Black Don’t Crack: Men Who Look Darn Good For Their Age

March 1, 2012  |  
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We’ve often highlighted the Black women and celebrities who look darn good for their age on our pages but now, it’s time to highlight the men. Although many men do look better with age, some don’t seem to age very much at all. You’d probably never guess the real age of many of the following male celebs:


Age: 53

Now we know he don’t look like nobody’s daddy.

Pharrell Williams

Age: 38

His baby face would’ve made us guess he was 30 at best.


Age: 41

The Tribe Called Quest leader is seriously ageless. Maybe it’s the fact that he’s been involved in his passion of music making (and getting paid to do it) since he was 18.

Chris Rock

Age: 47

It’s hard to believe that the funniest comedian in the game has been around for so long. He looks about 15 years younger than his real age of 47.


Age: 39

Close to 40? Oh no honey, he’s looking too fine for the over 40 club.

John Starks 

Age: 46

You may not know the feisty former NBA player who used to keep it raw and exciting as part of the New York Knicks. Today he works in the front office but doesn’t seem to have aged much in his post-professional career.

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  • Eric Matterson

    John Starks had the most heart and got the most out of his talent out of any Knick that ever wore the uniform.

  • Maria

    Its true that black dont crack…………………..white, not so much

  • You guys forgot Hill Harper.

  • Mallory94

    Price looks mid to late 30’s.

    Pharrell looks early 20’s.
    Q-Tip looks mid 30’s.
    Chris looks late 20’s to early 30’s.
    Common looks mid 30’s.
    John looks early 30’s.Marlan looks mid 20’s.

  • Blkmne

    I love this man

  • starks looks really good for a brotha that spent most of his career being michael jordan posters

  • Jazmino64

    gawd, you should see my dad, he’s 45, but could pass for atleast 27/28 and as for my moms, whose the same age, could have 32. damn, hope these good genes pass down.

  • michael johnson

    I remember Starks dunking on Jordan and Scotty at the same time. Greatest in-game slam ever.

  • Sunshinesoamazing

    wow did you guys really leave LL COOL J OFF THE LIST!

  • Nekoj47

    I thought this was going to be an article to include Denzel, Billy Dee and a host of other african american men who truly don’t look their age. Do your background work before posting articles.

  • Chris Rock looks 40 eleven and a half ugly

  • Chessica450

    Madame Noire yall forgot alot of other brothas like Nick Cannon!!! LL Cool J, Will Smith, Omar Epps, Boris Kodjoe, Michael Ealy, ….list goes on

  • ObservintheATL

    I’ll give it to the rest of the guys on the list but Q, Chris and Common all look like they rockin’ the 40’s.  They look good, but still 40.

    Prince, Pharell and Marlan all look younger than they really are; but yes, leaving Lenny K off this list is an aggregious (sp?) oversight.

  • MrsMay

    Lol wow John Starks made the list. I was going to marry him when I was fifteen. He looks the same.

  • sista2sista

    where’s nas?

  • Xtal1021

    how can this be a fair assessment when cosmetics surgery is running…not walking rampant in the entertainment world….now WE know Prince has had his share fair of surgeries…just take a look at some old photos. it has been become mainstream. we need to look at people who have aged without the knife or the needle.

  • Earthspirit

    All the men on this list do look great. I would also add Blair Underwood, he is 47 years young  and still looks the same (IMO) .

  • Love_Sexy

    All the men on the list look great!

  • Candy_Barr

    I can’t believe you are calling some of these people old! That’s what white people typically do. As long as Black folks stay away from drugs and alcohol, we look good, anyway.

  • Buttercupjdb

    You should’ve had Don Lemon from CNN on there the man is almost 45 and looks 18

  • Krys

    I’m in love with Chris Rock!!!!

  • Cameron

    Why do you intentionally use poor grammar? It’s very clear to me that intelligent people write this blog, yet you continue to perpetuate this nasty stereotype that blacks are less educated. Please don’t tell me that it doesn’t matter. These things matter. If all Asian Americans in the media are portrayed as techies or science geeks, it perpetuates the stereotype that they are better at math and brighter than most. This is simply not true, but it persists because that’s their media persona. Blacks keep sending the message through their media persona that we are incapable of speaking English, that we are violent (all BET “blackbuster” movies are about gangsters) and that music and sports are our birthright. 

    How you portray yourself in media is largely responsible for the perception of you and I will never understand why black Americans don’t appreciate this and stop doing blacks around the world a disservice. Because the USA is the most developed country with media around the world, people get their impression of blacks from black America and no other black group anywhere in the world behaves the way you guys do. Obama, Oprah, Cosby, Melissa Harris Perry et. al. didn’t get where they are using  words like aint. The quickest way to stop the lies about our people is to act against the stereotypes. Let’s send the word ain’t to the same place you guys sent the n word.After you get over the initial sting of this post, reflect on any truth it may contain.  

  • Love

    Usher, Chris Brown, Hill Harper, and Evan Ross

    • Lisa

       I think ur on the wrong post

    • Nestafan2

      Why would Chris Brown and Evan Ross be on the list?  Hill Harper I can see.  He’s almost 50.

  • Kelly

    I must admit….white men age terribly( even with the botox and facelifts ) What about the 60 black singer on Xfactor?

    • Guest

      & white women I cant tell if they are 25 or 45 (25 looking 45) terrible.

  • Deja

    where is Nelly?


    Its not that black don’t crack. if you don’t go putting shyt in you’re face/system anyone will age gracefully…..and im black and my partner is bloody chinese and he looks way younger then the teens that walk the harlem streets

    • Kelly

      Only because he is small and puny, not because he looks young.  Blacks age better than Chinese – chinese are built like tiny little boys – that is what makes them look younger. 

      • What?

        Not true. A lot of Asians look much younger than their age, not because of their size. I’ve seen a lot of Asians I thought were like 25, I found out they were in their fifties. No lie. They age just as well as us, some age even better.

  • Ml77560


  • Tilo50c

    y-all forgot…   rapper fabolous..      and singer  babyface

  • well you know what they say black don’t crack.

    • Sugar_Spice

      What happen to the black half of Jasmine Guy then? I’m wrong for that

      • she is half- cracked lol

      • LisaLuvless

        LMFAO, you were half wrong for that still!

  • Jay

    I’ve been crushing on Q-tip since he left his wallet in El Segundo…*swoons*
    Wowzers @ Pharell, he’s seriously ageless (& cute as a button)
    Good list, MN! All these guys look fanatastic:)
    Btw, the two little guys w/ John Starks are adorable


    Pharrell wins hands down. I thought that guy was 20 something years old…from his skin to that baby face. There is this CNN guy called Don Lemon, who is 45 years old but looks like he is 21. That guy is absolute perfection. The rest of the guys on this list are also worth a node, they all look good.

    • LucySkyDiamond

      i love Don Lemon!!! too fine.

  • nath40

    no way for chris rock…cant believe that

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  • Pharrell does look good it must be an Aries thing we both got the same birthday 04/05 best day ever!!

    • You sure you wasnt born in May? Because thats the same month Precious was born in.

      • OMG!

        That was pure evil. LMAOOOOOOO

      • Throw tomatoes

        That was stale.

        • you look like her huh?

          • Mia

            what’s wrong with how she looks, again?

            @Marnesia keep smiling Girl. Don’t let others take your joy.

            •  Are you saying Precious is ugly?

      • Guest


    • Dmi6718334

      Word April5!!!

    • Guest

       Don’t let another persons ignorance steal your joy. Do you and be proud.

    • Love_Sexy

      You are right…..Aries Rock!

    •  I showed my mom a pic of Pharrell she was like awww he’s adorable, how old he 20?

  • Sugar_Spice

    CHRIS ROCK IS 47??????!!!!!! WOW

  • Dimed_nc_diva

    Y’all forgot LL Cool J and Denzel!

    • Lisa

       Denzel does look his age look at his most recent interviews. Its definitely caught up with him unfortuantely and LL looks so wierd now

    • Mia

      2 Words: LENNY KRAVITZ.

      I recently heard him tell an interviewer that he was almost 50 (48 years old this year), and I was SHOCKED.