Bet You Didn’t Know: Secrets Behind the Making of “Boomerang”

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It’s no secret that black films thrived in the late eighties and early nineties. So it’s no surprise that Boomerang came along when it did. Released in 1992, the film started off as Eddie Murphy’s brainchild. The movie was a hit, becoming the 18th highest grossing film of the year. By now, you’ve probably seen the movie, but we bet you don’t know some of the behind the scenes secrets. Well don’t worry sweetness, we’re going to share the knowledge.

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  • Keema Crayola Farrow


  • Cheryl

    Baby, I LOVE THIS MOVIE! It never gets old. Maaaaaaaaarcuuuuuusss daaahhhhlinnng…

  • Guest

    One of the funniest movies EVER!

  • Really? Are we actually trying to make the argument that Eddie Murphy’s Raw was not homophobic? Yeah, you’ll never please everyone when you are spewing ignorant hate…

    • vwells1

      Uhh no we’re not arguing that. I said you can’t please everybody alluding to the fact that once he was “homophobic” and now people think he’s involved in a homosexual relationship. 


    boomerang was a good movie and love the sound track, i saw Boyz to Men making their sound track to the movie in Harlem on 125th street and 12th avenue, i love what Toni Braxton did on the sound track, Love Shoulda Brought you home,  Give You My Heart back in 1992 wow 20 years ago.

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  • Seanill

    That was weak. Nas- papa was a player

    oh yeah paula patton dope too!

  • jozie

    You got to co-ordinate!

  • Chanda

    “Die Without You” is still the jam.
    Go ‘head Grace Jones.

  • Teewhite30

    That was Grace Jones in that scene not Tisha

  • Root truth

    THere were so many golden, funny moments in this film that still make me laugh when I think of them. A classic!

  • CriticXtreme

    Eddie had definitely broke the glass ceiling in Hollyweird. He went from black to green then to suspect of being a tad bit Fuchsia. That event hurt and you can see it in his current work.

  • Lovely One

    This is my FAVORITE movie.  It was the first time I saw swexy, educated, yet still down to earth black people in a movie!!!

    Fun Fact:  The Thankgiving dinner scene (with John Witherspoon) only had a “general subject.”  The vast majority of the film was all adlibs…talk about talent!!

  • Sassynhot

    All I know is that every time I see it on cable, I gotta watch it. Definitely one of the best.

  • Keep this going with all of our films! Learned alot from this! Thanks! 

  • Chessica450

    words cannot describe how much I loooooove this movie!! Eddie Murphy you are a comedic Genius and a legend!!

  • wehavetodobetter

    One of my all time favorites!

  • Mo

    Also the scene where they went to New Orleans dancing in the club.  They were actually in DC at a club/lounge called The Bayou on K St.

    • MLA

      Yeah they tore the Bayou down a years ago.  Nice spot to party!!  Chuck Brown was the last show there!!  Great memories!!

  • Why aren’t they making (black) movies such as these anymore?!? I’m tired of the cringe-inducing “movies” from Tyler Perry and his ilk.

    • Googley Girl

      Amen! TP can’t make a movie for entertainment… it has to have a message and make you feel all uncomfortable. I hate TP movies and I won’t watch them anymore!


    What a great, Reggie H did an awesome job on this! One of my favorite movies (black or otherwise) in the 80’s 90’s era

  • StuckInDaMatrix

    I love Grace Jones!

    • Olivia

      She looked so beautiful in this movie.  They don’t make flicks like this anymore.

  • eric mcdaniel

    This is my favorite movie of All Time- I saw it while I was stationed in Germany and even there the theater was packed.

    • Jaycee40

      I agree!! My fav movie! I quote it all the time 😉

  • HerbertHarper90

    I heard Anita Baker was supposed to sing with Babyface on “Give You My Heart”, but couldn’t do it for whatever reason and Babyface gave Toni a chance.

    • Passtheketchup911

      I don’t remember if it was “Give You My Heart” or “Love Shoulda Brought You Home”, but whichever tune he offered Anita she turned down, and told him the girl singing the demo (Toni) sounded good, and he should release it with her.

  • Greybeard

    Good movie, great cast. Fantastic sound track.

  • thanks for posting this, Boomerang is one of my favorite movies!