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Kim Osorio

Kim Osorio

I’ve been toying with the idea of becoming a momager. Yes, I know we all manage our kids lives, but I’m talking about a real momager. I mean, a legitimate, income-generating, business mom type of momager. Think Kris Jenner (Kardashians), Sonia Norwood (Brandy), Tina Douglas (Ashanti), Mandy Cornett (Selena Gomez), or Matthew Knowles (Beyoncé) and Joe Jackson (The Jackson 5). The latter two count as dadagers, but you get it. My excuse in the past has always been I don’t have the time to commit.

But let’s keep it real here, I have always made time for my kids, so what’s the excuse really about? Is it that I’m scared of failure as a momager? Or even that my kid isn’t as talented as I think she is? (No, but she really, really can sing…and play piano…and dance…she’s got “it”). So it really must be about investing everything into this.

Being a momager is a full-time gig, and if I’m not ready to put my all into it, I’ll be wasting my kids time and my own time—and money. Whenever someone turns to me and asks, “Why aren’t your kids in modeling,” I cringe. I have a different answer each time. “I’m too busy.” “That kid modeling thing is a scam.” “I want my kids to choose their own career, I don’t want to force them into the business.” “It’s not really worth it.” No matter how I respond, it’s really all just an excuse for the real reason. I know I’m not ready to commit my entire life to it.

In the past, I didn’t want to run around the city and be at some sleezy agent’s beck and call so my kids can make the Sunday flyer in a newspaper that no one even reads anymore. “I’m too busy for that!” But now when I see and hear my seven-year old performing songs and recording them on her iPad, I know that there’s something special there. Am I passing up on the biggest opportunity of her life? Is she the next Beyoncé?

My daughter is constantly telling me she wants to sing, and for the past two years, she’s been memorizing songs and performing them in front of the computer camera. It’s adorable, but of course I would think that, right? I’m her mom. I’ve considered getting a vocal coach for her (can you say more $$$) and Lord knows, I’ve already spent thousands on her piano lessons. So how do I determine whether or not it’s worth investing the time? Plus, I’m not interested in turning my kids world upside down just so I can post a few ads of what they do on my Instagram. If we’re going to do this for real, then I’m talking an all out career.

Though this may seem like something that every other mom out there considers, I know this time I’m more serious about it than I’ve ever been because, out of three, this is the one child who is ready for the limelight. And now that I’m legitimately working from home most of the time, there really is no excuse. But I’m still not sure if I can be as determined about it as Matthew Knowles was. Didn’t he quit his job? And then there’s that little thing. All these parents eventually get fired when their kids grow up. Not all, but most. You wake up one day and, voila, your kid hands you a pink slip. Can I afford to be fired by my own flesh and blood? That can’t be good for my image.

Either way, I have to get over my fear, but I’m still giving myself time to make a decision. If she was born to do this, then she’ll eventually end up doing it—whether or not I’m a momager. I’m already doing half of that job, and I’m still trying to figure out if I’m good at that.

Have you ever thought about seriously managing your child?

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