Down With The Brown? Celebrities Who Look Black…But Aren’t

August 27, 2012  |  
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Dear Readers, we at Madame Noire indulge in a lot of things.  Mostly philosophizing, qualitative matters, and world situations.  But in the midst of all this deep thinking (“So, if we get the soda with the meal it’ll be cheaper?”) we know that sometimes delving into the world of frivolity is sometimes fun.  With that being said:

Within North America sometimes if a person is of color, but their nationality isn’t as obvious, people tend to just categorize them as black (or being “mixed”).  However, in this big Melting Pot we like to call the U. S. of A. there are so many different nationalities, and even celebrities can get classified as belonging to one group when they are actually proud members of another.

Along with this frivolity, you’ll have to click; a small price to pay.

Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum’s talents have been spread around different genres of the entertainment field.  But though people might have assumed that the  former dancer (read: stripper), model, and current actor could possibly be black, his racial background is Irish, French, German, and Native American.


Rita Ora

The Roc Nation songstress was a British song bird that flew into our hearts with songs like RIP and How We Do; while also appearing in music videos for Jay-Z and Drake.  But she was born in Kosovo, making her of Albanian ancestry.


Jon B

Johnathan Buck crooned into our lives in the 90s.  With the smooth sounds of his vocals and the work he did with big names in R&B and Hip Hop, people often mistook him for being mixed.  He makes a point not to address his race, but says that he grew up in a family that had a large appreciation for African American music.

Mindy Kaling

Before she won our hearts as Kelly Kapoor on The Office, Mindy Kaling had been writing sketches, appearing in plays, and is a writer and executive producer for The Office and for her own show The Mindy Kaling Project.  This talented diva is Indian.  Her mother is Bengali and her father is from Tamil.  She’s so close to her Hindu roots that she wrote an episode on The Office based off of the Hindu holiday Diwali.

DJ Khaled

Responsible for many of the club bangers that are out right now, this NOLA born disc jockey is of Palestinian descent.

Rachel Roy

Rachel Roy has made her name in the fashion industry by designing beautifully high fashioned garb and dressing some of the most notable celebrities from Michelle Obama, Tyra Banks, Kate Hudson and Penelope Cruz.  But this fashion bigwig (and former wife of Damon Dash) is Dutch and Indian.


Topping the charts with her songs, M.I.A. has made a name for herself in the music industry.  Though she got flack for giving the finger at the Super Bowl this year, this Sri Lankan artist from West London solidified her star when she was nominated for an Academy Award and two Grammys.

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  • oZo61

    It doesn’t matter. None of them are white, so…

  • Craig

    rita ora is the only one who looks “black” (mixed).

  • Charles Ray

    Who are the stupid people that though ANY of these people were even HALF black?

  • The Cos’ No rape charge.

    Mindi is Black as hell but we been knowing that she wasn’t a sista, Sorry we don’t claim Indians at all.

  • The Cos’ No rape charge.

    Channing is cool, we should claim him in the next racial draft. Trade Tyga for him or sum…

  • linsee

    wow. dj khaled is the only one who remotely looks black or blackish. Mindy is so obviously indian its not funny that someone could confuse her for black. facial features are completely different.and channing? he looks about as black as my bleached *ssh0le.

  • Taylor

    This article is trash. None of these celebrities look black… and #1 was Channing Tatum… really?

  • Gabrielle Crichlow

    Obviously they dont know what ‘black’ is. NONE of these are black. Channing Tatum….REALLY?


    Everybody come from black and will eventually return to black, Just one big melting pot of love going on, of course their’s going to be resistance but it’s INEVITABLE!

  • Laura Ann

    Rita Ora do looks, acts, and sounds black period. And anytime she’s interviewed at a urban radio station that’s the one question she’s always asked. When Jay Z. introduced her onto the scene everyone was asking if she were black or Hispanic, so to say she doesn’t look black would be a lie. I think she should take a DNA test because I don’t believe she’s Kosovo, she might have been switched at birth.

  • Nana

    If your nipples are brown then you’re black

  • Silver Joystix

    I discovered this article for the first time today – almost 3 years after it was originally written. It’s almost offensive. None of the individuals on this list have ever been mistaken for being black. They are not even close. As a matter of fact, the only person I think who was missing from this list is Jerry Seinfeld 🙂 Based on the criteria for the other selections, you might as well have included him also!

  • Kiamolee

    Not for one second did I think any of these celebrities were black. America is hella racist.

  • getaloadofthis

    Who the hell thought Channing Tatum was Black? LMAO! This website is pathetic!

  • Stacey Rowe

    why does every other race feel they have the right to associate or disassociate themselves with the black race. Here is a thought- we don’t want ya’ll either. Have several seats. For as much as other races like to downplay the black race- you spend your every waking moment of life trying to keep us back and inferior. While you are envying us, we are living. We are regal resilient ppl. deal with it!

  • Melanie Coburn Elliott

    This is so dumb, I think I lost some brain cells by clicking on it

  • Go Faster

    Whomever thought that any of these people looked black needs GLASSES
    Even my 15 y.o. grandson almost guessed all their nationality/ethnicity

  • Londongirl09

    shouldnt this be ” I thought they were black because i was too lazy to find out”. Writers fluff pieces are so

  • thenextgenius

    Another stupid article dumbing us down by the sec, written by an idiot author

  • Oke Uche

    Kendra Koger, you really are a moron..

  • Smrita Pal

    get some glasses. if you start off such a list with channing tatum, you need glasses

  • vjc

    You can be Black but not necessarily African American.

  • truthbetold

    Most white people think my husband is white,but the black people know what he is right away.In our culture,we have a multitude of different looks and colors.It’s amazing how some whites feel free to engage him in negative conversations about other races.

  • Iconic

    Is it just me, or NONE of this people listed look black?! Ridiculous.

    • KillerBee

      y does it even matter what ethnic culture they are from … also just realized this was written in !@#$%^ 2012 y is this still on here we run out of stories and recycle old Sh….. and have them pop out on yahoo ” New ” news

  • Boycottbarbie

    She is blank though where do you think the melanin in her skin came from

  • Sarah Lys

    Malagasy people are the stupidest people on earth… no wonder that they are poor with the plague.. they are as dark as poop and they call themselves WHITE!!!!!!!!!!!!! they say there are not blacks or africans…

  • Sarah Lys

    who cares??? if they have 2% black blood, and 5%gay blood, 9% indian blood.. white, red, green,,, who really cares… me i am black and loving it .. and that is my life identity… gee! why race,color are so important?? something for sure all POOP have the same color and odor!!!!!!!!!!!! and POOP NEVER COMPLAINS… BECAUSE IT IS NOT RACIST!! god must feel sorry for us.. he created different people but we wre always having something to say when he has his last word.

  • Deborah Neal

    As a mother of a biracial daughter and someone who also has several black, biracial, and multiracial relatives… you’ve really gone off the deep end here. None of these people look black, and no offense to black people at all, or to any of the people in the article. The author, though, needs to get out more and expand his/her ethnic horizons.

  • Nicole Mack

    Click Bait/Waste of time

  • Tatiana L

    Black features wide noses and kinky hair are every bit as beautiful as white people. WHite people LIE through images in commercial publicity. Don’t believe it.

  • Tatiana L

    I was born with a button nose and am considered Very pretty but I always thought I looked black c my nose wasn’t pointy and I am 100% white and Beautiful so who cares?

  • Alexandra

    This is kind of a stupid article because the folks with a bit of melanin in the them do have black in them, where do you think the pigment comes from?

  • I am The Jason

    The only person close to looking black is Rachel Roy. The rest you could tell are not black. This website is just click baiting. Congrats, you got me this time.

  • Shanil S

    Has to be the dumbest article from someone who has an incredibly small perspective of the world. None of these people I thought otherwise. I mean you should be ashamed to put this out, to even think that most of us thought this way. I mean everyone listed was obvious.

    If I am ever out of a job I will know where to send my resume.

  • Shanil S

    I don’t think that is a correct thing to say. What points you out to that? Most Trinidadians East indians (40%) don’t have a mixture of black in them. Know your history, the term ‘Dougla’ (mixed child with a black mother/father) which means bastard child in Hindi dialect showed the cultural disdain for intermixing. Intermixing historically in Trinidad within context of Indian culture often with any race, like middle eastern culture, you were excommunicated or viewed as deviant and everyone knew it, you could not hide it. The community response was focused and brutal. I know many stories from older aunts, my dad had to elope in another country. Marrying someone who was not Indian or Hindu was beyond taboo. What I would add to what you said is that in Trinidad people don’t identify with race how stupidly many Americans do.Which retardness baffles most of us. I have never met one person who looked South Asian Indian or white but was mixed with something else not say so. I think that it is one of the more amazing things about Trinidad and some other places in the world where you could easily say what you are without feeling forced to choose. My father is second generation Punjabi Indian, on my mother side, her mother was half black and half arab while her father was sephardic Jewish. I am proudly mixed race.

  • Louis Ree


  • Warmachine 2.0

    This list is retarded. NONE of these people look black to me at all.

  • Dora Lee

    All of you people need to get educated, if you are BROWN, BLACK etc. if you live in America, which is most RACIST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD. You need to get your DNA done. Most of the “so called” Black Americans are not “BLACK”, they are shades of BROWN. Find out what “The ONE DROP RULE MEAN”….maybe you will understand the color issue. The bottom line is, when an ASTEROID hit the Planet Earth, it is not going to give a “RAT’S A$$ what color you are because it does not have EYEBALLS.

  • Rhyanna Cadwallader

    this is rediculus to me, people are people, its not the place that they were borne that make them a colour its the colour of your skin…. im a kiwi and have brown coloured skin but people call me black all the time, your either black or white there is none of this country makes the colour crap… i found this sooo racist its not funny

  • Ashole

    Stupidest list hahaha

  • Eloise Lewis

    Why is this entitled “DOWN WITH THE BROWN”? Why not do an article “DOWN WITH THE WHITE, CELEBRITIES WHO LOOK WHITE BUT AREN’T”… Actually, who gives a flip? Enough with the race thing in this country!

  • Jessica Mar

    What racial bullshit. None of these people look black. Biracial yea. And who cares… just cause they like to tan or have tan skin. Why is race always a topic. Get over it where all human our blood is red.

  • Dione

    This is by far one of the dumbest lists/articles I’ve seen on this site. Seriously MN, who on earth thought Tatum Channing or Jon B was black? Someone must have been reeeeeally bored or drunk or high when they put this list together.

  • War Child

    So what you’re saying is that people are stupid and if someone they are looking at has a remote hint of colour on them, then they’re automatically assumed to be black? What’s wrong with you?

  • gabby evans

    who thought channing tatum wasblack?

    • Dawg

      Kendra Koger. No one else. Article about who she thought was black.

  • Sarah

    So with all these mixes people are born with different physical appearances but may identify with one particular group even though it’s not specific to them.

  • Sarah

    What makes a black person black is the mix between Native American (north and south), European/white, Asian, and african aka everything so why do people keep saying black is different from biracial or mixed?

  • Vanessainaru Pastrano

    This is so dumb it is pathetic …This whole invented race thing …Humans come in all shades and sizes.A human being’s culture says more about who he or she is than the stupid race categories so embraced more so by so called white and Black Americans. Like the only thing African about some African americans is the word African because most clearly know next to nothing about Africa…as for the so called whites some are so mixed up they don’t know where the hell their real ancestors came from. Americans have no culture so they have no choice but to ID themselves like paint palettes.

  • Mr. Know It All

    You’ve got to be kidding me…

  • cortez

    Channing Tatum, DJ Khaled, Manu Bennett and Jonathan Buck? Seriously?

  • Devin

    What idiots would mistake an Indian woman for Black. Chaning Tatum? Well, he does have an odd look reminiscent of a white boy with a little pepper somewhere in his background. Looks like he could be Derek Jeter’s brother. Some of these people (Especially Whites who might have roots in the Deep South or Hispanics) may actually have Black ancestry somewhere back there, but not know it or want to claim it. Black people … stop trying to claim people who don’t want to claim any part of you. It’s not the 1950’s when we claimed anyone who was successful and had a DROP of Black blood in them as “one of us”. We have enough full fledged and proud to be Black people to who are successful now. But Madamenoire needs media content to sell ads and make money so …

  • La Verdad

    LOL. They are black. The problem is that people keep trying to subdivide black into 1000 different things. Eskimo, Tongan, Hawaiian, All central and south america, aborigine (misnomer). All black.

  • Maria

    “Her mother is Bengali and her father is from Tamil” From Tamil? Seriously? lol

  • Ms.Carrasco

    If you shake some of these people like Rita Ora’s family tree, a Negro is going to fall out! She goes out of her way to avoid admitting black ancestry like Vin diesel used to though it’s clearly visible thus the question. Granted she may not have a black parent like Vin but i’d bet dollars to donuts that a grand parent diwn the line was black.

  • Gadea

    We are a group of 4 here, and other than Rita Ora, no one else looks even remotely African American, black. Not at all.

  • New Yorker 2015

    None of these people look black to me. Perhaps you need exposure to a more diverse group of people to know there is more than black and white. Spend a day in New York.

  • Samantha Derrick

    May I ask a question? Why are black Americans obsessed with claiming the world as black?? None of these people are black
    Black Americans will say anyone looks black just to claim them! I know too well if what they do

    • Ms.Carrasco

      Why do people go out of their way to deny obvious Black ancestry? No one is claiming anyone just saying what they see. Middle Eastern people have know African ancestry ahd though not African, Indians can be super Black only with straighter hair. So, what’s Black really? Don’t hate people for stating the obvious. That mix is what makes them beautiful. Why deny it?

  • babu

    Absolutely none and i mean none of these people look black in the slightest. You have to take into to account facial features this author went by skin tone and something else made up lool

  • Sean

    I don’t care whether she’s black or not!!! But she likes it black!!!! You should try it.

  • quick_moranis

    Rita Ora’s the only one you could argue looks black

  • Fesah Rollins

    Well who is black looking in this thread? they all look white, indian,latino or arabic if you ask me. Never would think of any of them being black.

  • Tizzy Rolis

    black is not a race it’s just a color. I don’t get it, why would you call someone or yourself black american. except for native american every american’ss ancestors are immigrants so why are ‘black’ amercan ppl treated different. I’m glad I don’t live in a environment where you have to look at someones skincolor. it’s so much easier

  • Don Reno

    Who was asked?? Not one of them looks “black” (African) to me.

  • Me

    None of those people looked black! DJ Kaled looks Hispanic at best.

  • niki

    Everyone’s from Africa anyways, so I don’t even know why the f&ck it matters. Watch the documentary “The Journey of Man”

  • niki

    If you think those Indian b*ches look black, you need to get out more.

  • Terry Ramsey Haskins

    not one single time have i ever thought any of those people were “black”.

  • Way to go with the casual racism in this article; having dark skin does not mean you look like a black person. If I saw an Indian woman I would know straight away which area of the world she was from, I certainly wouldn’t be mistaking her for a black woman.

  • warmblue2

    Are you defining “Black” as strictly “African-American”? I’m just curious about how much melanin is required to be considered “Black” for this article. Africa is a WHOLE continent, with a rainbow of colors. Their progeny are all over the globe, yet… dismissed. SOME of these people “look” like descendants, while others don’t. Is that good, or bad?? Just a question.

  • candy_land

    Who thought any of these people were black?! I guess this is what happens when you run out of things to write about.

  • Guest

    who wrote this article ?? OMG are they blind noneof themlook black to me Pffff what a joke

  • matg

    Ok. This article is so stupid. 1) ANYONE WHO THOUGHT that that mindy curry indian thing was anything but indian is blind. Also, indians asian indians take roles that are slated for hispanics and yet there is little mentioned about that. They go as far as changing their sur names to hispanic sounding ones to get gigs. I’m disgusted with them.

  • Freeman Earl Newkirk Jr.

    strange article… non of them looks “black”.

  • Tammy

    I didn’t think any of these people were black nor do any of them look black….

  • Adam A

    None look black and you don’t come from Tamil. Tamil is a language not a country.

  • Dookie McGraw

    terrible article. none of them looked even slightly black.

  • William

    Who thought any of these people were black?

  • Stuck in Iowa

    how much crack do these editors smoke? Tatum, when has he EVER looked black? I say a rather lame attempt to get money. I will never come to this site again!

  • Turtle Poser

    My daughter is always being pestered about being part black – by black people. She’s got a big booty (from me), big lips (her dad mostly & me – I have pouty lips) and a flattish nose (my dad’s side), she’s got wide eyes that turn up at the corner plus, her hair is curlyish. She’s not bothered by it, but she gets that a lot. Whites and Indians (from India) think she’s Persian or part- Indian. My daughter isn’t even tan (though it’s partly because she wisely uses sunscreen a lot).

    FYI, She’s mostly British (Irish, English & Scottish), German and Slavic. There you go – not black, Persian or Indian at all. European.

    Folks, listen up, not all white people are tall, extremely white blonds. Extreme whiteness is a relatively new adaptation to Europe’s cloudy climes. They are not the “average” or “real” white people.

    Europeans are not cookie-cutter people, but very diverse because of a lot of invasions, slave-trading, etc over centuries. It’s frustrating to get the “oh, you must be mixed” nonsense (I’ve gotten that too). I know really white blonds who are more “mixed” than we are. Genetics are like a rubix cube. We’re ALL mixed (unless maybe you’re Icelandic and then even they’re mixed.). Get a grip people and just keep mixing – problem solved!

    • browneyedgirl4268 .

      Aren’t many eastern Europeans Eurasian in origin?

  • I agree with many commentators on here. Even though races are interesting and fun to learn about, it should not matter who you are as a person by the color of your skin. Many people look a certain race but aren’t. No one on this list, to me anyways, looked of African Decent. Interesting article though.

  • Miss Me

    Never thought any of those ppl were black.

  • Ninja

    None of these people look black to me…and I AM black

  • Mel

    “Her father is from Tamil” …I believe you meant Sri Lanka.

  • Teresa Optional

    Yeah NONE of these people ‘look black’ to me their ethnic race are pretty obvious to me.

  • Town Black TV

    What exactly doe black look like? This article doesn’t prove anything about these people except they were born outside America. A lot of black people are born outside American. Learn the difference between race and nationality. You are either black or white when it comes to race.

  • T.J.

    Who in the hell looked Black????…………They Put JonB.& Channing Tatum on the list……Really…………..Quit Smokin that ish!!!!……Damn…

  • browneyedgirl4268 .

    Let’s get this straight….nationality and ethnicity are different. Nationality is about the passport you hold/the country you’re born in. Ethnicity is to do with where your forebearers came from. Now why is it that Americans are quick to put labels on people who are not of Anglo/northern European ethnicity and why do those people who are given these labels allow it?

  • GG


  • GG


  • ak

    Who thinks any of these people are black or part black? And Channing Tatum, I mean, really? Are they being serious with having him on the list

  • CeeCee Kae

    Stoooooopid article.

  • NotNoire

    Wow. This is very f’ing racist.

  • Ada

    Are you serious MN ? This is just ridiculous ! None of them look black. And I think nobody ever thought they did…

  • TruthSpeaks

    What part they don’t get that everybody’s ancestors originated from the motherland, Africa?? I could not give crap if someone is brown is not black, they STILL got their genes from Black people. For the record, I knew someone who great grandfather was white married to their black great grandmother. The great grandparents’ children……some of them looked black, brown and white. Some people needed to educated themselves to understand that black comes in MANY COLORS.

  • paralavida

    this is the worst list ever…. seriously I lost brain cells reading it….I wish I could take my minute of life back

  • morgan

    Who writes the trash on this site?

  • eva

    Within the African American race you can find folks with blue/green/hazel eyes; folks that look Asian, Native American and every other imaginable race/ethnicity on the planet. I am African American and I have freckles (that is not an African trait at all). So with all this mixing, what makes white folk think they are not part African. (oh yeah!….racism). I see white/black people all the time. These are whites that have obvious (at least to me) something about them that’s not quite all white. Black folks can spot these folks a mile away. How can African Americans be mixed with everything on the planet and white Americans have all this “selective white” ancestry? Ah….not going for it. Louis Gates will one day interview a white with African ancestry and that it probably the day his show will be cancelled.

  • dumbasses

    i bet you people thought all brown people look the same.

  • LifeonMars Rochon

    I suppose if you look in the gene pool, you will know for sure. For years, people thought Carol Channing was white. She finally came out last year and told the truth.

  • Bina

    I never thought any of these folks were Black…..

  • Tipopinions

    I think the problem is that the “black race” covers ALL hues. It’s important to learn that African American’s are NOT the only individuals in the “black race”…

  • LocaHontas

    Who the hell thought Channing Tatum was black?? And Mindy Kaling clearly looks Indian;/

  • Joyann Oliver

    From Tamil – Tamil is not a place – He is either from Indian or Sri Lanka but there is no country called Tamil – Shaking my head

  • Frank

    I don’t see any African features in any of those people, what kind of moron came up with that list

  • Frank G

    I think you guys need to do your research, none of the people look (according to you) black, most are clearly indian. Also the one person who would possible have African in her is the woman from Albania, if you checked the history of migration into Albania, you would find that there was a sizeable concentration of Africans that settled there and were integrated into Albanian society, my facts are accurate because two of my white Albanian colleagues have such ancestory in their lineage.

  • iPresident_Parker

    Dumbest article! We knew they weren’t black!

  • Cabrina Samirah

    I can’t with this….none of them look black. Also, what does it mean to dress a race?????? That was a bit idiotic to say.

  • JW McCabe

    Channing Tatum? One would not be considered bi racial on any planet!

  • The only people who would think these celebs are black or mixed with black live in a very narrow world. Or need their eyes examined.

  • crystal

    Who came up with this list? None of the people that are on here is black. Maybe you should change the title.

  • Craig D. Casimir

    how does one “look black?” exactly how does “black” look?


  • Sally

    None of them look black to me. Seriously, people have never heard of India?

  • Robdamusicman

    The writer of this article is an idiot! And obviously not black. Not one person on this list did I think was black. Not one! smh…

  • ShiningStar

    Mindy Kaling. DJ Khaled, Rachael Roy, and M.I.A. can pass for Black all day long.

  • Define2

    Rachel Roy and Rita Ora are the only two that look remotely black….lol@the last pic…really…lol

  • Lola412

    News flash – African-Americans are not the only dark-skinned people on the planet, and not all people with black ancestry,or even African ancestry, look “black”! Many seemingly “white” people are mixed race, but since it shouldn’t matter to anyone anyway why even bring it up?

  • Bis

    LOL, who comes up with these articles. “Look black” Yeah right.

  • afrobabe

    LMFAOOO this article makes me laugh!!

  • lolz

    Nobody thought these people were black!!! Lol this was to funny, stop reaching Madamenoire

  • Lori Moffett-Nedd

    Never thought any of these people were black

  • Kay Nelson

    none of these people look black. but they are beautiful people. someone has some studying to do…lol

  • tan

    Wieird because half these people i never thought were black. However since when is a person of indian decent not black? Does America use the word black to refer to an ethnicity?because in my part of the world once your skin colour is not white you are black.

    • eye of newt

      Black = of African descent, in the USA

  • mr. mingas

    rita ora though looked very light skin to me :/

  • Jane Mason

    Not that race matters, but not one of them looked even remotely black. I mean seriously, its a bit offensive

  • John

    This entire article is a debate within a debate no one thinks Channing Tatum or Jon B are black. No one. Rita Ora we don’t know her ancestry we just know her mothers family moved to Albania. Its possible Rita Ora is mixed with North Africa. But no one thinks the other people you posted are black.

  • Enki

    Kendra Koger is just some swirlr who should simply admit she’s attracted to white men. And you know what, this is ok.

    But what is not ok is for her to attempt to redefine what “BLACK” is!!

    Very sad.

  • bronxmom

    Aint a damn soul in this article look black! They lost me on this one!!

  • Dieter

    i thought everybody always knew mindy was indian

  • Teetefa

    This article is down right ignorant

  • sue me

    White people think everyone looks white if they are fair skinned. Black people DO NOT think everyone is black for having tan skin… wtf…

  • Mz. Observant

    You gotta be kidding me…you ppl forgot your bifocals or sumthin? Channing Tatum looks as black as Donald Sterling! smh cause y’all wasting my time!

  • Al

    Go back far enough and everyone has black in them (and monkey, too). LMAO.

  • liz

    Mindy Kaling’s dad isn’t FROM Tamil, he’s from Tamil Nadu. Tamil is a language, not a place. Saying that her dad is from Tamil is like saying that someone is from English.

  • shawn Mc

    the writer of this article would love to force people to be either black or white

  • Janet

    All the India’s/Hindu’s and Palestinian Middle Easterns are black(ancestry VERY close) the others might have black ancestry but VERY VERY far away(since everyone originated from black anyway). Plus blacks have conquered every land accross this earth. It’s highly likely (i’d say 100% likely) that anyone who goes outside in the sun for a long time and doesn’t turn red(but darker brown) has black ancestry. Just saying.

    • shawn Mc

      that’s a real ignorant statement, everyone with melanin isn’t African, we all come from an African prehistoric man but groups evolved to their own people hundreds of years later.

      stop trying to force everyone to be African, black doesn’t mean anyone with melanin

  • Angel

    I never thought any of them were black or mixed with black.

  • michael145

    Channing Tatum? He looks as white as white can be. Who would ever think he was black?

  • shellybelly1217

    Who in their right minds could think any of these people were black or even mixed…and Channing Tatum? WTF hes about as boy next door as you can get… wow just wow……

  • Kiesha

    Who comes up with thus stuff?? “Black” comes in such a wide array of colors and tones, I am shocked that this “article” was even able to be posted. Who in their right mind thought Channing Tatum was black?? Puh-leeze!! (He’s fine tho!!)

  • TECKSTYLZ312 .

    This article is an embarrassment.

  • hassan

    they may not be of african descent BUT they are still black.

    • shawn Mc

      what ? what books have you been reading lmao

  • An Actual Black Guy

    This article is ridiculous. Only a moron would have thought any of these people were even remotely black. Mindy Kaling? Really?

  • Chris Armstrong

    Come on now you can’t be serious.

  • Mansa Keita

    Channing Tatum, Jon B, Manu Bennett, Are you kidding me?! This list is a joke.

  • nikki

    channing tatum? REALLY??? “DOWN WITH THE BROWN?” isn’t that a poo fetish?

  • Sparkel

    None of these people look black to me either, however the entertainment industry tend to go for the ‘black’ look as that is deemed to be “cool” even if that is a sound (example: Pink), then run for the hills when the person becomes bigger and more famous [within the industry] really distancing themselves from any form of ‘blackness’.

  • Natalie Marie Alvarez Padilla

    Channing Tatum… seriously?

  • Angel G

    This article is dumb. None of them look black. Who do these article writers take us for??

  • Olu Akani

    The writers needs to get out more

  • Marie Timberlake

    is it just me, I am not sure if they noticed that the original Maori’s
    are of african descent. being black is just the color of skin, they are
    not saying these people are african american just like black Indians
    again (color of skin) ect… there is a serious issue in america to
    segregate every and anyone, Racist America is known to take away a
    cultures Identity. To say they are not black is saying but also not
    saying they are white.

    • shawn Mc

      thats not america that’s everyone outside america, people outside america want to be recognize for who they are and not placed in a racist system of black or white

  • MrTToftheWest

    who actually looks black? just because the two ladies of east indian descent are brown skin doesn’t make them look black. sorry.

  • Harlee Jo

    I’m still giving Rita the side eye. I’m not convinced that she doesn’t have some black ancestry somewhere in that tree.

  • micab360

    Ummm, what idiot came up with this article? Really??

  • Chanda MWIKO

    white + white = white, black + black = black……..WHITE & BLACK = ??? This clearly does not make white and neither does it make black…no scientific nonsense should be used to justify this. In Africa we have no problems with distinguishing between Black, coloured, indian, chinese and what not…..

    • shawn Mc

      only in america there are black or white groups of extreme racist who force you to either be black or white

  • HabibtiKhalisa

    None of these people looked black AT ALL. Smh with this foolishness.

  • I look black for real.

    Soooo, i’m not alone. What idiot wrote this article? NONE of these ppl LOOK black. Apparently the saying, “all black ppl look alike”, has gone a bit too far with this writer. She thinks all brown skinned indian, tanned skinned caucasian, and hip hop styled white person “Looks Black”. Scrap this article. Immediately.

  • Jose Moreno

    I don’t know why you assume I’m going to get mad about anything a person says about themselves but you missed the point. I asked which rapper SOUNDS british — I know there are black people all over the planet AND there are black rappers all over as well (thanks for the news flash) but I have yet to listen to any hip hop, rap with a full blown british accent (proper or cockney) — if that’s offensive to you explain how.

    I applaud your effort to make this some sort of eye-opening experience for me and all but save it for someone who needs it.

    MIA for example sounds british when she talks but not so while performing. Despite her race whatever it may be

    • HabibtiKhalisa

      Slick Rick is known for his British accent. 🙂 MIA sounds VERY British when she performs, for anyone who’s used to the accept. So does Lowkey.

      • Jose Moreno

        MIA does have an accent performing. I hadn’t heard in a while. And I never listened to slick rick. If I’m wrong I’ll admit it. I just can’t believe I never noticed before.

    • d

      i think MIA is Sri Lankan-born but grew-up in the UK.
      as for “UK accented” hip hop, check out: roots manuva, shystie, wiley, goldielocks, akala, speech debelle…there are many. even some white folks: fliptrix, and more well-known in the states– lady sovereign, and the streets. unsurprisingly it seems the UK rappers better-known in the US are caucasian, and certainly not the best imo

    • Marley

      In addition to the great examples given of Slick Rick and the Streets etc, I would just like to point out that sometimes accents are lost in song/performance anyway. I have British friends who can’t understand why American singers sing with a British accent. Of course, they are not singing with a British accent at all. But, the elements of cadence, tone and pronunciation which comprise an accent are lost in song. Singing will emphasize certain syllables or vowels which is necessary for the song, and will obliterate the performer’s spoken accent. I realize rap is a bit different, but the argument may apply to rap a bit too.



  • Rosa Gonzalez

    AHEM!!! The person who wrote this, probably grew up without TV, and never left their hometown! I grew up in NY, where you see ALL kinds of people, all kinds of mixed nationalities, and this person is really right off their rocker, to even think that these people look black, the only one that does, is the pretty girl Rita Ora, (she’s gorgeous)! It’s not that they think that they look black, which is totally cool, but saying….well….you know what I mean!!


  • Teara

    Jon B isn’t black nor does he LOOK black- who wrote this wack article

  • RShaw

    None of these looked black.

  • Solid

    None of these people looked black…….whats the purpose of this article Kendra Koger? Really!!!!! Whats the purpose?

  • Jayme Franklin

    Negroes is what I call blacks.

  • ChrisDG74

    Um, who thought ANY of these people looked black? They should have their eyes checked.

  • magicman2276

    There are other dark people in the world that aren’t natives of sub-saharan Africa.

  • veetix

    If Mindy Kaling is not black, what race is she?

    • RShaw


      • veetix

        Wrong. Indian is not a race, it’s a nationality. It’s like saying “American”.

        • fuckyocouch

          her ethnicity would be East Asian.

          • veetix

            Her ethnicity is not her race. Her race is black. There are white East Asians also.

            • fuckyocouch

              Your race is based on your physical features. Your ethnicity usually determines what your race is. For instance African ethnic features are dark skin, course hair, etc. But mind you African ethnicity can also spawn every physical feature on the planet. I know black folks who have very fair skin, soft hair and light eyes, that doesn’t make them Caucasian. We would still consider them fair-skin black people. What is a “white east-asian?” Just because a person is a born in a certain place, or is grounded in a certain culture doesn’t make them that. I was born in Hawaii, I’m not Hawaiian. We should be able to agree that to be considered a certain race you have to check certain boxes. While Mindy checks the dark-skin box, it doesn’t make her a black person. I usually equate black people with African ancestry, but I would agree that race isn’t that simple.

              • veetix

                A white east Asian is a person from east Asia who is white. Just like a white Hawaiian is a person from Hawaii who is white. A person born in Hawaii (regardless of race) is Hawaiian, including Obama, Don Ho, Pete Rodriguez (also known as Bruno Mars) and Bette Midler. You are referring to Native Hawaiians. Oscar Pistorius, Charlize Theron, Dave Matthews are white Africans. I have never heard of a “dark skin” box that Mindy checks.Mindy is black, but our society, including you, don’t call her black because she is not African. Look at the color of her skin.

                • fuckyocouch

                  If I’m looking at her skin I would say she is brown. Most people are different shades of brown, very few if any black people.

                  • veetix

                    I agree, she is brown. I agree, very few people, if any are black. Brown people are usually referred to as black.

                    • fuckyocouch

                      Which is my point. I am literally the same complexion as Ms. Kaling, if not a bit lighter, but because I am African-American I am considered to be black. Most Indian folks are not considered black, or at least not very many people refer to them as black people no matter how dark they are. Just the same, light-skin black folks are still referred to as black even though they have fairer skin than some of my darker-skin Italian friends.

                    • veetix

                      Mindy is black. Don’t call her black. Call her Indian. Because everyone else does.
                      Question: If Beyonce divorces Jay-Z, moves to India, becomes an Indian citizen, marries an Indian, has an Indian baby and changes her name to Priyanka Tendulkar, at what point does she transform from black to Indian? when she moves there? When she becomes a citizen? When she changes her name?

                    • fuckyocouch

                      Well, she never changes from black to Indian. We might have to agree to disagree on this my friend. I wouldn’t refer to Mindy as black. But, maybe that is why a lot of people are now just referring to non-Caucasoids as people of color. I’m sure we can agree that Mindy is obviously a person of color.

                    • veetix

                      I personally know a woman who moved to India when she was a young woman. She was a black New Yorker, last name Johnson. She married an Indian, changed her name and is living her life as an Indian. If you saw a picture of her and saw her name, you would probably refer to her as “a woman of color”, because you would have no clue she used to be an American. If you saw her picture in her high school yearbook and saw her name, you probably would refer to her as “black”. Same person.

  • jazzypie

    channing Tatum tho!? seriously!? we know he is not freakn blk! lol



  • VVV

    pointless article.

  • Tricia

    Dumbest crap ever! My face was frowned up throughout this whole thing like, “I never thought they were black!” You could have entertained me a little more by putting some “ACTUAL” possibles like Zoe Saldana who is actually Dominican, or La La Anthony who is actually Puerto Rican, or Rihanna who is Bajan (from Barbados). None of these even came close! Jon B & Channing Tatum??? Ridiculous! Guess Justin Timberlake looks black too. He sings R&B and dance hip-hop too.

  • LuckyHall

    I know I am late, but this is a terribly bad written article. None of these people look Black….at all! Just because someone has a darker completion, does not make them Black. Many people have darker skin. It’s just melanin.

  • Syd

    Who the hell in their right mind would EVER come up with the considerable possiblity that Channing Tatum is Black?! Seriously all of these people they named gave no hints what so ever that they are of African Descent.

  • fuckyocouch

    Just because she was born in Kosovo, doesn’t mean she is Albanian, it means she was born in Kosovo, she could have an african-american parent and be born in Kosovo.

    • RShaw

      Yeah, but she doesn’t.

  • mud slung

    …in other words, here are a list of East Indian celebrities, since apparently no one knows that some of them have brown skin, like (by the way) “black” people have brown skin. Oh, I’m sorry, I’m sure you meant celebrities who look “African or African American.” Right.

  • Nomoret

    Is it me or are their articles getting dumb and dumber?

  • John

    What is wrong with all the excessively stupid and ignorant racists? Dark skin does not make you “black”. Not all “blacks” are of African decent and not all “whites” are European, while not all “asians” are from East Asia. Also can you see the difference between black, brown, olive, tan? Can you see that not everyone who has thick lips is African? Can you finally lift your head up and see what you see in the sky is chemtrails? Yes, C H E M T R A I L S.

  • xoxoT

    Just because someone is dark in skin color, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are racially black

  • Nicole B.

    Uh, I could have been born in Kosovo if both my parents lived there. That doesn’t automatically make me of Albanian heritage. It would make me a Black woman born in Kosovo. Rita Ora has obvious African heritage in addition to her Albanian heritage, no matter how much she doesn’t want it to be true. lol. She’s the only one out of this group that even looks mixed race. I’m not saying that the others couldn’t be of mixed African heritage, but they would have to tell me before I’d just assume it.

    • RShaw

      Have you tried googling her parents?



  • bahminj

    nope… none of thses people look like they could pass for Black!

  • Jayme Franklin

    Ethnicities are fairly obvious by their looks and/or names, particularly those of Middle Eastern heritage. Jeez.

  • Shane Brown

    So…Anyone who is of obvious Indian or Middle Eastern descent looks black? uh no.

  • tom and Sally

    Michael Jackson.

  • Nina

    None of these people look black. AT ALL.

  • DaniBae

    Ok, none of them even look black!!! Who exactly thought that they looked black?

  • Layla

    Lol this list is ridiculous. Some of yall Americans really need to expose yourself to different cultures man lmao

  • Tamara

    Sooooo, this journalist, who is probably an intern who was invited to write his first piece (if this is so, then maybe he still has a chance to redeem himself, however if this is someone whose been writing for years, he deserves to not be allowed to print anything, not even his name), thinks the entire world is stupid and assumes that we think because an entertainer has dark skin or has performed in movies or does music mostly geared towards Urban America, they must be black? Channing Tatum is as white as they come, but because he’s a great dancer and starred in Coach Carter, where he said words like “dog” and “Homeboy” and befriended black people, we think he must be black? Right? Jon B…well, I guess our stupid selves must think because he had a black girl as his leading lady in his music video, “They don’t know” he’s black.

  • Tamara

    Wow!!! Whoever wrote this must be feeling incredibly stupid if he’s read the comments that have stripped him of his confidence while writing this nonsense. He or she is that one, idiot person who reveals something so enthusiastically, like they just discovered the cure for aids, stupidly and unjustifiably not knowing that what they’ve just disclosed is so painfully obvious

  • Nees

    This article is listing nationalities and ethnicity not race, most of these ppl are black…

    • RShaw

      Nope. They still don’t look black.

  • Rose

    Okay who needs their eyes checked none of these people look black

  • RobinMezansky

    One more thing… I get pissed off when, on any kind of form, there’s a question about what race we are. It especially pisses me off when it’s any sort of “official”, government form. I either put down, “human” or, “other” – In America, it shouldn’t matter. It’s bullcrap…. what race…. gimme a freakin’ break.

  • RobinMezansky

    As I write this on Christmas Eve Day, I started pondering this topic and read some thoughtful comments from you. My original thought was about Africa, as it pertains to the, “cradle of civilization”. We homosapiens share Africa as the birthplace of our species. It’s a small world, and we are all related, in that Africa is where we are all from. You’ve heard the one about, “…you can’t choose your family”? haha! We’re all related – maybe THAT is why the human race is so F’d up?! But moving along… It’s Christmas time. That got me to thinking about the reality of Jesus’ place of birth. He, as a Jewish man from the middle east, was most certainly not fair skinned, as he has been shown in artwork, primarily done by light skinned Europeans. He was most likely a man with a dark complexion. Merry Christmas, and I wish everybody good health and Peace in the coming year! We ought to think less about skin and more about heart. Life is a gift, and it goes by fast. We’re all in the boat together and all came from the same place – Earth. (ok, now somebody’s gotta say they’re from The Oort Cloud. Maybe we all came from some comet out there…. it’s more possible than not!)

  • Heem

    Classic ignorance with this one, lol

  • Emily Anderson

    They look white. Who is confused?

  • J. Gamble

    Jon B?! Channing Tatum?!?!?! Ya’ll are really reaching with these. The only one that I can almost agree with, is Mindy Kaling…

  • ariel d

    This is just ignorant.. To think just because someone has dark skin their African American? To the author of this article your and idiot and you are a prime example of how far this country still has to go as far as racism and understanding of culture. I blame the editor who approved this article to even make press. This offensive and ignorant. FYI we all are black trace your ancestry it all started in Africa !

  • Anon

    WTF?!! These people do *NOT* look black! Is this sit that hard up for hits? Was this not edited?!!!

  • Angie Aristodemo

    Rita Ora actually is part black though?

  • Come On Now

    This story is retarded, and nobody would mistake any of these people for African American. Actually, this story is racist because it insults people of Indian, Palestinian, etc. races by saying ‘nice try, but you’re not African American’….like that is some kind of trophy. pffft

  • isaidit

    Allrighty then..umm yea the surprise for me would have been if any one on this list were black and that includes half. All on the list are beautiful tho but no hun none are African American.

  • Kangeroo

    For craps sake, PULL YOUR PANTS UP DUDE Nobody wants to see your dillywhacker when it falls out. GEEEEEESH!

  • ATL

    I agree none of them looks black. Most weren’t even close to looking black.

  • Deez

    yeah. Mindy don’t want no parts of no black. lol.

  • Craig

    Besides the dope who wrote this article, tell me one person who thought a single person on this list was anything but what they obviously are? The closest might have been that fashion lady, and who the hell is she. I feel dumber just being on this site with it’s constant commercials in the back ground that I could not turn off.

  • AnonymouseIsAWoman

    They don’t look Black to me, either. Some of them look downright blonde.

  • Network News

    Stupid shite.

  • trayvon walker

    so all I want to know while we’re on an offensive note, is what Fools thought these fools were black,couldn’t have been us Black folks. I hate articles like this, because who really cares unless these people have a complex and are convinced that the world has to know, because God forbid you be black! TF?

    • Lydia M. Edwards

      they all look Black to me, but I am older than you are and can spot ‘passing’.

  • Liz Lemon

    Ok, Rita Ora is the ONLY one on this list who I thought might have a little bit of African descent, but the rest are just insulting to our intelligence. Who wrote this???

  • lakecia

    What??? They don’t look black are you kidding. Get some glasses, please!!!!

  • Kingsie

    Ummm, Maoris are black. How is he classified as “not black” because he’s Maori??

    • Lydia M. Edwards


  • Aubrey is my Government name.

    they could of said dwayne johnson.

    • Twoine Hayes

      He’s half black so why would he be on the list?

      • Markov Dabeast

        rub a dub dub thanks for the grub

  • hotjupiter

    LMAO—absolutely NONE of these people look “Black” tio me. Only non-brown people would mistake these celebs for a different ethnicity. Come on…….

    • Lydia M. Edwards

      No. You young people are just not as racially tuned as older folks(40+) are. You can’t spot the features because people like Paris Hilton’s buddy and J-Lo have been lying for so long that you can’t discern passing.

      • Layla

        LOL age has nothing to do with it! I’m African, born and raised in Toronto (one of the most multicultural cities in the world) and I’m pretty sure I’ve been/grew up around more ethnicities/nationalities of people than you. When you are more culturally aware of people outside your own country it’s easier to be able to distinguish who may be what. This list is absolutely ridiculous point blank period. The only one I could partially agree with is M.I.A.

        • Lydia M. Edwards

          you don’t have to agree…what do the individuals say about their heritage? fyi, the whole idea of ‘passing’ is that your heritage is obscured by the limited identifiable racial features.

        • Lydia M. Edwards

          I doubt that you have been around more diversity than I have. The fact that you make that assumption knowing nothing about me or my travels, gives me insight into your proclivity towards making hasty judgments. You are wrong. Many of these people have admitted to their heritage. I do know that around the world, racial identity is defined differently. As a matter of fact, as a social construct, it has changed and continues to change as it suits people’s needs.

  • Midnight Cow

    Not only is this site so loaded with ads that it slows down the fastest computers, the article is ridiculous. I clicked through to the end, but never came across any celeb that I had previously thought was black.

  • blinko

    How come a Chinese guy is a black man, and the black man is black. What about Rachel Roy, why is she Dutch Indian, and why not black. She does not look white to anybody on planet earth.

  • tammy

    are they kidding with this list???

  • styymy

    Ok none of these people ever came across to me as looking black at all. Channing Tatum, Jon B.?? Come on now….And if you can’t tell a black person from someone who’s of western Indian decent, you need to get out of the house more often.Too bad this is more of a gossip website. It’s got potential to be so much more.

  • MavinsMusic .

    I have known pale complexioned blacks, some with blue eyes, since childhood, so I’ve learned early on to not assume that someone “can’t be black” just because the skin is pale, the hair is straight and the eyes aren’t brown or black.

    In my personal experience I’ve been the subject of mistreatment largely from my fellow folks of color. While both of my biological parents are fair skinned, my skin is dark, though with features (nose, lips and hair texture) that society would dictate not the standard in the black community. When I was born, my mother (who looked like Angela Davis) had to cuss out the nursing staff because they initially didn’t want to hand me over to her for thinking I was not her child. She was gonna move some furniture up in that hospital.

    The real thing about that whole black-on-black thing is that the families of those same perpetrators were never at the Operation PUSH and Operation Breadbasket rallies and conventions that my father regularly took me to, in daishiki and all, and I never saw any of them speak with any of the Panther members, many of whom escorted myself and carried my grandmother’s groceries to the train station. So as they were getting their behinds whipped, I asked them the REAL question: Just how black are YOU?

    Back in the day, legendary Welsh singer Tom Jones was one not to even remotely be considered black, but as he has aged, look at photos of him as he has aged and ask, “Hmmmm…” In fact that British nation does have a history linking its coal mining industry with slaves.

    In the Hispanic communities, many claim to not be black but in fact they are. For years I lived with a half Puerto Rican husband whose uncles (brothers of his Puerto Rican mother) were darker than me, and my hair straighter than theirs.

    What I’m saying is we need to ELEVATE our attitudes about other people, regardless of what ethnic background they may have, and dig our way out of this “you not black” syndrome because many times we find our feet stuck in our mouths for ending up wrong.

  • Keifere

    This is not news in any shape or form. And honestly, who cares what race somebody is? We’re all human and we adapt ourselves to be whatever we want to be! Sigh, the more we concentrate on race, the further we go back in time. Racist article.

  • So Tired of everybody else iso

    She is Black if you go by American standard of Black. She’s just not an African American

  • hebythesea

    wow, how uneducated and untraveled would you have be to think these celebrities are black..or even half black.

    • Lydia M. Edwards

      I am both well educated and well traveled. How open are you to seeing beyond your own stereotypes?

  • TereRivs

    This article is one of the most racist and uneducated posts I’ve read in a very long time. Its is clear that NONE of these people are of Black or African Decent. ALL of them appear just as they are… multicultural. Not only is this list ignorant, there is no basis! just because someone dances to hip hop (Channing) DOESN’T mean they LOOK black. Granted, people come in many colors from many races or ethnicity but I’m so offended by this article and I’m not even black (I’m Latina, culturaly speaking I identify with many aspects of the Black Culture and historial background)! It would make sense if they listed people like Zoe Saldana or Bruno Mars. But this list is a JOKE! its VERY disappointing that a magazine FOR BLACK WOMEN approved an article to be posted ONLINE for MILLIONS to see, that actually represents the Magazine as a whole in just a distasteful manner.

    • Lydia M. Edwards

      Really? So. The definition of “Black” has now changed? I am going by the 1 drop rule.

  • marissa

    Wow, Omg! None of these people could be mistaken for a black american….I’m guessing thats what you meant by “black”

  • JamesBond007

    I’ll love for someone to explain this convoluted attempt by the author to categorize black. It is a fail and lacks intellectual ineptness. Human categorization of who is ‘Black’ only rest with the color of the skin as it resembles black (hence, randy jackson, stevie wonder will be black as defined in the skin color category). In light of that, a human can be from Africa, India, Asia, South America, America, Europe and still be black in terms of the skin color and still not necessarily have a long trailing ancestry to (i cannot even know where that person’s black skin color might have generated from). What the author is doing here is for simple minds, the author associates the origin (i.e. country of belonging) of these celebrities in making the determination as to whether they are black or not which does not make any sense and contradicts the 1st law of thought (the law of identity). How can a person have a black skin color irrespective of their country of origin and not be classified as black. In my view, this is only possible if the definition of black in the categorization of a human does not have to do with the color of the skin. It doesnot matter where you come fromas long as your skin color is black, the classification of you as black due to your skin color is befitting for that purpose and that is ok and applies to any skin color (i.e. white, yello, gree, whatever) classification. Thoughts?

    • Lydia M. Edwards

      skin color is not the only component of racial identity
      actually, race is a fairly new concept and there are several classification systems for determining race…none of which work well once people start mixing with one another…so, it’s silly. We need to stop it…the arguing about race, I mean, cause people are going to mix.

      • JamesBond007

        Thanks for your response, “Race”? what is that? it is a human construct developed through fear and associated with the pigmentation of certain tissues (i.e. skin tissues). I have never heard anyone who acknowledges that the construct of race should be the categorization of say another tissue (eg. eye color). So yes, i agree with you, race is an illusion created for simple minds, it does not exist and the sonner we get rid of it the better. I for one, i am lucky to have been raised without seeing color and wish for people who do to see the beauty of life when race does not exist in your psyche.Life is good, living large and the dream. 🙂

        • Lydia M. Edwards

          Right on, 007!

    • Ms_Sunshine9898

      I define black as someone of African descent no matter how distant . . .

      • JamesBond007

        You will most likely be right with a high percentage that someone of African descent will be black in your definition only if black in your definition does not represent the true meaning of the word, which is a “dark color as in like the night sky.
        however, by your definition, unless a person tells you that they are from Africa, you will not be able to associate them as being black because black as in like the color is not a consideration in your definition. However, if your definition has a caveat that associates the color of the skin with a continent (Africa), then you will be justified in calling a person black because they are from Africa per your definition.
        So, by your definition, let me ask you, what will you call people who have fair/white skin who live in Africa (note:i am talking about europeans who have moved and settled in Africa, i am talking about people from countries in Africa that naturally have fair/white skin, there are a lot you know? are these people also black since they are from Africa?
        Again, per your definition, what will you call people from southern Spain, parts of italy, Azores, etc. who have anscestors from Africa? these people have fair/white skins you know?
        So if your definition of “Black” has nothing to do with the person skin color being “Black” but only associates with a person from Africa, i do not want to assume but it bears for me to think that in your view “Black” as in a person has no categorization in relation to skin color but purely by the continent you associate them with. I got to tell you, you are the first person i have talked to with that logic. I will hope we can discuss more. Thank you for your response

        • Ms_Sunshine9898

          I mean strictly people of African descent, not in skin color. You can be born in Africa ethincally be African of course, but I mean in terms of race I define black as someone who has some African descent even if that descent is not directly from Africa. That’s why don’t understand why people of Latin American descent with African ancestry say are not black at all. I think people inter exchange black and African American. African Americans can be black but blacks aren’t always African American. . .

          • JamesBond007

            I do understand you clearly and your individual definition of Black, my thoughts are, your definition of Black as associatd with the continent of Africaand not skin color is unique. So for example, if you meet a person whose skin color is as white as say Boehner, speaker of the house, if this person tells you they are from Africa which can be 100% fact because there are people in Afric who have skin color as white as Boehner, you ill consider tha person Bto be a “Black Person” even though they have white skin. In describing such person to your friends just as an example, you would say that you have a friend who is black. Univesally this will confse most people because when they see your friend who looks like John Boehner in skin color, they are going to be confused why you call him Black. Just like the author is doing with Tatum and others here. It is your unique definition, my stance is only that to be considered “Black” or White” is limited only to the pigmentation of your skin. Hence if i am standing in front of someone and their skin color is black or white, i cannever assume their anscestary unless there is some fact out there that stipulates that “No matter what country you come from, as long as you have black skin color, your anscestary must have been from Africa”….however, this is not a fact. Thoughts

  • Satin Boykinds

    READERS black people come in many colors and hues, some of these people do look black, we all are not burnt toast black. All my life I was mistaken for another race, or mix which I am not. SMH!

    • JamesBond007

      To be black has to do only with your skin pigmentation and nothing else. So you can be from Italy, Spain, England, Norway, U.S.A, Ghana, Kenya, etc. If your skin color is black, then ou are black. That is all there is to it. To be black does not have any other characteristics associated with it. I know people of black skin color from diverse countries and they do not represent common behaviours or characteristcs. Hence, to group a skin pigmentation with some form of characteristics or behaviours is non-existence. I have however noticed that, this insight is missing in America. In U.S.A, if someone’s skin color is black, people automatically associate such person with speciic behaviours and characteristics. I do not understand that at all. If you take a person with black skin from the U.S.A and put them in a class witha person with black skin from Brazil, Italy, Spain, Ivory coast, etc, they will all depict different behaviours. So whoich of them will you consider to be black then? you see, Black only and only has to do with the pigmentation of skin and nothing else that is why race classification is dangerous and for simple minds. We need to get rid of it.

  • draggo


  • Mychal

    Who the hell thought Channing Tatum was black?

  • Mr. Facts

    Basic Facts: 1. people considered black in America may differ in looks drastically (example: from rapper Flava flav to comedian Sinbad). 2. The majority of people considered African American in America have mixed ancestry. Now anyone that can’t see that Rita Ora appears to have black blood is a darn liar (looks more black than Beyonce). MIA? Please examine the skin tone, extremely full lips, and very broad nose (looks more more black than Sade). Rachel Roy also does not look like someone necessarily from India. Accept the fact that Black people don’t fit into “one look.” GOSH!!

  • m k

    These people are celebs? I must be too

  • m k

    DJ Khaled does not even look black.

  • wtf1972

    Who the hell thought Channing Tatum was black? Stevie Wonder? Come on..he’s as whitebread as they come. Don’t categorize him just cause he can dance 😛

  • QueofQues1

    Really I can’t say who do and don’t look like their “black” for much information on “original” blacks have been twisted like the ones in America but who ever wrote the article still need education. Some of the “Indian” tribes in America were Black, the term “Indian” means Black, Christopher Columbus needed a African translor to even speak to these the Original “black Indians” that we really don’t see in what we call descendant of Indians today. As well as Indian Women during slavery took blk males as hubbys when their husband was killed..Black blood is very THICK even if it’s a little !!! You really can’t go by the out appearance but the inner…No matter how white we still EVERYWHERE!!

    • JamesBond007

      Agree with you, the person who wrote the article needs some serious education in their thought process, i think they are associating black with some twerped characteristics and definition rather than ust sticking to black just meaning a human beign with black skin clor irrespective of nationality of ethnic ackground. In this author’s worldview, if a person is born in Italy and their skin color is black, the person would not be considered black, if so, the author’s definition of black is not associated with skin color. I would love to hear how this autor associates ba person as black….hmmmm!

  • aadams1029

    We knew and the person who took the time to look all of this insignificant info is the only one who didn’t know. Truly shows the ignorance of some to even assume anyone cares… but if they do care all I have to say is “Racist Much??”

  • swedish gyal

    None of the people on the pictures look black to me.. AT ALL!! But I do agree that Rita Ora does look like she could be mixed with some kind of black!

  • Suk_m3_h47d

    This has to be just about the stupidest list ever assembled.

  • Jacqueline

    With the exception of Rita Ora, none of these celebs look black.
    Btw, Tamil is not a place, it’s an ethnic group.

  • XOrn

    There is no way that Channing Tatum could pass for black. Black people just don’t look like that, regardless of how mixed they are. Latino, maybe. There are plenty of Cubans who look like him. Actually, none of these people look black. This list is a joke.

  • Ms. Cookie

    I’m only reading this article a year later but this entire article was a TRUE waste of time & ANYONE foolish enough to believe ANY of these people were black needs their eyes & brain examined. Their eyes for the obvious and their brain for it’s lack of use. Of all the good & interesting articles this one was TRAGIC!

    • David Edwardzz

      I was disappointed as well, I was hoping for some surprises but a total let down.

  • Aaron D

    Did anyone else get the impression that the author was implying someone is Albanian if they come from Kosovo, or did Ms. Koger mean to say that Rita Ora is of Albanian decent and merely born in Kosovo due to circumstance? Kosovo is Serbia.

  • js

    who was mistaking channing tatum for black??

  • Winn

    This is just embarrassing. There’s more to being black than having brown skin. Mindy Khaling? MIA? Really?

  • Lola Stars

    Possibly the most racially offensive article i have ever seen. Not one of these people look black. So according to this writer anyone who is any shade other then white looks black? Wow!

  • nunyabums

    Kosovo is Serbian not Albanian.

  • rgegr

    The only waqy youd think any of these people are black is if youve never left your house read a magazine or watched tv. India The Middle East and Eastern Europe exist outside of Africa

  • Terry DeCarlo


    I dare you.

  • Anonymous

    Channing Tatum has stated that he does have black ancestory on his dad’s side who is Creole from New Orleans.

  • Isa

    A couple of these stars actually could be mistaken for Black. Some are far fetched like Channing Tatum but ôthers make sense like Rita Ora( who used to be Rihanna’s body double which says something) and Dj Khaled who frequently uses the N word in his music without negative backlash. I think people are so unwilling to admit any of these stars look black because of the stereotype of what a black person looks like. But really because of the history of what happened to our people we come in many different skin tones and facial features.

    • NachoAverage

      Great insight

  • Rita

    Okay, what a complete waste of Article! Everyone knows that none of these people are black, especially Channing Tatum! How about we just celebrate their own individual backgrounds and call it a day. Weird.

  • Me

    Who ever wrote this is an idiot and needs to learn a lot more about the world and other races. Just cuz someone is dark, it doesn’t mean they look black. Ignorant dumbass.

  • Dev

    Mindy Kaling isn’t from “Tamil” this is one of the languages spoken in India. so she may be from the state of Tamil Nadu in India. It like saying I’m from English and it sounds dumb

  • OvalGem

    Irish, French and German are nationalities. They all belong to the Caucasian race.

  • totally1

    on channing’s official site he said he was 19% Black….

  • Ajua

    Stupid article…

  • guest 2

    Apart from Rita Ora and the Indian? Where are the black people?

  • Stacy Mebane

    Wow, articles are on who looks black but isn’t and who looks white but isn’t. The paper-bag test for the stars. At the bottom of this site, it states that “MadameNoire is a sophisticated lifestyle publication”. Is this the “information on a wide variety of topics” that Black women seek?

  • Kizmiaz

    There was no one in the series of pictures that looked black. Come to think of it, I have never seen a black person. I have seen people with a variety of brown skin tones, but no black people. I did see someone who was burned up once, that person was black, but I don’t think that counts.

  • boece

    The only person stupid enough to think CHANNING TATUM is black is the person writing the article.

  • WeCometoThis

    There’s many Brown Skinned People over this world, and they speak different languages . Get used to it. And get over it. If you worry about it, then your heart is not Clean.

  • kal

    Is it just me or is this absolutely ridiculous. Someone needed to edit this and speak up for how bad this turned out.

  • Kendall

    Wow! I’ll assume the author was wearing sunglasses when they wrote this article!

  • Blurry

    Damn, how ignorant are you assuming your readers are that you would have to clarify the races of any of these OBVIOUSLY NOT BLACK people?

  • obd

    Ummmm….No one is getting these people confused for black…. ?

  • vibez

    Ok madamenoire you got lame jokes..Or did you just want to post these people and didnt know which angle to use because your writers are bird-brains?

  • smoinpour

    I didn’t think many of these people were black…

  • Johhnybravo

    how is this news

  • ARIA


  • nicoleasm

    I totally thought Rita ora and DJ Khaled were black or part black

  • Tania

    I don’t care what anyone says, Rita Ora definitely got a lil bit of Africa up in her..The Albanians are known to mix with Northern Africans….That’s like a Dominican with Nappy hair saying, “I’m not Black.” Stop it..The Black latinos, unlike most Black Americans, were colonized by the Spanish just not the English…Africa is all up in them like its all up in me..Your country of colonization doesn’t determine your ethnicity just your nationality…I wish people would read more books, especially historical fiction and historical non fiction, by Black authors throughout the Diaspora. Then maybe sum of US who pass for somehing else wouldn’t want to pass for anything else..Try a compartive reading of Joseph Zobel, Equiano Olaudah, William Wells Brown, Ayi KweiArmah- you will see Blacks all over the globe. And yes of different nationality but thy are all of African descent and the plight of Blacks, globally, always seems to mirror the same exisentence; oppressive, exploitative, and the truncation of one’s direct ancestral lineage which can innately render the Black, soul, mind, and body in limbo- As many of us currently are!!!…I jus wanna kno since math, science, written language, hygenic culture, etc…All come from Africa, when did it become cool to not recognize one’s African ancestry??

  • SincereLord

    Maybe the article headline should read: CELEBRITIES THAT WANNA LOOK BLACK! lol
    People deep down love US and WANNA be US. Real sh*t

  • Annie

    whoever wrote this post is an idiot! which part of these people look black! FOOL!

  • Chunli

    The title should read “Who look black to blind people”

  • alasia min

    Whoever wrote this was very dumb and needs to go over the phenotypical categories of man if they are going to use them.

  • alasia min

    None of these people look black. I mean if you think they do then everyone looks black. Mixed people aren’t black either and they don’t look it. Imbeciles

  • LILi

    None of these people look black!!! WTF!!!

  • respectheprocess

    can you be anymore blind than that

  • greenearthman

    This bunch did not look black to me. Don’t care. Jus’ sayin’.

  • Hello

    Who thought Jon B was black? Really folks? Anyway, Jon B may not be physically black, but his soul is African American. Forget Robbin Thick and Justin. He is the personification of blue eyed soul. He should be getting attention, not the other guys I just mentioned. The thing I like about Jon B is he never tried to steal from black culture. He stays true to his black audience which may have cost him a lot of popularity. I’m sure if the singer took the white pop route he’d be just as popular as Robbin, if not more. However, he stays true to us. He knows the music came from us, and never tries to exploit it.

  • shannon

    None of these people could be mistaken for black. Rita Ora looks like a Roma gyspy

  • Harlem Kenosha Nectar

    Im just going to say this “Wherever there is land, Black people have Deep roots there”. So whether one was born in Kosov or Europe, guess what?, Blacks have deeper roots than any Caucasian in that area or any area of land for that matter… If someone has a black parent and white, biologically they are BLack. *kNow your history!

  • gigi

    who wrote this mess??! Just stop okay this is not enlightening it’s insulting.What year is this and what world are we living in?! You would think we ( referring to people of African descent) are still on the plantation and all we know about color is white and black. Including Indian women in this mix was hysterical yet offensive. I’m sitting here like is this what people really think that black people see anyone that looks brown and think “oh she’s black!” Can’t believe this mess!

  • Shania Ngondo

    Rita Ora looks definitely of Euro-African admixture (mulatto). She could be Egyptian or Mauritanian, for instance.

  • stef

    this HAS GOT TO BE the dumbest article EVER! – So now INDIAN and LATINs look black?? Because they have tan skin??? – OK, yaw sound like a room full of racist white idiots back there, who aint had a lick of American schooling. The sad fact is, YOUR ALL PROB BLACK – smh

  • blueink

    None of these people have ever been mistaken for black. Mindy is so obviously Indian, I can’t fathom anyone mistaking her for anything else.

  • MzScorp

    who thought these people were black? LOL what a joke!

  • license2breal

    how the hell does channing tatum look black?!!!

  • Brian Astby

    Mindy is as black as Smokey Robinson.
    It is apparent with her writing skills and work ethic, that there’s no way she could be of African descent.

  • multi

    Hi all interesting discusdion…..I came to this thread to look at further confirmation about the ethnicity of Ms Ora. To put the cat amongst the pidgeons I consider myself to be black English. It is a combination of my ethnicity and cultural identity. African English would be fine too. Enough about me. These terms express a small bit of my complex identity. For many millions of humans identity has become a complex and challenging thing and way more than skin deep.
    Ms Ora is interesting because in so-called ethnic terms in effect she identified herself as being from Kosovo. People from that part of Europe are so very diverse it is difficult to be rigid about specific ‘ethnicity’. It is often a patchwork. To explain a little, here is an extract from Wiki
    “….The ethnic composition of Kosovo’s population during this period included Serbs, Albanians, andVlachs along with a token number of Greeks,Armenians, Saxons, and Bulgarians, according to Serbian monastic charters or chrysobulls. A majority of the names given in the charters are overwhelmingly Slavic rather than Albanian. This has been interpreted as evidence of an overwhelming Serbian majority….”
    She identified herself as being from Pristina and this is a harbour town. Harbour town human populations often experience more international mixing than peoples from the hinterlands say.
    People who look like her (paroxide blond hair not included) from central Europe often respond favorably to the term ‘Latin’. She does sport olive skin, dark eyes and dark wavy hair. I came across many people with this look in Bosnia particularly.
    Ms Ora relocated to London when she was one yr with her family and she speaks with an accent as someone who has grown up within London’s black community. Therefore, this is an aspect of her energetic identify. So we were feeling this about her and pushed to ask if she is ‘black’. Another question to ask would be is she ‘white’. When we ask questions about colour should we really be asking someone what their multi-layered identity is. Ultimately should this really matter?
    Part of my point is that humanity is living in a time when identify is a complex and multi-layered thing and as the eons drift by it will become more and more blurred and meaningless at a skin level. However, humans will find ways of trying to define their economic tribal identities in some way shape or form because it is all about survival.

  • dtbklyn

    They pretty much all look ethnic (Mediterranean, latin, Pacific-Islander, etc) none of them look classically of African descent, so I’m really not sure what the criteria was for including people on this list.

  • Sally

    What the H? None of those people look black. But so what? That is kinda racist. Why not just celebrate good performers – regardless of race or ethnicity? Anyone can do that. 🙂

  • Johne666

    What a DUMB article written by someone obviously with a low IQ. These kind of practice of “claiming as our own” has been practiced by obvious imbecilles since time immemorial. This idiot wants to create a TREND obviously, perhaps they suffer from some COLLECTIVE LOW SELF ESTEEM. LOLs, even my dog can understand what’s going on here. This article STRAIGHT to the GARBAGE file.LOls

  • Alexis

    Mindy Kaling looks Indian to me. who wrote this nonsense? and she was in the movie No Strings Attached, as well.

  • Don417

    Seriously, could this article be any more racist if it tried?
    Kendra Koger should be fired.

  • Don417

    none of those people “look” black. This article is pure tabloid trash.

  • SadGuy

    Why do people care about stupid things like this? Who looks or doesn’t look black, what your mixture is… “I am Scottish/Irish/Japanese/Mexican”…
    Really… Who cares?
    Is this what you people spend your time thinking about??!
    Are you kidding me?
    You people have eyes to look, but you do not see what is important, wasting your brain thinking about this stupidity.
    Very sad.

    • Don417

      Welcome to 1962. Sad indeed.

  • Ashley C

    Could Channing Tatum look any whiter?

  • Candy Coll

    these people have nothing to write about, blacks have been more affected by the policies of Obozo and these people don’t even who is black or not. That girl, Mindy, she looks indian, definately not black. I am here trying to get away from politics but this is an absurd article bc THEY GOT IT ALL WRONG.

    something else, unless you or your parents were born in Africa, you are black. this African American term is so bs.

  • Whydid Youblockme

    wow where’d you get these people from???
    dont NONE of ’em look black
    i sure wish motherfk’rs would STOP TRYING TO CLAIM BLACKNESS – its as though ANYTHING THEY CAN USE to “look black” or “claim black” they’ll run that sh!t in the ground

  • Robin

    The only one who thinks these ppl look black is the moron that wrote this article.

  • CC

    Seriously, none of these people look black. Not white, tanned, Middle Eastern, Hispanic doesn’t = black…Thank you and good night..

  • Keishia Ellis

    I’m confused…. Who thought any of these people were black anyway?????? Not me. Well, I did think Rachel Roy might have been mixed, being Dame Dash’s ex and all.

  • wb

    Not one person in these photos look black. one or two may have brown or olive complexion but I would not mistake them for black people.

  • LiddyBug86

    OMFG! The only people that might think any of these folks are black!(Especially the ones that are obviously Indian) Would be the Amish, because they don’t have modern technology and most if not all have never seen a black person! Hell most if not all don’t even know who Martin L King Jr is! So you bring them this BS of a list!

  • NewYorkviaJamaica

    Who in their right mind would think that any of these people are black? SMDH!!!!

  • tejah79

    This was stupid. None of these people could have been mistaken for Black…..

  • Lanaa

    I thought DJ Khaled was Mexican, everybody else don’t think so.

  • trentlanders

    Madame Noire…you’re really reaching for some story, any story. These people, NONE of them look black. Just because you have dark skin, doesn’t mean you are from African descent. Many of the guys you posted, didn’t even have wavy hair, much less a “do”. About as close to kinky hair was that obviously “put it in to sell more….” shot of Channing Tatum’s man-scape. Talk about poor taste…you should follow your preaching with walking the talk.

  • msdill

    This is the worst thing I have read.

  • tubaman

    who the hell wants to be black!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lyajoy

    Is this serious? None of them could be mistaken for black. SMH.

  • rockfoilshears

    I guess I’m not the only one… is this a joke or what??

  • Sheila Hopkins

    Silly, irrelevant article with no basis or sense.

  • manuel

    this list is a joke…channin tatum you mean to tell me looks black???please no rationalization….an apparently your not to familiar with how other races look….mindy kaling?? she looks plenty indian, especially when she was skinny shes still a pretty girl tho just saying… khaled if anything looks Mexican, but he looks Hispanic with the skin tone, an his hair style, and his built….idk I think a bit more effort shuda been put in

    • Sally

      They forgot to include the “black looking” Amish.

  • okreally?

    Looks like this writer might need to get out more. None of these celebs look black. Rachel MAYBE looked like a mix but the rest are not even close. If you bothered to travel, you would realise that….

  • Sharne Hawkins

    erm, I knew by looking at the people that they weren’t black, does this writer think that we are all narrow minded morons that think there are only black or white people in the world? bizarre article.

  • Steven Martinez

    Why would anyone ever think that non talented Tatum is Black? Don’t be fooled by his white trash looks. Trust me. I know plenty of hillbilly whites that resemble him.

  • Suki Dae

    huh? Did I miss something? Maybe you should change the title – “People from other nationalities that have African features” – or just scratch the whole article!

  • La Dale J

    …Not one of these folks “look” Black. Not. One. Whose idea was this???

  • jaycee

    No, they don’t. Who doesn’t know that Brazil is black?

    • MavinsMusic .

      jaycee, there are a lot of people, mostly black, who don’t realize that, even a number of Brazilians in various states and communities over there who either don’t realize it or choose to not acknowledge it.

  • Paulette Cogle

    I have never read so much crap in my life. It is not where you come from that makes you black or white people. No wonder people darker than myself from DR say they are not black. What on earth is going on. I am Jamaican, should I say I am not black with the complexion that I have? It is mostly here in North America that people are hung up on color, elsewhere it is class/economic/education etc. I am looking at people blacker than me, that this article say is not black. How confused are we and what is the importance of this information?

  • Skitch

    Wow.. Kendra Koger. these are people you came up with who YOU think look black but aren’t? My gosh YOU need to get cultured!!

    Not a single one of these individuals look to be “black”. I see different ethnicities, but I’m only confused by your lack of recognition.

  • Tay

    It’s funny because we all know no one thinks ANY of these people are black lmao

  • Maroon

    In this line up Rita Ora alone looks as if she has some African ancestry. And please get your ‘deep thinking’ into a little deeper place. Just because she was born in Kosovo doesn’t mean one (or both!) of her parents couldn’t be black. There are black Turks, black Syrians, and black Iranians. Why not black Albanians? Black people were all over the former Ottoman Empire, and that includes what we call Albania today. And please please please, let’s not confuse being ‘black’ with being ‘African American’. There are black people – and by that I include ‘mixed’ race folks – all over the world, and most of them are not ‘African American’. As for the other examples of people who might be confused for black, get real! While it is true that black people come in all colors, come on! The Indians and Sri Lankans in this list don’t look black, they look Indian and Sri Lankan! Jon B (Jon Buck) was my student in 7th grade here in Pasadena, CA. He did not then and does not now look black. Please.

  • Lourene Gonzales

    Whoever posted this article need to travel the world a little bit more or get a little education about the different cultures. As a matter of fact, you don’t have to travel the world because the U.S. or A. is so diverse and is a melting pot of people from all the different countries all over the world. It’s like saying, “people who look Chinese but aren’t.” What an asinine post!

  • Guest

    tube relacione el 31 de agosto con mi ex novio y el dia 5 de septiembre con mi esposo estoy embarazada y no se de kien es de los dos ayudenme x fabor

  • Adolfo Miranda Torres

    Algo está mal en esta página, pues todos los mensajes me llegan en un lenguaje ininiteligible. Por favor ya no me envíen más mensajes.

  • Vinny Cadman

    I never seen a black person in my life!

  • Lenny No Neck

    im white

  • Jim Langly

    Oh WOW !!! Someone who has actually observed the out-of-date trend besides me. Blacks should be proud of their beauty, as whites, and all other nationalities/ genra should, also. So enhance what YOU have or were born with and stop trying to be so artificial so as to be or look like what you aren’t. Now that I’m on a roll….why do all other peoples HAVE to sound like a black to sound “good” when they sing ? Don’t other races have their own styles, tones, and techniques ? I think we’re just stuck on black, as has other styles have from time-to-time. But let’s move on. I can’t take a constant diet of “african yoddling”. So does that make me a “racist” ? No I just want tone/style “diversity”. The black music styles shouldn’t be done away with, and won’t be – now is the time to encompass others. Not all of us are so “priviledged” to have black tones.

  • Wiseabee006

    Today even a 5th grader knows the tactics of CIA and MI6. Arm the rebels, create fake stories, go to war, fill the pockets of rich in the name of logistics, topple governments, get oil, do business with it and so on… and another thing, you believe those videos where people are handling a contaminated area without any CBR gear?? If contamination is there in one site, everybody present there will be showing the same level of symptoms. but you can see some of them are walking, carrying others, kids are alive while adults are shown dieing. Well, well well…. I still have not seen any real video or pictures of the DEAD Osama!


  • Sherwin B. Turkin

    i am jealous of you because you have beautiful color skin my white skin is ugly i have tan because i live in arziona but not enough tan haha

  • Sherwin B. Turkin

    are you support or disagree war against Syria I wonder if other countries pay usa military labor fee??

  • Bobby Bojangles

    There isn’t a person on this list that I thought was black.

  • rose


  • Reggie Mcveggie

    uh, why wasn’t obama on here?

  • Reggie Mcveggie

    is this a joke? who doesn’t know Mindy Kaling is Indian? hilarious.

  • Jo Rhodes

    I’m still looking……I don’t see where any of them look “black”. Some people will say anything.

  • Tyler James Matthew Grant

    This is seriously a thing? Did someone pay you to make this garbage?

  • EmbarrassedToBeReadingThis

    “this person has brown skin, but it turns out they’re not black, they’re from India”. How moronic is this list? For your next trick: “this person has white skin, but it turns out they’re not America, they’re from France.”

  • appaled

    re:mindy kaling. You cant be ‘From Tamil” tamil is a language.

  • Angela

    None of these people look black. Perhaps “look mixed” would be a better example.

  • saucy

    some of these are a bit of a stretch, no? Channing Tatum looks white, and Mindy Kaling is clearly Indian….

  • Angie

    LOL! Where do ya’ll come up with these topics? But while you’re making a list, I think you should’ve added Hoda and Bruno Mars.

  • Rami

    It just goes to show you. You can fool everyone else but Black people know better.

  • tfran

    I think I’m going to stop right here at Mindy Kaling. Did anyone actually think any of these people were black?? Next article.

    • superwolfkin

      at the end is Manu Bennett who at least looks like he could be black. As opposed to all the indian people that this site thinks look black.

  • Leeza

    None of these ppl look black. You can clearly see the characteristics from other cultures in their features. This must have been put together by someone who thinks all minorities look alike.

  • cinna

    This article proves why ppl think Americans are ignorant and dumb! How can u NOT know she’s Asian and not BLACK? Step out of ur box america!

  • This does not work with the autopager addon,

  • robbin

    This is the most ignorant article I’ve read this year! If the celeb’s names don’t tell you they’re not black, then either you’re not in touch with this country’s rapidly growing global culture or you only have black friends. This “article” makes me feel ashamed that we’re as small-minded as we pretend not to be.

  • roosters

  • Donna Evans Adair

    Please un-scribe me.
    Thank you,
    Donna Adair

  • rocky


  • lifeismine1

    same just ugly

  • MyHusbandsPaparazzi


  • Rob Jennings

    They had no choice.Black or Purple,who cares?As long as they can act!

  • Jay Sowell

    Ok seriously how could someone think John B or channing tatum were black? Mindy kailing maybe if you aren’t used to seeing Indian, (the from India kind). This was stupid.

  • disqus_dgarw9kZHK

    color dont matter its “what ‘s within ” that should count …

  • Donna

    email me dolldmarie @ gmail

  • lovergurl777

    Not one of the mentioned names look Black to me. Idk why this would be article yo feel the need to write. I was really confused by this, smh

    • lovergurl777

      *why this would be an article you feel the need…

  • ABlackPerson

    Who in the hell told yall that Channing Tatum was black Thats like saying Robin Harris looks white!!!!!!!

  • Black Dude

    this is a terrible article. The editor that approved this should be suspended for a week not knowing what black people look like.. lmao

  • Papi

    This article only proves how stupid are American white people to believe that anybody with a slight tan is black.

  • mgsmith

    pretty sure channing tatum said in an interview his grandfather is black and from Louisiana. And is proud of his creole heritage. not saying hes black, but he does have a full black great-grandfather.

  • susieq1642

    D.J. Khaled maybe because when I was in the Middle East I have seen a few men mothers and they were black. some people call them Arab, but remember their just a light skinned black person,

  • phreakincool

    Rita Ora…Damn! She looks like Rihanna to me.

  • gphillimo

    I have NEVER thought any of these people were black. This list is ignorant.


    Talk about a racist website.

  • Raven

    Ummmmm…obviously the writer of this article lives in a very tiny bubble. None of these people look black, especially Mindy and Rachel, how can you mistake those 2 for anything other than east indian??? #Fail on this article.

  • aijvOAIJo

    She probably WISHES they were black because these people dont look black at all.

  • mike

    Kanye wesat is the only one who deserves ZERO respect ,He has not earned it ,makes people waste there money at his concerts turned Soap box ,and are FORCED to listen to his Butt backwards opinions He has zero talent and he is a bigot He will fall from his pedestal one day If he aint pushed first

  • ThaRealCrizza

    None of these people “looked black” the first time I saw them……at all.

  • Liz Vasquez

    The people behind this site are guilty of the typical ‘black’ mistake….trying to claim anything that MIGHT have any hint of black! lol …pathetic!!! lol 🙂

  • Not a Fan

    This article is stupid. The only people that look like they could be black are the ones who are Indians and Palestinian. Nobody else looks remotely black.

  • ☀Lyn Ruiz☀

    Channing Tatum DOES have Black ancestry. His father is mixed race. He admitted it in an interview a few years back.

  • Concerned Reader

    Kendra Koger — get some self esteem and get over your inferiority complex.

  • mademoisell

    I’m sorry I had to comment on how awful this is. LOL None of these people look black to me, and I never assumed any of them were mixed, it was just kind of obvious.

  • MoTruth

    Rita was the ONLY one I thought was a light-skinned Sista. Who was the damn fool who concocted this crap????? Channing Tatum?

  • David J. Booshty

    Clint and Dash shouldn’t be on this list because of their Political views.

  • HoneyWord

    Looks CAN be totally deceiving. Not everyone is willing to claim and admit their known African- American ancestry if they feel it works against their agenda. Obviously people from India or other countries of brown skinned people groups can’t be mistaken for an African American! However, truth be told, there are African – American people who have color and physical looks like that of Caucasians, who in history were labeled “malattoes” and “octoons.” Mulattoes can have 1 black and 1 white parent, and “Octoons” usually have the parentage of one half African American & Caucasian parent with a full Caucasian parent. Throughout the South this is prevalent. . I had a distant relative and best friends whose relatives. There were movie stars of such an ethnic mix that chose to successfully hide their “black” identity so they could make it in Hollywood. Who knows who they are today? Usually it was after some of their deaths that the “truth” came out about their black identity. Google this and learn more.

  • Pink Pamalamma

    Seriously?? You can’t tell the difference between black and Indian?? Wtf. So ignorant.

  • poetic

    MIA from a distance I may have thought she was black. Yet the rest, no I did not think they were black at all even Mindy from the office.

  • Jujulovebean

    I thought Cheryl Burke from Dancing with the Stars would be on this list. There was a time when Jet magazine had her on there blacks on TV list. Turns out she half Filipino and half white. LOL. I agree with many of the posters here. I never thought, nor do any of these people like black to me.

  • Do Better

    Who put this together? I wouldn’t mistake ANY of these people for being black. Jon B? C’mon son!!!!

  • chrisjlll

    None of those celebrities look Black to me. Even the Asian women look Asian not African.

  • Butterdaisy

    Not one person on this list” looks” black. LOL! What a joke!

  • Butterdaisy

    Not one person on this list” looks” black. LOL! What a joke!

  • BlingBloaw

    Dumbest article ever!

  • shai

    omg! Ppl r sooo confused! There is a difference btw race and nationality! Black is not a NATIONALITY…there are black folk EVERYWHERE! Some Black folk speak Spanish and are for example Mexican or Brazilian…this is an idea that serves to segregate black folk from other black folk across the globe…we all Black, no matter what language and/or nationality…and they are all white no matter the same…like the white ppl in these photos…geesh!

  • TamilGirl

    Maybe do some fact checking? She can’t be from “Tamil” – that is a language/ethnic group. You probably meant from Tamil Nadu, which is in southern India

  • Just a mess

    This was a complete waste of time. I did not gain one thing by clicking through this. I’m starting to think this was done on a late night by someone who had nothing better to do and a few strong drinks and blurred vision.

  • James

    Uh, the only one that you could possibly say looks even a little black is Rachel Roy and that’s a stretch. Who edited this?!!!

  • indio7777

    Channing Tatum looks black? haha hell no.

  • grgreene

    If Johnathan Buck WON’T ADDRESS his race,HOW DO YOU KNOW that calling him “mixed” is a mistake. And anybody who thought Channing Tatum might look black is just stupid. That’s pure envy. EVERYbody wants to claim Channing Tatum.

  • Nononono

    Wow. I think everything has already been said about the weakness of this list.
    But for the record, Mindy Kaling is not that connected to her Hindu roots or whatever it is you wrote. That episode was a nod to how disconnected she in real-life is. In the Diwali ep., she shows no knowledge of the event but is instead excited to wear a pretty outfit. Mindy Kaling hasn’t been shy about her disconnect with her spiritual background, and kind of plainly states that in a number of places. So… yea she’s Hindu – but she doesn’t seem to care too much.
    Most of these articles are filled with so much false info. Whoever is doing your research should be getting pay cut… or a job cut.

    Seriously, worse than Wikipedia.

  • TrifT

    So…. Where are the ones that look black?

    Talk about offensive!

  • flyygurl

    no one except rita ora. that girl has african blood in her. she’s not 100% white. i don’t know any albanians that look like her.

  • openhouse55

    After an informal poll at work. I have to say not one person on this list was considered or thought to be black by a single black person that i asked. Who compiled this list??? You failed on this one!!!!!!

  • jalabi

    re Mindy Kaling: “Her mother is Bengali and her father is from Tamil.”

    Um…what??? Tamil is an ethnic group in India and Sri Lanka. Tamil Nadu is a state in India. And only the most unconscious, geographically-ignorant human being would ever look at Mindy Kaling and think she was black.

  • lovemymets

    None of these people look black to me! Seriously — Channing Tatum on this list?!?! How about an article on people of color that try to look white (Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, etc., etc.). As soon as they get famous, the hair gets lightened, the makeup softens, etc., etc., all in an effort to look other than what they are.

    • Guest


  • fakehair

    Racel Roy looks black. Ethiopian or something like that. The chick from office looks black in the face,but not her hair type.

  • Cici

    Who hasn’t Damon Dash been with? Anybody? . . . crickets

  • Bri

    I’m sorry that I even looked at this! I never suspected that any of these people were black, and I’m pretty sure no one else did either. None of the people mentioned look like they have any black in them.

  • JeriShermaine

    …I never figured any of these people where black…

  • Keema Crayola Farrow


  • Tresix

    The only one I thought was black was M.I.A. The only three of these people I heard of were Tatum, M.I.A., and Kaling.

  • Tiffany

    I should have stopped reading when I saw Channing Tatum. NONE of these people looked like they are African American.

  • Harlee Jo

    Immediately assumed Rita Ora was biracial. She does not look like a pure blooded Albanian.

    Rachel Roy we’re claiming you any way so get used to it.

  • RJC72

    Looking at Rita Ora’s siblings and her childhood pictures, I think her parents are hiding a secret from her about who her real father is. She is clearly biracial.

  • dorisjean23

    Rita sportin’ black genes somewhere.

  • dorisjean23

    Channing Tatum looks like an undercover brutha – even if it ’twas several generations ago.


    None of these folks look black, whose smoking crack on this site’s staff?

  • Apriigem

    This has got to be a joke. I can’t seriously believe this person thinks these people look black. Yeah… I’m just gonna go with that because the other option is just too stupid.

  • saycheese

    Madame menoire need they a$$ whooped for this article..smh.. im a little offended

  • hahaha

    What? Of course a person of indian descent is gonna have brown skin.. that doesnt make them “LOOK BLACK”… wtf? they look like how they should..this article is crap.. if anything i may have thought jon b or dj khaled was puerto rican or something before saying black..wth?

  • cubanflowers

    is this article/list a joke?……. not a soul “looks” black in this list…

    just because you have brown skin doesn’t mean you are black…..

    be blessed…

  • Skyla

    LOL at this list, the only person who came close to looking half black was Rita Ora and you’d have to be turning your head real fast. This list was laughable

  • Acappellla

    Woww, are they serious? Not one person looked Black to me
    either. They started with Channing and ended with dude in Spartucus? Who
    in their right mind would think they had any Black in them? Of course
    they could but where do they look it? Haha! Ahem, I’m jus sayin.

  • Miko Blouin

    idk why they keep saying that Channing Tatum looks does not look black im so tired of them saying that he does ….smh

  • screw67

    this is the dumbest chit i have ever wasted 3 minutes on! what kind of silly mixed-up negores wrote this or do you all think we are? Black people know who is Black and who isnt, maybe this is a “skill” the author can pass on to the white race as there are several in that category who are “passing”, in reverse.

  • Lovely Me

    I guess since white people associate ANYONE with melon in their skin, a full behind, and full lips with being black, we should also? None of these people look like they are of African descent BUT a lot of them are people of color.

    • Guest


  • G Star

    Depends on the definition you are using. Are some of them Black in skin color? Yes! Are they African American? No! Are they descendants of African/ Some are. Stupid article and stupid people commenting.

  • cocoa

    norah jones?

  • SexNdaCity

    The only one I’m quite surprised about was Rachel Roy. Whenever I’ve seen her she looks either black or mixed with black. I had also assumed that maybe Rita Ora had some black ancestry. The rest are clearly not black at all.

  • GeminiJazz

    I never thought any of these people were Black, they don’t even looked black. I did notice that Tiger Woods wasn’t mentioned and he outright down played being Black. I think Blackenasian is what he called it.

  • 4ArthurDent

    I never thought any of these people were black.

  • shesnobel

    this was insulting …

  • DeeMthafknCeeBtch

    What bossip is saying is that you should praise them even though they would spit on you as a black person. Bossip is still caught up on that coom ish. So dumb and basic.

  • Classy35

    The problem with us as American Blacks,Is we except everybody..Which is probably the reason why we dont like each other,Adn always trying to beat each other.

  • Classy35

    Irish,french,German,is not a racial background,IT’S A NATIONALITY..With difeerent racial components..Channing Tatum is White!They’re are Asians,,Whites,Latinos,Middle Easterns living in these nationalities.

  • Bubbah

    Rita Ora looks hispanic or mixed with black. SHE IS NO CAUCASIAN!!!

  • I hate articles like these that make black people out to be simpletons. Are caucasions writing these articles or just controlling what is said. Nobody black I know have or would have ever thought any of these people as being black (that requires melanin if you forgot are we just going with the idea of I’m black because I feel it or because I wear my pants sagging, and other prepostorous notions like these). I’m so disgusted by how many articles like these that treat us as simpletons. For one, at least 2/3rds or greater live in the inner city where all of us are exposed to just about every culture and race. Maybe a white person may not be able to tell one from another since more of them sometimes live in rural areas where they maybe only exposed to one or two racial types. But as blacks, we can tell a white from a black, a black from an indian (India) or middleasterner, asian, etc. This article is so ridiculous or either I’m a genius since I already had an idea of the racial makeup of each person without ever having to do any research on any of these people. Please MadameNoire’s writers, make a concerted effort to heighten and increase our brain cells, not destroy them.

  • Anel

    Place of origin and race are very different. People who live/born in Ireland, France, or Germany, can be Black or White. Stop. Somehow, connecting oneself with a mixture or races seems to be popular these days.

  • Atin

    Rita Ora, Jon B, and M.I.A can pass for being mixed with black, in my opinion.

  • dionne

    They must do sh*t just to get a reaction regardless of how offensive it is. Have some standards.

  • hahaha the ONLY person i questioned as having some kind of black ancestory was rita ora. everybody else no. you guys posted pics of like 3 indian ppl and a middle eastern person. i already knew what they were cuz they dont look black lol

  • decreator

    I know I’m almost a year late,,but what an offensive, ignorant, waste of space and time article. This is unreal. Who’s idea was this? A 10 year old! Wow standards have really hit an all time low. Whoever approved this should be embarrassed and quite ashamed of themselves

  • none of these people look black – And I wish everybody knew Dj K. wasn’t black! Maybe they’d stop letting him get away with using the word “N*gga” in all his songs smh.

  • Linda

    Or even take a step further to the Philippines, or Fuji. There are people of color everywhere with coarse hair.

  • Kboogie

    As usual the distinction between ethnicity, and national origin is stupidly blurred. none of the celebs mentioned are “White” by any standard.

  • sunshine

    Uuummm…none of these people look black…AT ALL! #Fail

  • lvly73

    Are u kidding me???.. None of these actors/actresses look any resemble to being mislead for black!…Next!

  • OUAT Fan

    Hmm..the only people I thought had some black ancestry from the first time I saw them was Rita Ora and Rachel Roy. I’ve seen alot of mixed people from where I am from and through other means and both ladies I really thought had some in their genes.

  • Really

    If you think any of these people are black, you need to get out more. And by out, I don’t mean down the road. Get on a plane and go across the planet. And don’t be surprised if people over there don’t care about your concern of who’s black or white.

  • QuestionsBeforeActions

    They use lighting and makeup to make Rita Ora look like that. She looks a little black, let’s be real. And Mindy Kaling is amazing and fabulous, but who tf thought she was black? Part what’s so cool about her is the strides she’s making for east Asian women.

  • JTerry

    The only one I was surprised about on this list was DJ Khalid. Other than that, I never once thought anyone else on there was Black. (Nor have I cared).

  • NONE of these people I assumed to be black. -_-

  • Gill

    Either the writer is completely out of his/her mind or just blind. Please don’t write if you are this ignorant. There are people who actually have different skin tones in this world. Try and go outside sometime. The world is not just Black and White.

  • M.I.A is a Tamil Tiger!

  • FYI-Tamil is a race of people or language, not a place!

  • just sayn

    I’m not sure who even thought of this article..for me, NONE of these people look Black nor would I look at them and think they were. Sure they look like people of Color, which in fact they are people of color. Matter of fact I don’t care what they are, People are People! I’m glad for who God made me and why he made me, Love my Beautiful Brown Skin..YES!

  • Dejas245

    This article is incredibly offensive to me. I’m an African-American woman with 2 children who is constantly trying to give my children positive things and people to look at. No one needs to be concerned about color or race. Both of my children are mixed one may look “black” one looks more “white”. But it shouldn’t matter. These are not the kinds of things that men or women of any color should be looking at or trying to compare themselves too. Please don’t print things like this…’s incredibly offensive for people in general.

  • HelenaK

    The only person on this list that looked black to me was MIA. Who put this list together??? Good laugh!!!!

  • joann santana

    On what f’cn planet does this writer think these people look black? Maybe a few could pass but that’s it. Such a weird article.

  • I will never go back to this site, your articles are ridiculous. Seriously!?! I have found one of the places where there is the dumbing down of America.

  • Ash

    This is the most ignorant post I’ve ever seen. None of these people look African-American. If the people of Madame Noire think everyone with a shade of brown skin is “black”, you need to learn more about us NOIRE people.

  • By “Black” I’m assuming the person who penned this article is referring to “African Americans”. Because a lot of these people are “Black”, they just aren’t descendents of Africans.

  • simba

    only white people would think that these people are black… no black person would think they are black.

  • Taggart Snyder

    Are we suppose to be talking about this? I was told we weren’t.

  • Mioran

    This article is stupid

  • nene

    I’m Black and French and in my pespective i think the entire US need a group therapy session

    Because it’s like in 2013 in America there still segregation, you have to choose team white or team black. What’s ur issue ?? U are what u are own it !! France it’s a rainbow nation like USA but us new generation we all know were we come from our parents teach us to don’t forget our roots but we all get along with other races because we studied, lived and work together!! life is easier like this. My example i’m black and african, i eat chinese, i talk spanish gypsy, arab … because i used to leave with them i don’t see color!! we hang out with wtfc we want!!
    Why in America people are still always related by there color?? am i wrong??
    ps : i have to say nobody look like black in this article… and tan or indian or exotic does not mean ur black! please

  • sweets

    Hmm..okay, so I viewed the entire list and I’m not seeing what the confusion is. Not at anytime did I think any of these Celebrities are Black. Everyone with Brown skin isn’t Black. And seriously MadameN, I’m a little concerned for you and your perceptions about people.

  • uh non of these people can pass for black…i though they would have Jessica Alba or something smh

  • Looks black to who?

  • rikka

    This is just stupid.

  • losangeles2011

    None look black.

  • None of these people look black.

  • Forgot Bruno Mars

  • Julianah Kayode

    Not one of these people are even close to looking “Black”. Whoever write this article… shoot yourself bigot.

  • ashley watson

    So can we call out actors and actress that look white but they are not. Starting with Rashida Jones who played in the office. Umm forgot her name but she was the leading actress in Flash in the 1980s she is of black descent but looks white. Van Diesel everyone knows he is not white but he wants to be ; but he is of african descent. I can keep going. P.S I dont care what anyone says Rita Ora is adopted or her mother had a one night stand . No way , No where is she full white . Comparing her to her native land not one drop of her native people look the way she does. She is not evern south European but has brown skin , full lips kinky curyl hair , almond shape eyes and round nose . Ummmmmmmmm her features are screaming my mommy sleep with a black men.

  • kmoney

    the only one thatr even looks like they could be from African decent is rita ora… everyone else isnt even close

  • gorgeous_chik7

    Is this writer retarded???? Not ONE of these people look black nor did I ever think they might be. Channing Tatum??? Jon B??? Kelly from The Office? STUPID. Yes, I wish Channing was black…that boy is FINE! But he and everyone else on the list is obviously not black. LOL Wow…

  • tman418

    Why would anything think Mindy Kapour was black?

  • Izzy

    Indians shoud be offended. Just because one has dark colored skin and black hair, it does not mean that they’re automatically a Black person. That just goes to show you how some people are igornat, relating race to skin color. ‘Well, clearly they’re Black.’ Not quite. Your staff writers are ignorant and come upwith he worst ideas.

  • TT

    Racial disparity exists all over the world. Racial identity has become a political institution as the identity lacks any realistic substance.

    Easily seeable physical attributes do give us a sesne of differentiation, but to what end? The physical attribute is only perceived as it tells us there is something about the other person we see. It, however, tells us nothing about that person, just as that person seeing our physical difference tells him nothing about who we are. So, we all can see a pale white Nordic human versus a very brown/near black African human. However, the question of “race” based on the obvious physical difference lacks any true validity on what the “other” person may mean to us.

    In the wild it might imply risk or danger, but that’s usually associated with physically identifying a large 4 legged animal with very sharp teeth that loves to eat animal flesh.

    Where the fear of other humans who look different to ourselves, seems a created construct that draws on fear. When you can instill fear of the different you can gain control.

    That said, you bet there is racism all over the world and sure enough still exists in the US

    But, I’ve been around for nearly half a century and in the US it is NOT the same now as it was when I was around 10yrs old. Things have changed, and for the positive.

    Yet, there still exists those who will exploit that man made fear of the “other” and he/she who doesn’t look like me. That fear also extends to a fear of those whose “don’t think like me”, “don’t like what I like”, “Do what I don’t do.”

    In modern US society we don’t only have to deal with “white” or “European” racism used to control the minority and the politics of our country. In modern US society we also have to keep an eye out for any person of any “color” who will use their color when it may benefit them, and then use the “others” color to negate them

    We now have to deal with black Americans who benefit from a more liberal and open society, yet still take opportunity to continue to vilify the “white” people and the system as if it were still the 1800’s.

    As well, we have “brown” Americans who conveniently identify with the “others” when it’s beneficial to personal or political gain, but then turn around and vilify that “other” when it suits the “minority” cause.

    It’s a more inclusive country, but we’re far from accepting our vast salad of people and culture that make up the American country.

    All of us from every background, culture, subculture, and “race” need to check ourselves often to make sure we aren’t simply adding more to the problem because it’s easy or convenient to do so.

    All cultures and people throughout the wide world have beauty, and vibrant culture that makes ALL humanity special. If we continue to hold animosity against each other for whatever personal or personal culture issues we may have against the “other”, then that is not beautiful, nor vibrant, nor positive, and thus not human.

    This is a stupid article. It reeks of the same stench as those who call former president Clinton “the first black president”, or those who say President Obama is a Muslim, or who say

    things like “Yeah but he dances like he’s black.”

    Ignorance won’t save you, and it is definitely not bliss.

  • Sara Jackson

    I have NEVER heard of anyone that thinks Channing Tatum is black. Why? Because he can dance? That’s so stupid. This article is stupid. I’m embarrassed for the author.

  • YourMom

    And not a single one of them looks black… Channing Tatum? Really?? You should prolly step away from the crack pipe now, it’s clouding your vision.

  • diannna

    ita Ora is actually mixed with black but her record producers told her to not say she was mixed so she will be more popular looking white but sounding black like many whites have been successful in history doing the same thing. Rita Ora clearly looks like she got black, check carefully, not that much difference between her en ri ri.

  • enoni pond

    omg… one here looked black , this just in alll of the people on here just kiied them self after being sooo offended ,because people thought they looked brown

  • Dia

    I have never mistaken any of these artists as black. They all look what they are, which most of them is Indian

  • handymandi

    Who wrote this? A blind person? These are all people we are sure aren’t black! Blog Fail.

  • Niran J

    Black America has too much obsession with skin tones. Africans don’t focus on skin tones like you people do. They focus on education and living a good life. Why don’t you focus on education, teaching your people how to be in relationships and stay in relationships, teaching your men how to be fathers and not prisoners, teaching your men to stop murdering one another. You are too focused on stupid issues and skin tones. You even discriminate amongst yourselves as to who’s dark skinned and red boned. Grow the hell up. You have opportunities in front of you and many of you squander and blame whites. Too many in your community are way too dumb for you to continue on this path of teaching stupidity and whilst you’re at it, teach your men to stop calling women “hos”. It’s unbecoming and disrespectful. If they had fathers at home, perhaps they would have more manners. You will never have a Black American President because many of your behavior is just not cut out for greatness. Yes, Barack Obama is REAL AFRICAN and WHITE and that’s why he was smart enough to become a leader! Grow up!

    • I agree with a lot of what you say….until the last sentence… what you said about Obama totally negates anything intelligent you had to say. He IS African and White, but he is an American! and his color or where his father came from has nothing to do with his success!

  • The only one that was a surprise for me was DJ Khaled because I thought he was Hispanic and not Palestinian other than that this was a stupid article because we can clearly tell they aren’t black smh. They should have put up Vin Diesel cause he’s not black.

  • Guest

    So being from a country in Africa somehow makes you not black, please explain? Because she is definitely considered a black brit.

  • Alexi

    who wrote this!!! SMH non of them look black SMDH

  • PiePie Zoosky

    Who the heck wrote this pointless azz inaccurate article? Or saw any of the names you listed and thought they were black? LMAO…. Idiot

  • dee

    okay this article should of had a different title. I knew ALL of these people was not black (duh). Didn’t know what DJ Khaled was but knew he wasn’t black.

  • i wish i could afford to get one of those DNA tests that give an approximate area of Africa you come from. that way i could probably tell which tribe my ancestors were from, and i could identify as that. black is vague…i want to narrow it down…Yoruba, ZULU, Pygmy, something!!

  • Tommy G

    none of them look black to me! DJ Khaled seriously?? who wrote this???

  • May I ask you a Question Kendra Koger? Who are you to define what Black is? First of all to say that Indians aren’t Black is an Insult to GOD’s History of Creation. You need to do your research and find out where the first Indians come as they are the descendants of the Ancient Black Dravidians of Africa. The Irish also have Mixed with Ethnicities of Spanish, and Italians both European Groups which are Mixed with Sub-Saharan Blood so that makes all three of them Black as well–I mean why do you think that you have some Irish people calling themselves “Black Irish”? Also you will be surprised that all Asians are of Black Descent as well which a Chinese professor has already proved in a video..Google “first Asians are Black”, “first Indians are Black” these theories have already proven that very Race in the World come from Blacks even if their descendants of today deny this fact. All of those so-called non-black celebrities you presented are Black by GOD’s Definition, and by their Roots. There is no way anyone her can disprove my theory on here because what I state here is the Undeniable Truth & Fact!
    BTW the only way that Theory cold be correct would be to say that we are all Hebrews (Indians, Egyptians, Libyans, All Asians) and Hebrew-Israelites (Latinos, African-Americans, and African-Caribbeans, etc). They are no Blacks they’re Hebrews then. Be Wise, Be Openminded, and Bless up!

  • iHM

    LOL! Whoever wrote this has probably never even seen a non-black person or something. Is this for real? You don’t know what an Indian person is? Sri Lankan? Middle Eastern? I mean, come on, this is pathetic. The only one who KINDA does look part Black is that Rita Ora chick.

  • kurinko

    This is a big joke, none of these celebs look black, I certainly never thought they were black!

  • lips mela

    i seen wiggers and people who are actually BROWN!!!! Talk about spreading the HATE SMH @madamenoire

  • MelaninQueen


  • Elle

    The only person people thought was black was Jon B until he was on MTV… -_- you did it again MN! Kudos to you… smh

  • Real

    There is nothing black about any of these people, unless you subscribe to the racist One Drop Rule…

  • jay

    Jon B. doesn’t look Black. I thought he was Italian. Many Italians and Spaniards have yellow undertones. Do people really think that White mean you have to be pale white?

    Mindy Kaling looks Black? LOL. I never thought of her as Black. When I first saw her I thought Indian.How does she look Black? Because her skin is dark? LOL are Black people the only people with dark complexions all of the sudden? Dj khaled as Black? Really you think he looks Black because his nose is a bit wide. So only Blacks can have wide noses now? Only Blacks can have full lips? Gesh this article is so stereotypical. None of these people look Black. Maybe M.I.A depending which way you look at her.

  • WTF????

    Serious? NONE of these people look black. Is this article a joke????

  • jt

    probably the dumbest thing I’ve seen on the internet in a while. and I mean a long while, and I mean the entire internet. congrats.

  • that was racist

  • that was a racist artlice


    Down with BLACK……????? F>>U….I know plenty of people that are Italian or other races that gets offended if you call them white….have fun with that……

  • TheTruth

    You iz ignant

  • TheTruth

    You iz ignant

  • TheTruth

    No you haven’t.

  • TheTruth

    there wasn’t a single person that would be confused for black by anyone that has vision. Who the heck wrote this? Stevie Wonder?

  • Hahah

    Lol! I didn’t think any of them were black. And since when is Black not a race????



  • whoalikejoey

    rita ora, the indian woman mindy, MIA, and damon dash former wife look black. these woman favor many black woman. matter fact indians are black, they originate from Ethiopia, do the research. The dravidians are black.

  • Bleeze

    Do you know what black people look like? Because I’ve seen no evidence that you do.

  • Query

    Channing Tatum? Seriously?! Not a single one of these folks would be mistaken for black by me. *Maybe* M.I.A, at certain angles, but that’s about it.

  • Steve Couse

    Wow. Just because someone has a touch of olive in their skin pigment isn’t grounds to think they might be black. the whole list is hilariously non black. “Channing Tatum could-might-be-totally-black” is your ace in the hole? I can’t begin to understand how your pitch was even greenlit by your editor. Do you guys even have a creative director over there, or do you just let every bad idea go straight to your front page?

    Indian people do not look like black people. I’ll tell you what you should do you, Kendra “Hawkeye” Koger; use your keen observations to write your next article about “10 kittens that look like wheelbarrows but arent”

  • derpington

    This article is bad and you should feel bad. Also, this is a terrible website.

  • ButtercupKitteh

    none of these people look black to me, not in shape or tone :/ the writer of this article needs to get out more.

  • KoalaKt

    This article was actually pretty offensive, these people look as “black” (and by black they mean not pink I guess?) as I do. And I’m an Irish blonde :-/

  • Benji

    By looking black, I assume the author of this article means African descent. People of African descent have entirely different facial structures than people of Asian descent (like the Indians and Sri Lankans in this article) or European descent. How anyone could actually confuse an Indian-American with an African-American is beyond me. What a moronic premise for an article.

  • Bella

    I don’t know whether to be offended on behalf of the races you’re belittling or offended that you think I’m stupid enough to ignore that there is more races than ‘black’ and ‘white’. Fantastic step forward for racial equality and acceptance! Rude.

  • I found this really racist. I like The Office, so Mindy Kaling was the most offensive part to me. She looks very Indian, and I don’t know how anyone could mistake her for being black. To honestly think that these people are black, you would have to be completely oblivious to the fact that there are more than just white and black people in the world.

  • kk1105

    I feel like someone who has never seen a minority before wrote this… Channing Tatum!?!?!?! WTF!?!?!?! I’m not even black and I’m offended…

  • Sara

    Really? Not forgetting another continent with a lot of black people? Just maybe?

    • lewisjm

      Yes, and this issue is a past post, write me when you’ve read additional history. Really.

  • Go4thAndDie

    We obviously have vastly-differing views as to what a “celebrity” is, as well as what “looking black” means. Mindy Kaling? Really???

  • Audrey

    stupid. I didn’t think any of these people were black. especially not Channing Tatum. Rita Ora, she’s albanian like me, so I knew.

  • John

    Was this written by a retarded person or someone who was so clueless, they actually thought these people were black?

  • Lawdy

    To all the black people posting below about how all white people are ignorant and racist:

    I’ve met more racist black people than I have racist white people.

    The end.

  • Surprised and Offended

    Not a one of these people looks even partially black. It might as well have been titled, “We expose other ethnicities to our readers who we think are so ignorant and simplistic as to not know there are other ethnicities than Anglo Saxon and African. I feel insulted just reading this.

  • JaneRhine

    None of these looked black. They didn’t even look mixed.

  • Derke

    Channing Tatum looks black? I quit this article there, because that is about as idiotic as it gets. That guy is as white as they come.

  • Liish

    Rita Ora is probably the only one that didn’t seem so obvious to me… But why so serious? Everyone seems to have missed the point about this being a frivolous entertainment article…

  • claire

    What crazy person came up with this? None of those people look black, and who cares. Doesn’t Kendra Koger know there are people from all over the world and guess what, they all look different! Some of the pix are down right funny, I’m guessing Kendra has blonde hair and blue eyes. Anything else looks scary to her. What a nut.

  • gla292

    who ever wrote this article i hope aint black. Where in the hell does rita ora look black thats like sayin beyonce and alecia keys are typical lookin black women. We as black people must accept our darkskinn and “nappy” hair thats the way god made us. to all the ignorant blacks out there if a black person has lightskinn and “good hair” those are foreign features through mixing of the race. By accepting it we only promoting genocide

  • rod

    Is this for real? How ignorant do these people think we are?

  • This article is ignorant….whats next “people who act black but not?”….ive noticed over last few months the writing if the articles are tasteless and poor.

  • Retrograde

    Your article is bad, and you should feel bad.

  • Sam

    No one here looks black lol

  • Brownsugar

    I’m offended I’m mixed race Irish / Jamaican. None of these people look black to me, most people nowadays realise people come in all hues! I feel the author needs to get a grip

  • lewisjm

    This article is still open. I wonder why? I also wonder why people across the waters have chimed in and feel they can insult or attack Afrian Americans. Interesting – you find out how everyone thinks they are experts about the behaviors and thinking of African Americans. The article is about a few whites that the mag thinks people would mistake as black – and the world assumes that African Americans are so stupid we thing that only people with dark skin quantify as ‘black” – remember, world our female ancestors were raped, and abused by Spaniards, Whites, and any other person who thought they had the right to rape them. This behavior went on for years – thereby making a rainbow coalition of Africans – so what is all the hullabalu bull crap coming down on the “African American”? Amazing that you sit in judgment of us, as if you have open carte blanche on the story of African Americans or Americans who happen to be Black. As for all the other conversation about who choses to be called what – that’s all immaterial because frankly I now about some of the cultures who don’t want to associate with the term Black – but the Scientific world – that consist of scientist from all parts of the world have classified us all. I don’t give two craps about dominicans, africans, latino/a, asians, caucasians who happen to be black – what I do care about is that you look in your own house before you throw stones. The day for attempting to tell the world how ignorant you all think African Americans are is over – get a grip – get an education – get the facts; and know that whatever aide is sent to your country has tax dollars from the ignorant African Americans – Haiti, West Indies, Latin America, Africa Nations.

    • TheTruth

      You are the reason people on this thread would conclude that African Americans lack education and have a limited and narrow view of the world. It’s because you are ignorant. Clearly ignorant. Thank goodness that you do not represent anyone but yourself because anyone that would allow you to speak for them would be shamed and embarrassed. You are in desperate need of a sound education, and not the excuses you invented or were pumped full of. You bring shame to your lineage.

  • galleymac

    Er, no. The :”white world” consists of more than the U.S.A. And they don’t all look at things through U.S. eyes. (For a start, most white people are not as isolated as U.S. whites — their countries are geographically smaller and they HAVE to interact with a variety of folks, including a variety of non-WASP whites.) Americans of all colors have this tendency to view the whole world through a lens of the “American Story” and frankly it is sickening. (And no, I am not white by any stretch.)

    • lewisjm

      Give me a break, for all of you who seem to think that African Americans are not informed – allow me to educate you to the fact that we have first hand knowledge that our RACE comes in rainbow color – but the article was limited to the pictures presented and those of us who know these peoplel know they are not black. Just becauses a white person is born in say South African doesn’t make them of African descent. Yeah, whites are everywhere so what? The American Story is a good one and the thing that sickens me about people like you is you write like you know the story – sorry Mac you have no idea, and if you have an inkling – tell it like it is – there are many African Americans here who are do not have black skin – and what pass for white – so we are not as ignorant as you would like to think we are. As far as viewing the world – I’ve traveled throughout the world and my view of the world or it’s peoples is not as limited as you would like to imply. (I really don’t care what ethnicity you are – but you’re stretch apparently is limited).

      • TheTruth

        you iz ignant

  • goess

    none looks black, what is this guys

  • Disgusted

    I hope nobody paid you for writing this atrocious article. It’s not only racist, it’s just bad writing. Shame on you.

  • williams.2600

    Four minutes of my life I will never get back.

  • erik

    this is dumb. none of them look black.

  • Gael

    btw, nationality is the nation you come from, as in America. ETHNICITY is your ethnic group.

  • G.I.R.L.

    Pro-tip: Being “black” isn’t only limited to being American. I have a friend who was born and raised in Italy but is black. More specifically, just because Rita Ora’s family is from Albania doesn’t mean she isn’t black as black Albanians do exist. Not to mention German, Irish, Albanian, Italian, Spanish… These are not races. In Spain, the white skinned people there are still called Caucasian just like in Germany, Italy, and Russia. In Puerto Rico, there is discrimination amongst the black puerto ricans and the white ones. Indians in India are technically Asian.

    You’re confusing race/skin color with nationality. My mother has white skin, blonde hair and green eyes. No, she isn’t albino and yes her parents are black (not mixed). Black, just like white, doesn’t come with one look.

  • SanskrizzleMyNizzle

    None of these people look black. It just shows that whites and blacks live in an American bubble. The world is filled with all sorts of people. My god, the stupid, it burns!

  • werd

    This article was for people who had never seen a black person before? I thought it was gonna be telling me Denzel or JayZ or someone. These people are obviously not black. I hope to god a black person wrote this otherwise it screams stupid racist white person who thinks all “brown” people look the same.

  • Nancy

    Indians are not Black. That can be the new “thing” that I learn for today.

  • Possible the most racist thing I have ever seen. I’m surprised they didn’t throw in the line “they all look the same anyway”.

  • Josh77

    The title and content of this article is the stupidest, most racist thing I’ve glanced at today.

  • Joshua Cornaglia

    There are no words to describe the level of dumb contained within this article. NONE of these people ‘look black’ as you put it….Channing Tatum? Really? The guy is barely tan.

  • None of them looked black, and the ones with darker skin were obviously Indian or at least from that part of the world.

  • OH NOES! These people aren’t blonde. That must mean they are black. Thank you so much for correcting our misunderstanding!

  • Mina B.

    The only two that I couldn’t figure out were Rachel Roy and Rita Ora. Everyone else looked race appropriate.

  • lewisjm

    Are you kidding me? not one of those people look Black and please try not to insult our intelligence ever again, Now if you say they are look White but are black that’ a different story. So sick of people trying to either deny or claim their blackness.

  • i hate this article

    This article is just as ignorant as the person who wrote it none of them look black!!!!

  • Duoyo

    Ok i’m sorry, but at no time did I think any of these people were black.

  • K.

    Why would anyone think Mindy Kaling is white. She’s obviously Indian.

  • GOLDiE

    This is stupid..Rita Ora is the only one who I can say looked mixed.. Everyone else looked the colour they are

  • Dustin

    How could anybody possibly think Channing Tatum is black?

  • Lola Waldorf.

    I am soooooooooooo SICK of the confusion between race and nationality.

  • Z

    From reading these comments, my thoughts are “What a mess!” No wonder people don’t know what to think or say anymore! People are so sensitive with EVERYTHING these days it’s like walking on eggshells constantly. How about “human”? You’re human. How about that? Please simplify. Crikey. Exhausting.

  • Annoyed

    Are Americans really that ignorant to thing that any of these people are black? Or is this article making us out to be? Come on madamenoire! We should all know that there are many different cultures around the world except for black and white. As a black person not from America I am deeply offended that you put the likes of Channing Tatum in this article just because he was in the movies where he dances such as Step-it-up and Magic Mike.

  • Someone of color didn’t write this article because it was stupid. Not one person in this article looks black you have to have more than skin tone to look black smh some of the post on here stay reaching. Who in the hell would mistake channing tatum for black or jon b who is Italian smh ugh I hope someone didn’t get paid for this article because it was dumb.

  • renaissance24

    Hoda Kotb should be in the list.

  • UdonNo


  • confused

    what a waste.

  • Johnathan

    If you thought ANY of these people were African-American I suggest you go have your vision checked.

  • Z

    Dumbest post ever. NOBODY could seriously think these people LOOK black let alone are black. Apart from Rita Ora looking mixed race, no. Absolutely dumb post. It’s like you googled ”PEOPLE” and just saved the top 10 images. Kmt.

  • melissa

    What you mean to say is that their mannerisms are so “black” it leads us to almost think they are. Because they do not at all look black.

  • If anyone is surprised by this, they seriously need to get out more. And
    MN also needs to get some writers who aren’t condescending to people’s
    knowledge of geography.I am beautiful woman and I love good
    man…..inter racial romance is my dream… so I joined —blackwhitеPlanet.С0M—–it’s where to- connect with beautiful and excellent
    people! I think now they’re just groping for something to write about.

  • toussuite

    None of these people look black…like, AT ALL…Reaching MN, reaching. Do better.

  • kulibali

    for example : i m originate to africa ,my nationality is nigerian ,my ethniticy is youkua,my race dark brown skin

  • kulibali

    people are so dumb in north america .first of all an afro american isn t black ,we are brown (light,dark…)a shirt is black,a wall cant be black etc
    the two indians girls are dark brown so the are black .no afro ameri can but def their ethnicity ,culture and nationality are apart . dont mezclate all

  • Bella

    The only person that looked black was Rita Ora to me. The rest looked like exactly what they race was but not black at all!!

  • mrose2010

    what!!! No one in their right mind thought that these people were black or even mixed. The writer of this article needs an assignment , this was really stupid and laughable.

  • Detra

    This is foolishness, not a one look of African American decent.

  • Black people are always trying to “claim”someone. Half the list was CLEARLY Indian or Middle Eastern. Only a blind person would have thought they were black.

  • Supaflychik

    Who wrote this ? I need a job there !!SMH!! My hood gossip is better than this sh!t!!!

  • Ressy Boo

    None of these people look black to me, probably because I’ve seen all these people on tv

  • riotrhythms

    yeah this article is pretty pointless….

  • CarolinaHoney

    if you know anything about ancient history, you’d know that Indians are Black people, just like Aborigines are. Most don’t like to admit it but genetically it is true. Same goes for Tamil and Bengali, those two groups are some of the darker Indians and the most discriminated against by lighter-skinned Indians historically mixed with the Colonial British which gives them the light skin almost exclusively featured in Bollywood films by design. So, no, they are not African-American but they originally began with African people.

    There are many indigenous groups of Black people in South Asia, Melanesia and Polynesia (and that includes the Maori).

    DNA research has shown that most Middle Eastern people, Palestinians included have a percentage of African DNA (usually East African). And in the U.S., especially the south “Native American” is usually code for African-American. Read up on Melungeons and other tri-racial isolates if you don’t know the common practice of ethnically-ambiguous people pretending to be something else because of society.

    All of this information is easily accessible on the internet, you just have to look.

  • ShazzNem

    and no black people were in Albania? See yah!!

  • ShazzNem

    the only categorical sign that they are black has to be the colour of their irises. Nothing else. So absolutely nobody could have mistaken Channing Tatum

  • Nunya

    The only one here who “looks Black” is Mindy Kaling. But, dark-skinned Indians are not uncommon. Hell, some of them are darker than Black people.

  • none of them look black….wth??? (confused face)

  • Summer

    Uh, regarding Minday Kaling? Her father is from Tamil Nadu. Tamil is the language, Tamil Nadu is the state in India.

  • Ai

    The only one I thought was black was Rachel Roy.

  • ynot

    Most these people we already knew were not black but Tatum does actually have black heritage so he is mixed. The article was PURE nONSENSE!

  • gogettr

    this article is very deceptive, just because your born in a diff country and speak a diff language DOES NOT MEAN yr dont have BLAcK heritage! Black americans need to travel international more often and you will see black people speak all languages and are apart of many parts ot the world not just AMERICA….duh!

  • gogettr

    uhh Tatem does have african/black roots in his family if you google him, he explains it himself, damn this site never FACT CHECKS

  • DY

    I thought this was a list of people who “look” black. Maybe the title should be Celebrities Who Aren’t Black and Don’t Look It.

  • ajones

    I guess you just didn’t have anything else to do. This article is a joke and quite offensive!

  • FromUR2UB

    I didn’t think any of these people looked black, either. The women who are Indian/Asian, look Indian. Have people gotten so used to seeing black women with Indian hair weaved onto their heads, that they can’t tell the difference anymore? Channing Tatum looks black? C’mon! Where ya been?

  • Alice

    I have to be honest, when I went to see Magic Mike a while ago, there was this scene with Channing Tatum – who plays the male stripper. “Mike”, in which he was half-shrouded in some blue stage lights, and he looked black. As I was watching, my reaction was; “Oh, who is this really hott black guy”? Then it was only until the next scene, when one character mentioned watching Tatum’s preformance that I realized it was Tatum under those black lights, not some black guy. This article also brings to mind Miriah Carrie’s earlier career, where I guess, everyone mistook her for “white”

  • I don’t really think any of them look black either! And I know some folks don’t like the word under any circumstance but umm…dj khalid needs to stop with the n word. He does not get a “pass” in my book.

  • Staci B

    are you smoking something?

  • mia

    Am I missing something? Because I’m completely unoffended by the article. Yes, I disagreed with some of the author’s choices, but to be mad & outraged? Really?

    She never said any of these people looked full black, I think she meant they look like they COULD have black in them, whether it’s a quarter, eighth etc.
    Channing Tatum in particular, his ethnic background has always been speculated. Look it up.

    I promise some of you can’t have a discussion about race without being over dramatic and sensitive.

    Let the “thumbs downing” of this comment commence.

  • mac

    I think in the case of people like Jon B and DJ Khaled, because they’re so immersed in black culture, they just “seem” black, not necessarily look black. If they were in different music genres, they probably wouldn’t be in this article.

    Like for example, I remember there was a white guy who went to my high school, he actually looked exactly like Channing Tatum. He only hung out with black guys and talked to black girls so a lot of people assumed he was mixed because, in the words of the author he was so “down with the brown”.

    Anyway, I don’t think this article is worth getting worked up over. But anything having to do with race has that effect on MN readers I suppose

  • At best, Channing Tatum does look biracial (doesn’t mean one of those races has to be black) NEVER a question about the others. Curious about the race of whoever wrote the article. A black person would have called it better.

  • psylocke_2001

    What a stupid list! It’s blatantly obvious that none of these people are black. BOOOOOO! Two thumbs down.

  • Smoo Bella

    None of these people look black..seriously?

  • Yah

    Rita Ora definitely looks Black – just hiding behind a bad blonde dye job and pancake makeup, similar to Beyonce. But she does look Black in the features. She sort of reminds me of Keyshia Cole in the features.

    • Sara

      No she doesn’t. I think it is the makeup that makes her look “Black”. She looks exactly what she is: Albanian.

  • Zaya Laine

    I think I speak for most people when I say, “You’re fawking stupid as shyt”. Is this a joke or something? It has to be. Tatum Channing? The inidian chics? Really? Who would’ve ever assumed they were black? If anything I would’ve assumed the Indian ladies were of Guyanese descent but black? And Jon B? Really? Not black, I would’ve assumed Puerto Rican if anything… But how about you find out what Amber Rose is. I know she’s not black.

  • I have to say, this article is a little embarrassing, but more so for the author. She made the assumption that the rest of us were like her, and couldn’t differentiate between black and South Asian – and other ethnicity for this reason. A little insulting, actually. IThis article went down hill from page one…lol, Channing Tatum…you go to sleep for that one!

  • DCT

    I like a lot of the people in the article” but never thought any of them was black. It was an interesting premise that did not deliver. But to not make it a total waste of time, can we trade M.I.A. for OJ?

  • jay_dub1

    THIS was a dumb article. Except for Rachel Roy and, maybe Rita Ora, none of these people “look black”. Ora looks like she may be mixed with black, and Roy,by her affiliations with so many black celebrities may have people think she is black and “something else”(indian) but everyone else always knew Jon B. was white. Mindy Kaling “looks” indian and who knows anythin about Manu to even think of him as anything? Channing Tatum hardly looks nowhere near black.

  • Channing Tatum? Jon B? ….REALLY? who dont know that they arent black?

  • Vanessa

    Before I looked at the comments I was like “so who was I supposed to think was black?” Good To know we’re all on the same page. The writer must be color blind or stupid.

  • IcallBULL

    Js another tactic to try convince us white is right – beyond pathetic. Nobody cares for it but, in case u missed the memo, NONE OF THESE PPL LOOK BLACK IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM. Shees!

  • Really! Madamenoire!

    UMMM…..O.K…… I am truly offend as a Black person Madamenoire would even think individuals would be mistaken for African-American!

  • lis

    why would anyone think they were black. What because some of them have a lil ‘flava’? oh c’mon

  • Ms.A

    slow day huh MN? this type of foolery belongs on bossip..i don’t know anyone who’s confused a black person w/ an indian person #mustdobetter

  • HoneyBunchesofCurls

    never thought none of these poeple were black. yes some were definitly brown and have full lips or whatever but it certaintly doesnt mean that they could be “mixed”. but i have to say~thought DJ Khalid was hispanic not Palestinian.

  • joy

    None of these people look black. None of them ! Then to say down with the brown, the ones that weren’t white “were” Brown MIA, Rachel Roy wth… ? To touch on Rita features. Most are saying she doesn’t look Albanian. Before Jay-Z bleached blond her hair, through on all that drag foundation and red lip stick she look like your regular average white gal. Much cuter before !

    I also agree we see “black” as an AA term. To my knowledge other black culture are offended by the word black.

  • unque43

    Channing Tatum has never look black. Y’all making up topics to get folks to read. This was not a good article.

  • None of these people look black. Brown skin does not equal black. There are many ethnicities that are brown. Hell some of more browner than alot of black folks. Sigh…I feel silly reading this.

    • RAJ



  • AfrikanQueen

    Wow,I never thought any of these folks looked black…i almost think that the folks at MN are seriously joking with this article, and just trying to stir up some crazy and heated comments…good job!

  • iReezy

    I’ve never mistaken any of these celebrities for black. Not even DJ Khaled (although I believed he was Puerto Rican), and especially not Mindy Kaling. None of these chosen few even look as though they have traces of the race in them. But I guess maybe it’s assumed because they make rap or r&b music and/or have tanned skin…smh.

  • Mia

    I didn’t think any of these people were black…

  • a. denise

    Can’t be serious. In your mind what constitutes “looking black”? None of these ppl look me or my family.

  • Old School

    Race is a man made construct. There is only one “race” – human. We all come from Adam and Eve. Then from Ham, Shem and Japheth (?) Noah’s sons. Cush (Noah’s grandson) produced the Black African branch, and Canan – (another of Noah’s grandsons) produced the brown – Indian, Arab, Palistinian, Shem and Japheth produced the Caucasoid and Asian. Whites took it upon themselves to label Indians Asian. They took it upon themselves to label Samoans Pacific Islanders, they took it upon themselves to label Maoris something else all to disguise the obvious fact that all of these people have African DNA. African blood can be found everywhere- Cuba, Puerto Rico, South America. There is a difference between nationality and race. I am American. Does that tell you what race I am? Unfortunately, the world is so racist that the Indians would die before they would admit their African DNA and the shared root of us all. I am a child of Ham.

    • bits

      wow you really pulled out the Ham comparison! lmao!!! yes and your science is spot on. be sure to send your break through analysis to the academics as well. anyone who sites the bible as a source for racial history and understanding has to be a complete genious. #not

    • monitorette

      What is a man made construct is the above mentioned lineage that you have taken from the Bible.

  • bits

    so basically indian people obviously have african blood somewhere down the line because MIA, that chick from the office and Rachel Roy all look like me and my sisters and we are definitely black.

    • monitorette

      you should send your ‘scientific’ study to the academics. Don’t for get to put the term ‘obviously’ in very paragraph.

      • bits

        i will be sure to put it in ‘very’ paragraph.

        • monitorette

          i wanted to correct my mistake, but I thought ‘never mind, the readers will understand’, and then I see that’s all you have to contest…so my answer is this one: i hope your knowledge in French (my mother tongue) equals my knowledge in English ( a foreign language to me).

          • bits

            you are so extremely boring and corny its pathetic.

            • monitorette

              c’était ma réponse du berger à la bergère.

              • bits

                kiss my derrière!

  • chessica450

    wtf kind of Article is this!!! like seriously….who ever put this article together was on some serious molly

  • wow none of these people look black lol

  • The only one of these people who I thought looked black was Rita Ora…everyone else, no. Just no. lol

  • Jolene

    Ugh…I wish some of these writers would quit with this color BS.

  • TK

    What an ignorant article. Who makes the decisions to post this nonsense? They should be fired.

  • me

    none of these ppl look black….lol

  • Dear Madame Noir! Sri Lanka have black population too,just like India and else where

  • shes is black for god sick

  • Madame whatever India was one of the ground zero of Negroids immigration long before Jesus.Thats why there is more them 100 houndred millions Black hindus,Yes shes black maybe she dosnt want to associate herself with black people.

  • Mindy Kaling?

  • Never thought Tatum was black

  • Um… I really thought yall were going to have more racially ambiguous people on this list. The white people looked white and the Asian people looked Asian. SMH

  • bubbah

    NONE of these people look afro-american!!! I don’t care how long you stay in the urban ghetto you wouldn’t think they were black. We read, listen and are aware of other races. Please put on your thinking caps and come up with interesting, believable material.

  • MAQ

    People need to calm down and realize that African Americans are not the only black people on the planet. and yes I thought a couple of those celebs listed had some sort of African descent in them…

  • Dr. S

    This is such a dumb article… but only an idiot would mistake anyone on this list for being black. I enjoy learning about the diverse heritage of these actors/famous people, but the notion of “race” is an oppressive concept (made by white scientists) anyway and I’m disappointed that madame noir cant write something that doesnt perpetuate this ideology.

  • Again, you should research who the Maori people are………..where they come from and what they look like.

  • Obviously you don’t know the background of the folks who populate Sri Lanka…………do yourself a favor the next time you tackle this subject matter…..research the difference between RACE & ETHNICITY/CULTURE/NATIONALITY!

  • Ayye.Monique

    i don’t understand why ppl are so offended by the article lmao.
    in america, black is almost always associated with african american…
    if ppl want to get specific about which one; that is on them, mainly if
    someone says ‘black’ we know what they’re talking about sooo…
    anyway, i never thought anyyyyyyyy of them looked black,. with theexception of that girl with roc nation and the MIA (paper planes, whatever)chicks.

  • Again, Rachel Roy may not be African American, but a black woman she is………….where the hell you think the color comes from….goodness…..this has to be the worst article ever on this site.

  • TONI


  • Kandice

    Seriously? They looked black to anybody???? What was the author thinking?

    • Yah

      yeah, some look black to me

  • no mention of lenny kravitz or slash from guns and roses?

    • Lenny Kravitz and Slash are bi-racial, their mothers are of African decent
      (Afro-Caribbean for Lenny, Afro-Brit for Slash). Lenny’s mother is the late actress Roxie Roker(“Helen” from the Jeffersons”)

  • Stopencouragingignorance

    Rita is a Afro Albanian! Meaning, half-black

  • Soooo these people dont look black at all……….but thats just me…..

  • FED UP

    What idiot wrote this article? Non of those people look black—didn’t think they were black—and don’t care if they are black. This is a complete waste of time, and this crap took 100 years to load. MADAMENOIRE get a life, and find better subjects/writers.

  • Magg

    Why did the author think that we were thinking that these people are black?!… What?!

  • not one….how in the hell r u going to put middle easterners on an “i thought they were black list”.. ummmmmm check ur history they are african descendants of course there is some left over genealogy in there.. but seriously?

    • monitorette

      Middle Eastern peoples belong to the Caucasoid branch of Humanity

  • disqus_WfmNqv9gsC

    DJ Khalid and MIA are the only ones I approve of

  • Amber-Eliazbeth Stores

    define “black”…….

    • TheTruth

      lacking hue and brightness; absorbing light without reflecting any of the rays composing it.
      characterized by absence of light; enveloped in darkness: a black night.
      ( sometimes initial capital letter )
      pertaining or belonging to any of the various populations characterized by dark skin pigmentation, specifically the dark-skinned peoples of Africa, Oceania, and Australia.
      soiled or stained with dirt: That shirt was black within an hour.
      gloomy; pessimistic; dismal: a black outlook.
      deliberately; harmful; inexcusable: a black lie.
      boding ill; sullen or hostile; threatening: black words; black looks.
      (of coffee or tea) without milk or cream.
      without any moral quality or goodness; evil; wicked: His black heart has concocted yet another black deed.
      indicating censure, disgrace, or liability to punishment: a black mark on one’s record.
      marked by disaster or misfortune: black areas of drought; Black Friday.
      wearing black or dark clothing or armor: the black prince.
      based on the grotesque, morbid, or unpleasant aspects of life: black comedy; black humor.
      (of a check mark, flag, etc.) done or written in black to indicate, as on a list, that which is undesirable, sub-standard, potentially dangerous, etc.: Pilots put a black flag next to the ten most dangerous airports.
      illegal or underground: The black economy pays no taxes.
      showing a profit; not showing any losses: the first black quarter in two years.
      deliberately false or intentionally misleading: black propaganda.
      British . boycotted, as certain goods or products by a trade union.
      (of steel) in the form in which it comes from the rolling mill or forge; unfinished.

  • Tanya

    This article is offensive and the writer obviously doesn’t know what Black looks like.

  • jackieOsassin

    i never thought any of these people were black.

  • caliblaxican

    I’m glad that most of us are on the same page here, but come on, we all know that all of us have “origins” in Africa, but we all know what we’re talking about. Are you gonna say that Tony Blair, Queen Elizabeth, Atila the Hun, Madame Currie is/was black because their ANCIENT ancestry is African?

  • KEI


  • Chevonne22

    This was a complete “DUH” moment for me! Jon B., really? DJ Khaled…if his looks didn’t say non-Black, surely with his name being KHALED should have solidified that. I hope Kendra Koger did not get paid for writing this article. If she did, I, myself, want her to refund it to us readers.

    • Yah

      i thought dj khaled was light skinned black or light skinned puerto rican when i first ever saw him. his name being khaled says nothing about his race/ethnicity. a lot of black americans have arabic, african and other names from all over the world.

      • Sara


  • Kayo

    I agree with everyone else. None of the people here ‘look Black’.

  • Cha Cha

    Who thought that any of these people were black???? Anybody with a hairs worth of color is now black?

  • Erin

    I’m so confused…I wouldn’t have thought any of these people look “Black” as in Black American or African American. Black people are not the only “brown” people in the world. Jon B is pretty darn pale as well as Channing, not even brown. This article made no sense and anyone with any sense knows the difference between an Indian from India and a black person, jeez!

    • Yah

      There are a lot of pale Black people as well, so skin shading is no indication of your race or ethnicity. Y’all are crazy – and truly confused. It’s easy for ALOT of the people in the world to look Black American because Black Americans look like everybody. I bet if you went to every country in the world , you could find a person who looked like a Black American.

  • realadulttalk

    Glad to see I wasn’t the only one who didn’t think any of these people appeared to be black.

  • Most of the people still descended from Africans including Germans and people of Kosovo – so kind of pointless story – Rita Ora is definitely of some African descent

  • black

  • tt

    I never thought any of them were black

  • poetsgroove

    What was the point in this?

  • tt

    this article was DUMB! most people know that these celebrities are not black. i mean who the hell thought channing tatum or jon b. were black? m.i.a., rachel roy, mindy kaling…we already know they are brown skinned people; not black. rita ora…you’ll NEVER convince me that she doesn’t have black ancestors in her family…NEVER!

  • queenietoo

    Not none of them looked African American

  • Candacey Doris

    Not seeing how ANYONE thought these people looked black. With the RNC going on and a shooting at a school this is what you’re posting?

  • Lilbit

    All of the ppl saying that these ppl don’t look black and that Europe does not have a black ancestry going way back are the true ingnorant ones seeing as though they have proven that everyone has ancestors tracing back to Africa. EveryOne.

    • beauty85

      I so agree with you! It’s a lot of dumb black people in America, they haveknow clue! Let that would ha ve been b lack people with loose curly hair, people o. this website would have said oh their mixed!

  • sabrina

    One of Rachel Roy parent is from St. Vincent,West Indies, but is an indian or coolly . I believed it’s her father. Some indians looks blacker than than an average black person.Have you ever seen a guyanese indian ?they are as black as they comes, it is just the hair.

  • pickaname

    This is stupid. None of these people are ever considered black. Rita is the only one who if she claimed it wouldn’t raise too much of an eyebrow. And that is pushing it cause I’ve never thought she was black. A more interesting article might have been celebs who are black, but may not look like it, like Michael Wentworth from Prison Break or Kris Humphries.

  • Bella

    Oh Jon B, I miss you = [

  • Mizz

    Channing Tatum is 1/16th black apparently. His grandfather or great grandfather was part black.

  • lovemuffin

    Chi rita ora is black i dislike ppl that know there black or have some black in them. And there like oh no im not black im something else its not a bad thing being african american its not im proud of being me…

  • Chanda

    Obviously none of these celebs are or look black but that’s not what this post is really about at all. This post was about how many hits can we get and what type of discussions and arguments can they get from us posters. MN knows we know these people aren’t black but we’re gonna post it anyway maybe it’ll make the most popular stories section.

  • Jo

    Hey I’m black but get asked if I’m something else all the time, but I’m black and don’t get the interest, I always say what difference does it make to you, stranger?

    I would find it disrespectful if an article had my face questioning my racial background, and what difference does it make to me what race these individuals are or not.

    To improve this article please put information about the countries or ethnicities these people are as at least then it would be educational.

    P.S. It pleases me to know that majority of the comments are forward thinkers 🙂

  • shauntel

    Never thought any of these people looked black…at all. What type of b.s. article is this?

  • TatumPascal

    Not to through shade, but I didn’t think ANY of these people were black. Jon B.? MN, have a seat….

  • None these people look black and this dumb and pointless

  • Channing & Rita have black blood in them!! I don’t care what anyone says!! 😛

    • JS

      Why do black people always try to make someone black when they’re not? NOT EVERYONE IS BLACK….get over it!

    • Guest

      Rita maybe but Channing? Idk about that.

  • c

    I’m waiting for the paper bag article to come out…

    Never mind, this is it

    • jasmine


  • c

    I feel as I just went back to the 1800’s by reading this article.

  • Black

    Yall must of had a brain fart and needed an idea for an article….none of these people could ever be mistaken for black!

  • MeMe

    Her father is from Tamil? Like, the country?
    Would you like to clarify?

    • Yah

      i think she meant the Indian state of “Tamil Nadu”. Its like a state in the U.S. (Florida, Colorado, California, Illinois, etc).

  • J A SASSY aka salon22w

    none of those people look black..and im sure if they do consider themselves looking black..they done REALLY WANT TO BE BLACK…so sick of these non blck people now wanting to be black.BUT THEY DONT REALLY WANT TO BE BLACK,,most of black peoples problems came from them now they want to look black GTFOH!!

    • Yah

      i can see a lot of the lookin black. black people, at least in america, come in many various shades/hair textures, etc. if any of them said they were actually black, i wouldn’t be shocked. i know they aren’t black, but it wouldnt be shocking if they were

  • quest

    Where did they get this list. They don’t look black at allllllll!!!!!!. Tatum Channing looks white as snow to me.

  • Rayna

    Except for Rita Ora and Rachel Roy, none of these people look black.

  • Yokessm

    “look black” uh?
    Channing is handsome.


    I thought Gene Kelly and Paula Abdul were black when I was younger.

  • Treacle234

    Dear Kendra Koger and Madam Noire, this article is ridiculous and offensive. Not all people who have brown skin or naturally tan are classified as black/Afro. Many East Indians, Middle Eastern Pacific Islanders, East Asians- Malaysian, Singaporeans etc have brown and dark brown skin but they are not black.

    • Yah

      the article said they are NOT Black, so calm down. She just said they LOOK Black even though they’re NOT. Don’t get scared of being thought of as looking Black – it’s a good thing to be Black, so chill.

    • You’re forgetting about Russia, some parts of Ireland, Hawaii, Australia, South-east Asia and any land where the have a lot of indigenous peoples.

  • ummm NO!

    none of these people look black …. this shows that not even black people know what black is anymore.

  • Guest

    Umm seeing as black people run the entire color spectrum, as I’m sure indians do, your comment makes no sense. Both groups of people are beautiful.

  • BabaPuppe

    Other than Rachel Roy and Rita Ora, none of those celebrities look black. Anyway, I just refuse to believe Rita Ora is completely white. Out of the many Albanians I’ve had the misfortune of meeting they were all much more fairer and had features that were much different from hers.

    • Kitsy

      I agree with you completely about Rita Ora. She doesn’t look like any Albanian I’ve ever seen either (there is a large community of new Albanian immigrants in my neighborhood, and an ex co-worker who I was friendly with is also Albanian). She looks like she might have Indian or arab heritage.

  • Offended

    These people don’t even look black – why was this article written? This is ignorant and clearly assumes that people can’t be open-minded about ethnicity and automatically assume everyone has some black in them. This article is really garbage,

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  • roughcutdiamond

    Rachel Roy and Mindy Kaling do not look black at all. They are clearly Indian. It is Bollywood’s fault for putting only lightskinned Indians in their movies, to make you think that most Indians are lightskinned. Ghandi was dark! Rita Ora does not look black either, she looks like a Middle Eastern trying to look white.

    • monitorette

      iF Rita Ora is of Albanian descent, that means she is white. But I must say that I was surprised to learn that she came from Kosovo when she became known. I’m wondering whether she has some Gipsy ancestry…But Kosovo is also located in the South of Europe.

  • Guest

    These people do not look black!!

  • christmas808

    the only one that shocked me was Rachel Roy

    • Suchalady

      Yea, I definitely thought her and Jon B. were part black.

  • Yay!

    Ignorant article!

    • jasmine

      Yes, very ignorant it seems like madamnoire is becoming just as ignorant as bossip and media takeout this was very low-class article I expected much more from this site, What has become of black people in America?

      • please dont insult my culture…shows your ignorance!

        • jasmine

          Sweety I am as black as they come. I have natural kinky hair and dark skin. I get treated worst by blacks than any other race or ethnic group I’ve come across. I was talking about black people in America in general . If you have a ounce of black in you, you would know what I mean by how ignorant black act look at stats, your predominately black neighborhoods and schools.

  • Kenya

    Never assumed any of these people had an ounce of African-American in them not one.

    • Melee

      Interesting, the article is about people “who look BLACK”, not about people looking African AMERICAN, I guess my ancestry must date back to America as I’m African, KENYA in fact (Ironic).

      • ?????

        For some reason alot of african americans think they are the only black people in the world….they don’t think about the blacks in latin america or in the west indies and every other part of the word!

        • tt

          omg! you are absolutely right. i get so tired of hearing people say,”zoe saldana, joseline hernandez, etc. aren’t black,” because they come from a different culture. many african americans can’t seem to differentiate between culture/nationality/ethnicity & race.

          • Just Sayin

            That’s because in America you’re either black, white, pacific islander, asian or hispanic. That’s how it’s always been on the East Coast of the US.

          • B

            PSSST, OMG! Like it’s Zoe who claimds anything BUT black.

            • shawni

              Wrong… Zoe is Dominican and Puerto Rican, but considers herself a black woman.

          • unfortunately we cant for the most part…….also its because so many black folks come from the islands and other places claiming to be everything but too many of them dont know either.

          • MsObsidian

            Really?! I disagree with you 100% It seems you have forgotten the fact that people of the Caribbean and Latin America prefer to disassociate themselves from their African roots. You already know when it comes down to, they are quick to give a shot out to their non-Black heritage when it is clearly evident they have African ancestry (i.e. dance, musical instruments, cuisine, hair texture, etc). Say it lound “I am not Black, I am Latino/a” That is what they do! This is a fact and I don’t care who is offended by my analysis. It’s a fact!

            • This is true. A lot of Latinos are very hesitant to acknowledge any kind of African ancestry regardless of their obvious features. There was documentary on being Black in Latin America on PBS last year. I’m not into claiming people that don’t want to be claimed. Sorry…

              • galleymac

                It’s DNA. It really doesn’t matter if we “claim” them. You can “claim” a culture, or even an ethnicity in some cases, but biology is biology. If their genes are sub-Saharan, their genes are sub-Saharan. Calling rights to “claim” somebody or not is a little arrogant.

              • lewisjm

                I’m with you Ayasha – me either. But remember this, they don’t hesitate to take our dollars and sympathy during crisis – we pay taxes just like the white people in America thank god the dollars are not black or white but green.

            • bits

              you are so right. its really bad in nyc. especially with black dominicans. i don’t know that a lot of people think to be black means african american. i thought everyone understood that black means race not nationality.

            • monitorette

              You have to also understand to non Americans ( to non EE-UU like the Latinos would say), when someone is Black + something else she is not Black, she is mixed. But indeed, this mixed person has to acknowledge all of her lineage, and het African one when there is.

            • Yah

              No, what is happening is that the term “Black” in the United States is almost always specifically referencing the ethnic/cultural group now known as “Black Americans or African Americans”, the long-term Blacks based on the shores of the area that is now the U.S. Our ethnic group has become “Black” as well as our race being “Black”.

              When Latinos say that they are not “Black”, they mean they are not “Black Americans or African Americans”, the long-term Blacks/Africa-descended people based on the shores of the area that is now North America/U.S.

              Black Latinos are long-term Blacks/Africa-descended people based on the shores of the area that makes up South America and parts of the Caribbean.

              So in the U.S, by ethnicity and culture, they are not “Black North Americans”, thus not “Black” ethnically, but are “Black” racially and of African descent of the same degree as “Black Americans”.

              To all the REAL Africans, aren’t you now even prouder to NOT be of the brainwashed and confused masses of North American, Caribbean and Latin American Blacks???? We are a mess! Sorry.

              • TheTruth

                You have no idea what you are talking about.

            • Treacle234

              In Bolivia, blacks are a minority group and they are treated unfairly.

              • lewisjm

                As they are through-out the world. Even Asian children of African decent are treated with disdain.

            • tt

              you are correct in saying that many (not all) blacks especially from the latin culture don’t want to be black. i live in fl where there are a lot of afro-latinos who don’t want to be black, but i don’t give a damn about that. they still have african heritage whether they want it or not. it shows ALL over in their skin tone, hair texture, & facial features. i dated a puerto rican who put white on his drivers license yet 1 of his brothers put black & the other put hispanic & they have the same mom & dad. they look black. people can claim whatever they want. hell, as an african american woman i can claim white & native american as well as a greg, great grandma who’s chinese (like many aa women like to do these days), but who gives a damn? when people look at me they see a black woman not a multiracial woman. so, i say all of that to say that at the end of the day if you’re black you’re black regardless of ethnicity/culture.

            • Lina

              A lot of them are actually MIXED not black, not white but mixed. Yes they have african ancestry but it doesn’t mean they are black.
              You americans (and espcially african americans) are obsessed with that because of the one drop rule but in PR for example, a person who look more white than black, even if he or she has african ancestry will be considered WHITE ! If a person has more than 50% spanish blood and 25% black and 25% asian or taino that person isn’t BLACK !
              Ricans are not ashamed of their African heritage, it’s part of Puerto Rican culture, the music, the food even the language and the accent.

              • I beg to differ…it’s the pigment of skin that matters.

          • gogettr

            Zoe an the dumb joseline are just as black or more blacker than most of us in the us as latin america has the LARGEST concentration of BLACK lineage in the world!

            • Sara

              Really? The largest concentration of black people in the world is in Latin America? Are you sure? Aren’t you forgetting something?

          • lewisjm

            Do you really believe the crap you are writing? TT please!

        • unfortunately slavery cut us of from a lot of other black folks……..i am one who knows better that we were already here and everywhere else before teh transatlantic and its mos def not taught in the american educational system.

        • lewisjm

          Lord ?????? you couldn’t be more wrong we are not that ignorant or the article would never have been introduced – why is it that those of you in other countries think we don’t know our history??????? We are well aware of how the African chartered the waters wayyyyyy before Christopher Columbus – we are aware of the atrocities of our people throughout the world – not all were artrocities :o) – this article was about these people but we are not death, dumb and blind. What the hell is “alot of African Americans” mean – you don’t even know a lot of African Americans if you did you would know that we pray for you and all ofour other peoples throughout the world. Our minds are not limited and I personally will not stand for you or anyone else insulting the “African American” in this forum or anywhere else – know us before you open your mouth to judge us. Something I am certain you are not intrested in doing.

          • TheTruth

            Jeez ignorant one…it’s charted the waters, deaf, dumb or blind. You comments allowed the read to know you, and the only rational conclusion is you are 100% ignorant lewisjm. You are a racist, and an ignorant one at that. You will stand for whatever is presented to you because you are in no position to correct anyone. You believe myths and fantasies as you have clearly displayed on this thread.

      • Gipsydrippsydipp

        Kenya all the way.
        I’m reppn Kenya too
        Unatokea wapi Kenya?..but anyway i never really understand how folks can choose to be so narrow minded..
        The articl clearly said pple that look blk not african american…

        • lewisjm

          Lordy here you go – you are so much like a lot of people on this page – people view the world from their experiences – however, they are not black to me because I know the background of the individuals – please, what is the beef with African Americans? Is your hate that hot? People on this blog seem to think African Americans live in a world devoid of the rest of the world – get over yourselves. We got plenty of African Americans who look like the white people in these pics – I got quite a few in my family – so get over talking about African Americans like you know us – you don’t and never will.! So you keep representing Kena – good for you but don’t you dare try and dog African Americans.

          • TheTruth

            lewisjm there is not an African American that would want your ignorant rants speaking for them. You haven’t the foggiest clue what your are talking about. You need to go back to school, a real school.

      • Yah

        I agree. Each ethnic group/nationality of Blacks have our own look. African Americans don’t look like Kenyans, Kenyans don’t look like Brazilians, Jamaicans don’t look like Ethiopians, most African groups don’t look like the Blacks of the Americas, Indian Blacks don’t look like African Blacks, etc etc. But still all BLACK.

        • Lydia

          That’s very untrue. I am so-called African American and I’ve had Kenyans think I’m Kenyan, Ethiopians think I’m Ethiopian, Black Americans think I’m from South Americana, Nigerians think I’m Somalian,
          Black Americans think I have an Asian parent and West Indians think I’m from the Caribbean.

          Margaret Cho told Wendy Williams that the singer Brandy has a very Asian face.

          I get your point because you can pretty much tell a NIgerian (Yoruba) person from an Ethiopian or from a Sudanese individual. But I must add that there isn’t one way to look “African American.”

          • lewisjm

            I beg to differ – I work with 4 gentlemen from Nigeria and a technician in a doctor’s office who are all from Nigeria – and none of them spoke the same dialect, didn’t appear to look the same(what the hell ever that means). The problem with the World Sciences – they pigeon hole races of people – they try and pigeon hole everything – classification is what they are good at. There is no one way to look anyway! Not until I took college courses and learned about various cultures including white cultures did I begin to recognize the difference in the various European cultures – not an expert, but I can generally determine from where in their cultures they hail from. Once any culture is about 4-5 generations in America most signs of the old country is gone.

            • TheTruth

              you iz ignant.

        • Sara

          Ok. You have got to be kidding me. African Americans are so mixed with everything and all look so different from each other… they do not look the same at all. The same is true for all the rest of the Americas. You might be able to tell apart some African ethnicities, and for example a West African from an East African, South African etc… but placing them in their exact ethnic group, but even in Africa there is a lot of mixing between ethnicities, so… Idk, you must see something that the rest of us don’t.

      • lewisjm

        No bodfy said they had to look “African American” – get a grip – So, does that mean you are a light skinned African from KENYA in fact – who has what white blood – so you are multiracial – so what – those in the pic still don’t look “Black” to me. Just because white folk now want to look, act, dress and sound black don’t make it so, and this is what these pictures represent – and for some reason you Africans seem to think you know more than the African American – please Melee – don’t be so insulting to the people your ancestors possibly had a hand in selling. Please!

      • Ci

        What are you saying? African would not be a race because there are many different ethnic groups in Africa that aren’t Black like Arabs. This is about people that just look Black which is more pacific but none of these people do.

    • Kayo

      Uh, Black doesn’t mean ‘African American’. This comment is one of the reasons why I am against Black Americans being referred to as African Americans.

      • African American is an ethnicity/nationality/culture..not a race. I am a Black AFrican American.

        • Yah

          The race is Black, the ethnicity/nationality is American/African American, Brazilian, Jamaican, Cuban, Ghanaian, Ethiopian, Moroccan, Nigerian, etc. Totally different ethnic groups, but same races. some Black races are more mixed than others due to historical events and location, like Latin Blacks and American Blacks, but still all BLACK.

          • Yah

            oh, and by Black for Latin America, North America, and the caribbean, it just means those people directly descended from some part of Africa in the last 500 years, even if mixed.

      • Dichu eba realy lub mehSteebie

        In America it usually does

        • bits

          in new york city it does because most immigrants in nyc don’t understand the historical context of the word black as it pertains to race.

  • beauty85

    Rita ora does have black in her, she is from Kosovo they are none to have black from way back, but its quite obvious! It’s so funny because when its black people with a certain type of hair everyone wants to say obj they’re mixed!

    • Sofia

      They are not known to have black from way back. Stop making up stuff you clearly know nothing about.There are hardly any people of african descent in eastern europe. Tha’ts extemely rare. She doesn’t have any black in her. Rita could very well be of gypsy descent. There are many gypsies in Albania and also asian ethnic groups from Mongolia and Russia. She could be a mix of that also.

      • beauty85

        you know nothing! kosovan albanians have the highest amount of african derived blood group( Y dna haplogroup) F.Y.I!!! another thing is India or Mongolia closer to Southern Europe than Africa. I guess black people had never been on a boat before massa came

      • Kitsy

        I agree with you on her possibly being of Romani (i.e. Gypsy) descent. That would also explain why she would be reluctant to mention it – Romani are negatively perceived all across Europe as vagabonds and thieves. I also heard from someone who has encountered them personally that many dye their hair blond in a [failed] attempt to blend in with other Europeans (though I think in rita Ora’s case it’s probably just a style).

      • HA! It’s soooo funny you mention gypsy (aka Egyptian) cuz last time I checked ummmm….Egypt is in, where again? AFRICA! *round of applause*

    • Tweety_slim

      Hmm? Her having Roma ancestors is closer than being of African descent.


    List full of surprises except those indian ones (indians are brown people). How ironic they are darker or as dark as black folks. SMH

    • Samir Khan

      Some indians are as dark as black people but the majority of indians are much lighter than black people. There is a reason you are called black and we are called brown.

      • TRUTH IS

        You aint white….wannabe whites…pfff. So because you are brown you feel you are better than being called black….shallow much?!?

      • chloe

        you are an idiot

        • ankita

          plzzzzzzzzz………….. stop this racism over skin colour………..its sooooooo demeaning ………….. in india,,,,,,,,,

      • Treacle234

        I see your point, Africans are called black, East Indians are called brown, East Asians are call yellow,and Caucasians are called white.

        • RAJ


      • Yah

        not true at all – there are many more indians that are as dark or darker than black/african-descended people, particularly since there are so many indians in the world/huge population. indians prefer being called brown because of their caste-ish outlook and disdain for their own dark skin. black people have more pride in our skin color and use the term “black” proudly, even though the majority ave brown skin of varying shades. rarely do people have a “black” coloring.

        • colliz

          Exactly, you are so correct.

      • colliz

        That’s a bunch of bull. The percentage of Indians with really dark skin is more than likely the same as blacks with dark skin. The African race come in all shades from light to dark as do Indians. So the term black and brown when referencing either one of these races is very misleading. And don’t think for one minute because you’re “brown” you’re better than being called blacked. Because to the bigots and racists of the world you’re no better than we are.

      • RAJ





      • Privacy Matters

        not true south india and the madras black as heck indians descended from the jarawa ppl as YOU call themk or andaman as they are known in the world are balcker than africans..even your gums are dark and the whites of your eyes yellow .. so stop it.. jkust like in africa we have light skinned ppl in south africa namibia and that region.. then in kenya you have varieties ethiopia.. so please.. yall are dark as ever and be proud.. fairness cream doesnt change your dna

      • fakehair

        You’re wrong. East Indians are just as dark as African Americans. It is their hair that sets them apart. I see blacks with green hazel and blue eyes,where as I rarely see East Indians who look that way. And you also have blacks with distinguishable black features who have lighter hair. If anything blacks vary much more than East Indians or Asians Take a trip to the West Indies there are also spanish speaking blacks like myself. You see less physical variatios where it pertains to skin color, eye color among East Indians. When was the last time you saw a blue eyed East Indian. I have seen none to date. They are actually a darker race than blacks, since black oeople vary more than any other race. Go to Ethiopia, those Africans can be light with wavy, kinky hair. Educate yourself about genetics before you say suchma stereotypical statement. Btw I am lighter than most East Indians I have hazel eyes. Imam black, and there are plenty more out there who look like me. 🙂

        • Anon

          What black people do you mean? the SSAs? there are many indians with hazel eyes and green eyes. Duh. The colored eye originated from caucasus areas and those people moved to india. I dont know if you are taking about african americans since those people who have green eyes are rather mixed.

      • TamilGirl

        Please…an attitude like this is why people still internally hold on the caste system nonsense. A lot of indians are dark, like Mindy. South asians can really vary.

      • Yet ‘black’ isn’t a nationality, it’s the pigment of skin. If it resembles ‘black’ then it is more than fair to consider yourself ‘black’ as well, especially if you’re darker than the average ‘black’ person. Keep in mind that back in the day, even Indians would be considered ‘black’ and be mistreated…that tells you something.

      • Lydia M. Edwards

        What is that reason?

    • Treacle234

      You are right, some Indians do have very black skin/dark skin but their hair is naturally silky be it straight, curly or wavy. You would not find an Indian with kinky or tightly coiled hair.

      • beauty85

        yeah and aboriginals have silky hair!

      • oh yes you do……………….maybe some of the ones you see have permed their hair!!!!!!

      • Yah

        not true – see mr. sai baba for an indian with kinky hair – he wore an afro! pull up his picture anywhere o n google. madamenoire deleted my comment for some reason, but lots of south indians have kinky/curlyhair – like in kerala, tamil nadu, andhra pradesh, etc. i think sai baba is a tamil. also indian tribal people in the south have very similar hair to us. you nknow not of whatyou speak, Treacle234. No nsult, just saying.

        • Treacle234

          Sai Baba and those other South Indian tribes got silky hair and wooly hair. They do not have 4a/4b/4c tightly coiled hair that is dry and brittle. It is silky.

          • Yah

            ok, now your answer is ridiculous. with all the 4a/4b/4c crap. again, check a picture of sai baba and you’ll see nothing but an afro – a huge one at that. and many Black people have all types of different hair – some pure Africans (not of the Americas) have straight hair, silky hair, loose curl patterns, etc. Also, many Blacks, at least in the Americas, loosely curled hair, silky hair, etc. My sister for one. You’re ignorant and know nothing about black people!

            • monitorette

              the point is as there was mixing with whites and native americans, you cannot rule out the possibility that the loose curl patterns that some African Americans get come from those non Black ancestors.
              In Africa (except North Africa), the only place where some inhabitants (not all) do have loosely curl patterns is Ethiopia, Erythrea and Somalia, and there again, we know by history that there was mixing with some Semitic people in the High Antiquity.

              • Yah

                oh boy….face-palm. smdh

              • fakehair

                No there was no race mixing among those North African groups. Quit spewing racist, ignorant rhetoric. Those people are not racially mixed as far as their history goes so stop spreading lies and educate yourself.

            • Treacle234

              @Yah, Congratulations You WON. Now, kindly sit down, take a deep breath and quit replying to my posts. It is not that serious.

              • Yah

                who are u anyway?

          • fakehair

            Excuse me I have 3c 4 hair and it’s not dry and brittle, it is waist long, so talk what you know idiot.

      • fakehair

        There are also Africans with hair that’s less kinky. Black people’s hair varies.

    • Robbin12

      Nothing ironic about it and it’s true of any brown-hued ethnic group around the world. Just like we’re not the only people on the planet with kinky hair. You don’t get out much do you?

  • box

    ugh Jon b n channing do not look black at ALL. They just have swag. Only Rita n Rachel the rest darker skin but do not look black.

    • Kayo

      They just have swag? So is swag something you only associate with Black people?

      • Nothing better thatn BLACK!!


    • Yah

      Jon B and Channing Tatum look lije some ligh-skinned Blacks/African Americans. Manu Bennet doesn’t look Black to m. Rachel Roy. MIA and the Indian girl from “The Office” look like typical dark-skinned South Asians. South Asians look like Black people anyway, so they don’t have to be Black American to look Black. That’s just their look. They range from light to very dark – everybody knows alot of Indians look Black with straightish hair.

      • fakehair

        Channing does look black. Light skin maybe mixed? And I thought for years, he was Puert Rican.

        • MIA

          I thought he was light skinned for years lol.Rita looks very ethnic.

        • HoneyWord

          Channing claimed in an article that he had a blood relative that is African American. The first time I saw and heard him I thought he had a mixed ethnicity.

  • That’s a nice pic of Jon B.

  • This article is weird and I don’t know what to think of it. I think it displays a disconnect from the way people in America — and Americans who happen to be Black — think of racial identity in terms of either Black or White. It’s an extremely ineffective way of perceiving the world… Most people in the world are neither Black nor White.

    • PuraRicanQueen

      Amen. It’s offensive to call them black. It’s offensive to call them not black. It’s offensive to make an issue of it either way. Perfectly said, it displays a disconnect in the way America perceives racial identity.

    • lewisjm

      There’s no real disconnect – and us Americans who happen to be Black as you say, live with racial and institutional racism every day. White America thinks in terms of racial identity, White America continues today to think in terms of race – us Americans who happen to be Black have been struggling to change the concept, we don’t all think in those terms. So, from us Americans who happen to be Black – who don’t happen to think in terms of Black or White – say to you know us before you speak about us, all of us are not what you see on television or read about in the news-papers. Do you really know us to make a statement like that?

      • TheTruth

        You need serious therapy.

        • lewisjm

          Really, you’re in denial – point this topic was long ago. Therapy, sorry that’s your problem, not mine, live long enough and understand ur culture then you will understand. This is my last comment to you. Open your eyes.

          • Sara Jackson

            So, you commented 7 months ago, then returned 4 months later to comment again. Your point is invalid. You make no sense. Your spelling and grammar are horrible. Stop being ignorant.

      • youtellem

        @ Lewisjm Your argument is simply ridiculous!. There are racist people both in the white and black community. How can you say you don’t think in Black/white terms when you’re talking about a “white America”?!!!! Also, who are you to speak in behalf of “all Americans who happen to be black”? Do you know them all as well?! All colors have their share of good and bad, smart and dumb. I guess we know which group you belong to!!

        • First of all you’re an idiot – I have an opinion and I expressed it and if you think I speak on behalf of All Americans that’s your problem. Second – you need to learn the definition of racism and racist – and I stand by my statement that in the true definition of both words we African Americans are not ractist nor do we perpetuate racism – prejudice yes. And since you think you can pigeon hole me like so many uneducated people think they can – you need to widen your view of all things you accuse me of being ignorant of and then you can call me names, but until your exposure and knowledge increase – don’t you ever attempt to berate me or anyone else with your continued lack of knowledge. Take some courses on institutional racism and Black culture – you can start there.

          • fakehair

            I AGREE! Black people didn’t invent white supremacy, white people did.

      • Mike

        I beg to differ. It is blacks that are obsessed with race/color. Most whites are over race

        • fakehair

          Yeah ok keep on living in a delusional world.

        • t1oracle

          Pretending that people of other races don’t exist is just as harmful.

        • Ssik am

          Until you move next door to them or date their daughters lol.

        • Lydia M. Edwards


        • Lydia M. Edwards


      • greenearthman

        I posted my comment first, then found out that almost everyone agreed w/me. But you’re right about race in America. Slavery was this country’s original sin, and most people, especially of older generations will never get over it. I’m an old (mostly) white guy and know that’s a fact.

        • Lydia M. Edwards

          There were a lot of English and Irish slaves in the Americas before the end of the 18th century as well. The problems are because of the systematic oppression of a group based on identifiable characteristics that do not speak to the quality of the persons, despite the changes in legal social policies. Behaviors have to catch up to laws and ideals.

    • t1oracle

      It gets worse. Try being black in America with non-American roots/parents. Everyone wants to tell you about how you “don’t act black” or “you’re the whitest black guy I ever met!” Even if the culture you are expressing comes from the islands or even Africa itself.

      • Hello

        Oh lord give me a reason. I’m down on bended knee. I get tired of black people complaining about other black people not excepting them because they “act white”. I find that these people are usually bragging on themselves.

        • t1oracle

          If that is “bragging” to you then you have race perception issues. Regardless, they were just as often white as they were black. A lot of American’s don’t like foreign culture and expect black people to fit a stereotype.

          • Hello

            Girl bye, no one has to have race perception issues to know that blacks and their culture is lower on the chain of command. Is this fact true? No? But at the end of the day western culture reigns supreme. Just like straight, curly or soft long hair is more preferred than short nappy hair. So, I’m saying you’re bragging about being perceived as “different” or “special” because you don’t act like the average black person. Or you don’t have the same heritage as American blacks. At the end of the day you don’t want to “act black” you’re proud of “acting white.” Cause it your mind……………..and a lot of people’s minds, it makes you “special”.

            • t1oracle

              I am not female, and blacks aren’t lower on anything my father is Nigerian Igbo and had a PhD in physics. He wasn’t below anyone and neither am I or anyone in my family. That’s the problem with American’s, it’s like all of them want black people to fail, even the black ones. They set the lowest possible expectations and then insist that everyone with dark skin fulfills it.

              Regardless, I’m not here to brag about anything. I am a human being with the same blood that everyone else bleeds, God has given me nothing over anyone. I have my own culture from my unique heritage of African and West Indian. So if you feel the need to define that as “acting black” or “acting white,” then you have completely missed the plot and everything I have said just sailed miles above your head.

              The world is bigger than America. People of dark complexion exist outside of America and American culture. Until you can expand your mind to embrace that reality, you will live in ignorance.

              • Hello

                Listen girlfriend, I never said your family was below anyone’s. But that is the general consensus. Blacks are still considered as second class citizens in many respects……not all. Ever heard of racism? So stop bragging about your family lady. I never said I wanted blacks to fail. I never said being from the west indies was acting white or being educated was white. Your friends say you act white. I was just repeating what you said when you were bragging about your friends thinking you act white. By the way, you know being African and West India is not unique? I’m just saying. But go ahead calling yourself you unique. And where did I say Blacks or Africans don’t exist outside of America? Did I say that? Or is that your perception of me because I’m African American? Cause you know how ignorant we can be girl. Thank goodness you’re different. ……………..and special.

              • Hello

                Girlfriend, have you ever heard of racism? I don’t make the rules. But at the end of the day black people are still considered second class citizens. Whether they be rich, poor, educated or the President of the United States of America. We have rights, but we are still not fully embraced other races . I don’t care that your father was captured from Africa while looking for wood to fashion a drum, brought to America in chains and later your great grandfather wrote the book Roots. So miss me with that family history Kunta Jr, I’m well aware there are black doctors.

                I never said I wanted all blacks to fail. I never said being African and West Indian was acting white or black. Your friends said you act white. I was just repeating what you said. You know, when you were bragging about your friends saying you act like a white girl.

                Oh my goodness! Black people exist outside of the United States? Get out of here? All this time I thought black people originated from America, where enslaved by the Pilgrims, placed on boats, sailed the middle passage to Africa, then turned around and came back. Thanks for clarifying because you know how ignorant African Americans can be. Thank goodness your friends think you act like a white woman.

                • t1oracle

                  Stop calling me girlfriend, I’m a man.

                  Also, racists do not make the rules God does. I’m not a second class citizen nor is any other black person unless they choose to be, and no one in my lineage was a part of black slavery. The people who talk about “acting black” or “acting white” are not my friends, I don’t associate with racists.

                  You can play the victim status, but I’ll have no part in that. No one has to consider me to be anything, I define who am I by my own actions.

                  • Hello

                    Ma’am point is……………………….Acting black has a negative
                    connotation. Especially amongst other black people. No matter how many white boys listen to rap music and sag their skinny jeans. We are thought ( noticed I said thought not are) to be inferior in everything
                    intellectual, financial etc. So acting white or not acting black, as
                    insulting as it may be is still taken as a compliment to some. Because
                    the underlined implication of that statement is you’re not as ignorant
                    or closed minded or whatever as the “others”. Just like it is a
                    compliment to some black people if they look white, asian or hispanic.
                    So, though you complain. I think you sorta like the fact that people
                    think you act white or don’t act black. In so many words, The
                    lady doth protest too much, methinks………girl

                    • No Attitudes

                      @ Hello,
                      You sound like the stereotypical ANGRY black woman. Since you are so worried about what whites “think” of you, then why don’t you prove them wrong???

                    • Hello

                      I’m not a black woman, sir.

                    • Lydia M. Edwards

                      damn, Hello! You are brutal!

              • Lydia M. Edwards

                whoa there, Oracle! Wrong, wrong, and wrong again! My African American family, descended from the slaves you Igbos sold out, is full of highly educated and esteemed people. A Ph.D in Zoology, 4 B.S.s, in Chemistry, 3 Ed. Specialists, a Ph. D in Sociology, M.S. in Health Administration, B.Ss in Engineering and Economics, MBAs, and a slough of B.S.s in Education, with a Pediatrician thrown in for good measure. We are far from ignorant and have high expectations for ourselves, our children, and our friends. Do not believe everything that you hear in the media. Go to the REAL Black communities to see true African Americans, not those on the fringes.

                • t1oracle

                  I never said African American’s couldn’t do that, they can accomplish the same things I have. I’m not listening to the media either, I have my own personal experiences. I grew up in the DC area, I don’t need a lecture about “real black communities,” I lived in them most of my life. It wasn’t until got back from the Army that I had the money pick up and leave for a quiet neighborhood with a low crime rate. Also, the most successful and respected person in that neighborhood is the older African American guy who lives next door.

                  • Lydia M. Edwards

                    I wish you well, Oracle. I am glad that you have found a pleasant place to call your own. You know, as well as I do, that Black people are just as varied in their characteristics any other group of people. We range in color, abilities, and achievements. We are as light as Carol Channing and as dark as Sydney Poitier, We are as accomplished as Barack Obama and as failed as O.J. Simpson. This article just confirmed for me that race is silly because we don’t even have a definition for Black or White that doesn’t crumble with investigation. All the best to you and yours.

                    • t1oracle

                      Obama’s dad is from Kenya. His culture is as different from African American culture as mine is.

                    • Lydia M. Edwards

                      My point, exactly! (Obama did not grow up with his dad.) We all have different experiences. We are varied; not the same. He did spend much of his childhood in America as an African American youngster, however. He knows what it is to be perceived as Black in America.

                    • Hello

                      And is why you act like a white woman. Goodnight!

                  • Hello

                    Oh but thing is, you’re African American too. Yes you are. ……….you’re definitely American.

                • Hello

                  I’m glad someone understood what I was really trying to say. Even though I was acting silly. Also, I am really black. I just messing with Attitudes. For some reason oracle’s post came off pompous. It was the lines in oracle’s comments that I was reading between………not the actual comment.

  • Jade

    With the exception of Rachel Roy and Rita Ora, I think it’s pretty obvious that these people don’t have African ancestry!!

    • Bubbah

      EXCEPTION??!!?? Neither Rachel nor Rita would be mistaken for black. Crawl out from under that rock and become aware!!!

      • Jade

        Reading is fundamental! I said “African ANCESTRY”. If either of those women said they had a black great/grandparent or something, nobody would be surprised.

        • People wake up. EVERYONE comes from Africa. If you don’t believe the Bible, at least believe the scientists. It is only by adaptation of the past thousands of years that people have come to look the way they do. And if you’ll observe, people have similar features and characteristics across the races and countries. Take a look.

          • TheTruth

            I think what you mean is everyone has a common ancestor from Africa. Obviously someone born in Asia, Europe, Australia or the Americas come from there and not Africa.

            • Taryn Bryant

              Same duck. Well stated.

          • BekkyShambles

            oh my gosh you did not just make an article written for black people about non-black people by going back millions of years you didn’t oh mercy no

    • danxjr

      I agree with you. I actually have a cousin that looks like ROY. I thought Ora was a lightskinned sister or hispanic .

  • baddvixentype

    none of these ppl looked black to me (0_o)???

    • Treacle234

      Amen, they don’t look black to me either.

      • *Star*Bryte*

        exactly, they look exactly like their DNA says they do, some could “possibly” pass for biracial but i never thought any of them were. . .

      • Jane Vain

        Mindy Kaling looks 102% Indian to me. How can she be considered black.

        • Treacle234

          Ask the author of the article. May be it’s because she is dark skinned.

          • Jane Vain

            This is going to sound crazy, but Indians with darker skin is different to a person of African decent. Indians don’t have the smoothness.

            • ell

              This is the only country on earth where everyone is hung up on RACE. Get over it people there is only one heaven and one hell and we will all be there to gather. FOREVER…..

              • Jane Vain

                What the f**k are you on about?

              • QUEEN


              • hangs with junk out

                you get over it, it’s a harmless blog that is obviously written by a retard!

              • Eloise Lewis

                ABSOLUTELY! SO SICK OF IT!

              • We are NOT the same race. DNA and BLOOD TYPE doesn’t lie. Keep deluding yourself.

                • Denyce Lewis

                  Race is a social construct. We ALL are of different nationalities, ethnicities, and cultures ORIGINATING FROM AFRICA.

              • Denyce Lewis

                Your post reminds me of something I heard from an African-American (Brazil – as in America – “South”). Brazil claims to be colorless (or some other phrase that translates into not being hung up on RACE). His comment was, “ask the police; they know who’s Black”. The world is hung up on race, nationality, and/or color.

              • rosemarj

                This isn’t the only country, trust me. I so agree that racism needs to end.

              • Linsee

                well seems how the point isnt about race rather than skintone ( last i checked “black” wasnt a race. )i dont think anyone is hung up on race here. people are merely pointing out the obvious, which includes the “author”s stupidity.

            • jo

              some indians have really smooth skin, they have different lips and nose

              • Keekee

                Black is a colour not a texture. Very dark skinned Indians who look Black in complexion, are Black. Many even refer to themselves as Black. They are not African American, which may be confusing you. Why the definitions of white and black become so confusing is because no one is white or black:; the terms are inventions made up for political reasons. People were once identified by their heritages, their national and ethnic, clan or tribal identities. There is no “Blackland”, there is Africa – there is no “Whiteland, there is Europe, no “Brownland” there is Asia, and so on. It is wrong to spout off opinions without study, it creates chaos which creates racial tension, which results in violence. This publication should be ashamed of perpetuating ignorance just to make a buck. You owe it to yourselves to educate yourselves. The whole world will become brighter!

                • Papo Francescoli

                  I agree with you KeeKee. Indians are black, brown and any other color. There are some white Indians. Here is the problem, there is a lot of people who don’t know the difference between nationalities and skin color. There is a lot of people I know in Puerto Rico that are very light skin and they call themselves white because they do not want to associate with the color black. Mind you, a high percentage of them have black Puerto Rican parents.
                  Some African Americans make statements like Blacks and Puerto Ricans not knowing that Puerto Ricco have black and many mixture of people. and their culture is mainly African.
                  Thank you

                  • Hot Medusa

                    “White Indians?” I’ve yet to see that.

                    • BooBooBaby

                      Really? I have seen many!

                    • Hot Medusa

                      You’ve seen many what sweetheart? You must be fairly “young” lol, because there is no such thing as a “White-Indian; nor a, “Black-Indian”…and being that I am, Native American, I am almost offended.

                      It’s funny how incredibly poorly the white man thought of “Indians”. They treated us horribly and wanted nothing to do with Us; they just uprooted us from our homes and lands… Now suddenly, it is fashionable to claim NA-blood, so a lot of fake-ass, Lily-white people are running around making phony claims about having NA-blood; and yet they are still fully identifying as white! And I for one, cannot stand that sh*t!!

                    • boomsy

                      I can’t speak for BooBooBaby, but I think she was referring to asian Indians (as in actually from India) as opposed to Native Americans. And yes, many of the ‘higher caste’ Indians tend to be fairer skinned; it’s a sign that they don’t have to work as hard as the average person. Most female Bollywood stars would fall in that category.

                    • Laura Ann

                      I’m with you LOL! I thought he or she was talking about Asian Indians as well.

                    • jen

                      Yes, and lots of Indians are making money over money on the casinos and aren’t sharing it with you. No race is all good and no race is all bad. When you have grandkids who have many different racial DNA’s you get it.

                    • Laura Ann

                      They’re not talking about Native American Indians, they were talking about Asian Indians. There is a geographical, not to mention cultural difference between the two ethnicity is there not?

                    • Nadia Bidnes

                      In reality, no. The Indians we have here, walked over from Asia about 14,000 years ago. So, they’re all Asian Indians, and there’s no such thing as a “Native American”

                    • amber

                      my step children are indian (amerivan indian) and they are both very white. almost paler then me and Im a redheaded irish girl

                    • Fiona Blair

                      yes, Metis.

                  • Jessica Mar

                    Are you stupied Puerto Ricans where created by a European man the Spaniard man. Puerto Ricans vary depending on their ancestors. Some Spaniards did have sex with there slaves and they are the ones who slaughtered the taino Indian man and stole their women. The Puerto Rican culture does have some African but some Puerto Ricans are taino and Spaniard. It’s a very exotic race with many blonde hair and green and blue eyed people. White is just a classification in America. If you have European blood or Indian blood or African blood it is what it’s. Italians have big noses and olive skin they also have black in them. When they started mixing with Irish and polish that’s when they became white. Italians look like native Americans.Some even black.

                    • Tyler

                      you win the “I don’t know history award” Puerto Rican culture is heavily African.I’ve been to PR..a lot of the people looked black or mixed with black.The whole European spill you did is just wrong.Please stop misleading people.

                    • BooBooBaby

                      Obviously, you either didn’t really go to Puerto Rico or you are in complete denied!

                    • ccampbell

                      i think jessica mar is pretty spot on.

                    • jen

                      It all get complicated. Spanish are hispanics and Italians are latin, so aren’t they all the same as the Mexicans?

                    • Anon

                      I wonder why Puerto Ricans deny the black background. And Italains are black? lol. Wake up dear.

                    • Joanna Vandenbring

                      Yes, I live in Italy, I don’t understand why Americans keep mixing up Italians with lily white, they’re generally not; that’s why Australia wouldn’t let them immigrate until 1962 because not white enough. Their dna is very mixed; in the north more similar to “average” Europeans, in the south more similar to Levantines, Arabs and North Africans.

            • Guest

              amen to taht

            • Rodney Bango

              exactly it doesnt sound crazy thats exactly how it is its two different skin tones

        • Trock

          Native Americans and Indians are of Asian and African descent.

          • Kassy

            Indians are of African decent? So is everybody if you go back far enough….

          • Jane Vain

            No you’re just being silly. She is not African and doesn’t represent African women. Stop being so desperate.

            • shakyb

              Jane you really need to do your research.

          • BooBooBaby

            Native Americans are of Asian descent!

            • The ‘RED INDIAN’ is a by-product of AMALGAMATION between West AfRAkans who are INDIGENOUS to the Americas and the CHINESE who migrated to North America.

              • lis

                Thank -you, for that I use the same term all the time BY-Product. Over 70 percent of black people in America are By-products. I find it so crazy that we look in the mirror and only see west Africa furthermore biology has nothing to do with politics love hate or nation-ism or border. you better believe people in India have Africa blood problem as much or more then some Africa America’s

        • Tipopinions

          Indians by ethnicity black by contrast…

          • Jane Vain

            Black is of African decent. Like white means European. So, I don’t know what you are on about.

            • Morgan

              Shut up fatty. @Jane Vain

              • Jane Vain

                Fatty!? I I’d offered…’d eat out.

              • Porsha

                @Morgan, ahhh… mad? I know why you are mad, it is cause You are an Ugly Fat Troll! Hope you had a (c)rappy Christmas. … miserable troll!

            • 42tribes

              Black is a color India is a place. An ethnicity is whatever we want to make of it

              DJ Khaled being a Palestinian has ancient ancestors from Africa. Just like many Americans.

              • BLACK is the color of your MIND, the color of SPIRIT, the color of the DARK UNIVERSE and the SOURCE from which ALL existences emerge–cosmogonically, cosmologically, physiologically, etc. Without CARBON-BLACKNESS, there would be no LIFE or LIGHT.

                Ethnicity is your blood line aka tribe/clan/root.

            • FromTokyo

              Ah, the troubles of not knowing the difference between race and ethnicity.

            • “Black is of African decent.” <–You are correct, Jane Vain. AfRAkan DNA is the ORIGINAL SOURCE for Black/Dark. Extreme hue variations among Blacks is caused by the transfer of recessive genes through amalgamation with non-Blacks. Permanent depigmentation (a form of albinism) is a recessive genetic trait of Caucasian/Asian DNA.

          • Jane Vain

            Indian skin complexion is not the same as a black person.

            • Lydia M. Edwards

              That depends on your definition of a Black person. I have people in my family who are very fair skinned and some who are darker complexions with everything in between too. My Dad was almost detained in Mexico because they thought he was Mestizo. He had to show 3 IDs to get out of there. My sister in law is more fair than many Caucasians. Does it really matter anyway?

              • Jane Vain

                It’s not about light are dark within the black community. What I meant is Indian skin doesn’t age as well and doesn’t look the same.

                • fluffybunny

                  What an idiotic statement. Either you’ve got something against people of Indian descent (first attempt: ‘their skin is not as smooth’, second attempt: ‘they don’t age as well’, any third attempts genius?), or you’re a prime example of another uneducated idiot. I’m not sure which is more disappointing really..

                  Try reading a science journal for once, you might actually learn a new word as well as the fact that what you’re saying is quite stupid.

                • shakyb

                  You still stupid!!

              • history

                Yeah because blacks in america and most part are mix already other wise there woudlnt be the color variety

            • shakyb

              Please do not respond to Stupid Jane, she is a Troll.

        • Anjalli

          150% indian/south asian person here, just wanna say that we are not african.
          we are divided into three type, indo-aryan (the light skinned ones) who have migrated from europe long ago, mongoloid (people who resemble more east asian who are most often situated in north india/west bengal/north bengal) and dravidian people who are native to south asia (they have darker skin, are more often of tamil descent and can be found in south india/sri lanka)

          we are not african, we are more likely to be mongoloid or caucasian than african…. (unfortunately….becausse caucasian people are really…)

          • Paul

            Caucasian people are really what?!

            • Caucasian people are a GENETIC MUTATION of PRIME BASE BLACK O-Blood ORIGINS. They originate on the Asian continent. CAUCASUS-ASIAN. They are also PRIMATE-HYBRIDS. Ask them their blood type and RH factor (Rhesus Monkey Antigen).

              Blood Type A: Chimpanzee
              Blood Type B: Gorilla
              Blood Type O (ZERO): PRIME BASE/INDIGENOUS/Non-Animal

            • Ariem

              annoying and have had always a tendency to colonize and destroy cultures and people.
              (also! when i said caucasian, i meant white european. just so we are clear… because i think a lot of people didnt understand what i meant)

              • jen

                Maybe because they are smarter than the cultures they are destroying and they have no patience for stupidity.

          • Lydia M. Edwards

            What race you are depends on the classification system that you are using. It is a social construct so it is reliant upon your social situation.

            • abqblondie2

              Americans classify Black as a race, when they mean negro. East Indians and Australian Aboriganies are also black, just not negro. African American is also NOT a race designation, as there are Arab Africans (Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt) Negro Africans (Kenya, Nigeria, Chad, Congo and many more countries) and Caucasian Africans, ( South Africa, Zaire, Zimbabwee) So Africans are many colors. African American is not a legal definition of race.

              • Lydia M. Edwards

                Again, race is a social construct. It has no biological basis. There are many classification systems that group people differently. Folks tend to use the system that supports their best interests.

                • Race and skin pigmentation/depigmentation is a matter of GENETIC PERMUTATIONS. Both are USED as social constructs to execute discrimination, exclusion and genocide. My genetic code and phenotype is OBVIOUSLY AfRAkan. There is no way I can be mistaken for one of the APE-HERITAGE (A/B/AB TYPE), STRAIGHT-HAIRED, MUTATED GENETIC RECESSIVE SPECIES from the Asian continent.

                  I am Black. I am AfRAkan–of West AfRAkan lineages. I do not recognize the scientific competence or intelligence of those who dismiss the FACTS that DNA and BLOOD TYPES provide.

                  What I do KNOW is that INDIGENOUS BLACKS are PRIME BASE. And everyone else is a mutated doppleganger of AfRAkan DNA–with animal hybridization not found in unmixed AfRAkan DNA.

              • Shiloh D’almeida Goveia

                You know Zaire and Congo are the same country right? congolese person other here

              • The GENETIC SOURCE CODE on THIS planet is AfRAkan DNA O-Blood. AfRAkan Americans predominantly possess AfRAkan DNA. AfRAkan DNA produces GENETIC DIVERSITY and is the ORIGINAL TEMPLATE from which the mutated genetic recessive races (A/B/AB types) were formed. It is DNA–specifically genetic coding through permutations– that differentiates race. AfRAkan DNA is complete–in and of itself. AfRAkan DNA has regenerative qualities. The DNA of mutant genetic recessives has degenerative qualities. Geography does NOT determine race or ancestry/heritage. A Caucasoid AfRAkan? Oh, the irony…and absurdity!

                Skin color is either pigmented or depigmented. Pigmentation is the DEFAULT. PIGMENTATION is a normal occurrence within plants, creatures and people. DEPIGMENTATION is a DEFECT and a recessive trait. Recessive genes are defects. Epidermal changes are based on melanocyte production levels of melanin in which the Tyrosine gene is KEY. A defective Tyrosine gene results in ALBINISM (depigmentation).

                People would be smarter and wiser if they expanded their competence of CELLS–where DNA resides within each nucleus.

                • Lydia M. Edwards

                  Africans were the first people on earth. I agree. Everyone else resulted from them. No argument. Apart from the base, no other “race” exists; therefore, all other “races” are social constructs with no scientific basis.

                  • “Apart from the base, no other “race” exists; therefore, all other “races” are social constructs with no scientific basis.” <–Can ANY of the mutant genetic recessive races produce PRIME BASE ORIGINS? Or are they GENETICALLY CODED to REPRODUCE their own likeness? Have you not considered the forensic evidence of BLOOD TYPE DIFFERENTIATION? AfRAkan DNA, by default, is Type O. Yet, the genetic recessives have blood types (A/B/AB) that originate from PRIMATES. The RH factor comes from PRIMATES. Who do you think you're fooling spreading deceptions?

                    • chichi_von_b

                      The RH factor is so named because it was first observed in Rhesus monkeys. Hispanics have a much higher rate of Type O than African Americans (53% vs 47%) and Caucasians and Asians are about the same rate of Type O (~37%). Blood types O and AB are groupings of (A, B, A-, B-, A+, B+) while groups A and B appear to be original groups. Chimps and gorillas have minimal O group, never B or A respectively and neither have AB. This stuff is fascinating – much like the study of melanin alleles…good times, thanks.

                  • Please stop parroting nonsense propagated by CAUCASIAN PATHOLOGY and THINK for yourself. EVERYTHING that exists in this SOLAR UNIVERSE–naturally–has a SCIENTIFIC BASIS.

                    Stop hiding behind your intelligence. Your ancestral DNA embodies GREATNESS and is the reason why others enjoy the materialism they possess today.

                    • Lydia M. Edwards

                      I always think for myself. What I write, is what I mean. I leave nothing for confusion.

                    • There is not only confusion in what you wrote, but your genetic competence is questionable. No competent individual with normal-working optical organs and an understanding of cells, which contain DNA in every nucleus, and blood type would say there are no distinctions of race…when it is obvious.

                      I’m certain you meant what you said, but you didn’t think it through logically NOR scientifically. The first I’ve heard that there was no such thing as ‘race’ came from Caucasians. Whenever I challenge this silly notion with the facts of DNA and blood type, I do not get an argument. I see through the subterfuge. I understand the agenda. Just be honest and say the objective is to ‘blend’ everyone into a beige utopia and blur racial identities.

                      Wishful thinking though…

                      There IS a difference between those whose DNA APPEARED vs those whose DNA was FORMED. Stop lying for the Caucasian.

                    • Lydia M. Edwards

                      Clearly, you have a lot invested in your views. Hold on tight then. You haven’t convinced me of anything but that you are extremely hostile.

                    • @Lydia – Please provide non-deceptive, non-contradictory facts that there is no such thing as race. You are more than welcome to refute any of the non-deceptions I’ve posted. I don’t need to convince you of anything. There was no evidence within any of your posts that you have genetic competence. There is no evidence [in your writings] to support that you can differentiate a fact from a truth and a lie from a deception.

                      So…instead of countering with information about DNA and blood type that supports YOUR claim that we’re all the SAME—just one HUMAN race, you invent a distraction about YOUR perception of ‘hostility’ in my communications.

                      You may not like my use of English syntax. My writing style is accurate and unforgiving. I don’t write to be liked or to be popular. I don’t mess around with surface logic. I go to the root and kill the source deceptions. So, the ‘hostility’ you are ‘hearing’ in your head is because I don’t allow b.s. My syntax deliveries shut out bullschitt, assumptions, crass opinions, presumptions, theories, hypotheses, beliefs, philosophies, etc.

                      I write PURPOSEFULLY. Emotions and egos are moot. They are irrelevant and take a backseat to NON-DECEPTIONS.

                      That’s why I told you to stop hiding behind your intelligence. There was no malice in that statement. Your thinking potentials are RESTRICTED with knowledge. Your thinking potentials EXPAND exponentially and infinitely with UNDERSTANDING. You have qualities within you that you are not engaging. You are born with innate wisdom, but there is no synchronization between your MIND, brain and memory. At this point, I digress.

                    • Lydia M. Edwards

                      I don’t have to present the evidence. You already have done so. You stated yourself that all DNA beyond that of the “AfRAkan” is mutations and recessive genes; which is confirmation that we are all one race. You gave the evidence.

                    • Let’s cancel deceptions. Is a mutation the SAME as the ORIGINAL TEMPLATE? What CAUSED those mutations? Why are there genetic attributes expressed in recessive DNA defections that do NOT exist in AfRAkan DNA–and vice versa–if we’re all the same? More importantly, why did you leave out BLOOD TYPE, Lydia? This was the KEY in differentiating those who have ANIMAL HYBRIDIZATION within their DNA ratios and those who don’t. What is REALLY peculiar is that you didn’t QUESTION it. Your thinking is deceptive and superficial. Quit deluding yourself that you are scientifically competent.

                      It is unnecessary to continue dialogue with you. You are not truthful in your thinking. You are unaware that you are ignorant beyond your experiences. You are more concerned with ‘feelings’ in how messages are conveyed instead of facts. I get it.

                    • Lydia M. Edwards

                      I am fine with discontinuing our conversation. You have it all figured out. You know the difference between the terms race, species, subspecies, trait, and characteristics, as well as how they relate to this topic presently and historicly.

            • abqblondie2

              Americans classify Black as a race, when they mean negro. East Indians and Australian Aboriganies are also black, just not negro. African American is also NOT a race designation, as there are Arab Africans (Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt) Negro Africans (Kenya, Nigeria, Chad, Congo and many more countries) and Caucasian Africans, ( South Africa, Zaire, Zimbabwee) So Africans are many colors. African American is not a legal definition of race.

            • Ariem

              True, you are correct! but i meant in a sense of, well, to say that dravidian indians are not black, and saying so would be offensive because it will erase their identity and sufferings as dravidian people; india’s native people.
              HOWEVER i am not saying that there aren’t any black indians/desi, because they certainly do exists. i believe, some people from the caribbean have indian/desi ancestry somewhere in between because i believe many indian/desi labourers were sent there, around 19th centuary.
              but please do not call dravidian people black/african, because it would taking away their identity. :c

              • Lydia M. Edwards

                OK. I understand.

              • Khad

                You’re right D. I’m ignorant of the different ways in which Indians are classed so I’m not sure of which group dominates in genes of Caribbeans. But I can definitely say that in the Black Caribbean islands there are quite a lot of people of Indian decent, I being one of them (great- granddad was Indian). In the Caribbean we tend to call people that are of a direct Indian (At least, I’ve always assumed them to be Indian or more generally, South Asian, due to their complexion and features) decent, ‘coolie’, ahaa.

                • Khad

                  I should probably take away the ‘ahaa’ at the end. It’s used casually and in a light- hearted way in Jamaica that I haven’t witnessed anyone to be upset by, but it is in fact a racial slur that some consider to be offensive :3

                • Ariem

                  oh…. well, the word c**lie is actually a derogatory slur and an insult first appointed by the british and then the western civilization to dehumanize and insult people of indian subcontinent…. a lot of us desi people actually find that word to be offensive…

        • Michelle Gaines

          Jane Vain looks black.

    • Kitsy

      You’re not the only one! I’m not sure whether to laugh or be offended by this article.

      • Same here! Idk whethere I should be pissed off that the writer thinks we’re stupid wnough to think everyone with a non-pink hue is black, or whether I should laugh and chalk it up to slow newsy day. I’m leaning towards being pissed, lol.

        • Tomii

          I was looking at each picture thinking they were going to give me one that made sense, instead I found myself smh and being frustrated. Just because someone has some pigment or maybe even a little soul (Jon B) does not mean they are black.

          • I think it displays a disconnect from the way people in America — and
            Americans who happen to be Black — think of racial identity in terms of
            either Black or White. I am beautiful woman and I love good
            man…..inter racial romance is my dream… so I joined —blackwhitеPlanet.С0M—–it’s where to- connect with beautiful and excellent
            people! It’s an extremely ineffective way of perceiving
            the world… Most people in the world are neither Black nor White.

          • Lydia M. Edwards

            If you don’t want him to be Black, then he isn’t. If you wanted him to be, you could dig far enough into his family backgroundbackground to make it so.

        • Ona Luna

          “Non-pink hue” made me giggle.

      • JN31

        Right! How stupid do they take people for? Like we don’t know what people from other parts of the world look like. If anyone is surprised by this, they seriously need to get out more. And MN also needs to get some writers who aren’t condescending to people’s knowledge of geography.

        • de (UK)

          Oh.. Thank Goodness. I was looking at this pics and saying to myself ‘I tnever thought they were black!, hmmmm maybe its an American thing and maybe americans are not as exposed as Europeans.’ But then I read these comments! whewwww. I was worried there for a minute!

      • baybeK8s

        Thanks for letting me know I am not crazy. I thought something was wrong with ME.

      • You’re not the only two!!

      • Diamond Royale

        The worst one was Channing Tatum…wtf????? Who could be retarded enough to think he’s black?? smh

        • Lydia M. Edwards

          That reasoning is why so many Black people like Carol Channing have passed for White for hundreds of years. This is silly anyway; this whole ‘race’ thing. We are all of the human race.

          • Marisol

            Lee Van Cleef is another that passed for years. It was always pretty obvious to me, as he rarely took his hat off. In case you don’t know who he is, he’s the one who played The Ugly, in Clint Eastwoods’s The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

            • Kassy

              Both his parents were Dutch. Not sure what your talking about?

              • Marisol

                His mother was Dutch and his father was Black and Native American. I don’t know what bio you read. Besides, I have never seen a dark complexion Dutchman with kinky hair.

                • pasro

                  Lee Van Cleef was about as Dutch as you can be. His paternal linage is as follows:

                  Jan Van Cleef (1627-1699) of New Utrecht, NY m. Engelitje Laurens Pietersen
                  their son Benjamin Van Cleef m.Hendrickje Sutphen
                  their son Laurens Van Cleef m. Jannetje Laan
                  their son Isaac Van Cleef m. Dorcas Pumyea
                  their son Isaac Van Cleef m. Mary Van Cleef
                  their son John I. Van Cleef m. Elizabeth Wyckoff Van Doren
                  their son Isaac Newton Van Cleef m. Annie Maria Hoagland
                  their son Clarence V. Van Cleef m. Alice A. Apgar
                  their son Clarence Leroy Van Cleef, Sr. m. Marion Lavinia Van Fleet
                  their son Clarence Leroy Van Cleef, Jr. was the actor known as Lee Van Cleef

                  Which one of these people introduced the Black and Native American blood into his family, as you claim?

              • Marisol

                And by the way Kassy….His real name is Clarence LEROY Van Cleef. Can’t get any blacker than that…lol

                • bardee

                  His father was Dutch. You’ve clearly not been around many Dutch people if you have never seen one with a darker complexion or curly hair.
                  “His real name is Clarence LEROY Van Cleef. Can’t get any blacker than that…lol”
                  Basing someone’s ethnicity on their name is rather racist, but if you’re going down that road, it’s seems worth pointing out that “Van *****” is a fairly common DUTCH last name.

                  • Marisol

                    Bardee, basing someone’s ethnicity on their name is only racist if you hold it against them. See, I wasn’t thinking that way. Perhaps you were

                    • bardee

                      Right….go on stereo typing and then acting like you’re not part of the problem. You seem very good at it.

        • “Retarded”? That’s pretty strong language. Do you not know how many white-passing Black people there’ve been through history? Adam Clayton Powell, Kathleen Cleaver, Fredi Washington being a few of them? It’s nothing that insanely ‘unusual’.

          • Hot Medusa

            You don’t look White to me. But you’re right, there are lots and lots of Black people who are fair-skinned to the point that they are assumed to be White. One of my best friends in fact has white skin, blond hair and blue eyes, but identifies as Black…

            • That’s wonderful! I’m very proud of who I am, it’s good to know people can recognize it in me. 🙂

              And yep, there’ve been lots of people like your friend throughout African-American history. That’s why it never surprises or shocks me to see folks who are Black/mixed-race but don’t necessarily look it. Genetics can be a random game sometimes, LOL.

    • Laksh

      thanks! I was thinking the same while scrolling these 9 pages…. SMDH

    • Me neither. I think now they’re just groping for something to write about.

    • Maldrie

      I was about to say the same thing: EPIC FAIL! There is a difference between “sounding Black” and acting with Black people.

      • vibez

        how does one act black, black like who? many different types of blacks in the world and different cultures of blacks in the UNITED STATES now adays

        • Carlton Jordan

          dont act like you dont know silly.

          • Jayme Franklin

            One knows when they shoot (in the back) an innocent Aussie baseball player, or beat an elderly war veteran (Delbert Belton) to death with flashlights.
            Negroes “fight” in groups bc they’re ponks.

        • Jose Moreno

          Take a wild guess genius. Pick any rapper and ask yourself if they sound British

          • vibez

            Oh and BTW there are a few british rappers who are black IN THE U.S

            • Jose Moreno

              No kidding?

          • Billz

            Slick Rick… Look him up if you have too!

        • Taryn Bryant

          Thank you. What I think some of them mean by “acting black” means acting ignorantly. No black person, no matter where they lived, ever acted like that when I was growing up.

          • Kingsie

            But that’s not true for everyone.

            • HabibtiKhalisa

              Yeah, but it’s not behavior exclusive to blacks!

    • Star Power!

      I agree with @baddvixentype.

    • magny7

      Bah, most of the african people are brown by PANTONE standard 😀

      • Hot Medusa

        LOL…good one 🙂

    • Coco black

      Thank you?!?!?…..what on earth is the writer talking about? the only one I was unsure about is Rita Ora..I assumed she was mixed but all the others are clearly NOT black. What a dumb article!

      • linda

        Albanian is a nationality not a ethnic group, overseas most ppl just say their nationality origin rather than black or white.

        • Tarik Asim

          exactly! People always ask me what my nationality is and when I say American, they look confused! LOL. When my beard is thick, they think I’m Latino or Middle Eastern. When I’m clean shaven, they think I’m white. When I have a tan, it’s Puerto Rican/Latino or mixed. I have to explain ethnicity with nationality. Ethnicity is African American/Scotch Irish/Cherokee

          • RobinMezansky

            I like your comment. You are living proof of the fact that we are all related when you come right down to it. And why do people ask, “What nationality are you?” for, anyway? What difference would your answer make, I wonder? It seems like a question that wouldn’t matter to people who you’re better off being with.

          • Syd

            Lol exactly I’ve said the same thing and they all like “no no what’s your race?” I just stare and say “Human?”

            • Syd

              **they are all like

          • Hot Medusa

            Ugh! Scotch is a drink, not an ethnicity. You are either Scots or Scottish.

        • distlefink

          Kosovo isn’t in Albania; she may be Albanian but it isn’t because she was born there.

          • Anne

            Yep, like saying I was born in Africa, so I’m black.

            • vibez

              wrong you would be whatever african country you were born in then whatever ethnic or tribal group you come from

            • Taryn Bryant

              Most Africans hate being called black, so careful.

              • Rebelmind

                “MOST” Africans hate being called black, thats the most ig-nant ish I’ve heard. Here I am writing this from NIGERIA (the largest black country in the world) where most people consider themselves black as most Africans elsewhere do. So Taryn say “most Africans” YOU know.

                • Taryn Bryant

                  Cab driver from the Congo. We had a nice chat. He’s the one that said they prefer “African” so back off.

                  • xoxoT

                    you’re right lol don’t mind rebel mind. I’m nigerian also & most africans prefer to be called by their country’s name

                    • Taryn Bryant

                      Thank you. That was the point I was trying to make.

              • Jayme Franklin

                Most blacks hate being called black.

                • Taryn Bryant

                  Hahahaha. I think you may be right.

              • sue me

                I’m african and we call ourselves black wtf?

          • Aurelia

            Huh. Well, whether or not she was born in Albania she couldn’t have been born in independent Kosovo, because it didn’t exist until 2008. If she was born in pre-independence Kosovo, that area was Serbian territory at the time.
            The point, as you seem to acknowledge, is that she can be ethnically Albanian no matter where she was born, despite what poor Linda thinks.

          • duke

            90% of the people in kosovo are ethnically Albanian, that’s what they mean

        • Aurelia

          Albanian is both a nationality and an ethnic group. The article’s assertion that Rita Oro is Albanian because she was born in Kosovo is incorrect, although the odds are good given that 90% of Kosovars are Albanian. However, if she was born in Kosovo (which was not an independent state until 2008), she would have been Serbian by nationality.

          The point is, she can be ethnically Albanian no matter where she was born.
          Also not sure what you mean by “overseas.” Plenty of people identify as black or white (or another race) in other countries.
          Guess this was posted 5 months ago; why am I bothering?

          • duke

            They mean she’s ethnically Albanian not Albanian citizenship, that was pretty clear?

        • Jennifer Hagan

          However you have ethnic Albanians. French, German, etc are nationalities too.

        • d

          Thank you!!!!! Its like saying she British! Has nothing to do with ethnicity, just nationality. Dumb dumb dumb

      • Mr.K

        I agree this article is pretty stupid… “Black people” what does it mean? Hindu people do have darker skin (real black/brown) but I wouldnt have a hard time making the difference between latinos, hindu or let say african origins for example? What a waste of time…

    • in my best Madea voice….”not NAM one!”. we are not so dumb to think that all dark people are black.

      • Lydia M. Edwards

        that is one of the characteristics of being Black…darker skin, swarthy, olive completion, caremel, brown, black

        • Taryn Bryant

          Not really. I know plenty of blacks who are extremely light and many other nationalities who are very dark. What about some Vietnamese, Koreans, Indians, Hawaiians, Aborigonies, and the number keeps on. Dark people are all over the world who are not black.

          • u are confused and racist too

            stop talking that people are dark and not black,,…so when you wear a black sweater do you say the black sweater is not really black? do yu hear yourself? you are living in a world of confusion. read Psalm 1:1

            • Taryn Bryant

              I said that there are people who have dark skin are all over the world who are not considered black. Learn to read, rage-aholic. It seems to me as if you like to go around misinterpreting things and running off on a tangent. Prov. 4:7. And in all thy getting, get understanding.

          • Lydia M. Edwards

            Well, that depends on who you ask.


        all dark people are black negroes..yes they are stop this stupidity! Now let us start again CLASS you racist divide and conquer by your racist blog….If an Indian or Spanish person has skin that is black that person is a negro. That is it. If you can stand in the dark and I can’t see you you are a negro. Culture is different….black skin is there are no such thing as calling these people brown. My grandfather is lighter than anyone of these people you call BROWN….but you would still call him a Negro cause his mother is black…so stop it. My grandfather is half black and is the skin and hair of an Irish man.,,,,so why this divide and conquer. This is not India…..stop creating a caste system….black skin is black skin. You ignorant people.. And don’t start that issue about NAPPY HAIR!READ YOUR BIBLE AND STOP THE NEGATIVE TOPICS. PEOPLE ARE STARVING IN INDIA AND THEY HAVE BLACKER SKIN THAN MINE! PEOPLE ARE STARVING IN AFRICA AND MAY HAVE LIGHTER SKIN THAN AND INDIAN….BUT GUESS WHAT STARVATION IS STILL STARVATION!

        • Jessica2248

          wtf are you talking about? i haven’t “created” anything! and i didn’t call anyone brown! you are going off on a rage fueled tangent and have no clue what you are talking about. and i am not going to go back and forth with you on this topic, because what you think don’t change nothing. good night!

        • Hot Medusa


    • T_Rocka1975

      Right (0_o)

      • Stop that Brown/black crap

        this is utter nonsense…my grandfather is half white and looks white so what do you call him? my mother is a lovely walnut complexion. I am the color of milk chocolate. So what is this stupidness of brown people and white people and celebrities. Look if and Indian person is darker than my grandfather is halfwhite you waste time on this dumb discussion. Black skin is black skin, The woman who has black skin is the same black color as me. The one named Roy that does high end clothing designs. Stop dividing people according to race. Cause my grandfather is white skinned so should you say he is NOT BLACK./ Stop the nonsense. Rihana is light skinned.,,so who is black who is brown. Rihana brown or black in comparison to those people you show. So negative. have a blessed day

    • Deanna

      with the exception of Rita Ora – NONE looked black to me either – however, I’m still not sure about Rita…the article tries to make it sound as if no one with African roots ever crossed over into Albanian territory…really? Not convinced!

      • duke

        no, the article is making it sound that rita ora is Albanian without close black ancestry, they are not referring to anyone else in the country

        • Lydia M. Edwards

          There are Black Albanians.

      • cc

        yea im pretty sure she has african ancestry the moors were in spain for a long time they probably went all over europe

    • Guest


    • BrandieK

      Me either!

    • quietstorm

      I know right.
      I’m having a very hard time seeing how any of them look remotely black!!!

      • Lydia M. Edwards

        If they don’t look Black, they are not Black. It doesn’t matter what you are if your appearance says otherwise. You will be treated according to how you are precieved.


          According to biologist and anthropologist there is more variation within the so called races than across them; making race a social concept not a biological one. Which makes your statement true as far as an individuals interactions with the outside world are concerned. Of course there is also the issue of culture which effects the way we process information i.e. think and feel. So its almost like some could be of two “races” even if they are not technically “mixed”, the “race” they are seen as and the “race” or ethnicity that they grew up in (should the two not match up to the general public’s expectations). Being aware of this can be frustrating or empowering depending on the situation.

    • Ssik am

      I knew that Rita Ora was Albanian but I assumed that there was some African blood in her lineage.

    • AWARE


    • Jennifer Hagan

      This is something that bugs me. NONE of them look Black. If you’ve ever met someone of another nationality, you’d know they weren’t. They were grasping for straws with Channing Tatum

      • Lydia M. Edwards

        no they weren’t…he has African features as do the rest of them; because they have Africans in their ancestry(within 4 generations)
        Indians, Hindus, Serbians, Albanians, Bengazhians, Indigenous Australians, all are of African(Negroid) decent. Most people who can deny the association, do; for obvious reasons.

        • gingercat

          what are you talking about? Serbians and Albanian do not have close African ancestry at all!

          • Lydia M. Edwards

            Do some research. Look to see who invaded those areas and with whom those people traded.

    • Adrienne

      Rita Ora looks black, and you cannot convince that she isn’t. I know black when I see it. Also, Mellissa Gorga from RHONJ is black too. I don’t care what they say.

      • duke

        looking doesnt mean being love, you need to read a few more books and get out in the world.

        • Adrienne

          I am a biologists. I have studied the classification of living things for many years. Looks plays a pivotal role in classifying organisms. It is not the only characteristic that determines how to classify organisms, but it is one of them. I have also studied DNA. DNA determines you physical features. In order for someone to have such profound African American features, they must have African DNA in their ancestry. Now, you go read a book.

      • gingercat

        well Rita Ora isn’t black at all. My cousin looks mixed race and she is not

        • Adrienne

          If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, then it is a duck. Mixed blacks having been fooling white people for years by passing for white. Your cousin needs a paternity test.

        • Lydia M. Edwards


    • curlyq74

      Not to me either. Am I missing something?

    • Harlee Jo

      I thought they were at least mixed. Some black ancestry.

    • Crossdresserluv

      LOL thats what im sayin

    • Fiona Blair

      me either bro