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Editor’s Note: This video is extremely violent and extremely graphic. Please watch with caution or skip it entirely.

I know when Mark Zuckerberg and company first launched Facebook Live, they probably had no idea that it would be the home of so many controversial video posts. After all, the death of Philando Castile was filmed on Facebook Live. And now the new-ish video service had another upload go viral.

It was the beating of Nia Green, by her mother, Shanavia Miller.

Apparently, all of this started when Nia shared too much on social media. The sixteen-year-old Georgia resident, posted a picture of her and her boyfriend wearing nothing but a towel, on her Facebook page. Eventually, Nia’s mother saw the post. And she decided to discipline her publicly, on Nia’s own Facebook page, using Facebook Live. Enlisting the help of another young girl, presumably Nia’s sister, Shanavia Miller takes a piece of plywood and hits her daughter with it a few times before it breaks.

From there, she backs her into the laundry room and into a corner, where she taunts her even further, in between slaps and punches to her arms, legs and face.

“You wanna hide this boy in my f*cking house?”

“You probably got some discharge, with your nasty *ss!”

Nia tries to tell Miller on several different occasions that she and her boyfriend were not in her house. Instead, they were in his house. Her mother is not hearing it. And 4,000 viewers watched live as she repeatedly asked her daughter if she wanted to be a thot.

Why you want to be a thot?” “You want to be a thot?”

“You’re only sixteen and you want to be a thot. Get your grades up in school before you think about opening up your legs and trying to stunt on f*cking Facebook. Keep your f*cking room clean. Actually be nice to your f*cking sister. Don’t that make sense?”

After the beating, Miller takes the camera and announces to all the viewers that the Facebook page is hers now.

Look at you G, everybody see you now. This social media. Your *ss done went viral with your goofy *ss…I ain’t done with you. This sh*t just got started.”

Then Miller fixes her hair in the camera before telling the viewers to share the video. She also tells them that she’s not done, that there’s more to come.

There is so much wrong with this video. So much. First, I believe in disciplining children. And as someone who’s not a parent, I can’t say how I’ll ultimately discipline my child. I do know that beatings won’t be a part of the equation. I also know that whatever form of punishment I choose to use with my children, none of it will be ever be broadcast on social media. Ever.

There is something so sick and disturbing about going out of your way to embarrass your child. Especially, when your form of discipline is about embarrassing your child for natural urges we all experience at sixteen-years-old. In a perfect, ideal world, no sixteen year old should be having sex. But that’s what teenagers do. And as a mother, if that’s what your daughter has decided to do, a beating uploaded to social media might not curb that behavior. In fact, it might just push her into the arms of that very boyfriend you’re trying to keep her from. Let’s take it back even further though, if you didn’t want your daughter to be having sex at sixteen, you should have been having conversations with her at 10, 12 and so on. You don’t discourage premature sexual activity after it’s already happened. You talk to a child about the risks and consequences before they actually have the opportunity to act on their urges.

What irritates me most about this video is that the mother is somehow under the impression that her daughter having sex makes her a hoe. No, it makes her a human being, a young girl with sexual urges she decided to act upon them. Yes, she broke her mothers rules. No, she probably shouldn’t be having sex at sixteen, when she’s not emotionally mature enough to have a full grasp on the consequences of her actions. Still, having sex, acting on a God-given urge does not make her a hoe. And it hurts me that her mother repeatedly asked her that question.

Then there was the comment about discharge. What?! This is why there’s so much lore and misinformation about vaginas all over the world. Most healthy vaginas produce discharge with or without sexual activity. All of a sudden, she’s nasty because she has discharge? Even if she weren’t, the fact that her mother was talking about her discharge on Facebook is disgusting. Not because discharge is discussing but the fact that her mother, a grown woman, presumably with a vagina, was shaming her daughter for something her body does naturally.

Perhaps what made a bad situation worse is that when you look at the comments anywhere where the post is shared, you see people cosigning the mother’s behavior, applauding her for keeping her daughter in check, admonishing the girl for f*cking in her mother’s house. But I wonder would the responses be as strong, would people be so adamant about the necessity of this beating if this were a young boy, having sex? Probably not. Hell, he might have been celebrated. Those same people would have asked what was the big deal. They would have said, “Boys will be boys.” But because social and sexual morality falls on the shoulders of girls and women, this sixteen-year-old’s beating was justified.

Later, on a Facebook page that appears to be Nia’s real one,  her mother wrote: “I love my daughter with all my heart, [and she] is not going to disrespect me or herself for nobody. Ain’t nothing [changed], she’s still my baby girl. Lesson learned.”

Meanwhile, Nia said that now she’ll have to face her peers who are already using the video as a way to humiliate her. She also wrote:

“I shouldn’t [have] been doing what I was doing,” it read. “I’m only 16 [years] old. I was [going to] open up and tell [my mother] that I was having sex, [but] I was just [going to] wait a couple days to see how I was [going to] tell her. I did go to the hospital only because I [had an anxiety attack] and a real bad headache. I embarrassed my [mother], so she embarrassed me. I’m not defending the live video. [I just] know [that] next time, [I’ll] keep my business to myself.”

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