Paula Patton Accuses Robin Thicke Of Abusing Her During Marriage, Gains Sole Custody Of Son

January 27, 2017  |  

We told you earlier this month that things had taken an unexpected dive in the co-parenting relationship of Robin Thicke and Paula Patton. After their son, Julian, 6, told officials at his school that his father had spanked him, the school contacted the Los Angeles County Department of Child and Family Services and an investigation was opened on Thicke. When Patton was made aware of the spanking incident, she sought a motion to have Thicke’s access to their son be limited to monitored visits only in the daytime. That was just the beginning of their custody dispute.

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Weeks later, USA Today reports that while the investigation against Thicke is still ongoing, a judge has not only restricted the singer’s visits to monitored ones, but he’s also granted Patton a restraining order against Thicke. The order extends to Julian (outside of visitation) and Patton’s mother, Joyce. This comes after Patton stated that Thicke came to her home on January 19 to see Julian, who was at the time being interviewed by child services workers. Julian was allowed to go out and see his father for 10-15 minutes, but was said to have returned in an emotionally shaken state, allegedly saying he didn’t want to go with his father. As for Thicke, he reportedly wouldn’t leave the property after DCFS officials left until Patton’s mother called the police. In court papers, Patton wrote, “This last incident with Robin was terrifying for me. It was terrifying for our son.” Thicke hasn’t seen Julian since that day.

Not only that, but according to PEOPLE, Patton also wanted the restraining order because she accuses Thicke of being physically abusive during their marriage, and feels that things could escalate to violence to her and their son if precautions aren’t taken.

In one alleged incident back in 2013, Patton claims that she caught Thicke behaving inappropriately with a masseuse. When she confronted him, she says that he became violent.

“Robin became physically violent with me,” Patton wrote, according to Us Weekly. “He pushed me down and kicked me.”

That same year, Patton also claims that Thicke punched her while they were at the Cannes Film Festival.

According to her, “we began fighting. Robin hit me with a closed fist to my upper body and then pushed me onto the ground.”

According to PEOPLE, in her court papers, Patton said she tried to make things work with the singer, who she said had an alcohol and substance abuse problem. She was afraid to have her son raised in a broken home and also afraid to leave because Thicke allegedly would “threaten that he would leave both of us penniless given IRS tax liens incurred by him during the course of the marriage.”

After she allegedly caught him in bed with two naked women following his infamous performance with Miley Cyrus at the VMAs in 2013, Patton had enough.

As for the custody ruling, it will stay in effect until Feb. 24, the date of their next hearing. Thicke will not be able to the leave Los Angeles County area with his son, as he’s been ruled a possible flight risk. He will also only get to see Julian while being supervised three days a week at a neutral location. But in an interesting twist, according to TMZ, Patton is also being investigated by the LA Department of Child and Family Services over accusations of emotional abuse. Thicke’s lawyer said in papers that she’s “intentionally tried to alienate Julian from Robin.”

Also important to note is that Julian’s previous nanny, Isabel Garcia, filed a declaration in support of Patton on Jan. 12. She said she had seen Thicke smoke marijuana in the house while Julian was around and that Julian didn’t enjoy spending time alone with his father. However, Julian’s nanny for the past six years (mind you, the boy is 6), Adrienne Levy, filed a declaration with the court on Jan. 25 in support of the singer. She said she’d had a previous conversation with Patton in December where she asked Levy about Thicke spanking Julian. The nanny said she “never found any spankings to be excessive in any way,” and claims Patton wasn’t happy that she wouldn’t agree to tell Patton’s lawyers that Thicke is an unfit father. But Levy continues to contend that Thicke’s spankings were “unremarkable, token spankings that are sparsely given.” .


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