The Unnecessary Attack on Alicia Keys’ Body: When Bragging On Your Wife Goes Wrong

June 11, 2012  |  

I’m surprised this is still an issue worth writing about, although it’s partly because I haven’t been able to shake some of the negative things I’ve read about Alicia Keys since Swizz Beatz uploaded the photo above with the words, “My Bond Girl 007 AK47.” But in the many days that have passed since this photo first surfaced, I still see an unhealthy amount of shaming directed toward Ms. Keys and her figure and that in itself is a shame.

When I first saw the Instagram I was shocked, for a couple of reasons. For one, I didn’t expect Alicia Keys to be that shapely and toned in the lower region. After all she did have a baby not that long ago and I didn’t know she was on the Beyonce workout plan like that. I thought I would gladly take her abs and thighs and donate some of the extra I need to get rid of up top to her if she wanted it, and that was about all I had to say about her figure. The other reason I was shocked was because Swizz was actually celebrating his wife publicly and not off sexting one of the handfuls of women he’s rumored to be involved with behind her back. I was actually sort of impressed and thought it was cute that he was putting his wife’s photo out there and being proud of her body but after I saw the reactions people had I thought, she probably hates him for putting this photo out there now.

Let’s just say I was clearly in the admiration minority when it came to this pic. I had to keep in mind that I first saw it on the Daily Mail and that being a British tabloid where people think a size 2 is borderline obese, I should have expected the comments about her “thunder thighs” and suggestions that she lose weight. But when I moved over to YBF, you know with black people who supposedly let anything go when it comes to the female form, the comments were just as harsh. Here people commented on her disproportionate body, said Alicia Keys was built like a midget, and that she had a rather boyish figure—although not quite that nicely. On The Huffington Post, responses were no different. There was even more insinuation about the need to tone her unattractive pear shape, suggestions that her masculine stance confirmed suspicions that she is an undercover lesbian, and even questions as to why she wouldn’t have had plastic surgery to “fix” what’s lacking up top. Oh, and inquisitions about whether Photoshop was an option with Instagram. To sum it up in one phrase it was unnecessarily ridiculous.

You can’t say Alicia asked for this. She’s somewhat at the mercy of the public thanks to her husband and his Instagraming ways, but it was also evident that the reactions she received had nothing to do with her rep, which has somewhat gone down the drain since news broke of how she and Swizz’s relationship began, make that when. Only one comment of the many I read alluded to her adultery and home wrecking ways which leads me to believe this behavior is just people—and mostly women—being mean for no good reason.

What’s interesting to me is I’d be willing to bet the people making these remarks are likely the same ones screaming about the unrealistic images of women in magazines and on TV. Somehow though when they see a celebrity in her real essence, it’s not good enough. I’m starting to think the chicken and the egg debate belongs in the fashion/Photoshopping realm as well. Did the industry distort our vision of what’s beautiful to the point that now we can’t even accept a natural, unaltered woman, or has this mean girl mentality always been lurking in us to the point that it pushed the powers that be to start selling us unrealistic fantasies and figures we could aspire to achieve?

You don’t have to think Alicia Keys is gorgeous, or fit, or looks anything like a bond girl to respect that she’s someone’s wife, mother, and at the very least another human being. The only difference between this situation and the one involving Dream Hampton’s daughter is that Alicia Keys is an adult, but that doesn’t make the behavior any less cruel. We could chop this up as another instance of e-balls and the hater brigade that rears it’s ugly head behind the computer screen but this type of attack on the female form isn’t specific to the Internet or celebrities but the fact that we see it so much these days says a lot about our judgmental human nature and our ideas of what’s normal and even acceptable when it comes to women and our bodies. I initially thought Alica should be pissed at Swizz for putting her out there like that but I’m sure she’s been in the spotlight long enough to learn to drown out the noise. It’s also silly to think that just because the majority of the public, who according to stats on any given day, is overweight and obese, has a problem with her figure she should be ashamed of it. At the end of the day, she had the confidence to step out in that two piece which suggests she likes it and Swiss obviously loves it. I usually do just about anything to avoid using the word hating, but in this case the people who are going out of their way to show their disapproval of Alicia’s body are in fact doing just that, and in my opinion that’s the main thing that’s not cute in this situation.

Brande Victorian is a blogger and culture writer in New York City. Follower her on Twitter at @be_vic.

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  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    i think she looks great toned & athletic…do i like her music anymore…no! her voice grates my nerves now

  • Pimplestiltskin

    I’d hit it.

  • Tatyana Hamady

    i think the problem here is that when a celebrity woman is put in the spotlight and others, men and women alike, are made to admire them for their beauty people are going to be surprised when the reality doesnt live up to the reputation. these women’s photoshopped images have caused men to have a distorted view of beauty and women to completely beat themselves emotionally/physically… i was judgmental when i saw this image myself. but not because i felt like mindlessly hating NO. because i cant believe that these women let people believe in their absolute perfection when they are in fact just imperfectly beautiful. i know it brings their ratings up… but it also distorts the concept of beauty in both young men and women. sooo, all i know is that i will continue to admire women in the media who make a point to courageously be natural (women like kate winslet or tyra banks count), even if their bodies are a million times “worst”… they’ve still made it their mission to out the magazines and media avenues that portray unrealistic female figures.

  • NLK3

    It’s her stance making her look wider than she should. She’s fine as F**K, and Swizz is lucky… as F**K!

  • Sonya

    I would like to thank the person who wrote this. If negative articles can be written about people and negative comments, I think there should also be positive ones to counteract. Maybe someone should have written something positive about Jada if they so desired. That doesn’t make it wrong for this person to write about someone she feels has been publicly ridiculed. I applaud him or her. And you don’t have to be a fan of her body, that’s just ridiculous, but shame on the people who feel it necessary to ridicule her, because she doesn’t meet their standards. She is a beautiful woman and I am definitely a fan of her music and always will be.

  • Sonya

    Bravo! Thank you for telling it like it is. Alicia is a beautiful woman in every way and should be very proud of her body. She didn’t deserve any of those idiotic, negative comments. Her husband is proud of her and maybe in this case, shared a little too much. I say that only because of the people who we all know are just waitng for a chance to brng another person down for any reason.

  • LiiSH

    Shoot she looks great. I’d kill for her figure. ::shrug:: Can’t please people.

  • soulbaby

    i keep seeing the word “ideal” thrown around but for who…you? and who the hell are you to make judgement on who’s body is ideal or not. As people we need to throw out the “ideal standard” of what is beautiful. Its beautiful when one can love themself “as is”, and its even better when people learn to love and appreciate one another for their differences.

  • Msmykimoto2u

    Really? She may not be shaped like a coke bottle but she is fit, toned, and obviously is very attractive to her husband and thats all that matters. Im happy that she accepts her small chest and refuses to give into Hollyweird’s idea of beauty with the sand bag t.i.t.s. She is still a beautiful woman and I may be biased because she is my favorite singer but to say unattractive is just hateration imo

  • tracey

    her bikini is not right for her body

  • Stop hating!!! She is beautiful. Do your thing Ms. Keys

  • my opinion

    i hate when people say stuff like that. Give the woman a break. To me she looks great and even if she didn’t these aren’t the kind of things we should be focusing on.

  • Dave

    I’ve always thought she had a sick body, and this picture confirms it.

  • I think Alycia Keys is one of the most attractive African American in the music industry. I see nothing wrong with her body, she looks fantastic to have just given birth, her thighs and prominent posterior were always a part of her make up. I would venture to say that many of her haters wish they could hold a candle to her. Alycia is a great talent and a beautiful woman, period. We as African Americans have enough people of other races hating us why must we continue to do it to ourselves?

  • kiki j

    She obviously has a bueatiful body (i’d kill for it) But thats what happens to celebrities when the wear so much makeup and get airbrushed and everything else that goes in to editing a photo…u can fake a regular damn picture and then people will think ur body looks worse than it actually does. but she does have a nice body i think women should have meat on their bones…although i feel a certain kinda away about alicia after the way she got swizz beats….(im a strong advocate about marriage and family and keeping the union) but i would only be hater to critisize her body because of it…she’s still hot from head to toe

  • Mello

    She looks normal and healthy. Her husband obviously finds her extremely attractive and she is confident enough in her looks to wear a bikini. I sincerely hope that neither of them allows other people’s worthless opinions get them down. NOBODY is perfect.

  • disqus_ljxBpy6vLN

    Jealous. That is all it is. People are criticizing her to compensate for their own insecurities. Furthermore, her body is beautiful. What is wrong with curves? If she was a flat booty no shape having female, like the average non-Black female, would we be having this conversation? No. Alicia Keys has curves and it looks good. What is up? Are people looking for a female resembling the shape of a man as in no curves. Contradictions because Kim Kardashan, Jenifer Lopez, etc are praised for having a big booty, yet when a Black woman has it, it is criticized. The average black woman has shapely curves. Get over it haters. You haters contradict yourself because I see non- Black flat booty no shape having females get fake booties, lips and hips so they can feel more beautiful. Now there are a few exceptions of non-Black females having the body of a Black woman, however, the average Black woman has curves that look good and non-Black people like to criticize it because they are jealous that they do not have it or either they are compensating for their only insecurities.

  • well for one thing ..swimming is great exercise. and it helps to move all of the muscles instead of just a few… by the way we never really saw this young lady because she was always covered in everything I had privy to see.. videos and such.. besides. each and everyone of those haters need to get a life because not one of them who are parents looked good after a birth.. unless they had a stand in to carry the kid and deliver it.. so they should get back to reality.

  • Rv

    Her body is beautiful!

  • kickash

    i mean she don’t look bad, but i would hardly call that a bond girl lol look up halle berry in die another day with that orange bikini now that, is a bond girl…

  • sade

    her body looks toned. However her body would not be considered the ideal shape. small boobs and huge thighs. but the thing is her husband loves how she looks and that is all that counts.

  • kelvin

    first off , i must say as a man she looks great, what i do know about women is this they are jealous of this womens swag, fame, talent, natural beauty. just look at her facebook, she takes constant pictures without makeup or extra weave, unlike alot of women. i hope on this new album she shames the haters real good. Oh and also drop the alleged adultery she did, get out her buisness and focus with your personal demons!

  • gmarie

    well..she DOES have t-rex arms.The truth is the truth *shrug*. But her body is otherwise very fit and toned and clearly she’s worked hard for it (props!). It’s actually better than her pre-baby body. I’ve been working pretty friggin hard myself to obtain that same kind of muscle definition.

  • I think she looks fabulous! People need to stop looking at all of the anorexic, surgically enhanced celebrities and see what normal, healthy people look like. The average american woman is a size 14 and is 5′ 6”, not 5′ 11′ and a size 2. Wake up!

  • Two things came to mind when I saw this: “Damn she looks good and did she cut her hair?”

  • Mystique

    She looks good.


    She looks fine. Am sure those bashing don’t even look good. Their bodies all divided into segments and ish. Smh. I just feel she doesn’t have enough boobs to keep Bird beak beats!!

  • CynthiaChiles

    She looks fine.

  • according to fadzi

    Human beings do not come out of molds like a bunch of barbie dolls, we are all different shapes sizes and colour and just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean its ugly or wrong. I think Alicia looks great she is a beautiful hot talented woman with a man who loves and appreciates her. I appreciate her for loving her own body as it is and not filling it with silicone to make other people happy.

  • reattha

    Ppl always got something to say regardless….a bunch of haters…

  • moonrose4me

    She looks phenomenal!
    I love the fact that Alicia is a ALL NATURAL woman, whose happy with her body as is.We all have imperfections. So in my opinion, its complete hypocrisy when someone complains about the unreachable and mythical body images that are expected from women today, yet they love to analysis and critique other women’s bodies ::SMH:: I wonder have we’ve become so brainwashed we willingly let the media take hold of our brains and tell us what is acceptable, while our logic and civility begins to deteriorate?

  • satch

    Another thing people outside of our race will never understand the way we are shaped and built (Brickhouse) side not wonder why so many of them are going in for boobs and bottoms.. They can only wish and aspire to be us ….
    stop the sterotyping check out the far north white chicks in places like minnesota and seattle.they will give a lot of sisters a run for their do not see that in deep south white women .irish settled in the south, swedish types way up north

  • satch

    man that mofo looks great

  • Injynqbs

    She looks fine to me. ::shrugs:: She looks great–celebrate great natural curves!

  • TX2Hi

    People she had a child in 2010…mid 2010. This was not recent.

    • skelly

      yes, two years ago is recent; plenty of moms carry their baby weight for 5 years or longer. it’s VERY hard to lose…

      • IfUDontCareWhyYouReadingMe

        yup i agree, it took my sister in law 4 years to get in the swing of things again and lose her baby weight, she had her 1st baby in 2007 and just lost it all this year

      • TX2Hi

        It’s hard to lose but 2 years is alot of time to adjust eating habits. What happens is that all that eating contines wayyy after that baby is born.

  • Ms.MimzyPooh

    She looks beautiful.

  • IllyPhilly

    It still won’t stop them record sales go Alicia Wild!!

  • She looks AWESOME!!

  • Is It 5:00 Yet?

    I’d trade bodies with her in a heartbeat.(as long as I can keep my chest)

  • etomi

    Jealousy is an unattractive trait, and I suggest they naysayers are just envious of this lovely, shapely, and talented woman. Ms. Keys looks incredible. I wish I looked like that. Folks who have a problem with how she looks had better take a gander at themselves in a mirror and then promptly shut the funque up. You GO, Alicia — rock that body, girl. ! You are the quintessential black woman; wear your skin in style, sistah!

  • Sally

    Alicia Keys beauty is reflected from the inside out. She excludes self-confidence, intelligence, compassion, talent and heart. No one can take that away from her. God has truly blessed her and she uses it to bring attention to AIDS in Africa, India and all over the world. She makes it possible for millions of brown women and children to live each day.

  • Excepcion

    The bikini choice is not flattering for her shape. She is however, proportional and looks amazing !! seems as though folks have forgotten what a REAL women is supposed to be shaped like.

  • Ladybug94

    There’s nothing wrong with Alicia.

  • I wish I had that body, I have 4 kids and let’s just say it would be a blessing for me lol!

  • Anonymous

    I guaranteed you, most of the people commenting on her body are some overweight, insecure and jealous people. The first thing that I thought, when I saw it is she looks fit and toned.

  • Lina

    I think people is jealous because everything she has: her gift, a loving hubby, her yummi body. I confess tha I got surprised when I saw the pic, cus A doesn‘t need to show her body to be in the news. Then I realized that haters don‘t do whatever is good to have success and speak ill of who does.

  • gigilggs

    Look, he put the picture up there with the tag inviting comparisons to Halle the original bond girl with the swimsuit pose and he got them.

  • T

    Haters gon hate!!!

  • poetsgroove

    Her body is crazy good and she should be proud of it! Once you hit your 30’s you gotta find ways to keep it fresh, hot , tighter. Whatever!!!

  • Physical beauty is entirely subjective. The same women who get worshipped for their beauty also get criticized. Of course anything derogatory or cruel is obviously hate, but I don’t entirely agree that this attack was unnecessary. Anyone in any sort of public eye needs to know that not everyone will like you. And those critics are entitled to their opinions so long as they have some legitimate basis. Some people still genuinely believe that in order for a woman to be beautiful, she has to be a twig. As much as I disagree with that, I can’t fault them for it. We live in a world where that message is perpetuated so much that it has to stick in some people’s minds.

    P.S., I am totally #TeamKeys. Let’s not give the haters so much attention. That’s what they’re looking for.

    • angel

      “Of course anything derogatory or cruel is obviously hate”
      Or maybe ppl just have different opinions on what a nice body looks like. i would think that this would be obvious to ppl…apparently not.

    • Sam

      Uh, yes this attack WAS unnecessary. Opinions are one thing but the hateful comments some made were, yes, unnecessary to say the least. I think everyone in the public eye is aware others have opinions but haters take it way too far.

  • JT

    Alicia Keys…a beautiful and talented woman!

  • Hello Love

    She has suffers from no a$$ at all syndrome. Other than that she looks great

  • Hello Love

    She has no butt. That’s about it.

  • Guestla

    Honestly I don’t care! It’s her husband business and good for them if he likes her body. And it takes all kinds to make a world. However for ppl who are parents now I don’t think that this is a good behavior.I don’t know if she has a girl or a boy but how can you tell your daughter when she’s in her teen age that she doesn’t need to wear “too swexy stuff” to be swexy (u can almost see her lips in that bikini), that she shouldn’t publish pix like that…

  • Candacey Doris

    I read some of those comments. No matter how dirty i think the way she and her husband got together was, these people are way out of line. Especially since she had a baby recently. The only thing i disliked was the style of the bathing suit.

  • FoundLove

    she looks great; but I can’t bang keys anymore. Can’t sing about women empowerment if you were creeping with a married man..shes lucky mashonda didn’t go all “ring the alarm” on her…and shame on Swizz too IMO
    And too all the negative comments I’m gonna get *shrug* just keeping it real IMO. Ive invested alot into my 9 year relationship and I’d be damned…..

    • tam

      OH PLEASE….another faker keeping it real. how about get a life. mind your own damn business.

    • Msmykimoto2u

      Swiiz and that woman were dang near divorced! Mashonda just used that to try and get a lil publicity and it didnt work. Obviously she wasnt the woman God wanted for Swizz and hopefully now he has found her. People make up and break up all the time. WHy should it be any different because they are celebrities?

    • Karen

      Excuse me, where have you been? Mashonda DID go ring that false alarm and blowed everything out of proportion with that stupid tweet. Don’t worry and dwell so much on what Alicia was doing or when or believe everyhing you read. There is always more than one side to a story and thank God the other side was intelligen enough to not continue with a public debate about personal business, especially considering there were children involved. I have much respect for Ms Keys. I feel bad for what SHE was going through at that time with her pregnancy and touring and finding a way to have some peace through all the drama, and still being a beautiful, kind and caring person. No, I should say, excuse you.

  • ladonja

    Are u serious! How she looks, what she is wearing, how she got her husband. We focus soo much on the negative that we forget the good people do. Like her contribution and aiding south africa for aids. I mean let stop talking and start doing. Are we not our brothers/sisters keepers. If she was giving her money to you, I wouldn’t hear a peep. God Bless you Alicia! For all you do! God bless America if this is all we have time to do is sit and talk about someone bra size or thighs.

  • KJ23

    I tried to give this article a bunch of stars and I ended up giving it -6 stars. Sorry, I REALLY loved the article, I just don’t know how to work the new changes to the site!

  • I think Alicia Keys look great! She actually looks like a real person if you think she needs work then that makes her human. People complain when you have too much and they complain when you have too little. I’m sure she doesn’t give a d*%$ !

  • 100% feminine beauty!!!

  • ladonja

    I’m confused. Are we so caught up these days that we forget all the good people dom we focus sooo much on the negative. So what to what she is wearing. So what to how she is shaped. So what on how people assumed she got the man. Yeah to Alicia for all she has donated and for her being in SAfrica helping children, women and men fight AIDs. Alicia, I will never judge you, I hope and pray that more will work with you in what you do not work with others in what they hear. God Bless! May God Bless America if this is what the world is worried about.

  • Its ridiculously sad the way we berate each other in society, then act so shocked when people fall into drugs, alcohol or depression. Stop this madness!

    • Tisha

      I agree 100%, damn if she do, damn if she dont, I wish I had that body I’ll upload pic everyday. Go Alicia!!!!!!!!

  • Veratta Pegram-Floyd

    She has always had a real shape. She has hips, thighs and ass…AND?

    People are off the hook being in everyone’s else business. This woman is actually healthy while some of us wrestle with high blood pressure and diabetes.

    • Hello Love

      she does NOT have a$$ but i agree she looks great

      • Apparently you have never seen Alycia, she has plenty-plenty a$$, the type you will do a double take on, she sometimes tries to hide it with the clothes she wears when performing. Some people find it unattractive but I think she is a beautiful sister and a great talent.

  • Shay

    Alicia looks great and you can tell she’s been working out, even on her “thunder thighs” that everyone keeps mentioning. She’s a pear shape and of course would be more shapely around the thighs and hips. I think people feel that when they are behind the computer screen, they can say whatever to or about someone else. Which is a shame. No one’s perfect, but that’s what makes us beautiful. Not only does it show some self hatred and low self-esteem we feel as a whole; it also shows a lot of hate towards the way black women look. I guess if you’re not blonde and blue eyed and a size 0, you’re grotesque.

    • Msmykimoto2u

      I agree. Ive seen plenty of these white models with worse shapes than this and people drool over them like they are goddesses…..

  • Numero Uno

    I find it totally ridiculous that people even felt the need to hate on her body in the first place. I really don’t see what there is to hate on. She has a pear shape like millions of other women in the world. Her body looks great and curvy. I’m sure a lot of the people complaining don’t even look half as good.

  • Goldie Treasure

    The women were just haters. No matter how a woman looks, some woman will always find something to criticize another woman for. The problem with the men is that some look at too many adult videos, and the chicks on there have their big fake boobs and tiny “perfect” everything else. They’re losers and they need to close the dirty magazines or get off those sites and deal with real women who have real bodies.

  • steph

    I think her body looked fine! She is pear shaped with small boobs so what!

  • Steph

    its awful how cruel people can be..and why shouldn’t her husband think she’s hot!? He’s supposed to! I think she looks absolutely great…her abs are perfection..and as far as I’m concerned she looks like a woman who takes care of herself

  • myblackisbomb

    Alicia KEys looks awesome… I can only wish my body looks like that, now after two kids… Keep up the great work AK never let these nobody’s take your shine… Another thing people outside of our race will never understand the way we are shaped and built (Brickhouse) side not wonder why so many of them are going in for boobs and bottoms.. They can only wish and aspire to be us …. We shall one day be a race of greatness instead of always being ridiculed about minor stuff.. Black woman you are beautiful…

  • Johnylee

    Alicia looks great! I have nothing negative to say about her shape because if I did it will only be because I am JEALOUS! Dang, not only does she have a nice shape, she looks like a teenager!

  • 2Legit2quit

    Looks Good to ME!

  • SXQN

    As one of the over-weight on lookers I think she looks fantastic. Besides if her husband thinks she’s hot, d**n what the small minded, jealous, negative nay sayers got to say anyway!

  • ChristinaItsruff Beingadiamond

    Shyt I’d take every part of her shape any confarndarn day! Folks just hate for no reason whatsoever! I’m just happy to see she doesn’t look like she’s starving herself to death and when she walks past the mirror it can actually pick up her reflection without her having to actually stand if front of it if it can see her then!LOL I can’t stand attacks on full figured girls by Crackheads

  • she looks great !! i bet the folks that say she needs to drop some weight prob dont have hips or a butt to fill the jeans they wear !!

  • Tagirl

    I mean people love to put in their two cents about people they don’t know. I think A.Keys looks great. I don’t see what the big deal is. Why is anyone(outside of her husband) worried about her body and bra size? I mean, really? Out of the music she puts out, anything else pertaining to her is nobody’s business.

    • Tagirl

      *Outside of the music she put out

  • angel

    Honeslty Im confused as to why this article was written. Everyday on the blogs people trash celebrities and their looks so i dont really understand how this situation is any different. Not too long ago ppl were GOING IN on jada pinkett saying how she looks like a skeleton and how she needed to eat but I didnt see an article written for that…Anyways although I LOVE alicias music I am not a fan of her body (and btw i never wrote anything nasty abt her on the internet) and its not becuz im a hater but her body is just not ideal to me. Shoot my own body is not ideal to me either. Ideal for me would be Beyonces body. Anyways i just think its dumb to think that anyone who dosent like it or comments is a hater.

  • common sense

    Dear blog writer… Akeys had her son almost a year ago. She wasn’t on the “beyonce” diet. She had time to lose her baby weight without eating lettuce and living in the gym. That comment was unnecessary.

  • JEM

    I think she looks good in the picture. Although I can see how some people wouldn’t be attracted to certain things about her- body type, overall stance/demeanor, but I can see how Swizz thought his wife looked good. Of course, not everybody has to drool over it like he did, but why be so RUDE about it??? I don’t want to blame it all on the “mean girls” because I saw quite a few comments from “mean boys” too…heterosexual boys! I couldn’t understand why so many asked the same innane question- “where’s her boobs?” Umm…what does that even mean?!?! Did she lose them in the water? Are they on the back of a milk carton? Like what are the REALLY implying??? It’s as if you must be a certain cup size or you’re missing something. Do people understand how stupid they sound? Why would she need boobs? Granted, I hate triangle tops on certain figures, so I don’t think her choice in swimsuit did her any justice, but contrary to what most of our mixed up society thinks, she might like the way she looks. Not everyone wants big boobs or even average sized boobs. I grew up small chested, and it wasn’t until a few years ago when I put on some weight that my breasts jumped two cup sizes. To be honest, I don’t appreciate the sudden growth. I’m not used to them and I find myself covering them most of the time. I felt more like myself when I had a small chest (and a few pounds lighter). People would think that sounds crazy or even ungrateful, but I have no use for bigger boobs lol. I don’t showcase them, I think they get in my way, and I want to lose weight to go back to how I looked before. Everyone has different ideas of beauty, and a large part of that comes from what makes you feel comfortable and confident. Obviously AKeys was feeling herself that day, and so was her husband. Let them have their day. It’s not like she is posing in bikinis all the time.

  • Guest1234

    You know, I don’t mind snapping on celebs when we find out they’re not perfect. These women make MILLIONS declaring their perfection in magazine articles, airbrushed photos, before and after- baby photo shoots, phony hair, lies, cinderella engagement and wedding stories and fabricated perfection.

    It’s nice to know that notwithstanding all the lies they push for exposure, fame and money that they ain’t so perfect. In so many cases they are no more beautiful, fit and valuable than us regular ladies. As far as I’m concerned, they bring it on themselves. Making women feel inferior to celebrities is a multi billion dollar a year – from clothes, to magazines, to hair extensions, to diet plans, etc…. Why are we trying to act like she’s just another woman? She’s part of the lie – and gets paid handsomely to engage in the lie of the perfect celebrity woman all in an effort to make regular women feel bad about themselves so that they buy more stuff. Why not throw a little schadenfreude her way when we get proof of the lie?
    I say, hate on! I’m sure she has enough money to dry her tears. Let the little people of earth have this one.

    • Not a Fan

      lmao! although i don’t agree with tearing anyone down for any reason, i do see what you’re saying. It’s a perpetual system where women are constantly told by the media we’re inadequate and we give in and go out of our way to obtain these unattainable images. I personally think Alicia Keys looked okay, i’m not gonna lie, something did seem off but I wish I could have her trainer, nutritionist, surgeon or whatever.

      • Guest1234

        I don’t think all the “criticism” is hurting her at all. But these images that celeb women put out about themselves hurt other women. I’m not gon’ lie, it soothes my culturally-induced insecurity a bit to know that they ain’t so perfect either. To know that the perfect celebrity is just an illusion. And I’m kind of pissed at them for being so complicit in the pain they allow their images to cause other women.

        They’re the first one on the magazines selling us crap to help us attain their level of “perfection.” Well that’s bunk. So if a few online insults is all they get, then they’re still getting away with murder – but imma laugh at them.

    • MLS2698

      Wow! So true about all they do to make themselves look more than beautiful. Clothes, hair,………not gonna hate, but maybe she should have had them pick her bathing suit., too.

    • Please

      Wow. Someone has low-selfesteem. That’s the only kind of person who want’s someone to be bashed so they know they’re not “all that”. I feel sorry for you.

    • soulbaby

      i understand where you’re coming from pertaining to the media but that has nothing to do with Alicia, your beef should be with the media itself. Also, if your self-esteem is so low that you let the media think for you that’s your fault. You have a mind of your own, so you the dumb one for letting the media tell you how you should feel about yourself. And i’ve never seen or heard any celebrity “declare” that they’re perfect, taking pictures is part of their job. You sound so sad, I think you need a hug.<3

    • soulbaby

      i understand where you’re coming from pertaining to the media but that has nothing to do with Alicia, your beef should be with the media itself. Also, if your self-esteem is so low that you let the media think for you that’s your fault. You have a mind of your own, so you the dumb one for letting the media tell you how you should feel about yourself. And i’ve never seen or heard any celebrity “declare” that they’re perfect, taking pictures is part of their job. You sound so sad, I think you need a hug.<3

    • Karen


  • mar

    I can’t say I was shocked at the comments but I was kind of shocked at the reaction. The midget comments were harsh, but in reality when I observed she did look midgetish. I guess it goes back to what our elders said ” if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all.

    I don’t know if others were hating, or giving their honest opinion because that’s what we do on blogs. Me personally didn’t feel the need to criticize her body, but I did agree with some of the comments. Does that make me a hater is the question ? In reality I believe we all have the right to look as we are and build around that still being happy with yourself while working to be your best self ! Now do I think you are a hater because you have an unfavorable opinion ? Based on that theory alone I have to say no. The way of the blogs don’t change * in My solange voice* for no damn Alicia Keys ! But I do think you should take it upon yourself to better yourself and not be harsh !

  • olivia

    She looks hot. To say anything else is simply hate. There is nothing wrong with that pic, she should be proud of her body.


    • I admit I said her arms look too short for her body 🙁 But that was it. Everything else looks great to me. Forget the fact that she just had a baby. She looks better than some women who have never had children. It’s just a fact.

  • RedButterfly81

    Whoever hating and criticizing Alicia’s body is jealous that they’re out of shape and wish they have her body, especially popping out a baby

  • bluekissess

    I’m actually speechless. I guess the lesson would be if you don’t want to be judged than don’t put yourself out there. Her body looks good (my body isn’t even close to hers) but if I had to choose a “dream body it wouldn’t be hers. Her body should be his secret not every one elses

    • Ladybug94

      She’s in a bikini, not posing for Playboy. Plus her husband put the pic on their not her. I can’t believe adults are really so deep into this discussion.

  • Yeah yeah yeah

    Alicia looks great! As someone who just recently had a baby, I know how hard it is to get back into shape. Haters gonna hate.

  • victoria

    Alicia does have thunder thighs. Who cares? Me, Im tall with a shape like Cameron Diaz. Im not happy about having a small chest, asx, EVERYTHING. Everyone is not a 10. Realize that and move on.