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Fantasia Talks Fasting For Seven Months Before Meeting Her Husband

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We’ve seen Fantasia’s relationship come up. From the fathers of her daughter to the father of her son, a married man, she’s been through some tough heartbreak. And those are just the relationships we know about. But when she met her husband Kendall Taylor, she was in a different space and doing things differently. It’s her relationship with her husband that’s inspired her latest single, “Sleeping With The One I Love.”

In a recent interview with Maria More of Majic 107.5, Fantasia shared her story.

On her new single, “Sleeping With The One I Love”

Now I finally got what God always desired for me. But it was me that was moving out of timing. It was me because I wanted it so bad. So that song just talks about going through all those bad relationships and now I’m sleeping with the one I love.

Prior to you finding him, do you feel like you went through a period of self discovery, like a reflective type space?

(To Maria:) I feel like we know each other. Do we know each other?

Actually, I was doing After Midnight, was in a Broadway show. I was doing it for seven months. And some people say, ‘Well, seven months is not a long time.’ But for Fantasia it is. I went on a fast and I decided that I was going to be in a relationship with myself and learn how to love myself again, plus learn how to let go. I had to let go of the other relationships. You can’t go into something good until you let go of all the bad stuff because you’ll find yourself steady bringing up all the old in a new situation. So I fasted for seven months. I read a lot. Everything that I watched was things that were good for my spirit, man. I watched a lot of T.D. Jakes. I watched a lot of things that I could deposit in myself that would lift me up, build me.

True story, I had index cards, I would write things on them and post them on the mirror in the bathroom. And I would speak it. Because you have to speak life. You have to speak what you want. You have to watch what you say because it’s power in your tongue. So as you get up every morning and you speak it, you’re speaking into your own life what you want, what you desire, what you need. And then of course, I talked to the man upstairs. I told him exactly what I needed in that seven months. I knew I needed a man that was going to come in and build me up because I was a broken woman. I knew I needed a man who was going to tell me how beautiful I was, that was going to tell me he loved me everyday because I had went through so many situations where I felt like I just wasn’t loved the right way. So I asked God for certain things. When I met my husband, he was fasting at the same time. So that’s how I knew. Because I told you I went through a lot of times where I was like, ‘He is the one. I don’t care what nobody say. He wear the shoes I like, he is the one!’ And I had to be patient. It’s hard to be patient. It’s hard to sit back and actually wait and allow everything— just let it be. And when I did that, finally, I got it right.

You can watch this clip from the interview in the video below.

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