7 People Every Successful Woman Should Have In Her Life

March 27, 2012  |  
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You are the company you keep is how the saying goes. Successful women have learned the art of sacrifice, discipline, and all the other good stuff that contributes to success; but in addition to these traits, these women also understand the important role of the people in their lives.

Contrary to what some individuals  force themselves to believe, people really do need people and the need for human interaction is a major part of success. But not only do successful people need to surround themselves with other thriving and hustling folks, there is a need for a range of different people who can inspire and literally help push you to the top.

From the big mouth friend who serves as your unofficial PR person to the hater from high school who wants to see you fail (yes, even haters have a contributing role), successful women usually directly or indirectly have these seven people in their lives.

The Truth Teller

Some people love to surround themselves with  ‘yes’ (wo)men, but most times, we learn more about ourselves, flaws and all, from the truth tellers in our lives. Successful people need others to tell them when they’re wrong, right, and fall somewhere in between. Truth tellers aren’t afraid of voicing their opinions in an effort to make you better. Behind every good woman is a truth-teller willing and ready to burst your bubble for the better.

The Super Supporter

Most successful people have a loved one who is their biggest cheerleader. This person may not know a thing about the profession, but still cheers them on along the way and is an ear for any issues you have about your job. If you’re lucky, you have multiple super supporters; but even one supporter who stands firmly in your corner can go a long way.

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The Hater

As cliché as the saying has become, haters really can serve as motivators. There is shamefully something exhilarating about proving a naysayer wrong. Whether a hater can fuel your drive or even cause you to take a look at some things that you’re doing wrong, there is a place for a hater in a successful person’s story. Just make sure that the hater isn’t in your inner circle.


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The Connector

People don’t necessarily have to be outgoing to be successful, but it doesn’t hurt to know someone who is. A connector is that ‘work the room’ type of person who seems to be well connected with the right people and can slide you some essential or much needed contacts. If a successful person is an introvert, they usually have someone on their team who is much more out there and an extravert, whether a PR person or a big mouth friend.

The Socialite

Socialites don’t just know of the latest parties, but often they know about other events featuring the ‘who’s who’ of various industries. Maybe you won’t get front row seats at the Grammy’s by simply knowing a socialite, but you will stay abreast of the latest events and know who is essential to make nice with in your industry.

The Mentor

Every successful person should have a mentor who has ‘been there, done that’ and can offer solid advice. While most women would love to have Oprah sit and counsel them on success do’s and don’ts, any woman who shares some level of success and support is just as beneficial. Successful women utilize their mentor for both advice, guidance  and networking purposes.

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The Spontaneous Friend

All work and no play make for a very boring girl. Because successful women are often so busy grinding, they sometimes forget to enjoy the simple pleasantries of life. That is unless they have a friend who seeks to remind them that you want to be able to say you did more in life than just work.  This friend may only serve this very purpose, but nonetheless she is an intricate part of the successful woman’s life, the one who often neglects playtime for work.

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