10 Things You Don’t Know About Beyonce

December 20, 2011 ‐ By Kschlicher

"beyonce and her father matthew knowles"
1. When Beyoncé was a child, her father/manager made her run a mile while singing, so she would be able to perform on stage without becoming exhausted.

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  • Guest

    Lol @her walking out a photo shoot cause she didn’t want to be naked. Whatever girl

    • Mrs.Mason

      she would probably do it now since she is all about her “sensuality” lol

  • Maile00

    That was smart to have her run while singing. Most “artists” today damn sure can’t run around a stage and carry a tune…

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  • Sabrina Whiteman

    Awww Bey don’t worry. I have trouble remembering your lyrics too! LOLOLOL

  • Mercedes

    Beyonce has talent but she copy’s everyone’s career from Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Rihanna yes rihanna, Aaliyah. Even some of her songs are not original she needs to stop biting people’s style and get her own. But I’m over beyonce she needs to hang it up and take care of her kid I bet a nanny takes care of that baby.

  • Mercedes

    Lmbao beyonce writing her own music so she wrote iraplaceable with neyo wrote keri hilson has wrote songs for her and thousands of other people you guys are reaching girl dont write nothing not even a bridge

  • Ebunny30

    I luv B frm the 1st note she sang. She used 2 b a great christian role model til she sold her soul. Her music content has changed as well as her wardrobe. She doesnt realize that she doesnt hav 2 keep up wit them. It shud b the otha way around. Thas y I cant undastand y she wud draw the line @ #5. She wudnt let them put honey on her but she kept her crotch in the camera when she did single ladies, made the song lose my breath & said u had 2 lick it 2 stick it in the song check on it. Go figure.

  • Yes_I_Said_It

    The reason she has trouble remembering the lyrics is because she doesn’t write them. Her name is just added so she can collect royalties on the song. Check the songwriting credits on all of her songs. It’s always Beyonce and 3 or 4 other people. Now tell me, does the lyrical content of any of her songs really require 3-5 writers?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/La-Ray-Cabble/100002634069096 La-Ray Cabble

    lmao at her writing her own songs tho  

  • Mel

      10 THING YOU DON’T KNOW ABOUT BEYONCE–Absolutely nothing interested. What a stupid list!

    • Miss Truth Hurts

      LMAO! THANK YOU…What a waste of ink

  • Ghjdgdcgjhdfjgfdgh

    Since when has she written her own lyrics? Lol, lol, lol

    • guest510

      exactly! They should have put “written”

  • Tiffaniethomas

    Actually, fighting temPtations wasnt her first movie…. It was a horrible made for tv movie called Carmen… Worst movie EVER

    • Guest

      Lol The Hip-Hopera

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  • Gkkiwi7451

    I Love It ! Love It Love It ! Wow ! There Were Thing’s I Didn’t Know ! I Thought I Knew A lot About Her ! I Don’t Know As Much As I Thought ! But What I Did Know Is True ! She’s A Cristian Woman Who Lives By God’s Law ! She’s Very Disiplined And Very Inteligent ! Has Loving Parent’s And Has A Great Personality ! I Love Ur Page !!! Have To Come Back Here Now !!! God Bless You Happy Holidays ! Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year !! Thank You ! Have A Blessed Day !

    • Miss Truth Hurts

      You are pathetic! Even Beyonce’s demonic azz said you STANs need to “tone it down”. Your Queen is even creeped out by you weirdo’s

    • ugh these stans

      Straight up pathetic

    • Guest

      What??? Settle down…

  • DeepThinker

    She carries herself like a lady and has always been cautious about who/what she associates herself with. Most people in the spotlight don’t understand the importance of that until their reputation is ruined.  Notice how there’s not a laundry list of people that supposedly smashed? Other women in the industry should be advised.  

    • Mercedes

      Did you forget she has dated Mos Def & Marques Houston & she had a boo back in her hometown early destiny child years he was her first so she’s not a goody to shoes.

    • Guest

      Yeah right. Having your a$$ out across a tv screen is carrying yourself like a lady? Really?? On what planet? C’mon now! Y’all taking this fan shhhh a lot too far

  • http://www.SassyGirlTees.com/ rockwyld

    i dig it… whether you like her or not Beyonce works her tail off.i can appreciate THAT if nothing else… but this over exposure has got to end… we need new people.

  • Lisa

    #10 is false. Can we acknowledge other african american women, within the musical, acting, business, medical fields. Beyonce is great at what she does, but this constant spotlight on her is pushing her audience away. I’m ready to hear new great music from fresh new artists or artists who dont get the same recognition now that Beyonce does.

    • tastythoughts

      lets talk about jill scott…

    • MISRA

      You clicked on the gallery so why do you complain about overexposure?

      • Lisa

        It’s called free will, to do w/e the hell I please. If I want to look and leave a comment then I can! Just like you did. I have my own opinions and I have a right to that! Didn’t I just say that she was great at what she does, BUT the music industry should focus on other acts. In the 90s you had your options, Whitney, Mariah, Janet, Toni, Anita, etc…the list goes on…but NOW….all we got is Beyonce and Rihanna….both talented but overexposed.

      • http://diamondpconnect.blogspot.com/ diamondpconnect

         Right Misra. It’s crazy that people hate on this women and others but you clicked on the article so you are wasting your own time reading and typing a comment lol.

        • Lisa

          Just like you took the time to type out what you think. Every time someone has a different opinion, they’re automatically called a hater. Obviously I’m addressing a stan because yall are always in front line to defend your Queen oops excuse me, King B. She is human just like the rest of us and she will be talked about, criticized just like the rest. You don’t have to like what I said, that’s you’re right, but don’t take away my right to voice my opinion. And obviously, 20 others agreed with what I said. You act like I was brutally attacking and talkin smack about the child, when I clearly said that she is GREAT at what she does. Did you bypass that part? So how the hell am I hating? At the end of the day, your king is not worried about what bloggers comment about her. So maybe you should do the same :)

          • Miss Truth Hurts

            Yeah and even Beyonce’s demonic azz said these STANs need to “tone it down”… These beyonce STAN’s are pathetic.

        • Miss Truth Hurts

          Just because someone doesnt agree with yo chicken head azz, doent make them a hater. Calling people “haters” is your only
          defense. It’s become a common response from those who lack cognitive muscle AND
          whom also covet shallowness & materialistic possessions and figure everyone else does too. The only response people have now a days is “Uh…You a hater!” to complexed opinions/views/theories. F’ing ridiculous

          • GeeMoeNettie

            You took the words from my fingers. I am sick of the “hater” cry. 

            • Tara

              If you have to come into a thread to make a a disparaging comment about someone you already KNOW you DON’T like- thats “hateration”. 

      • Tara

        Thankyou@ Misra!!!!

  • ay

    “At lunchtime, I’d go to her school and she’d be pushing an empty swing, acting like there was somebody on it,” Tina Knowles told Elle Magazine.

    *Blank Stare*

    • Ms_Mara


    • Jessica Williams

      I can’t even comprehend that it was so WRONG for her to put out about her baby!! I would have never did my child like that, lol!!