thomas. People don’t walk around barefoot, especially anyone that is from there, unless they are some of the homeless crack heads hanging around the bridge to no where.. Love that people like to make it out to be a “peaceful paradise” when in reality it is terribly corrupt. and god forbid you ever really need police assistance. and done with rant… sorry.

  • jus saying

    Whenever superhead talks about being from the VI, whether in her book or in interviews, she says things that a Virgin Islander or a Caribbean person for that matter would never say. No Caribbean person would go around talking about how we walk around barefoot everywhere. In her book she talked about how her Father was treated like a king in St. Thomas because he was from New York. Ummm…no. We don’t do that Yankee worship here. She talks about the VI in a way that a Yankee with stereotypical views would. She might be faking island ties.

  • Roger Stetson

    Not really a celebrity in the modern sense but Alexander Hamilton was Crucian.

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  • isola

    I thought Wayne Brady’s family was from Barbados.

  • chefblaise

    Jay-z’s parents are from STT, also Pepa from Salt-n-Pepa, STX Eddie f from Heavy D, and the boyz spent a young life on St. Croix

  • Joibellz

    VI Stand Up! You guys forgot Stephen A. Smith from ESPN his people from STT. And Rock City aka R.City aka Planet VI they wrote the hook for Forever by Drake, Man Down by Rihanna and When I grow up by the P u s s y Cat Dolls.

  • East Star

    Your flip switch on your sites are super annoying. I know you are trying to get as many clicks as possible, but think about your readers. I never past the first page bcuz it gets real old clicking from 1-10 etc just to see one picture on each page. I’m sure you will never change the format since its all about the paper, but remember without the readers, there is no $. I had to express my feelings before I stop visiting your sites.

  • forest green

    Gabrielle Reece (check your spelling, Kema) was not born on St. Thomas, but grew up here. Knew her Mom, Terry, back in the 1980’s…lovely woman….

  • TallGyal7

    I was born and raised on St. Thomas until the age of 20. We do not walk around barefoot like that….maybe on the beach or in our yard, but not in the way Karrine seems to be implying in her quote.
    I do have to agree with Raja though. It was all about cookouts on the beach growing up. Man, I miss those days.
    Virgins Islands Massive!!!!!

  • status quo

    In my Jam Band voice: V.I..Eh, Eh, OH,Oh! I don’t the rest of the words. Lol. Proud Virgins. Repping Stx.

  • Illy

    Big ups to Rock city, Love city and Twin city!!! I LOVE my islands.

  • Regina

    Why is Superhead the first photo, she shouldn’t be posted at all. Thumbs up to all the rest.

  • kema

    You forgot Gabrielle Reese volleyball player and verse Simmons musical artist. But big ups to my home St. Croix VI.

  • Guest

    Wayne Brady’s hairline looks like a frown :0( <——- Wayne Brady's hairline.

  • VI

    Proud Virgin Islander…again we don’t claim Superhead

    • VI_2

      PROUD VIRGIN ISLANDER…and no, we know nothing about Superhead!!

  • Meyaka

    I didn’t know … You should do an African one.

    Ps: the Americans were rude and crazy 🙂