Confession: I’m Legit Afraid I’ll Look Like A Man If I Cut My Hair Off

April 28, 2017  |  

Brande Victorian Cut My Hair Off

Drama alert: I received some very disturbing news at the salon Saturday. My ends are splitting up the shaft of my strands and I’m going to have to cut off a significant chunk of my hair. At least that’s what I was told.

I didn’t immediately receive the message because…hair length goals. But also I’d had a trim in January and no one acted like my ends were in dire need of a clipping from on high. I know three months is longer than the recommended 6- to 8-week period for clippings but I couldn’t understand how my hair could be that damaged when I condition it regularly, use heat two times per month at most, and am pretty low maintenance when it comes to combing, brushing, pulling, and tugging. I also wasn’t going to get my hair chopped off into a fly shoulder-length blunt cut in the midst of a blowout when I never wear my hair straight because…shrinkage.

Nevertheless, I can see that my ends are in need of more TLC than I received during last Saturday’s trimming (and was also told so on this product review) so I basically spent the better half of my day yesterday perusing The Cut Life trying to figure out what I’d look like with a pixie cut, because like I told you, I’m dramatic. I really don’t know that I have to get my hair cut quite that short, but there’s also a part of me that has an inkling I was still left with some straight ends after my big chop in October 2015 and that’s why a year and a half later my curls still won’t let me be great — or maybe it’s the other way around.

There’s also a part of me that is not interested in going into Summer 2017 looking more like Brandon than Brande — despite confirmation from my coworker that being the “makeup queen” I’ll be just fine. See as I sat in the salon, I got to chatting with a woman with a fade and she started going on and on about how people assume she’s a lesbian just because of her cut when she really just can’t be bothered to do her hair. The way my single life is set up –I can’t take those chances. But I also don’t want to have to wear makeup all the time, and considering I spend 75% of my life in workout clothes nowadays with no makeup, there could be a lot of room for ambiguity (if you’re the type of person who subscribes to stereotypical gender norms). But even when my coworker pointed out the new short cut of another woman we used to work with I responded with, “Yeah but she’s all cute and petite and stuff” and I’m, well, not petite.

Yet for all of my ridiculous personal hangups, I still look at photos of women like this and admire how beautiful, feminine, and fly they are with their natural cuts.

I also think about how much easier taking care of my hair would be –and how much better my curls might grow in if I start from scratch — and I start to think, hmmm maybe I can rock a short natural cut with this big head of mine after all, regardless of what misconceptions people might have about me as a result. I’m going to think on it a little longer.

Have you ever had any hangups about rocking a super short cut? How did you get over them?

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