Where Are They Now? The Cast of “A Different World”

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TV of the ’90s was undeniably dope, especially the black comedies. There was a little bit of everything available for everyone, no matter your age or status in life, and they definitely showed our people in a more positive light. A Different World was one of those shows. And if you’re nosey like me, you probably want to know what the people who were on the show are up to, and what they’re looking like. We’ve got you covered…

Kadeem Hardison

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Can I first say that I love that some of the characters had middle names. For instance: Dwayne Cleophus Wayne. Kadeem Hardison’s character was clearly a fan favorite with his flip-up sunglasses/glasses that everyone was wearing back in the day and his kind heart. He was the nice guy everyone was rooting for (remember the wedding episode?). After doing a lot of movies like A Vampire in Brooklyn with Eddie Murphy and shows like Between Brothers, nowadays, you can catch him doing a lot of TV guest work. He was a recurring guest on Everybody Hates Chris for a while as sadity and crazy Judge Watkins (I miss that show!), was Lynn’s pastor boyfriend on Girlfriends, played Fantasia’s dad in the TV movie, Life Is Not a Fairytale: The Fantasia Barrino Story, and was most recently on the NBC show Parenthood. At 46, he’s still looking pretty good.

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Jasmine Guy

50-year-old actress Jasmine Guy was the pretty, spoiled, but lovable Whitley Gilbert (later Whitley Gilbert Wayne) on the show. While her voice was anything but awesome, her fashion sense sure was! We all know that once she took over for Lisa Bonet, who bolted after season one, she blew up all over TV screens (I’ll never forget her guest appearance on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air). Nowadays, she does a few movies and TV shows here and there. She had a role on the CW show Vampire Diaries, and was also on a very underrated show that I loved called Dead Like Me. Catch her in the film, October Baby, which was released in 2011.

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Darryl M. Bell

Not going to lie, I low-key had a crush on Ron Johnson Jr. back in the day (don’t judge me!). I could just see how cute he was behind those glasses when nobody else was paying attention. The wannabe smooth best friend of Dwayne Wayne, Darryl’s character of Ron was pretty hilarious on the show. The Alpha Phi Alpha member has done a majority of TV work since then, a lot of it a hot mess. That includes Homeboys in Outer Space and of course, Househusbands of Hollywood, a reality show where he played alongside longtime girlfriend and Cosby Show veteran Tempestt Bledsoe. He was most recently in a film called The Dark Party, which was released this year. If you care…check it out.

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Charnele Brown

I know you remember hardworking Kim Reese! She was Ron’s girlfriend on the show for a while, as well as Whitley’s best friend and a busy med school student. But after A Different World, Charnele Brown stayed off of TV and in movies for the most part. She made guest appearances on other funny black TV shows, including Martin (the crazy aerobic instructor that made Martin want to become a fitness freak), Living Single, and on Girlfriends. Most recently, she has been writing for film, including a movie called Coffee Klatch. I’m thinking we’ll be seeing that joint as a straight-to-DVD one…

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Cree Summer

Though she came later, Cree Summer’s Freddie Brooks was by far one of the most interesting and drama-filled characters on the show. From losing her virginity to Ron, to dating fine a** Shazza Zulu, she had the most compelling relationship drama, and she was just very funny. And that great personality also reaches Cree Summer in real life as her personality comes through all the characters she has been a voice actor (actress?) for, both before and after A Different World. She’s been on everything from Inspector Gadget, and Garbage Pail Kids, to Tiny Toon Adventures. Since A Different World went off the air, she showed up in many shows, and a few movies (she just finished a film called, Strange Frame: Love & Sax), but has mostly stuck with voice work. And she sings if you were wondering. As much as she’ll always be Freddie, Cree Summer will equally be known as Susie Carmichael on Rugrats.

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Lisa Bonet

Bonet’s Denise Huxtable is widely known for her role as fashionista and a Cosby Show kid. She tried to do the spin-off thing with A Different World, however, we all know that when she was the central figure on the show…it was a bit of a bore. She was done with the show after season one because of her pregnancy with daughter Zoe (though she came back later as a guest), and since then, her career has been on chill mode. She was in the movie High Fidelity with John Cusack, Biker Boyz, and even on the show, Life on Mars. Even if her acting career isn’t all that, she’s still lucky because she gets to snuggle up with actor Jason Momoa…*drool*

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Dawnn Lewis

I just saw Dawnn Lewis on CSI: Miami last night! But Dawnn’s Jaleesa was an older student at Hillman who surprisingly married Colonel Taylor (Glynn Turman) and had a baby with him. After the show ended, I saw this actress on a little bit of everything, including One Tree Hill, The Secret Life of the American Teenager, and as William’s lesbian sister trying to have a baby on Girlfriends. Surprisingly, she’s in the same film as Cree Summer this year (Strange Frame: Love & Sax), and you can find her also in a film released this year called To Hell and Back.

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OMG, Sinbad used to be so hilarious to me back in the day, and he was still pretty funny as graduate student Walter. He was Jaleesa’s man for a while, until they dropped each other at the altar. He had a lot of movie roles after his time on the show, including The First Kid, and Jingle All the Way. He also had The Sinbad Show, but was most recently seen on the show, Are We There Yet?

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Jada Pinkett Smith

Loved Jada as the very spunky Lena James. She was in a relationship with the very fine Dorian (Bumper Robinson), who had to battle with her ex, Piccolo (Tupac) when he came back around trying to win her back. When the show ended, we know she married Will Smith some years later, but she also starred in some really dope, and also really random movies: Low Down Dirty Shame, Menace II Society, Jason’s Lyric, Woo, Set it Off, and a lot more. She’s also a singer on the side in a metal band called, Wicked Wisdom. They’re…interesting, I guess.

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Gary Dourdan

As Shazza Zulu with his head full of locs, Gary Dourdan knew he was too fine on that show. His character Shazzu was pretty militant. He wasn’t a fan of interracial relationships and was a community activist to the fullest. He was, of course, also the boo of Freddie Brooks. When his time on the show ended, Dourdan was Janet Jackson’s lover in the video “Again,” and did a few movies, most recently, Jumping the Broom. But he was best known for his role as Warwick Davis on the original CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. He left the show in 2008 after a contract dispute. He’s also had his share of legal trouble, but were hoping he’s finally back on track.

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Bumper Robinson

Bumper Robinson played the oh-so adorable Dorian–the boyfriend of Lena and the born-again Christian. When A Different World ended, he went on to Living Single and pined over Khadijah James as Ivan, the messenger and writer. I loved him more on that series. Since all that time passed though, he’s done a few roles here and there. This includes the show Sabrina, The Teenage Witch, Guys Like Us and most recently, on the CW version of The Game. Otherwise, you can find him doing a lot of voice work. He’s not as delicious as he used to be though…but we’ll always have A Different World!

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Glynn Turman

Ya’ll remember Aretha Franklin’s ex on this show (she coincidentally sung the intro) as Colonel Taylor. He was a Vietnam vet, a professor and Dwayne’s mentor, but on top of all that, he was Jaleesa’s husband. You probably remember Turman also from the classic film, Cooley High, but after the show, he went on to do a lot of TV work, including being Mayor Royce on The Wire and most recently, on the show, House of Lies.

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Marisa Tomei

She only starred on the first season as Denise and Jalessa’s roommate, but her character of Maggie Lauten was pretty important as one of the few non-blacks at Hillman. In the end, she probably blew up the biggest of the cast of the show, winning an Oscar for her work in My Cousin Vinny, In the Bedroom, and most recently, in The Ides of March.

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Mr. Gaines on the far right; Source: carseywerner.net

Lou Myers

Awww, Mr. Gaines. Manager of The Pit. Often grumpy but awesome father figure. He did it all with his white apron and bald head. And though it’s been a while since you might have seen Mr. Myers, he’s still working. You probably forgot that he showed up in not only How Stella Got Her Groove Back, but The Fighting Temptations too.

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  • Mr. Misanthropy

    never heard of this show until 2 day ago on the flix. And i love it.

    its not forced and dumbed down like today’s shows.

  • Ronnie

    How can they forget that Bumper Robinson played Jackie Jackson in the Jackson TV mini-series?

  • Dicey

    Lisa Bonet is also co-starring with hunky Jason Momoa on The Red Road. It’s a Sundance TV show.

  • therealnumber1

    I thought Freddie lost her V-card to shazaa?

  • Andrea

    MadameNoire, y’all sure got a little negative with some of those updates and I think it wasn’t necessary. One ended with “…if you care, check it out.” Then another with “…that will go straight to dvd.” Then to say that Marisa Tomei blew up (famously) the most because she went on to win an Oscar is totally false. Black actors are often looked over for what are generally white folk’s accolades. The movies Set It Off, Jason’s Lyric and Menace II Society were all critically acclaimed films – especially Set it Off – that movie is a classic!!! Every time I read a MadameNoire post, there are several people who comment that they are going to unsubscribe for one reason or another…now y’all are getting on my damn nerves! If y’all keep reporting like you do, it won’t be long for me either – take that to heart!

  • Big D

    Sounds like a lot of hateraid. These women don’t look that bad. They just are a lot older.

  • michele

    Cree Summers looks like Mel B and Rachel True(half and half)…Rachel True stills looks great she’s 46..2002-06 she played a 20 something character while she was in her 30’s.. Also I heard somewhere that Lou Myers passed away..I guess I heard wrong, thankfully

  • Jussayin

    This was and still is one of my favorite shows. It influenced me to attend an HBCU and it was POSITIVE black TV. And I could watch it with my mother. We still talk about this show to this day and how there’s nothing influential or positive for the younger generations.

  • Just about all of them have aged nicely!

  • Nutegangrich

    I’m sorry to say this, but there’s a glaring error in this article.  I’ve never watched a single episode of any CSI show, and even I’m aware that Gary Dourdan didn’t play someone named “Warwick Davis”.  Warwick Davis is, first off, a real person, not a fictional character.  Secondly, he is white.  Third, he is a little person.  Though I will say, the error is amusing, considering how incorrect it is.

    I say this in humor, but it’s true.

  • Jackie

    It would be great to have a class reunion show of the Hillman classmates and staff.

  • Wickedwonder1979

    Wow, does the writer just plain like to snark? It’s like this was written with a side of haterade. Journalistic standards! “That sounds like a straight to DVD movie.” Well, you sound either insanely jealous, or just biased. 

    • Anne Marie

      I noticed that too.  But I also noticed that it was targeted at the women of the show.  Hmmmm

  • RBG4Life

    Kim set me off back in the day for the thick chocolate sisters. God bless her…lol. Everyone at school was sweatin Jasmine Guy and I use to be like the hell with her I want Kim! She repped it right too. Programmed me for life on that chocolate…smh. LOL. 

  • Just passing through

    Jada look like she’s had work done on her face…

  • AyumiD

    Dawn Lewis also does voice work on Futurama and if I’m not mistaking doesn’t Jasmine Guy have lupus, maybe her health issues have contributed to how she’s aged.

  • Guest

    Gary Dourdan’s character on CSI was named Warrick Brown, not Warwick Davis. Warwick Davis is an actor known for his roles in movies like The Leprechaun and Star Wars.

  • Lisa Bonet is dating Jason Momoa. Very, very nice. I still watch the (rerun) shows and it’s strange to see them here all grown, grown up now. Maybe I’m in denial because I’m around their age.

  • Freddy lost her virginity to shaza zulu

  • Tagirl

    Those Cosby kids do not have to work. They should bee good from their royalties.

  • guest

    Marisa Tomei was funny in ‘Cyrus’

  • DEE

    Mr. Gaines is the only one who looks the same!

  • HotMamaShida

    by the way, Gary Dourdan has also tried his hand in music! he does fairly abstract, new age-ish jazz under the name Kolade. he had a MySpace page under that name with tracks to hear, I assume it’s still up.

  • Cajun_1973

    This is a ‘Where Are They Now’! Jada has had uber success with Madagascar and another one is coming out now. You are Soooo far behind. Also, Jasmine Guy produces and directs theatre in Atlanta. Dawn has a book out….geesh. Do your homework!

    • Anne Marie

      Jada also had the lead role on the TNT show HawthoRNe.

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    Wasn’t Jennifer Lewis and the brother from “Brother From Another Planet” on the show?

    • Kgklein

      Yes. He was the politician that Whiltey was supposed to marry. Oh and i have to chime in and say that Bumper Robinson is still absolutely s*xy. Moreso on a grown man level now, though I wasnt really fund oh is character on The Game. I dont know what Bumper you all were referring to.. maybe a car bumper!!

  • Ro @ Eat Live Move

    Wow, Ron is HAWT!

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  • 80’s baby

    Bumper Robinson = Fine Black Man

  • Greybeard


  • guest1

    Dawn Lewis was in Dreamgirls too! I’m sure she played Eddie Murphy’s characters wife.

  • Naturalsis

    Umm..Freddy didn’t lose her virginity to Ron. Shazza was her first but I did love the Freddy and Ron love/hate relationship lol

    • guest

      I was thinking the same thing. Too many errors smh.  

    • Papillon

      I knew something about that didn’t sound right since she dated Ron after Shazza. Unless they’re talking about that time Freddie and Ron were stuck at the radio station during the hurricane, or whatever storm that was…

  • JD

    Great update, but pointing out that someone doesn’t have it going on as they once did is shallow, superficial and mean.  When the show originally aired, most of them were really young.  We’ve all aged and you can’t look 25 forever.  As far as having less than spectacular careers, we all know how hard it is to be black in Hollywood!!! I give respect and props to them all.  They’ve accomplished something most of us will never do.  They appeared on a successful sitcom!!!!

    • Papillon

      Except for Gary, all of them seem relatively normal and have stayed out of trouble which couldn’t have been easy once the show ended and the checks slowed down. So many of them could’ve turned into daily fodder for the National Enquirer but they didn’t. I have lots of respect for them too.

      • Anne Marie

        Sinbad had a nice run after the show.  Jada Pinkett (Smith) as well.  I did see Kadeem on Everybody Hates Chris and it was a pleasure. 

    • Anne Marie

      I so agree.  Thanks for pointing this all out.  Now that Blacks are no longer the majority minority group, it will be even harder for Black actors to get roles and who knows when or if another Black show will make it on the small screen.

  • Louisiana Lickable Lips

    Idk whts wrong with ya’lls eyes but Bumper looks GOOD to me. I loved him as “Caving the So Fine” on Amen!

    • Lady G

      That would be “Clarence the So Fine”

  • Jen

    I don’t know now, Bumper Robinson looks pretty damn good to me!

  • LiiSH

    Gary Dourdan… that is a fine man I must say… but contract dispute? If by contract dispute you mean he got caught in his car with open liquor and high off heroin then yea he and the creators of CSI had a contract dispute… He is a pretty good actor though. Everyone should check him out in Black August, also he is doing music.

    Cree Summer’s album Street Fairie is my jam!

    • Anne Marie

      His character name on CSI was Warrick Brown, not Warrick Davis.  But I have to say, he is just FINE!   

  • awet

    I went to an HBCU thinking I would find my Dwayne Wayne!lol love this show & still watch it today!

  • Jerjorju

    No mention that Lisa Bonet’s first husband (daughter Zoe’s father) is the huber handsome rocker Lenny Kravitz???  

    • Bluerobin50

       I know! I thought I missed something! LOL

  • ALM

    FYI….Madame Noire Jasmine Guy is both starring in and directing plays for Kenny Leon’s True Colors Theatre in her hometown of Atlanta.  I saw her live in a play last year.  I asked about a reunion of “A Different World”, but honestly she came off very surly.  She has really aged.  You all have a good picture of her in your article.  

  • The Real McCoy

    Where is Ajai Sanders aka Gina Deveaux, Karen Malina White aka Charmine Brown & Patrick Malone aka Terrell Walker….these ppl 2 hd a major role in the series!

  • Whitley

    OMG thank you for posting this!…I was born in 88 but watched this coming up since I got my 1st and middle name from the show….makes me wanna go out and buy all the seasons so I can watch them all over again 🙂

  • Traigo_Fuego

    Bravo Bossip! Good one…

  • Mia

    Now that I’m an adult I actually think the episodes with Lisa Bonet hold up better than the later ones with Jasmine Guy in the lead. Her over the top, scenery chewing annoying grating voice irritate the hell out me now.  Team Lisa! LOL

  • Toya Sharee

    Is Lou Meyers (Mr. Gaines) still alive?  Not trying to kill him off, but I feel like he died.  And don’t forget about Sinbad’s reality show.  It was actually pretty funny.  Darryl M. Bell aka Ronald Johnson was my first crush.  I remember really digging that man.  It’s so weird that he married Tempest Bledsoe.

    • Sha Sha

      They are not married, just living together for years.

    • Kay

      Jester Hairson died. He was one of the advisors or someone who worked with Mr. Gaines.

    • Diamond Redd

      You are right. Lou Myers passed away just this year. And I think Jasmine Guy looks bad because she suffers from Lupus. Sinbad has declared bankruptcy 3 times in 5 years. I think Lisa Bonet’s career was damaged by her appearance in “Angel Heart” where she has a very vivid, torrid sex scene with the very sleazy looking Mickey Rourke (The character he played was Lisa’s bi-racial character’s white father. Creepy.) Cos was appalled and put the thumbs down on her. Interesting that they didn’t mention it at all.

    • michele

      I heard somewhere that he passed away

  • CA Pullen

    Charnelle Brown and Dawnn Lewis still looks very good.


    Nice update I really enjoyed it. Is it me or does Cree Summer bears a striking resemblance to Tracee Ellis Ross from “Girlfriends”? Just sayin

    • Jerjorju

      I thought the same thing. 

    • sista2sista

      i actually see a resemblance to the girl on half & half

      • michele

        and Mel B

    • ms720

      When I saw her, I actually though of Diana Ross, before I thought of her daughter, but yes I have to agree.

  • Smacks_hoes

    Was Ron on the list? And yall killing me with these 100 page articles. It would be so much better if it was on one big page and we would just have to scroll down. I was on this article for more than 15 mins because it took forever for each page to load. Jeez

  • Bahamianempress99

    Madame Noire…yall kill me with these editing errors. Sandra was the oldest sister on The Cosby Show…not Denise…sheez! Those little things irk me. Get it together yall. I love MN but have some journalism standards..puhleeeze. I know im spazzing, but i’m a journalism student. Pet peeve.

    • MNEditor2

      LOL. Feel free to spaz, it’s a free country. Just glad it wasn’t anything huge. We don’t mind fixing it. Thanks!

    • bigbootyjudy

      Actually Denise. Was the eldest into the first swain Sandra didn’t come until the second season the wrote her in as she was coming from college

  • Prissy

    Marissa Tomei is an OSCAR winner for “My Cousin Vinney”. AND I LOVE how although Whitley was the “beautiful” one, Freddie was the BEAUTIFUL all in all in the end. And I attended an HBCU.. wish there were more Dwayne Wayne’s walking around campus…

  • Tiffany

    Yeah they are missing Lance and Charmaine after they left the Cosby’s they went to A Different World and had successful careers after both…

    • Bluerobin50

       “Lance” does one of Tyler Perry’s shows. Might be “House of Payne”.

  • Asecret

    Gary Dourdan is always looking hot 

  • Eestomuch

    Lisa needs to get with Stacy Dash and find out what she is doing…and Kadeem? Ka-Damn, he looking goot! (as the old people say) Now, this is all fine and well, but will someone call Detective LaToya so we can find out what they did with the Original Norwood? The one that call himself Norwood now is a fake I tell ya!

  • MarieD

    Charnele Brown looks fantastic!  She looks the same as she did on the show. I want some of what she’s eating/drinking!

    • Bluerobin50

       that’s an old photo…

  • Lisa

    Uhhh, I beg to differ.  Bumper is still quite yummy.  He just plays the jack azz now instead of the choir boy. 

    • ms720

      I have to agree with you about his looks.

  • greygoose125

    Where’s Marisa Tomei and Mr. Gaines??!! 

    Marisa won an Academy Award after her time on the show. And where was Glynn Turman’s character Colonel Taylor??!! 

    A more complete listing and update would have been nice.

    • MNEditor2

      Those people have been added. Have a good one.

    • Sha Sha

      They are listed. 

  • Thugstress326

    Where’s Jaleesa?? Col. Taylor?? Mr. Gaines?? Marisa Tomei??

    • Sha Sha

      All of these characters are in the article.  Check it again.

      • Thugstress326

        oh ok, they must’ve just added them because they weren’t there yesterday..

  • Jayy Bird

    Loved this article Y’all should do this to more black Tv shows. Please!

  • Chandmaddiecris

    Ok you forgot about Morisa Tomei she got her start on A Diffrent world also no updates on her?

    • Greatlion777

      Check tag 13 Marisa.

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    • FromUR2UB

      I saw her recently in ‘The Ides of March’ movie.

    • ms720

      She did not get her start on A Different World. She was on a soap opera before she was on the show.

  • Love_Sexy

    Wow I had wondered what had happen to alot of them from the show…..Lisa Bonet really has aged badly.

    • 80’s baby

      So has Jasmine Guy

      • Laila

        and Cree Summer

        • Cay J

           @7184058f88228fc7833a879d35d24b8a:disqus @80’S Baby, @Love_SexyYup! Lisa, Jasmine and Cree all look finished….and since we know what they all  have in common, we all know WHY they aged badly too! 😉

          • FromUR2UB

            Jasmine Guy and Lisa Bonet were always small women, but now that they’re older, they need an additional 5-10 pounds added to their frames.  When women begin to age and try to maintain their weights from their youth, it makes them look haggard.

            • Nefijones1

              Jada is a tiny woman and she looks beautiful.

              I think the others (Jasmine Guy, Lisa Bonet, and Cree Summer) just shribbled and dried up.  But jasmine always looked shribbled up to me.

              • FromUR2UB

                Yeah, Jada has a whole lot more money for pampering, too.  Plus, she’s about 40, Jasmine Guy is 50, and Lisa Bonet and Cree Summer somewhere in between.

                I agree, Jasmine Guy was always kind of hard-looking to me.

              • Officer’s Fiancee’Sydney

                i m thinkin JADA PINKETT OLD in the face sorry,but cute,and always was extreme petite … but old looking in face but cute.
                early forties,not old but older,and she still look younger some times but old in the face.
                love her though.
                or maybe just bad lighting,in some flix.

            • Officer’s Fiancee’Sydney

              i m hearing this,about some but that depend.i am older born 70s and still same size 8 so… and tall nice height out of heels i stand 5’8 to 5’9 and 168. all depends.some cultural bkgd.age FAST i have white in my bi-racial familia, and they age faster as those mix with white age faster in my family then my blk side.and hispanic side.i think whitley half white and lisa.

          • Ronnie

            The actor who played Ron is light-skinned too and he doesn’t look as haggard.

        • Ronnie

          I think Cree Summer looks fine. She’s aged but there’s a regal gracefulness about her. I was most shocked about Jasmine Guy since she pretty much became the star of the show. Lots of men liked her and lots of young girls back then wanted to be like her.

      • Nefijones1

        Jasmine Guy looks like the wicked which of the north, south, east, and west:(

        • Nefijones1

          I meant wicked witch!

      • Officer’s Fiancee’Sydney

        yep.but recent pix this year she is looking great
        i am glad.

        from syd.

    • Officer’s Fiancee’Sydney

      i think lisa bonet for her mid 40s is lovely JMHO though,or maybe this year and i think whitley age so extreme-bad,i feel SO SAD for her,she was a pretty woman.
      i m thinking she was ill feasibly or if your noticing she was “age”earlier episodes,the forehead alot of wrinkles at times,as that is a sign to some whose going to age fairly quick… i think she is now 50 or 52 in 2013 . i seen a recent new flix of her and article,and glad she is looking way better.i love jasmine guy always a fan.always watching on TV ONE cable channel a diff world re-runs each night.
      from sydney