5 Ways to Have a Summer of Love

July 6, 2010  |  

5. Reset your aura
The winter can leave a heavy fog over your aura, especially if spring arrives in an untimely fashion, as it did this year. By the time you reach the summer season, you might forget to reset your aura and dig into your sunshine. When you smile, ensure that you’re smiling with your heart. Put some extra bounce in your step and swing those hips with confidence. It also helps to engage in daily activities that make you laugh, so that your whole aura is saturated with love and happiness. When your potential summer hottie sees you so happy, he’ll approach you and ask to know your secret!

4. Plan for a Hot vacation
Don’t get stuck in the same ol’ location for the entire summer. Think of yourself as a really good, spicy meal that’s cooking up for the summer. You can’t let the meal sit in one spot: you have to stir and move, to lift up the spices and let your potential summer hottie know how delightful you are! If you’re single, you might get the chance to meet someone new, just by making it a point to travel elsewhere. If you’re in a relationship, going away and coming back will give both you and your partner a new & exciting energy, which will boost your appeal!

3.  Step out of your comfort zone
Have you always taken the same route to work, or spent your summer days with the same people and the same things? If so, try stepping out of your comfort zone. Propose a project that requires you to make new contacts at work, or in your neighborhood, or in some other aspect of your personal life. If you’re shy, try being just a little more flirtatious with the cute Japanese chef at the sushi restaurant, or the Hot friend-of-a-friend who never forgets your name and your smile! If you’re a party animal who’s always on the scene, try taking a meditation class with a cute male friend!

2. Summon your guts
Go bold…not just in your dressing this summer, but in your approach to life. No more being shy or embarrassed about your feelings (if you catch them for someone), no more apologizing for your wants and needs–and no more hiding your personality, thoughts or weaknesses, just to create a perception that you think pleases others. When you can summon the guts to be yourself, the right man will summon the guts to like…and love you!

1. Banish the past
Yeah, yeah, some jerk wad from the past damaged your heart, but are you going to allow him to ruin your future? If your heart is blocked, the new cutie won’t find an entry way to make you feel better…Grab the past by the neck and throw it in the dumpster. Then, put on your glowing sundress and go shopping…for your hottie and your shoes!

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