Where Are They Now? The Cast of “Living Single”

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*Clears throat* “We are liviiiing, single…oooooh in a ’90s kind of world, I’m glad I got my girls! Keep ya head up WHAT! Keep ya head–”

Okay, you get it. I’m sure you know the intro song to one of the best black TV comedies of the ’90s, “Living Single.” It had all the right qualities to stay stuck in your mind, from the glimpse of Brooklyn, to the dancing lady working it in the background and all the colors. I loved it. And that’s just one of many things that I loved about the show, but the biggest thing that stuck with me were the characters. They were successful, silly AND single folks doing it big in NYC and every Thursday on FOX, you could find me and thousands of other people watching. But the show has been kaput for almost 15 years, so where is the cast now?

*Just know, I’m not covering Bumper Robinson (Ivan the messenger who was infatuated with Khadijah; we talked about him in the A Different World piece. He’s doing fine.)

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Queen Latifah

As the HSIC (Head Sistah in Charge) Khadijah James, Queen Latifah was possibly at her funniest. From playing flirtatious ball with Grant Hill to having her up and down love triangles with Scooter, she let you in on all of her issues in the little Brooklyn brownstone she shared with her girls. The head of the magazine, Flavor, she was part of the reason I ever had an interest in journalism at all. Go SHero!

Since the show ended in ’98, I think we all know Queen Latifah has been the most successful cast member. She’s garnered an Academy Award nomination, has been something of a fashion designer, has a production company called Flavor Unit (which has produced many films and the show, “Single Ladies”), and is just hosting shows and events left and right. She was just in the film, Joyful Noise with Dolly Parton and just finished up production on another Ice Age film in the franchise.

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Source: tvlistings.zap2it.com

Kim Coles

Not only was Kim Coles one of the first people I saw on TV rocking microbraids, but she knows she played the hell out of Khadijah’s spaced-out but sweet cousin and Overton’s true love,  Synclaire James. Everytime she would pull out one of her troll dolls or say, “Woo woo woo woo,” to calm people down, you couldn’t help but to burst out laughing. Already in show business since the beginning of the ’90s, Kim kept working after the show ended, making a lot of guest appearances (including on “One on One” as Spirit’s mom) and doing a lot of hosting gigs. She’s actually set to host a new game show on the OWN network. Last time I saw her, she was making an appearance on BET’s “Let’s Stay Together” and has become a naturalista. Looking good at 50!

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Erika Alexander

I was just talking with my co-worker about how Erika Alexander’s role of Maxine Shaw might be one of the greatest characters to ever pop up on TV. She had great style, great wit, she was fierce and an intellectual, a maneater, and she had the eating habits of a dude. She was also the only girlfriend or friend in general on the show to not live in the same brownstone as the rest of the cast (she lived across the street). Maxine was a long ways away from Cousin Pam, who Alexander played on The Cosby Show. But since the show ended, we’ve only seen her around here and there. She did a random comedy with Tracy Morgan called 30 Years to Life, was in the movie Deja Vu, and had recent guest appearances on Criminal Minds, Suburgatory, and has a role in a film called The Magic City, which came out last year. We hope to see her more often…

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John Henton

There was something about Overton Wakefield Jones, aka, Obie, that reminded me something of a funny fool, but he had such a sweet and enduring personality–and the man wouldn’t rest until he fixed your broke, busted and disgusted appliances.  On the show he was Kyle’s roommate, Synclaire’s boo, and the brownstone handyman. In real life, Henton tried to keep the laughs going, appearing on shows like The Hughleys as D.L.’s best friend. But in 2000, Henton was in a tragic car accident that shattered his legs, tore up his stomach, broke some teeth and messed up his eye socket. But he hasn’t let that slow him down, and he says he has no memory of the accident. He finished up work on The Hughleys (only missing four shows after the accident), and made some guest appearances on shows like One on One, The Parkers, and Hannah Montana.

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Kim Fields

I loved crazy Régine Hunter and her many wigs. Khadijah’s friend and another maneater out of the crew, Régine was the definition of what Nelly, Murphy Lee and the St. Lunatics used to call “boughetto.” She was bougie, but according to Khadijah, wasn’t too far out the projects in reality. Hell, her actual character’s name is supposed to be Regina! But take the wigs off and the fancy clothes, and in real life, Kim Fields is an accomplished singer and director. She even directed a few episodes of Living Single. Since the show ended in ’98, she did a Facts of Life reunion in 2001, directed episodes of Meet the Browns, participated on the BET show, Lens on Talent, and was most recently in a TV movie called A Cross to Bear in 2011.

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Terrence ‘T.C.’ Carson

Another bougie but lovable character, Kyle Barker was the successful stock broker and ladies man who liked to go back and forth with Maxine when it came to both banter and fun in the bedroom (mhmmm.).  In real life, Carson is an Iota with an appreciation for voice work. He did some for the FOX animated show, Life With Louie, does some for video games, and most recently for the TV show, Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Aside from that, he’s done some acting both in film (Final Destination 2) and with the CBS show, The Mentalist.

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Shaun Baker

I know you remember the hilarious Jamaican editor at Flavor? Russell was not only good for telling it like it was with his many colorful hats on, but he also had a thing for Régine and a very interesting accent. Outside of the show though, Baker showed up a little bit of everywhere: as a co-star on the random show VIP with Pamela Anderson, and with guest appearances on NYPD BlueMedium, and The Protector.

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Mel Jackson

I wasn’t really a fan of the “Tripp” character. I felt like he kind of messed up the dynamics of everything when he moved in during season five and took over Synclaire’s spot in the girl’s apartment. However, I did like how that brother looked! Like I said though, he was only around for the fifth and final season, and afterwards, did some TV work. He worked on stage plays and as a regular or regular guest on shows, including something called DAG, The Division, In the House, and he was most recently on an episode of Reed Between the Lines.

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Cress Williams

As much as Scooter was discussed, it’s crazy to think that he was only in like 10 episodes. The record A&R, childhood friend of Khadijah and often boo of her too, was usually “out on the road” for a majority of the show, but when he would come back to the little brownstone for Khadijah, boy would he turn things upside down. He had a big smile and deep voice (#winner!), but he was never good for Khadijah…

Anywho, when the show ended, he went on to have much success actually. He was in the movie Fallen with Denzel, and also had a lot of regular or special guest roles on some big shows. Those include: Nash Bridges, Close to Home, ER, Grey’s Anatomy, Friday Night Lights and most recently, on the CW show, Hart of Dixie.

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  • Guest

    MN, you read my mind! I was just about to google these girls! I saw a few episodes today of the show and wondered where they all were at.

  • Great article “Madame Noire” has done it again.  Keep up the great content.  I always think to myself where are they now, for quite a number of 90’s sitcoms including “Different World”, “Martin” (I guess we know where most of Martin Cast is right about now), “Gimme a Break”,”Family Matters”, and so on and so on.  I say lets make this a reoccurring thing.  :0) 

  • Kim

    Erika Alexander was in a really good indie flick with Benjamin Bratt called La Mission. You can stream it on Netflix. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KTkVM3nCnAs

  • You guys forgot to add that T.C. also did the voice over for Kratos in the PS game series God of War. I know for a fact that he did the voice for God of War and God of War II both available for PS2. Another reason why I love T.C. great in the physical and also with his voice.

  • adrienne michelle

    out of the girls my favorite was and still is khadijah 

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  • Dubbler82

    Point out that T.C. Carson did more than just “some voice work for video games.”  He voiced Kratos in the God of War franchise; one of the most acclaimed and successful video game franchises in history!!!  (someone did mention it)

  • Greeneyedgyrl

    RIP Heavy D!!!

  • iguessuguess

    I am not happy that they did not come out with the rest of the DVDs to this show. This show was damn good it never gets old.

  • Bahamianempress99

    You forgot Queen’s most visible role…spokesmodel for Covergirl as well as having her own line under them.

  • ThatSmartGuy

    I miss this show, they REALLY need to release the rest of the seasons on DVD. I’ve watched season 1  I don’t HOW many times LBVS. Who’s with me?

    • I agree! I started a petition to do just that! 

      I also did a FBK fanpage for the petition as well: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Living-Single-DVD-Petition/166807710085912

      Please spread the word about this and with enough fan support, this can happen! This show, along with others, really made my childhood fun! 

  • The Real Mrs. PR Nelson

    So no mention of Mel Jackson as Birds ex man in Soul Food, the movie?  Maybe a little more research to get full updates before posting…try google, imdb and blackthespian….

  • Shawdii411

    Scooter was/is fyyyyne as all get out ummm hmmm

  • Miaivana86

    Lets not forget T.C.Carson also did voiceover work as Kratos in the God of War Videogames…*for all my gaming people…lol.*

    • Ladylum2

       Thank you! I kept wondering who voiced Kratos and why he sounded familiar!

  • whitney g

    Ooh, Cress Williams got fine!

    • whitney g

      Oh, wait, did somebody thread his brows?
      … I can’t.

      • lei

        Hahahahaha! I always read but never comment, but that was hilarious. I am kind of glad they did because as fine as he was them little stray hairs connecting his brows had to go. But dang it! he is fine as all get out. and them lips!

  • FromUR2UB

    All of the shows I’ve seen on which Yvette Lee Bowser has worked, have been good.  Clever dialogue, great casts and funny!

    Why wasn’t there an update on Bumper Robinson?

    • Almond Toffee Brown

      There was an update on him in another MN article, “Where Are They Now? The Cast of A Different World.”

      • FromUR2UB

        Thanks.  I missed that one.  I’ll check it out.

    • agreed!!!

  • Amija James

    I saw Kyle on a Marshalls commercial.  I was really surprised.
    Kim Coles is 50?  She looks damn good!  
    I was so looking forward to seeing Kim Field’s in her dreads.
    Max was my favorite.  I am so putting Living Single on my dvr for record!

  • Korey

    I still aspire to live in a 3 bedroom duplex apartment in Park Slope with my childhood best friends and my college buddy across the street while being a successful journalist. It’ll happen one day. It WILL… Stop looking at me like I’m crazy… lol.

  • Brainsandbeauty

    The lady dancing is Leslie “Big Lez:” Segar who is pretty iconic in the hip-hop dance world.

    • @MsRedboneBrite

      Big Lez that used to host Rap City With Joe Clair??? I swear, I loved Tigger, but Big Lez & Joe Clair were my peeps!! #THROWBACK!!!!

  • Half-pint67

    I love this show and still watch it when I can.  I loved Kim Coles’ hair.  Gorgeous curls.  Everyone on the show has aged very well as in they don’t look their ages. 

  • Kim Coles is 50?! Gone girl! She looks amazing!

    • Msmykimoto2u

      Black dont crack baby! =)P

      • Better2day97

        They all are aging well

  • Kim Fields has actually been behind the scenes for the last 3 years as a director for House of Payne, Meet the Browns & Let’s Stay Together.


    Makes you wish they did a reunion show. Good job MN!!

    • Jolie

      I was thinking the same thing! It’s not too late, they could do it.

    • Korey

      They did one… it aired on USA but didn’t go no where. Queen Latifah didn’t even appear on it. 

  • Jayy Bird

    Thank You for this.. loveee Living Single!!:) Keep these type of articles comin!

  • ShanM

    One of the best shows for Africans Americans to date, even though it is a 90’s classic.

    • @MsRedboneBrite

      Okay!! The Black “Friends” before they even came out!! I still watch this show!!

  • Greybeard

    Love this show.  Watch all the reruns. Please do this with the cast of half and half.

    • Amija James

      Half and Half used to come on at 3am.  I’d just had my baby so I was up in the middle of the night.  I loveded that show!

  • MissDiva05

    I must say I like these articles…. This is all I watch on TV now. I’m 25 and was too young to get the messages when these shows first came out… But now, my tv stays tuned to TVOne because of these amazing sitcoms. Positive portrayal of black people, real stuff that hits home, absolute hilarity… Yaas!