Ratch On Ratch On Ratch: 7 Moments You Had To See From Part 1 Of The Love & Hip-Hop Reunion

August 28, 2012  |  


Source: Gossip On This

Am I the only one who thought the “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta” reunion was on 10 last night? Most VH1 reality TV reunions tend to get a little rache’ by the end of the night, but this time around, the cast was ready to go from the time the camera man said “we’re rolling.” I don’t know if it was the fact that Mona-Scott Young was hosting or maybe they had a little mini-bar situation before the cameras starting rolling, but trust us, this reunion was, in the words of Karlie Redd’s wanna-be boo Roscoe Dash, all the way turnt up.

In case you missed a few bits last night — or simply need a good laugh/a reason to feel better about your life this morning — here are the moments you had to see on part 1 of the reunion. PS: The clip below is where it all started.

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  • so done

    Baggy Eyes is cute.
    Seems to have alot of energy on stage. You know, like a “hype woman”
    for the main rapper/lyricist.

    Ariane and Erica.
    Super classy sistas. Smart and intelligent. They should band up and start an empire! Something amazing and empowering.

    Momma Dee. I aint mad
    at her. She was a pimp. She is an O.G. … only people that have been in the
    life, the game, hustle mentality can understand someone like her. Keep being
    you Momma Dee, Triple OG.

  • Sha

    Mona finally found a group where she could be the master puppeteer.When Chrissie called her on her manipulations and machinations she had to find a group not as swift.

  • disqus_WfmNqv9gsC

    several seats need to be taken…one for Oldie Redd, one for Steebie, one for Rasheeda, one for Moma Dee, and a big one for Joseline…oh and one for Mona big pimpin Scott Young

  • toya

    Funny article, these chicks need to wrap up any hopes of a music career, ESPECIALLY Karlie who has ZERO talent..

  • quest

    Did anybody notice the lining of Jocelyns dress was the same shade of pink as what MiMi and Stevie had on. This show is crazy. And I think there will be more like it in the future:( WHERE MY STRONG BLACK WOMEN AT. Do not let a man like Stevie J get at you please.

  • Ms.VonnieG

    LLLLMMMMAAAAOOOOO!!!!!!! Articles like this reminds why I love this site. Brande is funny and was thinking the samething I was thinking last night. Because I clearly said a pray for Mimi and Joseline after both of their outrageous comments last night

  • Memphis Chick

    K. Michelle has not wavered from her abuse story, homegirl keeps a straight face when talking about it. I believe her, folks in Memphis are crazy for real. How do I know, I live here in the city.

  • mommyof4

    I was cracking up thru the whole show.. I think Rasheeda just finally had enough of K Michelle and that’s why she jumped at her.. and I am not the biggest fan of K Michelle but I think her voice is beautiful but I doubt any record label I gonna want to sign her because of her behavior .. that chick is straight crazy lol

    • StephLuv

      If Memphis did do the things K.Michelle is claiming, why is there no gag order, slander lawsuit, something legally preventing her from opening her mouth about her relationship with Memphis on national tv? Til that day, I’m riding with K. Michelle and she has every right to tell her story.

  • Dichu eba realy lub mehSteebie

    Momma Dee needs to stop with all that “I’m the queen” mess and “people messing with the throne”….Steebie and Joseuelo? He/She runs Stevie. She pop off so much at the mouth and he dontt say anything. Honesly though, if she could have a 3some with him and Mimi, she would. Mimi looks so stupid tryig to justify her sad relationship with stevie and if I was Ariane, I wouldnt be able to be friends with her anymore its too much drama. Scrappy he’s such a child but I wish there could have been a round two with him and Stevie

  • KItsy

    I loved how they kept trying to get Karlie to reveal her age and she kept dodging. LMAO!

  • Jenn

    I died when K. Michelle (whom I’m not a fan of) said Karlie marched with MLK! #dead. I hate them all but love to watch and it didn’t disappoint! Bravo to Mona for orchestrating such a mess and pretending like she didn’t.

    And P.S. why do you HAVE to get naked to take pregnancy test?

    • Dichu eba realy lub mehSteebie

      I was thinking the SAME thing! SHe must of had a one piece on or something like a jumpsuit

    • missmeme

      ’cause that’s what pimps, like Mona, do…make ’em strip down!

  • realadulttalk

    Why do the people who look the oldest always wanna lie about their age?? Karlie in her 20’s??? Was she smoking something before that question b/c she LOOKS no less than about 42. She may be older-definitely not younger though.

    I wanna know why Rasheeda got so up in arms about the bags under her eyes but not when being told she’s disrespectful to her hubby? I mean–both accusations were true.

    My fave moment was the one I realized that Joseline/Stevie are in an abusive relationship and she’s the dominant one kicking behind and calling shots. That was a classic tv moment.

  • NaturalJem

    Lol yesterday was ratchet but too funny at the same time. My fav is Scrappy imitating Joseline saying adabadabada!!! Lol

  • Courtney

    I don’t think Mona Scott Young should be moderating her own show. I think Wendy Williams would have done a much better job calling these fools out on their behavior. She fits right in with all this nonsense.
    The only one who I believe has some dang sense is Ariane. How she got herself involved with all these people is beyond me.

    • Jenn

      Ariane was there…for what? That’s what I was tryna figure out… LOL And i didn’t like her lipstick?

      • Dichu eba realy lub mehSteebie

        She was a side character just like Rasheeda;s husband and Momma Dee

    • Dichu eba realy lub mehSteebie

      Yes it would have been so much more juicy with Wendy hosting. Something about Mona just irks me. Ariane is a O.G. she needs to be a main character

  • Nikispoon

    Mn why you keep moderating my comments?
    you need to moderate these ads..post my $%%..
    I love you Erika.

  • dontdoit

    The real winner in this situation was Mobs Scott Young. She made sure she was front and center. If only she could use her power of sniffing out the tiniest hint of crazy for good and work for the mental hospitals.

    But what I really want to know is when the post on Single Ladies is coming out, because that situation last night was all over the place!

    • dontdoit

      Typo: Mona, although I like calling her Mobs too.

    • realadulttalk

      I thought you nicknamed her–I prefer the typo 🙂

  • Stacy L

    Erica’s face was flawless!!

    • Dichu eba realy lub mehSteebie

      She is so pretty to me and so is MiMi’s friend. She should be a main character so she can go off on Stevie one more good time!

    • Anon

      Erica is very pretty. Ariane is gorgeous, seems like a cool chick. Toya’s husband said they once dated, I wonder if she’s co signing with K Michelle on the whole domestic violence.

  • The F?

    LMAO at the hilarity of this article.

    To be serious though, I’m disappointed in Mimi for saying “never say never”. I know we haven’t seen every single thing that has occurred within their relationship over the last 15 years, but I have seen enough to say that she needs to move on ASAP.

    Joseline, how are you gonna use God and the F word in the same sentence?

    Lil Scrappy needs some Blues Clues to get his life together. So does Karlie Redd. I heard she has a bachelor’s degree, tsk tsk.

    • Dichu eba realy lub mehSteebie

      Poor thins was on scream queens and still couldnt make a name for herself

  • Iluvm

    Yes Ma’am Lil Scrappy facial expression was “priceless” I’m suprised you didn’t touch on how K.Michelle went live on Rasheeda and her Husband. K.Michelle was wrong for “saying she watche how rasheeda disrespected her husband on live tv. That was an ultimate low blow.

    • Jenn

      But kinda true right?

      • atb

        Rasheeda only got so hyped up and mad because it’s true. People don’t react so quickly and angrily over false accusations as long as THEY truly know within themselves its all lies because they know truth always prevails. When you make a big scene and get super defensive, more times than not its because there is truth to whatever someone is saying about you. I can tell that she runs her husband. With her its all about her career and that’s why they are always arguing.

  • Dee

    I love how she started the show with “this is not scripted at all, it is their real life”. Somehow she managed to find the most ratchet people in Atlanta to put on TV.