Hallelujah: Mary J. Blige’s “Chicken Peddling” Ad Pulled By Burger King

April 3, 2012  |  

by Marissa Ellis

Well, well, well, it seems that Burger King has finally come to its senses, although we’re still shaking our heads at the fact that nobody in Mary J. Bliges’s camp (including MJB herself) saw anything wrong with doing such a buffoonish commercial in the first place.

BlackEnterprise.com is reporting that the official commercial featuring MJB singing the praises of its chicken wrap is no longer available on YouTube and was removed due to copyright issues.

Yesterday, black media was all over the over-the-top commercial, wondering why someone of MJB’s status would stoop to such buffoonish (yes, I had to use the word again) levels to make a buck. Madame Noire’s own Renay Alize had a very eloquent and detailed reaction to Mary’s decision to peddle chicken. Here’s a snippet:

This is so beneath you. This harmonizing about chicken is a move I would associate with someone whose glory days were far behind them. You still have so much more to contribute to the arts and entertainment game that there was no reason for you to stoop to stereotypes. And I know what you’re thinking, everybody across the world loves chicken. It’s true, most people get down with the poultry; but as a black woman, singing passionately about chicken is not the move!

Many fans will no longer look at the Queen of Hip Hop Soul the same way. We only hope that she’s fired the team who led her to this foolish decision. We’ll also hope she’ll be an example to the other artists who dare to compromise their brand by singing an ode to fast food chicken.

Lest you need to see the original commercial, we found a copy here:

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  • Fried Chicken Sterotype

    I am doing a paper on the pitfall of Burger King. I understand why some of the more obscene ads are causing trouble for the fast food company, but this? Mary J. has claimed that the commercial is “Racist” but I just can not see where the “racism” lies. Oh wait is it because the ad mentions Chicken and she happens to be black? Is that where the tension lies? Come on people this is ridiculous. The only thing that Mary is doing by recognizing that this might be racist is feeding into a certain stereotype regarding her demographic. Why can’t these “testy points” be disregarded when SHE IS THE ONE WHO SIGNED THE DAMN DEAL IN THE FIRST PLACE?

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  • Grow up.

    • Speedlimit55

       Making a comment here.   if she was singing about diamonds  would you, Madame Noire, have a problem with that because the diamonds come from Africa and mined by people that get below minimum wage?  Quit throwing the race card.  this had nothing to do with you, it was between Mary and Burger King.

  • Mark

     The ad wasn’t a very good one, but insanity seems to have taken over with all this political correctness. I am an African American. I eat chicken (as do most American citizens). I love chicken (fried, baked, grilled…etc.) and watermelon. Because someone has negatively associated my ethnicity with a particular food, am I now suppose to be ashamed of my favorite foods/culture. After all most other Americans also eat chicken on a fairly regular basis. Fried chicken joints are not only in predominantly black neighborhoods. Get a life! Mary’s ad was not racist or stereotyping. It was simply good pay for a bad ad (only meaning it was not very good). I’m not embarrassed or ashamed. If the other celebs involved also consume this fowl, they should also be ashamed and attacked. If you enjoy chicken wraps just order one, sit down, eat it and leave everyone else (no matter the ethnicity) alone.

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  • Lalita

    I think it was quite funny! Actually I almost cried laughing when I first seen this! What’s racist about this commercial! I’m black and I like chicken so what!!! Some black people are wayyyy too sensitive!

  • Corey

    While the commercial was corny, to label it “buffoonery” is wildly inappropriate.  What you are doing is giving credence to the stereotype.  So let me get this straight, if she was singing about hamburgers, pizza, or caviar, it would be okay???  Take an example from white people – they dont bring each other down with such simple-minded thinking.

  • FACEPALM!!!!!!!!!!!!   

  • Racist Be Gone!

    Racist! Black people invented fried chicken morons! It’s not stereotypical. Only you make it that way! get a grip and put your race card in the garbage!

  • gregiore

    44 years after the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King (R.I.P.) and this is the progress we’ve made…Mary J. singing about chicken wrap on a BK commercial…Charles Barkley wearing a dress in a Weight Watcher’s commercial. The worst part are the folks (Black folks) who see nothing wrong with this nonsense. We’re being clowned in the media right before our own eyes, and somewhere out there is a room full of ad executives rolling on the floor laughing at us.

    • Netdandri

      What is wrong with eating chicken, though? Do you eat chicken?

    • Corey

      Are you serious?  So if white people did these same exact things, would you still see a problem?  Why do we have to be extra careful about what we do? 

  • Dbrown513123

    Everybody likes chicken not just black people . You should be ashamed of keeping the stereotype going . She just making her money give me half of what she made I’ll sing about chitterlings , watermelon , and chicken . Sit y’all asses down and get a life

  • IllyPhilly

    C’mon son! MJB’s days ARE behind her!! Yeah, I just said it!!! 

  • FromUR2UB

    Wow.  I can’t believe this.  This is a dubious victory.

    Since it was utterly shameful for MJB to do a commercial about chicken, then I guess all the folks complaining about it don’t eat chicken…because that would be a disgrace.  When you guys die, I’m going to pay your funeral directors to have you clutching a drumstick in your coffins, and photograph it.


  • jess

    The great Mary J. Blige needs neither anyone’s money, nor your approval. She is obviously intelligent enough, evolved enough, and busy enough, to not be bothered with any petty and archaic claims of ‘buffoonery’ on anyone’s part. btw,EVERY culture has to deal w/ stereotypes. This commercial, however, isn’t remotely connected to one – perhaps you should examine your own thinking…

  • Monfaza

    No one in the world would EVER think this was anything but a Burger King ad!!!!!!! It’s time to get over yourself, instead of scrutinizing every little detail of everything. THIS is the behavior that perpetuates stereotypes, instigates backward thinking, and stirs up controversy, where there is NONE.

  • Treefalls315

    This Is Mad Funny, Come On Lets Chill a Little! “what’s in the new chicken wraps” MJB   

  • Merriegirl

    So Beyonce & Brittany can sing about Pepsi but Mary can’t sing about chicken? Why bc there is a negative association with black people & chicken. Mary probably loves chicken & so do I, as I also enjoy Pepsi. 

  • Netdandri

    If it was the exact same ad with her saying burger instead of chicken no one would care. I just find it interesting that through racism we have been made to feel ashamed of certain food items. No other race is made to feel ashamed to say or eat certain foods. If you really think about it it’s silly because if saying you eat a certain food is worst thing someone can say about you than they must not have too much to say.

    I’m with some of the other posters here. Let’s stop the stereotypes about not being properly educated, OOW births, and things that really matter.

  • UdonNo

    BLACK WOMEN ARE THE NEW SOURCE of Entertainment,— Whites are enjoying the outrageous antics from Basketball wives, love n hip hop, to Nicki minaj. Mary was just capitalizing on the trend. She assumed that no one protests their buffoonery so what harm could a burger king commercial do…

  • JewelThompson

    OMG – the sky is not falling people! If Madame Noire is so against Mary J. Blige singing about chicken, then why in the hay-ell is the video posted on this site for others to see? You’re either trying to help her  or hurt her – which is it? 

  • Stopcomplaining

    We have bigger fish to fry. 

    Wow we have the power to retract a commercial for no reason.  But we dont have the power to increase graduation rates, lower incarceration rates, battle obesity, OOW births, etc. 

    How about people stop feeding their kids BK…trust me, no one is going to go to BK b/c Mary J Blage does a commercial…let’s worry about the obesity rates in our community and not about a silly commercial

    • JewelThompson

      Say it!

  • That ad was wrong on so many levels.

  • Passionesquefreedom

    uhhh…whats the big deal?

    • Stopcomplaining

      Right.  Black people always complaining.  Then wondering why Hollywood doesnt pay attention to black actors.

  • No Disrespect

    All the other commercials have celebrities ordering something of the menu. She could have done the same. Why did she have to sing the ingredients of the chicken wrap? To me, it’s a little embarrassing. Every celebrity they used is kind of “B” list, but they way they portrayed Mary was cheap. It was degrading to say the least. She was barely the focal point of the Ad. The focal point to me was the guy ordering and the manager giving her the cue to sing (as if she was an employee). Every other celebrity was the focal point and had a star struck moment with an employee at the counter, but not Mary. They always seem to do the most with black celebrities…why can’t black celebrities just say a one-liner like other non-black celebrities? Nope, they have to dance or sing or do something “extra.” 

    • Drown513123

      Of she ain’t complain wtf you feel like you need too? You must be simple. She gettin paid shut your tired a** up

    • Charlene Martin

      I think the commercial was cheesy. I think it was below the level of respect and expertise due Mary J Blige, but it was her choice to do it. Apparently, she didn’t feel degraded. I agree the guy behind the counter was too familiar. Ms. Blige is a star on any stage. Had he addressed her as Ms. Blige, at least, I would think it more proper. However, I do feel she was the focal point. And, if you see that black celebrities always have to do something “extra”, it may be b/c MJB and other black artists are unique and act as role models. There’s no company in the world that will tell you its a bad idea to get a famous performer to endorse its product, no matter what that company sells. These companies target teens of all colors. MJB is still relevant. 

  • Tajy

    Omg, its no worse then McDonald’s everyday exploration of ghetto people singing about nuggets, fries, etc, no1 boycott Justin timberlake wen he did it, people are so sensitive, its crazy, how about read a book then you won’t have to see commercials that are harmless and stand up for a real cause. Cuz the same people acting so distraught over this are the same people first in line to try the new menu, get a life.

  • Taunya73

    I thought it was kind of funny but I didn’t see what the big deal was.

  • Smacks_hoes

    Are yall seriously mad at something as irrelevant as a black person singing about chicken…LOL come on man!!!!

  • Dmissy

    I seriously thought this was a parody. I laughed out loud when I saw this.

  • emily

    i don’t think it was THAT bad, i was expecting worse

  • joejoe

    Quite contrary…

  •  The wise man thinks about his troubles only when
    there is some purpose in doing so; at other times he thinks about others

  • guest

    lol im sorry that was funny 

  • It’s funny how black media can pull together to get something that’s not even that serious pulled pff air but when more serious things happen in our communities no one has nothing to say… (sarcastic) Yeah for the victory of getting a chicken wrap add off air…but nothing for high crime rates and low graduation rates in our community. How about fighting to get those stereotypes changed.

    • Stopcomplaining

      high crime rates and low graduation rates are not stereottpes.  Thea are true.  But I do agree with the rest of your stmt

    • Gmarie

       OMG THIS! so much of this.
      I wish we could band together and use these complaining powers to lower the std,domestic violence, and illiteracy rates in our communities. This is pebbles to a giant.

    • UdonNo

      its easier to comment and act on this than teen pregnancy, black on black crime etc. its easy to point the finger at Mary, who do we point at for those issues?

  • Regina8roberts

    What’s the big deal?? People are upset over anything and everything nowadays..

    • Guest

      I completely agree.  I have watched this ad three times, trying to figure out what exactly is so offensive.  Lots of pop and soul singers do ads (Madonna just did one for Smirnoff Vodka).  Is it because it’s for a chicken wrap?  It’s not like she’s frying up chicken, licking her fingers and reaching for some watermelon–she’s just singing!  This commercial seems harmless to me.

      • Arjen

        Right on.

  • Brenesha19

    She sounds horrible

    • IllyPhilly

       LMAO, Right that’s what I was about to say. Everybody should be mad at her voice.

  • Keyzer Soze

    Absolutely Jaw Dropping.

  • Deshaun5

    really mary? …