Swapping Spit: 7 Gag-Worthy Celebrity Kisses

February 6, 2012 ‐ By Renay Alize

Madonna and Britney really started some mess. Surely, by now, you’ve noticed that in the past few years award shows, performances and just regular celebrity appearances have been plagued with tacky, sloppy kisses. Some of them are spontaneous while others are staged. But just because they’ve been orchestrated, doesn’t mean that they’re easy to stomach. They’re quite gross, actually. Check out the most heinous offenses and let us know if you loathe these celeb kiss as much as we do.

Fantasia and Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx and Fantasia performing together sounds like a treat…in theory. Both can sing and always put on a good show; yet they took it way too far with this slimy kiss they shared at the 2006 BET awards. I could have gone with it as a part of the performance had it not been for that string of spit that hung in the air after their lips had parted. Watching the video will make you cover your mouth in mild repulsion.

MadameNoire Video

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  • Alfreda Calbert

    There is nothign gag-worthy about being kissed by Halle or Jamie. As a matter of fact, I would love a kiss by either of them. (I am not bisexual, totally straight) but a kiss by either of them makes me swoon.

  • Louise M

    He grabbed her but too. they probably planned it.

  • BOOM


  • kim

    um halle does not belong on here…..that was hot….she’s a freak lol

  • original*ijs

    i dnt blame halle one bit…not one at all shoot its jamie fox lol

  • Halle Berry and Jamie Foxx made Jason Statham blush lol.

  • Sue

    That TLC show kiss was not too gross for me, more so PAINFUL!!!! I was in pain watching it and I wasn’t even the one being kissed…Congrats to them both tho…Sheesh!

  • Laqueta18

    BEST SHOW EVER……Awkward black girl

  • The awkward black girl one was hilarious. And exactly what it should have been: Awkward.

  • Lashes

    Anything involving Fantasia is a BLECH moment.

  • Sugar_Spice

    DEAD off of that “Virgin Diaries” kiss

  • ValdaDeDieu

    If you’ve watched the Spike awards, you know anything goes during that show. So Halle Berry does not belong on that list. As for Michael and Lisa Marie, well–knowing Michael’s childhood, and Lisa Marie’s penchant for (extreme) privacy, it was certainly an awkward kiss, but not gross. The last kiss was awful, but then, no one should have their first kiss on television…

  • IllyPhilly

    Besides Michael n Lisa, I have never seen any of the others. I’m not a fan PDA anyway. 

  • Coconut

    Ugh that last one was the worst