MAD MEN: Male Celebrities Who Always Look So Mean!

April 7, 2012 ‐ By Drenna Armstrong

Ever take a moment to check up on the latest and greatest with your favorite stars and always see the same people with issues? The media, of course, is always to blame for how they act and are portrayed and not them.  *blank stare* For some stars all may be good but there’s one thing you wonder: “Does he ever smile?”

Well these men, for many different reasons have not always been in the high favor of the media or public opinion….let’s see why they are always mad…

MadameNoire Video

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  • KM320

    The Jesse Jackson comment was on point.  At Whitney Houston’s funeral it seemed like all he did was mean mug.  ESPECIALLY when Tyler Perry got up to speak.  Jesse, what’s really going on?

  • Guest

    I’m confused. The title of the article talks about celebs who always ‘look’ mean. Then it lists men who’ve may look mean but have really exhibited mean/angry behavior at various times (I can’t believe y’all didn’t mention Wale’s angry phone call to a radio station last year). 
    I say Eminem’s the poster child for just ‘looking mean’ (or unhappy). He truly is the reluctant superstar. Ice Cube can still get mean looking when he wants to.
    I thought this piece was interesting because I get accused of looking mean or surly many times. Still I’d like to think that I don’t act mean at all. My proof is usually when people who I finally get to talk with after knowing them in passing will say ‘you’re not at all like I thought you’d be.’
    That’s when I stare them down and smack them. lol

  • Jones Edquina

    After reading this mess I am really starting to think that you all have nothing else better to do then to bash the black men of our communtiny. The white folks do a great job of casting us as inhuman and then ya’ll come along with this bullshit? I need to find another site that loves black people like I do and want to see us lifted up and not beaten down by our fellow black men/women.

  • Ms. Amor

    lol Wale dosent look mean to me its his “straight” face,lol  …. Im from DC/PG, we all look that way, lol …. but seriously who walks around wit a big Kool Aid smile???

  • Real talk this was a silly article, seriously your writing about how mean these men look. This is some childish ish.

  • FromUR2UB

    Jesse Jackson and Mel Gibson are not looking mean; they’re just looking old.

  • juliemango

    Em is my only concern. No need to explain. The rest no bother. Kobe has a Winnin Milliom$ Smile/SexaySmile. Wale – like his parted mouf!!!

  • lookin’ mean and wonderin’ people think we are mean – solid strategy.

  • Gemini62065

    Madame Noire…this is a very immature depiction of our men…no wonder some of the men are against the media!  We are all adults, shouldn’t we be past the point of judging people based on facial expressions when a picture is taken?

  • SMH

    Explain to me why us blk folk are expected to flaunt a big wide, toothy,
    happy go lucky grin anyways? Shuck and jive played out with slavery.

  • reese

    I don’t know if they are all angry or they seem frustrated.  I think it is because of what is going on in their life cycle.

  • Lis

    Kanye and eminem for sure

  • Kindallmoore

    What about DMX?

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  • Chanda

    Rakim should be up there although he’s not really relevant these days.

    • Guest

       With all due respect, Rakim will always be relevant. I think you meant that the lamestream industry won’t pay attention to him which is true.

  • Mirielle

    So yall don’t see Victoria Beckham with her forever screwed millions dollars face? That woman has a reputation of never smiling even when she’s having the most amazing moments it still boggles me why would a woman with one of the most coveted men in the world and 4 beautiful children and a successful business wouldn’t even fake a smile O_O

    • Jolie

      Maybe they’ll put her on the female version of the list

    • juliemango

      There’s an unseen reason!!!

    • SpoonfulOfSugar

      Smiling causes wrinkles.

  • SpoonfulOfSugar

    I expected to see Ice Cube.

    • Chanda

      Well the old Ice Cube rarely smiled. He does now I would too with that money and fame.

  • Safetynet

    Your perception of kanye is irrelevant to me I love him his music and whatever so called problems you have with him do not speak for this loyal fan at all, oh and Kobe really? Please

  •  There is always room for a man of force, and he makes room for many.

  • holla

    It used to be good madamenoire once upon time now it’s just negative and judgmental like bossip -_-

    • juliemango


  • This description of Kobe is enough to keep me from reading this garbage anymore. Really, it’s hard to see him as anything but a Jerk? You speak for yourself… I see him as a Winner. People always tell you their preconceived notions, now don’t they?

    • DrennaB

       LOL, that wasn’t a personal opinion; I rarely have a problem stating my personal opinion if that’s what it is. I’m not a fan but what I said was based on numerous conversations I’ve heard about him.  You should see him as a winner since that would be the truth.

    • Michelemichele100

      Vanessa get off this page and stop defending your two timing arrogant husband! Dont forget there is something called freedom of speech!!

      • reese

        Two timing, girl you are being kind considering he mad Tiger Wood’s exports look tame. 

    • reese

      But he is a serial cheater, accused of rapist and cannot get along with his teammates.  What’s not to like?  Please you don’t know Kobe stop acting like she is talking about your mother or son.  It is that serious.