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Earlier this week, while on vacation with her husband, Wendy Williams became the butt of quite a few jokes about her body when she was photographed by paparazzi in a bikini more than once.

Wendy Williams body


Her initial response to all the negative commentary about her body was to share a video of herself living the good life in a flotation device in the middle of the ocean, letting everyone know that she would soon respond to the body-shaming — after her vacation was over, of course.

Well, the vacation is over, and Williams is back in New York prepping for the new season of her show next week. With that being said, she’s ready to talk. In an interview with PEOPLE Now, the 53-year-old made it clear that she’s not ashamed of her body and thinks it looks damn good.

“I was in Barbados, lover’s holiday with my husband of almost 20 years,” she said. “Yes, I am 53, and yes I still dip it and do it in a bikini with perky boobs and a flat belly. And if I ain’t got no behind, I could buy one like the rest of you all!”

Williams may be comfortable in her skin, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t fine with poking fun at it from time to time.

“I have a flat behind, I talk about it all of the time,” she said. “I’m shaped like a capital P. I can joke about myself before you ever joke with me.”

“I don’t care when people talk about the way I look,” she continued, “because as long as I love what I see when I get out of the shower, and as long as he loves what he sees when I slip into bed, and as long as my son is not embarrassed by overweight or underweight mommy, I’m good.”

But one person she doesn’t seem to be letting off of the hook for his thoughts on her body is rapper T.I. If you’ll recall, when the photos of Williams’s body surfaced, he posted a collage of them on Instagram and said that he wasn’t going to make fun of her but would instead show compassion, something she should do when it comes to the celebrity lives she critiques, often harshly.

But this is Wendy Williams we’re talking about. You know she had time to be messy.

“His wife is going to be on the show on Friday, she said. “If they’re still married, I have no idea. I heard he wears lifts.”

When the PEOPLE Now host said she should confirm if he does or doesn’t wear them with Tiny, Williams said that she doesn’t need to.

“No! I’m grown,” Williams said. “This is not about T.I., this is about Tiny and her group Xscape. Watch how I do. But that’s between me and you. But you know when a short man puts lifts in his shoes to be a little taller. Maybe I should wear butt pads to get me some more a–.”

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