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I know I wasn’t the only person who was a huge fan of “New York Undercover” back in the day! Another Thursday night staple thanks to FOX, not only did I get to watch a version of “Law & Order” (minus the “Law” part) that I could relate to, but I got to see up and coming black actors get their start, and some of my favorite musicians from the ’90s do their thing (thanks to the lounge “Natalies” that was a staple at the end of every episode). The music was dope, the clothing was dope, and most of all, the show was dope. Make that amazing. It lost its heat around the last few seasons (especially after they got rid of Torres), but anytime I can catch it on Centric, I sit down and relive the ’90s. Wondering what some of our favorite characters from the show are doing and looking like now? We’ve got a few for you. Check it out, and again, be ready to click.

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Malik Yoba

Yoba was the very fine, very smooth and very smart Det. J.C. Williams. He was best friends with Torres, father to “G,” and a lover of the ladies. He brought the heat and the eye candy on “New York Undercover,” and when it was over, Yoba wound up doing a little bit of everything. For instance, he did some singing (and had a lead role) in the David E. Talbert play, “His Woman, His Wife,” but he also kept on doing a lot of TV work. He had a guest role on “Arrested Development,” showed up on a series called “Bull,” had a recurring role as Joan’s love interest, Brock, on “Girlfriends,” and most recently starred in the Syphy series “Alphas.” You could also peep him in movies like Why Did I Get Married (and the sequel), Feel the Noise, and he just finished two new movies: Recalled and Caught on Tape. Yoba once said he has hopes to revive the TV series into a present-day version.

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Michael DeLorenzo

Don’t get it twisted, Det. Torres was a cutie too. He was the older detective of the two main characters, and during the show, he spent a lot of time trying to get closer to his family, and wooing Det. Moreno. When his time on “New York Undercover” ended, DeLorenzo went on to do the show, “Resurrection Blvd.” and had guest roles on “CSI: Miami,” “Ghost Whisperer,” and the comedy “All of Us.” He also did a few films, but has also been behind the camera as a director. He directed the independent films, Not Forgotten and La Linea, and dabbled in music. Check out his 2009 release, Rescue Me.

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Patti D’Arbanville

D’Arbanville played sharp-tongued commanding officer Lt. Virgina Cooper. She played no games with her team, and that thick accent was imitated by everyone and their mother. After the show, D’Arbanville, once a big model and a former lover of Don Johnson, went on to do shows like “Guiding Light,” and she had recurring roles on “Third Watch,” “The Sopranos,” and “Rescue Me.” Her film roles after the show included Perfect Stranger, You Belong to Me, Morning Glory, and she just started filming a movie called Manson Girls.

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Lauren Vélez

Vélez played Det. Nina Moreno, a pretty tough chick with a pretty face who was pursued heavily by the very cute Det. Torres. Homegirl got all kinds of hurt many times on that show, and still was running up and down the block soon after. In real life, post “NYU,” Vélez has had the most success in continuing her TV work. For instance, she played Dr. Gloria Nathan on the HBO classic, “Oz,” had a guest role on “Ugly Betty,” and as of late, has done big things on the show “Dexter” as Lt. Marla LaGuerta.

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Jonathan LaPaglia

This Australian actor played one of the new detectives brought in near the show’s end: Det. Tommy McNamara. His character didn’t hit it off so easily or so fast with the black and Latino officers at first, but after a while, dude fit in with the tough team…for the most part. After the show, LaPaglia did shows like “Seven Days,” “The District,” had a recurring role on “Cold Case,” and most recently, showed up on a show called “The Slap.” His movie credits include A Beautiful Lie, A Borrowed Life, Final Sale, and The Hit List.

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Marisa Ryan

You might not remember her like that, but Ryan played Detective Nell Delaney, one of the new detectives on the show who popped up in season four. After her short time as a cast member ended, she did movies like Cold Hearts, Wet Hot American Summer, Justice, The Extra Man, and had guest roles on “Sex and the City,” “The Practice,” “Law & Order,”  and more.

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Josh Hopkins

I’m sure you’ve seen this face before. Hopkins was one of the last detectives to join the show, in season four, playing Det. Alec Stone, the son of a crime family who decided to live a clean(er) life. After the show ended, Hopkins went on to star in an Alanis Morissette video (“Unsent”), did the shows “Jack & Jill,”and “Brothers & Sisters,” had a recurring role on “Ally McBeal,” and big roles on the shows “Swingtown,” and most recently, “Cougar Town.” I adore that show by the way. Anwho, he’s also been in the movies The Perfect Storm, Pretty Ugly People, The Insatiable, and he just finished Tan Lines.

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Tommy Ford

Ford played Lt. Malcolm Barker, replacing, Lt. Cooper in the fourth season. His character was known for having folks play dirty to close cases. We talked about Ford in the Where Are They Now? for “Martin.” In Case You Missed It: After “Martin,” Ford did a wealth of TV work. Right after the show, he had a regular role as Lt. Malcolm Barker on New York Undercover, and appeared in a recurring role as Kim Parker’s father on “The Parkers.” He also worked on a show called “Who’s Got Jokes” from 2006-08 and just finished working on two films this year: The Ivy League and Unspoken Words.

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Michael Michele

The beautiful actress played Sandra, the love of Det. Williams, who was killed while pregnant with his child by the show villain (one of many), Danny-Up Cort. After her short run on the show, Michele went on to do “Homicide: The Movie,” “ER,” “Kevin Hill,” and just had a role on “Gossip Girl.” Her movie credits after the show include The Sixth Man, Ali, Dark Blue, and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.

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George Gore II

G! G of course, stands for Gregory, and Gregory was the son of Det. Williams. Gore has had a big head since he was playing Omar Epps’s little brother in Juice, and he took that noggin over to the successful comedy, “My Wife and Kids,” playing the stupid but lovable Michael Kyle Jr. He’s also been in the movie Dance Flick, and was a voice in the Marlon and Shawn Wayans’ animated comedy series, “Thugaboo.”

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José Pérez

Pérez played Det. Torres’ once drug-addicted father, Mike Torres. Being on drugs for a long time, he was doing his best to get closer to Det. Torres as an adult. Outside of being estranged from most of his kids, the elder Torres was also a jazz and Salsa musician. After the show, Perez did a little work, including “Resurrection Blvd.” with DeLorenzo, the movies The Mask of Zorro, and The Way of the Gun.

Fatima Faloye

Although Faloye won an NAACP Image Award for her work on the show as Chantal, the mother of J.C. Williams’ son G, Faloye really stayed out of the limelight once she left the show. She’s dabbled in some producing and is allegedly hoping to get into directing, but for the most part, girlfriend decided to go MIA.



Ice, Ice Baby played Danny “Danny-Up” Cort, the big drug kingpin on the show. He had major beef with Williams not only because he was a dirty dealing dude, but because after Williams killed Cort’s brother in a shootout, the kingpin retaliated by killing his fiancée, Sandra. That made for veeery interesting television! We know that Ice-T continued to do a lot of television work, including “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,” and his reality show, “Ice Loves Coco,” but he did a lot of film work too: Gangland, Mean Guns, 3000 Miles to Graceland, and Santorini Blue. And don’t forget about that beef he had with Soulja Boy of all people for a little bit…

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Naomi Campbell

Had to do it! Campbell played Simone, a love interest of Williams. Unfortunately for him, she was playing him under the orders of his enemy, Danny-Up. Campbell did surprisingly good work on the show, and when it was all over, she continued doing some acting here and there. These roles were in films like Girl 6, Trippin’, and Prisoner of Love. She also starred in her share of music videos after the fact, including Jay-Z’s “Change Clothes,” doing what she does best–walking the catwalk.

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Was this your show back in the day? Who did we miss?

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  • rippimp

    This was a good article. I was just thinking about this show for some odd reason. I just wonder why you can still barely find a dvd set for this tv show. Fantastic work of art mane…..

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  • @msredbonebrite

    I still watch this show every morning at 6 on Centric!! Loves it!!

  • Mina

    Loved this show. They filmed an episode near my job once I kept going out to ‘run errands’ hoping Malik would notice me. Lord was I clueless!! Anyway I detect some nose jobs for some…No?

  • Mellie

    Yup, this show was very swexy and very ‘cool’ back in the day. SO much so, that I actually bought the soundtrack! lol, I came across that cd recently and it was like whoa! Fave cut? Lil Shawn’s “Dom Perrignon”.

    BTW-Naomi was pretty good on this show. If she was a less talented model, I’d say she should have done acting, but I think she’s the best runway model of the past couple decades (and yes, I’m saying she slays Tyra, Linda & Giselle). This woman STALKED a runaway.

  • Injynqbs

    This was a great show! Thanks for putting this one together. ;D

  • This used to be my show back in the gap! Every Thursday I would watch Living Single, Martin, and then NY Undeercover with my G-Mama. Remember when Torres got hooked on that stuff classic TV lol!

  • Greybeard

    Love this show. Not only were the stories good, but the music and musical guest were the best.

  • Tmz

    Damn what happened to The Wire

  • ESHA

     My favorite was the bonny and clyde episode with the two young people ribbing banks. The episode was extra awesome because it had the original bonnie an clyde track with Yo-Yo and Ice Cube

  • Guest18

    I forgot her name, but the woman who killed Torres.  She should have been featured, I think.

  • Negress

    I think NYUc is the reason I love Brownstone’s “If You Love Me,” so much! It was truly ahead of it’s time.

  • Maliiiiiiik oh ma gawwwd Malik! i was prepubescent but damn there was just something abt Det Williams 🙂 Thanks for the update, brought back fond memories.

  • Mia

    When they killed off Torres and brought the white chick on, it was a WRAP! I used to love Malik Yoba! Ashy lips and all, that walk was soooo damn swexy! 

    • Courtney

      Seriously! His lips were always ashy. I watched this show as a kid. It was very good, till Det. Torres was killed.

  • Treacle123

    I remember watching this back when I was 10 ..good show

    • Mls2698

      Somebody should have told you to go to bed! Lol

  • Ay

    I need this on DVD! Anbody know the episode when the little boy was kidnapped and found dead in a backseat of a car?

  • Charlene Edwards3

    I watched the marathon last week and enjoying now as I rock my newborn back to sleep….iconic show and I loved debriefing the episode the next day at school, in addition to the whole Thursday lineup. Ahhh, the 90’s were the best 🙂

  • I loved this show. Still searching for the box set!!

    • Rae

      It’s on bet tonigt

  • Jnxscat

    dont forget he was in the Teen Dream video…Let’s get busy! lol!

  • Love_Sexy

    Loved this show when it first came out but toward the end it started going down…..I believe it was right after they killed off Torres…..They lost the fire when they took it in another direction.

  • I know, I was actually sorta shocked that Naomi did good in this show. Ironically, Tyra Banks was on this show too, if you remember she played G’s French teacher. 

  • I met Malik Yoba in person. I was hanging out with my friend in Brooklyn Bridge Park. This was when Why Did I Get Married come out (film, with Janet) and that day he was seen in the park. He was nice enough to greet people and let me (and my friend) take photos. Always good to know that some celebs are not rude, but personable. 

  • I didnt kno Tommy was on that show….

  • Truth0312

    This was my show back in high school.  Finally some diversity on cop shows and the music was always fire.  

    • nikole

      i checked the reruns but they wss always onpoint the show showed real brothas getting ti for themselves.

  • Tagirl

    I was glued to the tv when Centric did a “New York Undercover” marathon last weekend. This show was middle and high school for me. I loved J,C & Eddie, the music groups they had the fashion. 

    • Centric had a marathon last week? Aww, damn i had no idea… 🙁

      •  Lol they sure did. I was all up on that channel for hours on end. I love when they have the NYU and Soul Food ‘thons.

      • BombshellBeautee

        Not to worry all the episodes are on YouTube : )

    • Mls2698

      I saw it, too. Couldn’t believe how ahead of their time they were. Used to watch every week.


  • Jackieo Perkins

    I NEVER USED TO MISS IT….but when the staring people got killied IT SUCKED BIG TIME…that was it for me and the show too….

  • IllyPhilly

    Loved it! 

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  • Darling

    This was my show freshman year of college! “Friends” came on the same night. I remember making my roommate go watch Friends somewhere else because I had to do my NY Undercover thing!