Saying One Thing and Doin Another: Celebs Who Lack Consistency

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Being true to your word is one of the most powerful principles out there. Unfortunately, many of us have trouble staying consistent. Celebrities are no different. The ones that are consistent are truly powerful role models who inspire our own dignified paths. But the ones who aren’t demonstrate what we’re trying to avoid. Check out the list and see if you agree.

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  • enoni pond

    ohhhh snap ,you called beyonce out ,lol and as far a mr ,west goes whos surprised by any thing he does

  • ridiculous

    Hello! Rihanna should be up there

  • ValdaDeDieu

    Heads up. GIRL POWER IS also embracing your sexuality; it’s about being the myriad of WHO you are, WHEN you want, ON your OWN terms–which, by the way, is how Beyonce has handled her career. You could learn from her instead of inventing reasons to cut her down. Those who can, do. Those who can’t, criticize. 
    And she is not her husband’s warden–or keeper. She is just that–his wife. He has a right to write what he wants (which tells where he is) at his own stage of development. She has her own business to manage. When you look at Beyonce– the people she surrounds herself with–you see someone who obviously values women. Does that mean she lets them walk all over her, or she confides everything in her girlfriends? No. But people do not ordinarily know her business–meaning that the people she confides in are trustworthy… And that’s a usually sign of a wise person.

  • Sugar_Spice

    Y’all forgot to add Khloe Kardashian!  How are you gonna pose for PETA & take their money claiming to be down with animal activism yet you are often seen if fur? SMH

  • Lyhyd1020

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  • Asdf

    Beyoncé out of all people ? Oh okay.

  • Love_Sexy

    Yes I have notice alot of celebrities who say one thing and do another. Most do not stand behind what they so-call preach. I use to be a Madonna fan but no longer. One reason is due to the weak music she has been making lately and second for her ongoing hypocrisy (For example the MIA incident). I can understand that maybe she has changed her views on things (that is cool) however the way she addressed the matter regarding the incident was wrong. She has built her career on nothing but shock, sex and tackiness therefore she could have simply said “I’ve also done things  like that and it was not a good idea for national TV”…..I see why Elton John has a problem with her.


       I wish Madonna would just fade into obscurity.   A girl can dream!

      • Love_Sexy

        At this point I wish she would but with the music she has been putting out lately I think she is on her way.

  • Same Old Crap….Really?!?

    As far as Madonna…..if growing up…..having children does not cause you to prioritize….I do not know what does…..Is this an attempt to make MIA look better?  Some people need to grow up. 
    ….Beyonce, just leave her alone…..she still shows girl power.  Really?!?
    You did not add Nicki Minaj; aka problem.  She portrays ….smile and pretend with little girls….And should be the farthest to mock/mimic…

    At the end of the day: Who’s money does it belong to?  Who’s choice is it to support that person?


    The reason why you put Beyonce up there is bogus,MN.

    You just want to get people talking.

  • Merriegirl

    Jay-Z is a rapper, its acceptable in his genre to refer to women in that manner. Rapping is not a hobby for him, its a business, his lively hood. It would not be wise to censor his lyrics so Beyonce could be happy & his image suffers. & I am sure she understands this. I bet he never calls out her name in real life. 

    & “Girl Power” means different things to different people. Society attempts to limit the empowerment of women to a conservative timid role. Some women feel empowered when gyrating in the club, and having sexual power over men. 

    • Zakiikim

      I’m sorry but this makes no sense. Since when is popping your butt for a man and allowing him to tape you on his “videophone” empowering? …and WHY would she choose to be with a man that prioritizes his image over her RESPECT. That’s backwards–sorry!! As a message singer, I believe that we should be empowering women by encouraging them to look BEYOND their bodies instead of thinking of our liberation as purely sexual. 

      • Love_Sexy

        Co-sign. I have a problem with both Jay-Z and Beyonce but I am going to just leave it at that.

        • causeisaidso

          What about that vid of Jay hitting and pushing that woman in the face? I just found that clip again, and thought so much less of him….

          • Love_Sexy

            I began feeling differently about him after Karrine Steffan wrote about him in her book so I know where you are coming from.

      • Merriegirl

        Its not empowering to you, but you don’t represent the views of all women. There are probably many women who agree with your sentiment. However there are also many who do not. We can each pick the artist, professional, or public figure who we most identify with, which is the beauty of having variety within our public figures. 

        & that’s her man. She can be with him for whatever reason she chooses. & how she chooses the traits in her partner is her decision. There is probably a lot more to their relationship than meets the eye. I’m guessing that since she is in the entertainment business as well she is apt to separating activities he does for his image & personal activities.

  • MN sucks balls

    Oh MN shut the hell up you hypocritical white men begging slaves. What about you calling or dedicating this site to black women but what you do most is tearing them down and promoting IR? Cos you think IR promotes unity of the black community right? Just shut up! Bey has been singing ‘girl power’ way before hooking up with Jay.

  • SickOfRidiculous

    DING! DING! DING! You hit the Beyonce gimmick right on the head. Playing off of the words of her “husband”: I never believed her. She’s always needed more people. 

    • Love_Sexy