NEW MN WEB SERIES: “Ask A Black Man” Episode 3: The SEX Episode

April 11, 2012  |  

We’re back with a fresh new episode of Ask A Black Man! In this episode, a new panel of men discuss the trials and tribulations of S-E-X. Panama is joining us for another episode, while LC (Lawrence), Marco, Lester and Stephen represent for the first time on stage. Our lovely host Kela Walker holds it down for the ladies, per the usual.

Watch this episode now, and click here to see the extended version of The Sex Episode. We couldn’t fit all the questions, answers and commentary from the men into this episode, but you can watch the whole thing at 6pm tonight. You won’t wanna miss the rest of this discussion!





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  • Kennda Burt

    I watched these seasons backwards, and I definitely appreciate these better than 3. Seems lost a level of intellect (emotionally and scholarly) with season 3.

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  • rainbow

    I think men & women are more alike than different

  • Just seeing this. Very funny! The Stephen guy talking about “I did that!” lol eff outta here son! You ain’t do jack. Very entertaining. Good Times

  • Jermichael

    It amazes me how many women can’t grasp the fact that we men fake it too. 

    • Bailey A.

      this is new to me…

  • Dr M Charles

    This webisode/discussion is pretty cool. You should definitely have a mixed panel of both men and women! This is really interesting but would even more so with feedback from women who know how to keep it real! Allow me to volunteer myself in the panel! 😀

  • Panama Jackson!!!!!!!! LOVE HIM!!!!

  • Panama Jackson!!!!!!!! LOVE HIM!!!!

  • collegeGIRL

    Can I just say that Panama Jackson is one of my favorite people ever? I could listen to him speak forever. 

    On another note, I know that you guys have been getting a lot of mixed reviews but I think that this web series is brilliant. I have all my friends watching it, yearning for Wednesday so that we can all crowd around one computer and then discuss the episode together. Even though I’m younger (college aged) the topics are still completely relatable and relevant to my life. Who knows? I might even use some of this material to write my thesis.

    Keep up the great work!

  • LouisianaLickableLips

    I really thought they would discuss how sex affects a r-ship, FWBs, etc. And, i think some of the men are giving politically correct answers……i want the truth!

    • Yeah….OK

      U are right those are some politically correct answers…. It’s Real out here in these streets and men are not that up front and honest with women they sleep with. If they were there wouldn’t be a need for ASK A BLACK MAN commentary…but hey if y’all like it I love it! I will always guard my heart and everything else against bad intentions unless u prove me otherwise, people just need to be more careful and check people out before sleeping or getting involved! Just my 2 cents…

      • LouisianaLickableLips

         It is definitely HARD out there in them streets, LOL! I feel tht Im constantly dodging game & deick. I feel the guys were giving politically correct answers b/c they dnt want their public image tarnished. Im sure they are worried abt wht their wives/gf’s/parents/co-workers may think. Maybe they should be interviewed in a dark room or not have their faces shown. I feel they are holding back

        My answers:
        1. I would NOT date a virgin. I dnt have the time or patience 2 b teaching anybody anythg
        2. I wouldnt wana know any1s #s. Would be a turn off 2 me
        3. U should try to wait at least until the 3rd date, but hey, we are all human
        4. I have never let a man know if he wasnt satisfying me. I might suggest a position or smtg, but would never say the sex sucked. I have no problem pulling out my bullet when he leaves or I leave.
        5. Foreplay: extremely important
        6. 2 much sex: having sex everyday. Im not interested in having sex on a daily basis. I do have a life
        7. It is rude 2 receive & not give…..& selfish

        • LUVBNBLK

          I a Black man not attached to his show and i’ll give you MY honest answers
          My answers:1. I would date a virgin (and have dated 6), depending on her reasons for being one. If her reasons are spirtual then I don’t want to be the one who “takes” or ‘steals” your maidenhood. If you choose to “share” your first experience with me then cool (only if we are serious).

          2. I would to know, I dated women with high numbers as long as your past stays where its at and you didn’t bang any friends or relatives in the last 5 years we good. I won’t lie, it would be a bit of a turn-off, but at least i know you aren’t a liar.

          3. I’m not a first date jump-off kind of guy, I can’t cut loose if I can’t trust the woman I’m sleeping. I’ve tried it and nothing good has come from it in my past.

           4. I’ve faked it for the few, jump-off cause i know it wasn’t going anywhere, but I would express how I like “it” and suggest positions and activities w/o hurting the person’s feeling. My pleasure is my reponsibility if I don’t speak up.
          5. Foreplay: CRUCIAL/ MANDATORY, there’s room for quickies but I need “sessions and events” to keep me happy
          6. 2 much sex: is 4 times in on night, I did that on night and sleep for close to 14 hrs the next day. I would like 4x a week minimum. 
          7. You have to be willing to give in order to get, but I certainly don’t mind giving first (actually I prefer it)

          • LouisianaLickableLips

            Good answers! Thx 4 the honesty….Thts all us women want

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  • Victor

    Your embed code doesn’t work in either Chrome or IE 🙁

    • Liz

      What operating system do you use? It’s working fine in my Chrome! 

  • Mya

    I find Panama annoying of all the previous panelist(s) to bring back..ugh…Once again Kela does a great job. Hopefully the extended version will go more into the affects sex can have on a relationship. 

    • Ms_Mara

      Really? I enjoyed him the most out of the first group of panelists and I thought it was a pretty solid group too. I think Panama is insightful but he expresses his opinions in hilarious ways that keep the mood light and keep him from coming off accusatory.

  • TKNY130

    waiting for.uncut extended version. Good show as always!!!
    We Do Not Need.Ask a Black Woman…
    we have enough blogs and mags, and friends for that! lmbo…and what is BAd sex from a woman, lol, just curious…expound…lol

    • Ms_Mara

      I agree. I feel like this site is kinda our version of Ask a Black Woman. We get daily episodes of our opinions right here! lol

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  • My2cents

    hmmm men fake it too! wow.  I thought it was just us.  I agree, no such thing as too much sex! 
    funny episode

  • really?


  • This is always interesting. You guys need to start Ask A Black Woman….

    • And have a guy (Panama?) host it.

      • weethomas

        Hmm, yeah, not going to happen. Here’s a hint why. . .how many men are talking about “we need to start a Ask a Black Woman”?

        • B

          So, if no one asks, it’s not necessary for us to tell?

          Maybe that’s the issue, not enough men openly & persistently care to know about OUR needs, never mind the fact that we as a whole birthed, nurtured & raised them, their children, feed them, clean after them, willingly seek their advice & opinion, keep ourselves up for them…I mean damn a relationship works both ways! Lol…I hear you but, if you never ask your daddy how to read, is it okay that he just doesn’t teach you?…I don’t care if men aren’t talking about “Ask A Black Woman,” doesn’t mean we can’t give them what they NEED.

          Love to all the beautiful men that care to know & understand our needs, the same way we need to understand theirs.

          • weethomas

            There is a difference between educating and educating grown men and women.

            Really? what are these needs that we men don’t know about? We’re not the ones who are mystified about women in general. This series is so exciting because women seem to either be in denial or just ignore things about men that they’ve been told or heard. How many times has the question been asked “He said he is not ready for a relationship and I want a relationship, should I stay?”

            We are all adults, so at this point, we choose what we are going to learn. Women are choosing to watch this series. I just don’t think a similar enthusiasm exists for a “ask a black woman” version.

            • Msddre

               that’s because black men don’t care nor are they attracted to black women.

              that’s why shows like this is all for naught.

              why would one watch this show when you know most of them don’t care for bw.

              • weethomas

                So you do realize that over 90% of relationships are between people of the same race. Do you have a special definition of “black men” or “black women”? Or is this more personal?

                • I have a feeling that Ask A Black Woman would result in bickering similar to this… nevermind! Statement rejected 😉

            • B

              If only you knew! Honestly men are A LOT more in the dark about women then they may know (at least the ones I’ve met). I think many women think or feel they need to mold themselves into what a man may desire in them, & are a lot more willing to compromise. You think there’s no mystery to us, when in actuality you may only be getting what a woman thinks you want and not who she really is….you see me tryin to debate with you, huh? lol…Seriously think about it, society (in general) caters to men and there is less of a challenge for you to get by in society; from success to body image…so you’re right, why would you guys care to know? After all you have much more options than we do. I think it has little to do with the fact that men have a good grasp on what a woman really needs and a lot to do with the fact that a woman will most likely conform to a man’s needs before he does hers…so why bother getting to know us anymore than you already do, when there are SO many of us who will mold ourselves into what you desire. WHY? Because of the abundant amount of women who are like me (lol) and would love for men to stop thinking they know what we want, when most of them don’t know shit but what society has taught them or what the women who are easily influenced by society have taught them.