C’Mon Now: Black Celebrities That White Folks Mistake For One Another (But They DON’T Look Alike…)

October 5, 2012  |  
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I’m sure you’ve seen a newscast, a photo gallery, or something online where one celebrity was mistaken for another. People do it all the time! How many times have you looked at a photo of “New Girl” star, Zooey Deschanel and thought you were seeing Katy Perry? Sometimes it’s understandable confusion. But with a lot of black celebrities, the mistakes can be head-scratch worthy. From women being mistaken for men and people of two totally different complexions and sizes being mistaken for the same person, sometimes this ish gets out of hand. For example…

Sheree Whitfield and Sahara Davenport

Aw Lawd, did you hear about this mess? Sadly, “RuPaul’s Drag Race” contestant and drag queen, Sahara Davenport, passed away this week from heart failure. When news dropped of Davenport’s passing, fans of the show, and those affiliated with it were devastated. But TV Guide on the other hand, well, they were just confused. When they reported of her death on tvguide.com, they used a photo of former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star, Sheree Whitfield. Yes, they confused Whitfield for a man. A pretty man, but a man nonetheless. Whitfield sent her condolences for the loss, but politely asked TV Guide to get their ish together and take her photo off the website. Coincidentally though, Andy Cohen claims Davenport modeled her look after Sheree, but still, you wouldn’t confuse these two…would you?

Michael Clarke Duncan and Seal

When an NBC affiliate reported on the death of Michael Clarke Duncan, they had at least that information correct. Too bad that when they put a picture up of him, they replaced Michael with a smiling Seal–the singer. They also showed footage of Seal with Heidi Klum. News of the fail was reported and it was met with a bevvy of head shakes. Seriously though? Had the people who put that package together never actually seen Michael Clarke Duncan before? Let’s hope this was a mistake by a new intern, but either way, it was a hot a** mess.

Sherri Shepherd, Octavia Spencer and Yvette Nicole Brown

When taking part on the show, “Watch What Happens: Live” a caller phoned in for the opportunity to ask Yvette Nicole Brown, star of the show, “Community,” a question about her film work. The inquiry went a little something like this: “My question is for Yvette. …What was it like working on the movie ‘The Help’?” Of course, they had Brown confused with Octavia Spencer, who won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her work in the movie. Luckily, Brown took the confusion in stride saying, “You know, it was great to watch ‘The Help,’ because I wasn’t in it.” A big laugh, “The View” co-host, Sherri Shepherd, was also a guest on the show, and the two women joked about being confused for each other all the time. Probably because they’re all heavier set black women, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they bear any bit of a resemblance to one another whatsoever…

Chris Rock and Chris Tucker

While digging around for celebrities who people often mistake for one another, I was pretty appalled by the fact that in a poll of celebrities who look exactly like one another, the names of Chris Rock and Chris Tucker were side by side. When was the last time people looked at Chris Rock and Chris Tucker and thought they were separated at birth? Aside from maybe a similar smile and affinity for facial hair, these two men do not share similar features and they are two totally different sizes nowadays. Nice try, but that’s a fail.

Samuel Jackson and Laurence Fishburne

As insane as the thought that Samuel Jackson and Laurence Fishburne look alike might be, many folks seem to confuse these two for one another. So much so, that Samuel Jackson jokes about it to this day:

“People shout at me “Hey, loved that The Matrix, man!” Yeah – me too. I was actually on a plane last year and this guy sat down next to me. Finally he said something to me, and we started talking about Pulp Fiction. He couldn’t remember the actor’s name, so I tried to help and said “I think it might have been Samuel Jackson.” He jumped in “No, no, it’s the other guy, that Fishburne guy”. We rode the whole flight having that conversation and then, right at the end, he looked hard at me and said, “You sure look familiar, you’re sure you’re not Laurence Fishburne?” I said “No, and I definitely am not in Pulp Fiction either’.”

Hmmm, blame it on the gap, maybe? Either way, I don’t see it (especially since Fishburne is much shorter than Samuel Jackson, and Samuel Jackson is…well, Samuel Jackson).

Don Cheadle and Tim Meadows

Don Cheadle gets mistaken for a lot of things and people these days.  Not too long ago, an attendant on a flight he was on thought he was a strange black man trying to sneak into first class, but aside from that, he’s also been mistaken for Tim Meadows. You know Tim, he’s the guy who played Leon Phelps on “Saturday Night Live” and in the movie, Ladies Man. The rude flight attendant also mistook Cheadle for Tim Meadows and according to people online, yes, they look alike. I totally see it in the…or the…or how about in the…naw, I don’t see it at all. But I could be wrong. Do these people look similar to you?

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  • nay

    most of these pairs don’t look anything alike and some are really crazy but i can see don cheadle and tim meadows…

  • PickAName

    Y’all are racist AF – any proof that the people who mistook these guys were white or are you just blowing smoke PER usual?

  • jus sayin..

    Well apart from the obvious disrespect! What stands out to me are 2 things:
    1. White folk do not see our colour hue at all..black really is black where they are concerned.
    2. We should probably get over that fact too.

  • isn’t Sahara Davenport, Sheree? No? Well, they look like twins to me….(still contemplating on that)I
    am beautiful woman and I love good man…..inter racial romance is my dream… so I
    joined —blackwhitePlanet.С0M—–it’s where to- connect with
    beautiful and excellent people!

  • jsirhea

    Yes its too bad that all these people are getting mistook for someone else…when they really dont look alike.y husband who is mexican always does rhus and i just give him the side eye, laugh and explain the sifferences. But to him, he does see similarities (for example the don cheadle/tim meadows pic – idk how but there u go). But i mention this because there is a movie “the imaginarium of dr. Parnassis” where i mistook heath ledger, jonny depp, and jude law. These men look nothing alike but it the movie it took me a moment to realize it. So sometimes, yes, it could be plain ignorance ir even racism, but not always.
    (Excuse any typos – sent from my phone)

  • SHDH

    This is just sad to say that white people think all black people look alike was in ignorant statement. Smh @mn for that one. Actually some of these people do look alike to me or at least remind me of each other so I guess that makes me a black person who thinks all blacks look alike? No offense to sheree because she is beautiful but there is a resemblence with the drag queen, I never thought chris rock and chris tucker look alike until I saw the side by side pic that was posted, and Samuel L. Jackson and Lawrence Fishbourne dont necessarily look alike but they remind me of each other, I confuse them all the time. MN I enjoy this website no shade towards it, but come on with some of these blogs you’ve been posting lately smh.

    • SHDH

      excuse some of the grammatical errors. I was typing fast.

  • I remember seeing something about them using Terry Crews picture too when Micheal Clark Duncan passed. I think Crews would be a closer resemblance than Seal, how that happen? lol


    Well, when the only black entertainer they’re familiar with is Will Smith then what do you expect??? (and you see he’s not on the list).

  • True story: Richard Nixon threw a 70th birthday party for Duke Ellington at the White House. Scores of dignitaries and celebrities were invited, including Cab Calloway. At some point during the celebration, Nixon went up to Cab Calloway and said: “Ah, Mr. Ellington. Happy, happy birthday. Pat and I are such fans of your music.” Cab Calloway didn’t want to embarrass him, so he just thanked him and moved on. He and Duke Ellington probably laughed about it later. The point is that this is nothing new. Although Don Cheadle and Tim Meadows do feature each other a bit; it’s something in the upper half of their faces.

  • Candysview


  • Observing

    I’m sorry for laughing. RIP young man. You were beautiful

    But the fact that TV.GUIDE put up a pic of Sheree when reporting the death of that man has me LMFAO! Seriously I am ROTF!

  • Hmph

    I’ve seen Terry Crews’ picture used when reports circulated about Michael Clarke Duncan’s death. SMH. And as for the Don Cheadle/Tim Meadows comparison, I think it’s ridiculous. Cheadle does, however, remind me of Isaiah Washington (Preston Burke) from Grey’s Anatomy.

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  • versatile

    Oh well. Then again EVERY fat white girl with dark hair looks alike..whether on Jerry, Maury or on the street. They’d ALL go free in a line up.

  • versatile

    Nobody looks like Seal. I bet it’s gonna be harding finding another blind white woman.

  • versatile

    I saw that chic Sahara for the first time this morning! I couldn’t BELIEVE how much he looked like Sheree!

  • Shea

    While were laughing at Sheree being mistaken for the drag queen (rip) it’s truly a slap in the face. I guess we all do look alike to some of them. Whether they favor or not, it’s bad journalism. That man is dead, nothing funny about the wrong picture being posted. By laughing, were saying it’s ok. Michael Clarke Dunkan was larger than life. Seal? It’s sad.

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  • Ms. K

    I don’t understand any of the mix ups on this list except for Sheree and the guy from Drag race. Not trying to be funny but they do have very similar features. His are just a bit stronger. At least they mixed her up with a pretty Drag Queen who does look very lady like. RIP!!! Also, the clip I saw of the mix up with Michael Clark Duncan, they used Terry Crews’ pic and they don’t look alike either. RIP MCD!!!

    • Totally agree! LMAO..I did quadruple eye shifts and still smh at those pics…
      The nose shape and everything are so alike!!!

  • I dont see how any of the celebrities can be confused for one another… SMH most of all Sahara Davenport for Sheree Whitfield?!? Oh and that was hilarious when that lady called Watch What Happens Live & got Octavia Spencer confused with Sherri Shepherd and

  • Blake

    What?!? None of them look anything alike, clearly this was made by an African-American person trying to make fun of white people, you really have to stoop this low? Ha! get a life!!

    • Jazmin

      Websites that post forums like these keep seperating races, instead of promoting equality. They have a lot of great positive forums on here for the black community, but forums like the one above is just not politcally correct for 2012, and brings down another race for their supposed “stupidity” it is a bit rude. If the roles were reversed and it was a white person writing the article about a black person, people would freak out! What ever race you are a forum like this is ridiculous, and needs to be removed. Start promoting more positive Madam Niore!!

  • Tay

    Okay but sometimes I get some of these people mixed up, and I’m black.

  • CriticXtreme

    It’s called “Facial Racist Blindness.”

  • Jaeda

    Some people are just ignorant or just dont just the other half of their brain Seal and Micheal Clarke Duncan look nothing alike neither does Samuel L or Laurence Fishburne but to confuse Don Cheadle and Tim Meadows is just plain sad Now the 3 heavy set women ill give that a pass even though they may not look alike they do favor each other Now Sahara davenport And Sheree too funny cause they look like twins lol

  • Native_Noir


  • Shan

    Ummmm, isn’t Sahara Davenport, Sheree? No? Well, they look like twins to me….(still contemplating on that)

  • lis

    Michael and Seal. Whatttt

  • IllyPhilly

    I guess I done loss my Black pass. SMH 🙁

  • Beckers

    1.I confuse Chris rock an Chris tucker sometimes but because of the name not cause they look alike
    2. Sahara and sheree look alike
    3. Laurence fishburne am Samuel L jackson kind of do look alike but Samuel is darker and has a mustache

  • Jaiah Jaxon

    I bet NeNe is eating them mistaking Sheree for a man up!!

  • J A SASSY aka salon22w

    None of those pairs look alike..except Sheree and the other lady.. w people kill me with that black folks look aloke..do all fat w women look alike? does carnie wilson and rosie o look alike? I think they look more alike then blks because they are aLL THE SAME COLOR.. , THE 2 CHRIS’S LOOK NOTHING ALIKE ..MAYBE IDIOTS JUST SEE THE 2 FIRST NAMES.. WHAT A BUNCH OF IDIOTS!

  • baddvixentype

    thats a d@mn shame smh…

  • Alexa

    Some white folks live in a bubble and choose to stay in it. Then some of them have the nerve to call us “racist” for extablishing our own media outlets.

    • Alexa


    • tata111

      I know white people turn red when they are embrassed, pink when there are sick and purple when they hurt…and they have the nerve to call us colored

      • Stayinformed

        Lol.you came up with all of thaaaaat by yourself?

      • Hildy

        I’m white but I lol-ed at your comment 😉 haha otherwise my bfriend is african and he always laughs at my supersensitive skin: it’s enough to rub my cheek and it’ll turn pink (i save some money on blushes :S )….and sometimes if i bump myself my marks get deep purple or even black

        • tata111

          Thanks for having a sense of humor…one of my closest friend is white…it’s all jokes people

  • Ms. Bee

    So America is just going to keep confusing Morpheus and Shaft like that? That’s why we have to make sure we vote this election, cause of ish like that.

    • Miss K

      lolol #realissues