Vain is Your Middle Name: Celebs Who Love Themselves as Much as Their Fans Do

April 24, 2012  |  
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By Desire Thompson

Like the late Christopher Wallace once said: “More money, more problems.” However, he never said that with more money, your head has to get bigger and egos will spin out of control. Everyone’s favorite celeb psychiatrist, Dr. Drew Pinsky, studied over 200 celebs in 2006 using the Narcissistic Personality Inventory, which studies narcissistic tendencies. The study rates people on a 1 to 40 scale, with 40 being “extremely narcissistic.” On average, celebs scored a not-so-surprising 17.84, which is higher than the general public. While all of this may be obvious news to some, it isn’t to all. Celebs want to keep their names out there, so just know that with every Twit pic, status post and club appearance they do it isn’t for the fans…it’s for themselves. Take a look at some celebs that have let their egos get bigger than their paychecks.

Source: The Fashion Bomb Blog

Keri Hilson

The R&B singer/songwriter hit the scene in 2008 with her song “Energy,” and eventually received a great deal of mainstream appeal with her hit, “Turnin Me On.” While she was finally beginning to be known for her own music rather than the songs she penned for Ciara, Beyonce and other R&B divas, she decided to take jabs at all of those individuals in 2009 on the remix for “Turnin Me On.” Lines included things like, “Go head tell these folks how long I been writing your songs… I been putting you on… check the credits hoe!” When confronted about her comments she simply reversed all of her words, but continued to talk smack about other singers (who can forget when she refused to pose with a magazine that Bey was on the cover of?). But hey, as long as you don’t hate her cause she’s beautiful…


Katherine Heigl

Heigl got her start in 1999 in a creepy show called “Roswell,” but became widely known on the show, “Grey’s Anatomy” for her role as the very frantic Dr. Izzie Stevens. In the height of her career, she withdrew her name from Emmy contention for her role on “Grey’s” because she “hadn’t been given good enough material,” and she didn’t think it was “fair” to the other nominees. While Shonda Rhimes said she wasn’t bothered by Heigl’s comments, she still decided to leave the show (allegedly), and producers still axed her character.  After all that ungrateful talk, she went on to make one really good movie (Knocked Up)…but mostly horrible films, including,  Life As We Know It, The KillersThe Ugly Truth and her recent bomb, One For the Money. She’s what I’d like to call the female Ashton Kutcher (remember that one good movie he made called Butterfly Effect??)


Mark Wahlberg

Marky Marky (sans The Funky Bunch) thinks he’s a bad a** cop in real life since he plays that role in almost every movie he’s made lately. He recently put his superhuman feet in his mouth when he told Men’s Journal that if he was on the flight that hit the World Trade Center on September 11, things would have been a lot different today: “There would have been a lot of blood in that first-class cabin and then me saying, ‘OK, we’re going to land somewhere safely, don’t worry.'”

Really??? Well, he apologized after he received backlash for that comment…too bad he didn’t apologize for the movie Contraband.



Evelyn Lozada and Jennifer Williams

Jenn Williams of “Basketball Wives” fame was a victim of the slap heard around the world last week. While the incident with her former BFF’s assistant (who is also a former friend) happened in November, Jenn (who is known for looking down at folks who aren’t balling) decided to take legal action last week (just in time huh?) and did so with a public press conference. Where was the lawsuit when your ex violently threw water in your face last season? And by the way, somebody needs to sue Evelyn just for being Evelyn. She parades around as the head Mean Girl (and these chicks do the most to be in her circle), disses any and everybody and says they can’t f*** the men she f***s, but when someone doesn’t care for her, she starts raging like the Hulk. Not to mention she’s calling people out on Twitter for having an old model Bentley. She’s not about this sane life. When will the 15 minutes be over for these people?


Bow Wow

Notice how many MEN are on this list?? But is it really surprising that Bow Wow is way too into himself? People won’t ever take his mature rapping seriously since he signed with Young Money in 2010. Or maybe it’s because of all the Twitter rants about how his record labels suck, and how he wants to manage himself because his staff also sucks, and maybe even the fact that he consistently complains about being underrated. Mr. “106 & Park” also took the time out to talk bad about groupies, claiming that women are suppose to be pure–but then got a groupie pregnant last year. Oh the irony…


Trey Songz

I really didn’t want to do this but yes, Trey Songz has become pretty vain in his career. When he began his career in 2006 with his debut, Just Gotta Make It, he wasn’t realized by the mainstream…but when he cut the braids off, became a fierce metrosexual, and basically had sex on camera, he got big and he got cocky on all his fans. While his popularity has risen, the lyrics and songs he’s been releasing have been getting pretty repetitive. You can’t critique R. Kelly like you’re big and bad and then put out songs that sound exactly the same.


The YMCMB Crew, But Mostly Lil Wayne & Nicki Minaj

I understand that you just found out how cool skateboarding was Weezy, but you can’t just give horrible performances and dress like this and expect the world to still love you. The rapper has taken the D-list route of getting attention by wearing fugly outfits and showing off his skateboarding scars on Twitter. And let us not forget that he’s been calling himself the “Greatest Rapper Alive” for years. Maybe mixtape Weezy, but “greatest” right now? You’re confused. And as for Nicki, anybody who speaks in the third person has to enjoy putting themselves on a pedestal. Add that to the fact that she’s literally trying to punish her fans by taking down her Twitter and through threatening to leave the game as a whole. She wants people to beg her to stay, but at this point and after this new album? Just do it already.


Two celebs who are into themselves (but claim to be into each other) are rapper Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. While some people believe that these two are a couple, many are convinced that this is just another publicity stunt for both stars. Both have horrible reps for being vain and their recent photo ops are pretty much proving it. It’s 40 degrees outside and you’re eating ice cream? (*side eye*).

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  • Ifuaskme2

    Butterfly effect was a good movie?????? If you say so…………..

  • Ifuaskme2

    Butterfly effect was a good movie?????? If you say so…………..


    I Love Trey Songz but you are right he is cocky!! I saw him this year live and at the end of the show he was making fun of some ppl in the audience. For instance he shouted out a lady in the audience and told her she needed to lose her belly before she put on a half shirt. I didn’t see nothing wrong with her belly, it was flat. He gon criticized someone who paid to see him, I think he should have kept them comments to his self. He put on an excellent show but I didn’t like his cockiness! Not Sexy Trey!

  • MW7837


  • Caroneisha

    IDK about Trey being vain. I mean when I first saw him I mean yea he did seem like a a$$hole. But when I watched some of his interviews he said that Trey Songz and Tremaine are totally opposite of one another. And it took alot of artist mangement for him to become Trey Songz. Honestly, he’s one of those guys that appears hard and rude on the outside but when you get to know him he is very sweet. IDK, like I said before I jus don’t take him as the vain type.

  • Danielle Stevenson

    Celebrities are narcissistic. In other news, the  sun will be rising in the East tomorrow. 
    Dr Drew has turned into a media slore. Wonder how he scores on that test. 

  • Torlando2006

    I was a fan of Trey until I watched 1 episode of his reality
    show. His personality rubbed me the wrong way within the first 10 minutes of
    the show.

  • Netdandri

    Diddy was shockingly left off this list. I agree with the rest, though.

  • I’m pretty much over Evelyn as of now.  Then again, I was never into that trick to begin with.  The only one I like now is Jen though.

  • Bobby B

    Somebody forget to mention Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. He is really in love with himself.

    • Truthhurtz

      He really is. I saw him on Jay Leno not too long ago and he was really feeling himself a bit too much for me. I used to luv him, but now not so much…

  • random

    So where’s P Sh*tty, Usher, Beyonce, Rihanna, Ray J, 50 cent, Chad Ochostinko…I’ll think of some more.
    Steve Harvey.

    • Chanda

      to be honest i was also looking for diddy to be on this list.

  • guest510

    you forgot Tyra Banks

    • Dest

      Um, no. How is Tyra banks vain? She helps young girls feel good about themselves and live their dreams for many years. She took herself out of modeling which she could’ve kept on doing, and genuinely performs good deeds

      • janedoehoe

        Keep believing her hype…

      • janedoehoe

        Keep believing her hype…

  • BC

    Wow…..a lot of blows thrown in this blog post.  ***goes and gets popcorn***

  • Guest

    How in the world did you forget JayZ and Beyonce? They have been attention seeking since Bey announced she was pregnant and the baby’s birth has made it worse!

    • Koiceloman

      Beyonce never that… lol the rule at Madame Noir is never say anything bad about bey… lol

    • Netdandri

      I’m not a fan of Beyonce like that or anything, but I’m pretty sure the media attention around she and Jay’s baby has more to do with Bey and Jay being huge superstars than them looking for attention. They’re a pretty quiet couple as far as hollywood couples go.

  • guest

    i am surprised (yeah you know who i’m thinking of) isn’t on the list, but heck i ain’t saying her name. it’d be nice for a comment section not to have her name or what ever moniker you’ve afforded her mentioned. enough said

    • christielove

      @Guest:I have an idea who you are talking about too,lol.

  • Guestie

    Kanye started all this crap about 2005 when he decided to make acting conceited his schtick. Most public figures (athletes, entertainers, politicians and big business people) tend to have a God complex about themselves but these folks take it to the extreme.
    I’d like to see a list of the humble, classy and people’s people too though.

  • Tallchiick

    This is funny…I actually saw Trey Songz on 106 & park a few years back, and he asked the audience (randomly) who they thought looked better between himself and Terrence J…TJ and Rocsi just looked at him like DUDE STFU…and so did the audience…I was turned off from there.

  • Neecee401

    Keri Hilson, Katherine Heigl, Mark Wahlberg, Evelyn Lozada and Jennifer Williams, Bow Wow, Trey Songz, The YMCMB Crew but mostly Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj, Kimye. You’re welcome.


    You forgot about Nene Leakes. Idk if its me but i didnt like the way she was like, ” Kandi has invited all if these Twitter ppl” Heffa these are the ppl that keep you relevent. Now u too good for em….smh