Where Are They Now? 9 Blue-Eyed Soul Singers We Used To Jam To

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They didn’t look like your ordinary soul and R&B singers, but they definitely were. You could hear the R&B influence in their singles, from “I Can’t Go For That,” to “Freedom 90!” and “This Is the Right Time.” Their songs and talent were often so dope that the local black radio stations had to slip their tracks in from time to time (like they used to do Justin Timberlake). We know where our recent faves are (the Joss Stones, Amy Winehouses, Adeles, etc.), but where are our past faves (and a few somewhat recent ones who haven’t dropped new music)? We found a few. Per the usual, be ready to click, and let us know who you’d love to catch up with below!

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Lisa Stansfield

This talented UK singer became a favorite of black folks everywhere when she dropped the song, “All Around the World,” from her solo debut, Affection. But don’t get it twisted, Stansfield had many more jams that people love and still play to this day: “This Is the Right Time,” “You Can’t Deny It,” “All Woman,” and her remake of the Barry White classic, “Never Gonna Give You Up.”

Nowadays, Stansfield is still putting out music from time to time. She’s put out two new albums since the new Millennium began, including 2001’s Face Up, and 2004’s The Moment. She’s working on a new album that she hopes to drop in 2013 (currently untitled). She’s also done her share of acting, doing the “Vagina Monologues” in London, and showing up on the series “Goldplated,” as well as the movie, The Edge of Love with Keira Knightley.

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  • Jay

    Love, love, love Hall & Oates. One of my most favorite bands ever. But I gotta correct whoever wrote that “misinformed/I only listened to a few of their hit singles” caption. H&O have covered all sorts of genres from soul, rock, disco, pop, even experimental rock in their album War Babies, and two reggae-ish songs called “Soldering” and “Number One”. They even had a few hits that had a rock sound, see “Did It In a Minute” and “Family Man”. I’ll take their album tracks over the hit singles any day, love me some obscure ones like “Your Imagination”, “Out of Me, Out of You”, “Back Together Again” and “Uncanny”.

  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    loved all those artists still listen to their old jams

  • ou got the 2 biggest blue eyed soul singers that ever existed and they should have been on the list, Joe Cocker and Maxine Nightengale.

  • Phyll

    What about Joe Cocker ? When I first heard him for about a year I thought he was black.

  • Kierah

    What about Tara Kemp (“Piece of My Heart” and “Just Wanna Hold You Tight?” and Cathy Dennis (“Just Another Dream”, “Touch Me (All Night Long)” and C’mon and Get My Love)?
    And Taylor Dayne was amazing!

  • summer fun

    I love george michaels music especially these songs, everything she wants, and careless whisper, tears for fears songs everybody wants to rule the world, shout, head over heals, alannis morisette, you outta know you learn, regina baby love, katrina and the waves walking on sunshine, the go-go’s we got the beat, our lips are sealed, gwen stefani don’t speak, annie lennox, sweet dreams are made of this, why? little bird, sting every breath you take, roxanne, everything she does is magic, if i ever lose my faith in you, sistermoon with vanessa williams, banana rama cruel summer, i heard a rumor, the bangles hazy shade of winter, queen, another one bites the dust, we are the champions, boheim raphosody, frankie goes to hollywood relax, these all some good songs that you have listed, I know that I am showing my age wit some of these songs, but I still love listening to them and dancing to them.

    • summer fun

      cindy lauper girls just wanna have fun, shannia twain man i feel like a woman, your still the one.

    • summer fun

      cindy lauper girls just wanna have fun, shannia twain, still the one, man i feel like a woman, the petshop boys what have i done to deserve this, west end girls.

  • sepia830

    “Used to” jam to? Please…Jon B’s ‘Cool Relax’ CD stays in my car CD player.

  • wlknluv

    i love me some jon b. lisa stansfield was alright but she looks good and george michael with his fine self, too bad he’s on the wrong team

  • sammi_lu

    Jon B was the TRUTH!! His songs were the soundtrack to my so called teenage “love life”.

  • Jon B’s last album Helpless Romantic was FIRE!!!! I would even go as far as saying it was one of the most slept on R&B albums since Teedra Moses’ Complex Simplicity!!

    • sepia830

      I will definitely check out Helpless Romantic. Thanks. 🙂

  • Donna

    I had the pleasure of seeing Michael McDonald open for EWF a couple of years ago. Man, he puts these young artists out today to shame. Love, love, love Jon B, Lisa Stansfield, Hall & Oates, Simply Red, AWB, Taylor Dayne…. Also Tears for Fear & Annie Lennox

  • Chanda

    Not really a soul singer, I miss Robert Palmer’s swag. He was smoooove!! RIP. And yes before sistas were swooning to Robin Thicke, there was Jon B. and before Jon B. there was George Michael (but we know how that turned out) sigh. Y’all left out Color Me Badd, Taylor Dayne and Annie Lennox (while her music wasn’t exacly soul/R&B her voice definately was).

  • Kaay

    What about the lead singer from Color Me Bad. He could saaaaannnng!

  • noneya

    Jon B paved the way for Robin Thicke!

  • Rayven

    Jon B paved the way for Robin Thicke and McDonald paved the away for Jon B!

  • noneya

    Jon B paved the way for Robin Thicke!

  • Bayareachick

    Michael McDonald also did Motown and Motown 2 covering a bunch of classics. Not sure if you omitted that purposely or just didn’t do your research…

    • Jay

      And Hall and Oates had an album of soul music covers too

  • L-Boogie

    All I have to say, “JON B.” That is all.

  • Hey! You forgot about Remy Shand! Me & my daughter’s father used to jam to “Take A Message” during our early high school years(2003)