Where Are They Now? The Cast of “Girlfriends”

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Remember when “Girlfriends” was on UPN? Man, Monday nights would never be the same. “Girfriends” was black women’s own version of “Sex and the City,” but something they could relate to just a little bit more (not everyone can splurge on Manolo Blahnik shoes like some people). These sistas were smart, funny, classy (except for Lynn at times), fashionable, and did I mention funny? Their broke, busted and disgusted relationships and somewhat all over the place lives were what kept us tuned in every Monday, and without the show, we wouldn’t have had the good years of “The Game,” (its spinoff) and positive representations of black women. Those WERE the days. Let’s see where the cast is at nowadays…

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Tracee Ellis Ross

Good ‘ol Joan Clayton. Such a good friend, but so unlucky at love. If you watched the show, you know she dated her share of interesting characters (a former sex addict, a younger man who temporarily got her on drugs, an actor, so on and so forth), and her rocky relationships were what made her so easy to relate to. She was the den mother, and a low-key fashion icon. In real life, Ross is still known for her fashion sense, and after a period of being in and out of the public eye, she got back to television and had a few film roles. She did the VERY random movie, “Labor Pains,” had a guest role on CSI as Laurence Fishburne’s ex-wife, and of course, we know she became the lead actress on the BET show, “Reed Between the Lines.” She’s also slated to be a star on a new NBC drama called “Bad Girls.” I know Diana is too proud!

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Golden Brooks

When this show started, for a while there, I couldn’t stand Maya Wilkes. She was always saying, “Oh HELL no!” and had too much of a paranoid mindset and bad attitude. But the more I watched her, the more interesting she became (and funny!), especially when she was trying to repair her relationship with Darnell. After the show ended, she also went in and out of the public eye. She did one episode of “CSI” and “The Exes,” and acquired some more film roles for her resume: “The Great Divide,” “The Inheritance,” and she just completed “The Mudman” and “A Beautiful Soul.” Brooks also became a mother. She has a daughter named Dakota with the very fine actor D.B. Woodside.

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Persia White

Talk about somebody really going MIA! Well, anyway, White played the very promiscuous but extremely deep (yet lost at the same time) Lynn Searcy. Lynn spent a lot of time on the show exploring her sexuality, trying to figure out what she wanted to do with her life (which involved making documentaries and later, trying to be a singer), and of course, mooching off of Joan. In real life, White was gone for a minute, but has popped back up all over the place. On top of parting from her famous poet husband Saul Williams, White did the movies “Spoken Word,” “Dysfunctional Friends,” “The Marriage Chronicles,” and just finished two new films: “Mafia” and “No Mo Games.” You probably also peeped her out during her short stint on the show “Vampire Diaries” as Abby Bennett Wilson.

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Jill Marie Jones

Don’t lie, you might not have liked Toni Childs, but was or was the show NOT the same without her? The bougie real estate agent who prided herself in being all about the mighty dollar made the show crazy without going over the top. She caught chlamydia while creeping on her artistic boo, tried to sleep with Joan’s man, fell out with Joan, got married to a white Jewish man, had a baby, went through some sort of depression or denial about motherhood, got divorced, fell out with Joan again, became a great mother, went through a custody battle, and wound up moving to NYC (and ended her friendship with Joan). Jones left the show after her contract ended, and after that, she had a few interesting parts here and there. She was in “The Perfect Holiday” with Queen Latifah, “Drool,” “The Longshots,” did a short-lived TV show called “Gillian in Georgia” (as Gillian) and last did a film in 2011 called “35 and Ticking.” Come back to primetime Jill!

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Reginald Hayes

Who didn’t love the awkward yet hilarious William Dent? A powerful partner at the law firm Joan worked at, he was not only her friend, but her boss. He also went through some very interesting twists and turns as a character. He tried to get married and then was left at the altar, and even tried to get in a relationship with Joan. But in the end, he married the money hungry, man eating Monica and tamed her. After the show, Hayes was in a documentary called “Hummingbird Magic,” did a couple episodes of the TV show “Femme Fatales,” but in the end, the brotha stepped out of the spotlight.

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Khalil Kain

Can I just say how fine I thought Kain was in “Juice” back in the day? Anyway, he transferred those good looks over into his role as Darnell, Maya’s husband. He dealt with cheating, Maya’s friends (who he didn’t like at one point), and trying to do something bigger career wise after having a child with Maya early in life. Though the TV couple divorced, we were glad to see the two reconcile near the end of the show. After his time on the program, Kain had guest roles on shows like “CSI” and “Medium,” and he also had roles in the films “Paradise Broken,” and “For Colored Girls.” Even though, it’s safe to say everyone hated him in “For Colored Girls.” You know why…

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Keesha Sharp

To be honest, when I think of the character of Monica Brooks, I think I liked her better as a b***h. I’m just saying, when she was the vicious girlfriend of William who all the girls couldn’t stand, she was feisty and fun, but when she got married to William, I think the writers tried to make her a nicer replacement of Toni…No thanks. Either way though, Sharp was great on the show, and afterward, she had guest roles on “Cold Case,” and “Detroit 1-8-7,” but she was most recently a regular on the series “Are We There Yet?”

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Richard T. Jones

I KNOW you didn’t think I was going to look up all of Joan’s ex-boyfriends did you? Therefore, I picked the most important boo of all, Aaron, who played her fiance around show’s end. A military man, Aaron was deployed to Iraq, and Joan moved out of her famous crib to stay in his. He wasn’t a huge character, but he was the fella that Joan was finally going to settle down with, and we all know that was HUGE for her character. Jones, who I’m sure you know from “The Wood,” stayed very busy after his stint on the show. He was the trifling Mike in “Why Did I Get Married?” (and the sequel), played James on “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles,” was in the movie “Super 8” and “The Great Divide,” and just finished the films “Forgiveness,” “Note to Self,” and is working on “Atlas Shrugged: Part 2.”

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Jason Pace

As Dr. Todd Garrett, Pace was the short, but well off plastic surgeon who captured Toni’s heart. Unfortunately, their marriage didn’t go off so well, and in the end, they ended up separating and Dr. Garrett moved to NYC. After a custody battle, Toni moved to NYC with her daughter, Morgan, to be closer to Dr. Garrett. After the show, Pace went on to do some video game voicing, and a lot of straight-to-video movies, including “The Confession,” and “The Scorpion King 3: Battle for Redemption.” He was also in a movie called “My Trip to the Dark Side,” and just finished the sequel to it this year (“My Trip Back To the Dark Side”).

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Cee Cee Michaela

I had to include Michaela as the crazy cop Yvonne because I loved her character. Though she and William got off to a rough start, they ended up being very much in love and he tried to marry her. However, her character ditched William at the altar (you probably remember that information earlier in Hayes’ profile). After the show, Michaela did the movies “Angels Don’t Sleep Here” and “Hair Show,” and had a guest role on “Joan of Arcadia.” But after that, she went pretty MIA too. However, she did get married after the show in 2011, and has a purity website which promotes abstinence until marriage. She also owns a few businesses and does public speaking.

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  • handsomerandyblackladbrad1953

    Run,if you’re a former actor,please advise me about getting into acting as a pinup boy handsome older-I’m 61-black lad?

  • handsomerandyblackladbrad1953

    How ’bout a show about us older but still-pinup boy handsome black lads?(You know,such as Yours Truly?)in which we bond by going to sporting events,bars/pubs and ogling and pursuing buxom babes less than half our age?)

  • handsomerandyblackladbrad1953

    WHO GIVES A CRAP ABOUT THOSE UGLY BROADS???????(Though you’re right about one thing;”Sex And The City” and “Girlfriends” were alike in that they were about self-important,fugly,bimbo-wannabes,except “Sex And The City” was for white chicks and “Girlfriends” for black chicks.The cast and audience for both was women with about 82 IQs
    who knew NOTHING ABOUT MEN,so how could I relate?)

  • M.L.

    I have my DVR set to record every time the show comes on. I hope they have a movie or reunion…something well done of course.

  • Run

    Richard Jones’s character was a nice but unnecessary one. Everyone knew that Davis was the perfect guy for Joan, and that’s who she should have wound up with in the end.

    Of course they couldn’t let her discover that until she went through all of her ups and downs. Am I the only one who thinks she should gave wound up with the one guy who had EVERYTHING she wanted? He was really into her, was ambitious and had the looks she and her girlfriends liked. Plus I doubt he would have balked at having children like Brock did.

    Greg would have been perfect for Lynn, and Toni should have wound up with either the real estate developer she dated after having her baby or Idris Ilba’s character.

    Just a former thespian’s point-of-view.

  • Alexious Johnson

    I also saw that movie…

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  • uniquefashionista

    I was heartbroken when “Girlfriends” went off the air. Thank God for re-runs. Even though the author of this article loved Joan with Aaron, I LOVED her with Brock! But, I did start to see the show diminish little by little when Toni left. Would love to see a reunion show with the whole cast one more time. I miss Girlfriends!

  • Run

    I loved Girlfriends, Living Single and Half and Half.

  • dlovely22

    Jill Marie Jones plays Orlando Jones ex-wife on Sleepy Hollow so she’s still doing some things. I agree with the sentiment that this was one of the best shows ever, and am so happy for Mara Brock Akil with the success of Being Mary Jane….now that show is beyond words right now, i’m tuned in every week

  • Girl57

    Just wish they would do a tie up show, with Joan’s wedding. Have Toni come back with Morgan , William ‘s baby being born during the wedding , Mya finding out she was having the baby she wanted and Lynn finding herself and her purpose in life. I need closure.

  • Ash

    Girlfriends and Half & Half, those used to be my two favorite sitcoms.

  • Joe Freedom

    People acting like this was a classy show? They were women with loose morals just like all shows of black women.

  • michele

    I like Richard T. Jones playing the “good guy”, not like “Why did I get married”. I remember he played in the one episode of Law&Order, opposite “Ros” from the Fraiser show..She was Jone’s wife and they had a son who played football and was accused of killing a this female. They type casted the son so well. He actually looked like he could be their son. That episode was sooo touching..

  • cb

    How was show classy? They wish they half as good as sex and the city

    • Mia

      You illiterate fool.

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  • LeeLeeInCali

    Ahhh, I miss this show. William wasn’t Joan’s boss, though. Mr. Swedelson was their boss!

  • kimaras31

    It’s like the media dont believe in all blacks cast anymore unless its in a ratchet reality show. We had great shows to look up to between 1992-2005.

  • Eed52

    Back again, his character’s name was Ellis, and he has a long list of t.v and movie credits . One of the movie he was in, was Day After Tommorrow with Dennis Quaid, it was just recently on one of the cable channels a few days ago. the movie came out in 2004 .

  • Eed52

    The actor who played the actor character that Joan fell had a relationship with, his real name is Adrian Lester, If his bio is true at wikipedia, he’s British.

    • Eed52

      sorry for the typo, I mean’t to say that Joan had a relationship with, his real name is Adrian Lester and he’s British. 

    • Run

      I got to know him a little when he was doing a play in Seattle at the Seattle Repertory Theater and I was performing at the Intiman Theater. Our casts went out to dinner several times together.

      Nice guy…

  • Eed52

    Jill Marie Jones was also in the movie The Longshots, with Ice Cube and KeKe Palmer.

  • simplyme

    Jill Marie Jones has done quite a few odd little indie movies. I remember seeing her in something…forgot the name… where she has a interracial lesbian affair with her neighbor and the woman murders her husband and they both run away.

    I definitely miss this show. It would be nice to have something like this again but maybe set in a more exciting city like New York..with a slightly younger cast. 

  • Katzebrown

    I loved this show!  The women and their crazy adventures and personalities were so very real!  I even liked the guys on the show…except for Finn.  He was ugly as original sin and so arrogant!  Lynn acted much too thirsty for a troll like him…

  • Jcmitchell21

    Not to mention Jill also did those Bailey’s alcohol commercials. SMH

  • Carr0722

    I don’t remember khalil Kane in for colored girls. What role did he play?

    • sweettea

      A rapist

      • Run

        That rape was brutal, too! Uuugh! He got his in the end, though.

    •  some creeper; that movie had 9 of the 10 males coasted in the movie to look like straight up jerks!

  • Rebecca

    I love and missed this show

  • chaka1

    I honestly miss Girlfriends, Living Single, Martin, Half and Half, Moesha…

    Sad… :((

  • Ifuaskme2

    So basically, all their careers tanked.

  • Msmykimoto2u

    I say since Tia and Pooch are gone, they should find some way to write some of the Girlfriends characters in. I could so see Lynn and Malik together and Boss Lady and William? Yes!

    • Run

      Lynn and Malik? More like Lynn and Jason! How interesting would it have been to have the free-spirited mooch dating the cheap, penny-pinching millionaire? Plus their musical tastes would have been more aligned.

      Malik and Rick Fox would have gone for Maya, and Joan would have wound up with Coach-T. Toni would have wanted Jason or Rick Fox, but they would have seen right through her gold-digging ways. But her character was growing.

      It was strange that Joan never came to help Melanie when she was having problems with Derwin; yet her mother flew 3,000+ miles on her broom for seven hours from Connecticut.

      That never made sense when “Cousin Joan” was just two hours away in L.A.

  • Isn’t there a movie being talked about? Sort of like “Sex in the City”

  • Veena

    I do miss “Girlfriends” there are no sitcoms like this on TV any more. We are stuck with these awful reality shows eww..

  • Ashley M

    i liked all of the characters on that show esp toni childs & joan clayton!!! it was a little dffrnt when toni left, but it was still a good show! Wish it could’ve stayed on longer, but i still watch the reruns!!!

  • Y504gir


  • Chanda

    I LOOOOVED me some girlfriends (until Toni left). Toni was tripping but she was the most interesting character on the show. I had a crush on Dr. Todd, too. I knew that Toni’s character moved to New York but I didn’t know she moved to be closer to her ex. They could bring back this show but stay far awaaaaay from BET as another poster mentioned.

  • Thugstress326

    Mr. Sweidelson (sp)?? Ronnie? Peaches? Jabari (both)? The mothers? The 1st Darnell? Toni’s sisters?  Anywho, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this show, always have and always will!!

    • Chanda

      Lynn’s friend Finn, Jill Scott’s character, Lynn’s Jamaican boyfriend (can’t think of his name).

      • november rain

        I don’t know his real name but the character’s name was Vosco.

      • BDogg


    • Run

      Flex Alexander left his character as “Darnell Wilkes” on Girlfriends to film his own show (One on One), but it would be interesting to see him return as his character from that show.

      His name is “Flex Washington” and he’s a nationally-syndicated sportscaster. He should have been a recurring haracter on The Game, especially since One on One was cancelled while The Game continued to run.

      Flex would have been funny in the ESPY Awards episode(s) of The Game when Derwin was busted for cheating with Drew Sedora. I can just see him trying to train Jason Pitts on how to do interviews and getting frustrated because Jason sucks.

      Keep the second Darnell. It would be hella funny got those two to run into each other with Maya holding hands with the second Darnell.

  • iReezy

    I’m so glad you did this article.  Man I miss my Girlfriends (and William)!!!  I was so saddened by the discontinuation of the show, especially ending the way it did.  A “Girlfriends” movie really should happen…Toni could return for Joan’s wedding!

  • britt

    What happened to all of the GOOD sitcoms?  I LOVE this show!  I’ve got all of the seasons on DVD…  Think I might watch an episode to two later 🙂

  • GiGi

    The Game is NOT a positive representation of sistas. Just sayin.

  • november rain

    This is my FAVORITE show of all times.  I have the dvd’s and now that I don’t have cable I watch them fairly frequently.   Actually so frequently that my kids are like “oh, no not Girlfriends, again”  Sorry, I love my show though, lol.

  • LovelyGal

    love, love, loved this show. still one of my faves.

  • DoinMe

    Note to BET: DON’T TOUCH GIRLFRIENDS!. I know they were toying with the idea of bringing it back, but after the fiasco with The Game, they need to leave this show alone. I can only image what kind of ghetto-hoochie mamas they would turn these characters into.

    • Cat88L3

      You are absolutely right!! I wanted BET to bring back Girlfriends as well.  Since they jacked up and mutilated The Game, I would rather have my fond memories of Girlfriends as they were.  

      Great show & I really miss it.  Where are the well written & positive black shows on tv?

      • Run

        Maybe BET can learn from its mistakes, and maybe BET will follow my suggestion and cross-pollinate the shows’ characters and storylines. They missed out on a great opportunity there.

        I wouldn’t want Girlfriends back without all of the original characters back.

    • Chanda

      BET did air reruns of Girlfriends for a while when the show was still running though.

    • michele

      The Game sucks

  • mommyof4

    I miss this show so bad 🙁

  • MS puerto

    Mara Akil at her best. The characters made the show wonderful. It did not degrad, demean or embarrass black women they had real careers and goals. Even mya she was ghetto but she was driven and worked her behind off to rep that black single moms. Loved it …. We need this back

  • Truth

    Best.show.ever. in a while.  I still watch reruns!!

    •  I kno right? I watch Girlfriends every now and again on Centric… *sigh* the good ole days of black television…

    • IllyPhilly

       Yup Got the whole DVD collection.

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  • Love_Sexy

    Wow I just love this show and was disappointed when it went off the air…..One of things I loved about it is that (as the author stated) they were smart, classy, educated but most of all they did not not show BW bickering and fighting amongst each other……The friendship and love they had for each other was truly like a family.

    • Run

      With the premise of “The Game” being that Tia Mowry’s character “Melanie Barnett (later “Barnette-Davis”) was the younger cousin of “Joan Clayton” (played by Tracee Ellis Ross), I expected at least a little cross-pollination between the two shows, even after “Girlfriends” went off the air.

      Joan, Maya and William would have been great recurring additions to “The Game”. Some of the stories from The Game were set in Los Angeles, and the storylines would have made more sense.

      For example, Melanie’s mother flies 3,000 miles to San Diego when Derwin trips over Melanie’s flirting with Trey. Yet Joan Clayton doesn’t take the short drive down to Sam Diego from L.A. to either assist her cousin with moving or help her make up with Derwin. Smh.

      When Melanie uncovers Derwin’s cheating she goes to L.A. but looks up Trey Wiggs without nary a mention of talking to her cousin Joan.

      Joan is nowhere to be found when the entire cast travels to L.A. for the ESPY’s, or the hotel party at which Derwin tries to take Melanie back from Jerome.

      Despite being a high-powered senior partner at his law firm, William Dent doesn’t do any business with any of the athletes or the Sabers.

      And can you imagine the ghetto banter that would have flown back and forth between Maya Wilkes and Tasha Mack? That would have been Hilarious.

      It might have even been interesting to see Jason Pitts hook up with Lynn (aka “Indigo Skyy”) after his divorce from Kelly. After all, she’s a biracial singer with an alternate music form, and Jason loved alternate music forms. Jason is cheap, Lynn is…well…”creative”, frugal, Earthy, and a mooch. They would have gotten along great!

      I can even see similarities between “Mr. Sweedleson” (William’s managing partner) and “Irv Smiff”, the sports agent: both are obnoxious, money-hungry, womanizing – but highly accomplished – clowns.

      Why couldn’t they write them as relatives?

      Not playing the characters from those two shows together more was a huge mistake, because the producers could have gotten more mileage out of all of that talent…and both shows.

  • Greybeard


    • Love_Sexy

      You can say that again.