Unwed ‘Sunday’s Best’ Gospel Singer’s Pregnancy Upsets Some Fans

April 13, 2012  |  

It’s tough to be a Christian in the spotlight, and Sunday’s Best season 3 winner Le’Andria Johnson is finding that out the hard way. This week, the singer confirmed speculation that she really did have a baby bump at BET’s recent “Celebration of Gospel” event, and while some people were supportive of her situation, others expressed grave disappointment.

“In recent weeks, there have been numerous published reports stating that I am pregnant. I would like to take this time to confirm that I am pregnant and due in September,” she wrote. “I have been feeling well and maintaining a healthy appetite. I have been busy traveling around the country with my music ministry. One can only imagine that as a mother and mother-to-be, my plate is quite full—taking the kids to school, doing homework, cooking—regular mother duties. I have been blessed to have the love and support of my church, family, friends, label, management, and fans. I have received so many beautiful and thoughtful notes and prayers from people all over the country. I ask that you continue to pray for me and my family. I cannot do this alone. I will continue to pray for God’s guidance and protection over my life. I love you all very much and I will be in touch soon.”

In September, Le’Andria spoke to Eurweb about the difficulties of trying to make relationships work. The 29-year-old has had two failed marriages and is a single mother of three. At the time she said she was dating a man God chose for her,  and sources have said the father of the child she’s pregnant with is a musician who has been in her life for about 18 months and that marriage is in her plan.

Amongst the well wishes Le’Andria spoke of was a comment from a very upset fan who expressed their frustration with her pregnancy on her website:

“Honestly Le’Andria I am disappointed,” she wrote. “To deny that I am not would be a gross lie. I look up to you and the anointing that exudes from you, I really do. Fornication is a serious sin and it is not one to be jumped over lightly or ignored.”

This news could likely be quite damaging to the young mother’s image as people develop their initial opinions about her behavior, but as these judgements typically do, it will likely blow over in the end.

Do you think it’s a big deal when a gospel singer has a public slip up like this?

Brande Victorian is a blogger and culture writer in New York City. Follower her on Twitter at @be_vic.

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  • Tonya Graham

    It’s sad when sin is exposed people say ‘God is the only judge”. This is true, but when sin is exposed we, as believers should speak out against it. It’s not that we hate her its the sin. Being in the public eye where you have such a powerful influence over a huge population, you have to be really careful of the image you display. One might get the impression that it is ok to have a baby out of wedlock. If, she truly belived that this was a man chosen for her by GOD, GOD would never tell 2 people to sleep together before marriage. God is a God of order. This out of order. All those that’s trying to find a way to make this sin into a right will have to answer to God as well. We as christians, are suppose to say the bible said about the sin: Matthew 15:19, 1 Corinthians 6:18, 1 Corinthians 5:9-11, Revelation 17:1-5, Galatians 5:19…just some scriptures. That’s why we must crucify ourselves daily because the flesh is weak. Now if he ask for forgiveness, God will forgive her, but the thing we loose focus on is, when we miss up, no matter if you have a large audience or small audience, you may have already damned somebody’s soul because you were seeking temporary pleasures and THAT you will have to also answer to on the day of judgement. We are suppose to win souls for Christ not turn them away! We are not perfect (Romans 3:23), but whenever you mess up, say so.Stop giving place to the devil to make a liar out of you. Confess your sins and repent. We are suppose to be set apart from the world (2 Corinthians 6:14). The only way to do that is to live a holy and clean life…pray and fast so that we can see the tricks of the enemy. The thing about when we mess up, we all are human and while God forgives us, some “people” never will and that’s one of the consequences we face when we fall out of God’s grace even for a second. It’s a lot of responsibility being in the public eye professing your faith then to fall. It doesn’t make it right that “people” won’t forgive, but EVERY action has a consequence – good or bad and no matter the outcome, we must live thru it – good or bad. I know this one will be said….i know there are plenty of people in positions now in churches that are not doing all they should, they too will have to answer. They will be judge more harshly because they knew THE WAY. We all sin…..it’s about trying not to keep repeating the same thing over and over again. You never know where death is……you don’t want to be caught in your mess and your soul be lost. If you are truly a Christian, you know what i am talking about.

  • R&B


  • Guest.

    All these comments below about their disappointment and standards, you people are a joke. You wonder why people laugh at Christianity because you’re a bunch of hypocrites. That’s a grown woman and if that’s something she wants to do, let her. Why waste your time commenting on something like you personally know this woman. If you don’t agree with her actions look the other directions, I prefer this woman having a baby out of wedlock over her doing drugs and having sex with children. At least she’s staying true to herself and god, how dare you people sit here and judge her. All of you may have a seat.

  • Preacherskid

    If God himself designed the life of ms leandria who are we to question the out come?
    Children are blessings no matter which way they were created. How about we rejoice in knowing that a child will be born. Pray that she is a good mother and that she teaches her children the correct way to do things. I am a child born out of wedlock and many of you were also. Did not stop me from praising the Lord and offering myself for him to use me at he please.
    Not saying that fornication is right or will ever be right but saying that you need to know when to say when.

  • i think that we as christian spend to much of our time acknowledging other people sins so that we can forget about our own sins its one thing to have constructive criticism and another to be mean and down people for their wrong their has been and will all ways be only one perfect man who walk this earth we all sin and if you read your bible you will see that no sin is bigger than the other so it dose not matter how small or how big you sin may seem we will all be judged the same so instead of putting so much of your focus on others and there sins try concentrating on yourself and seeing what you can fix about yourself

  • i think that we as christian spend to much of our time acknowledging other people sins so that we can forget about our own sins its one thing to have constructive criticism and another to be mean and down people for their wrong their has been and will all ways be only one perfect man who walk this earth we all sin and if you read your bible you will see that no sin is bigger than the other so it dose not matter how small or how big you sin may seem we will all be judged the same so instead of putting so much of your focus on others and there sins try concentrating on yourself and seeing what you can fix about yourself

  • i think that we as christian spend to much of our time acknowledging other people sins so that we can forget about our own sins its one thing to have constructive criticism and another to be mean and down people for their wrong their has been and will all ways be only one perfect man who walk this earth we all sin and if you read your bible you will see that no sin is bigger than the other so it dose not matter how small or how big you sin may seem we will all be judged the same so instead of putting so much of your focus on others and there sins try concentrating on yourself and seeing what you can fix about yourself

  • Tamira

    You are your self you do what you want if you want a baby have a baby I’m happy for you I still look up to you as a child of god

  • Tasha

    In my opinion one sin is no greater than the other, so she shouldn’t be judged because she sinned differently than the next person.

  • mzberry203

    Being anointed doesn’t mean exempt from life circumstances. It does mean that person has the ability to pray through and call upon the power of God to look beyond those circumstances and make it through. Its not for us to judge her journey and her calling/purpose through God. We should pray for her not judge her.

    • Miss Anonymous

      Well we should also for women who have multiple kids, teens who are having multiple kids and promiscuous.

      I have a question and no one else has answered it for me. If I can still drink, have sex with alot of men, do drugs and dress with wild abandon what was the use in getting baptized? My friends see alot of people in the church doing the same thing they are with the excepton of my friends just staying home and not asking for forgiveness every weekend.

      I think that people arent judging her but are just tryng to hold her accountable especially if she is saying that she is a role model for young women. I have a 10 year old sister who is impressionable and she sees all these women/teens in church having baby after baby and asking for forgiveness about once a year before its time for her baby shower. They are still able to sing in the choir and everything. Why should me as her older sister (24) try to be a good influence, go to school, no kids, etc whereas everyone else is doing what they want and just ask for forgiveness after each time. Is it okay for my 10 year old sister in 7 years to do as she please because “the other girls at church do it and their christen and they ask for forgiveness”.

      I have had alot of married men want to have sex with me, can I do that and just ask for forgiveness later?

  • Meeshy

    Now, we can sit here and paint this picture pretty all we want to but the bottom line is this does not make sense.  Leandria was just at a church jan. of 2011 telling the peole to post her statement on you tube about falling away.  People forgave her then and welcomed her once more.  My senses would tell me, if I am a spot light to the world testifying about God and being saved, fell from grace, got back up again, why in the name of a Holy God would you go and do something like this?  You can say what you want and accuse those of us that are trying to live single yet holy lives to set an example for young people every where, call us unrightous judges, but this is foolish.  Leandria should have gotten married.  tell me how can you sing all over in churches, preaching to us, ministering all over the world, stating your message is about God when truth is, it’s really just about you.  taking our money, stealing our trust, and then BOOM!!! you slam us with this. I guess now, we can look forward to another sobbing testimony, yeah right.  Leandria you need to be saved.   True we all mess up but when you are in the spotlight using the world as your microphone to sing and preach to people particularly youth, honey you have to live what you preach.  people are not going to continue turning a deaf hear and blind eye to this sin you keep creating.  what your life is saying to the world now is “live how you want to live until you get caught, when you get caught, just cry weak and beg for forgiveness until you fall again”.

  • Neetrab

    Pray for the dear sister.  Just don’t support her “gospel” music ministry.  There, that’s that.

    I only say that because there are Christians out there that actually DO live a Christian life.  If no one could live a Christian life, the Lord wouldn’t have told the premiscous woman to sin no more.  He wouldn’t have died on the cross for us to have a CHANCE to live right so we can eventually live with  him.  He wouldn’t have given us instructions on how to live holy if we couldn’t do it.

    There is no way on God’s green earth a TRUE christian should be supporting a music ministry KNOWING they are doing things contrary to what they are singing about.  Now, If I don’t hear that a gospel artist is committing a sinful act, then I will continue to support them because at least I know that maybe there’s a chance they are actually LIVING a christian life. 

    I just hate stories like these bringing the “Christian” in negative media news.  It only glorifies the atheists theory of how they are “right” and Christians are “wrong”, when we KNOW that’s not true!

  • Neetrab

    It’s obvious that the “gospel” industry signs whoever can sing without caring to see if the person they signed actually lives what they sing about.  That’s all I’ll say. 

  • Neetrab

    Upset SOME fans????? It should upset ALLLLLLLL true Christian “fans”.

  • Misschris062002

    This is the same woman that admitted to having become an alcoholic since her win on Sunday Best, so why would so many be upset. None of this negates the annointing that is on her life. We should recognize that the enemy will do anything to taint something glorifying God. I wish her the best and pray that she sustain her relationship with the Master, because he will forgive her…the sin was in the sex, the baby is innocent.

  • Onesexeegemini87

    Everyone that is talking negative about her can shut up now cuz we all have and will sin so therefore no one can judge her but the Lord!!!!!!!!! : p

  • Nefijones1

    Get off Anetria’s back.  None of ya’ll (us)  are without sin!  That is what the bible says – since some of ya’ll are so busy quoting scripture and making judgement! 

    Anetria is an anointed singer.  Respect that.  We all fall short on a daily basis.

  • GLTMngt

    Well, sorry to say, according to I Cor 5:9-13 we are supposed to judge and as believers not to have any fellowship with other believers exhibiting certain types of behaviors such as fornication.

  • Vanessa_etillman

    A song says I have 6 months to mind my business and 6 months to leave yours alone. So 365 days a year I have no time to worry about you…BUT TO EXAMINE MYSELF…I’m a Christiam and we too have every day struggles. Read about David (old Testament yes)  and he was the apple of God’s eye.  Two things I was taught God don’t forgive is blaspheming as the spirit of God , and suicide. Have a wonderful evening.

  • kickash

    anyone judging this woman is such a hypocrite. get over it. its not like she isn’t taking care of her kids or just having babies with random men she met at the club.

  • bits

    this is such a warp, twisted and backward world. how in the world is this a slip up??? all of this crap about having a baby out of wedlock is a “sin” is man made and was created to keep people judging and gossiping about one another. THE CREATOR could give to shits about whether a ring is on a finger when a precious life is brought into this world. more emphasis needs to be put on building healthy relationships than on marriage itself (which is really just a piece of paper). Is LeAndria changing lives with her God giving gift? Is she a good mother to her children? is she kind to others? those are the things that God cares about. Not what goes on someone’s sex life. that is man made. just because someone is “married” doesn’t mean that they are on the “right” track. there are plenty of unmarried couples who are thriving in their relationships (with true love). That is Godly. Not a ring and a legally binding contract. Everybody (especially women) crying this i need to be married crap needs to really get over it.

    • really?


  • Mizzlady140

    Look  this a good time for us women to talk about the bigger picture here, not just about some woman who had very loose values if any from the jump. If there is one thing i know as a woman, is how NOT to get pregnant and its fail proof, and i will share it with you…its simple ! KEEP YOUR LEGS CLOSED!.We live in a world full of crime, murder, divorce, etc, etc,.When do we as black women stop this madness,We are the ones bringing children into this world. Is it so hard to stop and think before you lay  down with a man knowing  he will never be there for you or a child that may be concieved? and simply walk away.It seems that way, because all your thinking about is your self, your desires that you lack control of. Why do some women throw caution to the wind when it comes to men, not caring about your own personal health, laying with any man thats willing to lay with you. Not respecting yourselves, and not even trying to demand respect from others.
    If you are a woman with values its ok to speak on it and find a man that shares the same values. Stop being so thristy for a man..Its not fair to tax payers or the children that you selfishly bring into this world without stability, a without even the chance of having a father in thier lives. This has got to stop..but for some reason i know it wont, because you will fornicate and saturday and get up without washing your tail and got to church on sunday bible thumping..Never taking one minute to do self reflection and stop blaming others and look at yourself.God gave us his word as blue print on how to live our lives and obey his words. So the next time you ask God for strength, ask God for strength to keep your legs closed! And let the church say Amen!..

    • 4PEACE

      sooooooooooo AGREE

    • really?


    • Mls2698

      Wish I could give you 100 likes!!!

  • miamac63

    I am so disappointed in Leandria as a Gospel singer and worker of the Kingdom. Looking at her face on my CD and this blog is no different than me looking at Nicki Minaj or any other secular singer, of whom I do not support their musical works, for obvious reasons. I wish them well but I don’t align up with their living. Simply put. Why couldn’t you keep it real and say to your fans, I’m struggling in my faith but I’ve made contract and legal obligations that require I continue making Gospel records and attending Gospel events and speaking engagements. I truly love God and want to honor God and His word, and while I fell short, me and my baby’s father are seeking his forgiveness and intend to marry soon to fully honor Him.

  • miamac63

    Let’s keep it real people. We, who claim to be ‘saved’ but yet continue to live a worldly life have polluted the faith and literally disregarded God’s teachings. We want to claim a faith of God but yet be ungodly and challenge anyone who speaks against it? For real? Okay, I do crack, but halleujah, I’m saved and trying. I r**e little boys or little girls but helleujah, I’ve saved and trying to change. I am a w***e monger and sleep with other’s husbands or wives, but ooops, I’m saved and trying. I openly lie, cheat, steal, kill, but ooops, I’m saved and I’m trying, so don’t judge me but please buy my records. Halleujah! For real? For real people? Leandria, I wish you the best in your struggle (and my dear you are indeed struggling) but step down and quit covering your sins by saying ‘don’t judge me’ I’m saved and trying. Try harder. What separates you from worldly or secular folks who openly disobey God? Please tell me. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. My dear, no one is perfect but to blatantly and publicly represent God’s elite and yet blantantly abhor God’s teachings is not only disrespectful but in my book plain evil. Your voice or gift does not give you the right to openly and continuously disobey God. There are many worldly singers who are gifted. Why not switch over and sing for the God you really serve? You seem to always do whatever it is you want to do and definitely not what God asks of you. Keep it real. And no, I’m not putting you down, I’m keeping it real. I’ve too sin and fallen short but I promise I will not wash God’s face in my sin. No way. I love Him way to much for that. Nobody said it was easy, because if it was, every one of us, murderers, cheaters, drug addicts, etc., everybody would be saved and going to Heaven. NOT. There is that thing calld repent which doesn’t just mean saying I’m sorry and continuing your misguided ways. Repent is TURNING away from the wrong you are doing. I will continue praying for you, but I will not buy your records. Heck, I might as well buy Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, etc. They love God too and pray before every concert. Right?  What’s the difference between them and you?

  • Janice Dee

    Oh no a single Christian woman is pregnant!!! Is anyone really surprised here?  It’s pretty standard practice these days.  People declare themselves Christians but refuse to obey the laws of God!!! It’s so many things that Bible speaks against that are done routinely everyday by Christians, premarital sex, out of wedlock children, adulterous affairs, divorce, multiple marriages, lying, stealing,  jealousy, envy, hatred, coveting other people’s belongings and on and on the list goes.  We can’t judge but we sure notice.  Don’t hold yourself out as an example if you’re not walking the walk!!!!

    • Mizzlady140

      I have to agree with you, stop putting your self out there as a example if you cant walk the walk..you just talk the talk and when you find yourself knocked up again! not married..you cry only God can judge me..please! Thast why i wish some of these fake men and women of God will go sit down some where and stop. They themselves dont believe in the very things they spew out of thier mouths..

  • guest

    If you are not a Virgin and weren’t one when you got married, everything you say is VOID. If she didn’t get pregnant y’all wouldn’t have anything to say… The sin is in the Sex not the baby.

    • Apollo

      If everything is void then if your a parent how do you teach your children proper morals?   If people who screw up cant tell the next person, ”Hey dont do that…this is why…” how are we to mold our future.  Should she be bashed? NO.  But there is nothing wrong with saying that our faith  preaches against fornication.  Should I not tell my daughter the pitfalls of fornication b/c I was once a fornicator?  Should I not tell her that our God doesnt want this for us…or maybe I should keep quiet because I wasnt a virgin before marriage…  Yes we have all sinned, but this particular sin is big time in our community.  Why?

  • S Kamika

    Everyone has something! So for people to jude you is wrong. I’m pretty sure that everyone that has something negative to say is doing something too. I saw someone say that fornication is a serious sin, but in my opinion they ALL ARE!!! There are no deeper depths of hell!! Just because one has sex and the other kills doesn’t mean that that one is gonna burn lighter that the other. To Leandria, keep doing what you doing! No matter the mistakes you made or whatever your situation GOD IS GOOD ANYHOW!!! Pay these people no mind…. God Bless and I can’t wait for the next album

  • Ms_Sunshine9898

    while i’m against pregnancies out of wedlock, we should be more concern about the message she has to spread and not her private life. . .

  • Bugsy

    When I was a young girl, age 7 or 8, it often baffled me too see mom, who is Christian, allow her boyfriendSSSSSSSS to live with us.  Even at that age I knew she was going against God’s will.  Wasn’t she suppose to be married?

    • Mls2698

      Yes, YOU were blessed as a child to know more than your own mother. A true gift of discernment from God at an early age. Continue to use it!

      • Bugsy

        To be honest, I knew this at a young age because mom introduced The Word to us.  She provided us with God’s Word, but did the complete opposite.  So at that age, I was afraid she was going to hell.  That is how my young mind worked. 
        Eventually, yes, I fornicated, but I knew better.  I constantly asked for forgiveness, knowing that I was doing wrong.  I chose to sin.  I am now married and will try hard to instill what God want for us when raising my little one.  I dont want my child to comform to this world. 

  • Hrdblkman

    As far as I’m concerned you blk wmn ain’t gettin any alimony from blk brothers no more. We’ve gotten smarter and learned to keep the $$$ to ourselves. Hell blk wives are nothing but live in baby mommas ( see: tami roman, pilar sanders and other blk woman). Now non-blk women are another story, yeah they’ll get alimony, but it’s on to the next non-blk woman.

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  • Mizzlady140

    I see women like this all the time women hodling the bible in one hand and a drink in the other..if she was a true christian woman she would have had some type of values an held on to them, instead of spreading her legs and getting knocked up! knowing she has young fans who like her music..didnt she already have two failed marriages and several children by several men, she is not someone i would let my kids look up too..but she will continiue to live her life and praise the Lord and fornicate, whats new with some of these sistas…some are so thirsty is a shame..And let the church say Amen!

    • Ms_Sunshine9898

      i don’t agree with unwed pregnancies either but the bible also speaks against being judgemental as well. . . 

  • Ivygirl1794

    I’m just wondering where was the accountability when she started on this journey to take her ministry world wide?  When you have such an anointing, like LeAndrea’s, with a very public mission you are a target for the enemy to set you up for public shame and ridicule–anything to prove God’s word as hypocrisy.  We can’t continue to hide our intentional sin behind the fact that “God is the only judge”, yes the Father will love us no matter what, but there are specific blessings and accomplishments stored up for those who walk without a lack of self-discipline.  

  • My comment is that Christians/Believers has struggles and as you grow in your faith those sins that you struggle with are no more.  This may be a struggle for her even though she is anointed to singing the way she does.  It is helping someone, I feel that she is saying even in my/your sins I want to do better and what is right.  She is a work in progress.  The song “Please be patient with me God is not Through with me Yet” is saying  I have struggles issues, but I love the Lord.  All Believers need prayer that’s why it is important to go to church, read the word and surround yourself with true believers that will uphold you in prayer when you fall. Now that’s a true Friend in Christ.  

    • Miss Anonymous

      If I did all of that but I still whored around and had kids it would be okay as long as I loved the Lord, went to church and read the bible? If I knew I could do all of that then I shouldnt have even gotten baptized and everything if I can still go out and drink, party and have a bunch of one night stands. *just a question I need answered*

  • Helado31

    In response to the comments and not the article: I wonder how many of the self-righteous people up here after quoting a lovely scripture sinned? Hhhhmmm…..If only your life was put forth for the world to see you’d be ashamed. Stop using bible scriptures to cast stones when you live in a glass house. I only hope that you are holy so that I can live my life like you. As I’m just sure that you’re leading by example. You are leading by example right? 

  • Who Cares

    First of all, no human being has no right to judge other human beings. This is why I stayed out of church because Christian people always criticizing others on how they live their life. Yes this woman committed sins but who are we to judge her when we all committed sins ourselves. This is why there’s no peace in this world because we can’t forgive others for their sins and want to bring people down for what they did. We all just need to get alone and stop trying to be better than others.

  • Klynnfun

    With the voice God has given her, she already has favor.  God is a forgiving God, and thank goodness it’s not up to anyone else.  I’m sure we would all be suprised if we knew some of the sins of some of these so called christians throwing stones.  Some church going people started going to church because they have done everthing else but go to God!  I pray she and the baby are both blessed and healthy.

    • Yesss

      Finally, somebody with a heart on here, judgmental Christians need to take note from you!

  • Thongorama_98

    First off their is no major or minor sins and just becaus she won Sunday Best doesn’t mean she’s exempt from sinning or straying away from the will of God….we r do quick to look up to people n the entertainment business until we lose focus on who or what we are….the only one who can judge Johnson is God so before we be so critical of others we must check ourselves because we all have sinned and come short of his Glory

  • Tay

    The problem will calling out or judging other Christians for their mistakes or sin is the way in which is done. First and foremost, we are all sinners and no sin is better than others, Sin is sin. Nonetheless for those doing the condemning, what example are they setting? Are they also looking at themselves? People are very quick to get up and judge other people but if you turn the judgement on them all of a sudden its not okay. If your willing to judge, you better make sure you can look at yourself and deal with your sins too. I honestly don’t think most people do that. Sin is sin and at the end of the day Gods judgement is really the only one that counts. Those of is who think we are good people and are better than other sinners are in for a rude awakening when the judgement is really passed!!!

  • I don’t know about anyone else, I can only speak for myself and as I read over the comments I’ve seen a lot of “only God can judge” which is true our opinions don’t really matter as far as Heaven and H*ll goes, we have no Heaven or H*ll to put a person in (which is a good thing because we aren’t as forgiving and merciful as God is) but everytime I hear someone say “Only God Can Judge Me” I shake my head because that’s just an excuse to continue living a sinful lifestyle and basically showing that you don’t care about people’s perception on you and the way you carry yourself, also if a person cared so much about God’s judgement why aren’t they trying to do better as a Christian/believer. I mean if you cared soooo much about God’s judgement then why do you continue to live life as if there isn’t a God, now, I’m no saint  but I’m just pointing out how that whole statement makes no sense.
    and as far as people’s judgement goes I feel like…God has given each of us a mind with a conscious to tell us right from wrong and we also are able to form opinions not to say that he’s given us opinions so that we can stone and shun people for going against God’s Word but to judge in the right way to guide each other in the right direction to pull our brothers and sisters to the side and say “Hey, what you did/doing was/is wrong and as a friend/christian/brother/sister-in-Christ I’m telling you this so that this doesn’t happen again”
    Now, as I stated before, I’m no saint and I don’t read the Bible as I should but from how I was brought up in a Christian family I do know a little bit and I also know how some over-bearing, I’m-so-sanctified-God-fearing-shove-my-religion-down-your-throat Christians can be because they are all in my family. So to wrap up what I’m saying I am God-fearing but I’m not a hypocritical Christian  to the point where I would turn a person away because of their flaws knowing that I have some of my own but trying to be an example to others so that maybe they’ll be inspired to live a better lifestyle.

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  • Miss Anonymous

    So if i choose to have sex and get pregnant without a husband, it would be okay if I say God forgives me but I keep sexing and having kids? So why should I have gotten saved in the first place if God will continue to forgive me while I go out and have a lot of sex with men and have a heap of children.

  • I Hate Married People

    And people wonder why I’m an atheist, Christian idiots always judging others and try to make them feel inferior just to make themselves superior! I call it a bully-like attitude. I’m pretty sure your “God” won’t like that!

    • N-b-n

      the broken record.  you all sound the same then call Christians robots.

      • I Hate Married People

        Christians are robots, hateful bible thumping robots that go around belittling others instead of letting people live their life they want to live. This is America you know!

        • Ms_Sunshine9898

          you don’t know about christians then, because i’m nothing like that. . .

  • eric mcdaniel

    She’s had 2 failed marriages and now a baby out of wedlock to add to her other 3. She must be crazy as catsh!t.

  • eric mcdaniel

    Can’t none of you fake righteous, church goer’s tell me a thing. You all are the biggest hypocrites.

    • Concerned

      Now see this what Im saying right here. It not only hurt me but it hurts God that hurting people like this feel some kind of way about church people. But want not “one” of these followers extend prayer to people like this. Go after the one not 99 righteous. If they fail to listen keep him or her lifted in prayer for a change of heart. Through love n kindness. WWJD

    • guest

      Yes they’re are, as if they haven’t sinned!

  • Cherishdqueen29

    Listen honestly before knowing that Leandria was pregnant everyone cheered. Her music is wonderful I own her CD her voice is beautiful. Now she’s having a baby u want to b disappointed what for yes it’s unwed but how many are God knows her heart and if it wasn’t meant to b it wouldn’t. God doesn’t give more than we can bare and he loves us even through our mistakes and sins. If she would’ve aborted the child u will still call it a sin one of the biggest commandment thou shalt not kill so she damn if she do and damn if she don’t. Leandria keep ur head up,continue to sing your heart out for the lord,raise ur children the best u know how,continue to believe in our lord Jesus Christ,and don’t let ur spirit be troubled by negativity good luck in all of ur new adventures and journey through motherhood


    As long as we continue to hold up the Pastor as the ideal man that all others pale in comparison to, then we should expect more single mothers in the church. The church keeps black women single and keeps black men away. But the desire to have babies is real, so we end up with single motherhood.

  • Concerned

    OMG is this serious with all these comments about CHRISTIANS this and CHRISTIANS that, what about I will pray for this young woman that she can find some stability in her walk with GOD and be STRENGTHENED in her weak areas. Wow lol typical Pharisees and Sadducee spirit for JESUS spoke of how they shut up the kingdom from others when they themselves are not entering in. Judge not that ye not be judge Matthews 7:1. Why did the good book write this one? Because HE “JESUS” i.e. knew there would be people like what I see here in this forum. ABSOLUTELY NO WHERE IN the BIBLE tells a CHRISTIAN to JUDGE, so let’s get this STRAIGHT first.  We error not knowing the scriptures nor the POWER of the scriptures, now religious people try to single people out when they can ‘outwardly’ see another man’s sins, but they inwardly are like ravenous wolves. LOL I know where this will lead to, so let me hit it before ya hit me 😉 wink 1 Cor 2:15  …..he that is spiritual judgeth all things, yet he himself is judged of no man”  Is not talking about NONE of us in this here forum.  “HE” the spirit of GOD is the ONLY man that is ‘judge of no man’ wherefore, ONLY HE can judge.  (Now how you doin and please hateful folks be kind, generous and don’t cast me to heLL, for any lack of knowledge that ‘HIS” people is to this ‘present’ day perishing. I don’t know about any of you “all” but i It hurts me to see someone post, ‘this is why people don’t come to church and I myself” What happened to let the strong ‘bare’ the infirmity of the weak. This is sad people let’s get it together we are missing the whole matter here.

    • Lavenda

      Can you point out the judgmental comments? Many commentors are saying that as Christians we have to be careful of today’s traps; many gave their opinion that she should step down from ministry for now; some simply stated that she sinned… So is pointing out a sin considered judgmental?  Should we not inform others of The Word pertaining to sin? 

      By your and many others commentors’ stance, we simply shold keep our mouths shut when people sin.  By that rate, as a parent I should let my child run amuk…b/c I dont want to judge.  There is nothing wrong with saying THIS IS THE WORD. LET’S WORK HARD TO UPHOLD IT.   

      • Concerned

        Mrs. Lavenda I know this, and NEITHER did I once see you nor them say let’s bind together & pray about this sister’s weakness. 

        • Concerned

          Futhermore, judging: 

          1. To form an opinion or estimation of after careful consideration you wrote:  

          many gave their opinion that she should step down from ministry for now; some simply stated that she sinned….

          I hope I’m ‘making sense from’ this. Be blessed. 🙂

          • Lavenda

            so if I form an opinion or consider  you to be a just and honorable person…is that judging?…am I wrong to have and opinion?

            and yes we need to offer prayers

            • Concerned

              According to the bible it is weather it’s good or bad, the 
              word of GOD said not to do it.  HIS thoughts are not our thoughts, and we look at the outward appearance but GOD looks at the heart, so you might feel it might be good, but GOD might feel it’s rotten.

              • Neetrab

                So what you’re (or I guess the BIBLE) is saying is… if we notice an obvious sin even on the pulpit, we should shut up about it and let them go on as if nothing happened while they lead God’s people into sin. 

                Okay.. thanks:-) I think I get it now.

  • God’s grace is sufficientand hos mercy endurest forever!

    Know that the Bible says “He that is WITHOUT sin, cast the first stone”

  • Knekiidahicks

    yes wat she did is sin and there is no other way to put it..my thing is sex outside of marriage is not the only sin. if u have lied then u r in the same boat. if u broken any of the 10 commandments u r in the same boat. see folk look at sex as the only sin, and look over the rest. but there is no big sin or small sin. sin is sin..so if u r going to throw her under the bus hen u better get under there to. the act she committed was the sin, and not the baby.  the bible says he who is without sin cast the first stone..i has 3 babies out of wedlock as did many others. y is it such a huge sin because ms johnson did it?  we are so quick to wipe people off the face of the earth, but we fail to see our own faults. wat eva happen to 4giveness? she did wrong, yes i agree. but y beat her down with it. i just dont get self righteous people. 

  • lucy

     work out your own salvation with

    fear and trembling…” (Philippians 2:12). Translation dont worry about how others are living their lives. Worry about what your doing.

  • OhNoYouDidn’t

    Personally I don’t give a crap. Better her than me to be chasing some dude down for child support and dealing with a screaming baby 24/7 with no help. The single moms can have all that mess, Im good.’

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  • Diamondsn2005

    She found herself running with her old friends drinking and what not after winning the competition. So to hear she’s pregnant doesn’t surprise me nor move me at all. She’s human and not perfect like all of us.

  • Miss_Understood

    Fornication is a sin but I am no one to pass judgement. This is more of an issue of authenticity in our “role models”…if she is supposed to be a public example of a Christian artist then she should expect her fans to feel some type of way…

    I’m more disturbed by the Christians in the comment section goin back and forth…

    “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians; your Christians are so unlike your Christ.” ~Gandhi

  • Audrey Mason

    Pray for her & keep on going. He w/out sin cast the first stone. God has mercy & grace for us all. Is it right? No. Does it make it right for her to get abortion? No. Either way, let’s just keep us all lifted in prayer. Where we may not have a baby out of wed-lock, or not. There is something in each our life we not bringing God glory. 

  • Brazilianprincess87

    I’ve read that particular Scripture in Galatians where Peter states that and my godmother has preached on this very thing but judging and confronting ARE ENTIRELY TWO DIFFERENT definitions. God knows her heart and he has last say so. He that has no sin cast the first stone!

  • Fay J.

    Instead of putting down someone in the lime-lite because we think they should live a certain way because they’re on television singing/preaching about the lord, we should look at our sins. Yes, fornication is a sin, but so is lying, stealing, commiting adultery, & blasphemy. The bible speaks on so many things that we ALL do on everyday basis. When are we gonna get it right? She’s not the 1st nor the last to fornicate. Insteady of being disappointed in her, we should be disappointed in our everyday sins. No, i’m not making excuses for what she has done. In fact, it’s none of my business. All we should do is pray for her! Jesus forgives us & hopefully we sin no more. He gives us chance after chance to get it right! And we’re yet struggling everyday. We’re being taught holiness/how to live right, & the question is, “Are we living right?” Enough for Jesus to say, “Well done!” I love Leandria & I will continue to support her & also pray for/with her!

  • Erm…he or she who has no sin and is blameless should throw the first stone. Hate the sin not the sinner….Shalom xxx

  • We must pray for our sister.  I am just happy that she is not a minor.  I just hope that her life ministers to  others.

  • Jaida Bang

    Well i believe that sin is sin and  no sin is bigger than any other sin. But at the same time I feel like she should not be in front of crowds ministering in her condition if she is not married because that is a walking contradiction to how God wants us to live our lives. It seems to me the way she addressed the situation was very nonchalant which is quite disturbing to me. after all we are to live our lives as a living testimony to show what a wonderful God we serve. But if you are living a life the same way unbelievers live their lives then how can we show them the way to go? Also, if it is in their plans to get married anyway, why not go on and get married?

  • LiiSH

    I am a Christian am I am always astounded by the hypocrisy of the religion. As as Christian it is my goal to be Christlike, Jesus didn’t sit around convicting people. He educated and loved them nonetheless. This woman has had a child out of wedlock… Yes it is a big deal. But no bigger a deal then any other sin. All that matters is that she be a good mother. Last time I checked all sins were equal whether its sex outside of marriage or taking that pen off the table at a restaurant. People do too much, trying to interpret others’ wrongs like they God. While you are trying to check this young lady, many of y’all need to go check yourself. People on this board are using confront and judgement like the two are mutually exclusive (hmmph), I’m sure that woman has eyes and ears, she can account for her own wrongs. If she has made her peace with God about it, it has nothing to do with any of us.

  • Cocoa_kisses2386

    Ms Leandria Johnson needs to stop touring and “ministering” to people in her current condition.She needs to first and foremost get herself right with God, have her baby, and do some soul searching because she said herself that she had a drinking problem as well.She’s sending the wrong message, especially to impressionable young people.

    • Heavy

      Exactly. After getting through this she will reach so many others who too will also experience what she went through

  • Sturn

    She sinned. She needs to repent. And she needs to sit down. Once she committed the act of fornication and she continued down that path she and her musician boo should have went to their pastor  and got it right. Once she got pregnant, she should have sat down until her pregnancy was over and she  got married since that is supposedly their plan. Irregardless to whether she is on Sunday’s Best or not she is a representative of Christ and the fact that she is out in public makes me what to question her. People talking about we can’t judge, we live in glass houses; having a babies out of wedlock is acceptable–we are not judging; we don’t live in glass houses; and, when do we stop the generational curse of having babies out of wedlock. We are in the body of the Christ and we have an obligation to our brothers and sisters to make sure they continue to walk the walk. The mothers of the church still chastise me when I am in the wrong according to the word. That’s what’s wrong with this new Christianity, it doesn’t separate itself from the world. And it wants the church and fellow Christians to cosign on their sin. I think not!  I believe the scripture tells us to be in the world not of the world. I will end with this…DC Talk’s song “What if I Stumble” as a line that says, ”
    The greatest single cause of atheism in the world today, Is Christians who acknowledge Jesus with their lips

    Then walk out the door and deny him by their lifestyle.That is what an unbelieving world simply finds unbelievable.” Be Blessed

  • Nenebuttons

    John 8:7

    (Whole Chapter)

    So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.

    • Cocoa_kisses2386

      Yes and he said GO AND SIN NOMORE!!

    • RahTruth

       She wasn’t on stage wearing a prostitute t-shirt, was she? No. This young lady should not be on tv showing her state of being unmarried and pregnant. God loves us right or wrong. But, we are still liable.

  • Lnjackson1002

    All I can say is that these young women need to use birth control at all times, while you are single. SMH

    • Msmykimoto2u

      And men need to keep it in their pants

    • Mls2698

      Exactly! If she was burning with lust and didn’t want to get married, she should have been gargling those birth control pills, Christian or not.



  • Nya Moses

    Sin is sin and according the bible the only sin that is unforgivable is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. I wish people would stop trying to categorize “certain” sins as greater than others! People want to talk about peoples fornication, adultery, murder…but guess what those same people talking are liars, gossipers, thieves (cheating on your taxes)…

    The bible says that “ALL have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God”. The problem with people and especially Black “religious” people is that they put these singers and preachers on pedal stools as if they are not men and women like the rest of us. They need to stop look at them and start looking to God! So what if they are anointed! King David was anointed and he was an adulterer and a murderer. People need to stop looking at the needles in others eyes and worry about the logs in theirs. Sweep around your OWN front door BEFORE you try to sweep around OTHERS! 

  • Teerg

    This is not a public slip up…This is real life…what’s going on and gone on in the lives of us all. Is she suppose to be superior to making decisions be them good or bad? But I must remember…These good ‘church folk’ have always been and will always be the first to pass judgement…What a disgrace they are!!!!

    • Guest

      You must deal with events as they happen.  She slipped up and is trying to do her best considering a bad situation.  If she’d had an abortion, to the public eye, her reputation would be in tact.  Applaud her for handling it in a positive way, rather than blast her for being human.

  • Baby.. he without sin and stones and stuff.

    • Smacks_hoes

      Lol smh… Couldny you have finished the verse.

      • Nitty

        Lol.thinking the same thing.

  • who am I to judge??? but ladies let’s be honest we all know who we want to have a child  with, that’s a choice. I’m by no means perfect but it’s sad that the norm is having children without being married first.

  • nickwoods

    Well I guess in her position she should be a role model, but everyone slips up. Thats something that God can judge. I don’t think her pregnancy will effect anyones lives so why people want to judge her.

  • RahTruth

    True, none of us are perfect and we have all sinned. With that said, I do not feel it is ok to put yourself in the public eye with evidence of your sin in view. I think it would have been better for her to have taken a seat during that time. There is no need to “glorify” our sin. We are to be humble and repentant. The “oh well, it’s done now” or “hey, i’m only human” mottos don’t cut it.

    • Msmykimoto2u

      Well what is she supposed to do, hide under a rock? Why cant she just be an example of what women dont want to be or an example of how to go about dealing with the situation should it ever happen to someone else and to keep on walking in the faith?

      • RahTruth

         Please read the entire post before commenting. I said it would have been more appropriate for her to have taken a seat during that time. No need to hide under any rocks. And, there are already PLENTY examples of what not to be. It’s just not something that I feel should be put in the spotlight (or on stage).

        • Msmykimoto2u

          I read you “entire” comment very well….There may be plenty of what not to bes but there arent many people who minister to people about their experiences to help others out because they are “taking a seat” and not speaking up about it. Its nothing she can do about it now so she needs to flip the situation and make the most of it. Regardless of how the baby got here, the baby is still a blessing and was meant for her to have. God will continue to use her and hopefully she doesnt have a seat and continues to push forward and not letting this one mistake distract her from doing God’s work.

          • Rah Truth

             Once again, read my entire comment, or enroll in the nearest reading comprehension class you can find. No one said anything about God not using her and her not being able to share her life experience. I’m talking about being on stage unmarried with a pregnant belly and the impression that could give. Was she up there talking to people about that experience or not to do what she did? NO. And, there ARE plenty of people who do minister about their experiences and help others out. Your church should be full of them. If not, maybe it’s time for you to change. God’s people are everywhere.

            • Msmykimoto2u

              The impression she will give is she is human and she made a mistake. The “only” reason she should not be on stage is for her health and the benefit of the baby. Im not even understanfing why you are being so hostile because someone doesnt agree with you. You have your opinion and I have mine. And mine is that of course she was not ministering about being an unwed mother because she knew nothing about that therefor, how could she minister to someone about something she knew nothing about? Now she does, so can share her testimony and can be encouragement and save a young woman from making the same mistake. How can she do that if she isnt continuing to do her job? And two, seeing how this IS her job, she still has bills to pay even more so now, she is going to have to continue singing regardless. No sin, is bigger than another sin they just have different consequences and hopefully she can redeem your support and im sure she will appreciate a prayer from you instead of a pointed finger….

  • Get a Clue!

    It is too funny how everyone has a strong opinion on what she did and should do. Let those of you who are perfect speak first but since this is real life everyone lives in a glass house. Remember your on demons in your closet and let this woman live her life the way she wants and as long as you are not raising her kids or providing for her keep your opinions to yourself. Life is too short to worry so much about what everyone else is doing. 

    • Babyjoso_25

      For crying out loud we wouldnt be having this conversation if she wasnt having sex and the last time I checked sex outside of wedlock is a sin full stop. Now of course we are disappointed lets not hide that but she has to make her peace with God not us and guess what if and when she does that its none of our business so let us now continue to walk the straight and narrow and ensure that we learn from the mistakes of our sisters who God has chosen to use as examples and for those who have walked the same road be encouraged that God still loves you inspite of and despite our shortcomings but he warns us to leave our sin behind. This is coming from the girl whose sister died as she rather kill the baby and eventually bleed to death cause she didnt want the congregation to know she was pregnant. Jus thought you all should know God’s not like us……..

      • guest

        And I guess you had sex out of wedlock too (and don’t say you didn’t) but bashing those who did the same, what a shame!

        • Cocoa_kisses2386

          I say this as a woman who has had children out of wedlock before I became saved so I know what its like.It’s not about bashing but there has to come a time when we get some sense and realize that what we are doing is contrary to Gods word. And the worst thing about it is that she is still supposedly ministering to people.In the old days if you got pregnant out of wedlock you were sat down.Point,blank,period. People are not godly sorrowful for their sins anymore.It’s oh I made a mistake but God will forgive me.We take Gods grace way too lightly.Shall we continue in sin that grace may abound?God forbid.

        • Msmykimoto2u

          I didnt see any bashing in her post…did you read the same one or meant to respond to a different one?

          • guest

            It’s bashing to me dummy!

            • Msmykimoto2u

              Only “dummies”  use words such as “dummy” and resort to name calling because someone doesnt agree with them. For shame if you are over the age of 8…

    • guest

      Thank you Get A Clue, these judgmental just don’t get it. It’s her life, her choice, let’s leave her alone and let her take care of her baby.

  • Sbc

    The damage is done!! She didnt have an abortion so she can’t take her pregnancy back! So instead of people,criticizing her and slandering her name, as the body of Christ, lets pray for her and lift her name in prayer! Thank God that He doesnt treat us as our sins deserve!

    • Msmykimoto2u

      I agree…I’m sure God has already forgiven her and what can she do about it now? She cant snap her fingers and make the baby dissapear. And while I am not making excuses for her but just because she is in the spotlight doesnt mean she wont fall or slip up at times. I bet if you cut her, she’ll bleed the same color blood you do. No telling how many of you had children out of wedlock but because you arent famous and ministering to people, it’s not as big of a deal as this woman who sings about her God and thats who she has to answer to. In the end, she is still going to end up with a beautiful blessing and a lesson learned

  • I_keep_ish_real

    So what happened to all the comments about how a woman should have kept her legs closed and how no one should have kids outta wedlock…..etc. those comments aren’t here because she’s apart of Sunday best. So it makes it ok as long as she’s praising jeezus… Smh

  • Disappointed christian

    am sorry but i beg to disagree. While I know Judgement is the Lord’s exactly what type of example are we(Believers) leading for non-believers!? how different is she from someone who is cohabitating and doesnt believe in God? I say nothing!!! basic principle as a Christian, do not fornicate! while we are aware that this is a hard law to follow,it is possible. so this basically is showing that while she was “courting” this man God sent her, they were sleeping together…for a woman whose been married twice and has 3 kids while under age 30, this is SERIOUSLY disappointing!!!! This opportunity with Sunday Best was to be a new beginning and way to almost amend/recover from past mistakes which she clearly has not learned from…so why I am suppose to feel lead by her situation. Anyways dont feel she is a good role model and same thing with Fantasia…not saying she isnt blessed with a gift but it clearly means she needs to strengthen her commitment with God. cos 4 kids with 3 baby daddy’s, 2 divorces and currently unwed is NOT a good look for her. God help her out in this current situation

  • Mecca29801

    It just shows that she’s human like the rest of us.  As for the people who were upset by the news, they can kick rocks because that’s how they got here as well.

  • Ladybug94

    As a christian, I think it’s a human slip up.  None of us are perfect, we all fall short.  We all do things that disappoint others at some point.  I think some people need to drop their stone and if you want to do something beneficial, pray for her and her child.

    • Heavy

      Yes, we all fall short.  Arent we lucky that we have a Lord who forgives us of falling short.  With that being said, I think we (Christians) have to promote waiting until marriage.  it’s a great defense against STDs, it strengthens a bond between married couples.  But most importantly it’s what God wants of us.  That is why we have to be careful to not fall for society’s standards and strive to follow what God has for us.  Imagine how our world would be if Christians did what God told us to and not make excuses for CHOOSING to sin only to say ”No one can judge, but God.”  Lately, that has become our fall back phrase. 

      • Ladybug94


    • Rmdavis45

      You are right we are all imperfect and we all fall short how ever when we do fall short and committ a serious and gross sin as fornication there is room for forgiveness  but we can’t keep repeating the same sin over and over again and expect forgiveness that’s what repentance means to turn around or leave our former course of life and only then can we be forgiven notto ask for forgiveness and keep practicing immorality.(Fornication-Adultery-etc)

      • Ladybug94

        You are right.  Thank God for his grace and mercy.  Doing things God’s way is always best.

  • guest

    I’m a christian woman but last time I checked, only God’s judgement matters, not other humans. Yes she’s having a baby out of wedlock, but as long she’s a good mother to her child, that’s all it matters. Everyone’s not perfect.

    • Heavy

      I think that has become our (Christians) excuse to sin…We simple can say ”No one is perfect, only God can judge.”

      • guest

        Because it is true No one is perfect and only God can judge. Don’t see pastors and apostles bashing unwed mothers and fathers during church services, just the Westboro Baptist like people and conservatives only bashes people’s sin just to make them feel like crap!

        • Heavy

          Im not talking about bashing anyone. Im talking about changing our behavior. As Christians, we’ve taken on too many of today’s norms as our norms. Although, His Word will outlast this world. Point is, we have to recognize that fornication is destroying us…STDs, OOW children, low marriage rates, promiscuity, etc. And just b/c preachers dont speak about something doesnt make it ok.

          • guest

            Oh, forgive me for being free spirited and liberal! *sarcasm* 

            I just don’t waste my time telling others how to live their lives, I was raised not to judge others, but to understand their situation.

            • Missswan

              being free spirited and a liberal is nothing to brag about. what has liberalism done to our people?.*hence, fornication is quite liberal and against The Word*  which do you prefer…liberal views or The Word?

              unfortunately, you are unable to respond to opposing commentors without being rude.  so you have mastered not judging, but you lack in showing kindness. 

              Proverbs 11:17     
              A man who is kind benefits himself, but a cruel man hurts himself.

          • KIR12

            Fantasia 2.0? Why are you all disappointed? Most of the women in these black churches are baby mammas. These black churches are placing NEVER married women with multiple babies by multiple men in m3ntor positions as teachers to the young girls. I’m not sh0cked at all.

          • Lola

            It is a shame that we have allowed our standards to fall away from God’s word. We excuse away so much sin by saying, ‘don’t judge’ or ‘its 2012’. It doesn’t make it right and God’s word is still relevant in 2012. People need to understand that calling sin out is not judging. 

            • Mls2698


          • hmmmm

            Just so much better when you mind your business and worry about how junky your own mess is..You aren’t God and He didn’t leave You in charged…Don’t get mad, just get delivered!!

      • LaLaLaMeansILoveYou

         I agree, and I’ll add to that the “We fall down..” one that was hot for a while. Whatever happened to ACCOUNTABILITY for those who are ministering the Word to us while engaging in the same wrongs that they preach and sing for us not to?

        The child is (almost) here and I believe at this point what else is there to do but to pray for her and her child and child’s father. I will however say that a gospel singer, i.e. a minister and messenger of the Word of God getting pregnant out of wedlock does nothing but remind me of the many republican politicians who speak out so strongly against gays and gay rights then get caught soliciting gay sex. Or even Bishop Eddie Long. All I can think is “hypocrite”, and why the rest of the world no longer takes the church or it’s ministers seriously.

        • Passtheketchup911

          I just have one objection: if you listen to “We Fall Down” it is about a person returning to God, while accepting responsibility for one’s mistakes-it encourages the person to return to God’s way while seeking his guidance so that the same mistakes aren’t made…I do agree with your point overall, however.

      • Firestarter

        Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

        So, just because her sin is VISIBLE and our sin isn’t; we have the right to confront?  It’s not that excuse “No one is perfect, only God can judge” that is the problem.  The problem is that we choose to confront and cast stones without divulging our sins for that person to be able to confront back at the time of the confrontation.  A sin is a sin and God knows your sin whether it’s visible for other Christians to see or it’s buried deep down in the darkest space in your mind where only HE can bare witness too.  

        This statement isn’t for giving an excuse to people who commit sin, but to make sure WE remember and take responsibility for the sin that we are LIVING in at the time of this so called “CONFRONTATION”.  In addition, don’t say you are free from sin when you confront because more than likely you will be committing one then by lying.

      • Mls2698

        It’s so typical for them to say that, but If they really read the Bible they would see that Christians are supposed to keep their fellow Christians on point, least everyone be tainted. Like you, I am tired of hearing the same old excuse. If God had sent that man to her, they wouldn’t have been fornicating! And if they felt like they were going to sin, then hurry to the justice of peace!!!!! Yes, we can tell she is in touch with God, but she is also fighting his will, too.

        • miamac63

          It is funny how quick Leandria is to cover her sins. Just because you openly admit them doesn’t make it okay, gf. And yes, God don’t SEND MESS! If he was sent by God, he would be Godly and nothing about sleeping with you out of wedlock (okay, fornicating as God spells it out), is Godly. When you accepted to be God’s elite and minister to folks, you should have understood the impact and responsbility of your actions. Step down and you can sing, fornicate, drink, get high, etc., and continue lying to yourself that this is okay. Grow up! I’m sure your parents are most disappointed. Nope, it doesn’t mean they will stop loving you, as God your father will not stop loving you. But keep it real and be honest. Step down until you gert your FULL act together.

      • Janee

        Exactly! Just because we have grace and God has the final judgment doesn’t give us a free pass to do whatever ESPECIALLY if we’re representing God’s Kingdom. 

        There is still a standard of living even in the covenant of grace! Read up on Colossians 3, Psalm 1, Galatian 5, or Romans 1:18-32….it’s because of these things that the wrath of God is coming. 

        We, as Christians, have to take more responsibility for our actions and deny our fleshly desires. It’s a bad look if we know what the scripture says, but not apply it to our lives. We also have the responsibility of representing Christ. Our actions need to line up with His….

        She seems like a wonderful woman who definitely loves the Lord, but if you love Him you will keep His commandments. Of course not on your own strength, but by walking with God daily…every single moment! 

        I wish them the best! 

    • Rae

      You are self deluded. Where do you “Christians” get this from? Go read Galatians 2:6-19 where Peter confronted Paul for acting up. Its NOT judging to confront another Christian about their sin. You had better get a clue because time is winding up.

      • :)

        Agreed, I like to calm it “fruit inspection ” …. We as new creatures in Christ should know this , that’s why it’s important to dig deep into the word of God, I myself am guilty.

      • Cocoa_kisses2386

        Amen!Say That! Finally somebody that knows something.

        • guest

          And you agree with this idiot, smMFh!

          • Rae

            Oh and I FORGIVE you for your abusive language. Make sure you go to God and ask for forgiveness……if you even know Him. 

            • Shywalkinginfaith10

              Wow……”if you even know Him”???? Maybe u should do the same…..

      • guest

        @d21c939994d6698f2ba02033bb88f3a3:disqus , please STFU! Confront and judging are different and people is still acting like it’s the 1950’s or something! I’m sure she begging God for forgiveness for her sins so yeah his judgment matters!

        • Cocoa_kisses2386

          STFU? What a small and ignorant vocabulary you have. You have nothing to say on this topic, sinners are always quick to defend each other I see. Yes God forgives us but He also told us to repent. Repent means to turn from your sins and NOT DO THEM AGAIN.REPENT FOR THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS AT HAND!!

          • Shywalkinginfaith10

            We are ALL sinners sweety and since judgement is a Sin and ALL SIN IS EQUAL what is the argument?????! A person’s relationship with God only needs to satisfy that person and God, you have nothing to do with it!! Clearly you can judge but trust me it’s wasted! How about you focus  on self! This is why so many people are turned off from church, myself included!! Smh Live and let Live….btw I am a christian and nothing you said was “christian like”! I swear that saying is soooo true “I wish I met Christ before I met the Christian”!!!

            • Rae

               Wrong! When a fellow Christian walks in sin it is our duty to confront that person in love and mercy and compassion. Read your bible!

              • Shywalkinginfaith10

                Fellow SINNER read your dictionary…..confrontations are argumentative and laced with judgement…not love, mercy, nor compassion……just another way for the “super christian, holier than thou” to throw stones….clearly you didn’t read your bible either ( or any other of the 57 varieties)! LOL it AMAZES me how some christians love to bible thump and quote scripture but choose to completely IGNORE all the scripture about judgment…..or whatever else they need to ignore to live their lives! Smh 

                • 3sona

                   Judging is not a Sin!!! Read your bible.Christians are suppose to speak in God’s name, It is true, very few will get into heaven, especially those who cover sin and wrap it around themselves like truth. If you need me to send you all the scriptures that speak of judgement I will, Warriors of Christ must speak against sin, but then we want to go to heaven.

                  • Shywalkinginfaith10

                    NULL AND VOID…..Send them to yourself sweety….1Corintians 4:5 “Therefore judge nothing before the appointed time;
                    wait till the Lord comes. He will bring to light what is hidden in darkness and
                    will expose the motives of men’s hearts. At that time each will receive his
                    praise from God”.

                     Luke 6:37 “Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn,
                    and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven.

            • guest

              You tell em @fe126804b480c9af87929d2560743d14:disqus 

          • guest

            I don’t tell you how to talk so don’t tell me how to talk! As I”m saying, why you judging as if I curse all the time!

        • Rae

           And you’re such a “Christian” that you use that type of language. SMH You are a knockoff. This letter or article was all about confrontation. No one judged her. Jude 1:23 …snatch others from the fire and save them; to others show mercy…”  If you read your bible instead of going off the hearsay of others you’ll be doing yourself a huge favor.

        • Rae

           Hmm then what sort of words would YOU use to confront versus “Judge”? Did anyone in this article call the girl names? Did anyone in the article tell her she’s going to h*ll? Would you use the language you have used- as the “Christian” you claim to be? You’re a cheap knockoff. You know nothing about God. SMH I have nothing more to say to you.

          • guest

            I don’t tell you how to talk so don’t tell me how to talk b*tching over a comment. I say STFU, so what?!!!

      • Cherrish1234

        i agree it is not judging its confronting and  Paul confronts people in 1 Corinthians 5:1-12. we are not to judge but we are called to confront fellow believers because we as the body have to bear each others burdens (romans chap. 14 and 15), also we as Christians should be striving to live a holy life that is pleasing to God.

    • Is It 5:00 Yet?

      No…it can’t be ignored that she had sex before marriage and is having a baby out of wed-lock. While only God can judge matters, humans need to step their game out and stop using that as a cop-out. There are plenty of Scriptures that condemn sexual behavior before marriage, but religion has lightly brushed that over. 

      Your faith is also demonstrated through your actions. ~James 2:19,20. 

      • guest

        And you haven’t had sex out of wedlock? Please, it’s not a copout, it’s the truth! You think we gotta act like we’re perfect for God in order for him to love us when he already love us unconditionally. Why you thing they invented erasers on pencils or white out, we make mistakes you idiot, but we ask God for forgiveness for our sins. My 87 year old grandma, who is sanctified would tell you the same thing I said.

        • Is It 5:00 Yet?

          First of all, don’t refer to me as an idiot just because I don’t believe your water-down message. Let’s keep this a respectful discussion. Thanks.

          To answer you question…no I haven’t had sex out of wedlock. I’m am waiting till someone puts a ring on my finger. And it is a cop out when people use “God forgives us no matter what we do ” as an excuse all the time. 
          Of course, we make mistakes. We sin everyday. However, when you do the same thing over and over again you obviously haven’t learned from that mistake. After committing a serious sin, it is important to ask God for forgiveness. IT IS ALSO IMPORTANT that a person take preventative measures to correct the thinking that got them there in the first place and avoid doing it again. 

          Of course God forgives, but don’t use that as an excuse to engage in repeated wrong doing. That is taking advantage of the ransom sacrifice. 

          • Heavy

            luve the last sentence

            • Is It 5:00 Yet?

              Thanks. Just keeping it real lol.

    • Mitzi Greene

      I could not agree more “ONLY God’s judgement matters”!

    • lovlyblkfem

      Thank you for your reply. I wish others would stop trying to judge people and what they do in life.If you don’t agree with what that person does; don’t listen to their music or follow their career. It’s like they are scolding the adult. LOL!